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Where is Smith Rock State Park?

REVIEWS OF Smith Rock State Park IN Oregon

tiff any

*** most people coming here are critically unprepared *** But it is a really awesome park. beautiful and was our favorite of the week in bend. we were undersold the challenge of Misery trail. it's a full mile climb up to the top of the cliff, and if you go between 10a-5p you will bake like a little rotisserie chicken. you are on a high-altitude, steep desert trail where the air is thin and the heat is magnified. two water bottles minimum! It took us two hours to get from the car area down to the river and then up to the summit going at a medium pace. Then we couldn't find the monkey face landmark - went all the way back down the other side of the hill to Mesa trail and still couldn't find it. I don't think it looks like much. but it's a very neat rock and the summit is the best part! We went back up to the summit, and then back down Misery to the car took about 30 minutes. The first part of Misery that you can see from the front car area is only 1/5 of the trail. be prepared for how hard it is.

Pete Roy

Great hike, spectacular views from the top.

Criss Steiner

This place is fantastic, I have been going here off and on for almost 20 years and I still love it. I am a rock climber and this park caters to the climbing community better that any other place I have been. I stayed in the campground and was pleased to find phone charging stations, clean bathrooms and hot showers. The hosts and rangers were very friendly and helpful. I however have learned that there has been a management change at the park and I am fearful of too many things changing. This has been a great park that caters well to every kind of person whether it be climber, hiker, biker, or just sightseer. I fear change in this beautiful place.

Jennifer Waldroup

Amazing. A must see in central Oregon. Small loop hike and longer ones into the park valley. Decent restrooms and visitors center has limited hours

Alexx Gonzales

Local land mark with a moderate trail for all ages. Just fun

Ranjan Shakya

Always a great time at Smith Rock. Photos don't do this place justice. A mecca for rock climbers, there is good hiking as well with the Misery Ridge trail being the highlight in terms of difficulty and views. Not in the mood for either activity, the views of these beautiful rock formations are well worth the drive to Terrebonne!

Sarah Giometti

Absolutely amazing! If you're in halfway decent shape, I highly recommend doing the misery ridge trail. However, go right first and get the hardest part out of the way, by climbing right to the top. You then finish with downhill (bar monkey face) and a fairly easy trail along the river.

Derek Schott

Probably the nicest geographical area the State of Oregon has to offer. For those who want some serious hiking opportunity, and to get away from the non-stop rows of trees, this is your place. Crowded on weekends, and can get a tad bit warm in the summer months. But if you are passing through stop and take a look at some picturesque scenery.

Jodie Eade

What a place. Like Arizona meets Oregon. Lots of hikes and good places to relax afterwards. Information place is not open Tues Wed Thurs so that makes finding out about hikes a bit difficult but we managed anyway. Have to pay $5 to park for the day but there is enough to do.


Very popular park. I believe it is still $5 to park there. Gets very hot. Start early. Watch for rattlesnakes

Betsy Templeton

Wow, such a beautiful place. Great hiking trails and interesting rock formations. The volunteers are very knowledgeable about the area. Super fun experience, I will be back.

Kim Oden

Very well kept. Exceptional views and hiking.

Jennifer Cox

Smith Rock offers a magical journey that is a great place for any level of hiker or climber. You can take a leisurely nature stroll along the river or challenge yourself to "Misery" and hike to the top of one of the formations. On the river route you can see a wide variety of wild flowers and wildlife; as well as, enjoy watching the daring rock climbers tackle a variety of challenging climbs. I also saw what looked like a group of students practicing on an easier formation.

Thomasina Newby

Definitely a must see and a huge hike .

Rachel Chinadle

AMAZING views and you should defiantly go. The trails are great but they do need to put a few more signs up. I did the Summit 7.5 miles but towards the end got a bit lost near Wolf trail, their map came in handy (free at pay station). Other then that, was a great experience. Bring good hiking shoes and plenty of water.

April Pera

It's not a place that you can just see pictures of and understand how beautiful it really is. And it somehow gets more beautiful every time I go. So, if you haven't been, than I suggest you get your life together and get out there!

Amber Dry

Smith Rock is beautiful. It's the more desert like element of Oregon rather than the thick green trees. It has a grand canyon feel which i just love. Parking fills up quickly so come early in the morning to avoid that fiasco. This place is a world renowned climbing spot so you will see tons of folks climbing.

Joe Gallo

Awesome hike! It was about 20 min non stop from.bottom to top in the sun the whole way. Recommend sun screen and water, but views were nice and lots of climbers to watch. Backside is easier to get up as far as steepness, but that requires you to walk 2 to 3 miles around

Becky Haddad

So gorgeous. Be sure to pack to hike (shoes, water, snacks) even if you're not planning on climbing. Get there early: it'll be a hike just to get from your car otherwise!

robert mckheen

Very cool park where you can hike and rock climb

Kim Rolfs

Something for all! Hard core 7 plus mile hike or easy mile hike. Fantastic picnic area with parking, shade, restrooms, water and amazing views.

Family Adventure

Breath taking scenery , it’s a must seen location on earth, you will encounter allot of rocks climbers , and hikers , parking fee 5$ day use valid from down to dusk , take plenty of water and hiking sticks will be a help, dogs are allowed …


I think it is a treasure of central oregon. Nice view and easy approaching. Next time I will try to trail, absolutely!

Zach Sylvester

Amazing! Whether you hike, bike, rock climb, or just want a nice easy view from a parking lot with a few BBQs and tables, this is the place to go. Cooler weather is a must if you plan on hiking Misery Ridge, or just make sure to bring lots of water and leave the dogs at home. Can't wait to go back and explore some more!

Steve Simmering

Trails range from easy to difficult. A great place for anyone hiking

Stan Lengele

I grew up here on the Truex ranch. I had to pay to walk into what used to be my back yard. Still brings back wonderful memories.

Eric Brooks

A must for anyone visiting Bend! Misery ridge is a bit rough for inexperienced hikers, but well worth the climb. Bring extra water and good boots. If you're more adventurous, Smith Rock offers unbeatable climbing and repelling- Bend has a number of experienced guides to take climbers of every skill level up the side of this unique formation.

Kristina Derosier

Then down is a little bit of scree (poles helped a lot!) and then long flat walk along river to the start. Big uphill at very end to race the heartbeat one last time.

Ethan Pitzer

What an awesome spot! The trails here were very well kept marked, and provided plenty of room for foot traffic! There are a couple trails for mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding. Plenty of rock climbing options along variety of cliff faces as well. We came here over Labor Day and we were honestly impressed by how ample the parking was! Automated ticket machine for day parking passes for cash or card, as well as a service desk for annual passes I believe. Definitely a recommended spot to adventure and enjoy some amazing sights!

Tyler Schindel

The birthplace of sport climbing does not disappoint!

Tia H

This park is always super clean! The staff here does a great job! Everyone please remember leave no trace so that we can keep places like this beautiful!

Johnpaul Morton

Hard to beat the vibe at Smith Rock. The views from the parking lot are worth the trip. The hike to the top is steep but worth every step. Either way you can’t lose.

Dave Blair

A must see if you're in the Bend area. Simply stunning. A photographer's paradise.

Stella Lam

Steep descent from the beginning part of the trail and going into the Chute trail. Fun seeing lots of climbers even late afternoon going into early evening. Make sure you bring lots of water and sunblock. There are easy and hard hikes for all levels to enjoy. Day use fee (credit/debit cards only) is required and can be purchased at the rv/bus parking lot.


Very beautiful, nice trails, the trail name markings could be better, bit there are a lot of maps, so still good, but not perfect.

dan bolin

What an amazing park! Be sure to try some ice cream at Juniper Junction on your way home from climbing or hiking.

Brian Etzel

This place is georgous and plenty of trails to hike that all lead to great view points. Definitely bring lots of water as it heats up very quickly just a few hrs after sunrise. One of my favorite places to see during my trip to Oregon would love to go back and spend more than a morning there. Another perk is not too far from the main attractions

Richard Swaine

Great local food and friendly staff, you must try the Indian fried bread.

Shekhar Jain

Great place to take a leisurely hike. Lots of trails to suit your fancy.


Very nice trails true Smith Rock State park. The view is great from the parking lot itself. Spare one day to visit the park. If you cannot spare whole day then you can visit the park for 1 hour and experience. Beautiful landscape. Must must visit

Inhale Exhale

Always a fantastic place to go for a hike. Haven't done much mountianing biking but I'm keen to try. Just minutes from Redmond, it's easy to get to and enjoy a few hours romping around one of central Oregon's most stunning features.

Taylor Pemberton

Did Misery Trail. It was tough but well worth it. Bring lots of water and plan on taking a few quick breaks on the way up. There is a lot of different trails to explore. It was cool watching the rock climbers scale the cliffs. The park was nice, clean, and had a bunch of picnic tables.

Summer Walter

Such a great climbing place! Love it here. It’s pretty steep access to the canyon. The misery ridge hike lives up to its name, but views are gorgeous! Visit this state park and you won’t be disappointed. This is such a great place for rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, camping, you name it! Highly recommend for sure.

Jim T

Misery trail. Was easy for my 20+ year old kids and for this 50+ year old it was doable but at end of ascent it was a good sense of accomplishment. Then down is a little bit of scree (poles helped a lot!) and then long flat walk along river to the start. Big uphill at very end to race the heartbeat one last time.


Amazing place for trail running or hiking. The only thing sometimes there is no parking or you may have too wait. Other than that great place to visit!

Bethany Fritz

Beautiful place! Easy to find, and maintained beautifully.


We made the long beautiful drive from Portland to see this national park. It was worth every minute. What a stunning picturesque place. The hikes range from easy to more difficult involving loose rocks and a steep climb.

Bob Hoyt

Smith Rock is a fantastic day trip. Plenty of parking. Great hikes on this prehistoric basalt rock. Carved from receding glaciers Smith Rock is a moument to the past. Don't miss it if you're in Central Oregon.

Christine Powell

The misery ridge hike is a very difficult hike. It is not lying when it says it is the most difficult. However the view is extremely rewarding. Just make sure you're prepared for a lot of stairs, uphill climbing, and a lot of downhill. If you are a type one diabetic make sure you bring stuff for low blood sugar (sharing from personal experience).

Sean F Gallagher

Love this place. Beautiful and strenuous.

Casey Cooper

We had a great time hiking here and loved the scenery. Just be aware that the trail labeled as "Heartbreak Ridge' lives up to its name. From either end there is a series of uncompromising switchbacks that I could characterize as strenuous. Bring plenty of water. The hikes around the river are a lot easier going.

Gloria K

Scenic views with Rick formations and the river. There was a ranger giving us info about the snakes and lizards we may come across. The afternoon was not ideal to visit because of the heat on a summer day. Would recommend early hours or late evening hours to visit

Bryan G

My wife and I absolutely love this hike. This is our second time, and this year we decided to do the river trail first and then finish off with the misery ridge trail and it was so much better because we had morning shade which allowed us to have energy in the early afternoon for the misery ridge. View is spectacular worth every step.

Mark Waters

Phenomenal place to hike and climb! We are so very lucky to have Smith Rock in our backyard, here in Central Oregon—what a treasure!

Rui Qiang

The view in this park is absolutely stunning! You can’t miss it when you visit the Bend area. It is the paradise of the climbers but even you are not climb lover, take the Misery Ridge and River Trail won’t fail you, just Do It!

Dustin Brown

We went bouldering here. The rocks are easily accessed. V0-V10 problems await you. Whether you are intermediate or advanced you have some decent options. Not recommended for beginners as these rocks are very tall

Brendan Alex Phoenix

Must visit! I’m a photographer and a hiker. Smith Rocks is perfect for both.

Steven Bell

Awesome park. Really enjoyed hiking the unique volcanic terrain.

Meghan Kelly

I always have such a great experience here. Plenty of different hiking paths and choices on routes. Misery ridge has got to be my favorite, about 1mile up and 1,000 ft elevation gain. Lots of rock climbing opportunity. I have just done beginner runs and have had an excellent time

alena goodman

Beautiful epic natural place!!! My 6 year old daughter took us on the gnarliest hike that went all the way aroand up down and throughout all the beauty!! Cant wait to go there again soon!

Dominik PATAKY

Beautiful place. All I can say. Nice walk around with stunning views.

Rachiyta Raina

Totally loved the pit stop we took here. Suddenly came to this stop as a surprise and we're totally delighted. Hiked around the area to get a good glimpse of the entire scenary. Was not super crowded and am glad it's a well kept national Forest

Kenneth Wiltbank

Beautiful hiking and running. Amazing

Karen Saunders

Great place for hiking, saw many people hiking the trails. There were even people climbing the rock. You can actually see people in my photos. Which I find very fascinating to watch. Nice place for a family picnic. Restrooms were clean as well.

Megan V

Smith Rock State Park is beautiful. Tuff rock creates a canyon with the Crooked River flowing through. It is a hiker and rock-climber’s heaven. Dogs are allowed on leashes. No RV or car camping allowed but they have a hike in type camping option. There are tons of hiking trails. We walked down (0.1 mile path) “The Chute” from the RV parking lot and it lead to three main trails. Left is the river path, middle is the most difficult path called “Misery Ridge Trail”, and right is the 1.2 mile “Wolf Tree Trail.” We decided to take the path to the right with our 3 1/2 year old and 17 month old. We take them all over the place and they did well on this trail. We started early in the morning before the heat was unbearable and brought lots of water. Our 17 month old fell asleep (in the pack) on the pathway on the first hike. Towards the end of that path it did get steep for the little ones so you must use caution and have to keep them close. We saw quite a few people with hiker backpacks built to carry their infants inside. We saw some rock climbers and bikers, trails for horseback riding and many other options for adventure. Cooling off in the Crooked river was a nice refreshment and reward after a great hike on a hot summer day. The kids really enjoyed that part! We will have to come back when the kids are older to take on some more advanced trails!

Sierra Mayer

A well known climbing destination around the world! And a beautiful spot to walk your dogs. I always do the canyon trail along the river, which gets less crowded the further out you go.

Marilyn Kolander

If you like to hike or rock climb this place is a must on your list. Easy to difficult hikes. Animals to search for. Go early, take plenty of water and enjoy nature. Saw a golden eagle soar across the cliffs, a heron in a tree and in the water. Lunch under a shade tree. Just a great area to explore

Jill Harwell

The trails here were very well kept marked, and provided plenty of room for foot traffic! There are a couple trails for mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding. Plenty of rock climbing options along variety of cliff faces as well. We came here over Labor Day and we were honestly impressed by how ample the parking was! Automated ticket machine for day parking passes for cash or card, as well as a service desk for annual passes I believe.

Deanna Posik

Wow! Awesome place for hiking, rock climbing, and picture taking.

L. C.

Really unique. I liked seeing so many climbers while walking the flat trail along the river. This seems like a place you could spend a whole day exploring... Even if you aren't a climber. Bring a picnic and water.

Lorraine Paschke

This place never disappoints!! Love everything about the park. Views, wildlife, climbers, trails and nice visitors.

Matt Boisvert

It's like a mini version of Zion! Great climbing, and a couple good dayhikes. Saw a bunch of birds of prey and some otters over the course of a day, so bring binoculars!

Cordell Hunter

As well as being a world class climbing destination, it's a great place to hike and enjoy some unique scenery. The crooked river runs right through it and it is gorgeous. Parking isn't free, ($5) there's one campground, no car camping allowed however.

trevor smith

Busy Saturday, beautiful place and great rock climbing.

Jillian Torassa

Beautiful place for most abilities, but if you want to go into the canyon, there is a pretty steep hill. There are paths around the rim though. It was pretty crowded...worth the $10 to park in a nearby yard, and definitely worth the trip!

Andrew Hale

Fantastic hike. The Misery ridge trail earned the name, but when you get to the top there are great viewpoints. It was fun watching the climbers scale monkey face and then climb back down.

Helen Goulet

Beautiful park. We took Misery Ridge down into the canyon and walked the river back. Great hike!

Janette Eichler

Beautiful hike! You can't get a bad photo.

Rose Weeks

This is one of those places that could be a national park. It's gorgeous and pleasant and fun and full of adventure! Great climbing as well as good hiking.

Chris Riker

Absolutely gorgeous views and rock formations! Well worth the hike!

Kevin Rhodes

Family liked the hike and said they want to go back! In a wheelchair so did not go on hike the initial hill is extremely steep. Beautiful views.

Tony Leung

Wonderfully beautiful dramatic park and also with family and dog friendly trails, with high cliffs, rock formations all around, meandering river around the edge, and pines and gnarly juniper trees, and likely good wild flowers in season. It exceeded my already high expectations. Just be prepared for steep loose pebbled trails. Bring hiking sticks and good traction shoes, unless you have good balance. Bring water also, especially if warm. Trail is exposed. We got lucky with the cool afternoon clouds.

J. Justin Daniels

This place is beyond beautiful, great food hiking at all skill levels and tick climbing

George Hunt

Beautiful! You don't need to be a climber to enjoy it. The trail going to the bottom of the canyon is steep but manageable with a stroller, and my toddler loved watching the climbers with their gear! The Rim trail is a great walk with no altitude change.

Jun Li

From painted hills to crater lake; you can drop by here. It locates perfectly between the other 2 wonders.

Hannah Bocanegra

One of the most gorgeous hikes I've ever been on. Many different options as far as difficulty levels, and rock climbing as well! And AMAZING views

Jamal Dawud

The views are fantastic! If you like rocks, this place is sweet!! You will find plenty of hiking, climbing and nature watching to occupy your time at Smith Rock!!! Enjoy our world and have a great day✌️

Danny Q

This was a great place to camp. The hosts were friendly and took great care of the facilities. The bathrooms, showers and dish washing area were excellent and clean. It was very posh for a climber’s campground and kid friendly.

Matthew Miller

For views, this place is amazing! There is nowhere you can look that wouldn't be absolutely beautiful. This area doesn't have the easiest hikes, but they are definitely worth it for the views and the memories.

Cara Krebs

Beautifully groomed giant climbing destination with towering walls and picturesque river. Like the Disneyland of climbing: bathrooms and stairs everywhere, a highline, and even a guy holding a snake doing a demo. Clean and ultra-accessible. Lots of people but surprisingly didn't have to wait much at all to climb.

Amy Wise

It's breathtaking and there's something for everyone - running, hiking, biking, climbing. The park is incredibly well maintained so be sure to clean up after yourself and respect the area. Parking gets really tight so be sure to look for lots across the street charging $10. It's a good deal.

Nick Saulpaugh

Short drive from Bend and an unreal portion of Oregon. Great place to spend the day hiking around the rocks, walking down the river or setting some ropes and rock climbing. One of the best rock climbing spots in Oregon.

Melissa Mansour

What a beautiful creation from God, I had a hard time truly leaving .

Darlene M. Merlich

Can't believe I've not been down here before! This park is SO clean! Restrooms down below, with nice benches to rest on. A great place to take out of town folks. That should be a rule, in fact!

Chuck Tracy

Exceeded our expectations... beautiful park... Awesome trails and many photo opportunities...

Philip Royd

Great place to hike, great views. I didn't rock climb, but the climbers I saw look like they had a great time. It was a great adventure for everyone in the group I was in, and I wouldn't mind doing it again.

Ronald Ewert

This is one of the prettiest hikes in Oregon. Just a few minutes from Redmond. $5 parking with credit card. Climbers all around. Hike misery ridge to monkey face and a leisurely stroll down the back side! Amazing!!

Diana Baker

Beautiful. Very steep hike out. Great views, wildlife like magpies, turkey vultures, bald eagles, Canada geese, river otters, and others. It's fun to watch the rock climbers as you hike. The weather is usually great for a hike in the spring.

Jeffrey Mertins

I love hiking and this is a great place to hike all year long. Beautiful views and terrain with several different trails to choose from. Gives you a place to get a good workout in, in a short time with the misery trail. I wish it was closer to home. It does tend to get very hot in the summer but still a fun place to come. I also enjoy watching all the craziness of the climbers and tight rope walkers. I saw several falls last time I was there... Makes my cheeks clench.

Michael Barto

Such a beautiful park. Highly recommend the summit loop if you can manage it. Amazing views.

Jordan Lewis

A beautiful state park full of wildlife and nature. Great hikes for beginners and the experienced.

Kendall Larson

This is a very nice and very unique state park in Oregon. After being on the Oregon Coast for a few days and seeing nothing but ocean, rivers, and forest, it was surprising to see what reminded me of Colorado or Idaho. There are many hikes to do, some of which take you up and over smith rock. The views of the park and the surrounding agricultural areas are amazing. Worth a stop if you’re ever in the Bend area

Kevin Valudes

Awesome place! Stunning views! Wish the visitor center yurt was open a little later though

Stephanie Delgado

The View the area was Amazing! Would love to go back!

Abbey Orton

Well maintained trails, compost toilets, trails were easy to locate, easy to pay for parking, and my 4 year old had a blast!

Sally Johnson

Remarkable rock formations. We hiked into a steep canyon with a stream that runs through the bottom. This is a great place for rock climbers.

Breanna Carlson

Gets very hott after 11 am. Bring plenty of water and leave pets at home unless used to heat. It's also great when you get to the top you get to see all the rich people's houses that live on the border overlooking the park.

Barry B

Wow what a treasure! It's just from a scene from a Wild West movie. There are a couple of water fountains around, and we needed them. Temperature in the valley is very high in summer. So fill up your water bottles. Restrooms at the parking are nice and clean. Parking and access needs a $5 fee (or the parks pass) you can buy it at the parking lot from a vending machine.

Aric Shafer

This State Park is Amazing! Well maintained, with scenic views moderate and challenging trails, climbing and opportunity to slack-line. It is no wonder why this is one of the most beloved parks in the State.

chasing views_

One of the Seven wonders of Oregon, Smith rock State Park offers views at every turn! A must see for anyone in the area and beyond. If your up to the challenge, conquer the grueling trail of Misery Ridge, or if with family, hike along the river! Get there early, the parking lot fills quickly!

Eric Simmons

Beautiful Smith Rock State Park is pretty much a must stop. If you're able to get past the first steep section and make it to the bridge go left and walk awhile on the flat section. Hard to beat that scenery.

Eugenia Rivero

Beautiful place! Perfect for a day trip! Recommend the Misery Ridge / River Trail ~4mi hike & ~1000 ft of gain for great views. Make sure you bring water... enjoy!

Grace Porraz

Very busy, high traffic of people but beautiful settings and trails. Extremely steep to get to River trail and we had to rest several times for older family to catch their breath but then you can chose from several paths based on your level

Paul Dixon

Stunningly picturesque park, close to dessert SW feeling of the rocks towering above you. Nice 7 mile hike around the perimeter, or just wander asking the front section, taking in Monkey Face and just watching the numerous times climbers scale the rock faces. The only real downside is the popularity of the place; you'll need to get there by 9 to guarantee a parking spot, otherwise you'll be hovering, waiting for someone to leave.

Kent L

Wonderful place for a hike of any length, lunch and beautiful sights. People we met along the way were nice and friendly.

Marie Guyer

Went at 6:00 PM about an hour or so before dusk. This is the best time especially if you are going to just walk along the river. The sun allows so many colors to come through this time of day. Beautiful!!

Ray Wortman

89 degrees and 7 miles and LOVED every minute. It's just a nether great day in OREGON

Cory Stores

Just go, it's awesome! You can park and take a few epic pictures, sit and enjoy the scenery and birds, or bring some water and go for a hike, ride, or climb. The trek up is fairly steep, but the views are amazing. Sit back and watch a few expert climbers scale the side of a sheer cliff.

Serena Giordano

Beautiful park full of gorgeous red rocks, bluffs and long trails. Bring water and comfy shoes. It's a climbers dream. Day passes required, plenty of parking.

Melodi Yanik

Parking is a hot mess, but if you manage to find a spot, the park is a gem. We came just to walk around and marveled at the climbers and bikers. This place is very unique in the sports it accommodates and the views it provides. Regarding parking: We came on a cool but sunny Saturday afternoon in October and were not able to find a spot. We came back the next day, Sunday around 9:30 am and found a spot easily. But still, many climbers were well on their way to the park and up the walls. The lot was full again by the time we left around 11.

Norbert Aschenbrenner

One of the most stunning landscapes I have ever seen. It is worth a long detour. The best is to come in the late afternoon when the sun sets the rocks on fire. You have to hike around. We did the difficult hike to the top and made our way around, down to the river and back to the bridge. Very impressive: the rock with the monkey face.

Landon Marsh

Busy, but rigorous and gorgeous hike with lots of scenic variety

Tim Williamson

This is a beautiful state park with amazing paths and hiking. We need to be realistic that you can absolutely enjoy the fantastic views from the parking lot and viewpoint areas, but you need to be able to confidently hike steep terrain to reach the paths. Once you have made the hike down you can explore a variety of paths, at your own pace. Your fellow hikers move at their own pace and give you ample opportunity to do the same. You'll find a number of climbers on a daily basis and simply just stopping to watch the progression up the side of the mountain is a unique opportunity. If you've got the ability to make the hike, do it. If you can only park and use the viewpoints, do that. Be aware that park is day use and has a five dollar parking fee, but they accept credit cards so there isn't an excuse to miss it. Do yourself a favor and take in the sights in person and don't miss this amazing state park.

Kathy Wynegar

Various colored rock formations of different volcanic flows over time. Easy paths to view the scenes, the Crooked River flowing below in the gorge is a nice green contrast to the rocks. Well maintained, nice picnic areas, only saw Port-a-potties though.

Aeris Knop

The view is stunning. Even though it was hot, the view you see is totally worth it.

Russell Miller

A beautiful place to visit and a wonderful place to hike. You can take in some spectacular views from your car in the parking lot but get out and walk around... it is well worth it. There are some easy, flat hikes along the banks of the Crooked River or get crazy like we did and hike the well named “Misery Trail” up to the top! After all of that vertical your legs will be tired, just remember you still have to climb out of the canyon to get back to your car.


Great view! You are free to take trail whatever length fits for you. You can see people climbing the rock!

barbara wildern

Walks for every fitness level, beautiful surroundings and watching the Canadian geese frolic in the Crooked River was delightful.

Lori Weathers

What a fantastic hike. Higher altitude then I'm used to climbing. We started on the River Trail and followed Mesa Verde Trail to Misery Ridge Trail. Breath taking views. You can watch the rock climber's or go buy the gear and learn how to climb.Bring lots of water, sunscreen and your camera gear and enjoy!!

Ruth Baker

So beautiful, unique rock canyon, world famous climbing walls.

Kathy Mahosky

Incredible beauty, great hiking and rock climbing. Something for everyone!

Shannon Nickerl

I'm absolutely in awe of mother nature. This place is beautiful!

f adenan

A must place to visit. In the summer, arrive early before 8 am, bring lots of water, dress light, wear good hiking shoes and sunglasses. Hiking poles would be helpful. After crossing the bridge, turn right as I would hike up the Misery Ridge Trail first, then go down to hike the full loop thru Mesa Verde Trail along the river. Some people do the gentle hike along the river for a couple miles then hike up the difficult Misery Ridge, I would not recommend as you'd be more tired when you actually need to work the hardest.

Ying-bei Eldridge

Just go and realize why people say never ever underestimate a state park

Sara Montgomery

Always a favorite place to visit when I come to Bend. This gem is worth the drive early in the morning (summer months) if you want to hike to avoid the heat. The hike up misery ridge is definitely a difficult trek but it is worth it when you see the views at the top!

Alexander Peichl

This place was incredible. I wish I could have spent more time here. I only got to do a little bit of hiking but I could easily spend an entire vacation here. There is a ton of hiking, rock climbing, and site seeing to be done.

shawn mcnurney

So much to explore, lots to do! Best when visited in the fall/ spring.

Brian Burich

Awesome and not too crowded yet on Sundays after noonish. Very cool hosts and rangers. Worth the drive, worth the "Misery."

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Smith Rock State Park en Oregon
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