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REVIEWS OF Sand Master Park - Sandboarding IN Oregon

kelly becker

Loooooooove this place!

Alexandre Saveau

Renting one of their sandboards was a great experience. The attendant was helpful and friendly while explaining how to use the sandboard. Also, you can get one for really cheap if quality is not a priority: there were a few for $10-15.

Jeremy Watts

fast one

Great people

Brandon Livingston

aura transfer

Alison Allwine

They were super friendly and helpful!

The King's Artisans

Sandboarding at Sand Master Park was a thrill! Children and adults have a blast learning and quickly mastering this fun sport. It is quite easy to learn the few steps needed to get going. I highly recommend trying sandboarding at Sand Master Park, as the staff are professional, award winning, international sandboarding athletes. Amazingly, they are also humble, helpful and encouraging. The shop is filled with custom made boards, hand made waxes, and everything related to the sport, including entertaining media, sand from around the world, trophies, and much more. We will be back!

River Dougan


Jessica Bott

Gabriel Cruz

Amazing place to learn Sandboarding! has some of the most knowledgeable staff in the world and has current and former world champion riders!

Lauren Gertsen

What a great experience! I actually purchased a custom Venomous Raptor sandboard from the owner, Lon, after hearing great things during my vacation in Peru! Now that I live in Oregon, I decided to pick up the board myself and sandboard the Oregon Dunes at Sand Master Park and get some lessons to start me off right. I cannot say enough great things about the customer service, the lesson, or my custom board. We had an amazing day, gained so much knowledge from Lon and his staff, and so much fun at Sand Master Park. If you haven’t tried sandboarding, it’s a must! Rentals and lessons are super affordable and I guarantee you that you will fall in love with this sport!

Pouwel Veenstra

Great help friendly people who enjoy giving people the gift of riding the sand dunes like powder on a mountain. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

Max Havin

This place has been absolutely amazing to my family and I! They offer some of the best sandboarding lessons you could ever be apart of and their employees are always open to lessons and or questions. This business offers a variety of different sandboards for all different experience levels, they also offer a variety of clothing options for the brand of boards they rent out and sell. Sand Master Park is a definite place to stop and just enjoy you time with friends and family!

Zac Jacobson

The lesson was totally worth it - the whole family was up and sandboarding very quickly, and then we got some good tips on where to go and where to avoid to enjoy the sport. It was awesome!

Thomas Lo Sciuto

The staff at Sand Master Park were great. I didn't feel intimidated walking in and they walked me through some basic techniques for sandboarding that definitely came in handy! I would come back for rentals in the future.

Carol Long

So much fun! We always have a blast when we stop by sand master park! The owner was extremely friendly and helpful! He answered all of our questions, and gave us tips for maximizing our fun! I would recommend sand master park to everyone and anyone who is looking for some all day fun!

Emily O'Connor

I took a group sandboarding lesson with a world champion - not every day you can say that!

Janice Choy-Weber

Rented skim boards for the weekend. Friendly service.

T Tuttle

A fun, Inexpensive way to spend the afternoon. Nice rockshop also.

joey peterson

The best place to go Sandboarding. I definitely recommend getting a lesson your first time I have been surfing and snowboard and this was a totally different experience and it hurt a lot less when I fell! The staff was so friendly and helpful! If your on the west coast you have to go into sandmaster park and give it a shot. My whole family loved it!

Hyrum Sewell

Came back again, my niece loved using the sand sled all day

the one

Julia Kolbeck

Great fun for the kids and dad. The dunes are just a short ride away from here. Even after days you will find sand on you.

Mel Small

Great place am now a regular customer

Si Tce Les Fry

They are great and kind and willing to help anyone but the best part is they all act like family best place I've been to

james rinacher

Michael Larson

Sand boarding is fun for all ages and they give great instructions for beginners! Lessons are great too for kids and adults!

Rebecca Reeve

Andrea Troy

Great employees!

Isabella Roberts

I went to the Sand Master Park on a weekend-long school trip. Out of all the things we did-- going to the tidal pools, playing games, telling stories, looking for aggates at the beach-- the sandboarding was my absolute favorite part of the entire thing. I'd been absolutely nervous at first because the dunes can get daunting, but wow, I shouldn't have been! Hiking up the sand dunes was a little tiring, but it was so fun to slide back down them on the boards. I had so much fun that I didn't even notice the giant sunburn on my back (wear sunscreen, kids!) until the next morning. I would absolutely go again if given the time and chance. This place is wonderful, and I absolutely think everyone should go at least once in their lifetime.

TLC Solutions

Great place for some great fun!!!

Jason LaQua

Vladyslav Tsaruk

Good store to buy or rent sandboard

Kim McCallister Borin

My 5 & 10 year old kids had a blast riding the dunes today. Sand Master instructor "Seashell" was amazing with the kids, all at once fun & kind and also able to get them to push beyond their comfort zone. It was a great experience!

Therése Ericson

Super nice guys! Great fun!

william stephenson

Good people. they were helpful with getting a big group in . Good activity for kids, adults, teens... and the water is close too if you get hot! Overall, great activity.


Carla Arce

affordable prices, equipment was great quality and the staff was phenomenal all around great time !

Thomas Matthews

Dan Quinn

Great staff with knowledge of the sport and good spots around the area!

Chasing Rainbows

Amazing experience! Sandboarding is so much fun! The staff is knowledgeable and excited about their jobs. I suggest if you're in a group and new to any sort of "boarding" to also get a sand sled. Once your out on the dunes you can swap who gets to use the board or sled. I highly recommend doing this!

Nina Nguyen

!!This place is a go-to!! First off- wonderful, welcoming staff. Were super helpful with our first time sandboarding, family friendly, and the quick lesson was easy to follow. Even met Mr. Sandman in person! Affordable prices, especially compared to sand duning per hour- $16/24 hours per board. Was a great pit stop during our memorial weekend. Mr. Sandman even told us a great spot to sandboard as well as a nice cove around the beach. The family (age 9-mid 40’s) and I had an amazing time together (surprisingly). I would recommend stopping by here for great service and good times

Kara Skye

Great Fun For Kids! This park has all the sandboarding gear and accessories you will ever need. The instructors have unlimited amounts of patience for fun without fear. A good stop in Florence.

Charles Booth

Came in from out of town bought a board and a sled then they gave us a quick rundown of how it works since we had no idea and threw in enough wax to last us a year since we told him we live out of town. This is my kids new favorite place

warren lumsden

Randy Desmith

You will get to the fun faster if you set your sights for Sand Master. Great people great fun best place to be bar none.

Drew Nicholas

Yavor Angelov

Jim Fogarty

Great prices and a lot of fun. Staff super helpful. Hot tip, go 6 miles south to Honeyman park for 200 ft dunes. The beach and park have only 30-50 ft dunes. Fair warning, the hike back up to the top at Honeyman takes it out of you!

Crystal Frost

Best time ever with the entire family!! The prices are so affordable and the customer service is unbeatable. We had a wide range of abilities in our group from never even been on a board, to experienced boarder, two years old to 50+ year olds. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. Even better, unbeknownst to us our three year old left her stuffed animal that she's had since day one there and these guys made contact with us to get him back to his family. We were so sad for two weeks we thought we'd lost him and Sand Master took the extra time and care to make one little girl the happiest ever!

Simon estifanos

The owner is amazing!

TJ Berg

Awesome service, boards in really good shape, people are very hospitality

Cynthia Su

Worth the 8-hour drive from Vancouver, BC Canada! I can't rave enough about the friendly staff at Sand Master Park. They were accommodating from beginning to end and they're passionate about the sport. Loan's quick responses and follow ups via email made it easy for us to communicate and reserve our Sand Blast Special (highly recommended) before we drove to Oregon from Canada. Despite some scheduling challenges due to dune buggy repairs and a fully booked lessons during the weekend, Loan was able to accommodate us and offer alternatives if they weren't able to fulfill everything promised in the special. Gabriel was our dune buggy tour guide and that role title doesn't give the experience justice. He tore up the sand dunes with his killer driving skills and always made sure we were having fun. He was also the one who fixed the dune buggy in time for our arrival! Logan was our sandboarding instructor and he was really knowledgeable. He watched us closely and provided suggestions on how we could improve on our next run. He was also funny, patient and encouraging. We fell numerous times but he cheered us on and cheered even louder when we had a successful run. We were so caught up in the fun that we forgot to get t-shirts that were included in the Sand Blast Special. By the time we realized, we were already driving back to Canada. I emailed Loan and, without hesistation, he shipped the t-shirts to my P.O. box. I would highly recommend going to Sand Master Park. Tips for first timers: - Bring ear plugs to keep the sand out of your ears during the dune buggy tour (Trust me, you'll have sand everywhere and I mean everywhere) - Wear sunglasses - Wear socks during sandboarding - Cover your face during the dune buggy tour and don't open your mouth, not even to scream "woohoo" (You'll regret it when you eat sand) - Carry water! It'll get tiring climbing up the sand dunes after a run - Take your sandboard to other sand parks to try longer runs (rentals are valid for 24 hours) - Go out and have fun!

Cory Knapp

Buying sand/rock

Mary Bloomfield

Looking for something fun and new? Try out The Sand Master Park in Florence O.R. Excellent staff and a new adventure for all. Nice addition to this small coastal town.

rony jiang

very nice staff, good quality equipment and very reasonable price for rental.

Mark Richards

Lon and his crew were more than helpful. Got me all setup and had a blast! Thanks guys.

lydia zufelt

Super fun

Abby Watkins

Sand master park is an amazing place for kids to play! It's a perfect first time experience and whether you're good or bad at it, you're still gonna have fun! Definitely the best sand boarding place and everyone there is so rad!

Alexis Curtis

For something that looks so expensive, it was a fair price for something fun to do! My boyfriend and I got a lesson from Abby and she gave an excellent sand boarding lesson! Highly suggest her and she does great with kids!

Cade Clawson

I live in florence and its always my go to place to get my board. Abby always helps me out with boarding and some technique. Shes a good friend, but even a better instructor for begginers.

Sue Folkerts

Hiroki Okamoto

They were very helpful, and set us up right. My son really took to sand boarding pretty quickly and wants to do it again. The prices were right, no pressure sales. Definitely the place of you want to sandboard or sled.

Steph Colton

The staff was very friendly, however the woman that was either the owner or manager of some kind was a little rough around the edges. I felt she was waiting to charge us with a late return fee and she actually seemed excited to yell out to me, as I'm waiting in line to return our boards, that I was late and she was charging me. She did this in front of other customers and was pretty embarrassing, especially considering we were NOT late and SHE misread the guy's handwriting on my rental agreement. It just seemed a little rude and unprofessional yet I would rent from them again and realize everyone has off days and this could have been hers for whatever reason.

Maxine Marie

This place is absolutely amazing the owner always makes his feel at home and never lets then leave without some kind of knowledge about the art of sandboarding

TJ Johnsen

It was alright, worth the low price we paid to rent boards for sure.


Liked this world’s first sandboarding park. It's amazing. This place along Oregon’s shoreline suits the free-wheeling, nature-loving vibe of what locals call the “People’s Coast”. Sculpted sand, I could tackle huge dunes. It was an adventurous way played along this coast. Visit. *****

James Lambert

Emad Al-Maqtary

Sue Knoll

Friendly people. Easy to understand instructions. Good advice as to where to sand board. For us less athletic types sand sledding was a blast.

Heather Scott

Austin Monroe Vlogs

Nice place rented twice and planing to by one

Chris MacEwan

Sunni Days Yard Care

Meghan Selway

Bucket list adventure! After sand sledding in Namibia, have wanted to sand board for awhile. Sandmaster Park had a great lesson - thanks to Gabe - and then you can keep the board for 24 hours to board on your own. Lon and his wife were amazing and got me in on an impromptu dune buggy tour - permasmile the entire time. Unique and once-in-a-life time experience.

Amanda Franklin

Sandmaster park is one of a kind! Fun and friendly staff . Who are very patient when teaching kids how to perfect this awesome sport!!

Grace Kersting

Lon is a great guy and runs such a great business. We didn’t know what to expect and went in based on the great reviews. Needless to say he ended up patiently giving us a walk through on how and where to use the boards. More than happy to support a great business and guy. We got a sled and board and he gave us free wax which lasted the whole 24 hours for our rented time. We ended up going to Clearwox Lake at Jessie M. Honeyman state park. Best time ever! You wouldn’t think a two year old could ride a sled but we found a nice slope and took her with us! Super awesome time. THANKS LON!


Austin Dollman

Great customer service and a big park with perfect hills for beginners and pros

Dan Nevins

Robert Alan Mann II

Great place, great people, tons of fun!

David Barlow

A favorite unplanned and unexpected part of our trip down the coast. Staff was helpful, generous and had a true passion for the sport. Of all of the AMAZING things we’ve experienced in this trip, I think sandboarding will be the thing my son and daughter talk about most. Thanks Dr. Dune! Looks like we’ve got a new sport to gear up on and start sharing.

Sara Nightingale

Great price on 24 hour rentals, recommendations of where to go depending on your skill level and they offer a basic 5 minute tutorial if you have never given it a try. I recommend also renting a quad so you can get a ride UP the dunes instead of walking every time.

Tori Yip

Camilla English

Lisa Martin

My daughter fell in love with sandboarding after on a whim we stopped by the Sand Master Park and rented a board for the day. The daily rental fee was super affordable. She liked it so much I surprised her with a sandboard for Christmas that I purchased from Sand Master Park. The staff was very helpful in helping me choose the proper board for my daughter based on her skill level and size and they even threw in some board wax! If you are looking for something new and different to try on the beautiful Oregon Coast check out Sand Master Park!

Nope Knope

Dave Knowles

A very fun place to play

Shooting,Archery,And Animals DIY'S

Extremely nice and knowledgeable staff, and great equipment.

Jennifer Stephenson

Very nice people! The owner was helpful and accommodating for our 4H Group. And it's a great location! Fun, Sun, Sand, and waves. Don't miss this!

Mckenna Reasor

I’ve had nothing but awesome experiences with Sand Master Park. Great place run by great people who care about the sport!

robert morck

Excellent park with great customer service. Will be returning

Nizam Hakim Md Ishak

Not the friendliest experience. Sandboarding was fun though.

Amy Smee

These guys are great. Super friendly. Very knowledgeable!

Jade Ralph

Minh Le

Just rented sandsurfing boards couple days ago from this place. Reasonable price and good customer service!

Brett Hodges

Great customer service. The lady there was very helpful. She showed us how the boards worked didnt juat send us on our way. She explained how to ride an how to wax the board as well as best areas in town to ride.

Conner Anderson

Amber Wood

I took my 4 year old and 10 year old and they had so much fun! They had kid and adult sized boards in different styles as well as kid and adult sized sleds. I didn't catch the name of the young man who helped us but he was great! Took the time to help me pick a board and showed me how to use it. The dunes were extremely windy and we were glad to have balaclavas to shield our faces. Boards were rented at a decent price for 24hrs with a night drop available.

Charles Burpee

Friendly people and kids had a great time with there rented sand boards and sleds!

angel munoz

It has great for all age groups!

tabatha dollahite

Great place to take the kids and grandkids

Jonell McBriety

Sand Master Park is awesome! Located near the dunes in Florence, Oregon, it is a one-of-a-kind destination spot! If you love active outdoor adventures, this is the place for you! The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Robert Budding

We've rented sand boards from Sand Master Park on four separate vacations to the Florence area, and we took lessons during our first visit. Prices are very reasonable, the staff is fantastic. Loved it! Looking forward to our 5th trip,

Scott Steward

I'm nearly 60 years old, out of shape, and overweight...and now I'm a sandboarder! Instructor Joey was a pro. Very encouraging. Got us up and in control of our boards in less than 30 minutes, showed us a big area of dunes suitable to our new skill level, and we had a blast. Definitely highly recommend you try it...even if you have the same level of hesitancy that I had at the beginning. Sand Master Park is a mecca for the international sport and is welcoming to all skill levels. No, I wasn't "carving it up" or "catching big air," but I had so much fun. If they can make me successful they can do it for anybody.

Laurie Lall

What a fun place to visit. Sandboarding...Dune buggies...Fun.

Amber Green

Ben Carey

Gabe was just the nicest dude. Gabe gave us a board for free rent incase I didn't enjoy the other one that afternoon. Then had both for 24 hours after that, that was so we didn't have to return the next morning to change the boards. Arrived just before the shop closed when we looked to first rent the boards, considerately Gabe didn't rush us out of the store and gave us a brilliant and helpful demo and directions. Some of the photos are from South jetty which is a stunning place to practice your boarding recommended by Gabe.

Arianna Reynoso

Awesome loved it, Gabriel was a great instructor. I will definitely be back again! Plus the rentals are only $16/24hours! So so fun definitely reccomend coming here, there's sand dunes that go down to the coast. My two favorite things board sport & a beach ♡

rolland cox

Sara Smith

Lon and his crew are very knowledgeable about their craft and run a fun, friendly business. Can't wait to return!

Mindy Bladorn

This place is great!!! . My kids loved learning how to sandboard. If you are looking for a fun new activity to try I'd recommend this place!!

Audrey Blair

I’ve loved Sandmaster Park for years! I did a sand buggy tour a few weeks ago and had a fantastic time. I also really love the sand sleds they rent. Though I’ve tried it a few times, I’m not much into sand boarding. So I really like that they have sand sleds for those of us who want to have a little fun on the dunes, but prefer to stay closer to the ground. Such great prices and customer service too!

Jason Jones

It's not snow is right. I thought it would be cool but I wasn't impressed. Sand boarding is not much fun for me. Sand everywhere, hooked up the dunes for a ten second slow ride down.

Austin Miller

Mandi Ray

Too cool i love going to sand master park gabe was a great instructor taught my son how to sandboard!! Will be going again once its warmer out!!

David Anderson

Best Sandboard Rentals

Robin Beale

Sand Master Park is a great destination. Staff are friendly and very helpful. Store is laid out nicely and sandboarding rocks! Excellent for family vacations and anyone who wants to try a fun outdoor activity in a beautiful location.

Sierra Peterson

Fun people ! Fun place ! Great prices , and fantastic sandboarding lessons ! Definitely a place to stop on the Oregon coast !!

Santana pink'ey

IT'S NOT SNOW. You'll understand when you arrive. One of the best experiences ever. It was so much fun to learn, surf, and fall with my family. I definitely recommend going behind Fred Meyer if you aren't experienced.

Launna Stafford

Prices are great and so was the service, including the instructions. We boarded at FredMeyer. There are lots of dunes behind the main one you see when you arrive.

William Munro

Great little place to rent things to sand board in Florence along the Great Sand Dunes. The staff is a very helpful and knowledgeable for newbies like me and the store is very cool with lots of Museum like qualities. I Won't Say I'm a very good sand surfer but the experience was worth it.

Cesar Chavez

Dan Kinz

Wonderful staff and fun for the whole family. I definitely would recommend this place if you are looking to have some fun and play in the sand.

kristin klomberg

David Madrid

Amanda Leipfert

The owner is great!

Hansford Boatman II

Went and purchased gravel, staff was great! Very efficiently loaded into my short bed truck.

Dale Whitsell

Great! Priced to afford. People are very helpful.

Sandeep Dhillon

J. Nelson

We use the Sand Ranch for all our. Brush disposal needs. We also get our bark and rock there as well.

Shann Payden

Super nice staff and the kids had a blast with the boards!

John Birdwell

Sand Master Park is such a fun place for the whole family! It is very easy to find; elders to young kids really enjoy their time there. The sand rails are a great ride, with expert drivers, and activities like sand boarding is a favorite with the adventurous and young at heart! I recommend that folks call ahead for a reserved time.

Jonathan Hart

They have all the gear you need to get out on the dunes... all you have to do is walk UP the dunes over and over! Very helpful staff.

Matthew Kelsay

Great staff, very helpful and excellent equipment. My kids had a great experience, we will be back!


If you are into sandboarding or just board sports in general this is one place you have to visit! So much fun!!

Mike Wilson

We love going to Sand Master Park the staff and owners are always to helpful and willing to guide you on your sand boarding journey. They are also a family owned and operated business and invested in their community. Lon and his staff take pride in their profession and sport and really show that in the operation of their business.

3lctronic plauge

Awesome staff amazing bored s

Miriam Ngige

Lis Farm

Sand Master Park is a must for your adventure list when coming to the Central Oregon Coast! We have had several guest come stay and we continuously send them to Sand Master Park and they always come back exhilarated and ready to go return for more. What an affordable and fun way to experience the Oregon Dunes!


Awesome place

Rosalind Buxton-Smith

Great day on the dunes. Great price and friendly vibes. Thanks Doctor Dune!

Natasha Flemming

Great fun for the whole family, very helpful staff. This is a must see, this was an experience that I am glad I did. It was so much fun for whole family. I did not know that I could have so much fun doing something that was so affordable. If you’re in Florence you should definitely stop by. Fun for the whole family, affordable, fun, and memories you will cherish.


We only had time for a few hours, but worth every penny. Great shop owners/staff! Super helpful. A family road trip highlight!

cher Su

Chris Trerice

Awesome experiences, both the boarding and the buggy. Highly knowledgeable, and know how to make sure their customers have a great time

Alexey Kudinov

They market themselves as a "surf park", but they are merely a rental shop. They send you to fred meyer to surf and there is no money back, regardless the weather. There are no signs whatsoever, it is like backcountry skiing with all the dangers of it, and they send first timers to the large dunes out there. Beware before you rent a board, check the weather and see the dunes with your own eyes. We returned 10 min later and still paid the full price. The better place to surf is 15 min drive in a park, where you have to pay for day use.

Nida Kozaczuk

Lots of fun!!!

Kim Edwards

great place and family friendly

Neil Berg

The staff was awesome. The products were decent. My kids enjoyed it (I fell so hard on my hip that it still hurts 2 weeks later -- be sure to lean forward when hitting the bottom of the curve!). You get the boards for 24 hours, so check out the lot behind Fred Meyer as well as South Jetty park.

kyle bresniker

Super affordable and super fun! If you live near the area and have never sand boarded it is a must, and even if you have to travel I would still recommend it. These guys really go out of their way to make sure the experience is as good as possible and seem to care about their community. Cant recommend enough!

Ryan Lewis

Great place to get nice campfire wood for cheap.

Charles Bowen

To much work for not enough play. They need a lift system, the runs are short anyway so something to make it easyer . Great idea though

Danō Y

Awesome people!

Alec W

Staff was fun and knowledgeable and made sure we had a great time!

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