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1195 Baltimore Pike, Gettysburg, PA 17325, United States

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Where is Gettysburg National Military Park?

REVIEWS OF Gettysburg National Military Park IN Pennsylvania

Lisa DeWitt

Travelers, this is a special piece of American history. The scenery is beautiful and that makes it eerie considering everything that happened there. It is almost Frozen in time. The houses that are standing on the battlefield really give you a sense of what it felt like in 1865. The bonus is Eisenhower's farm on the edge of the battlefield. It really makes you think. A moving and somber visit. We recommend you go and spend the day.

Marco Cepeda

One of the best run parks in the country. As someone who has always been fascinated with the civil war, I can say that you really don’t get a true appreciation of what the brave men did on both sides until you are actually there. It’s sacred ground. The tour guides are awesome and really help you gain appreciation for what happened there so many many years ago. The park exceeded all of my expectations, and they were high to begin with.

Alex Frandsen

No words can even describe how magnificent this place was

Clara Collins

Very interesting park. Should do some research of battle before coming and get information on the monuments. Really cool places and trails to walk.

Animal Rescue

Fascinating and amazing place. Can’t believe so many died there.

Loretta Compher

Very nice place. Tour guide very helpful. He personally took us around pointing out places of interest and telling lively stories of historic events. Answered questions we had. Excellent gift shop. A nice variety of items for small and large prices. Saw a tour bus bring a large group of Amish people. It's was a nice visit and a way to get in touch with history.

Erik Smith

Amazing place! So much history. Park Service needs to weed wack the top of Big Round Top. Hallowed place should have better care...

Jonathon Ramsey

This is a remarkable place. The sacrifices that occurred during this war were incredible and you cant help but feel a range of emotions as you pass from location to location. If you get a chance to visit this site, you won't regret it.

Bruce Provencher

It feels like history comes alive here. There is so much to see, absorb, and process. The workers are extremely knowledgeable and we learn something new every time we visit.


Great place lots of walking. Bus tours great history wonderful shops. Good food. Take your kids lots of hotels

Barbara Griscavage

Love the whole park experience. Beautiful.

A. Linse

Hickory Hollow 2hr. tour on horseback was awesome. Guide was very knowledgeable and an excellent speaker. Wranglers and owners were great!

Eric Haffner

Sacred ground, sacred visit. Spend at least a day here, even if you are traveling with little ones. 2-3 hours will just not be enough to really get the full experience. We enjoyed doing the audio tour from our car. It took a few hours, but the kids enjoyed the stories and we got out at several stops so they weren’t sitting the entire tour.

Daniel Obrien

One of the most beautiful places on earth absolutely love it

nathan wilson

We had a great time here on Spring Break last year. We took the self guided tour and enjoyed every bit of it. The history here is humbling. This is a must see.

Kevin Dolan

Incredible battlefield with breathtaking views. Can feel overwhelming but that's a good thing in this case. These photos are from Little Round Top where the Union Army was barely able to hold back a Confederate advance. It is simply an amazing experience.

Trent Kelly

The war memorabilia was great, and there was a lot of very informative content there. Unfortunately the whole place seemed a little bit decrepit. There were cobwebs on a lot of the displays, the mannequins were rather unconvincing and didn't really look human sometimes, and there was a lot of stuff that was broken. it seems like this museum is struggling a little bit. I did like it though.

Grant Cullen

Beautiful countryside with cool historical sites. All of them easily accessible by car!

Iurii Novak

Remind for living people. They created USA for us. Take responsibility, be respectful and have a Freedom!!! My pleasure...

Steven Malone

Too vast a space, too full of courageous and tragic memories to put into words. A day isn't enough, a week? I doubt it. For me it was something I've always wanted to do, I've had a little bite, it's not enough. Love it.

Gayle Reierson

Oh our experience was outstanding. We had a very knowledgeable tour guide who told stories and stated facts about everything Gettysburg. After that we experienced the film and the cyclorama. We then ventured out on our own.


It's awesome it's just really cool that you get to stand where Abraham Lincoln said the Gettysburg address

Stacy DeBenedictis

We were close too close to Gettysburg not to stop. We got there late Sunday afternoon and yet what little we saw took our breath away. We had our 2 and 6 yr old with us. They did some exploring as well. We were able to see the camps that were set up and my son loved seeing the re-enactment actors. He had so many questions and was sad to hear that so many people lost their lives. The monuments were beautiful. We will have to spend more time here and make it our only destination. Definitely worth seeing.

Jack Maloney

Battlefield is always class act to visit. Especially now the way our country is so divided mainly to certain government officials acting like 4 year olds. Lest we forget the past. God please help our incredible country.

F Beaudry

The film, cyclorama, and museum are well worth the $15 (adult price). The weather was bad today, so I'm going back tomorrow in hopes of walking some of the trails.

Richard Lichtkoppler

Attended 6 ranger programs this weekend, all were excellent!

Jalyn Hughes

Had a beautiful day to walk through the park . It is so well cared for and clean. Thank you for such a nice place to visit and remember our countries history.

David W

If you enjoy history this is a must to visit. It can be hot to visit in summer, I feel fall is better and the trees have more color as well. Plan to take your time there is a lot to take in and really there is so much information it can seem overwhelming. You can take a self guided tour in your own vehicle with a park map or ride along with others on public transportation if you don't want to drive, I think there is a fee.

BeautifulU .bu

I love the monuments of the generals in the Civil War. I was able to see so many historical sites in one beautiful place!

Meave Morris

Beautiful and clean. Lots to see. The cafeteria opened a little late and their soup wasnt ready at all. It was a cold day and we were looking forward to some of their chili.

Dan Coleman

The "GETTYSBURG NATIONAL MILITARY PARK" is a BEAUTIFUL piece of American History. My Family & I planned on going to HISTORIC GETTYSBURG for awhile & We went up on 7-8-19. We were quite Amazed on the History of the CIVIL WAR BATTLES & the Valiant Battle at CEMETERY RIDGE. The Bodies of both UNION & CONFEDERATE Soldiers lay dying across the open fields. After that Battle, UNION SOLDIERS were ordered to show RESPECT for the Slain GRAY Army & Bury them w/ Members of the BLUE Army. My Family & I were totally amazed & surprised on what happened before, during & after the CIVIL WAR BATTLES. As We drove thru THE GETTYSBURG AUTO TOUR & We looked over the BEAUTIFUL OPEN GREEN GRASS FIELDS, It was hard for Us to IMAGINE that Americans DIED on this GORGEOUS piece of Real Estate. If You have never been to this Historic LANDMARK, PLEASE GO & take Your Family & Learn about PENNSYLVANIA'S part in this HISTORIC Part of U.S. HISTORY. The 1st Shot that Started it all took place on JULY 1st, 1861 at GETTYSBURG SEMINARY.

Evan Gnihslew

Great place filled with american history, including cannons, towers, and other artifacts.

Gregg Obst

A historic park where history comes alive. Good facilities, great educational opportunities for those that want to learn.

Rick Olson

Amazing. Walked the pickets charge, stood on top of little round top. The guild Jim brought everything to life, the reenacters do an amazing job.

Adam Smith

This is a very neat place to visit. All of Gettysburg is full of so much history. We hit some of the shops downtown. The National Cemetery was beautiful. The sculpture and monuments are amazing. I would recommend the visit if you are near by.

Herb Rice

One of nicest historical towns in America. Plenty to do and see here in Gettysburg. History on Hallowed Ground is something everyone should see young or old, American or not.

Shiv Ganesh

Beautiful park to drive around. Going around especially during sunset puts your mind at ease, especially when there are less crowds and it is quiet. There are various monuments scattered around the whole park, including those dedicated to states that participated in the war. The museum is a place to check out if you want suggestions or want to know the history. There is a trail or path that takes you around most of the park, so I would recommend that. Be sure to take your time and enjoy the scenery. It amazes me that a big war had taken place in an area like this.

Aaron Pressel

Such a cool experience. When I went, we stayed in the same house as General Lee did during the battle. Go in the summer if you can and get some peaches while you are in the area. They grow well in this area.

stephen stites

We just returned from Gettysburg we had a great time. We utilized the personal park tour guides and had an awesome time. The guide showed us places that we otherwise would not have been able to see and told stories we would have likely not have known. Great trip planning a return in the future.

Nancy Sain

Awesome. Plain and simple. Go see it.

Anthony Dickerson

Monuments are everywhere. Great exhibits in numerous buildings.

Tom Imrie

This National Memorial is a truly amazing place covering hundreds of acres of land on which the most deadly battles in the Western Hemisphere were fought. Dozens of memorials to the men who fought for their beliefs and were captured, wounded or died in defense of those beliefs situated along roads within the Park. The Visitors Centre is a wealth of knowledge and artifacts recognizing the sacrifices made here. Awe inspiring, sad and peaceful all at the same time. Visits will take at least a day or two to fully appreciate. Should be mandatory for those who would revise history by eliminating the memory of the leaders of both sides.

C Villard

Gettysburg is absolutely amazing. You could easily spend a few days exploring the Gettysburg Battlefield and all the monuments. If you have any interest in US or military history don’t miss coming here.

Anna Stamborski

Go about an hour before dusk, magnificent.

Dagmar Mracna

Its a very nice place to walk your dog

MaxE Rosen

This is one of the most amazing historic parks that I have been to. The auto tour was amazing as the map and battlefield app gave great information on each stop. There are so many monuments recognizing different people. Beautiful park. I'll have to go back to see the cyclorama and the museum.

Kendrick Gibbs

Grew up in VA and lived in York for the last 12 years until I moved back to VA. Loved visiting this place a child and helped maintain my interest in the Civil War while in PA. A must see site for any budding Civil War historian. Please keep in mind that not all battlefields are as well preserved or have this many monuments. It is the most memorialized battlefield in the world, so just remember that when you visit other sites and battlefields!

Ian Hemstock

We took the opportunity to have a guide drive our car around on the battlefilds tour. It was an OUTSTANDING experience. Our guide Mr Darryl Roberts, was superb, he was generous with his time and tremendously insightful and educational. What a bonus this experience was.

Steve Fleury

We did the driving tour today, with the accompanying CD. The sites were amazing and the CD provided a level of detail that made the exhibits make sense. The park made me realize the scope, size and tragedy that occurred in July 1863. What a wonderful day for us as a visitor. They have guides, and bus tours, but we didn't use them. For us, the CD was great, but I am not sure we would have enjoyed it without additional info.

Killer wolfgirl

Its a good place to go it has so many interesting things


Excellent tour of battlefield. Very informative, learned a lot of things I never knew. Park well kept and not to crowded this time of year.

Sean Dopwell

I'm amazed at all of the detail put into the park. We only had time to see a small portion of the park but learned a lot. We will be back!

greg macer

Highly recommend for anyone interested in history! Highly knowledgeable staff that really make the battle and the civil war come to life! You have to splurge and do the cycleroma as the painting is absolutely amazing! Can't believe that this huge piece of art was completed Ina year with 15 people!

Michael Sheridan

A must see for history buffs. I can't be live I lived in PA for so many years and never came here. My boys (ages 8-10) were less interested after about 2 hours. I came here on a 50 degree Saturday afternoon in early April and there was a lot of people on the auto-tour. I can't imagine how crowded it gets in the summer.

kay risser

Had a very good guide. I'm with Star Destination tours on a bus from Dyersville, iowa. He was quite informing. I could practically see the battle transforming in front of me. Thank you!

Sue Albright

Wonderful visitor center and jam packed informative museum. Took a guided tour. Our guide was great!

Roger Morford

Most excellent. Very moving. The monuments are beautiful

G Aquino

Definitely worth a visit but some planning is required to make your visit worthwhile. The entire battlefield is huge and is dotted by monuments and historic markers that it is easy to get monument fatigue after a while, and still miss out on the most notable sites. If you don't have much time planning, you can book a bus tour that shows you the most significant sites. The bus tour we joined from the Visitor Center was disappointing so I would suggest other tour operators in town. Be sure to read the tour's fine print and reviews to know what you're getting. Otherwise, you can do a self-guided tour and ask for resources (for free) at the Visitor Center or do some prior online research. The best experience is probably a re-enactment of the entire battle but none was available during our visit. The museum at the Visitor Center was otherwise helpful in making the Gettysburg story come to life. I highly recommend a visit. If you have some extra time, I also recommend visiting the Eisenhower National Historic Site to learn about the life and times of the 34th President. You can also do a walking tour of downtown Gettysburg and explore its many beautiful buildings.


Second time to Gettysburg on bikes. Second time with Chuck the bike park tour guide. Would recommend him highly. Amazing insight into all aspects of what lead to the battle, history of the people involved and the aftermath. Looking forward to seeing him again.

Jill Henry

I have been here many times. All season are beautiful here but the fall is especially beautiful.The backdrop of the mountains with the changing leaves is truly awesome to experience. Temps are very nice then too. Winter can be very cold and windy here but I have been there in February and still enjoyed it. A Summer day can be very very hot if not under trees which there are some in the park but again still enjoyed it. A bike ride is challenging because the park is very large but doable. Nice place to spend a day with a family for very little money. It does take a day because there are many monuments. I wont recommend it to small children. Pack a picnic lunch and just enjoy this land that is so important to your American history.

Vincent Fox

I absolutely love visiting this park. There is so much to see and do. 50,000 men died here in 3 days. They say it's haunted, but I have never seen any ghosts. I like doing the self guided auto tour.

Allen Chase

Love history and outdoor hiking

Elizabeth Haase

We were there about 4 years ago- my husband and I are now planning an October trip for his birthday- we can not wait

Staci Ramey

Always love going here. My family and I plan our vacations here every year.


I love going here its a great way to remember history

joseph calogero

where the cannons rumbled and the echoes of the wounded filled the air, now peace and brotherhood reign.

Spiritualized Kaos

Undoubtedly it is a historic place east of the terrible battle of the United States War of Secession.

To NaN Or Not to Null

Absolutely gorgeous scenery around. The Pennsylvania monument is massive and you can climb up to the top. Gettysburg itself is a nice little town. Definitely plan on doing one of the horse drawn carriage rides. Authentic memorabilia stores all around.

Samuel Kline

Gettysburg offers a lot to do for the whole family. The battlefield is large and well kept. I recommend everyone put visiting Gettysburg on their wish list.

Scott Sayles

Wonderful place, well maintained and so many friendly helpful volunteers there. We went in the tremendous heat and got to give them credit for still getting into character and costume and giving such enthusiastic performances and so much information. The video, the cyclorama was amazing with great detail and brilliant sound. The museum has so much information and a couple of the volunteers have such expert knowledge on things. I highly recommend this as an all day trip or a day and a half. The local cafe is good as well, good variety and well priced. Lastly is the battlefield tour, we did the self guided audio tour, there are two options to purchase, I went with the one with Stephan Lang narrating because I loved him in the movie Gettysburg, but that is a great option as well, otherwise you can take a bus tour or have a guide drive you around in your car. Remember that this is hallowed ground.

James Stangroom

To understand the sacrifices made during the civil war this place is somewhere you must experience. Yes, there is some kitschy shops but the battlefield itself and the town is an amazing learning opportunity and even though it can be a lot of fun to be in town the fields themselves are very humbling, very much hallowed ground.

Herbert Eichhorn

I was sort of disappointed with the visitors center. I don’t think they had enough artifacts out on display. I was told they rotate artifacts from time to time. I liked the old visitors center better because they had so much more artifacts on display at one time.

jennifer mann

Beautiful place to know and even better to understand how we fought for where we are now in this world

Keegan Foose

Obviously a great amount of history here. Museum was nice. I drove around and walked all over. Very somber place, and a must see if you are into Civil War history or history in general.

Jon Hartsock

I'm very dissappointed in the up keep of the grounds. Everything is overgrown and poorly taken care of. This is disgraceful for a National Park of such importance to United States history. I was told it was to have a more natural look. It just overgrown weeds everywhere.

Clinton McCarley

Top notch! Great museum, movie and self guided car tour. Staff was also great. The are is beautiful and the food is delicious.

J Rose

Excellant National park, definitely a place to see. The park visitors center is very nice with a museum and gift shop in the center. Staff are very friendly and helpful. The military battlefield and park was inspiring and the park staff keep it looking as much like it did during the battle as possible. Park Rangers are loaded with detailed info on everything about the battle and the time. I would go back in a heartbeat!

Georgia Freas

Beautiful and moving place.maga.

William Turner

A great family place. History along with great scenery. We Enjoy walking downtown in the evening along with some good restaurants and desserts. Nothing like watching the sun set while sitting at Little Round top. Thank you for preserving the battlefield so well.

Justin Bogart

Great place to visit with family or friends. Lots of history and beautiful scenic views. Always an enjoyable experience.

Lou Chandrus

Quiet well kept so serene lots of history


beautiful place, but looks can fool you. The food is horrible, tastes like it was put in the microwave after being frozen!

Merian Broussard

Our tour guide Brett was excellent, exceptional and extraordinary. The experience was like taking a step back to past. Gettysburg battleground is a must see.

m k

I loooooooovvvvvee it here 10/10 would come back

David Cousins

Rich with history. Didn't give it 5 stars because bicycles are not accommodated separately from autos.

Tristan Williams

Fascinating place. Lots of history (obviously), but amazing how large the site is. Many monuments, and gorgeous grounds. The visitor center is interesting, but just walking around reading the many signs was even better.

Greg Roderick

It's a vast area to see many points of interests regarding the battle and its after affects. It's very easy to get around with a car, as well as a little walking in most cases. The monuments are large and are almost everywhere you look. Because of this, you get a sense you're in a large cemetery with really big headstones. It seems fitting to me, since so many lost their lives there. TRAVEL TIP: If you have the time and money, you might want to concider a non-park employed personal tour guide that will ride along with you as you drive. Again, this would be someone you hire not directly related to the National Park service.

Nancy Holland

Took the 2 hour bus tour, both driver Jack and guide Rick were very professional, knowledgeable, always ready to answer questions. Well worth the trip, had no idea the magnitude of the land mass the battle was fought on. New appreciation for the nation changing events that occurred there.

Christopher Mercon

Absolutely wonderful experience, pay the full $15 and see the museum, movie and the cyclorama. Totally worth it. We went in the off season so no lines or crowds made for a really fun experience where we would read and do everything we wanted.

Nicole Magnusson

Wow. How solemn and sacred this place was. Though there are signs urging you to remain quiet, you couldn't speak because the words wouldn't come to you. It was beautifully tragic to see how many lives were lost. It was pretty awesome to see where Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. The park was immaculate and the layout was very nice.

Rene Moore

The visitor center and museum were very well done. There was so much to see and read. Took the drive around the entire battlefield and enjoyed every minute.

Mary Ellen Monack

So much history. Battleground tours are excellent. Ghost tour of Mary Wade House & history behind it is excellent also. Great Seafood Buffet ($42) at Pikes Restaurant & Lounge. Never a free moment with so much to see & do. Highly recommend visiting Gettsburg.

Lisa McCollum

Trails are great! Rustic scenery & memorials.

Mark Garland

A New Birth of Freedom The Battle of Gettysburg was a turning point in the Civil War, the Union victory that ended General Robert E. Lee's second and most ambitious invasion of the North. Often referred to as the "High Water Mark of the Rebellion", Gettysburg was the Civil War's bloodiest battle and was also the inspiration for President Abraham Lincoln's immortal "Gettysburg Address I love this place. It is sacred place.

William Fean

What can I say that can convince you to visit? Extremely well maintained and I like that the park is making tremendous strides to bring the battlefields back to the '63 look. I also like and admire that the park took a strong stance on Confederate markers and monuments. If you want to visit, plan on at least two days. Many skip the town or think its just gift shops. A lot of history there and and the best way to see the progression of the battle from day 1 to 2.

Joe Albergo

The history and the views are amazing, please get .full tour when you visit. There is so much more to experience and you need a guide to really get a feeling and story behind all the monuments around. The battle fields, cannons, homes, stone walls, etc.

Michael Fahle

Always an excellent experience. The park, the town...lots to do and see. Highly recommend.

Bruce Davidson

For fans of history you have to stop by here. If you don't care much for history, the monuments for the various states are worth a look.

Jeff Smith

Everyone in the US should visit Gettysburg to see first hand where the bloodiest battle in US history took place. We did it on hose back one year which was the best. The second time we did the car tour after downloading the audio tour which was very good. Summer is hot. Fall is best.

Darren Embro

A very interesting spot and a must see if you enjoy history. The battlefield was way larger than I anticipated (the whole town), the visitor center was clean, the staff was super friendly, they made the experience interesting, while not undermining the significance of this place or being disrespectful to the fallen . There are several options for the tour, go with a tour bus, self guided with an information CD, self guided with out the CD, or hiring a guide. We took the totally self guided tour. Unfortunately bad weather set in so we did not see as much as we would have liked to, however this gives us a reason to come back.


A lot to see here. Make sure to set aside a lot of time.

Andrew Cuevas

A fantastic military park! This place is a must-visit for any person who’s interested in American history and absolutely breath-taking views. To start off, the visitor center is state-of-the-art: new museum, films, facilities, and more. What is undesirable is that most everything is for a fee (see pictures for costs of films and museum entrance). Besides that, the park is phenomenal. A drive (over 20 miles) provides views is over 1,000 monuments dedicated to those that served and gave their lives to the Battle of Gettysburg (see pictures for just a few of them). Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this park and only saw a small fraction of it. There is plenty to impress everyone!

Donald Wilshire

I encourage everyone to see this important place in American history. It is well preserved and has a lot of monuments to check out.

Don Gubelman

This sacred ground gave me goose bumps...plan on spending an entire day ...or even 2....take the driving tour with a guide....before you go, read up on the battle or watch the movie to get a better understanding of the positions that were being sought after and fought for.....early morning at opening is the best time......bring snacks and drinks as there are numerous short elevated hikes.

Valerie Cason

It's difficult to find the words for a place as moving as this. To say I was excited to be going here seemed odd. It was very emotional for me. I shed many tears throughout. It was a lot to truly wrap my head around. Very moving and something we should all experience. Thank you NPS for keeping this place sacred for us all. Respect to the many who lost their lives.

Kim H

Inspiring, amazing, educational, patriotic... we had a tour guide that drove our vehicle through the entire park, focusing on MN's involvement in the civil war. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable & so ineresting.

Will Carpenter

This should be a required visit for every American. It's so important to know our country's history, learn about our different paths, and understand why things are the way they are. Gettysburg is an ideal place to take in all that you can surrounding this pivotal time in the US. You can't go wrong with any of the tour options, it's a beautifully restored area, and a well-marked experience in terms of all the monuments. If I could recommend an order to your activities, I'd do the video, then the tour or the park, and finish up with the museum to fill in all the details.

Андрей Сердюков

Very good place

Heidi Pepin

In one word: amazing. We come up from Maryland several times a year and always end up exploring something new. The Visitor Center is beautiful, with a huge bookstore and a good number of restrooms. There are paved walking trails, unpaved hikes, and an auto tour available. We've done it all. The auto tour takes you places you might not explore otherwise. The cemetery is a good spot to visit to see names from the Civil War to more recent times. We enjoyed the hike up Little Round Top a few years ago in the fall and it was gorgeous. Worth it. A great park and they've done a wonderful job of keeping it true to the times but bringing in moments of history through monuments, plaques, etc.

Chris Sobey

5 almost 6 hr slow drive around the entire battlefield, loved every minute. So much to see and understand, very glad we went through the visitors center first.

Carolyn Hughes

The best maintained informational civil war battlefield and the most popular.

melissa turner

American history enough said. So many attractions, lots to see and do, family friendly, a unique experience for all who visit. Gettysburg is an amazing place that is rich in history and will leave you speechless. Lived here my entire life and still in awe there are new discoveries at every turn.

Stefanie Mills

Wow. I’ve never considered being intrigued and enthralled by the Civil War and this part of American history. I got schooled on the auto tour, and the ghosts of these brave soldiers definitely stick with you. I look forward to learning more about their stories. This is a beautiful place that will rock your core - Little Round Top in particular (pun fully intended). Incredible history preserved. Thank you National Parks for making this possible.

Chris Hale

Amazing battlefield with a lot to see. Easy to park near by and walk around the battle field. There is a museum and visitor center that are ticketed, but you can visit the battlefield for free. The many monuments give this historic site a granduer and sacredness that makes any visit sure to be memorable and moving.

Cynthia P

A must see if only for the historical significance. We started at the Visitor’s Center and then did the driving tour. The Visitor’s Center wasn’t busy when we arrived before 10 am. However, after that, it quickly became crowded with large groups and individuals. As you might expect, more people at the popular spots along the driving tour. It took us over 5 hours to complete the loop. Of course, depending on how many stops you take it can take less or more time. We didn’t get to the Eisenhower home or watch the movie at the Visitor’s Center. There are 16 stops along the way in addition to the many additional markers and monuments. There are not any restaurants along the way so bring snacks/food and water. The bathroom facilities are few and far between. Be prepared for port-a potties. Consider hiring a guide who is well versed in the history and can help bring the magnitude to life.

Joshua Holland

Great place to visit, but be prepared to spend more than a day here if you're a history buff, or you want to take it all in

Eric Bowman

Gettysburg is the most inspiring battlefield I have visited. The park is well laid out so that a visitor can get a good idea of the actions of both armies during the course of the battle. I used a bicycle to ride the auto tour route, an idea suggested by my West Point graduate sister who has toured many battlefields. The bicycle gives you a perspective that you miss in a car, and I'd recommend it for anyone who is able. Touring Gettysburg gave me an entirely new perspective on the entirety of the Civil War. I'd recommend it to anyone, even those who don't think they're interested in history.

Caleb Kempf

Gorgeous park that helps teach the history of the battle in realistic ways. Was taught by a townsperson, John, that several buildings and large trees have been removed over time to make the fields look how they would have in 1863. As you look out over the ridges towards groups of trees and see big hills way off in the distance, it is easy to imagine being a troop fighting in the war. Brian's farm, which took a beating in the battle, still stands and had its siding redone. Would love to visit again. Such a special, historic place; Gettysburg being the turning point of the bloodiest war ever fought on US soil.

Jindi Farmer

At the close of the battle, some of the ~22,000 wounded remained on the battlefield and were subsequently treated at the outlying Camp Letterman hospital or nearby field hospitals, houses, churches, and other buildings. Dead soldiers on the battlefield totalled 8,900; and contractors such as David Warren:8 were hired to bury men and animals (the majority near where they fell). Samuel Weaver oversaw all of these reburials.The first excursion train arrived with battlefield visitors on July 5. On July 10, Pennsylvania Governor Andrew Curtin visited Gettysburg and expressed the state's interest in finding the fallen veterans a resting place. Attorney David Wills arranged for the purchase of 17 acres (6.9 ha) of Cemetery Hill battlefield land for a cemetery. On August 14, 1863, attorney David McConaughy recommended a preservation association to sell membership stock for battlefield fundraising. By September 16, 1863, battlefield protection had begun with McConaughy's purchase of "the heights of Cemetery Hill and" Little Round Top, and his total purchased area of 600 acres (240 ha) included Culp's Hill land. On November 19, 1863, Abraham Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery, which was completed in March 1864 with the last of 3,512 Union reburied. From 1870 to 1873, upon the initiative of the Ladies Memorial Associations of Richmond, Raleigh, Savannah, and Charleston, 3,320 bodies were disinterred and sent to cemeteries in those cities for reburial, 2,935 being interred in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond. Seventy-three bodies were reburied in home cemeteries. The cemetery was transferred to the United States government May 1872,and the last Battle of Gettysburg body was reburied in the national cemetery after being discovered in 1997. Union Gettysburg veteran Emmor Cope was detailed to annotate the battlefield's troop positions and his "Map of the Battlefield of Gettysburg from the original survey made August to October, 1863" was displayed at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition.Also in 1863, John B. Bachelder escorted convalescing officers at Gettysburg to identify battlefield locations

Jason Ballou

Can’t say enough about the history of this tour. What a great day driving and seeing the history behind Gettysburg. This is something everyone should definitely check out if you can.

Rich Anderson

It's an amazing place to visit, especially if you have any understanding of what occurred here. It is an intersection of bravery, sadness, determination and triumph.

John T

No review will give justice to the power and magnificence of a visit. Everything resonates from the film, which serves as an introduction, to the museum, to the variety of tours. The Cyclrama is a work of art and an historical artifact ...not to be missed. Before you go, read up on the importance of Gettysburg, and the lasting and essential role it plays in American history. It will make for an even better experience. Great tours, guided and self directed. Expect to spend more time than you think.

Clint Bayless

It was a very fun and learning experience. There was one particular act about Abraham Lincoln act that was fantastic. The actor that played Lincoln looked just like him!! We went back a few years later but couldn’t find the Lincoln play. Wish we could see it again!


Greta place to visit with the family. The museum is nice, and there is free access to a small section of the building, although you have to pay for the exhibits. We did the one hour hike that takes you to the cemetery from the museum and back, it was well worth it as you also walk through a series of monuments and statutes. You can also get to the cemetery from the museum through a shorter hike, but won’t get to see as many things. For the other monuments, we si ply drove and parked beside the ones we wanted to see. Highly recommend doing the “Auto tour”, just get in your car and follow the signs from the museum parking lot. Definitely recommend stopping at the watch tower and Pensilvania memorials. Also, you can get a great view from the section of the auto tour that goes through the hills, and there are some nice monuments hidden around there as well. Easy to stop in the old part of town for a meal and some rest as well. We recommend spending you le entire day here.

Rick Bell

Always something new to see and learn. Park Rangers are very knowledgeable.

Madridista Abdlwahab

We can say History comes alive in Gettysburg Military Park. They got polite and knowledgeable staffs.

Chrisandra Marie

I absolutely love that they have put so much effort in preserving the battlefields. We enjoy visiting Gettysburg. The people working at visitors center were very helpful and knowledgeable. We're from Michigan so we wanted to see the Michigan memorials. The man at the service desk knew exactly where they were and marked them on our map. The employees in the bookstore were super friendly also.

Lisa Jillson

Amazing... Very informative.

Ryan Grzes

Great historical park with lots to see and do! The grounds are expertly maintained and the monuments are all stunning. The reenactments in July are also definitely something I think everyone needs to watch at least once as well.

dee dixon

A must see for any history buff. The panorama is over the top spectacular. Did the tour of battlefields it's beautiful and sad at the same time. It makes you realize how easy it is for politicians to make decisions that affect so many people and how important it is to make the correct decision when you vote.

Jean Mclendon

Another amazing sites we went to on our home school trip, took a guided tour of the battlefield and it was very educational. A must see.

Rhythm Taylor

Horrible food I good food poisoning when I ate the fries and cheese steaks I hope I never have to come here again

Krystal Petitto1

What an incredible series of memorials. Very respectfully and beautifully done. Really showcases the magnitude of the battle as well as the civil war in general. You can drive for miles and miles and find memorials placed everywhere you look. In every nook there is something. Incredibly educational and moving. Certain parts of this trailway had a raw and uneasy feeling. Certainty remnants of the past.

Tisha England

Very nice museum and shop. The self guided tour was fun and very educational. I am humbled by the sacrifice given by so many.

Michael Sciullo

Beautifully kept battlefield. One of my favorite places in the world. The visitor center is amazing along with the gift shop/ bookstore. Definitely climb to the top of the Pennsylvania Monument and see the Wheat Field and Peach Orchard. Devils Den is a must as well. Som much to see.

Joan Sears

Beautiful place to visit. There also nice shops to visit. Absolutely love this place. I would recommend it to anyone to come visit.

Jeannie Mockewich

Beautiful park, very informative and interesting.

Tim O'Sullivan

Even decades after the last battle on this battlefield, there is an eerie stillness in the air when you visit here. The fact that you can drive at your own pace through this battlefield makes it very special indeed. Lots of monuments to see and lots to read and learn.

Aaron T

Was a pretty nice experience except for a little thing that was honestly pretty annoying. So all the attractions we saw throughout the Museum were great, the Cyclorama was amazing, the movie we saw first was good and the museum displays were also enjoyable. The thing I did not enjoy and found to be very disrespectful was the female officer on duty that day, Monday the 31st of December. We arrived at 9:10, went into the lobby, myself, my fiance and our 4 month old son in his stroller. While talking to one another about what tickets we were going to purchase, the female officer on duty came into to the lobby and began to give us a look of disgust and as if we were some kind of nefarious charachters to be watching. So we purchased tickets while she continues to watch us leave the ticket area and we did our tour. After we went into the gift shop as most Museum goers do, I'm standing there talking to my fiance before entering the gift shop and the female officer passes us again watching us with a look of disgust and suspicion towards us. We felt very disrespected and could not fathom a single reason for the additional attention we were given from this person. I understand that bad people in the world exist and come in all shapes and forms, so there are those who have a job to do to keep places like that safe from them. We CLEARLY aren't those kind of people and don't need to be watched by those safeguarding places like this museum. Anyways, besides that the trip there was pretty fun expect for that annoying and disrespectful experience with the person on patrol that day. Below is a picture of us at our hotel before going the museum, as you can see, we are super suspicious looking people.....

Leonard Elliott

Second time here and still love it. First time was with a scout troop. This time I came with family and was overwhelmed with emotion. I recommend this site to all. It is as close to history as you can get

Kristie Mitchell

I love coming to Gettysburg. It's a special place. The Visitors' Center is wonderful and all of the park employees are helpful. They have awesome demonstrations and a clear and easy to read self guided tour.

Sarah Gaudiosi

Amazing day. Free for active duty military. Definitely recommend the car tour with the park ranger, made the trip. I would start with video and museum in the morning, bring a lunch if you drove in (picnic tables there) or there is a restaurant there, then take the afternoon tour.

Ed Kozak

It's a shame that such a beautiful park came about under such sad circumstances. The museum. Cyclorama and the movie are worth your time no matter what your age. Spend at least one very long day even though that still won't cover everything.

Blake Baker

A beautiful place that carries the solemnity of a church or cemetery. We did the driving audio tour and it provided dramatic imagery for what we saw.

Brian Skuzinski

A complete national treasure and I am very fortunate to live within just a day trips distance away. The battlefield is huge and open and has monuments for everybody who fought. There is a visitor center that has tour guides who will get into your own car and drive you around and telling you absolutely everything that happened at the Battle. This is something that I highly suggest you do.

H&H custom fab

great history, lots to do. i wish kids would stop writing on the signs and historical items. sad to see it tagged.

Sharon Penner

Arrived at the National Gettyburg Park in Gettyburg, Pa. Was a terrible experience! We had a service dog that we have had for 14 years. They would not allow us to go in the museum or any of the bus tours because they did not recognize anxiety service dogs in their facilities. We traveled all the way from Kansas to Pennsylvania to see the civil war history and we were turned away. It was a very disappointing ordeal and they ruined our trip. Due to what happened to us, We will not reccomend this stop for others.... Kansas History Buffs

Chris Parsons

Gettysburg is a beautiful place with tremendous significance. The people who are tasked with preserving Gettysburg and educating visitors have done a simply magnificent job at allowing us to immerse ourselves in the history of the place. Parking areas and support facilities are placed to minimize the impact on those viewing the landscape. The museum and memorials make no political statements. There is no obvious bias for one side or the other, which allows you appreciate the battle for what it is, a tragic loss of American lives. The massive scale of horror that took place here is made real when you stand on Little Round Top and visualize the assault, or stand at the center of Cemetery Hill and imagine Pickett's charge. Those actions seem completely at odds with the haunting beauty of the place. One is left with a sadness for the loss of life and abiding respect for the heroism of so many. There is an inescapable feeling that you are on hallowed ground. We drove our car while listening to an audio accompaniment we purchased at the museum. You can get a CD or download it to your phone. I highly recommend this, or hiring one of the many people acting as skilled guides. you get crucial details that explain each spot. By driving to various locations, we managed to see and explore all the major areas in a single day. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. The audio is very reasonably priced. This is an experience you should not miss. Nothing you've read or seen about Gettysburg comes close to actually being there. NOTE: I only give 5-star reviews. If it doesn't rate 5 stars, I just don't review it. There's more than enough negative criticism around, this is my way of being adding something positive.

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