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REVIEWS OF The Grotto IN Oregon

Refugio Rangel

Very calm and tranquil place to come and visit and spend hours meditating, hiking praying or just spending time relaxing

Brian Yapko

The perfect marriage of art and nature in a special setting which is authentically spiritual. Such a beautiful place in the city to get away from it all for a few hours.

Papas Roadside

One of the most peaceful places I have ever experienced within a metropolitan area. Though I'm not a particularly religious person, the calm you feel while visiting the Grotto is undeniable. Highly recommend visiting this beautiful "sanctuary of peace for all peoples of the earth).

Kevin HGO

It's nice but nothing to go out of your way for

Daniel Tuchman

Great place to find some serenity really close to Portland.


I didn't get to wander much as it was cold and rainy, but it was so beautiful!!! I definitely want to go back so I can explore more. Such a serene place in the middle of a bad neighborhood.

Tin Nguyen

Love this place. This is second time I have been here. Very holy place to visit every year.

Mettie Foglio

Loved. It. Prepare to spend awhile here. Definitely pay yo go up the the upper gardens. Very tranquil. Many less people right when it opens.

Danielle Hill

Always a ahreat peaceful plave to go. The energy is amazing .Quite a few poke stops and gyms as well

Randy Sioson

Wonderfully beautiful garden. Very tranquil and we'll kept with some interesting little things to see and learn about.

Star of death27

It felt so nice to be there. The sounds of birds and the smell of flowers are quite relaxing and walking around also was enjoyable.

Linda Nguyen

It's a beautiful sanctuary to visit because it is rich with history, beauty, and great statues.

Warren Wagner

Isn’t at the top of the list for Portland attractions... but it should be! The Grotto is unique in the way that it connects Catholicism with nature through beautiful paths and statues. I’m not Catholic but it was still a great place to go to learn about Catholic emphases and history. Also a great place to learn a bit about the faith and it sparked the interest of some of my friends! You can see some good stuff for free like the big Mary cave, but buying the $8 ticket up the elevator is worth it, thats where most of it is!

Nate Stevens

A beautiful and peaceful space decently appreciable by non-Catholic folks, especially the remarkable modern architectural meditation room overlooking the city with a big glass view. Admission up the elevator is $8, where most of the garden spaces lie. Stations of the Cross and an area for Mass are on the lower level, and free. Some awesome international shrines are up the elevator, in addition to the meditation space.

Rachel Royer Denzer

Wow. I can’t believe such a beautiful sanctuary exist close to the Portland airport. If you have the time, please go and enjoy walking around

Elizabeth Brassell

Such a serene, lovely environment. The Perfect inner city place to take an afternoon stroll and enjoy nature. The book store is nice and the staff are very helpful. We are here often. ❤

Josefina Harry

What a great time we always have at Grotto! Is a beautiful tradition my husband and I have since we were dating. ♡ Every year after Christmas we go there to celebrate and enjoy the carols in the chapel. Remarkable moments! ♡

Chris Deege

The lights are amazing . The petting zoo is great. The kids really loved it. The choirs were also fabulous as usual. The kids also like the puppet show. Very entertaining! We saw a Mountain View choir singing and they did a fabulous job really really good! Hard to believe that it wasn't a professional choir.

Casey Rafter

The grounds are beautiful and well kept. Great spot to stroll at if you just wanna check out the lower level. Haven't done it yet, but you can take an ELEVATOR up the side of the cliff to a much larger space with more features above the lower grove.

Ruby Breckler

Absolute amazing place. So beautiful. Especially if you are looking for a place to meditate or just a peacfull place.

Nancy Middleton

It was beautiful when I was there as a child in the ‘60’s and it still is the most peaceful place ever!

Nikolas Kravig

Very peaceful place. Love all the architecture and statues. Highly recommend to do the upper gardens. Beautiful views and worth the money. Staff was very friendly.

Andrea Valentine

If you are looking for a peaceful place away from the city in the city this is it. There is magic in praying, meditating, reflecting outdoors in the woods in beautiful scenery surrendered with trees, flowers, park, small ponds. There is some magic here.

Ren A

Beautiful space to visit and quietly reflect on inner and outer things in our lives.

Do More Yoga Shar

Felt the vibe and energy once entering. The meditation center was misting amazing. I meditate on the regular but what I felt meditating therw was like no other experience I ever felt. Beautiful statues, praying, meditation all along natural beauty

Chelle B

I came back. It's nice and I'm glad they have been keeping it up. The giftshop was great and gave me warm fuzzies along with the grotto atmosphere. The grounds are beautiful and the trails with intermintant statues are amazing. I've yet to go up the elevator to see the gardens up on top. I heard singing up there though. The historical information/pictures/relics they had to show was nice. Just a really reverent, well kept place.


I think I finally found peace and serenity. Beautiful walk. 8 dollar elevator ride up. Going down is free if you are up for the hike. Beautiful works of art. Chapel, gift shop, memories.

melissa cerrillo

My favorite place to get peace and pray. It's so beautiful

Douglas Aldrich

Very clean and peaceful. A nice place to spend a quiet hour or so.

Richard Florence

A quiet and beautiful place to walk around and enjoy the sculptured gardens and art. Definitely ride the elevator up to the gardens.

Ann Pascal

My friends brought me with them..So i got a chance to see this nice place, only thing is didn't have a chance to see the upper level of the altar..

Andrew Eliquen

Has a nice Botanical Garden in the upper area of the Grotto. Must-visit for Christians who need some peace and quiet. I believe Non-Christians will also enjoy a visit to this place.

Holly Ramos

This is one of Portland's hidden gems. This place is magical, incredible, inspiring, breathtaking what more can I say go check it out. The bottom level is free. Go into the gift shop and buy a token to ride the outdoor elevator up to the upper level gardens. It's like you're in a whole other world up there.

Vicki Wilson

Always feels good to show up to places with no expectations. The Grotto, such a gem in the middle of town. I don't want to spoil your experience. If you need a place to go, relax, pray, take beautiful photos and find some peace. I recommend the Grotto; especially if you go early in the morning before it gets busier. Bring a candle if you like to place it with the rest of the candles at the main alter. Or you can purchase one at the Grotto shop. Happy Travels !

Holly Whovian Hylton

Beautiful and serene. A wonderful place to go for personal meditation.

P.B. Homewood

Very peaceful. Nice gardens and a great place to gather your thoughts.

sLy FoX

It's beautiful... Peaceful... I go there to meditate and pray for my faithfully departed loved ones... I buy a candle or a couple... and say prayers for the sick, loved ones, loved one passed, and for health of family and friends. Also for help and guidance in times of need or during trying times for myself or family and friends.

Viet Tran

"The National Sanctuary of our Sorrowful Mother. An internationally renowned Catholic sanctuary set among 62 acres of botanical gardens, offering a place of peace and quiet reflection for all people. More than 100 beautiful statues,reflection ponds, and views offer inspiration to all who visit."

Vicky Huang

It's not a large area. You can see many stuff about Christian. If you are a Christian, you'll like here.

FatherFannie B

One of my top 5 favorite places in Portland. Such an amazing space to bring all different types of people to, and they will all be impressed and awed. As a newer Portland resident it's really fantastic to come and check out such gorgeous sights and landscaping. I always recommend The Grotto to folks and I can't wait to check it out during the holiday season.

Aurora Martin

It is amazing. It shows different cultures all following the same religion and showcases some of their best work informs a statues shrines and little pieces here and there. The grotto is a collective immerses the sense of a Catholic history and religious circa holiness all placed into one area.

Cody Philpot

Over 1 million lights were up this last year and boy you can tell. Absolutely a humbling experience going to the grotto in the winter with all the lights. The choir was Beautiful. The kids got to pet some animals, watch a puppet show and learn about the lord. The gift shop was filled with fairly price items. Take a trip. Its peaceful.

Nicholas Allison

Peaceful spot to meditate and stroll around in nature.

payal savale

HEAVEN ON EARTH - it's all I can say.

Lawrence Thai

Came here during my trip to Portland and I am glad I stopped by. There are two centers here, one sits closer to the little cave cave enclosure where they have mass and other religious-type activities and another center near the parking lot. There are paths throughout the Grotto, one that leads towards the street to get into the Grotto and one that leads toward the cave enclosure where the main attraction it. I am not religious at all, but seeing the cave enclosure was breath-taking. It was beautiful to see the combination of such beautiful art alongside nature. There are statues and plaques that tell the story of Christ throughout the Grotto and following the path and seeing this story in chronological order was beautiful. Such a great place to visit while in Portland and definitely recommend. There is also an elevator that takes you to the top of the hill that houses the cave. You will need to pay to get up there but I am sure it is well worth the money as it gives you a view of the enclosure from a higher perspective.

Hector Bermudez

My wife and I came here during our visit to Portland and we absolutely loved it. It served as a very peaceful visit here. It's aimed as a catholic sanctuary however you don't have to be religious to visit. I highly recommend this place if you're looking for somewhere to escape from society for a while. Plenty of parking and a cool little gift shop at the entrance. There are tons of little sections throughout the grotto. Plenty of places to sit and mediate, pray, or just simply hanging out. It was raining when we went by so we had to hide in the church for a little while. Our favorite part was the quiet room overlooking the airport and river. It was breathtaking. I won't forget this place. I loved it.


This place is very peaceful and holy. Don’t forget to light your candles and offer your prayers and also visit their garden. It’s nice to walk around and just have a peaceful talk with the person you are with. Worth driving for 2 hours. ❤️

Eli Lynch

You know what would be great? Wheelchair accessible candles. My mother visited this site a couple of times. Once at Christmas and again during Spring. She wanted to light candles for my reccently passed Dad and my brother. The whole process was frustrating. First we pushed her to where we thought she could get to them. Nope. Then, we find out you have to go back to the store. After we pushed her all the way up.... and nobody was willing to show us an accessible way or help. It was okay and beautiful. But beware if you have mobility issues.

Michael Pommer

Beautiful place. I used to go here every year for the Christmas display.

Kevin Woods

I really like this location. They have a medium sized parking lot and plenty of street parking. Visiting this site is free but using the elevator to see all the statues at the top will cost $8. The church at the bottom is beautiful. All the Jesus statues and plaques are beautiful. Words cannot describe this place. The top section is huge. There are a ton of sculptures, statues, and gardens. Give yourself at least 2 hours to see everything. Go visit!

Angela Payne

The grotto is an interesting religious sanctuary for any religious or nonreligious folks who can go to for a peaceful walk to see the grounds beauty. There is a large parking lot offering free parking. Along the path walking to the decorated cave is lined with scripture and various religious statues. A favorite of mine was a small trickling waterfall which sounded very peaceful. To enter the grounds is free besides wanting to see vast views of the gorge and Colombia river is a small fee pay which you can ride the elevator to see this view. The decorated and candle lit cave is a beautiful view and very peaceful.

S&T Tay

Beautiful church surrounded by a very peaceful park. Worth going just to walk the grounds. Gets very busy at Sunday mass times but other than that it's very quiet.

Jacqueline Ramirez

Is a gem in the middle of the city. I was there during spring. The weather was perfect. It was a wonderful place if you want to connect with yourself. Extremely peaceful and beautiful.

Amanda Danks

Beautiful place! Came for the scenery and was not disappointed. Ended up staying for mass even though not Catholic...such an awesome priest and message

Go Lawn Service

Nice park. Always refreshing and totally green

Luai Zarour

This is a nice hidden gem in portland. There is a lower level that is free to walk around and there is an upper level that is 8 dollars per person and free for kids 5 and under. It definitely is worth going to see this. It is a serene garden with tons of different varieties of trees, shrubs and plants. There are birds chirping throughout the course and many areas that allow you to sit and relax and meditate.

Rosie Lee

With GPS easy to locate. Appears sufficient free parking with handicap parking. Free to wander lower grotto. Fee connected to accessing upper Grotto but well worth it. This is a spiritual location - be respectful. Leave pets at home & turn cell phones low/off. Non-professional pictures may be taken. Check website for specifics on professional photography / graphers. Weddings and a few other types of events can be held there. They have a website so check for possible upcoming events especially around holidays. They have a gift shop. Restrooms. Benches. Some guided tours based on day and times.

Peter Carlesimo

A must see for anyone who is interested in reflection/self-reflection, meditation, contemplation or has a sense of/for the spiritual. The single upright carved post says it all: MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH. The lower grounds are free to visit. To use the elevator to the Upper Gardens, purchase a token (which costs $8) in the gift shop. The upper level offers incredible panoramic views and has a dedicated viewing/meditation area. For those familiar with Mary, there are numerous chapels dedicated to her many apparitions. The Grotto makes a perfect West Coast bookend to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington D.C. The Shrine and Chapel to Our Lady of Leche in Saint Augustine, Florida is a beautiful and serene place as well (I have reviewed both of these as well).

RN Harmon

Beautiful, peaceful, tranquil. This was a great place to be reminded of and enjoy the beauty God has created for us in nature. Great setting to do devotions, read scripture, enjoy an event or take a nature walk.

Jason Codner

Beautiful and serene location for some introspective soul searching.

Micah Nims

The Grotto is on the north side of Rocky Butte, one of the volcanoes of the Portland area. There are two levels to it (due to the rock wall) with an elevator to the top portion. The lower section is a very serene setting with a Stations of the Cross trail through it. There is a gift shop with a great selection of Catholic literature, decorations, etc. There is a cave cut into the rock wall with a shrine with a statue of Mary and Jesus at its center. The chapel is peaceful and beautiful. You can buy tokens for the elevator to the top portion where there are more trails. I can't think of a better place to find peace and quiet and maybe a piece of heaven.

Elizabeth Lopez

Such a beautiful place! I love going here for the Sunday masses held outside. It feels peaceful & just uplifting. Looks even more beautiful during Christmas!!

Jill Harwell

I love going here for the Sunday masses held outside. It feels peaceful & just uplifting. Looks even more beautiful during Christmas!!

Jayashree selvan

A quiet, calm religious / relaxing spot. There's a $8 fee for the upper garden tour and an elevator to get there. Right from the parking spot till the Grotto statue you can enjoy greenery and cool air along with a peace of mind.

Cesar Luis Valdez

It was a serene and peaceful place. There were some additions to the place like the shrines. We were disappointed that the Madonna was being repaired so we did not see it.

Tyler Skye Haynes

The Grotto is a very beautiful serene place for deep thought, concentration or prayer if you're religious. The entire park is based upon having mindfulness of natures beauty. While it has a strong religious theme, its also a great place to go for anyone who needs peacful quiet to be alone with their thoughts. It's amazing a place could have such limpidness within such a fast paced and loud city surrounding it on all sides. There are over 1100 different types of trees and plants within the area. The park is split up into two different sections, the bottom half is free, it has a few short trails marked with different statues of religious figures, a cathedral and an area with many benches/pews set up like they may host services or performances on occasions. Also on the lower level you will find a gift shop and a visitor center where you can purchase elevator tokens which takes you to the upper level, which cost $7.50 per adult. My favorite part of the whole park is a gorgeous building made entirely from marble with a huge windowed wall that over looks a nice view of the city facing north Portland. There are some really comfy chairs, its a good place for a deep thought. The whole park is very beautiful the upper level has a lot more to look at but the lower level is much more forest-like. Religious or not it's a pretty cool place.

Dustin Walker

Pretty neat light display. Much smaller than it seems as far as the circuit goes, however, the kids seemed to feel it was infinite anyway. Even though I'm not particularly religious the Carol's, statues, and displays featuring jesus and other canonical figures were tasteful and well done. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. The grotto itself a beautifully lit and wonderful view. Parking was a bit of a hassle, but only due to the influx of people. A very beautiful oasis in the midst of a busy city. The experience was good, and full of cheer. The only con was price... which had less to do with how much it cost, and rather how little I have... but the pictures and smiles my kids got were well worth it.

Randall Perkins

I love how beautifulthis place is. It is peaceful and so relaxing!

Donna Nelson

It's a destination serenity garden. It is of the Catholic religion but not overbearing. Many find it's gardens, statues and church very calming. Free to walk main area may$7-10 to go to top for gardens. Very relaxing and great for meditating.

Kiayana West

Probably one of the most serene places I have ever been. It is so nice to just be able to relax and enjoy nature.

D Herrera

Amazing! Best botanical garden. A must see,inbrge Portland area! Serene and beautiful, perfect place to unwind and relax.

Alan Melroy

Get there early for a seat if Mass is celebrated in the chapel. Priest gave a really good homily today June 16


I absolutely love this place. We walked through the trails to see the different stations and it was breathtaking. They have a souvenir shop and if you want to take the elevator to the upper gardens it costs $8.00 for adults. The lower grounds where we went were free of charge.

Joel Maynard

A truly lovely setting for contemplation and prayer. I thoroughly enjoy taking my family there for the Festival of Lights each Christmas, which features live music every evening by local artists, choirs, and classical ensembles. An absolute must for the Holidays.

Heather Ricks

A great place for a silent retreat for the day. The grounds are absolutely beautiful.

Blake Feagin

Absolutely gorgeous. I am not Catholic but this place is full of beauty and a great place to visit for prayer and reflection. It also offers beautiful walks through well maintained gardens. Worth the visit and worth our $7.50 admission cost. If I lived in Portland this would be a weekly destination. I would love to sit in the Gardens and read. Maybe hang out with St. Francis.

Lisa Wiltrout

Reflective property to wander around. Peaceful. Most of the grounds are free to explore. Donations welcome. There is a garden you can access via an elevator that you need to pay for. Nice oasis in the middle of Portland.

Josephine Navas

Pretty garden! They take very good care of everything! Worth to visit!

Russell Townsend

This is the most wonderful , prayerful place we have been to. The chapel, the outdoor stations of the cross, the the upper garden and meditation center provide a variety of spiritual exercises. We are going back for Mass and more reflection.

Angelo Baleta

Thank you for a wonderful experience at the Grotto. The Upper Garden was really a blessing seeing those sculptures and the way how you've made the layout. Truly one check from my bucket list!

Anne Wagner

Catholic park with a beautiful deep woods feel in suburban Portland. Four** if you're not Catholic, 5** if you are.

Caroline Mallari

Beautiful grounds and a serene setting. I spent a sunny day walking around and had a great time enjoying the fall foliage. Definitely a quiet place meant for reflection, and was very much worth the experience to go to the upstairs garden.

Diana Daggett

Beautiful park with many opportunities for quiet meditation and prayer. That part is 5 stars. My reservation is that it is not a good place for a wheelchair as most of the paths are rock paths so the ride for the person in the wheelchair is extremely bumpy and uncomfortable. I thought it would be a nice experience for my 90 year old mother who is a devout Catholic but it was just too bumpy for her to feel a sense of peace. I wish they would seek a grant to replace the paths with smooth asphalt to make the experience more accessible.


It's not terrible, but way over hyped. Also, the price is pretty high for the top park of the park, when the bottom is nicer. I would recommend just skipping the grotto and going to a different park, if you're looking for nature.


Beautiful, tranquil place to meditate. Nice that whole family can go!

Kayla Matsumoto

So peaceful and calming. Great place to reflect in nature.

Francisco Castelo

Super cool church in the forest, as if you weren't already spiritually connected with the nature surrounding. This church is situated in the woods not in the best surrounding neighborhood, it's interesting how they selected the location with all the strip clubs and dive bars but hey. Once you park in the lot you feel like you are at another trail, but when you start walking you realize this place has a divine feel to it. I definitely think it's a good place to stop and check out even if your not Catholic or Christian.

Samantha Matthews

This is one of the greatest gems in Portland! The Upper Gardens are incredible and absolutely worth the fee. The Grotto is my favorite place to go when I need a breath of fresh air but don't want to drive far. Definitely check it out if you have never been!

Alexa playz_gacha

It is a Garden that has been Imagined & Designed for Solace & Replenishment .. . and , It Accomplishes that Very Well .

Esther Rivera

Spiritual. Gave Serenity. Relaxing. Beautiful. Unforgettable.

Peggy Pickles

Most gorgeous peaceful place I have been in a long time. Very healing and enjoyable

Chris Sotraidis

Beautiful place. Went on a Sunday during service and caught a bit of it. Beautiful grounds and laid out very nicely. Not as large as I was expecting. This place is fairly busy, at least when I came, so don't expect to have a particular quietude or space to literally meditate without interruption. It's beautiful, perhaps on slower days it would be better for a quiet solo stroll. Must see.

Andrew Fuhriman

Nice walking trail in Portland with plenty of parking and paved trails. Really enjoyed the cool landscape and all the shade, especially on a warmer day. Wasn't aware it was such a religious park/walking trail, but the nature part of the walk was nice.

Neil Watson

We often find ourselves at the Grotto as it is such a beautiful sanctuary for peaceful meditation and reflection. Whether trying to embrace a quiet moment from a noisy world as a family or take a walk with friends in the upper gardens, The Grotto is a lovely place. If you live in Portland, definitely get the annual pass so you can access the upper gardens often with your visitors and to enjoy the beautiful Marian chapel and gardens (the Joys and Agonies of St. Joseph are my favorite as a husband and father).

ily tian

The Grotto is a very peaceful place to visit.. If you need to think of something or even come here for leisure and learn about something about the tSaints or Jesus... this is for you and your family.. Highly recommended

Kara Lehman

I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I went to the Grotto Christmas festival of lights, and it was so much more then just lights. You get to go into a chapel and listen to beautiful choirs singing. There was a petting zoo. Hot drinks. Most of all I want to see it during the day. That's my next adventure.


This is a wonderfully peaceful place. The upper gardens are full of beautiful artwork from different cultures and traditions. A great way to spend time in prayer and reflection.

Shiblee Sadik

It's a cold Saturday morning in Grotto. This place seems very calm and spiritual. As a tourist attraction it was unique. I definitely recommend this place.

Robert Pirnie

A Catholic tourist destination in liberal Portland Oregon. A natural grotto in the stone cliff forms an outdoor alter. Souvenir shop and Pokestops too. Something for everyone.


Oh my goodness The Grotto is a must see no matter what religion you are! It is a gorgeous location and I appreciate the thought and design that went into everything!

Sara McNicoll

Serene and beautifully maintained. A wonderful retreat from the city to reflect and renew oneself.

Ro and Reese D

It’s a wonderful place to walk and in meditation. Connect to inner peace. Relax. Find god . Find spirit. Just be ! Place of many religions. Any one can come , everybody welcome ! I would love to come back

Karan Bhansali

Very good place to spend an hour or two on a hot afternoon (because it stays pretty cool in the gardens). Although the tickets for admission to the upper level gardens cost $8 (for an adult), it's well worth it's price - there are very good statues & sculptures in the upper gardens that depict stories of Jesus Christ & Christianity, the gardens are very well maintained and the atmosphere due to the tree cover is very cool, calm & peaceful. I would recommend visiting this place when you're on your way to the airport after finishing your trip as it is very close to the airport.

shan clow

Christmas lights beautiful. Petting zoo super clean. The animals very calm. Chapel singing has great acoustics. The music gets you in the mood for Christmas. Easy to get around for all ages and capabilities.

M Johnson

I really like this place. It is so lush and peaceful with so many religious statues, stations of the cross, and the beautiful Servite Friary. A great place to relax, reflect, pray and attend mass.

Jennifer Joy

This place is absolutely beautiful. There are trilliums absolutely everywhere, along with every other kind of beautiful flower you can think of. There is a multitude of peaceful places to sit and think, including many catholic sculptures and little ponds. When I went it was almost empty, I ran into very few people in the upper garden. The price is well worth seeing these upper gardens, as the whole grounds are well maintained and manicured to perfection. The lower trail and grotto are also beautiful and serene, and the little chapel always has it's doors open. A place of solitude and peace, for sure.

alexis flores

Such a magical place! I am not religious but the spiritual energy of this place is so wonderful, especially the chapel. They have a lovely garden you can pay to visit up top. Parking is slightly small.

Cynthia O'Brien

A beautiful, quiet place for reflection. Buy a token for the elevator to the upper gardens where there is a chapel that looks north over the city, a walking path, art, water features, and a labyrinth. We also go every year in December to enjoy the Christmas Festival of Lights and hear choirs from all over the region.

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