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6424 Lincoln Hwy #30, Stoystown, PA 15563, United States

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Where is Flight 93 National Memorial?

REVIEWS OF Flight 93 National Memorial IN Pennsylvania

Karley Burger

Such a powerful and emotional experience. The area is so beautiful and peaceful. I come to this national memorial every year with my father on 9/11 and it's such an amazing contribute to the passengers on Flight 93. The park service does an incredible job at making sure these individuals are not forgotten about. The visitor center has a great gift shop/store to get souvenirs. Also, the visitor center includes a mini historical part about 9/11.

John Berger

The only word that comes to mind when visiting this memorial is "powerful". The visitors center provides a very moving experience as you walk along a series of exhibits representing the timeline for that terrible morning. To be able to drive down and be within a few hundred feet of the actual crash site and to see the walls with the names of the courageous passengers and crew that mark the precise flight path of Flight 93 is a very emotional experience, making you think of the lives that were lost while knowing that they died as heroes, trying to take the plane back. If you have time and are traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike near the area, you should strongly consider visiting.

Jeanne Rowse-Davis

It is a wonderful memorial to the heroes of flight 93. There is a tower of voices partway up the road, at the top of the hill is a visitors center and an overlook of the crash site. You can drive down or hike down to the site where there is a wall of the names of each crew member and each passenger as well as signs giving all kinds of information about the events of that fateful day.

Kathleen Del Santo

I was amazed at how well this site was laid out in order to really represent and honor the heroes of this day.

Clint Smith

The Flight 93 Memorial is spectacular and this was our second time to see it. It really pays tribute to the heroes on board, who took over to prevent an even bigger tragedy. It is beyond grand and the details are well thought out. If you don't get choked up, at any point throughout this amazing monument, you just don't understand the magnitude behind the events behind September 11. Take the time to visit, it is well worth the trip.

Brother Lamb

Very well done memorial to the hero's of flight 93. The wind chimes aren't complete but we will be coming back when they get them installed. Only wish you could visit at night and see it with lights on.

Helen Lavigne

The site is beautiful. God surely had His Hand in this. So much care and compassion into its planning.

Martin Lotz

Such a peacful place was disrupted by horror and heroism. This place will stir lots of emotion: pride, sorrow, gratitude, fear. Come with an open heart and mind

Casey Levine

Tim Curry

Wonderful. It's not a typical "big" monument when you think of government monuments. It is very understated, soft, quiet, reverent. Was very busy (not crowded) but simply very busy for a fall Sunday afternoon. Glad to see that so many people remember. One day, an ordinary field. The next, a national monument.

Erin Hoxie

This is an amazing Memorial to the passengers and crew of flight 93, AND ALL the first responders at the crash site!!! It is a MUST see Memorial. God bless all these people and God bless America!!

Randy Allen

This is a must see if your ever in Pennsylvania so much knowledgeable information about this flight and all the brave heroes who stopped the plane from reaching its unintended target and taking anymore lives than it did . Very touching tribute to everyone who was on this flight and their families. Very knowledgeable federal park representatives are there to answer questions. They give 2 daily live presentations to the public . There are restrooms , gift shop plenty of parking buses welcome . Dont forget to visit the tower of voices 93 foot tall concrete structure with 8 chimes presently and more to be added in the future to represent the lives that were lost on that fateful day also a must see .

LaCrisha Diven

A most somber visit that brings about such a mix of emotions. Sadness, anger, thankfulness to name a few. To listen to the last spoken words of the passengers is heartbreaking. I just cant imagine what they must've been feeling. I would recommend that EVERYONE take a trip to see this. We must NEVER FORGET!

Judy Willis

Very stirring visit. A lot of thought went into creating this memorial. Thank you for making it happen, people need to remember the 40 people on flight 93!!

Joan Stearns

This is a very emotional and well done memorial to the heroic members of Flight 93. Lots of symbolism in the artistic depiction of this event.

Virginia Belson

Took me back to the day of 911. A somber reminder of our fallen courageous heroes and their sacrifices to keep our freedom.

Bob Saunders

My wife described it as hallow ground. I think it was a perfect description. It is somber, but also beautiful. We are so glad we visited and recommend that everyone does. It is a wonderful experience.

David May

A very moving tribute to the heros of Flight 93. Be sure to view the Visitor Center exhibit which is excellent and takes 45 minutes. Pro Tip: Arrive after 3 pm to avoid the crowds

Matthew Havash

Humbling and heartbreaking. To feel like you're in the final resting place of true heroes, there aren't really words to describe it. Well laid out, and the Park Rangers are overwhelmingly knowledgeable.

Mark Basniak

Very peaceful place. They added on since last here. Got there before the visitor center opened so hardly anyone around. Visitor center very informative about the tragic day.... If you go in the morning you may see some fog over the surrounding mountains.

Linda Zabinski

Beautiful dedication. But I think there shouldn't be cameras allowed to photograph the victims. Out of respect for the victims and family I didn't take any....

Megan Thayer

Just go. It's well worth your time. We are forever grateful to those who did all they could, to save the lives of others. Nothing else needs to be said.

Jennifer H

This memorial was a complete surprise. I had forgotten it existed until we were driving through the area on a weekend get away. We saw the sign and said, "Let's check it out." So glad we did. I remember all of the horrible events unfolding at the time in 2001, but I think I forgot a lot of the details because they were so painful. This memorial shows wreckage, recorded phone calls, pictures, and maps. All of it gut-wrenching. The grounds around the building have beautiful trails you can walk and reflect. I hate that it exists, but it is worth the trip to remember.

frank zee

If you're old enough to remember the 9/11 attacks you may find this a deeply moving tribute to those forty whom lost their lives on terrorists-hijacked Flight 93. Plan to spend a few hours there starting with the visitors center. The last exhibit focuses on the crew and passengers and is particularly sad and heart-wrenching, and many visitors were visibly tearing up at this point. You can then walk or drive to the impact zone and debris field which are all restored now but remain a final resting place and sacred ground nonetheless. There is a white granite wall with the names of the deceased. Take time to reflect on how you would have voted were you a passenger on that plane.

Michael Cross

Great place to visit. The story of this flight and the heroes on it is somewhat amazing. Part of this place is under construction as it is a newer memorial. I am looking forward to going back and see it again when it is completed.

Craig Hoyt

This wasn't quite what I expected but still very moving. I nearly wept while watching the archived news video, remembering that horrible day. Luckily there were tissue boxes handy. The Tower of Voices wasn't in operation yet so that was disappointing.

Rae Clements

Very somber and respectful. The story boards tell a beautiful recounting of events. Visiting just before sunset really added to the serenity.

Lowell Miller

My 4th time here. Just awesome the way this memorial has been constructed TheTodd Beamer family are true friends of mine. looking forward to hearing the Tower of Voices when it is done. Remembering the sacrifice and bravery.

Scott Webb

Wish I didn't have to rate it or visit it but since we do it was very hard to watch and listen but nicely put together in light of the event that inspired it.

Marianne Berckmans

Very moving! A great job honouring those brave people who fought for their lives and those of their countrymen. A beautiful peaceful place to wander. Look forward to hearing the Tower of Voices when it is complete. Do watch out for deer poop on the Hemlock Alley. Kleenex provided.

Paul Damerell

A beautiful and moving place to visit. Dedicated to remembering the tragic events of 9/11 and particularly the passengers of Flight 93 who fought back against the terrorists, this National Park site is fittingly and stirringly designed and laid out. I was emotionally moved to walk through it and partake the stories. I like that it sets a solemn (but not somber) tone). I recommend visiting the Visitor Center, Memorial Wall and the Tower of Voices.

John Kneen

Very touching. The museum presentation got to my heart. Will be back to walk another day. Disappointed that Tower of Voices still not functioning. Blame it on government engineers working on improvements.

darrell kandunce

Be careful if you use Google Maps to get you there. They brought us in a back way and far away, over a mile, from the main viewing areas and Visitor Center. Other than that, it would be hard to improve on the great work that went into building this Memorial. Every so often in this country we get it right

Alfred Davis

Visiting the Flight 93 Memorial near Shanksville Pennsylvania is a somber experience. The beauty of the open fields and meadows as you look down across the mountainside to where Flight 93 crashed near the trees below is in stark contrast to the terrible things that happened that morning on September 11, 2001. Viewing the flight path of Flight 93 from the overlook, down past the memorial wall, to the impact site marked by a large sandstone boulder, really brings home the reality of the Islamic terror attacks and the willingness of every day Americans to stand up to evil.

Tom Stahl

Great place to remember our fallen heros. They did a great job with this memorial

Keith Shockey

Very nice memorial to visit. Well taken care of and very clean. A lot to see too. I was on a somewhat tight schedule. When I first looked up the memorial online, the site recommended 45 minutes for the visit to see everything. I'll say that 45 minutes wasn't nearly enough for me. If you have any intention of seeing everything, I would recommend a minimum of 2 hours. I was there 1.5 hours (30 minutes longer than I planned) and I still didn't see everything. And that included driving to the memorial wall rather than taking the walking path with all the information boards along the way. The walking path is supposed to be close to a mile long, and if you stop to see everything, I imagine the visit would take closer to 3-4 hours. Had I not been on a tight schedule, I gladly would have spent much more than 1.5 hours there. I would recommend anyone interested in American history to pay this memorial a visit.

Jaime Tant

What can you say about a place where people died to save many more. Somber moods but appropriately so. Beautifully done.

Jon Merrell

Finally made it out to see this amazing landmark. Being in the military on 9/11, this place hit me very hard. The museum was designed incredibly well, showing in detail how the events of that day unfolded. The phone calls of the victims in the plane were especially chilling. The design of the entire monument leading up to the impact sight was also amazing. I will definitely return when they finish the Tower of Voices.

Ben Nelson

Beautiful tribute to the men and women who died that day on flight 93. The phone call recordings were powerful to listen too. Definitely worth a trip out of the way if you are within a few hours.

John Schildknecht

Beautifully done. They have a great memorial building with an overlook where you can see the actual site of the crash. Listening to the recordings from the passengers to their families was heartbreaking but real and worth remembering. I'm proud to have been a Firefighter for 28 years and to honor these heroes. Well done.

Allie Genia

We weren't able to spend a lot of time here, but the time we were able to spend was powerful. This isn't necessarily an uplifting place to go, but it is an important part of history and is worth witnessing. If you don't have a lot of time, you can visit the Visitor Center for an overview of the events of the day as well as some artifacts - there is also an overlook inside and outside of the building that has a great view of the entire site. If you have time, there is also a walkable trail. Accessibility: the restrooms aren't a part of the main building - they're on the outside near the entrance to the trail loop. The trail isn't a steep grade, but it still may be tough if you're using a mobility aid. There are some nice areas that are accessible by car so you're still able to tour without walking the whole way. Bring tissues, but know they have some well placed tissues in the exhibit hall as well.

Ken Lavin

This was an amazing experience here. I spent roughly half a day because I wanted to take my time and see everything. The architecture was incredible and I don't usually take note of things like that. It was interesting that they carved an entire national park into the PA countryside. I will eventually make a return visit.

bill Wilcox

Great memorial for those that fought back . I personally will always remember them.

Cheryl V. M.

I wasn't sure what to expect. I did not know anyone who perished on that day but I was moved to tears several times as I walked thru the visitor center display and listened to those phone calls made for the very last time. You are presented with news coverage, remains of the plane and the names & photos of those who gave their lives to save others. Take a few hours to walk the center and the Allee to the memorial wall. It is so peaceful and beautiful.

Marge Larson

Good to observe a quiet, respectful crowd. No food or coffee to disrupt the solemn memorial. Well done.

Jayne King

I loved the memorial and the tribute to the extraordinary bravery and sacrifice that Flight 93 (the passengers and the crew) displayed. I felt like I was stepping on hallowed grounds and was a truly humbling atmosphere. The park is just beautiful and all the staff was very accommodating and happy to answer questions. I can't wait to visit again when the chimes are complete.

Duane Rueber

Very nicely put together. Very well planned out. VERY disappointed that the Tower of Voices is incomplete. There's a board posted at the base with an explanation, however it sounds like a list of excuses. This should be a priority to complete. It is the figurehead of the entire site, and needs to be completed. Other than that, if you are old enough to have experienced 9/11, this place will hit you as hard as Ground Zero. Add this to your bucket list.

Jonathan Shiflet

Every American should see this. The memorial has recordings of the actual calls made by passengers on Flight 93. It is one of the most well done, artful, moving memorials I've ever seen.

Sharron Craven

The memorial is so amazing! They did a great job over the Years.. I would highly recommend everyone going here at once! I can't wait till the Tower of Voices is complete.

gabriel silva

Absolutely beautiful. It was a tasteful memorial for the passengers and everyone was so quite and respectful. So much information to take in and learning about it was amazing.

Shelley Kennedy

I felt so many emotions when we visited last Saturday that I won't begin to try and explain. As far as this being a proper memorial for the tragedies that incurred that day..... yes, it truly is. You're able to understand so much better what really happened to an extent thus being able to grieve with so many that were strangers to most of us. Someone whom I've never met before felt so close to me. The people who volunteer at the memorial are very helpful as well and full of knowledge. The only downfall is how spread out all the different parts of the memorial are located. It was a little difficult to walk so we drove from each one to the next. FYI BECAREFUL of listening to the phone messages of some of the passengers as it had me very emotional and I almost felt like I was invading the privacy of something so intimate. It was also very moving for our 2 teen children to listen to. Is this something I think everyone should visit?? Absolutely!

David Gerlak

It is a very sombering experience for what it represents but represents it well. When you go take your walking shoes, there is 3 main parts to the memorial, the visitors center, the memorial center, and the tower. You should expect to walk about a 1/2 mile to a mile at each place. I think it is well put together and is worth the time to experience each place. There is parking at all 3 places and you just feel the presence of the people that died there. It is very kid friendly and is worth seeing at least once. I have included photos of my trip to give you a good representation of what it looks like inside and out.

Tony tenfelde

Very well thought out and respectful. A fitting honor for the brave crew and passengers.

Cheryl Lindsey

Solemn reminder of a terrible day. The Memorial has done a good job defining and celebrating the team work and courage. Was disappointed that the 8 chimes in the Tower of Voices are not able to ring yet

Larry Johnson

It was amazing. Very saddening to see the trajedies that took place but this place is a monument and memorial dedicated to those who lost their lives. It was an amazing experience. More than I expected. The place was clean and very nice. And it's free to go look around. They also have a souvenir shop

Michael Gottfried

Very simple but perfect memorial. Happened to be driving by this area and decided to stop by. Glad we did. Very surreal experience.

Tom Kilchenstein

Very Emotional to walk these grounds. To stand on the flight path and look upon the last things those 40 souls viewed was surreal. Everyone should experience that and never forget

Susan H

This place is like no other. It will make you cry, learning everything about the people on flight 93 that gave their lives to save so many. Definitely a myst see.

Carla Law

Loved it! Will be glad when the chimes are finished. One of them did ring with the wind though. Such a sad time for America. May their souls rest in peace for eternity.

Darlene Dorin

Beautiful memorial. Very humbling and peaceful. This place brought tears to my eyes quite a few times. I was listening to the volunteer explain why the wooden fence that leads to the crash site was made of hickory...because " the hickory wood is tough, and that is what these people were".

Sandeep Chakravorty

Poignant yet powerful. A worthy tribute to the 9/11 heroes telling us to forgive but not forget.

Kevin Schware

Very informative, more than just what u hear on news. Able to listen to final conversations of some passengers to their families, heart wrenching if u can finish listening to it all, i could not. A must see.

Barbara Loftis

The peace and quiet and beauty of the landscape in this remote area of Pennsylvania are respected by the moving memorial created. The facts are well presented in word and video in the museum, then visitors can choose how much to walk in the vast open fields along designated paths to see the crash site of Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. It is made very clear this is a burial ground and to be respected as such. The only commercialization is a small gift shop. There are no food vendors, etc, and even trash bins are not present along the paths. At the entrance to the park, or as you exit, is the Tower of Voices. The structure is present, but the chimes, which will represent the victims voices, have yet to be installed.

Ryan Eyster

Very Solomon location but powerful place to visit. Our family wanted to make a trip up here for a long time and our experience was worth the visit. Very worth your time. Sadly our experience was ruined a little by the rain but still a worthwhile experience

chris wielock

A very somber and humbling place, so quiet and peaceful.. if you have not gone or gone in awhile.... GO.. PAY YOUR RESPECTS.

Dan DiFonzo

Great memorial to the heroes of Flight 93. The visitor’s center is top notch and the volunteers working were knowledgeable and plentiful.

Scott Wallace

This is a wonderful way to remember that tragic day. The way they have this place set up is a respectful way to remember those whongave their lives. If you want to go and remember and show support I say this is a go.

Charles Vaughn

This is the Bell tower leading into the memorial. We were in the area and decided to stop in and pay our respects. What a great sacrifice those brave passengers gave. Thoughts and prayers alway's to their families.

Daniel Scalzitti

Great place to take a ride to. Worth the trip. A lot of things going on there. Construction looks like area 51

Steve DeLawder

It's great for what it is....but I cant be the only one that found the "gift shop" to be EXTREMELY tacky. That might have been one of those things that someone doesnt need to be making money from. Or walking around with a coffee cup or a cheerful hot pink hat (both of which are available) that memorializes a horrific day. Just my opinion.

Carol Rison

A must see for all to remember these brave Americans that gave their lives for our freedom. Very touching and well done.

Theresa Wolf

Really wonderful and sacred place. Rangers are all so kind and knowledgeable. Such a peaceful day of reflection and thanksgiving to God. Hallow ground, for sure. Worth your extra time to visit.

Susan DeLaney

The most outstanding State Park I have ever visited. The staff is special and the stories they tell bring tears. No victims just heroes....will stay with me the rest of my life.

Anthony Greene

This is a beautiful and serene memorial site. A fitting way to honor the bravery and determination of these 40 heroes. Today there was a presentation by school kids telling just a little about each person on that day. Be sure to listen to the presentations by the rangers and volunteers.

Rachel Gans

What to know when you go: there are three sections to the memorial. There is the tower of voices, the visitor center complex, and the memorial plaza. To get the full experience you should see them in order as I listed above. They are driving distance from each other. Each section has an experience of its own. Like many memorials it is hard to describe the feelings. This is a great place to understand more of what happened, reflect, and pay respect to the men and women who are no longer with us. Only thing to note is that the tower of voices is not complete. I would love to go back when the other chimes are installed and hear what the tower of voices sounds like.

Linda Hoefflin

A powerful and moving place to visit. The space was so well planned by architect Robert Murdoch. Each of the plan made the whole as a piece of art. And all this to memorialize the 40 brave souls who gave their lives for our country. The flight path, and the final resting area gave me pause to remember. I can't wait until the Tower of Voices is complete.

Jeremy Densmore

Wow, really hits you in the gut when you walk out to the end of the memorial. And the museum inside, just gut wrenching. The place was well cared for. The wind chine was not completed. Overall a great place to visit and pay your respects. Good bless the men and women who gave everything for some.

Jim Harings

The peacefulness and beauty of the location does its best to mask the sadness, but the heroism and sacrifice shine through. It should be a must see on every American's travel agenda. The park Rangers give excellent tours and guidance, and if you're prepared to shed some tears, spend as least an hour in the visitor center. Obviously the 9/11 museum in New York is bigger, but the Flight 93 museum covers the day and it's aftermath in exquisite and heartbreaking details. Go see this park, honor the heros and NEVER FORGET.

Pamela Saunders

Amazing what they have done here for Flight 93. Have been there twice and am very humbled. Recommend everyone go there atleast once and take all your family both young and old. Let them see a piece of history for 9/11.

Debra Volpe

Arrive early if you prefer solitude. It is a wonderful memorial, does justice to the history leading up to 9/11 as well as documenting the events of the day and the investigation that followed. The visitor center opens at 9 AM and the parking lot fills quickly afterwards. We arrived shortly after sunrise when the gates opened (around 7:30) and we're treated to solitude fitting this memorial. Most people maintained a respectful quiet. The memorial is a great tribute to ordinary heros. We thank them for their example of the spirit of this nation.

Patrick Murphy

Beautiful memorial of not only flight 93 but of the entire day of events. It was very tasteful and humbling. Learned a lot of things or refreshed memories.

Audrey Hackett

Very sobering memorial. I recommend everyone go see this. It's a very well designed memorial and well run. Lots of walking though but there are sidewalks and walkways. I got some interesting pictures there.

Ramona Doggett

This is truly one of the most moving and humbling experiences that we've experienced at a nat'l park or memorial. MUST VISIT THIS MEMORIAL!!!!

Sharon Challender

Be sure this is on your list of must visits. This memorial has been beautifully done. The tower of voices is one of a kind and so touching.

Karen Z

They did a good job of informing you of what all took place on Sept. 11. The Tower of Voices is still a work in project but I recommend stopping and seeing it, very eerie but beautiful. Plenty of parking. Wasn't too busy when I went which was nice. Bus tours do go there.

Tammy Young - Schweiger

Tho so very sad,it is a top notch place, to never forget 9 11 ,and all the Heros who died for Our Country. Home of the Brave.❤

Mikala Shremshock

Entrance is off of Route 30. I recommend going to the Visitors Center first, then walk or drive to the Memorial Plaza and visit Tower of Voices on your way out. Restrooms are at the Visitors Center and Memorial Plaza. Download the OnCell app before arriving for the audio guided tour.

Mr. Flores

Very somber and honorable place. Parking is easy and there was staff present to guide you to the sites. The museum was sad and very informative.

Jim Bowman

We visited the memorial just yesterday. We had no idea just how big and informational this national memorial really is. Much interactive activities and areas that have you live in the moments of those 40 passengers that decided as a team to be heroes...and the type that we as a nation can be eternally grateful to. If you have been meaning to visit and just haven’t yet, please make it a priority. You will be overwhelmingly glad you did. A very somber and enlightening experience. Very proud of the Office of Internal Affairs for how they immortalized and commemorated that tragic day.

chris autry

Beautiful reminder of the brave people who died that day. The museum was very well maintained, and had a lot of information about the individuals, the flight and so on. It was solumn and respectful. The large walls you walked through were incredible, and it is also the sight of the world's largest instrument. I will be taking my kids here when they get a little older.

Not So Silent Gamer

We all need to remember that heroism isn't evident until the you know the likely cost and act anyway.

Meeko Depember

Great memorial to 40 American hero's. Very peaceful, beautiful country. It was sad but it is a nice way to show respect and remembrance to Flight 93

Robert R

Very nice memorial to these fallen heroes. Preserving the debris field for them as their hallowed ground.

terri nearey

Beautiful day to pay our respects! Definitely visit the visitor center and view the exhibits! Brings you back to reality!


I was unexpectedly moved to tears. This is a place that I'd recommend you take the time to visit at least once in your lifetime. The overall memorial design and attention to detail greatly honors the brave and heroic victims who lost their lives when Flight 93 crashed just outside of Shanksville, PA, on that fateful day on September 11, 2001. #We Will Never Forget #911

Jennifer Greenslit

This is a very well done memorial. Very moving and respectful. It is much farther off the highway than expected, but it is well worth the drive.

Gail Noonan

Very appropriate memorial. Peaceful and serene surroundings. Looking forward to hearing the chimes in the future at the Tower of Voices. The visitors center was very informative and brought tears of memory back to me hearing again the newscast from that awful morning when I watched it live.

Stacy Martin-Duffy

Very nice Memorial! Very touching and very sad. Visit the Tower of Voices on the way in or out. So surreal.

EE Will

Beautiful memorial such an honor to visit. Very emotional could spend hours here if desired. So much detail so much to see & learn

Monica Turner

Spectacular monument to visit. Please take the time to honor our American Patriots.

Leslie Harlan

It's devastatingly beautiful. They have a center with parts of the plane. The biggest part the found was 6x7 feet. They have recordings of the calls the passengers made and the cockpit recordings from where the passengers rushed the cockpit to try to regain control from the terrorists. You can listen, but I didnt make it through all of them. They also have a video of the news reports from 9/11/01 when the planes struck the world trade center.

Mrs. Korodi

Visiting this memorial is a wonderfully emotional experience! Everything about it is beautifully done! There is so much that can be learned from this memorial, it could easily take a full day if not longer to explore. It is such a touching tribute to all of the brave men and women aboard Flight 93 and I feel blessed to be able visit. I can't say enough good things about the amazing job done here to tell the heroic tale of these men and women. Visiting is truly a life changing experience!

William Brody

Very nicely done. A stirring memorial. I didn't realize it was a part of the National Park Service, who always does a great job.

Zachary Peterson

Very moving to see the actual flight path of the plane. Well designed and still being added on to so only more good to come from this memorial.


No words can prepare you for how surreal and emotional of an experience it is. A gorgeous landscape and well-maintained grounds, both beautiful and serene, yet shaded in a very real melancholy that will linger for some time after. The memorial wall and the positioned boulder at the point of impact brought me to tears, and it is impossible to view the recovered debris in the display cases without feeling the heartbreak of 9/11 all over again. A beautiful, incredibly moving tribute.

J.D. D

If you have not been and your able to get here then what are you waiting for? This memorial is now a part of this country's history and the world. It is truly dedicated to the passengers and crew of flight 93 who on that fateful day made a choice to end their own lives so that other people could live. 40 people lost their lives on flight 93 on September 11. 2001 these 40 men, women and child are HEROES! God bless and Rest in peace.

Rhonda Bryant

Beautiful place. I can’t wait to see The Tower of Voices once it is completed. I was supposed to be on American Airlines flight 11 on 911, but was sick, and my flight manager removed me from that flight. My heart bleeds every day for everyone that was involved in any of this.

Ellen Cross

I visited the Memorial on Sunday, Sept.29,2019, I became very emotional and moved when I listened to the personal phone calls to loved ones, Ceecee Ross Lyles spoke to my heart today I was swept with more emotion when I seen her picture story on the wall inside the Memorial and when I finished at the wall of names, it was rest. I don't know if this day had special day of meaning for her, but she left a lasting impression on me today, thank you for your heroism and service to our freedoms.

Douglas Davis

A very moving experience. The beautiful pastoral setting belies the tragic events of that day, but it is entirely appropriate. September 11, 2001 was a beautiful late summer day when hell came to that remote field. For those who remember, it is unforgettable. For those too young, or born since, it is a must see.

Pamela Kay

A must see. I'm still humbled by how these people sacrificed their lives for others. A beautiful memorial.

Gail Stell

This is a wonderful, solemn memorial. The visitor center is very well done. We spent 1 1/4 hours in the center and we were able to read all the information and listen to all of the moving audio presentations... there was just the right amount of information. We walked the entire circular path down to the view of the debris field and then back up to the upper parking lot. It's about 2.3 miles. The other options are a .7 mile path also downhill, or driving to the lower lot and walking a flatter path. I recommend walking along the flight path and going through the visitor center before seeing the memorial wall and debris better perspective. The volunteers here were wonderful with both practical tips and interesting stories about Flight 93.

Toni Sterling

Amazing memorial! Free parking and admissions. Just off PA Turnpike. Worth a stop. Free parking and admission.

Alan Semon

Though still under construction, the memorial is well designed and certainly worth the time to visit. The detailed time line recounting both the events of 9/11 and the specific event on Flight 93 were quite illuminating.

Geoff Weber

So much different than NYC or the Pentagon, but ever as powerful. God bless these warriors.

Patricia Baldwin

Today was the first time there. It was very emotional for me today. Very nice place ,it's great how they honor our hero's. Never forget!!

Nicola Gilbert

This was intense. I was in the area for work & had time so I decided to stop in. My eyes started to tear up as I pulled in. The tower of voices is the coolest thing I have ever seen. Whoever designed it was a genius. Farther back on the property is the visitors center & crash site & memorial wall. I am so glad I stopped.

Cassandra Linklater

What a beautiful Memorial. We are so glad we had the opportunity to go here. It was a great reflection of that day in history. We were able to see other points of views. We were able to learn more about the people in the crash you know what they went through. Was a great experience everyone should have.

Jen Hamerlinck

The minute I walked up, I was overcome with emotion. This memorial is so well thought out. Every angle, material and location has meaning. What an honor it was to visit the resting place of these brave Americans.

Greg Knapp

This is an outstanding memorial to 40 heroes. A tremendous amount of thought went into the design, incorporating important symbols throughout the Visitor Center, Memorial and Tower of Voices. Plan on spending at least 2-3 hours to digest everything, to walk the trail to the Memorial and soak in the magnitude of the actions of those 40 souls. If you have the chance to go on 9/11, it is guranteed to be a humbling visit.

Maya Crowley

Very beautiful. It is neat to see all of the people that come to stop and see the memorial and reflect on the people that died as heros. The wall of names of the victims is beautiful and heart touching.

Sandy Basso

Sobering but the best memorial tribute I have seen Thank you for the time effort planning and execution. Well thought out.

Brian Dible

Amazing experience to visit this memorial site. Much time and thought was put into the design. Such a sad loss to everyone from all the 9/11 tragedies. The visitors center has a lot of informative information. Start out visiting the tower of voices when you immediately pull in the drive, make the stop at the visitors center, and then to the wall and bolder which marks the impact site.

Jacki Gonterman

This is one of our best reminders of patriotism. Beautiful honor for those that scarified there lives .

Jessica Sachs

This was a very engaging, touching memorial to those people who were lost in Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. The memorial itself is beautiful and well thought out as to best honor the lives of the people who perished. The exhibits in the visitor center are very meaningful and sensitive. The walking paths in the area are well maintained and provide a closer look at the flight path and wreckage of the plane as well as providing a shorter walk as a longer 2.2 mile loop around the whole premises.

Tim Grenz

Visited the memorial while on a trip to Ohio. About 20 minutes from the Somerset exit on the turnpike. Visitors center was very nice, great way to pay tribute and learn a little more about the events of Sept 11 and those who died on flight 93. Would recommend stopping and taking the time to walk through the visitors center and take the roughly 1.5 mile walk down near the memorial and crash site.

Mark Lewandowski

This was my third time here (previously in 2002 and 2006) and it is amazing to see how much it has changed. Everything that I saw and experienced was a solemn reminder of what everyday people can do when faced with the most dire of circumstances. It was refreshing to see that the visitors were all showing proper respect given the subject matter of the memorial. It was a very quiet place. We went to the 9/11 memorial in New York City last year and they complement each other well. The only thing that felt a bit 'off' to me was the Tower of Voices' memorial. It felt out of place. It is also a bit disappointing that, after a year and a half of waiting, they still don't have the wind-chimes that are supposed to go in it. Maybe that is a good thing. That might make it feel even more out of place

Dave Panasiuk

One of the most well done museums. Simply to the point. The focus is truly on what happened here. Rangers were awesome and got my 7 year old daughter involved with the Junior Ranger Program.

Dwight Smith

Absolutely breathtaking. Moving beyond words! A fitting and appropriate memorial to those who sacrificed themselves and saved thousands.

Lee Ann Milbratz

My husband, son and myself recently visited the Flight 93 Memorial and I just want to say that every American should visit this Memorial in their lifetime. I knew it was going to be emotional, but nothing can prepare you for the feelings you get as you drive there. The surroundings are beautiful. We went early in the morning and it was so, so peaceful. Walking the flight path and then looking down at the crash site breaks your heart. We chose to walk down to the wall of names and crash site on the paths and it was so well worth it, seeing the butterflies and birds flying all thru the fields. Such a beautiful, peaceful tribute.

Michael Tommarello

When the Tower of Voices is complete it will truly be complete. It is a very quiet location, which is perfect for the memorial that it is: the final resting place of 40 brave Americans.

William Sarokon

This was a very emotional trip for me & my wife. We have the utmost respect for the people on the plane. We also care very much about the those hallowed grounds. This is a tragic event & the story of bravery from those same people is nothing short of amazing. This is a place to respect. The grounds are very well taken care of. All Americans should go see what happened that fateful day. I highly recommend this trip to everyone that is in the area!!!!!

Vincent Sileo

Go to the visitor center at the top of the hill first and see the actual crash site from above. Then decide if you want to go down and get a closer look. You cant go on the actual field but you can get close. I didnt have time to see the whispering tower but it looked interesting. They are still working on improving the site and planting memorial groves of trees.

Tracy Houck

Spent an entire day here. It's one of those places that should never have to exist, but you can't change what is. Excellent job on the visitors center. It'll move you even if you're emotionally dead. Bittersweet.

frank drago

Awesome tribute to the folks who lost their lives on Flight 93. The park service has done a remarkable job. Proud to be an American.

Brett Skipper

A very honoring remembering of a very difficult day in our country's history. Prepare to be emotionally moved as you follow the story of flight 93 that day. Make sure you take the walking path down to the sight. It's a beautiful walk.

Elisa Rios

This was an incredibly moving and touching memorial. My dad and I stopped by and were glad we did. The ambassadors did an incredible job of explaining the memorial and what you could see, the trails and boulder where the crash site was, the timeline of the crash, etc. The visitors center had a display of the timeline of events and recorded voicemails of passengers, all very emotional. Well worth the visit, the tower of voices isn’t complete yet, but there are a few chimes so you get the idea, and it will be beautiful once it’s complete.

Theresa Howe

Very informational. Great displays. Souvenir area in begining of building I found to be tacky. Disappointment in matience, weeds protruding from rocked areas within the memorial. I wanted to pull the weeds to show respect to the families and would have if I could have found anyone to ask permission. Overall beautiful land. Layout of the flight path in the memorial truly awesome. Disappointment in the Tower of Voices which hasn't been completed some 18 years after the tragedy although is a beautiful concept. I feel a great deal of disappointed for the families, the voices are silent.

Larry Benrus

This memorial is an absolutely beautiful tribute to the heroes of flight 93. I only hope I could be half as brave as they were if faced with a similar situation. Those heroes refused to let the sub-human garbage that took their plane achieve their goal. This memorial is a stirring tribute to each and every one of them. Be advised that you will cry. You can't be a human being and go here without shedding tears.

Edie Seaton

This is a memorial that every citizen should visit. Those amazing people who gave their all for us deserve that. The memorial is well done. I was reliving that day Sept 11 2001 all over again but thru their eyes and voices. Thank you .

Donna Buono

Powerful place to respect the brave people on Flight 93 who made the decision to fight. Free Museum show the time line of September 11, 2001 with each time event by walking around each station. Walk (two different ways) or drive down to the crash site. We drove down and did a short walk to the wall where the names were engraved. Listened to the park ranger give information of that day which helped to understand that terrible day. How the surrounding towns worked together. So glad we were able to pay our respects to them.

Samantha Reemtsen

This is definitely worth worth visiting. Be prepared for tears. The memorial is very touching and it takes you back to that day moment by moment.

Ally Whobrey

Amazing informative crash site and memorial. I do feel it glorifies death for children. It seems to idolize the heroes without acknowledging the death and sacrifices of the innocent, whether it was a knowledgeable sacrifice or the decision was made for them. (This was my 10 year old son's experience)

Carl Thompson

Stunning and humbling architecture. It reminds me a little of the Vietnam Memorial. Strongest thought I took away from my visit was that this terrible tragedy occurred in such a beautiful, quiet, remote place. Coming from Breezewood PA it's a bit less than an hour west on US 30. Easy drive.

Jessica Casto

This site moved me in a way that I cant even find the words to fully communicate. I was 17 and a senior in high school that morning. I'm 35 and an executive today. But standing in this scared place, it humbled me and took me right back to the morning of 9/11. Beautiful!

Meghan Pierce

The grounds are beautiful, and is a great place for memory and learning. And as a nature lover, the fields and wetlands areas are beautiful.

Doug Diamond

A must visit if you are in the area. Off US 30 near HWY219. An incredible architectural memorial preserving the memory and heroics of the passengers on that fateful September day. The museum lets you hear the audio recordings of the passengers, the stories of the local peoples who were affected and how the local coroner aided the families of the victims during the aftermath. A story of hope will be found here, not just of sorrow. Also stop near the entrance to see and hear the bell tower with its unique chimes designed specifically to honor and memorialize the crew and passengers. A visit you will not forget.

Janet Springflower

Unbelievable moving experience. Plan to spend two hours. Walk the area, watch the videos and hear the stories. Suggest you take a picnic lunch and plenty of water. There are only very small towns near the park and a small canteen at the park. It was closed the day we were there.

Gregory Morris

Beautiful memorial, go early to avoid some of the crowds. Recommend getting there when it opens so you can really feel and experience it.

Glenda Davis

Very well done and meaningful memorial. Recommend everyone try to visit at least once in their life -- "lest we forget."

Alice Wellems

Hard to put into words. So much more happened here than a plane coming down in a field. Take the drive, you won't be sorry. A really worthy tribute to a small group of heroes. After the outdoor tour, make time for the walking timeline inside the visitor center. This is where the story is told.

Jamie Cooper

Very sad. Very terrible. A beautiful memorial. Very educational for students.

Dennis Tozser

You must hear the park ranger presentation, it is excellent and you should do this before touring the visitor center as it provides a frame of reference. To be honest the park ranger discussed the last recorded conversations from Flight 93, when I went over to the visitor center and started to listen to the actual recordings, I was barely able to to make it through the first one before hanging up. It was that emotional.

Kathleen Parr

This was My Second Time visiting Flight 93 Memorial...I felt that I would observe more than what I did the first time, there are new buildings that I enjoyed visiting, but,this time I Spoke to more people, there is a continuous flow of people from everywhere in the World...I was quite taken by the testimonials that were given in person, I never gave it any thought but some of the families that had a loved one who died in the crash are in their 80's and older they visit every day they can...then I thought to myself if I had to make a place of Memory such as this, I couldn't make it as Beautiful, the Feeling Alone is so embracing! Everyone no matter what age should visit this Home of the Brave!

John F Magenta Sr

. It's a great place to educate the younger generation, as well as yourself if you've never been there. About the TRUTH of what happened to those folks on that plane, that day,

Larry Mohney

Humbling, somber, sad, touching. You leave with a appreciation for what Flight 93 done. The Bravery.

Sherrell Usher

A beautiful memorial. We will be back. You need at least 2 hours to visit. You can do it in less, but if you want a real experience, do at least two hours.

Heidi Grodecour

It is a very solemn sight, where so many lost their lives. Their story needs to be told and this memorial is a wonderful tribute to their bravery. The sights, audio sounds and atmosphere brought tears to my eyes. Being able to walk the grounds where this horrific tragedy happened was humbling to what I had just seen in the memorial building. May God be with all of their families and may God bless America and continue to keep us safe because of the bravery of so many of our fellow Americans every single day.

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