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Where is Thor's Well?

REVIEWS OF Thor's Well IN Oregon

Erika Hawkins

This is just one of many really cool chasms in the park.

Phillip Meyers

Very cool thing to see but definitely wish there was more information on times to see it

Julie Jasinski

It was really cool to see!

Daree Blake

Beautiful, fun to wander around on the rocks!

Rebekah Stewart

Such a cool place! Wasn't too busy so I was able to get right up next to it. We came at around noon and that was a good time for the tide

Brenda Atkinson

You can't miss this when traveling the Oregon coast. It is mesmerizing to watch the water go down the well and blow back out. Don't be stupid and get too close, though. Always watch for sneaker waves!

Dan Connell

Great attraction and well worth the short and easy hike to the waterfront

D Kingore

Incredible scenery! If you are in the area STOP and look around!

Rebecca Hamilton

Be careful where you stand during high tide. The crashing waves can leave you and your camera soaked! This is a fun place to visit and has a ton of amazing photo opportunities during both high and low tide.


This was one of the coolest sights on the coast. The waves breaking on the rocks were amazing.

gbn. -wo. bhJeff Lhueearabee

If you haven't seen Thor's well with the tide coming in then you can't truly understand the allure. It is an epic piece of nature surrounded by natural beauty everywhere. The waves don't break on the rocks, they CRASH against the rocks. The whole shelf shakes and you know that things are just one step away from going sideways at any moment. So stay safe and bring the camera. But stay in the moment because no picture does it justice.

Markus Akert

Nice spot. Come at high tide - otherwise not much to see other than sea stars.


Quite an amazing place!! Spectacular during high tide!

Lou Mickelson

No highway markings, too far from the road and view point to really see. Best viewed with a drone and camera.

Katie Carlile

Thor's Well was definitely a sight to be seen. There was easy access off of the main road and simply a mystifying feeling when you watch it. I would post pictures as I took many, but I think this is something you simply must go see and experience on your own.

Carla Huaylla Castillo

Awesome view, the ocean was amazing. There is a sma walk down to the ocean level that we did not take because it was really cold and there was a lot of wind. The only issue i saw was that there are no trash cans around. Really, in this day and age every view point needs to have a trash bin.

Amy Gann

Beautiful place to see. Was a bucket list item for me, sooo glad I got to see it.

Wes Wang

Best to visit right before high tide

Terry Yost

One day was very calm and could walk right up and look down the well. The next day the waves were crashing over the whole area and was able to get some nice pictures at a distance. See it in both settings...its nature doing her thing!!

Max Guyd

This place is prety epic. Before going there make sure to check wave heights. Its something can google. Strong waves are absolutely a must. Weak waves means nothing to see there.

Vanna Miller

100% worth the stop. Need to knows: -there is ample parking - you can see the well from a viewing platform that is a short walk from the parking area - you can continue past the viewing area for a closer look. At this point it's view at your own risk b but overall very easy little trek. - the well is best viewed during high tide. The large waves at high tide coming over the rocks is the only thing that makes it feel a little dicey at times. Be careful and use common sense.

Rebecca Driggs

It is smaller than it seems from Instagram photos and very crowded. Not a good subject for phone images. The adjacent spouting horn is more fun and easier to photograph.

Joel Liast

The stunning beauty of this coast continues to leave me breathless. This was a great little walk. Took my 6 yr old daughter down and felt safe the whole time. I probably would not have if it were storming however.

Bill Wall

It's just a really cool place to see

Becca Fleetwood

Very beautiful. You can hear the roar of the water.

Steve W

This was fairly easy to get to via a parking lot across the highway to a path with stairs down to the beach. This was one of the most unusual natural sites I've seen on the coast. The natural well fills and drains with the tide and was exciting and kind of scary to watch.

Maria Rogers

Really nice clean rooms and awesome view of the ocean

Tim Benton

Enjoy watching sheer force of waves on lava rocks.

Miriam Briones

Beautiful experience and love it easy to go all the way were the rocks are and the sound that makes now I know why is called like that beautiful view

Mandie Simondi

Oooo-mmmmm-ggg this place at high tide made my top 3 most amazing sites. So amazing!!!

Joy Schmidt

Very cool. We timed our visit to the spouting horn & thors well right at high tide - it’s a show to see. And even just walking around the tide pools & seeing the edges of rock sides for starfish was awesome!

Rosie Jones

This was one of our favorite stops along the Oregon coast. We were planning to make a quick stop but we ended up staying close to an hour. The crashing waves were mesmerizing. On a nice day with a high enough tide, this stop is amazing!

Shiro-Oni fushiryuten

Definitely make it for the water show within an hour of high tide (before and after). It's spectacular!

Christopher O'Flaherty

This is a sight to be seen. Amazing and right off the highway. Easy to find and see with tide pools all around for the kids

Brooklyn Brakey

Super fun little place to stop on your way down the coast

Geni Taylor

Very cool and fairly accesible. The trail is steep but we'll paved.

Lee Harris

Good pullout and great access. Such an amazing feature and location to see lots.

Sheldon Young

Wasn't high tide when we came, fun to walk out and see the different animals and crustaceans... Really nice well maintain pathway down to the rocks.

Xavi Cortal

Cool area. Interesting geological features. Kudos to all the photographers that got shots without any people in them. This formation is very close to the highway and has very easy access. This means it's completely overrun with humans pretty much all the time. Happy sightseeing.

Summers Vincent

Awe inspiring spot. Be sure to catch the action at high tide. It's a fairly easy walk, wear proper footwear for the craggy coast.

Charles Smith

The well was a little disappointing, but the park was pretty amazing. Try to plan your trip during high tide or ahead or a large storm swell.

George Short

If you're going by worth seeing.

Alexis Hale

Really amazing to see this!

Michal Dubowski

Really neat stop along the coast. Waves were roaring. Could watch them all day. Theres a spout the shoots water up ever few seconds which is fun to watch. Well paved hiking trails through thick bush and trees. You can get all the way down to the rocks. Be careful of the crashing waves, they may get you wet.

Melissa Grudin

Blow hole. Watch people get too close! Counted heads to make sure they were all standing when wave came through!

Brad Wassenaar

Awesome place to check out!

Brandon Skalsky

Very cool! But don't turn your back on the ocean, ever! Lol

Kat Mangione

Visited this Thor’s Well and Cook’s Chasm twice during our brief visit to the coast. The first visit was during low tide and in the afternoon. The rocks were easily accessible and there were many people about. We returned the following morning about an hour before high tide. We were totally alone. The water and waves were amazing. The Well gurgled and surged. It was amazing.

Lisa Taylor

Get there at high tide to see Thor's Well overflowing! Don't get too close, and watch out for the spray.

Christie Barker

Short but great viewable site. Add it to your list of stops or add it to a trip to your hike. Enjoy!!

Chris Biszantz

Nice rocky beach with several spouts at the right tide. Watch for sneaker waves! Nice small trail system. In summer it's probably easier to pay $5 and park at the visitor center, then take the trail under 101.

LeAnn White

Very impressive ! I loved it, beautiful sight to see

Joe cellette

Very peaceful. Definitely recommend at night

Jeremy Daugherty

Great natural beauty. Fun to watch the ocean surge and fall in the "well".

Елена Боровая

This is a magic place where you can feel an incredible power of nature. It gives you so much energy. Standing near the Thor's Well, watching the sunset, feeling the power of the ocean - that was really incredible

Brittany Scheveck

Amazing sites and just awe struck at what mother nature can create.

Mary Horn

This place was on my bucket list and it did not disappoint. I absolutely loved it there.

Chesca Stanford

To go up to the edge is a bit precautions and good footweat is recommended. The well and the adjacent blow hole were really impressive. This is a beautiful area and part of the Suislaw National Forest where the forest meets the sea.

Kim Sycks

Awesome! Definitely explore around the area. Go at low tide for some cool tide pools. Thor's crashing storms are very appropriately referenced by the name after hearing the thundering waves crashing up along the rocks in person. Parking available off the roadway.

Kaija O

We were here for high tide, it was amazing! Cook's chasm was so cool!! I definitely could have spent a couple hours here if I had more time.

Gunapal Sripal

Beautiful place to stop by on your trip along Oregon coast.

Foe Hammer

Recommend stopping here at least once.

Erik Wilt

This is one of those places you need to visit. There is an energy here that is hard to find; positive vibes. It's one of those places where people are excited to visit and it just gets better when you arrive! Young, old, special event or site seeing; it's all good and you won't be let down. Do it!


Very pretty. Definitely recommend going if you have time.

Jay Levine

Really awesome to see the scenery and the power of the ocean. Be respectful and careful near the edge. If you are nearby, YOU MUST STOP HERE!

Tiffany Pickett

A unique life experience. Thors Well is more awe inspiring than any picture can describe. Other notable sites at this location are tied pools, volcanic rock, normal beach finds, and Ocean Gysers.

Roger m

About the coolest and scariest thing I have ever seen.

Nick Walling

Beautiful afternoon trip as the tide was low. Was able to safely get close and watch the water show

Wes Strubhar

Catch this when the tide is at the right level and it is impressive. Just be careful if you choose to scramble around on the rocks.

Scott Crowell

Awesome! Never seen anything like it.

Nicole Judge

This was definitely an amazing site to see! Wear shoes that you can walk over rocks with and be careful not to get knocked down by a wave if you are trying to get a close up view. After we saw the well, we spent a couple of hours exploring the surrounding area on foot to take a look at the other natural rock formations.

Rick Bassett

Best to see closer to high tide

Hudson Henry

Spectacular. But dangerous. Enjoy and beware. Never turn your back on the sea.

Anjel Gifford

I had been wanting to visit this magical place for years, and finally did! SO worth it! Beautiful and magnificent views. Nature is so powerful

Cynthia Gray

Beautiful spot with trails, tide pools and beautiful views of the shoreline, but it isn't called Thor's Well on the roadway signs. Watch for alternative name and road signs at the location marked as Thor's Well on Google maps. I can't remember the alternative name on the signs. It comes up quickly around the curves in the roadway.

A Newbergian

To see it properly you want to see it just before or near the end of high tide otherwise there is no water action/drainage as featured in photos. 1 mile RT path takes you close to rocks. Many people venture right out to the well but that is for low tide and the sure footed.

Joshua Bell

Thor's well and the surrounding attractions are breathtaking and in relatively close proximity. Park at the visitor's center and take a walk, you won't regret it.

kat girl7

Amazing. So many waves and things to see. Home: wear water proof boots

Angela Andra

My husband and I visited with our dogs, and they really liked jumping over the rocks and running away from the loud waves, even though the dogs were never close to the waves. Our fur babies like psyching themselves out though. This was part of our 10 year Anniversary trip, and Thor's Well was a fun place to visit. Have a camera, or phone with you.

Jade Hampton

Great stop on 101

Henry Chan

Must be seen up close to be truly appreciated.

Ryan Phoenix

during low tide you can get up close as tide pools splash all around you. Or wait until high tide and see Thor's well. Personally, I like seeing it up close. Worth the drive.

Russell Lacey

One if my three favorite spots in or near Yachats.

Zac Hembree

Worth the stop, definitely hit it during high tide otherwise you may just end up looking at a hole in the ground. There are other attractions in this area as well to view the ocean rip onto the beach and spout water into the air. Multiple parking areas to get down here. A good way to spend a few hours walking around a rocky beach. Lots of groomed trails leading in and out of this area as well.

Lorenzo Garcia

Breath taking. Such beatiful coastlines in Oregon.

Kyle Meyer

Thor's Well is a magical place. After returning many times, seeing young couples like this enjoy it so thoroughly is a refreshing reminder of how special the places we have on this beautiful coast are.

Sue Rakes

What a fun adventure with thrills at low tide. Watch where people are NOT standing before you hang out and preview what is going on from above before standing near moving water. I saw a few people learn their lessons

Luba B

This is one of the most unique and wonderful places. It's breathtaking. You can easily spend an hour there watching the water spout.

Wanda Jewell

Most phenomenal place! Just be careful. You can get washed in easily.

Tracy Cowley

Beautiful location. We were there at low tide so not much excitement but still a beautiful place. We'll maintained trails.

Jordan Foss

Beautiful place. Do note that low tide won't give you the effect seen in the iconic photos...

Bobby Quillen

Very interesting....A must see.


Great hike. Great view. Many places to park to get to the location

Heather Felton

Fascinating! I loved it! The walking trail was nice and ADA accessible until it traced the cliff (of course) The scenery was beautiful. I got some of the best panoramic pictures my camera has ever scene!

Aman Gudluri

It's definitely not as huge as the pictures lead you to believe but it's definitely beautiful. Make sure you wait for the high tide to capture the well at its best! More importantly, be careful not to stand too close to the well cos those tides could literally kill you.

Jason Domenico

An interesting place to meander and check out the tide pools and lava rocks. The Well and the surrounding coastal rocks, mixed with an incoming tide reminds you that the ocean is not to be messed with.

Alecia Jackson

So worth the trip, the views are amazing. The waves crashing into, over and inside the rocks make for a awesome sound and relaxing view that everyone can enjoy

Morgan Gilbert

Incredible place! Definitely makes you realize the power of the ocean. Worth the drive and hike down!

Max Peterson

Great day to play on the rocks; hit the central coast on Monday or Tuesday pretty much any time in May and avoid the tourist set. Bonus points for grabbing java at Bread & Roses beforehand [don't forget your mug though...they don't do take away on espresso drinks :) ]

Lidia Petunia

AMAZING PLACE!! Lidia Petunia @YouTube

Dacian Reece-Stremțan

Amazing. Low tide and we got to see a lot of the marine life.

Diana James

Great show, if you are there at the right time

Greg Travassos

Gotta plan it right for high and low tide for the full effect. Watch out for the water when it hits! You'll get wet. You can walk from the Cape Perpetua visitor center if parking is full right by this place.

Krista Kincade

This place was amazing. Must stop and check it out ♥️

Branda Diehn

Sensational! The power of the waves hitting the rocks - amazing.

T. J. McKinney

Beautiful work of nature! Especially mesmerizing at sunset.

Patrick Rectenwald

This is breathtaking at high tide.

Sarah Luna

Tadpoles in salt water, which knew. It was a really cool place

tiffany bittman

Thors well not as exciting but all the other things around it wonderful.

Jug Chock

The whole Cape Perpetua area is fun to explore but Thor's Well is our favorite feature. High tide is the best time to visit but it's worth stopping at any time.

Derrick Washington

Amazing spot during low tide!

Jim Meldrum

Definate stop if you are looking for a spot. You will also find some tide pools in this area and some pretty cool other features near by.

greg d

Well worth the stop. Make sure it's close to high tide for the best spouts.

Jennifer Mosier

Beautiful, but go when the tide us in to see the best wave action

Lisa Campbell

Could stay all day. Parking can be tight

Kris Thornton

A must see if in the area. The coast and the whole area are amazing.

David Yackovich

Beautiful, tranquil and exciting when the tide is comping in. Reminds me of La Bufadora in Ensenada. Easy access from parking lot via paved trail to beach.

Kendall Larson

The whole area of Cape Perpetua was. Very beautiful. The tide pools especially were amazing to see. So many starfish, sea urchins, crabs, and more. A word of caution to those visiting tide-dependent attractions like Thor’s Well and Sprouting Horn: go during high tide. My group was excited to see both of the aforementioned things, but couldn’t see either because we visited during low tide. Go during high tide if you want to see Thor’s Well.

Patrick Fritze

Were there at low tide so well itself was OK. The surrounding area was beautiful, though.

Tim Allen

I love the Oregon coast and this is just one of the reasons why. There's something about it's ruggedness that just fascinates me. The wildlife and sea life along the coast are a beauty to behold.

J Shea

What an awesome experience at this place and all of Cape Perpetua! The pathway was well maintained, sign posts were everywhere with places to visit as well as distances, and overall we had a great time hiking.

Ace Pilot 10

Thundering waves, an almost peaceful/quiet/strong atmosphere, and lots of rocks.

De Klerk

We just found this place, eotnout a doubt my new favorite place on the Oregon of you love big waves. By Thor's we'll there is the spouting horn. Super cool!

Mark Darnold

Great place on the central Oregon coast

Ronda Freed

I enjoyed the whole area. You really need to arrive at high tide to get the full effect. Wr missed it by an hour and it was ok but not like we'd seen in pictures. Though the whole area is just beautiful. Make sure you lik in the tide pools too. Beautiful green sea anemones and star fish and lots of mussels.

derick schulz

Really cool place to see. Thor got me out of nowhere when I was video chatting with my partner. Def good to see all the tide pools as well could easily spend about an hour hear just looking at stuff.

Arnold Keller

Fabulous sprays with the large waves.

Mr. Tutthole

Best served cold and windy. This place is epic. And dangerous. So be careful when you walk off trail or on to the rocks. But whether you go down the hill or stand at the top, this place is beautiful and powerful


Go just when the tide is coming in for the best action! You can hear Thor pounding his hammer! The well is unmarked and, for best results, wear your hiking boots to get to it. It is a little inaccessible on purpose. The well can be extremely dangerous.

chasing views_

This place has become one of the top Oregon tourist destinations, and with good reason. The rocky aggressive coast, the Cape creek bridge, the devils churn, and the giant gaping hole of Thors Well make this a MUST stop on your 101 roadtrip.

Joe Walsh

After a year of fascination due to my Amazon fire stick screen saver I finally made it to Thor's well. Unfortunately it was low tide. Keep that in mind. Still a beautiful spot.

Tracy Miller

Breath taking. Best time for photos is high tide in my opinion

Daniel Villa

What place on this coast isn't amazing? My daughter was scared she was going to fall in. Probably because I kept pretending to push her. This is a dangerous place for kids, so keep an eye on them.

Natalie Witvoet

Soooo amazing! Definitely check the tide charts before you go and plan accordingly! Also I don’t recommend getting this close... although I never felt my life in danger.

Matt Cristos

there are three more spots exactly there that are just as cool as the well it is a great hike for everyone and so cool.


Good place to take a photo

Jacob Batista

Mother nature called and I went there. I would like to know how deep it's.

Jonathan Wrigley

This was awesome but careful with the kids. There view was spectacular and the roasting if the ocean was cool.

Native New Mexican

This entire stretch of the Oregon Central Coast is a winner. Especially for those of us from landlocked states, seeing the ocean and experiencing the power of the sea...sounds dramatic...but it was just that ... dramatic. I wasn't adventurousness enough to get right up on the Well, I had heard a few scary stories so viewed it from the convenient and safe bench above. We were there as it neared high tide and were treated to some nice spouts and sprays. I loved that there were so many convenient pull-outs along the highway stop and enjoy the view. As far as timing...locals told me that summer can be a nightmare and traffic is down to a crawl.

Patrick Leung

a great place to enjoy the natural landscape, but be careful with the small and sharp stones of the beach

TheJeff Greenlund

Cool. Nice path worth the walk down on a clear day. Watch out for the waves it can be slippery when wet.

Lauralei O'Leary

Awesome! Beautiful, ever changing landscape. Forest service folks onsite walking around to keep order and answer any questions.

Derek Morgan Roberts

Beautiful but definitely worth it to go within an hour of high tide. We got there 2 hours beforehand and the spray was just starting to kick up.

Valerie Reichardt

If you can catch the tide at the right level-- not too low, not too high-- you'll see a spectacular natural wonder! We love it! Went four times in one weekend to catch it just right!

Maranda West

A must see. A very easy paved trail will take you to a beautiful spouting horn. One of my favorite spots.

Cyndy Aminah A

Amazing tide pools; full of sea stars and tadpoles. Thor's well was raging and waves came crashing up really high. Got some really beautiful shots and videos! Definitely worth the stop and walking down the trail to see this. Must see for children.

markayla L

Make sure you go at the most high tide and it's not as amazing as I thought, still cool if you're already in the area.

Michael Sanchez-Scholes

Such an amazing stop on the central Oregon Coast. High tide is amazing and exciting, but not for the inexperienced. Tread with caution and respect mother nature!

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