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Where is National Museum of American Jewish History?

REVIEWS OF National Museum of American Jewish History IN Pennsylvania

Lisa p

Beautiful museum, top floor has current revolving exhibits, other 3 floors of exhibits are by timeline of Jewish history. Highly recommended

Paul Goldston

Good place 4vmeetings and good museum

Legendary Reek

Been to National Jewish Heritage Museum a thousand times, I absolutely love how the exhibits change from time to time.

Lawrence Schorr

Great presentation on Leonard Bernstein. If you want to learn more about the Immigrant Experience in America, this museum is a must stop.

Hugh Morrison

Berman exhibition great. Many additional well organized exhibits. Take your time. Well worth it.

Donté Murphy

Amazing wedding venue. Beautiful set up and very nice views. Great service staff. Very friendly. I'd recommend using this venue

Ed Negler

A very interesting museum

Dhairya Pujara

I was there for a conference. Beautiful venue! Didn't see the exhibits, though it's on my list. Will update my review soon accordingly. Make sure to get your parking tickets validated if parked at one of the spots around the museum. They have a good deal.

Rasheana Clark

It was nice but it wasn't clear as to where the entrance is...

Alex O

It was worth a visit if your in the area, but not worth the hassle for the sole purpose of visiting this museum. Did like the layout of the museum, although unless you grab a guide book you'll be confused where to start and which direction to follow. The exhibits tell a story of life starting in America to now, the evolution of Judaism and how they have contributed and been affected by American culture. Good overall, but it does make you a little sad.

Scott Reynolds

As with any Smithsonian museum, it deserves multiple visits. The Bernstein exhibition (through September 2018) is not to be missed! The museum provides a thorough overview of the Jewish experience in the U.S. This is a museum for the whole family. They don't sugar-coat the Holocaust but give it a thorough examination through the American experience. A powerful and important part of our history. Philadelphia is fortunate to have this treasure.

Sam T

This place was very interesting! When you walk and you are as empty out your pockets and you are scanned with the metal detector. After that you approach the information booth towards the right of the security. They suggest that you start on the 5th floor and work youway down. Thw suggestion is given because the primary or specialty exhibit is on the 5th floor. As you walk your way down you experience different parts of the Jewish history. My husband and I went here but we did not get a tour guide. After hearing another tour guide as I walked around I strongly suggest getting a tour guide. She was very knowledgeable and I found myself following their group just for the information.

Christie Keith

The museum was wonderful it was able to capture your attention and make you feel the journey of the jewish people to America and to present day. I highly recommend going on this journey yourself and learning in what ways has the jewish american touched your life. Are you wearing Levi's from Macy's????


Great resource for getting an understanding of the American Jewish community timeline. Gives you a good taste for the Jewish immigrant experience, and the grit involved in working their way up. Informative, and engaging experience with diverse styles of exhibits which incorporate audio, video, artifacts, pictures, and text placards.

Robert Schlamowitz

A fantastic review of American Jewish history in pictures, movies, written descriptions, artifacts. Well laid out in five floors. Great exhibit on Leonard Bernstein's career

Steven M Horner - Orlando Property Specialist

Amazing museum and I was honored to have walked through and learn more about my ancestors.

diane krupnick

Helpful staff, very informative and interesting exhibits

Alissa M.

Architectural masterpiece (already justifies a visit) and the exhibition is brilliant. I haven't learned so much in two hours for a long time. You'll get a good foundation about American jewish history, but also American history (since around 1800) in general as well. Staff is also super friendy. This is probably the best museum in Philly.

sir dan

Wonderful experience fills you with knowledge.

Elizabeth Pulaski

Great experience.

Lenny Cohen

Great tour! Save a lot of time for this.

Ellen Rothschild

One of the best Jewish Museum I have been to. Very well done. Organized. Plus, special exhibits

Hannah Knight

Great setup! I'd recommend following the suggested timeline. Interactive components with some exhibits designed to support children's engagement

Keith Hollander, DDS

Very moving informative content. Passes are good for two days

Joshua Reisner

Excellent experience. On par with the better national museums. Exhibits well done; highly informative, thoughtful and emotionally charged. Spent only a few hours but would definitely come back.

Joshua Wyles

This is a big and very informative museum on the history of the Jewish people in America. I took a guided tour and the tour guide was very informative and entertaining. The only downside is the price of admission. Other than that I would highly recommend you come here.

Daniel Wimberley

This is a beautifully done museum.

Deidre Mcbride

Informative. Classes just saw one portion of museum. Class was restless.

Daniel Davis

Only viewed one floor but presented in depth narrative of Jewish life from a wide variety of perspectives. Didn't cut corners or airbrush less pleasant chapters of history such as slave ownership or our own continued struggle to be religiously tolerant but presented important artifacts and told crucial stories in interesting ways. Media available for early Jewish history was limited so I'll want to see if materials get more interactive for modern period but I've enjoyed this museum so far and intend to go back and pick up where I left off around the civil war era.

David Conde

Extremly informative. Allow 4 hours.

Lauren Scott

Came for a quick visit on a free day and enjoyed the Bernstein special exhibit. Saw many other patrons participating in Independence Day events like painting and children's story hour. I first visited when the museum opened, and it looks like it is getting better and better each time. Great museum shop

Doris Lipsky

Private event, beautiful location.

David Sandler

The Bernstein exhibit a must see...lots of interesting info..beautiful well done museum..each floor is a time period

Acira Solomon

Went for a Award Ceremony. Great venue

Troy Jackson

We came here for a college graduation but got to see some the exhibits after walking in. Kind of small but exhibits are still interactive.

Kimberly Hills

Beautiful I enjoyed the tour there

Janet Sadriu

Very interesting museum, you can easily spend a couple of hours, there's a sitting area in each floor if you get tired. All the month of July the entrance is free.

Eloyse Shi-Shun

It was really interesting and their exhibits on the top flor changes every so often. This time it was the lady with the white closet. The writing was fun and was sometimes written in marker or was stickers. It was written by here daughter with was cool and had a lot of material to show. The rest of the museum was interesting and had a lot to see. Also, there were a lot of Hands on exhibits which was fabulous that was great for understanding. Overall, it was educational and interesting. I would go there again.

Ed Greenberg

This is excellent if you have any interest in the revolution, especially if you want to get up-to-date on the subject. So many of us have lost our connection to this. It's a great place for young people to get a sense of how we came to be as a nation.

Joshua Spiegel

Very easy museum to visit. Logical way to move through it, very good but not excessive exhibits, good info provided. Good addition to the area attractions, and worth a visit if you are interested in the Jewish experience in America.

Robert Braun

Wonderful exhibits

Millie Cobbs

Loved it! So much information and interactive activities with the visitors.

Lois Silver

With interesting displays, a great Judaica store, and some excellent programming, this little museum is a gem in Philadelphia.

Jerry and Jen Salvatore

Interesting to see Jewish involvement in all parts of the country at all times in our history. However, the direction in which one should walk through a display on a given floor is unclear. Also, many of the displays seem to be more about American history and the Jewish involvement seems incidental, such as settling the West. But maybe that's the point: the Jewish involvement everywhere.


Nicely laid out, with earliest Jews in the U.S. through present on successive floors. Could really be the story of almost any ethnic group in the U.S., at least fron non -Western Europe. Special exhibit was good.

Erik Tribelhorn

Very very well done

Dvir Weiss

Great experience, thank you Erica King for your wonderful tour...

C Katz

This is everything you'd want in a history museum: vivid, engaging, and richly furnished. And you can hardly beat the location: in between Independence Hall and the National Constitution Center. (Also near the refreshing US Mint!)

Carlos Bolanos

Excellent presentation of Jewish American history.

nathan greenhall

Made it on a free day, a real treat.


The museum is organized chronologically, from the arrival of the first Jews in 1654 to today, on four floors. As an expert on racial and ethnic relations (including Jews in the U.S.), I found the approach very didactic, as it packs a lot information in oral and written form. The top floor was dedicated to a comprehensive exhibit on Leonard Bernstein's life and work. I recommend the museum to those who visit or live in Philadelphia.

Phil Friedenberg

Wonderful experience and excellent venue space.

Lucas Van Balen B.

Great. Lots of interesting facts. Great guide that told us the story.

Dan Bleicher

A fabulous museum. If the Leonard Bernstein exhibit is still up - plan on taking an hour to an hour and a half to see it all. An amazing job of curating a twentieth century hero - musician and creator. The remaining four floors require many hours to see and digest. Definitely a worthwhile visit. Take your time and enjoy. The gift shop is also great with very reasonable prices. A perfect place to buy gifts for others. Enjoy.

Allen Barkus

This is one of the must visit museums for those interested in American Jewish History and civil rights.


Lovely museum with very friendly workers.

Elisheva Slomiuc

An informative and well thought out museum that uses different media to tell the story of Jewish immigration.

Mattie *

I only did the special exhibit, and two other floors but I really enjoyed the Bernstein exhibit, thought it was amazingly detailed and clever. I really appreciate that the museum feels immersive, and technology is very well integrated through out.

Phillip Henderson

Great place to visit.

*Crystal Spirit Wolf*

Went here for a field trip today it was really boring not enough history there, the employees however weren't rude or anything but just stating my point.

Isaiah Keys

The museum is a wonderful experience for visitors & locals

David Snyder

Learnt about Jews from beginning of united states till after civil war. Some exhibits well done. Others lacked detail. Worth going even if you think you know everything about Jews in united states

Elsa Cohen

Very informative. Well layed out. Worth visiting

Gary Kiebach

The best museums on Market Street! The museum has a good variety of topics surrounding the history of American Jewish culture, and is a very interesting visit. Excited for the Leonard Bernstein exhibition!

Rebecca Rene`e

I find all history interesting, but I was exhausted when we went to this place so I didnt pay much attention. I wouldn't have paid to go see it I dont think, but that particular day was free so we went on in. The top floor is where the tour begins and honestly it was dumb and dull...hard to explain unless you see it for yourself. The other floors were chronoligical with each floor being a different time period of Jewish history which I think is a great set up.

Amy Richardson-McBride

Amazing museum! Please, please, please, take the time to add this to your schedule. My husband and I spent 5 hours here, and left only because my blood sugar dropped. Although the museum beautifully demonstrates the Jewish experience in America all Americans can see the story of their people in the exhibits. Especially considering the social conversations of immigration currently coursing through our country, this museum allows you a glimpse into the marginalization that all immigrants feel entering a new country. BRING TISSUES!!!

Glenda Spetler

Great exhibits. Very educational. Lots of fun

Koro Chan

Wonderful exhibits and what a wonderful shop. Very VERY cold inside however. Uncomfortably in fact.

Kenzie Lynn

Excellent thought provoking experience, put together very well and includes plenty of audio, visuals, and props, some of which are interactive. Very thorough and thoughtful. I would recommend a visit for anyone who enjoys history. Sombre at times without being overwhelmingly sad, does not linger on the Holocaust but provides a lot of information and personal experiences to relate to.

Alexandrea Kensinger

We loved the Sara Bergman’s closet exhibit. I think that may have been the only exhibit of our entire trip that we actually read every word. Great experience.

Adriane Banks

Went for a field trip with 5th graders..I enjoyed it ! It was put together very well.Loved the tour guide, she was excited to share the information with us..and made easy to learn for the children.I would back there for a your with my family.

Timbrel Chyatee

Great experience! Opened my eyes to so much history and knowledge. A must visit

Laura N

Fairly large museum with well made exhibits.

Nancy Nieves

Amazing history place

louy schwartz

Had a wonderful time going back a few generations........... Nice staff.. Beautiful art.. Hope to come back soon

Shanni Prutchi

Really great museum, and wonderfully curated. The special exhibits they feature are well presented and cover a wide range of topics and personalities.

Roger Narendran

Went for a wedding here. Amazing place that displays history and struggles of Jewish people. Would definitely visit next time we come to Philly.

Ana L. Arroyo

So much history and run of emotions when you walk into this time capsule. Not only do you see and view the history but also hear the history come alive.

Eric Powell

A comprehensive learning experience that's American-Judeo oriented but also multiculturaly inclusive to a large degree. Well designed displays and architecture.

c r

So much to learn and so many friendly people to teach you!

Mike Grace

An incredible museum. Not only is the history interesting but the museum exhibits and information is well laid out and presented.

Joseph B Cotton

This was a fantastic visit to a great museum. Loved it loved it loved it. You must see this museum. And go on a guided tour. All free no charge

Joel Berenbaum

The museum is very nice. Lots of information, plenty of reading and historical accounts and media, as well as interactive spaces for younger folks. The exhibits on the top floor allow for different experience than the majority of the rest of the museum. Exhibits include; Rube Goldberg, Leonard Bernstein and more


Ben is the best tour guide. He is the bomb give him a raise... or else


Very informative

Aaron Ausfahl

A must see for all Americans, both Jews and gentiles.

Joel Ramos

Quite a journey! Every American should stop by. Start from the 4th floor!

Kirill Vompe

I came here for a Chevra event and even though I didn't get to tour/visit the museum, the space was gorgeous. Thank you NMJAH for hosting all of us!

Diane Cocos

Excellent displays, nice museum. Great gift shop!

Ms Chris Watkins

Excellent, great history with pictures and artifacts. They came for a freedom that didn't exist in their land, but our President of the United States made good on his promise to practice your religion with out being persecuted. The pictures take you back in time. What a sight to see.

Lester Cohen

Great special exhibits good gift shop

Tina S

Was disappointed in the permanent exhibits. Very minimal amounts of artifacts in a very large space, special Bernstein exhibit very good.

Patrick Little

Worked an event here. Very nice

Jennie Molina

Ordered a Bobblehead online and it was delivered within the same week. The wrapping was beautiful. The gift note was even hand written! I'm very pleased with my purchase!

Nick Smith

Great establishment and even greater staff! The museum is a great place if you're looking to host any sort of event! My team and I had reserved the museum to host a couple of events this past Christmas season and they were a pleasure to work with! They have a great theater room for live performances and a great fifth floor ball room that has a balcony with an amazing view of Independence Mall! If you're just looking to learn more about the Jewish people and their history, this is a great place to do that as well! I regret not having as much time as I would've liked to check all of the displays, but from looking at the ones I did, they're filled with a lot of rich history and some pretty cool artifacts that are tied back to the Jewish people. This museum is definitely worth stopping by and spending a good amount of time here if you're interested in Jewish history. Would definitely recommend this museum to both people looking to host an event in the city and people looking to learn more about Jewish history!

Jamila McGhee

Great museum

Jennifer P.

Great tour, we learned a lot and enjoyed the tour guides personality tremendously!

Jody Lurie

I enjoy going here, though it is difficult to get a lot out of it with toddlers in tow.

Eyal David Maoz

Got there by chance, really pleased. Opened up a all knew perspective and understanding of American society. HIGHLY recommended

Maxwell Anthony Tegen

Greatest museum's and attractions that bare beautiful

Jason Leatherman

Emotional, educational, fun, you should go the coffee is good also

Jeffrey Hayes

Very good exhibit about American immigration. More than just Jewish history. Takes at least 2hours to see it all.

Diana Lukes

Wonderful Experience Harsh Reality

Antoinette Dawkins

Good place to take the kids and enjoy learning

robin spangenberg

Went on a sunny Saturday in late August. No lines and it was free. Tough to rate a museum, but it is worth your time.

Beth Zaccagni

Impeccable details on eloquent design. Nice staff.

Ira Cooke

Wonderful recreation of selected parts of Judaism. Bernstein exhibit with the West Side story theme is creative and informative.

Alex Aronovich

I enjoyed this museum greatly. Their unique way to present a historical perspective of American Jewry is nothing but one of a kind in the world. Loved it!

Queen legitimate

A beautiful display of Jewish history in our city. The Sarah Berman exhibit was great.

Leanne M

Superb museum, you definitely get what you pay for with admission! There are 5 stories and they are all huge and filled with so much history that you could spend hours here. The top floor seems to be dedicated to a single artist, I'm not sure if they change out this floor periodically but it is cool to honor one single artist at a time. I learned so much here and it was a fun experience! The bathrooms are highly dated, the girls up front are not very friendly no matter how nice you are to them they have very rude attitudes. They should probably find a job that makes them happy but it seems like they are the type of people who it is their "aesthetic" to be cold and rude, especially to other females unfortunately.

Kelly Rodriguez

Saw the Rube Goldberg exhibit. Tour guide was very informative.

Bob Vogel

Well designed museum with well- compartmentalized exhibit areas and lots of interesting bits of history. This photo, though, is mislabelled. The stated year offs 1950... but can you see all the cars that were manufactured many years later? Back to the future!

Rosalind Nzinga

Lovely space. Went to see Sarah’s closet. Exceptional touching exhibit. The overall impact of building the exhibits space planning gift shop — are all exceptional. it’s just really a beautiful place where visit. Lots of history - very informative.

Ari Johnson

One of the best museums I've ever been to! Great place for both kids and adults... they have exhibits and artifacts and fun things for the kids to do to get involved. The layout was so clear and the quality of history was absolutely worth seeing. I highly recommend this museum to anybody! I could have spent way more time than just an hour here.

Sue Ellen Colter

I was impressed by the number of activities for children. I look forward to visiting again. There is so much I didn’t see.

Michael Mahla

Beautiful building and tribute to a fine people.

Joy S

Had a fantastic visit. The building is beautiful and the museum is well designed. Absolutely loved the exhibit Sara Berman's Closet by Maira Kalman and Alex Kalman

Samantha Lott

Great museum, lots of reading and walking and standing.


Fascinating and thought-provoking exhibitions. We were tired and spent only two hours but we could have stayed longer. Better suited for adults, not interactive enough for children.

Scott Oswald

Interesting exhibits, learned a lot during even a short visit.

Cassandra Yeh

This museum is located in the center of historic sites. Close to Independence Hall, Liberty Bell and many other tourist attractions places. This exhibition in this museum is very informative. Definitely learn something new about the history.

R. E.

The first floor is free, several exhibits can be found here along with video and gift store. Lots to see on the other floors.

Bernadette Curtis

Beautiful venue. Admirably assembled, rich and informative.

Greg Mirsky

The story of Jews in America is told through tens of individual stories throughout centuries. Inspirational and very special to me personally.

Wendy Bat-Sarah

I’ve been to many Jewish museums, and this was unique in terms of the subject matter. I really appreciated it!

LoraTodenhoft Owen

Great display of Jewish American Experience

Andrew Fisher

A great place to visit when in Philly. Lot's of art and history.

Myra Nurre

I wish I had spent more time there. Free for this month! Plenty of exhibits and interactive displays for kids. It was an awesome abbreviated but thorough look at the history of Jewish America.


Beautiful place, one must visit.

Sheryl Mitchell

When I visited the Museum for the month of July that whole month was free, It's so much to see and the new exhibits are always interesting, and for each new exhibits they have things you can do with your children, it's a Wonderful place to visit.

They Know

Awesome place to see and take your kids or even have a nice lovely walk with your love one

Caren Meehan Trimby

Absolutely amazing! A must see for every person regardless of age, race, gender, or ethnicity.

Steven Gross

Very informative and wonderful.

Jasmin Hollywood

An absolute must visit site for everyone/anyone visiting Philadelphia. Lots of interesting history.

Charles Polidori

Pretty cool place. I just did a quick run through. It is free all February! I learned some things I didn't know and I'm sure there is much more to learn. I'm going back.

Lev Boonin

Truly a must go for people of all backgrounds. It is organized in an interesting and compelling manner which pays tribute to the many different parts of the American Jewish story, good and bad. Be sure to set aside a entire day, because you'll need it to see everything.

Andrea Myers

The Rube Goldberg exhibition was fun.

Isabella Gambino

Great place to learn about history of the Jewish people in America

Sandra Ruotolo

Very nice display on the the Jewish people, well kept grounds, outside displays provide alot of information about how the Jewish people contributed to the making of our country

Patricia Medema

Comprehensive and very entertaining and enlightening. We of course loved the Bernstein special exhibit. The 3rd floor about the immigrant experience was terrific. Well laid out museum. We loved it.

Cline Peter

Fantastic museum. Very thoughtfully done.

Iris Lazarus

It's small but has so much to offer. Take your time in reading the letters and journals, they are moving.

Martin Goldberg

Nice surprise for us.

Lavonne Newman

Very informative. Interesting layout. Many portions brought me to tears. Leonard Bernstein exhibit was exceptional. Everyone should experience this very important museum.

Shining MoonSong

The tour guides are really helpful. It was kind of disappointing though we had a time schedule and the tour guide was forgetting and we didn't have time to actually explore ourselves. We also had no time to visit the gift store. This is a place worth visting though.

Amy Cooper

Incredible telling of the story of the Jewish people over a very long period.

Millie Hayes

A very interesting look at the history of American Jewry. Interactive exhibits keep things interesting for kids. The special exhibits about famous American Jews was also quite interesting and had some amazing artifacts. Plan time to find local parking. Admission rates were very reasonable. A great place for both adults and families.

Jim Highlands

Next 5-day trip everyone should go at least once

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