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1 Coxcomb Dr, Astoria, OR 97103, United States

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Where is The Astoria Column?

REVIEWS OF The Astoria Column IN Oregon

Jye Acosta

Fun place pay once if you keep the ticket you can go back for the rest of the calander year!

Abdullah Basil

Tho it was very tiring to climb all the way up, the view of Columbia river meeting the pacific was so worth it! It was breathtaking to see what seemed like a scene from Jurassic Park!! The mountains hugging the clouds, and the open space..Just gorgeous

Victoria V-v

This was a fun activity for the whole family. The 164 steps sound intimidating at first, but it doesn't take long and there are little platforms to stop and rest or let others pass. Parking is $5, but it is good for all year if you happen to live close or will be returning. Lovely views!

Patty Meyers

It is a magnificent structure, beautiful, historical; it tells stories. The 360 degree view is amazing. I was there many years ago and it was just as remarkable this time.

Bill Latronica

Very cool place to visit!! We were just passing through and our friends told us we needed to see this place. I'm glad we stopped. The view is sooooooo worth it once you get to the top.

David Hill

Was a very scenic place! A historic landmark. You can climb to the top of the column. It is about 5 flights if stairs high. You can see Columbia river, the Astoria bridge and mountains all around. They have restrooms and a cute little gift shop that even has goonies souvenirs!

Rob Knight

Well maintained site with great views. Don't go up if you're afraid of heights though! The views from the parking lot are great too though.

N Grothe

When the weather is good this place is an area gem! Be ready to hike 160 some stairs. A site trick to get some balsa airplanes (for throwing off the column) is to do a quick sweep thru the bushes behind the house. When the weather is not so great, common for this area, bring a good sweater and wind breaker, use the stairs to warm you up.

Julie Jasinski

This took a little time to walk up but it’s definitely a must do when in Astoria! The staircase is one way up and down!

Paul Johnson

Really good views. You can buy a wooden airplane for a buck and throw it off the tower. Pretty cool!

Matt Mumford

What a lovely day to visit the column! 163 steps to an outstanding view! Sad we arrived after the gift shop closed and couldn't throw any wooden airplanes off the tower!

Chrystal Cargill

Get ready to get your exercise for the week! It’s well worth the climb to the top. There are great views.

Christine Gentry

Fantastic views from the top of the tower. It's worth the effort to climb the circular staircase to have a wonderful view of the city, river, and unique hills. The young and old had great fun testing their skills at flying the balsa wood airplanes you can buy at the gift shop. The historical significance of the tower is apparent by spending some time viewing the many layered time line of famous events and people that were critical to the development of Astoria and the surrounding area.

gabriela zapien

Beautiful view, it’s very cool getting to the top although that’s a lot of stairs. Well worth it as a pit stop.

matthew woods

Beautiful artwork, lovely setting. Amazing views from the top. Stair case is narrow and has two way traffic so be prepared to wait at landings or hug close to one side in passing. Viewing deck is also tight on space but well worth the climb. Views from even the hilltop this column sits on are very nice worth the $5 it costs. Price is good for a 1 year tag so you can come back in the same year.

Fae Evrnyt

Breathtaking views, and beautiful artistry that give a very informative account of the locations history. -Those who want to see the view from the top beware the stairs, be sure to bring water. :)

Christine Norris

If I could give this place 10 stars I would. The clam chowder is some of the best I have ever had! The clam strips are so good. And you have to try the artichoke shrimp dip!! The garden salad was perfect for all of it. Then don't forget dessert, try the cobbler. You will be waddling out!!

aerostats aerostats

We had left our parking pass at our room, explained this to the front gate person and they let us in no charge. What nice people! The view from the top of the column can't be beat. You can see for hundreds of miles in every direction. We'll worth it.

Debra Torres

This monument is amazing. So beautiful on the outside and the view from above is amazing. Super fun flying the wooden airplanes from the top too!!

Emily Engdahl

Lovely views to be had from the top of the hill. Wind your way by car up Coxcomb and park for $5 (it's worth it on a sunny, clear day) or take one of several paths up to the column by Cathedral Tree Trail, or back behind the college. Beautifully restored to depict the history of Astoria, this treasure is Oregon's second most visited landmark behind Multnomah Falls. Spiral staircase at Fort George Brewery (half outside, half inside) is from the Column! When you get to the top, fly a balsa wood plane down. Sometimes us locals find them later in the park!

Bradley Bleeker

A fantastic view of Astoria from above, allowing you to see the city, the Columbia River, and a number of locations farther out. The walk up is way worse than the walk down, but the view is worth it. Also, $5 for a 1 yr parking pass is a heck of a deal if you manage to make it up more than once in a year.

Emily A

Amazing views. Definitely worth going up to the top. You might get dizzy going up or down so make sure to take your time!

Kiarash Torkian

Great view! You will get to see a beautiful view all the way around. There is a small gift store at the top as well. On the column itself, stairs are fairly tight (not for easily fainted) and view isn't that different but you came all the way up there, just climb a few stairs too ;)

matthew moss

I had my wife's grandfather with me, he's from the east coast and has never seen the Pacific North of California. He's 87 years old and really interested in history.

Geoffrey Holtsclaw

Just $5 to park for the year, and you get a breathtaking view of Astoria. Climb to the top of the column for the cherry on top of these gorgeous sights. Definitely worth a trip up here if you're driving through the area looking for a quick (30-60m) stop.

Vicki Bennett

Oregon heritage, amazing view. Well with the admit fee to help maintain the column

Mrscube 187

Very fun! My kids loved it! Go to the gift shop and buy a plane before you go up to the top of the column.

Charity Scamman

Great view and kids loved sending their planes off the top

Andrew Derby

Menu is exceptional. I enjoyed a white lasagna, heavy on the sausage, which was still a light dish where I didn't leave feeling like a deflated balloon.

Mindy Todd Arnwine

Amazing 360° view!! Lots of stairs to get to the top (164 steps) and not a spacious platform at the top, but gorgeous panoramas. Cool history details spiraling around the tower's exterior, too.

john ware

This is a great place... I came back to visit after being here 6 years ago.. I love the absolute view

Kevlyn Baker

Neat landmark with a fantastic view! Make sure to buy a few if the $1 balsa planes before you climb the over 150 steps to the top. There are a few landings on the way up to rest but it is a narrow spiral metal staircase. $5 parking but well worth it. Nice spot for a picnic on a sunny day.


At the top it has a nice view and it's fun to throw the paper airplanes off of

cody chidester

Amazing view and cool experience. The gift store had cheap gliders that could be purchased to throw off the tower. Great tourist location.

Richard Treptow

Very impressive structure with lots of local history depicted on it. Excellent view of the surrounding area also.

Ashley Sears

Very cool! Make sure you get an airplane at the gift shop before you go up the column because you can throw it off the top. We saw a kid throw one and it stayed in the air for over 3 minutes! It was nuts!

Lisa Leone

Breathtaking! The steps were totally worth it. Kinda windy up top when we went but again well worth it! Not captured in these pictures is the WAY the light hits the land in rays. I could never explain how incredible the view is.

ChunLiu Hwang

Worth the $5 per car fee. As others mentioned, the view is great. We even got a balsa wood airplane to throw down from top of the column. We even had a nice picnic there watching the river.

Angela Leung

Nice view of the Columbia River and the bridge! $5 parking per car which is not expensive. The 164-step appears not too challenging. There is a gift shop and the bathroom is nice and clean. A good stop in Astoria.

Troy Cox

Really cool column and great place to check out the Columbia


It is absolutely amazing. The colirs look like a wet and dry sand castle. Don't foget to get a glider for 1$ at the gift shop before you climb the stairs.

Denise Gaumond

Loved it! Don't forget to get your bio degradable airplane at the gift shop before climbing the tour. Beautiful views!

Joe C

Cool historic monument in Astoria. Great views from the top. Be ready to exercise your legs walking up the 160+ stairs.

Kia s

Beautiful place and affordable. $5.00 for a 1 year parking pass Downside if you go up in the towerits a lot of stairs. Bathrooms are easily accessible. Gift shop is small but cool, even little planes to sail out off the tower.

Leo West

Date visited 9/3/2019 Awesome place to visit. Amazing views. Definitely worth the $5 annual parking fee.

Derrick Duehren

Great for a bit of Oregon history. The hike up the steel stairs led to a fantastic 360 degree view of Astoria and the shipping lanes of the Columbia River. They sell small balsa wood airplanes that you can launch from the top. They fly very well and quite far!

john curran

Great views and fun times here. For fun throw a balsa glider off the top and watch it gly

Sam Humpherys

Our family loved visiting the Astoria Column and throwing airplanes off the top of it. Be prepared for a lot of stairs in a tight staircase.

Alec Rice

This place was out of control. On a windy day you better buckle up! I thought I was going to get blown off the tower! The view was impressive and the experience was quite thrilling. Some of my family was too scared to climb, but we went on a beautiful hike down the hill which ended in a wild blackberry patch (go right at the fork just before the wooden planks. Then follow the road a bit further down when you reach a gravel access road.)

Jenny Lee

The Astoria Column is the first step of many to a spectacular panoramic view of the Columbia River. Built in 1926, located on Coxcomb Hill in Astoria Oregon. This historical art-designed tower has a 164 STEP spiral staircase that takes you 126-ft up. The climb is not for the faint and it's as breathtaking as the 360 degree view of Astoria. Life is all about the climb. Maybe lack of oxygen to get to the top made me see things as a hysterical vs historical moment. Also near the Astoria Column is some educational information about Lewis and Clark worth seeing. Bring water and have fun. Be good humans!!

Lance W.

Beautiful muraled column that details the early history of Astoria, OR; 164 steps up a tight spiral staircase and you're atop this beautiful column. And the view? 360°of stunning magnificence: distant mountains, the Columbia river, Washington state, raptors wheeling and darting about, forests; not to mention, the whole of Astoria. If I'm in Astoria when the big tsunami hits, the Column is where I wanna be. After all, if THAT'S the way I'm gonna die, I may as well look the wave right in its face and smi-- scream my bloody head off!

Brien Foss

Great view of the ocean and the Columbia River! Not as many steps as it seems from the outside, fun little adventure for the family. $5 to park, all year.

Daniel Parsons

I loved exploring this city. So much more to see in Astoria than I imagined

KC Reads

It was my 4th time here and my sister's first. I love making the hike up the spiral stairs and looking out over the river. Looking forward to another visit!

K Laughter

Beautiful, but not much to do other than eat lunch and throw wooden planes from the top of the column. Don't go if you're afraid of hights!

Preston J

It has a really amazing view of Astoria and the surrounding area! Downside is you have to go up via a narrow spiral metal staircase which can be tough when very crowded. The top platform is also very small. Buy a disposable plane at the gift shop to throw at the top!

Rob Kolosvary

Great sweeping views of the coastal range. Launch a balsa wood plane from the top!

Stephanie Freund

Really cool place to see. You can see for miles and miles of beautiful Oregon.

Paul Martin

The column itself is quite intricately detailed with the history. Great view from the tallest point around. A must see in Astoria!

E. Copi

Absolutely stunning view of Astoria! 5$ fee, 160+ steps to the top, but it's worth it for the view! Don't forget to stop by the gift shop before hand if you're keen to throw down a little airplane from the top, or stop in after and grab something local to remember the area by!

C. T.

Super cool location that I did not know existed previously. Dedicated to the travels and discoveries of Lewis and Clark it's a neat attraction and worth the $5 admission price. Hiking up to the top of the column was a bit of a workout for this out of shape guy but the 360 degree view from on top was nothing short of spectacular.

Miyu Chan

Growing up, we would always stop here on our way to the beach. Its a neat little historical spot. An awesome pic nic spot with an amazing view too.

Sam Nelson

Cool history and excellent views! The tower is a fun climb so long as you don't look down. You can pay once for a pass that lasts all year, which is pretty nice for anyone who lives in the area.


Absolutely gorgeous spot. I love the views, taken good care of

David Boe

The highest point in Astoria, it is probably the tallest man-made structure on the Oregon Coast. From this overlook you have a commanding view of the Columbia river delta as it empties into the Pacific. There are several interpretive panels that detail the history of the area. If you're going to Astoria, this is the one spot not to be missed. Unless it's fogged in; even then, however, the historical information alone is still worth seeing. Be prepared to buy an "annual parking pass" to get into the park where the column is found ($5 as of 2019). The views and information can easily be enjoyed without going to the top of the structure itself, and there is no elevator, so be prepared if you want to go all the way to the top.

Jacob Merryweather

The view from the top of the Column is amazing, you can see most of Astoria and its surrounding features. The wooden airplanes were a lot of fun as well.

Dan Gullick

Fun stairs and great views. Awesome on a windy day. The gift shop was nice and had lots of local flair.

Theresa Jackson

Loved it! Especially liked buying the small glider planes to launch when we reach the top of the column..

Ben George

The views from the top are panoramic and spectacular. When the weather is good, you can see for miles in every direction. Climbing the column itself is a novelty, but be aware you will need some degree of physical fitness to get up the 164 step spiral staircase. Entry to the Astoria Column is charged at $5.

Cori Tarzwell

The column was cool, the view was amazing! But I thought the best part was the cathedral tree hiking trail! It's a great hike! Not crazy long, but substantial. It's pretty steep at times, but manageable. Lovely spot!

Scott H

A local waitress recommended us visiting here. Totally worth the vertical trek in the vehicle. You can drive straight up to it. The views will blow your mind. The stairway to the top is sort of cramped so if you do not like confined spaces or heights this isnt for you. There is a cool gift shop on top also.

Tanner Manwaring

Don't miss this! Throwing a plane off the tower was the highlight of our day. Climbing to the top of the tower was fun, trying to keep my kids from trying to fly was nerve-racking (there is a very tall and protective railing)

Thomas Himes

Very cool touristy spot with 360° view of the Columbia River mouth area. The stair climb to the observation deck was no joke!

Hardy Jackson

MUST SEE A true work of art depicting the history of the area. Beautifully done and should be one of your stops in the north part of Oregon. Would go back the again when we would be able to see it on full sun light.

Lux Ferre

Fun little spot with a great view. Parking is 5 bucks but the pass is good for a year. Protip, look for gliders in the bushes as the day goes on.. but remember to buy something from the gift shop!

Connor Tkachuk

We went on a rainy day and didn't see much from the top but I'm sure it's very nice when it's nice out. They have washrooms and a little gift shop at the top. If it's busy I'm sure it can get a little crowded in the staircase and at the top of the lookout.

Nikunj Gala

An unique building i have been to. Great views all around 360 degree. Need to be careful with steps inside the building. There are turnouts to stop and take breathe after every 30-35 steps.

john kruger

This is a fun part of the Astoria area. The history is amazing and the tower is a unique marker for the end of a journey.

Ray McCaffity

Great view. Fun place. Lots of stairs. Gift shop.

Tony Norton

This is a unique and beautiful attraction. We enjoyed climbing the 166 steps to the top and looking out over the valleys and the Columbia River as well as the Young River and the Lewis and Clark Rivers. It's 360 degrees of beautiful panoramic view. They have little wooden airplane gliders that can be launched off the top of the tower. It's amazing how far some of those airplanes flew. A couple of the planes I watched never landed in my view but kept flying far off in to the valley beyond the trees.

Jill Harwell

Great views all around 360 degree. Need to be careful with steps inside the building. There are turnouts to stop and take breathe after every 30-35 steps.

Gi Kim

The Astoria Column gives you the best 360 degree view of Astoria. The grounds are well-maintained and simply stated, the views are breathtaking. You can also ascend the column tower by taking 170 steps (yes I counted each one) to get to the top. Note: if you're not in shape, or have heart conditions, do NOT attempt this climb. You have been forewarned. If you do decide to climb the Column, you should buy a $1.00 glider at the gift shop and toss it over the ledge. If you can sing, try and sing a few songs while in the column; the acoustics are amazing.

Robert Smith

I visited after dark with my girl and it was nice and quiet with beautiful views of Astoria, the river and both the Young's Bay & Astoria-Megler Bridges. And the new LED lights on the Column itself are great. As we were leaving, they switched from basic white to alternating. Nice little touch.

Wayne Gorsek

Love this monument make sure to climb to top at sunset and get a beer from Fort George brewery to take with you!

jan zittleman

Beautiful sunny clear day in Astoria while cloudy and chilly in Portland and north end of the Willamette Valley. Incredible views.

El Viejo Gonzalez

5 star views. What an excellent idea for this park. A full 360 view of Columbia estuary, Astoria and Washington to the north. WOW

Kristine McKinstry

Absolutely beautiful 360 degree views. A must see in the area!

Shawn Lord

Climbed all 164 spiral stairs. Great view!

Shelby Renee'

Beautiful area, costs $5 for parking but lasts the whole year, in case you want to come back. It's definitely a climb to get to the top, but it's a beautiful view once you're up there.

Stacey Johnson

Beautiful views! A lot of stairs to get to the top, but definitely worth going up. My kids enjoyed buying little wooden gliders at the little shop nearby and throwing them from the top. It was a lot of fun!

Steve Slater

Worth a quick visit to take the stairs to the top and toss a balsa wood glider. Great view of area, if it's not raining.

Anthony Larson

Such amazing views! I was only at the top for a few seconds because I am afraid of heights but you can see all over the place and it has amazing views.

LA Glickman

I visited this historical marker on Memorial Day and it was chilly on this hill top so bring something to keep you warm. You can climb to the top for some fantastic views or not, and still have fantastic views of the surrounding area. The carvings are of historical significance and tell a story. They are well preserved. Astoria was named for that wealthy gentleman Astor who built railroads. There is a tiny store at the top where you can buy snacks, souvenirs or soft drinks. I understand parking can become an issue during the tourist season.

gym life

Really beautiful views in all directions. We could see 2 snow covered mountains and a huge eagle!

Dee Rodgers

Some of Oregon's fantastic views. Great family place to explore and learn of our state's history.

Melissa Nelson

Buy an airplane at the gift shop $1per plane, you can sometimes find them in the ground as well. Stairwell is tight for coming and going up the stairs at the same time. Up at the top you can throw your airplane and watch it fly! This was super fun for my boys and every one around enjoys watching the planes take flight. A must do experience. Good gift shop to look around in, but small.

Kaitlynn Angell

Absolutely gorgeous! I got to see the entire town of Astoria from up at the top of the column. Everyone is super nice, not to mention all of the Goonies memorabilia you can purchase there. To combat littering off the side of the tower the gift shop offers little bio-degradable airplanes that you can let fly to the bottom, so that is also really neat!

Daniel Christensen

Awesome check it out on a clear day. The view was amazing.

Kai Lin

About 160 narrow stairs but a beautiful view at the top. Make sure to buy the airplanes at the gift shop before going up. You won't want to make the trip twice.

Barry Sewell

This is a must see. $5.00 fee to park. And difficult road in a manual transmission. Big truck. Just go slow. 15 mph speed limit. If you can walk up the 164 steps to the top, do so. The view is worth it.

chelsea jaramillo

Very beautiful view. Almost 200 steps up a spiral staircase

Stewart Westphal

The view on a clear day is breathtaking. I didn't climb the steps to the observation tower but wish I had. The roads leading to it are like San Francisco

John Ogden

Where else can you buy and launch(/relaunch if you are lucky) a balsa glider. OH YES, THE VIEW!! The best.

Nishant Singhal

Amazing views of the city and the bridges in distance. You can climb to the top of the column for much better 360 degrees views. There's a $5 parking fee. But worth the visit.

Amanda King

One of the greatest views I've ever experienced. A must see!

Chris Carter

Love this place!!! The view is so AMAZING!! If you haven't gone make sure you do, because you won't regret it.

Casey Pipinis

The views are worth the effort

Andrew Rediford

Astoria was such a fun town, I would love to visit again. My hike up to the column was beautiful and the walk to the top has breathtaking views! I visitors must, I'll be back one day!

Isaac D

Great adventure for the road tripping family. Most only spend about 20 minutes here to enjoy the views from the top of the column.

Clifton Weight

I was actually pleasantly surprised with the column. The artwork is beautiful and the view is very scenic. 5 dollars for parking and then a few bucks for some planes to toss off the top made this a nice cheap place for our kids to burn off some energy and have a memorable experience. My son liked tossing the planes off the top so much he went and bought some more and found a few at the bottom to go up and toss them off again. I will say if you don't like heights this place is definitely not for you.

Skeeter Ramirez

Cool place! Amazing view of the water far below and a very good place for glying a paper airplane! =) Its a steady, dizzying climb (if you're unprepared) so take it slow.

Jason Barker

Love hiking from town up to the park. Great views of the surrounding area. However if you want to actually read and enjoy the mural painted on the outside of the column, you will have to walk around the perimeter driveway 12 times! Beautiful column, just a horrible design idea for its mural.

jeremy knodel

Very cool spot. Very cool view of the area and only $5 to experience. If you’re driving through Astoria, stop in here!

Artem Metelskiy

Awesome cool place to stop by if you are in the Astoria area. $5 payment gives you one year pass (current year). They accept credit cards which is nice. View from the Colin is breath taking. I was planning to fly drone but as soon as arrived saw a big sign “NO DRONES”. Wanted to record a video of it from above. Public restrooms available.

John Knepp

Great history, great climb to the top (164 steps) and fantastic 360 degree view of the area.

Dee Bray

It is a wonderful place to go. However, there is a very heavy door at the top that blows shut very very hard against the door frame. I made the mistake of pausing in the doorway while other people moved out of the way. I put my hand on the door frame And when the wind blew the door shut, it hit my little finger And I had to have six stitches in it. It would have knocked a small child down. Perhaps the door is necessary for some reason. A guide cave us information and it was very interesting. It's amazing the way it is made. I recommend going, but watch out for the door if it is still there.

Ariel Motaghedi Alfaro

$5 parking for the whole year, we left our pass at the airbnb for future guests to enjoy. The gift shop has $1 balsa wood gliders which I highly recommend getting a handful of. You can also try your luck in collecting gliders from the hillside or lawn just below the column. There are 164 steps on the spiral staircase inside, with 3 or 4 rest stops between. It can get a little tight in there, as this is the only way up and down the column. Once you’re up, enjoy the view and fly those gliders! There were a couple of groups that were collecting the gliders and bringing 15-20 of them back up the staircase which we appreciated. The column park area also has a couple of those coin operated viewfinders and a trail called cathedral tree which are both great for the Acrophobic.

David Tyner

Been a long time since I've been. Took the kids, and wife. They loved it too. Really had a good time tossing the plane from the top of the column.

Jared Holfeltz

Very nice view. The kids loved throwing balsa wood airplanes off of it (legal and available at the gift shop for $1). Parking costs 5 bucks.


Wonderful place to watch a sunset. Beautiful 360 views.

Alison Cooper

Great views and stunning photos of lifting morning fog. Braved the stairs. Highly recommended.

Brandon Becker

Very fun place to go see! It is even better on sunny days. Be sure to grab some toy wood planes and toss them off the top of the column. It is a good climb to the top of the column be well worth the view!

becca Bice

We love this place. The walk up to the top is narrow and with many stairs but worth it when you get to the top. The view is beautiful!

Lisa Moreland

It's absolutely gorgeous! Do yourself a favor and buy the plane before you climb to the top! My 3 yr old made it all by himself so as long as you pace yourself you can too!

Maddy I

A lot of fun! Had a great time watching all the kids throw their gift shop planes off the tower. Lots of nice green grass nearby to chill or have a picnic. Tower is definitely a tiring climb, though- wouldn't recommend to anybody with bad knees! However, once you get up there, you won't even want to come down. (:

Colin Tilley

This is a little bit of a kitschy "roadside attraction" - however, that shouldn't stop you from visiting at all. The gift shop has some unique items and there are numerous fantastic viewpoints, even from the base. Climbing the spiral staircase in the tower rewards you with an amazing view out over Astoria and the water. It's also fun to buy and throw a balsawood airplane from the gift shop off the tower (encouraged by staff). Definitely worth a stop if you're in the area, even if you've been before.

Rebecca Martin

I only made it 3 flights up when the shaking off the stairs got to me. If you're afraid of heights or enclosed spaces, stay at the bottom and wave to them from the safety of the ground!! Otherwise, it's beautiful up there. 360° view from the ground is spectacular!! Great place to picnic and enjoy the beauty.

Nerdia y e s

160 stairs! Awesome and had so much fun! I got a stuffed River Otter at the gift shop and some planes to throw! So much fun!!!

Gordy Bell

Beautifully illustrated, coupled with a 360 degree view of the area. If you climb the tower you can toss paper airplanes


Been to Astoria a couple of time and this is the first time I visit the lighthouse. Such a wonderful view from the ground, and even better from the top of the lighthouse. Well kept place and beautiful treasure, it was a treat to see it. My boyfriend and I bought gliders for $1 each at the gift shop to throw them from the top of the lighthouse. Got some good exercise walking up. If you're ever in Astoria you should totally consider coming here, it's only $5 at the entrance.

Pamela Cooper

Such a cool place. I recommend you stop by here on your way through. 164 steps to the top but so worth it.

Sherry Palmer

Nicely restored and maintained monument to history of Astoria. Panoramic view of Columbia River and Pacific Ocean. Even better if you climb up the 126 steps to the top.

Danita Marlow

Great fun very interesting lots of stairs to climb but worth the view and flying the plane from the top.

Van Life Sheldon's Travels

Well worth the trip, video up on our YouTube channel.

Robyn Gay

So beautiful. The views of the water is stunning. The column itself can be climbed and is worth it. Caution: if you have trouble with heights or small spaces, it is both of these.

D Cas

Awesome views over the Columbia River. Climbing the stairs can be a great or at least a form of exercise. Even if you can't climb the tower the views are spectacular from the base. Be sure to buy the kids some of the $1 wooden gliders for the kids to fly off the top of the tower

Shari Wheeler

This place is super cool! 165 stairs up the spiral staircase. We were pulling a trailer and the road up was super curvey. We almost got taken out by one of the shuttles. I would definitely go again, but not pulling an RV up.

mandy dow

Wonderful views even on cloudy days. Fun to purchase and throw gliders ($1 each) from the top. $5 for an annual parking pass, no daily passes available.

Scott Jutte

It's a tall concrete pillar that you can go to the top of via and internal iron spiral staircase. The view from the top is definitely worth it. The exterior of the column is painted with a sort of historical fresco. Pretty cool.

Emily Tse

Great outlook and fun to watch the kids throwing down those wooden small slider

Tom Truscott

Costs $5 to park, then no other entrance fee. Great spot for panoramic views. Stairs only to the top of column. They are narrow and have 2 way traffic so it can get tricky at times depending on your size and the size of those coming from opposite direction. Great views from top of column, but you’ll spend maybe 10 minutes at most at the top, then be on your way.

steve bryant

The metal steps can be slick on a probably normal Astoria day, but the view at the top is worth it. What a stunning view, that has to be experienced. It was worth the stop on a 6000 mile motorcycle trip.

Q ball

You do have to pay for parking but definitely the best location to view Astoria overall. Meet a local that had an astonishing amount of historical information about the area which was very enriching. The climb up the sprial stair can be exhausting and dizzying. Catch your breath and steady your head and enjoy the amazing views from up top.

Ben Liu

You do have to pay a small fee to get in, but it’s worth it if it is your first visit to Astoria. Climbing the column is not for the faint-hearted, as you can see through the stairs (and the stairs aren’t in top condition). Once you reach the top of the column, you will have a panoramic view of Astoria and the Columbia River.

Sarah Warner

Parking was $5 cash per car but no cost to climb the tower. Worth it just to say you've checked it out! It is a fairly narrow climb and the landing platforms are good for waiting on so other people can descend or ascend. We visited on Sunday afternoon in late September and it was cold but clear and not very busy. My smart watch said it was 10 flights but I hear it's about 165 steps! Beautiful 360° view from the top! Well worth it if you are able to climb the steps. Additionally there is an observation space past the gift shop with a canoe that you used to be able to access and read the inscriptions. You don't seem to be able to get there now? A landmark of Astoria since I was a small child, I have wonderful memories of climbing the column. I was so happy to get to share those memories with my husband and our children, who have never been!

Larry Keahey

Well worth the time to visit. Beautiful views even from the grounds.

Cache Hancey

Great visit if you are passing through. Breathtaking views. Only $5 to park and then you can climb to the top. Would definitely do it again.

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