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Where is Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor?

REVIEWS OF Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor IN Oregon

R dyment

Very beautiful place to stop and visit on your way down the Oregon coast

Theadore Petersen

Wow, Amazing place. Not the easiest hike to get to the cliffs but we'll worth it.

Pat Holmbeck

Great place to take the little ones.

Kim Jensen

One of the most beautiful places on Earth. Explore every beach to find your favorite.

Jon Pauletto

Absolutely beautiful! Highly recommend to visit this place

Michael Kennedy

It is a beautiful place, depending on time if year.

Jeff Gauthier

Beautiful. However it was very crowded the day I went

Richard Elliott

It was a great place to spend time with my wife on my birthday thanks honey for making it the best day of my life I love you

Carie Sherman

Amazingly beautiful. I've always loved the beach. The view was absolutely beautiful. Highly recommend going there if your in the neighborhood.

Daniel Chew

Wonderful view of shoreline and sea.

Sara R.

I love this drive. Nothing's better than the drive up to Gold Beach. It's just gorgeous.

Sean Rochette

Beautiful Oregon Coast scenery!

Diana Maxwell

It's a beautiful beach! Good for a nice walk, tide pools and very peaceful. It's not usually too crowded.

matthew woods

You could spend a whole day hopping from spot to spot along this great stretch of road. Best used going south as there are not left turn lanes for most areas and traffic can make left turns pretty tricky.

Clint McCoy

Very beautiful.


An epic place that must be seen. Plz search for the secret beach trail as it's hidden but it's the best for sure. It has no sign but marked with a ribbon Ask locals about it

Lisa Fitchpatrick

Nice view. Though for us it started to rain too hard to go down the trail much. Was glad I went, just wish the weather behaved!!

Eric DePeel

Amazing Coastline!


Absolute must do. Pearl of the oregon coast despite what the Portlandia yuppies believe. Beats cannon beach and pacific city out of the water, no pun intended.

Denise Jackson

Rough road, 4 wheel drive recommended. Very beautiful!

Tamara Fox

Loved it! Such a beautiful coastline. My new happy place.


we loved this drive, and stop at as many pullouts as you can, they are all beautiful, and not hard hikes at most of them, all preserved just for you. it is best if you can drive along the ocean side of the hwy to pull over, and not have to cross over, and then get back onto the other side when leaving, never was crowded all the times we have stopped to enjoy.

Ruth Pena

I have to say it was truly magical very mystical. Loved it!

Megan H

I wish I could find some of the more iconic scenic points more easily, but this is a beautiful area nonetheless.

Shawndra Peterson

Loved the Lone Ranch Beach! Even though we were not able to time our visit when the tide was out, we still had a blast checking out the tidepools and saw all different kinds of creatures..even a sea star! The beach was nice, not too many people..nice driftwood..beautiful waves! It was perfect! Look forward to visiting again!

Ashley Morri-Neil

This is such a beautiful part of Oregon. We were visiting family and went to quite a few beaches along the corridor with our two young children. They are all so great! Some had harder paths to get down, others were more accessible or easy to get to the beach from. There were also blackberries everywhere! We didn't really pick any because we weren't sure if it was allowed, but we did taste a few and they were delicious! We will definitely be visiting again in the future.

KEL Letvinchuck

So many lovely hikes. Working on walking them all.

Peter Black

If you are anywhere near this place make sure to visit these beautiful trees. The park is majestic and they have hikes for all different types of hikers. Family hikes and more advanced hikes. The river is beautiful as well. Bring a camera because you will see beauty that you have never seen before.


This place was great. Not a lot of people a s it was a great sunset

R. McGill

If your up for a hike off the 101 down to the vistas of the beach this is a good spot. If your just wanting a pic from your car without much hiking I'd skip this spot.

Rick Wagner

Beautiful drive, and so many great places to pull off and explore!

Butch Griffin

No better place than the beaches of Oregon

Victoria Lynch

Beautiful corridor of scenic drop offs along the 101. There are picnic areas, beaches, and vista points, all of which are covered in hiking trails. The hiking trails are a bit steep, but doable for the intermediate hiker. The natural bridges are very beautiful. I would look up tide times and try to make it to those around high tide to get more of the emerald water. Definitely worth taking the trip to see.

Michael Hall

Stunning vistas, good hiking trails. Convenient parking all along the park.

Mrs Mardis

I didn't have a chance to put my camera down. Everything was so beautiful! I wanted to stop at every viewpoint. This place is unbelievable. I absolutely love the Oregon Coast.

Geri Kendall

Very scenic drive, places to stop and gaze at the ocean. But some delays due to construction.

Matt Lindley

Great little trails to get down to the beach which was clean and secluded

Kelly Torres

Wonderful place to view the emerald ocean swirling around the arched rocks. Good trail with appreciative warning signage for poison oak

C. E. Weber

Wonderful picturesque views of stunning coastline. Be sure to check out natural bridges, but really you can't go wrong anywhere here.

Dick Armstrong

Awesome beaches and sea-stacks

tony stevenson

Another great hike and well worth it. Take your time and go during a low tide. We call this place culvert falls.

John Eaton

a beautiful place, full of great vistas of the Pacific and the shore line even if you don't stop and just are driving by

Greg Y

One of the most beautiful places on the Oregon coast


Cool little spot, easy to walk with great views.

phil wold

Nice but windy

Harper Hazen

nice hike, dog friendly, mountain bikers would have fun. has obvious picture spots. enjoy

Erica Meyer

Always a pretty stretch of road for a drive!

Lorine Ward

❤️ so very beautiful!

L Cox

Great visitor's center; nice beach access.

Joyce Muse

We loved it beautiful

Tami Pettinger

This is one of the most beautiful places in the nation. It is where all those amazing car commercials are made. If you ever wanted to be in that video of the car hugging the cliffs and seeing those magnificent rocks, this is it.

Rick Slossen

The Oregon coast has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. As night turns to day a fantasy plays out right before your eyes. The mist and fog over the ocean is absolutely stunning. I could easily sit for hours and watch this amazing display while my mind wanders. The peace and serenity of the forest soothes my Soul and I could easily get lost in its beauty. This is mother nature at her finest offering up a paradise for anyone willing to slow down and enjoy.

Becca B

Beautiful views in a short distance from the parking lot.

joelle budzynowski

So very beautiful. No camping allowed.

Tom Schwabenland

Lone Ranch was magical...

Daniel Kremer

This place was amazing! I paddle boarded from Rock Arch to Secret Beach, and it was totally cool.


I wish I had so much more time here. One of my favorite places in the country! Some stops are groomed and have higher traffic, others feel wild and secluded. Hop around to all of them and experience them for yourself!

Shekhar Jain

Scenic with lots of trails to explore.

Country Craftsman

It is the Oregon coast. So of course its AWESOME! One if the things this state does well is are park system. We spend a good deal of money on them. And it is worth it to me & my family.

Christy K

No good rocks to collect

Jessica Ellison

This park is so great! The views are breathtaking, and so are the trails to see these features up close. A lot of trail heads start from side of the road pullouts. Make sure to pull out, the signs are not seen easily from the road.

Chris Wagenet

This place will change you and refresh. Timeless, beautiful

a hutchings

Amazing place to explore, both sides of the 101. Don't be shy to follow a FSR just be careful of bears

Laura Zuber

Beautiful drive but we were not enable to find good trails. The trails that we did find were not clearly marked, narrow, and extremely steep at points.

Matthew Gray

Incredible part of the world, stunning views and beautiful trails

Leonardo Stanmore

Enjoyed it very much!!

Roland Roderick

Oregon's beaches will match up to any on earth for beauty,cleanliness and peace just go for a walk

Selene Miller

This state land is incredible. It's so different from the rest of the coast with beautiful rocky cliffs overlooking the ocean. However, be VERY careful on some of the side trails. None are marked and they get very steep.

Rose Heller

It's absolutely beautiful and smells wonderful.

Barry Emmons

We stopped at Lone Beach, Whalehead Rock and the Natural bridge. Excellent area on the Oregon coast.

Karen Cufaude

Such a beautiful scenic place

Antoinette Capasso

Where good shoes!

Christine Michels

This is a beautiful scenic corridor. Unfortunately every time I drive it I don't have time to stop and enjoy it. There's lots of places to pull off and go down roads. Everything is marked with signs. So please take the time and enjoy it for me.

Victor delosAngeles Jr

My sunset spot.. Great views

Kaleido Kim

Had the best time!

S Photography Elopements

The cool thing about Samuel H. Boardman is that it isn't nearly as crowded as the northern part of the coast. It's also super close to Jedediah Smith Redwoods. As an elopement photographer, I make sure my Oregon Coast elopement couples are aware of just how awesome the Southern Oregon Coast is. All the rocks jutting out of the ocean, and the capes and cliffs make it a gorgeous location.

Daniel kim

This place isnt just one place. Theres many pullouts along this scenic road and definitely worth the stop to see the beautiful vistas.

Ryan Mallory

One of my favorite places to check out the Oregon coast. Rocks, cliffs, views, sand, sea and open space. Less people than a California beach. More beauty. Worth a stop.

ella durkee

Absolutely stunning view and very nice hike!

Amanda Kafka

An absolute must stop along the 101 Hwy

Neil LeKander

As a local I have that hundreds of miles of Oregon and California beaches to choose from and for a day-use this one is the best spectacular scenery nice setting fully accessible just a delight

Sally Bossi

This is a great place to take awesome pictures, whether it's from a view point or while hiking one of the trails. There are several places to stop and enjoy.

c jakelsky

The geological wonders of our planet are breathtaking

Daniella Young

Absolutely beautiful stretch of coast. Tons of places to explore tide pools, go for a nice drive or just sit on the beach and enjoy the view. There are also a lot of places to pull off on the side of the road or places to park and go on a little walk or hike.

Debra Huron

Most underestimated coastal park in Oregon. This area allows shade and paths that don't just give the same ocean view from the trails that feel like your on a secret path of beauty. You can easily just stop and check out a few stops and still be on your way without interrupting your travels much. The juice is heavily worth the squeeze, don't miss the opportunity!

B. McGill

When you pull off 101 to see an amazing view brace yourself for a mostly empty gravel parking lot. The trees/shrubbery have grown up limiting your quick photo from the car. Instead park and go down the stepish trail. This eventually will lead to great views/pics, but you got to work for it.

Mike W

Great views and historical site

Tasha Kolb

This spot is beautiful. Very clean beach and park. The road is a little bumpy on the way down but I make it in my 2 wheel drive. Spectacular views.

Joe Tovar

Beautiful view of the Oregon coast. Windy day, but clear views.

David B

Beautiful view, very scenic, hike down to the coast is breathtaking!

Cheyanne pony girl

Loved this place along my trip, very hard to drive this area due to the beauty.

Jill Harwell

So of course its AWESOME! One if the things this state does well is are park system. We spend a good deal of money on them. And it is worth it to me & my family.

Lorenzo Garcia

Jaw dropping beatiful...

Anil Chakravorty

Magnificent views of the coastal islands. With great views of the cliffs, good enough for hikers, nice trails and a great place for fishing. Fishing rods are available here incase you are not carrying them during your family picnics to this great place. Excellent sea beaches with good surfaces for evening and morning walk. Very impressive place.

Wayne Barnes

Void place for a scenic photo stop. Took some nice pictures.

Hardheyhemi Horlorlardhey

Cool and easy to locate

Clay Tucker

There's a ton of beaches while traveling through the corridor. All amazing and unique in their own way. Highly recommended. Pictures are from various beaches there.

Mitch London

Such an incredible place. You have to see it too truly appreciate the beauty. The trails, beaches and sea stacks are amazing.

Jens Graf

Oregon coastline drive is a must see

Robin Gardner

Beautiful views!

Milda Balciute

This is where you come for that iconic shot over the cliff of the rock formations below. Parking lot is a cul de sac. Take the path on the left, on the fork, continue right and up towards the hill on the left side. At some point you get another fork, continue right. You’ll find the cliff. I came on a suuuuper misty/foggy day so I couldn’t see more than 100ft in front of me, but it was still pretty awesome. I’d advise to bring a flashlight if going late, and possibly some pepper spray...there seems to be some indentations in the vegetation that made me think homeless people may sleep there at night, but it also had a super spooky corridor of trees that made me quicken my pace. So pepper spray for that area mainly. Though the hike was uneventful in that sense, and rather beautiful to the top through some fields and wild grass.

Thomas Robeson

Amazing place. Didnt even know I was in a state park. I pulled over in a wide spot in the road (101) to take pictures. Place was stunning. Was even more surprised that it was clean. There was no roadside trash that seems to be everywhere. Took a short hike in the trees. Loved every minute of it. I'll go back just to spend time there and snoop some more.

Matt Brumage

Beautiful trails, scenic vistas, and variety of flora.

Brandi Gonwa Photography

This area of Oregon's coastline is one of the most beautiful coastlines I have seen in the United States it's beautiful with its Cliffs at sea stacks its large Forest the large redwoods and Douglas Firs that grow along here there's many pull out spots and park areas to grab a view a picnic plenty of places to select and stay along this area as well it is a photographer's Paradise beautiful if you're in Oregon and you're going to go up the coast stop and check it out

Wliilam Kennnedy

Nice place to stop

Lydia Weatherwax

Mind blowing wildflowers, rock formations and scenery.

Bill Schlichting

Nine miles of gorgeous coastline with a trail that follows the whole length of the park. Exploring possibilities are endless.

Aicia Mattoon

Beautiful drive, fantastic views, access to many side drives and hikes... Gosh we love in a beautiful country. God bless America!

Max Merkley

You are in nature and the views are spectacular.


Wonderful views. Great weather in the summer.

Thomas Ehmett

I was told by a friend that this State park was one of the best in Oregon. He was right. The scenery was spectacular.

Julie Petersheim

Loved it, tho we could only spend a few minutes there since it was close to dusk. Plan at least a day to see the sights in this park!

Dean Loros

Nice place to be on a sunny coast day.

Scott Thompson

The views on the Indian sands trail are fantastic and going a little of script is a well worth adventure.

Sara M

Loved this drive. Several scenic viewpoints right off the highway or a short walk from the parking areas.

Itzik Kent

Amazing shore line between Port Orford and Brookings. One of the best ocean shore strips along the 101 route. Excellent view points along the 101 route, just get off the maim road and enjoy the amazing view.

G2go Travel

Beautiful area and great for hiking

Janetta Zeimetz

We stopped here for lunch on a Sunday. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They were able to seat us quickly considering that there was 8 of us. The food was fantastic and their fresh cinnamon rolls were to die for!

Heidi Hunter

The entire coast is breathtakingly beautiful no matter where you stop but the parks along in the Samuel H. Board man corridor are a few of the best. Theres too much to describe here, they should all be checked out and you decide your favorite. For our friends that are new to the ocean please be careful on the rocks, s wave can sweep you off and never to be seen again. Never turn your back on the waves.

natalie Sharka

Beautuful sites, well kept. Very clean. Awesome hikes in walking distance and gorgeous ocean views. We would definitely return.

Bernard Ana Banta

Magnificent place to hike, picnic and visit the beach! ♡

Andres Vanilla

The best

Lisa Wilson

I have no way to put into words just how incredible each of these parks are. I really loved Samuel Boardman because it was so spread out. You stop, visit an area, drive and repeat.

Kendall Larson

This was one of my favorite things to visit along the Oregon Coast. The forests were amazing to hike through and the views were unforgettable. One of the best experiences in Oregon. If you have the time, take 30 minutes and hike out to one of the many coastal viewpoints. It will be well worth your time.

chip Hiljus

Absolutely georgios hike !! Medium to hard difficulty

Destiny Cunningham IG: dezr

Incredible places to stop for beautiful views and hikes! Will definitely be coming back!

Larry E. Marrs

Beautiful views... We were there witnessing the sunset.

Guy Claeys

About 6 to 8 stops along the coastal highway. Amazingly beautiful views, if weather permits. You should take half or even a full day to really fully enjoy it

chasing views_

Easily in the top 5 most scenic of Oregon's beaches. There are plenty of trails here to explore.

April Teran

Such pretty views and saw different wildlige5

Ashley Rhodes

Omg yes.... we love the beach in this family and Samuel Boaedman is the perfect set of beaches and trails for all of us

Brian Downing

Very nice drive with lots of parks and pull offs to enjoy the ocean.

Steven Draper

Great scenic place.. well worth the visit

Sandi Sturm

My favorite spot on the Oregon coast. What’s not to like? And never crowded.

Robert Heffernan

Samuel H. Boardman corridor and coastal hiking trail is the best Oregon has to offer. Don't just drive through.


Could not find the trail to the natural bridge itself but from afar its beautiful. Multiple other trails to hike on, unfortunately the trail that takes you to the bridge is super hard to find. But it is possible because we saw someone walking it. Multiple people tried to find it.

Paul Hoynacki

Super wild coastal scenery, camping, beaches, ample parking, hiking trails.

Marc Jakobs

Nice spot with a great view. Relatively easy walk to beach but not too easy. Done with speed you'll get some great exercise. Definitely worth a trip down the trail to the beach.

Julie Lewis

So glad we visited here, just beautiful!

Kathrin Collins

The park has more stops that we thought. I can't remember every single one but SHB State Park is just an area. Try to take as many stops along the road as you can and you can find some hidden gem spots that take your breath away.

skip nielsen

highlight of our trip to the Oregon Coast

Jim -n- Ade

Beautiful scenery along the Oregon Coastline

Gerald Burton

Amazing!! Stop every chance you can to see the amazing coastline!!

Darren S.

There are plenty of day use stops within this park. From vista points, to beaches and picnic places. Access to the stops can be a little challenging, especially if travelling Highway 101 North. Best to pick up the park brochure to ensure you don't miss anything.

Marco Manchego

Must see if your in the area, lots of great spots and short hikes

Dusty Katz

Stopped here to check out the absolutely beautiful camp grounds. Like every other beach in Oregon, it was outstanding. The Oregon coast is truly heaven.

stacie kesler

Beautiful, almost every turnout has a trail to the beach

Daniel Sheldon

The entire Oregon coast is beautiful, but especially this stretch of land. If you've never been before, find some time in your life and take a week to just explore not only this place, but the entire coast. It's well worth the drive.

Andrew Parson

Best view in curry, especially since they put the poop factory at chetco point.

Arron Stangle

Just check it out! You will not be disappointed.

Jolynn Rose

The beach was clean and had easy access .

Kelly Dowell

Beautiful beach. Perfect for a walk.

Harry Uhles

Beautiful view from the park anywhere you go in Hawaii is awesome it's Paradise of life


Got some great pictures!

Jason Towell

The prettiest part of the Oregon coast. Far enough away from major population centers like Portland that you can enjoy the beauty even in Summer without being overrun by everyone else. Most the the pullouts and stops along this coastline you have to get out to really see the best scenery.

Rae Smith

This place is absolutely beautiful scorches

Jayne Romero

Stunning. More beautiful thsn the amalfi coast and santorina, overall. Stop at every view point. Didnt stop at too many beaches, but the ones we did stop at were beautiful.

Rick Pennington

Beautiful place

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