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1005 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97209, United States

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REVIEWS OF Powell's City of Books IN Oregon

K Ferm

A reader’s paradise. I’ve never been in a bookstore this big before. Even if you don’t plan on purchasing books, there are plenty of other cool gifts. I’m glad we decided to stop by after all!

AJ Padron

Great books, sometimes strangely organized. Often busy on weekends but overall pleasant and cool. Great staff assistance, especially with finding a certain book.

Jordan Smith

First time to Powell’s City of Books. I absolutely loved my visit, and I hope to bring my wife back here. The selection is vast, the vibe is buzzing but respectful, if you enjoy massive books stores then this place is for you. Staff is super nice and helpful. I love the hand-written staff recommendations.

Sinem Topcu

This is a legendary book store. You can see 60% people around are carrying a Powell's bag on the streets. For me it was a very distinct journey. To get best of it, I think one should make a research before hand what you want to buy and which rooms are they in, otherwise this place is huge. You will be lost...

suzanne parenteau

Powell's is a Portland legend. It has a vast array of new and used books and is a place to come and relax, browse, and maybe sip a coffee and have a pastry. In this age of electronic preoccupation, holding a good book in your hands and letting your imagination go is good medicine.

Clara Lopez

Impressive selection, but be ready for crowds. You can easily get lost here for an afternoon in the sense of having a lot to browse, but the highly visible color coded signs make the store simple to navigate. Staff was helpful and friendly. Haven't tried the coffee, but I'll definitely be back.

Ellen Bankhead

the best selection of magazines I’ve seen! Of course the book selection is wonderful. Friendly helpful staff.

Jann Unterberg

It's like being a kid in a candy shop! Easily located all 3 titles I had wanted. Had fun just browsing as well. Have a couple of more ideas once I've finished these. Love this store.

Barbara Brock

Seriously, I haven't been here since the 90s and it didn't disappoint. I was so happy to be here! Great selection, professional staff. The cafe offered healthy alternatives. Definitely a book lovers official Happy Place.

Lane Shaffer

Powell's always has a lovely selection of new and old books. You can find most anything gift related here as a tourist, though book browsing is enjoyable as a local as well. The staff is friendly and the cafe is delicious!

Emerald Baldwin

I cannot give this place a high enough rating. SO MANY BOOKS. Everything is spectacularly organized and there are stations throughout the store to search for books yourself, plus a help desk in every room if you are having trouble finding something. You could easily spend hours here.

Mahealani Coila

This place is amazing! It's a bit of a labyrinth, but that just makes it more spectacular! I always plan on spending 3-4 hours every time that I get to visit.

Medha Moghe

Largest in the world collection of old, new books for sale... over million books... store occupies a full city block in the Pearl District. Easily noticed from traffic. Has bike, car parking. 9 colour theme rooms, 3000+ sections, including out of print section, reading room, cafe, gift shop, restroom. A must visit place for singles or family. Stroll here with kids will certainly help kids to develop liking for reading.

Sumer Kuxhausen

You can't come to Portland and NOT go to Powell's City of Books. CAUTION:. Before you know it two hours have passed, you have lost your partner somewhere in the massive store and you have 25 things in your basket!

Jay Flay

One of the biggest and bookstores around. U want a real personalized book buying experience check out Powell's. Not only is it in a cool part of town you will just feel better even if you don't buy a book

Mike de Raaf

I would live here if they let me. What an incredible store. The notes about books scattered throughout the stacks are invaluable and now I want them in every book store.

Zoie Jackson

This place was amazing. My friends and I all went to the cafe to get some super good coffee, and then we spread out and were in our own zones for over an hour. It was very busy, but the way the bookstore is laid out made it easy to find books that I have been looking for. I found two books that I really wanted. They were in good condition and a really good price. I definitely will be coming here every time I visit Portland.

Cindy Hill

The best bookstore there is. They have everything! And I love the atmosphere. Hard not to want to stay for alot longer than you intended. Be sure to check out their rare book room. This bookstore is incredible

Andrew C

Incredible place, feels like you just stepped into a community of book lovers. Excellent customer service, please support local bookstores like this! It's such a treat to have a place with such a huge selection.

Nathan Claes

So many books that it almost feels overwhelming at first. The staff are very helpful, but it's just as much fun to wander through and browse. Definitely highly recommended!

Laurie S

This was such a fun store. So many books, so little time! Everything one could ever want to read can be found at this place. Don't forget to go into the Rare Book Room! How amazing to see great books from times gone by. Great prices on books also. Has a nice little coffee area with pretty tasty coffee too. Very busy & popular place. A must see if you are in the Pearl District in downtown Portland.

Aaron Funk

A mandatory stop if visiting Portland! If you love books you could spend *hours* in here, no joke. Also has a good board game section. Grab a map as you enter (see attached pic) and orient yourself with which entrance you came in and start browsing. Used and new books for every subject imaginable and a rare books area on the 3rd floor (limited occupancy so there can be a wait to get in). Plenty of cool souvenirs like shirts, hats, mugs, stickers, etc. Has its own parking garage but it was a tight squeeze on the ramp for my wife's Highlander and I wouldn't want to try to park anything bigger than that in there.

Michelle Robertson

This place is a must for book lovers or if you just want to pick up some souvs. Staff was super friendly! And the local shoppers were so nice too. I like the different room themes and colors, makes it more fun.

Tiffany Hypes

Must see! I visited as an out of state tourist and I wish wish wish there was a large, impressive bookstore, especially independently owned, by me. I could have bought so much more if I didn't have to lug it back to ohio. I did bookmark their website of staff picks. It is my go to for book suggestions. I can enjoy that feature even at home.

Jeremy R

This place is one of the most important cultural institutions in Portland. It's the most wonderful place to browse books. You can easily spend 3 to 4 hours here going through each floor. Their employees are extremely friendly and dedicated. It's going to be a very sad day if they ever go out of business because of Amazon.

Michael Gallagher

Powell's is the best bookstore, more depth of titles and variety than any other. Just be careful you don't get lost in the labyrinth of shelves. If it is your first time get a map from the information desk.

Ron McKillip

I collect one period of American military history and this was a wonderful place to add to my collection. A book lover's dream! Prices were very reasonable too

Adrian Munaweera

What can be said of Powell's Books? It's jam packed with so many treasures that it takes a few visits to take in all its grandeur. go. read. enjoy

Ashley Sindelar

I haven't been to a book store that can compete with Powell's City of Books. They have a wall dedicated to one of my favorite authors, Stephen King. The in store cafe is also a great place to get a coffee to read your new purchase. Great customer service and the employees take pride in their work because the place has always been spotless when I have been there.

Nicole Aydë

I love how organized and comprehensive this bookstore is. All the staff at the informational desks were super helpful. I am glad there were some computers to search yourself too (I felt bad constantly asking them questions). It is definitely a place worth a visit.

kunal bhandari

This was the first time we we visited Powell's book store and we're mesmerized by all the books. Definitely can don't the whole day there. Nice lighting and open spaces. 4 stars because I didn't find the book selections in some of the less popular sections very inspiring.

Maria Castaneda

The rare book room is so cool! The oldest book was from the 1400s. The kids' room is so fun to browse. This is one of those iconic places in Portland you have to visit at least once. Our family loves books so this place always makes our list of places to visit almost every time we're in Portland.

Santasha Hadley

So many choices of books. This is book heaven for readers. Perfect way to lose yourself in a sea of books. I love this book store.

J. Johnson

Found a used book in good condition for $75 that had been on the shelf for five+ years according to the barcode sticker. Looked online because that's suspiciously pricey for a 60 page outdated text. Online it was $15 with shipping for like new condition from several retailers. I asked a clerk about it: if the price drops over time, if they price-matched, or anything to that tune. The clerk acted offended. I just ordered the $15 book and it was at my home by the time I got back from vacation. I mean, the store is awesome and all, but a $60 price gouge is kind of an unreal amount to personally donate to this establishment. I work for a living. Other than walking around scared to get too interested in anything in-store because I'd have to cross-reference to ensure I wouldn't get ripped-off, the store was really cool! Largest book store I've been in with a giant selection of topics I'm into. I doubt I'll be back because of the price thing, but for sure worth seeing if you're a literary and are in town.

Diane Slack

So much fun! Floors and floors of books, knickknacks, etc. There is something for everyone to love. Great for gift shopping. This store is a tourist attraction for anyone visiting Portland, Oregon or it's surrounds. The staff was happy and friendly and knowledgeable. Prices were reasonable. We had no trouble parking. Great outing. I could have purchased more but I was very satisfied with what I bought.

Nana Nash, M.A.

Classic. Gotta Love Portland's Powell's. Best place to browse for books. Gave one less star because their Buy Back prices for books is ridiculously low. I enjoy shopping there and always choose to buy local at Powell's rather than on Amazon to keep brick and mortar stores in business and independent. The FREE Book Talks by authors are an amazing, appreciated perk.


I could spend hours in this place looking for new books to read or trying to complete missing items from my collection. I was mostly interested in sci-fi and fantasy and wow do they have a super large collection. Rows and rows of classics with various cover art to the latest and greatest novels. All at great prices too. I highly recommend this place if you live in the area it is you are visiting from out of town

Nancy Cohen

The greatest selections in all categories. Helpful staff. The recommendations on written cards are informative and a great suggestion. Any book lover will love this huge bookstore that is always filled with interested customers. What crazy people wrote about the death of written books?

Rory Peris

Could just hang out here forever. Books upon books upon books. Basically a museum of reading but you can take the exhibits home. Delicious coffee inside. Staff will give out good recommendations. They will probably have what you're looking for. If you're going to buy a book, buy from Powell's and not Amazon.

M Johnson

Always a great experience. When friends and family come to visit, the book store is one of our stops when walking around downtown. It is pretty dangerous though, I LOVE books! Although, every time I visit, it’s like a time warp, it feels like your only in the store for half an hour but end up being there for 3.

Heidi Sauerwein

Love the laid-back feel of this bookstore. Lots of computers to help in locating what you need, coffee shop in the store, huge selection. Parking is rough, but not that long of a walk to the Max, and the street car is right there as well. Would definitely recommend.

Willow Solow

There is no place in the world like Powell's. Portland's crown jewel of diction, this bookstore is a quiet and contemplative escape from you busy city life. They have more books than you could fathom, on more subjects than you knew existed. Come and get lost, pleasantly, in the world of literature.

Adam Wood

Amazing. You don't need me to go into exhaustive detail about what's available to you, but what was a pleasure for me was the attitude of the staff. Very helpful and kind. Furthermore, each department felt like it's own bookshop to me, but staff that I met seemed to have an excellent knowledge of the store overall. In the unlikely event that you can't find what you're looking for, they can order with ease; in my case, I was looking for something quite obscure and out of print - they stated they could get the material in 48 hours. Sadly, I could not take advantage of this so can't tell you of the outcome, but I did feel confident that they would have come good. Anyways, this store is definitely worth a look in, highly recommended

Harry Hsieh

Definitely my first go to place in Portland! The best part of this book store is the recommendation. I can always find the book that I’m interested by reading the note they wrote about why they love these books.

Jerika Wallace

It's powell's city of books. It's a whole city block three stories high FILLED with glorious books on any subject. The new books are pretty standard prices, the used ones are very reasonably priced. The staff is friendly and helpful. They aren't pushy or rude if you find a good book and suddenly discover yourself sitting on the floor reading for hours. There's a coffee shop (it's Portland afterall) so you my even need to leave the building to refresh yourself after hours of perusing books.

Matthew Alvarez

This book store is incredible! A true book lover's paradise. There are multiple floors and multiple rooms of books. Every genre of book imaginable is available. They even have a rare books section that you have to gain permission to access. If you live in or are visiting the Portland area, definitely stop in and check this book store out.

Jerry Luciano

One of the cooler bookstores I’ve visited. They sell both new and used books and have an unbelievable selection of titles and genres. I found the staff they’re very helpful, friendly, and the clientele, while certainly “eclectic“ were plentiful and helpful as well.

Greg Myer

City Lights. Strandt. Myopic. Atlantis books. These are amazing bookstores that are literary staples of other cities. Powell's is now one of my favorites. The character of store is unique and palpable. The layout is both ordered and still whimsical. What set it apart for me are how thorough and consistent the staff picks are. I enjoyed browsing the descriptions of why a staff member recommended a certain book - including "pairings" with other books and "if you liked these." Also a great place to get literary themed gifts - books or otherwise.

Andrew Adams

If you love books and don't mind a busy store, this place is for you. I went with my wife to check it out, and the store's sheer volume entertained us for 4 hours. The layout is wonderfully maze-like, allowing you to get somewhat lost amongst the books. The selection was amazing. It was pleasant as an experience, and the prices were quite fair. We left with 10 books and a few pairs of socks for just over $100.

Josh M

The selection here is insane. The atmosphere is wonderful. It's so warm, inviting and cozy that it easy to just get lost in the enormous variety of titles. I can't count how many times I came with a decisive game plan: "this book used and I am gone" , and end up buying two other book or with my nose in a book of essays I didn't even know existed, next thing you know you've missed 3 or 4 calls and 2 hours has gone by. If you're visiting Portland Powells is 100% must go, if you live in Portland... You're probably already a regular. Also, the people who work here are great. It is rare that you can't find exactly what you're looking for, new or used. 6 stars!

Gary Yao

This place is like a treasure mine of knowledge embedded in a rainbow colored fortress. Extensive collection of everything old and new - neatly organized and identified so you are never lost. The coffee shop is conveniently part of the bookstore. So if you are unsure whether or not you want to buy a book, you can thumb though it over a cup of coffee / tea. So yeah, mounds and mounds of books. I like books even though I don't read good at times.

April Li

The store is one whole block, multiple floors of books - absolutely amazing. I wish this place wasn't hours from my home. Their recommendations really are good - I was hesitant to buy some of the books they put as "staff picks" but I definitely do not regret it. Just to name a few, Exhalation, Wanderers, and Luna: Wolf Moon were all spectacular reads. This place get crowded at times, but overall that doesn't hinder the experience. I'd recommend not coming at one of the "peak times", this place is open until 11 so drop by later in the day. Overall, just a wonderful store.

lenny Santa Ana

Great price. Lots of good books. One of a kind book store. 4 story book store. They have rare books also. Good luck.

Tammy Dutton

New and used books, vintage, classics, all organized neatly on the shelves. The different types of books are separated throughout the store's unique color coding system which makes it fun and easy to navigate the various sections and levels. Plan to stay a couple of hours. If you have little ones they even have a storytime on Saturday morning that you might enjoy. There are even a couple of cozy corners to preview some of the material you are wanting to take home. Super busy though so don't expect a quiet tranquil experience this is a high traffic book store.

Len Robichaud

What a marvelous experience! The largest bookstore in the world! Enter and get a MAP first (yes you’ll need one) and settle in for a book lover’s dream destination.

Melina Rodriguez

simply just an epic bookstore. busy on the weekends and holidays but worth it to immerse yourself in a book of any topic or pick up a cool last minute gift.

Jack West

Great place to shop for old books, new books, used books and simply to chill and enjoy type of place! Great selections of books from the past and the present. Located near Chinatown area of downtown Portland. This is a great bookstore with a fantastic staff and while the look is slightly more modern when walking in off the street..the feel is like an old time used book stores of the past! A must for any bibliophile! Highly recommend it!

Kollin McMullin

While yes, this place is HUGE it was very easy to navigate. There were a lot of very clear signs guiding you from aisle to aisle and room to room. The prices where great, if not downright cheap, as was the parking garage

Lisa Hampton

Best book store EVER!! Find books of every topic imaginable, new or used, in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. 4+ floors taking up an entire city block, Powell's is a city fixture, a jewel, a place to look forward to visiting. We travel over 400 miles to visit (it used to be over 700). Well worth it!! Plus wonderful World Cup Coffee & Tea where you can sip great coffee or tea, eat delicious treats (including rugelach!!), and peruse your books before you buy.

Lacey Newman

Love this store. I can never get out of a book store without buying books. This store always has fun things to go with them. Staff was pleasant as always

Julie Wasiuk

This place is a book lovers dream. The place is four stories and an entire city block, so it's easy to burn an hour here if you are into books and enjoy wandering the aisles. There's also other stuff than books sprinkled throughout (socks, backpacks, note cards, board games) which was also fun to browse through. Overall we really enjoyed this place and were glad we stopped.

Andrea F

My favorite bookstore in the world. Floors and floors, a whole city block. Rare books, used, new, buy and sell. Coffee shop inside. This place speaks to me in my soul. I feel like I am whole. They also have unusual gifts, cards, paper and journals. This is truly a whole city of books! A large hole in my life is filled every time I visit.

Ali Martinez

Absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend the book store tour for anyone interested in the history of the store and to familiarize with the large layout. You could spend all day in here and still only brush the surface of content to really find some great books.

Cassandra Markham

I've never seen such a big bookstore. The environment was lovely and the staff was very friendly and sweet. I also work in customer service and wish I had an ounce of their patience and cheer.

Kathleen Coudle-King

What? A world in which indie bookstores exist? Where used and new books sit side-by-side? A bookstore that goes on for-EVER? Where you need a map and a snack to make it through the entire place? Where you might actually have to wait in line to check out? What strange planet is this?! Beam me up, Scottie. I want to go back!

Joshua Peditto

The size of this place is incredible. The diversity of books, the helpfulness of the staff, and the overall feel is unparalleled. Visited the engineering section in the Pearl level- didn't find what I was looking for but did come across other books that sparked my interest. Visit the info desks or search yourself at a kiosk. (Also have a rare book room that is enclosed)

Emmalyn K.

There is so much to see here! I could spend days in this place. Love the info desks, assorted stationery and souvenirs, and helpful people working. Can't wait to come back. Thanks!

Intelligent Boi

Powell's was on our list when we arrived in Portland for a day trip yesterday morning. We stopped in after a tasty lunch at Sizzle Pie right across the street and by God, this place does not disappoint. The volume of Powell's City of Books rivals the Central Library in Seattle, where I'm from, which is HUGE. Prices were reasonable for both new and used books and I was amazed by the selection and atmosphere here. Picked up a book on politics for just over $10 and finished half of it on the train ride home. Also got some Ruth Bader Ginsburg breath mints and a couple pins. Powell's is amazing and anyone who is in Portland for out of town, even if it's just for a day or even a few hours, should ABSOLUTELY visit Powell's. They will not disappoint. Will definitely return if in Portland.

Eric G

Definitely a happy place for me. So many books and wonderful people. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and always willing to help and offer suggestions. It’s very easy to lose an afternoon in here, and I don’t see a problem with that. Make sure you have plenty of time to wander the seemingly endless aisles of books because you never know what kind of treasure you’ll come across.

Nisat Shima

Absolutely loved this bookstore. It is a huuugggeee bookstore with multiple floors. I literally spent several hours just browsing the books. They have excellent prices, selling both used and new books. They have hard to find texts as well. I spent only $24 on 4 used books that are almost brand new looking. I wish I had something like this in my city! Will be back here next time I’m on Portland!

Emily Sandness

This is a book lovers paradise! There are so many sections filled with books. Rooms are color coded for easier navigation.

Thomas Minor

It's got alot of books. It is enormous. But...get here on a weekend and you will be shopping with a stadium worth of people. Expect a line for checkout, coffee, and most likely the bathrooms. Staff is nice. Incredible selection of books and editions of books. This place makes me happy but good lord can it be a busy and loud place.

Brendan D'souza

When I read in my Lonely Planet guide that this was the biggest book shop in the world, I was curious to see exactly how big the store was. I was amazed as to the size of Powell's and how brilliantly it was organised. The staff were very friendly and although the store is huge it had a warm and welcoming feel to it. This is a must see when in Portland! PS For book lovers this is paradise!

Anthony Larson

This place is like going to multiple book stores where each store has a genre. They had used and new books and aren't far from pioneer courthouse square. They also have Portland souvenirs for tourists and a rare book section. They had a cafe on site with coffee and snacks.

Becca Brown

A must stop in Portland if you like books. I always end up purchasing at least one book when I go here, usually a travel book. Good little coffee shop. Excellent selection of books, and easy to get lost in. I recommend consulting the map first--everything is color-coded.

Tiff Bogus

Powell’s is an awesome place to visit even if you’re not a total bibliophile. They have some really great local souvenirs, tons of cards and postcards, and way more socks than you’d ever expect to find at a bookstore. One thing I love about Powell’s as a local customer is that their in-store pickup for used books is super easy and quick. I really like collecting physical copies of books, and being able to have them collected from the various Powell’s locations and warehouses and ready to pickup on Burnside within a day or so is really convenient! I always find that the cashier line moves really quickly at Powell’s, even on busier days. They also have some of the best hours I’ve seen for a bookstore - I love being able to stop in after working late to pick something up. Coffee shop area is pretty decent as well!

Daniel Marler

Heaven for readers! I only made it inside by 10 feet before I picked up my first purchase. Helpful, attentive, knowledgeable staff. I saw, maybe 10% of the multi- level store. Beats online shopping due to its physically abundant buffet of books - which leads to many trails of interest. I walked away with ideas for future buys. Go.

Danelle Hungerford

Everyone will find something to enjoy here. EXPANSIVE collections of books, great recommendations, many info stations and staff were helpful. I took advantage of their used books for sale. Great prices for gently used books. We parked in their parking garage and it ended up being free due to purchasing a book. I highly recommend this as a stop during whatever kind of day you have planned.

Silvia Silvi

This place is a dream come true. Aside from the sheer number and variety of books, it's wonderful to see the community inside with even instances of people flirting or courting each other by buying each other books. It's also incredibly convenient to have new and used books side by side. I'd come to Portland for Powell's alone.

Norma Lilia

This bookstore is insane! You will find pretty much whatever you are looking for. There a nice cafe in there, several pop up gift shops throughout the bookstore. You could spend hours and hours in there just a cool place to check out.

Erin Elizabeth

Always a wonderful stop in Portland, definitely a must! There is any and every book here you could ever need! The Rare Book Room is full of treasures, the coffee shop is a great place to stop and check out your potential purchases and enjoy a cup, there are sections full of games and nerdy swag.

Tiana Ghelfi

Undoubtedly in love. A paper map available at the entrance will guide you through color-coded rooms -- each with themes/subjects -- arranged for a fluid and thorough browse. Filled with quirky delights, captivating suggestion labels from the public and employees, and brilliant displays of bestsellers and new releases. Whether you go in with a plan and a goal or you wander aimlessly through, you are certain to be captured by an item...or a few.

Marlon Caballero

Great place to just walk around and look for books. Tons of recommendations provided by the staff and cool little knick knacks. I spent an hour on the first floor alone. Staff is very friendly. Although I didn't try anything in the cafe, it's nice to know there's one available.

Udochi Nwobodo

An experience. You should definitely visit if you’re in Portland. It’s so big that there are different rooms devoted to different genres. Erotica, Japanese, fantasy, comic name it....can all be found here. It also has 2 coffee bars and is crowded as hell on a Saturday morning

Nathan Grove

Such an astounding collection of literature. The reserve of rare books was fascinating. Despite being a store of great rapport, their prices were better than fair and the selection was vast.

Don Newman

This place is incredibly awesome! Almost overwhelming, but doable. My advice is to know ahead of time, what you are looking for or go prepared to browse for a couple hours. The help is freaky good! Love this place.

Luke Daniel Worle

Stellar, unique and a literary universe unto itself, this famed bookstore more than warrants the kudos. You can find pretty much any book under the sun in all categories. The book staff is very knowledgeable and a great asset. You can scour pages galore here, spending hours in blissful solitude or just get a book (or 6) to go and read at home. It's also great to see bookstores still in vogue as Kindles inherit the earth. This store is also very Portland in the best way possible. It's a winding maze of layers and you can easily get lost here with so many vibrantly engaging options. You might even strike up some good conversation with some of the locals (and some of the famous ones at that) that frequent this deliciously trendy and gorgeous warehouse of books. A must for visitors to Portland and a must for residents as well. Great place! Believe the hype.

Anne Wagner

Immense store; warm, helpful staff; and phenomenal selection of books. It is a place to lose yourself in the stacks with a good cup of coffee from the coffee shop. Like most brick-and-mortar bookstores, Powell's brings in a range of authors to speak & sign. They're considered kind of a force-of-nature in Portland.

Christopher Lamson

So this place was genuinely a bit awe inspiring. Probably the biggest bookstore I've ever seen in my entire life. It's a little daunting at first, but the floors and rooms are organized enough to make getting around and finding what you might be looking for a pretty easy process. I'm not always the most avid reader--Something I'm working on after a trip here. Picked up 3 books, and am happily reading away. Absolutely go here.

Burt Likko

Simply the best bookstore anywhere. Powell's occupies an entire city block on the edge of Portland's tony Pearl District. Its five stories are filled with books -- physical books, sorted and shelved with love and attention by a knowledgeable staff that has put care into learning their contents. A mandatory stop for all manner of authors and artists promoting their work, it's entirely possible to meet them and get autographs as well as special knowledge. No visitor to Portland should skip this extraordinary landmark.

James Smith

You'll be amazed by the selection of books found at Powell's. From literature to manga, there is something for everyone. Although busy, the store is so big that it does not feel crowded. The store is navigable if you pay attention, if not, you may get lost inside! The sections are well-identified and labeled. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is very inviting.

Kathryn C.

This.Place.Is.Amazing. I cannot rave enough. I could have spent the whole day in there. Was visiting some friends from Seattle and I 100% will be back. I wanted so many books. I thought I loved Barnes and Noble. Now it will never be the same, it is ruined. lol. Cant wait to come back.

Lesly Kozlosky

Best book store in Portland. New, used, and every subject you can imagine. All of the staff is super helpful and very friendly. One of my favorite places in Portland.

Tim Allen

I visit Portland several times a year and going to Powell's is a must each time. I never leave the store empty handed. They are without a doubt the best book seller I've been in. There is so much more I could say but you must see for yourself.

Michael Soener

The best book-store I've ever been to bar none. A literal city block full of books. I'm not a full on bibliophile but literature has always been a substantial part of my life and non-fiction reading has grown much more important over the years so it really is like an adult candy store. Just so much to offer, an incredibly broad selection of just about any category known to humanity. On top of that their prices are beyond reasonable and they have such a huge quantity of used books that you can get absolute bargains even on relatively new stuff. I never make a trip to Portland without at least a brief stop here, it's essential.

Caitlin Chow

I love Powell's! and what's not to love? It's a world famous, trendy, beautiful bookstore that takes up an entire block in Portland. I make sure to go to it every time I visit, I love their wide selection of books, both new and used!! I've bought my textbooks for school there on more than one occasion, but I love going in there and getting lost in the books. If you're planning on visiting, bring a very patient partner and allow for an hour there, at least. Happy reading!

Ann Ravitch

New and used, there's plenty of reading for everyone regardless of interest. The scope of the store isn't apparent until you begin to climb stairs and walk through doorways into different colored rooms all with their own designated topics. Give yourself plenty of time to wander through this marvelous landmark.

Alex Kattar

Amazing place! Books for anything and everything, as well as miscellaneous trinkets, board games, and fun gifts. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Hoping they grow their sustainably section. Their architecture and design section is rather awesome.

Ian Beardsell

I consider this my personal Mecca in Portland. As a family, we can easily spend the better part of a day browsing in this huge collection. What is especially handy is that they place used copies, at much reduced prices, alongside the new throughout the store.

Stephanie Slack

A city block - 3 stories - you need a map to get around. Yes please. It's an amazing bookstore. I could spend hours. The prices weren't bad, a little high for used, but doable. It's a fun store.

Mike Dooly

It's Powell's. Go here whenever possible. Get lost in the miles of shelves. Reflect on how perfect your life is at that moment and realize there's still a spark of hope for humanity after all. If you've ever been to Strand Books in NYC you can come to terms with the fact that Powell's is actually the superior bookstore of the two. If you've never been to Strand Books in NYC you can revel in the knowledge that going there isn't really such a priority anymore, if it ever even was in the first place. Give Powell's your money or don't, but good luck trying not to. I'd sleep here if I could.

Pamela Volk

An amazing collection of books! Well organized, with staff recommendations and comments. It is enormous in size, with fun little gift items for the bibliophile. You might want to warn a friend that if you don't appear by a certain time, they should come in after you! We loved it!!!

Hannah Stordeur

Organized, beautiful and bountiful city of books!! The color coded rooms house different genres and each one has knick-knacks that suit the respective rooms. Great fun for visitors from out of town as there are a lot of Portland souvenirs to be found.

Bill Lynch

What every book store wants to be, massive selection of new and used books with amazing recommendations form the wonderful staff. They can help you track down a hard to find title, but it is very much fun wondering the color coded rooms to the notes from staff members "if you liked this, try this" or just things they highlighted as being good books to read. Amazing children's book selection, the "worth it for the cover art" is good for a laugh. The store spans several floors, but there is an elevator. Cool and quirky spot.

Lauren Waite

Had a great time! Loved looking through all the different books. We found some really cool games and an awesome book on dogs!

christine leonard

Always love people so excited about reading This place is reader heaven and easy packed with people waning to learn. This warms a teachers heart. Good service too.

Zachary Dickerson

Look everyone has told you about this place. Go in and just smell the air, even if you aren't planning on buying anything. The selection of books is vast and split up thoughtfully into digestible chunks. Science fiction takes up the bulk of the Gold room while the Rose room houses young adult and childrens alike. There are many rooms and at least 3 floors of books stuffed from floor to ceiling. Staff are helpfully placed on each floor and most rooms if you need help finding something particular. You should check it out, where else will you get to check out an entire city block of books?

David L

Just received a book I ordered one month ago; order was shipped quickly so the long delivery time is almost certainly due to Australian Customs and Australia Post and not this seller. My follow-up email query was quickly and courteously answered by Powell's. Delivery has now arrived and in very good condition: extremely well packaged and protected, which was important to me, particularly after a recent and very unsatisfactory experience with an Australian on-line book seller. Absolutely no hesitation in buying from Powell's again or recommending their excellent service. I look forward to visiting their store when I make it to Portland, OR.

Nathan Bryant

I could have spent all day in here. So many books, and so many things to see. Best bookstore I have ever visited, and the staff was so helpful and friendly. I'll definitely try to make it back the next time I'm in Portland.

Dino Neill

“Book store” does really describe Powells, with the vast content and space to explore/read it is more like a book treasure-trove! Our two young kids were reading non-stop! They sell new and used, which is great but also multiple editions of the same book! I would highly recommend checking this place out for the experience! It makes adults feel like they are in a toy store!

Markie Rustad

Absolutely wonderful experience! A great layout, friendly staff, and a huge selection!!! I was not prepared, and my little book nerd self got overwhelmed with the awesome.

General Dexter

I loved this place in downtown but to get there I had to pass hundreds of bums and campers who were drunk on the street or in the Isla. But the store has a map and enough people to help find anything possible to read. A magazine section with hundreds of various topics. I enjoyed the travel section and history area. The checkout was very easy with all the employees very fast and ready to help. I find out later the Powell's were in 4 different locations so you don't have to go downtown. But the antique books are in the big store.

Bianca Dayrit

Love this spot...who doesn't love books?! Happy to have visited this famous destination in Portland. Staff were helpful and nice and it was nice seeing all the gifts and knick knacks other than the books!


This place was like omg where do i start? So many books, so many great deals on used goods in pristine conditions and also the rare books room was a must see. For a bookworm who drove all the way to see it ,well worth it.

Jenna Gorham

We only scratched the surface of what this store has to offer but found something for everyone in our group. The store map and computer directory were helpful since I haven’t even there in 20 years. The prices were great since there are many used books available. So many titles you can’t find in new book stores, that aren’t in print or are brand new on the best seller lists. We appreciated the recommended sections for kids/teens to help the kids find a good read.

Gisela Leda Barbosa

So awesome! Better than what I thought it would be. Tons of books in a very organized, easy to find manner. I love how they also have used books and all kinds of sales going on. It's a beautiful store in a great location. A must see! -- A happy costumer from Canada.

Brendan Carlson

You've gotta stop here if your in Portland. This is one of the best book stores in the country and is always a great place to spend time! They have many rooms full of every type of book you could imagine and the staff is super friendly and helpful. This is a book nerds dream!

Ingrid Doerksen

Always fun exploring here. Anyone will find something to suit their taste. You'd be amiss if you visited Portland Oregon and skipped Powell's City of Books!

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