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1945 SE Water Ave Suite 300, Portland, OR 97214, United States Located in: OMSI

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Where is USS Blueback Submarine?

REVIEWS OF USS Blueback Submarine IN Oregon

Ethan West

Cool tour

aldrich aryadi

It was closed at the time i visit, but it was great outside

Nick Ward

I want to tour the submarine during my visit to Portland. The tour guide was highly informative and had a great sense of humor. I was surprised at the sure volume of information that he had about the vessel but also in general Naval History. It was worth the stop.

Jason Jones

THIS WAS AMAZING.!!!! One of the coolest things I have ever toured. I want one!

Robert Moore

Great tour guide and nicely designed tour. Recommended if you visit OMSI.

Adam Leverich

That's also the uss Dallas from the hunt for red October

Alex Oja

Amazing historical value, and educational experience. A little small.

Joe Derian

Really cool sub tour!

Stan Atanov

It's worthy to spend 45 minutes on that tour! Absolutely wonderful!

Vitomir Petcov


Jason Farris

I took my kids to OMSI and we purchased the submarine tour. Fact, OMSI is really expensive with three kids. Other fact, the Submarine tour while adding to that heavy price tag is well worth the extra expense. I cannot speak for all the tour guides, but ours really gave us a sense just how cramped and tiny these boats were when they were fully stocked with supplies and how miserable being on a submarine can be. Don't get me wrong, everything on the boat was incredibly cool, I'm just saying that he helped you see and understand just what challenges sailors assigned to a submarine had to deal with when he Blueback was in service. I am 6'3" and a generally big guy and I could fit through the hatches. So don't worry if you are concerned about being too cramped.

Damian Warszawski

This was awesome, informative and really well put together for the price. The tour guide was great and really nice.

Tommy Nguyen

A pretty cool tour if this is your kinda thing.

Dan Geye

A lot of fun. Our guide was very enthusiastic. I wish we could have spent more time looking and asking questions about some of the smaller space in between the major stops on the tour.

Michael Smith

Very well maintained and informative piece of history. Great crew aboard to tell about the submariners experiences and life. The only real remaining piece of the Navy in the area and an important piece of American history.

Nick Avila


Guero Rodriguez

My sister married some rich d bag, we couldn't agree on anything except that this submarine was awesome!

Felycia Vaona

Came to the museum just to do the submarine tour. Guided tour was fun and learned a lot. Enthusiastic fun staff made it all the better.

Kaleb Biladeau

A great Sub to to tour, my father actually was on the sub during its active years, and we came down to Portland and toured the sub, definitely worth while and a highlight of the trip

Philip Wilkens

Great tour and tour guides.

Zachary Pratt

Guide was very insightful and funny. Girlfriend learned how to "turn the submarine on"! Would visit again

Caleb Sanders

Very interesting tour.

Parthepan S

It s really good palce to explore about submarine .. i came to many new things about submarine during my visit..

Jake Wong

/*WARNING*\ Absolutely amazing place that you cannot miss. For less than $7, you get to go inside the USD Blueback submarine. You get to touch, feel, take as much pictures as you wish. This is an actual ship that went on a mission in the Cold War. You get to see everything, including the torpedo launching room. The guided tour is about 50 minutes. Cannot miss this.

Tim Tankard

Excellent tour, not for the claustrophobic. Enjoy a trip through history.

Keegan Jelinek


Bobby Puckett

Jim Watson was an amazing tour guide

Tom Wooding

The Blueback is certainly an awesome attraction - great value for money as well. The only downside we found was since this was a guided tour on time restraints, there were certain aspects of the sub that we would have liked to have explored more, such as the torpedo room.

Jeremy Craig

Well worth doing once.

Kelsey Rusch

We went on the guided tour of the submarine and learned a lot about submarines and the NAVY. It was very informative and interesting, as well! Beware, however, it gets quite warm down there!

James Born OO7

Was very interesting. My kid was disappointed,that submarine can't run

chris lefty

Cool boat with an extremely knowledgeable tour guide!

Katie Thomas

I went with my GS troop in July, I love this tour through the Sub! It was AWESOME!! I highly suggest going to it for the tour.

Jake Wolfer

Such an I formative experience! Do it if you have the chance!

Paola De La Mora

Me encantó, es un submarino real que sirvio hace muchos años y ahora te dan tours dentro de el, ademas te explican como funcionaba y recorres cada una de las habitaciones con la explicación de para que servía cada cosa, vale muchisimo la pena y ademas es apto para niños, cuenta con escaleras accesibles con sus respectivos barandales, el guia que me toco fue muy amable y respondio todas nuestras preguntas, lo recomiendo muchisimo

Fred D

This is a real Navy Submarine. My grandson and I loved it. We got to look through the periscope, sit in th pilots chair, go in the torpedo room and basically see the entire submarine. It was an awesome experience. A must do if in the Portland area

David Foss

Absolutely fantastic experience. See firsthand the conditions aboard a United states Navy submarine. Very knowledgeable tour guides who make learning fun!

Timothy Ruppel

Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and personable.

Benjamin Sissons

Really interesting tour, our tour guide was really cool!

Dzina Opanasenko



The tour was great! I would be careful as you step through the submarine, as some edges are sharp. The tour was very detailed, and took us through pretty much the entire submarine. It was not only a tour, but there were a lot of details that our guide mentioned and on the wall. I went with a group so I don't know what the prices were, but they seemed affordable.

Gordon H

This was the best $7.00 I have spent in years. Our guide was great. Funny, very knowledgeable. DO IT!

Brown Power112

A lot of fun and very informative

Steve Hill

Boat was in great shape. Guide was a skimmer, was very good but had to enlighten him on a few things. would be nice to let exbubbleheads look around a little more. Has been 30 plus years since I have been around anything close to a nuke boat. Someone needs to make a museum out of a decom 688 boat.

Andrew Naylor

Very cool, awesome to be able to explore a sub

Josh Richards

This is an awesome submarine and the Navy Veteran that guided us through was very knowledgeable. This sub is still in good condition considering the amount of time it's been out of service.

Fedor Kuzminov

timothy lanzo

Informative and visually appealing.Also has overnight stay possibilties!

Trent S

Great tour


Great for the kids.. not for the Claustrophobic type!

Adam Klein

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. A little awkward to move around, but it *is*a submarine.

John Spiker

What an awesome tour! The tour guide was very knowledgeable and full of wonderful information and insight. All my questions were answered expertly. I am sure the tour guide was annoyed with all my questions! Definately worth taking the tour!!

Ben Hart

We added the sub tour at OMSI and I really wasn't expecting much. But it was seriously the highlight of the visit! Kids loved it, I really enjoyed it also. Our guide had lived and worked on a sub and knew a lot. The kids on the tour had a ton of questions and our guide was great with them. I highly recommend checking it out!

Dmitry Dmitriy

Замечательная возможность посмотреть подводную лодку изнутри и послушать рассказ о жизни подводников во времена холодной войны.

Kyle Duda

Amazing Tour! Highly recommend.

Matt Bauser

Rohan Sirupa

If you haven't seen a submarine before then you must visit this place. It is intermediate size submarine but an actual war battle ship.

Andrew Sarager

Great tour, great staff, educational

John Peters

Really fun tour with friendly, funny, knowledgeable guides. New respect for submariners!

Joe Neuah

In half hour you will learn so much!!!!

Jeremy Miller


Kyle Bolton

Interesting tour. Good guide. Still had an authentic feel as they left most of the equipment intact and in good condition. Came out smelling of diesel.

Beatrice Taylor

I liked it! Our guide was really good (and, based on a glimpse, seemed decidedly more energetic than the other tours' guide). I'm not sure what I imagined submarine life would be like, but it was surprising and interesting. It's only $7! Seems more than fair.

James Blackwell

The tour of the blue back is well worth your time! Be advised that you will have to climb very steep ladders and cross through narrow hatches.

Anthony Craig

Beating ship

Lisa Schmidt

Our guide was hilarious.

Ellary Deferrers

OMSI has become very kid friendly. The kid areas have been upgraded and refined to make them truly interesting for elementary age children. Be sure to visit the big sand box upstairs if you have toddlers. Also, the food in the restaurant is good and reasonably priced. This is a great place to spend a rainy day. There was so much to see and do that the kids did not want to leave! I really think this is one of the best examples of a MSI in the U.S.A. I have four children -- 7, 6, 3, and 1 -- and there's is something at OMSI for each of them. It's a wonderful museum and their membership reciprocates with over 100 museums across the country.

Douglas Russell

Excellent tour with knowledgeable guide. Really interesting. Makes up for how poor OMSI itself was.

Larry Page

Awesome Diesel Submarine, Bill is the man!

Chris A

The guided tour is an incredible experience. Don't be afraid to ask the guidelines questions. They are a wealth of knowledge.

Place Hunter

Great atracción for tourists. My kids loved it. if you want to visit the submarine you can also visit the museum next to it.

Alan Ludwig

We stayed the night there with our boy scout troop. The staff was amazing. They were great with the kids and they took the time with us as counselors to cover all the safety and security issues we would need to really be prepared. The evening program included a lab on bouyancy and a trip to the planetarium. The food was nothing special but that became part of the experience of seeing what it might have been like for those brave cold warriors who warred under the sea.

Patrick Smith

Very Cool! I saw it from Tilikum Crossing Bridge and went to see it. Glad I did.

Jennifer Jones

Very interesting with knowledgeable guides. Small spaces, but worth it.

Erik Price

This was a cool tour. Lots of neat stuff to see. Besides, you get to be on a submarine, how cool is that? I would recommend and I would go back.

Sean Michael O'Donahue

Was a good toir, just had to hurry and almostntoo large a group

Jeremy m

Fun tour. Not many places you can tour a submarine. Also found out people on the sub loved their blue oyster cult 8-tracks.

Matita .Salazar

That was a great experience =)

JoDonn Griffin

My kids watched the 90s comedy Down Periscope so inpired to go visit Blueback. We just went to the submarine, we did not go to the rest of OMSI. The museum was nice and didn't charge for parking because just visiting submarine. The tour guide was great and already planning to go back.

Mark Trefney

Decently preserved submarine that's a good example of its class.


(Translated by Google) Wow! A small secret room, how much mechanical equipment is income.

Chris Sotraidis

Super exciting visit. Super cheap ticket and a personal tour of an incredible machine. Our guide was hilarious and informative and puked out more info in 20 minutes than I could have ever anticipated. If you're in the area this is a must. Great for all ages.

Valerie Morey

We took my Grandson on the USS Blueback Sub and had a blast!

Grady Harris

Great tour for adults and kids. We really enjoyed it.

James Fall



Sous-marin désarmé et à quai afin de voir et comprendre le fonctionnement et la vie des sous-mariniers.

John Green

What a wonderful museum. Need to be small to have been a submariner.

Jah Flow

A must see in Portland! Everyone was extremely friendly and knowledgeable!

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