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Where is Sea Lion Caves?

REVIEWS OF Sea Lion Caves IN Oregon

Jill Chess

We drove from Oregon City to see Sea Lion Caves. We didn't even see the slightest sighting. The cave itself was cool, but it wasn't worth the $28 to see them this time of year. The staff member kindly refunded our money. She said the best time to view the sea lions inside the cave is November through May and outside May-July.

Super Shopper

We really enjoyed our experience here, worth the time and money. Fun time for all. Enjoyed the history. Take the time to watch the video. A cool and reasonably priced gift shop. The best gift shop in the area.

Kasity Briley

Remember to take binoculars and a jacket. I'm not sure if it is always windy, but it was the day we visited. Our party was scrambling to dig hoodies out of the car. Thankfully we had just enough. Although if you needed to buy one the prices seemed to start in the low $20 for an adult size hoodie.

Elvia J V.T.

I visited this place in 2017 and it was such an amazing experience! Sea lions are their natural habitat and the view is amazing

Solid Rock Enterprises

Sea lion cave was educational scenic and just flat out cool seeing these majestic pinnipeds in their natural habit. The gift shop staff was friendly and helpful. Over a great time.

Starrlet Whitlock

If you're traveling on highway 101, Sea Lion Caves is a must to stop at!! The caves were a great experience and the views of everything are spectacular. You will not be disappointed!!

Super Mario Run Wiki

It was great! We saw some sea lions. By visiting the sea lion caves, you can learn a lot about sea lions.

William Kerns

This is a fantastic geological formation, and if you don't believe me, just ask the seals. Remember though that these are wild animals, and they don't just hang around for the tourists. We did manage to see them though, so that was nice. I'm pretty sure there is almost always at least a couple taking a nap on the rocks though. The gift shop has really good prices on their jackets and gifts.

Linda Diener

A natural habitat for the sea lions. Was hoping to a whale but no luck. Great area good prices. 62 older was $13. Adult was $14. Good prices on there gifts.

Russ B

Very cool experience. Worth the money. We got there at 4:45 pm on a Sunday and had plenty of time to do everything. They're open past 6:00 pm, they just stop selling tickets then. People complain about the price, but it's well maintained and I for one am glad they've invested in an elevator to take you down. It said it was 200 feet down, that's a 20 story building! It can't be cheap to maintain. It's only $14 and IMO better than a lot of aquariums I've been to because it's natural. We saw about 100 sea lions and there was a gray whale out there too. I'm sure it will be one of the highlights of our trip.


Amazing if you are planning a trip i recommend that you see these caves and over 200 sea lions! Plus the best gift shop for little and big critters all around! And amazing views

Markus Akert

Sea lions were migrating, but got to see some wales. Nice spot. Nice staff. Worth visiting even without the sea lions.

Sanjana Balakrishna

Beautiful coast line. It's great for all ages. You just need to Bear the stench of the animals. We stopped here while doing the US101 drive. Worth a stop here.

Shanna Bastian

Absolutely loved it. Informative and fun. Plenty to see. Spent almost 2 hours here. Traveling through the area and needed to stretch our legs.... so glad we chose to stop at Sea Lion Caves! Will go again

Joris Vallenduuk

Special place to be. When we were there, there were no Sealions in the cave itself. To bad for us, early september is not the right time for that. There were still some Stellar Sealions outside on a cliff to watch. Decent amount of parking places on both side of the US101. You can also see whales passing by from the viewpoints there.

Jerry Rogers

Way cool. Parking isn't always easy. but it is worth the effort, especially at peak Sea Lion season. A little jaunt down to the caves and there be critters a plenty, and the ocean views are pretty nice too.

Michelle Jondahl

Love the view. Can't see the caves due to the stink. Great gift shop though. The view makes up for it!

Shaelyn Matherly

I thought it was interesting and worth the visit. We were able to see the sea lions in both areas - in the cave and on the other side, at the observation area. The property was very clean and well kept despite all the sea birds that live there. The handrails and sidewalks are obviously cleaned which I appreciate. I was worried about the smell based on some stories I've heard but I only got a couple occasional whiffs - nothing too bad and it certainly didn't interfere with our visit. You're dealing with wild animals on the ocean so it's to be expected, regardless. The price didn't seem that bad until you stop and consider that visiting the local zoo all day and seeing hundreds of animals would only cost a few dollars more. We took our time, admired the sea lions at both areas, read the educational material, checked out the lighthouse viewpoint, and took family photos. We might have been there an hour? I probably won't go back on my own but I would recommend it to others and I would take someone who hasn't been, once. It's a nice little pit stop on a road trip. Go in the morning and beat the crowds. We went on a Thursday morning and it was perfect - just starting to pick up when we left. It would definitely not be as enjoyable with a crowd as there are only a couple small viewing areas. Although there wasn't anything wrong with my visit, I just can't rate it any higher because of the price point.

Jess Walters

Great price for a very unique sightseeing experience. It is is typically $14 for adult admission and your receipt is good for free entry for a year if you can make it back. Though we went during a time of year that the Sea Lions don't use the caves (mid-September), there were still plenty hanging out on the cliffs, and the cave itself is a beautiful sight to behold even sans Sea Lions. For a tourist attraction that requires very little time or money, this was an excellent stop and well worth it.

Randy Waller

Always love this place. Gift shop needs books for kids. Saw gray whales what a bonus. Windy outside in vista points. bring jacket it's 50* in the caves

Amber Dry

I love the sea lion caves! They have a little gift shop which has delicious fudge. You can also ask how many sea lions are present before going down. The times i went there were around 200. It's a great little stop on your drive up the coast.

Janine Stephens

So so much fun! Almost didn't go but so happy we did. Friendly staff

Raquel Del Razo

The sealions were out for feeding season but you can still buy a pass to go down and it comes with a rain check to go again within the next year to catch the sea lions. You will go down an elevator to a viewing area to see the cave. You cant get close to the sea lions but still interesting enough to observe when they are there. A lot of information posters throughout the area with interesting facts. Go up the stairs and you can get a view of Haceeta lighthouse. Wear shoes with traction since it can get a little wet and slippery due to people walking down with wet shoes but you will stay dry. Watch the 6 min info video it has some random facts and not boring like other info videos.

Lloyd Walker

Very educational, informative, beautiful. Nature's Best. worth the drive. fantastic gift shop. great service prior to going down to the cave, letting you know if there are sea lions in the cave. The stairs down to the walkway is well-lit and railed. The hundred plus yards walk down the ramp has plenty of stop and sitting areas. The elevator to the caves was a bonus. Once in the cave we enjoyed the sea lions, the 6-minute video on the history, the viewing area of a local lighthouse, and all the educational material provided. And Nature's Aroma was not bad for 200 cows in the cave.

Lisa Breck

Nice gift shop. A lot of beautiful locally made blown glass. Fudge and Popcorn offered to purchase. The sea lions were fun to watch at a good distance behind a wire fence.. A video is available to watch that will ready you for the experience.

Farrah Summers-Blake

The shop is really great with reasonable prices for a tourist spot.

Lisa Whelpley

My son and husband loved this and said they'd have stayed all day to watch the sea lions. They found it delightful and you might too. For me, it was fine but stinky (it's animals so no surprise). We didn't see sea lions anywhere else up and down the coast, so if you want to see them, spend the money and do this.

Lee Harris

Cool spot to stop and check out along the coast. They also offered a discount when we went due to the time of year and unlikelihood to see sea lions in the cave, and even though we didn't see any sea lions in the cave it was still a really cool experience to read about the caves and the area and go down.

Lisa Cox

A great sight to see watching the sea lions in their natural habitat. A great place to bring your family.

Arianna Hanson

Visiting the sea lion caves is educational and unforgettable. As a frequent visitor of the Oregon coast, I regret not making the drive out here sooner. The gift shop contains a variety of items, and has a very welcoming atmosphere. Sea lions, the Heceta lighthouse, the views and all of the educational material provided made for such a meaningful experience.

Jeffery Cudd

Delightful journey down to the sea... Waves crashing into the mouth of the cave sweeping frothy water onto glistening rocks. All of the Sea Lions were outside of the cave easy to see from the trail down to the elevator that takes you 200 feet down to ocean level.

Justin McClintock

Fun experience for the whole family and reasonably priced. It is not a zoo. They are wild animals so no telling how many you will see. There is a screen in the store to see in the cave prior to ticket purchase. Even If they are not in the caves, there are usually some visible from the overlook on the rocks below.

Tonya Molloy

This wasn’t exactly what I had expected - in a good way actually. This is a definite attraction for tourists however, it is totally done in respect of the animals well being and natural habitat. You are able to view an overlook where hundreds of sea lions bask in the sun and an occasional whale might come into view. A short walk to an elevator takes you down to the caves. The elevator descends and the doors open to the caves. You then walk to an area where there is bars and just beyond that is sea lions in their natural habitat completely safe from human interactions. It allows for ample viewing and picture taking without bothering the animals. Great care went into the original planning of this unique experience. Binoculars, comfortable shoes and a light jacket might be helpful as it is rather windy at the overlook area and the caves has some wet areas to be mindful of.

Badrudeen Martin

Great place for sea lion enthusiasts but if you don't like the smell of fish, be aware because you smell some fish guts

Michele Schuler

This was a really fun thing to take the kids to do! :-) it was a little on the pricey side for the amount of time that we got to spend in their lol :-) but overall worth it! :-) all those see lines so amazing! :-) and the staff was super friendly and super helpful! :-) highly recommend :-)

S Flowers

The place as a tourist attraction is okay but the beauty of the area is why I gave it a four-star. The Oregon coast is amazing and breathtaking. I have been blessed to live in several of the towns from north to south.

Bob Masters

The walk to and from the elevator could be a bit challenging for someone that is not in the best shape. The views are incredible along the walk, so take your time and enjoy the scenery. In the distance is the lovely and historic Haceta Head lighthouse. Once you reach the bottom of the cave, there are about a hundred sea lions that hang out there. While touring the Oregon Coast, this is a must-see forbthe entire family!

Kristina Derosier

They found it delightful and you might too. For me, it was fine but stinky (it's animals so no surprise). We didn't see sea lions anywhere else up and down the coast, so if you want to see them, spend the money and do this.

Danita Day

Nice viewing area. For the price the view machines should be free. It was fun seeing the sea lions and birds. The views were amazing across the ocean and shore.

Ashley O'Toole

This place is so cool! You will see a ton of sea lions, it's amazing! Beware of thier smell though! Gift shop is also very cool and I loved the whole experience.

Owen Drew

While you do not need to visit Sea Lion Caves every time you visit the Oregon coast, it is a must visit location for regular and first time visitors to the coast. The outside viewpoint of the rocks below offers a great view of lots of sea lions sunning themselves in land and swimming near land in the ocean. The outside viewpoints are also a great place to look out for whales. The coin pay binoculars are a great way to zoom in for any off short sightings. Afterwards, be sure to catch the elevator to go down to get an amazing view of the sea lions in the shelter of the cave below. Be aware no flash photography is allowed in the cave, so make the proper adjustments with your cameras. There are a couple of sea lion skeletons and a nice view of the Hacita Head lighthouse down below as well. If your lucky, you may also find ocean birds caring for their young while checking out the many amazing views at this location. This stop is definitely worth the money spent.

J Harrison

This was a fun experience when we stopped in. The parking wasn't great, but for a tourist spot that has to be expected. Will definitely stop back by next time we're on the coast.

Tom Mugleston

We didn't realize there is a museum in the cave. The sea lions were outside this time of the year, but still cool.

Sally Bare

Not very many in the cave this time if year. But still cool to see.

Frank Gary

We loved coming here during our trip. The cave was amazing and got to learn a few things. Great views

David Conaway

Great stop in the way to California. Big souvenir shop. Took elevator to caves and saw plenty of sea lions. Interesting facts and displays. Only downside was it seemed fairly expensive but otherwise well worth the stop.

timothy mcguire

This is a cool place. I mean it down on the cave that is. Plus the area that the seale and birds take refuge in the winter. Saw some seals on the rocks. What a joy to witness. I hope to come back again.

Christina Servin

This is an incredible place! I’m in awe of how it was built and how well maintained it is. There is so much to learn and appreciate about the sea lions. The boardwalk to the elevator is breathtaking. We brought our binoculars so we could see the sea lions playfully swimming into the cave. It was worth the admission and our 5 year old thought it was wonderful too.

Melissa Rancour

This was so much fun! Everyone in the family had fun. There were so many sea lions to observe. Nice amount of viewing areas and places to sit. The short video was interesting, and the gift shop was reasonably priced. Just be careful parking and leaving the lot because 101 has fast traffic and the caves are on a curve.

Jeri Stabler York

This place was a great addition to our day. The weather was fantastic. The place itself comes up fast as it's just around a corner, has tons of parking across from the store, the views were great and the sea lions were great to watch.....lots of them to watch. The staff was great, friendly and knowledgeable. In the area I highly suggest stopping by!

Steve Wright

This stop on the drive along the Oregon coast is well worth it. There is a nice gift shop, the fudge is home made and amazing, and the Seal Lion Cave is an awesome experience. The sights, sounds, and smells of the cave were surreal.

Kenny Johnson

This is a fun place, could be awesome if you would like let us pay for fish and feed the Sea Lions... but I get it don't feed the wildlife blah blah blah

Gr8 Skawt

Great place to visit on the coast. We didn't go down to the cave because we didnt budget it in. But the gift shop was great. The fudge was fantastic.

christina wilges

Beautiful views! We did a very quick visit and enjoyed the experience. Worth the price. Much larger than it appears in photos.

Angie Bushnell

The price of admission does not meet the expectation.This picture right here literally is the only sea lions that I saw. I have seen more sea lions active in Westport Washington just in the wild around the docks. It was a sore disappointment for both my wife and I. Hopefully they can amp up this attraction or reduce the cost to meet what they are actually providing.

MD Tron

Iv been here a few times. I like to support things like this but its hard to recommend to ppl. Its, hit or miss. Worth a look though if you've never seen a sea lion.

Stephanie Hoffman

Sea Lion Caves. Nothing short of a rip off! This place is not all that and smells awful to the point all 5 of us wanted to leave, fast. It was that or throw up. Definitely not worth the money and more of a tourist trap than anything else. Crossing the highway from the parking lot = risking your family's life. I have never seen anything like it. With admission prices like these and being a 'family attraction', PLEASE build a freaking crosswalk! Amazing that they are legally allowed to operate without one! If there is a response to this post from the caves do yourself a favor and ignore it. We didn't and now here I am writing my own negative review.


At first we were a bit nervous to take the elevator down down down to a cave, and then we almost fainted from the smell, but once we got over it, we totally enjoyed the immersive experience. Seeing the amazing noisy creatures free and enjoying their not-so-secret hideaway was thrilling. It seems like the place takes good care not to bother them. The merchandising is rather out of hand but some fun treasures to be found.

Sonja Nagy

So glad we stopped here, the wildlife was abundant, tons of birds and sea lions. We watched them swim and hop back up on the rocks, we had binoculars, so we were able to get a good up close look.

Chassidy Johnson

Absolutely, loved this place. Hundreds of sea lions enjoying life in their natural habitat. It's so beautiful and the view of the lighthouse is amazing. We went when it was raining but still had a great time. Wear comfy shoes. There is a little walk.

Fire Ax

Wonderful view of Haceta Head Light House from inside the cave.

Matthew Flood

This place was super cool (also on the coast and a cave, so don't make my mistake and bring a sweatshirt). I loved watching the sea lions playing around on the rocks,

Jeff Roman

My wife and I visited during our Oregon vacation. We look the elevator down to the cave. Fascinating, about 200 sea lions down there, all talking away, very noisy and a bit stinky, but well worth the time. We loved it.

Jack West

Prices were high, parking same. The caves are super smelly, staff is friendly but for the price you would expect nothing less. Gift shop was nice, but again tourist trap pricing. Sometimes you will see the Sea Lions and other times of the year you will not. So really you have to plan ahead. Also parking is kinda limited during the busy summer visits so try to plan for that as well. Overall its kind of a let down, however if you think the price is worth it for the long walk down to the caves and dealing with the large crowds then definitely visit. if you do not like tourist traps then avoid this place like the plague.

Alivia Lehman

This time of year (end of Aug) sea lions aren't in the caves, but out on the rock cliffs. Not super close to see. You could hear them though. Pretty pricy for what you get to do.

Brandy Z

Parking is funky as there are limited spots in front of the building and is a tight area if you have an SUV. Across the street is for RVs and overflow with 2 areas to park. Problem with parking across the street is there is no crosswalk and can be challenging if you have a stroller or little ones especially during busy times. *see photo* Inside the building there is fudge, knickknacks, misc and to the right is where you pay to hopefully see sea lions either in the caves or sun bathing on the rocks. There is an elevator that takes you down to the cave and also a lookout area.

Rachel Patefield

It was fun but I only got to see one sea lion so I wouldn't recommend going in the summer but rather in a different season. The gift shop had many beautiful glass sculptures for very cheap and many cool things for kids as well.

ella durkee

It was cool to be 215 underground and see the Sea lions swimming into their cave! A big male was lounging about 40 feet from us. It must be tough to be a sea lion - swimming, fishing, playing, and sleeping, and then repeat!!!

Sarah Garman

This was neat! Loved the cave, but there were more sea lions outside than in the cave. Was well worth the $14 admission per adult. And wonderful gift shop:)

Tyler Morlan

Awesome family friendly activity! Not very expensive ($14 per adult) then you take a little walk down to an elevator that will take you about 20 stories down to the cave. There is plenty of educational material down here, as well as the view into the cave to see all the Sea Lions. I probably spent 30 minutes watching the caves observing about 100 sea lions. Would highly recommend to both tourists and locals that haven't been. Lastly, the smell. It wasnt that bad when I went, but I bet a hotter day can make the smell worse!

Kathy Holt

Great place to visit but be warned there is a lot of up hill then downhill walking. A LOT...

Samantha McDougle

Visited the Sea Lion caves several times over the years and always enjoy stopping by and watching the sea lions! The cave is really awesome too.... one of the largest caves in America. A true geological wonder. The views are absolutely breath taking! To the north you can see the Hecta Lighthouse.

Lisa Schweizer

I remembered going here as a child and absolutely loving it so of course it was on the top of the list of things we wanted to do with our children. It was just okay. It is supposed to be the biggest gathering of Sea Lions outside of New Zealand but they are kept far enough away from you we did not feel like we were really able to get their magnitude. Plus, it cost our family of four almost $60 to get in! And that was without a single extra, without food, or any souvenirs. And we were there less than an hour. It is amazing to see these animals but you do have to weigh out the cost. Also, even though it has an elevator to one of the two sides I would give it a C- on ADA friendly. The real catch was that the next day we were in San Francisco and they had probably 30 Sea Lions just hanging out and playing/fighting and barking on the dock. It was totally free and a much better and closer show. You just cannot count on them being there unlike the ones in OR.

Sharon Conner

What a fun place to go. I love the seals. It was great.

Jill Shea Sullivan

Amazing and worth the price just to see the Lions and the museum. Beautiful sights. Absolutely breathtaking.

Dana T

It was ok. I was expecting more... its interesting to see the sealions habitat

Pam Sturgeon

You would think in this day and age there would be accommodations made for handicapped visitors. Sure there is an elevator, however for those of us who cannot walk, are in a chair or navigate stairs there is no way to access this attraction. It seems like there is room to make some adjustments and add some much needed ADA options.....maybe a consult with an engineer would be in order and maybe there is a grant or something that can offset costs. Some if us would love to visit but are unable to share the experience with our loved ones due to the lack of accessibility.

Russ Taylor

A great example of a private organization working to protect an important ecological location. I'm excited to go back in different seasons to see the sea lions in different stages. Take binoculars! Watching the sea lions as they worked to get comfy on the rocks was a lot of fun, and there were informative plaques all over to help you understand what was going on. Highly recommended.

Bradley Mountford

This was really cool! We got to see a drama unfold inside the cave of a group of sea lions fighting over a small rocky island inside the cave while waves crashed around. Even if there were no area lions around, though, the cave itself was very beautiful and awe inspiring. The facilities were well taken care of and the whole place appeared to be well maintained.

Joshua Criswell

It was cool, I guess. Don't spend the 14 dollars unless you are really into sea lions. The cave has a strong smell. Definitely try the fudge in the gift shop.

Jill Harwell

Hundreds of sea lions enjoying life in their natural habitat. It's so beautiful and the view of the lighthouse is amazing. We went when it was raining but still had a great time. Wear comfy shoes.

Lorenzo Garcia

I was here 2yrs ago promised myself I would return here and I have, brought my girlfriend which happens to be her first time in Oregon we loved it but a little disappointed, no seals were present in the cave. December seems to be the time come and see them. Besides that still great.

Mark Bodine

Great for all. The cave is really fun once you get down to it. Lits to look at.

Denise Barlock

I was hesitant to spend the money to see the caves but I was so glad that we did. This is really a wonderful place to see the sea lions and also see them in their natural caves. Just fantastic!

Linda Corey

This is an interesting stop for first time visitors to the middle coast of Oregon. It has a gift shop with a LOT of souvenirs. You pay a $25 fee to ride down an elevator to the viewing area in the sea cave below. You will see several kinds of sea lions lounging on the rocks and swimming in the water below and you'll be overcome by the unique odor of sea lion poop/pee. It's worth it to see so many of these animals in one place and it's fun for the kids to experience.

Carl Willis-Ford

Beautiful views, saw sea lions and cormorants from the lookouts. The cave itself is a bit meh, because you only view it through a plexiglass window.

Argery Giavasis

Very interesting experience. You take an elevator down (about 20 stories I believe) to view the sea lions. I highly recommend it.

Cassandra Allen

No sea lions out right now but the cave is still amazing !!!!

Elizabeth Montoya

We had a lot of fun here seeing a glimpse into the huge den of sea lions in their natural habitat. There's a lot to see here other than just the sea lions, you can walk around and enjoy the sights and cliffs. The gift shop had some great stuff in there, I bought several souvenirs and fudge from there. Highly recommend!

Won Yu

This place was on my list of things to do for a long time. However it was very disappointing to find out, after I got there, there were no sea lions around most of the year. The place is great to see the caves and pick up some gifts but beware if you want to see sea lions you better visit during the Winter...good luck with that.

Patrick Hayes

At least, before we paid to go in, they told us the sea lions had all migrated. I'm sure this is awesome when they are here

Chandra Allred

Very neat experience. Everyone should visit at least once. Wish the kids rates were through age 17 at least, prices add up quickly!

Jo Bledsoe

Vary unique place! A one of a kind. Also a lot of birds not there.

Kristy Cyr

This is how animals should be observed. There are 4 sections to view the sea lions; two lookout points, in the cave area, and up by the lighthouse. There is a good sized gift shop with popcorn and fudge and a great variety of gifts and novelties. The jackets and hoodies are nice and reasonably priced. It was well worth our time to come here!

Georgina Neave

We stopped here in the hope of actually spotting some sea lions. There is an elevator to take you down into the sea cave itself. We watched sea lion,a swimming in the Pacific waves and also saw a huge colony of them basking in the sun on the cliff edge. The cave itself is interesting if a bit on the touristy side. However, we felt it was worth the stop to witness the sea lions.

Faron Davidson

If you are traveling along the coastal highway and you haven't been before, you should check it out. Weren't many sea lions out today, but we saw a few and some whales. The cave was really cool, literally like 52 degrees. Largest sea cave in America I believe.

Matt Simmons

Interesting but kind of chintzy to charge that much and also charge for viewing binoculars at view points once inside, especially if the sea lions spend most time outside (of course not under their control). Should consider making the view finders free or "rent" binoculars for the cost of entry.

Susan Wilson

Must see tourist attraction , with an elevator down to the caves to view the sea lions that come & go from the ocean. There is however a long path which slants down to the access point, so be prepared to walk down and back up ( saw many seniors even with canes able to negotiate it). Nice souvenir shop also. Very windy there on the coast also.

Michelle Colbath

This was a really cool place to visit. We got to see the sea lions in there natural environment. The gift shop also had alot of nice stuff.

Itzik Kent

Amazing cave in sea level, where sea lions tend to visit during winter time. The cave is huge, and contains also several sea lions skeletons, video exhibits and a view point of the Heceta Lighthouse. We have not seen any sea lions inside the cave, but 30-40 of them were laying on the rocks just outside the cave, and their roaring could be well heard. Highly recommended for nature lovers.

Glenna Petersen

Nice little gift shop. At the beginning there are 37 stairs to get to the outside. On the left you're able to see sea lions from a distance. It's fun to hear them during the breeding season which ends around the end of June. There is an elevator that goes down 200 ft. To a large cave to see the lions a little closer. The comoramts were nesting. Also you're able to see the Heceta Lighthouse.

Linda Evans

I had hoped to get there this year on our trip to Seattle and Portland, but we never made it that far down the coast in Oregon. I had to check the website and the seals aren't in the caves yet. When I was there last time it was late October the seals were in the cave. There's really nothing to see if the seals are not in the cave. If they are in the cave do stop because there's no experience like it elsewhere that I know of. We were there the first time we thought it was well worth the cost to take the elevator down. Sound of the seals is amazing in that cave.

Karen Lobato

I’d give it a five star except parking is across 101 right after a very dangerous set of blind curves and for forty five dollars for my family of four to walk through the place they should be able to afford crosswalks and pedestrian signs. This place has been here forever and not only was I scared crossing the road with my own small kids but I saw plenty of other guests scared to cross and we almost got t boned pulling out, so if my car isnt fast enough to cross safely...

Andrew Espenshade

The caves were so amazing! Over 100 sea lions lounging on the rocks and swimming in the sea! And down in the cave itself is very interesting local history and marine life facts. Plus the gift shop is very cute and smells of warm caramel corn.

Lidia Petunia

GREAT FOR THE FAMILY. amazing experience will come back soon! Lidia petunia @YouTube

Dacian Reece-Stremțan

Great place for a quick stop along highway 101. The kids will love the gift shop and the most of the things are reasonably priced. The fudge tasting is a must.

Wyatt King

Amazing and iconic coast stop. Parking is tough at main lot but additional parking is close by.

Bryan O

Good to see lions in the caves. And a fun walk. A little touristy trapish. But money goes to help protect the sea lions. Big Plus.

Athena Williams

Loved the views, there were many sea lions there. Lots of interesting info available. There's a bit of steep walking, but definitely great views.

Angi Thomson

They were very honest and told us, upfront, that the Sea Lions are in the caves during Spring and Winter. We went during Fall. There were a few on the cliffs. The gift shop was nice, I bought some jewelry, fudge and a couple of souvenirs. The restrictions were very clean.

Rob Nertney

I’m biased but it’s amazing to see such a historical place with devotion to the animals. It’s a must-visit for anyone driving the coast. Prices are reasonable and absolutely worth it. There is a gift shop and a fudge store. The fudge alone may be worth it ;) Going down the elevator sends you to an amazing cave with close views of the lions. Moderate historical and analytical information about the creatures but for the money you cannot afford to miss it if you’re within an hour’s drive.

Nevin Zimmerman

Not a stop I'd have extremely high on my priority list but it was ok. The sea lions were all outside on the rocks so you couldn't get close to them.


It is expensive to us to be able to take an elevator down to a platform to see the Sea Lions. Many years ago I did go down into the cage. It was smelly but interesting. They do have a good size gift store with cloths, jewelry, travel games, rock/shells and more.

chuck keller

Kind of neat going into the deepest sea cave in the world. But $14 to take the elevator to see sea lions...eeah. Glad I did it but wouldn't do it again.

Jesi Something else

The inside of the cave is just.....meh, at best. It's not really worth the money. The gift shop is always worth a stop though, cool rocks at decent prices, funny gag gifts, and neat trinkets.

Lara Mountford

One of the best places to see sea lions and sea birds, the cave is amazing on its own even if there wasn't a ton of sea life to watch. Side note:the gift shop is full of fun things, reasonably priced, and offers good fudge.

Stephen Tucker

Amazing sights of beautiful ocean tides and wildlife in a natural environment

Kenneth McManus

Overrated and overpriced.. interesting natural environment but just not worth the price.. dangerous parking issues

Breonna Jensen

This was soo much fun, being in the cave and see the sea lions out against the ocean. Plus you could hear them clear as day. A total blast with reasonable pricing!

Steven Wright

This was a very cool experience. I haven't been there for about 30 years and I was really impressed with it. A great place for kids to learn more about the ocean and the sea life.

Jaci McKim

I live in an Oregon coast tourist town, but I'll happily drive an hour and 15 minutes south to this attraction JUST to visit their gift shop. They have some of the nicest souvenir-type gifts on the entire coast. Even if you DON'T descent into the actual cave, you'll still want to stop and shop at this place! (Don't miss an opportunity to take a photo with the dancing sea lion out front!)

Irina S

When we went, the sea lions were hanging out on the cliff and did not go into the cave, but we could see and hear them from the outside. They were tanning on the cliff. The staff knew that the sea lions weren't I. The cave, so they gave everyone that day a complimentary free visit valid for a year. Even without the sea lions in the cave, it was totally worth it. Incredibly beautiful views.

Michael Hansen

A fun and educational place to see and learn about see lions. This is the larger see care in America. The cave is about 200 feet beneath where you but your tickets and is reached via an elevator. There's also a lookout where you can see the see lions that are dinning themselves in the rocks. If you're patient and have a little luck, you might also spot some of the resident great whales in the water.

Mikel Reber

Really cool, tons of sea lions. A bit spendy ($44) for me my wife and our 12 yr old. We also saw whales!

Thom Buras

The best place for popcorn on the Oregon Coast. I stop here every year on my annual snowbirding pilgrimage between Texas and Washington to purchase a box. I have been doing this for at least seven years maybe more. Thanks Sea Lion Caves! I also like to take a photo of the Heceta Head Lighthouse when here.

Lisa Betz

All the employees were exceptionally nice. Really nice to see it after living here 50 years.

Donna Averitt

Been one of my favorite Oregon Coast sites for 50 years. Magnificent views. Friendly staff. Close up with nature.

Kristina KeelWilcowski

I was on a quest searching for the painted dolphins in the area. There are two of them here. One outside the building. The other inside the cave, I was not going to pay $14.00 to get a picture of it. I saw wild sea lions in almost every port I stopped at lying on the docks.

Hallie Carter

The sea lion caves were an eye opening and enjoyable experience. From the scenery of the waterfalls and the ocean waves to the sea lions roaring and playing in the caves, there isn’t anything you couldn’t enjoy. There is a small incline and a few steps that can be a bit tiring especially for my grandmother who I took. But that didn’t stop us from learning about the sea lions and looking into the dens.

Troy Hester

Quite a tourist trap. The sea lions and the cave are interesting, but the colored lights and the massive gift shop put it over the top. This is the Ruby Falls of the west coast.

Haley Hill

Love this place, I’m so glad it was recommended to me! Maybe a tad pricey for tickets but they do great things with the money. We were so impressed with the elevator that went down into the sea lion cave! I read some poor reviews that people were mad about the barrier (metal bars in between you and the sea lions) but they are for your safety and absolutely do not hinder the experience at all. Can’t believe people think they could possibly be closer?! I understand that they can’t guarantee that you’ll see sea lions, but we definitely saw over 100! So fun, would absolutely recommend to anyone. Gift shop was reasonably priced too with lots of great souvenirs!

Amanda Miller

Awesome experience! I've been several times. There were a lot in July, even some pups playing together. Binoculars are very helpful, especially if you are near sighted.

jacqui schaning

I wasn't informed until I arrived at the place the there were no sea lions in the caves until around October, November. I don't want to say don't waste your money because it is still a beautiful cave but definitely plan for the right time if you want to see sea lions in the sea lion cave.

Ann Edwards

The sea lions weren't in the cave but some are on the cliffs outside. The cavern is beautiful anyway with the water surging in and out. And the lighthouse views are gorgeous!

Bella Official

I would love to go there again right now. This place the Sea Lions Caves is so way cool , I have been here a few times . Depending on weather there's a lot of sea lions there it could be loud down there , this place is amazing and is a sweet place to bring your family to visit . Bring your camera . The view down there is pretty nice .

Alexander Batishchev

The cave is huge and contains more than just sea lions. Everything around is very clean. The gift shop isn't very expensive and its staff is friendly and helpful.

Cassi Mark

The staff is so nice. The fudge is amazing. And the seeing the sea lions was so cool. The tickets are a bit pricey and it was so windy when we went. The parking lot is very tight right in front but they have a second lot across the street. Don't forget to grab a sticker when you are there too!

Norbert Aschenbrenner

I was surprised to learn that this place is privately run. Like 30 years ago, the experience was a stunning one. After leaving the gift shop behind you walk to the elevator which brings you down to the cave. There are many explanations about sea life and these interesting mammals. I remember that there was no metal fence when I first visited the site. But anyway it does not limit the experience. The sea lions are interesting to watch. Photographing is very difficult because the light is weak down there. If you have a long lens you can take better pictures from the outpost on the left side of the property where also many sea lions are lying. I recommend the experience!

Camille Simmons

Very informative and fun. Gift shop very reasonably priced as well!

koren kennedy

I don't know why they say "caves"... There's only one. About 15 minutes and your done. Great gift shop though.

Jane Reid

Fascinating. Well done. Respectful of creatures. Educational.

Jason Wells

This place is amazing. Really cool views from up top of Sea lions on the rocks and sea birds nesting. The cave is other worldly. Take a long elevator ride down to the largest cave on the Pacific coast. Amazing cave and you can get a really close view of the wild life. Warning to those with a sensitive sense of smell; the cave has a pretty powerful manure aroma. If you can't handle a barn I would take heed.

Michael Mulholland

The Sea Lion Caves are a great stop if you are driving down the 101. This is a great way to observe this habitat without disturbing the animals too much. Get their early to avoid crowds!

Denise Butler

I love it. Have gone many times but this was my first time going during the fall.

Andrew Engert

Always great when the sea lions are in residence. Call to see if they are there before going. Typically from September to May you have a pretty good chance. Be prepared for noxious smells. Went her as a child and all I could remember was the smell and after 20 years later and returning it is the same. The have certainly renovated the caves, but the smell will always be there. This isn’t for the light adventurer. If you wanted tourism you should go to seaside and feed games sea lions fish, this is pure Oregonian stuff. 4hr+ car ride from Portland down the coast, 14 dollar entry for something you’re only going to want to w arch for 20 minutes at the most, but still some how totally worth it. Like I said a uniquely Oregon experience.

Patty Commandeur

Had a good time. Lots of stairs and a bit of a hike. When you get down in the caves..the smell...oh God, the smell...its overwhelming and terrible. Dont breathe through your mouth because there are gnats everywhere. It is amazing to see all the sea lions though. The gift shop had so much stuff and if you shopped around a little you could get some cool things without spending a fortune.

Radu Andarachi

Don’t get misled by the 4 star rating. It’s only due to the lack of Sea Lions when we were there

Marla Marsh

Tourist trap! You can see them for free along the waterfronts of coastal towns and at Seal Rock.

Nadine Kirkpatrick

This was worth it! Well maintained and a good break on a road trip! Take pictures (; There is a good lookout outside. And really isn't very stinky.

Daniel Edwards

Very interesting..... Good background on the see lions and the cave. Be prepared to walk and it's a little steep. Parking is across the road so be careful.

Sherry Evans

I was more impressed by the steep cliff outside the caves that the seals would climb. Everybody should visit at least once. A little spendy

Dallas Ervin

The sea lions use the caves as warmth during the winter, sunning during Spring and Sumner, mating, and raising pups.

Jenny Smith

Loved the cave. I wish the sea lions were in it. They were all outside on a rock so we could still see them, just not up close. They are only in the cave during winter. Seeing the cave was still really cool.

James Kidman

Stopped here on our family vacation to Oregon coast in July 2018. The kids loved seeing all the Sea Lions. It is a little chilly down in the cave so bring a jacket. The views up and down the cost are beautiful. You can see Heceta Head Lighthouse on a clear day.

Deborah Coblentz

An interesting and informative venue. Both kids and adults can have a good experience. People I saw were all smiling and had interesting comments. Gift shop was amazing and prices were a little high but could still find some deals. Need to know when sea lions are in residence as they do leave for a spell to feed, no reason to buy tickets if not there but still a very scenic area and worth the time to see.

Mindi Ruffin

It is a great phenomenon to see but a bit pricey. It was a once in a lifetime event but for the price, I will not return.

Rick Pennington

Great place to visit even though the sea lions were not in the cave. They were outside on the rocks. We enjoyed it.

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