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REVIEWS OF Portland Children's Museum IN Oregon

Breanna Page

My son and I had such a good time here. This is definitely an enjoyable spot to go. My son is still a baby so he wasn't able to do all the activities but it was still a lot of fun. Three staff was friendly and nice and the coffee bar was a definite help.

Adam Olsen

Fun for the kids but the bathrooms were terrible. The smell of urine was overwhelming.

Ryan Tigner

Great place to take your kids age 18 months - 6 years! Lots of stuff to see and do! Staff was really nice, bought a membership, will be back!

Holden McGroyn

Absolutely fantastic kid's museum! They have set up a really great environment for exploration and imagination. There are several rooms over the floors full of creative things to do. The emphasis is on imagination and creativity rather than science and history, and my kids had a blast. The exhibits are unique and cool. They stress hands on activity, and there are some guided activities in the maker lab. There is pay parking nearby, and military members can get in free through the Blue Star Museum program. This was a great way to spend the hours on a weekend.

Dr. Samantha Rose

A great place to bring your kids to on a rainy day. We had fun exploring through it while visiting the Portland area.

Rebecca Parker

Great place! Lots to do all day with my kids. Had a GREAT TIME!

Stealle Winters

I love this great little gem! It is one of my favorite places to hang out with my daughter when her older siblings go to school. The water room is the BEST and the staff are super friendly and helpful. We love to make a whole morning of it here!

Olga Graur

A great place for kids of all ages. My 20 months old had a lots of fun. You can spend half of day at this place... kids will still busy all the time

Brennan Degen

Great place for kids to go and get all their energy out. There is an inside and an outside area with everything a kid could want. Inside there is a building area, clay area, water area, construction area and many more. Outside there is a great tree for climbing, another water area with a damnable damn and yet another water area where the kids control the water flow somewhat. This place is really awesome for kids.


This is just a giant playground for kids. Still fun though. Saw this in a clay book.

Sruthi Muralidharan

We hosted my son's bday party here. The party hosts were great with helping us unload our vehicle, direct guests to the right location, and they even hunted down and gave us a package of paper plates that we ran short of. The museum also offered full-day passes to our guests and the kids had a blast!

Nathan Skaggs

My kids love its. Also a good enviorment

Brian Everett

A lot of fun stuff for little kids

Eric Erdman

This place is pretty cool for kids. Quite a few attractions for the kids but I wish the water park worked a little better. The hand pump was barely working, many of the water features weren't working properly or were not working at all, and most of the owners of the children were on the same level. Over all it was a good time. Fix the water features and open the outdoor exhibits and it would be 5 stars.

christine hoffmann

Wonderful children's museum! The exhibits with toys and water, etc are intended/better for younger kids (2-6), but the maker & clay areas are fantastic for older children. The outdoor area is fun and adventurous and the museum cafe has some tasty and healthy options. Loved the museum and had a great time with an 8 & 6 yo, mom, and grandparents. We spent 2 hours there which was enough for us, but could have made a full morning/afternoon of it.

Kyle Fitch

My little ones love this place. Perfect for a family outing weekends are crazy but fun. Ideal for kids one to five.

Gloria Villani

This place is perfect for little ones, many activities that children can enjoy all day long!

Tania Celeste

My 2 year old son and I enjoyed a seriously wonderful day at the museum today. They had so many interactive rooms that held activities for kids of all ages. We spent a good 4+ hours in the museum and still felt like there was more to see and experience. It was $22 dollars in total for us for the day, which isn’t too bad but as often as we might start going, it would be best to invest in a pass. I love that the cafe has many different options to cater to picky children (like mine) and different dietary lifestyles/needs. Another huge thing that most children’s places don’t include, is that they are inclusive to all children of any race, background, etc. It was a nice change to see that the treehouse room (I think that’s the name) had dolls of all skin shades. My son is a mixed child and it was nice that he could play with a doll that resembled his skin tone. The employees were helpful and truly nice and thoughtful that they work around lots of kids who need help or guidance. They were constantly picking up after the children making sure the rooms were fun for every child. We will definitely be coming back and bringing friends who haven’t gone yet!


I highly recommend going here. I took my kids age 3-8 and they loved it. We explored every exhibit inside and had an absolutely wonderful time. The recycled art studio was on the top of the list for my kids. They we're so inspired, they came home and wanted to turn our garage into a recycled art space. The outdoor area was great as well. We didn't have our boots, and it had been raining so they generously offered to loan us some so we could play and explore. Lots of fun and discoveries to be had here, rain or shine.

Sarah Finau

My kids loved it here! My favorite was the craft room where you can use your hands and imagination to create something and bring it home! I love all the play areas and the giant Linkin Logs. This place is great for running out their energy with an option to learn!

Joana Jones

Visited with my 4 year old on a Wednesday afternoon that was also sunny and a school day. Great time to visit because there were no crowds.

Kyla Enders

Love taking my 5 year old there to explore and engage. Been going to Second Sunday for 6 months.

Jomesh Pulinthanath

A must go place with your children. I literally had to pull my 4 year out of that place. They have many different experience areas that suites most types of aptitude of children. They can play, experience and learn. What a wonderful way to learn things. We had only little time, my experience says one should go there planning to spend the entire day in there.

Chuck Warner

It's many "real world" activity centers encourage children's self discovery at their own level. It's immediately obvious that this truly unique child centered museum was created by experts in the field. Our 7 year old granddaughter stayed occupied for over 5 hours! This is a must visit when in Portland.

Meghan Craft

I take my daughter here often! She always asks to go back! Entrance fee is very affordable and they offer discounted prices to those who are receiving assistance through the state. I showed my food card and we both got in for 4 dollars!!

deedee ringer

Nice big museum with a lot of activities for kids

April Correa

It was fun. They could have a little more children's stuff rather than the focus be almost entirely on very young children only. But we had alot of fun!

Arielle O'Brien

This place is incredible for kids of all ages (including me!). We love all the available activities and rooms. Everyone has a favorite. Then go outside (and bring a change of clothes) to go play in the sand and water and climb some trees and rocks. The outside layout makes it seem much larger than it actually is.


Great size for toddlers (3yr old younger) but not so much for older kids. There were maybe 8 rooms of exhibits but most of them were pass-thrus with little to do. Kids did love the water exhibit as well as the outdoor adventure space. The food court was so reasonably priced I was happy to treat the kids. We would still visit again but I would certainly bring some reading material or activity book for my elementary school aged kids.

Shannon Taggart

This place is amazing. There is so much to do and the play opportunities are really open ended. I feel like the prices are reasonable especially if you spend the day. The food and drinks are tasty too. The bathrooms could use a little update though.

Angel Holloway

Love this place so much! Both of my children, age 4 and 2, had a great time. Super friendly people.

roxy hart

One of the best places to take children of all ages. We have been a couple times and have still not done it all!

Karen Braga

It was awesome my grandkids had a blast we will be back

Jason Iijima

Fun place to keep the kids entertained. I'd recommend checking out the outside play area, very cool!

Josiane Holfeltz

My friends LOVED it and had tons of fun!

John Case

We bring our son and daughter here who are 6 and 2 when my wife and I spontaneously need to get our kids out of the house They thoroughly enjoy it here! Last trip here some of the water features were out of order. But other than that my children still had a great time!

Yosef Daitchman

Tons to do. Best children's museum I've been to hands down. I had to drag my kids out after four hours!

Michael S

Excellent place to take your children for a day of educational fun

Brad Adams

Super fun place. Best when it is not too busy especially if your kid does not like to share. They have an outdoor section too.

elisa gardner

It was my granddaughter's first visit and it did not disappoint! She was a very happy, busy girl. It is low key even with all the little ones there-actually relaxing. There is plenty of seating available at each section so adults can sit and watch their children, allowing them to explore on their own in a safe environment. We liked the fact that there was ample space at each exhibit with plenty of supplies. The HUGE surprise was the outdoor area-FANTASTIC! The veterinarian exhibit was a hit with all ages. It's a worthwhile and amazing experience for children. They actually get to use their imaginations. We will definitely be going back often.

Julia Ju

Great place for camp, the staffs are great with kids. They have some really great projects for little kids, my kids are so excited to go to camp each day. The new drop off and pick up is so convenient for parents, you dont have to wait in the front entrance line to pick up your kids.

Kenny Shonk

Great indoor play and fun

Dayna Willms

A great place for kids 1-10, though older kids would probably enjoy the Maker Space as well. The indoor and outdoor spaces have lots of choices, so every child can imagine and create whatever their heart's desire.

Amber Leigh

We go once every two weeks sometimes every week! My 2 year old loves it.

Mourad Souag

Wonderful playground for kids from 5 to 11 years old. We come here by rain or sunny days as they have game and activities for inside or outside. The cafe has good choice of food and drinks. Come early as the parking is shared with the zoo and can get full even before noon on sunny days. Wonderful staff always welcoming. I warmly recommend this place.

Erica Pierce

Had a few hours before needing to leave town and it was raining a ton like Portland does. I took my 1.5 year old and she had a blast. The exhibits are well put together and it was so fun to get to explore them all. I ate at the little lunch area and the food was better than i expected. Lots of diverse people, my kid and I had a really great time.

Kim Medaris

Love this place and you can eat here too. My granddaughter just loved this place.

Tara Severson

There are fun activities that are changed regularly, keeping interest and fun levels high. Staff and volunteers are exceptional. There is so much to see and do that crowded days do not significantly alter the experience. The only negative aspect is parking can be limited due to it being shared with other facilities (like the zoo).

Richard Moberly

Great place to take young kids and toddlers. Maker area and clay areas for older children. Outdoor area to explore. Buy a membership, it's way cheaper!

Casey Casey

So awesome. There are so many activities. For the little..and so many littles to play with! My only qualm was that I came late to meet up with my wife and son but was told adults without children weren't child was already inside...while I understand the precaution when it comes to random adults...this angered me greatly as I had to call my spouse out. Get your rules and exceptions straight. Then you'll get 5 stars.

Rebekah Morgan

Great for kids!!! Our favorite is the clay room and scraps DIY projects room!!!

Sam Keske

Pros: exactly the kind of thing your 2-7 year old will enjoy and wear themselves out on. Con: expensive for non-members - $11 per person, including kids > 2, plus paid parking. Better value for locals with annual pass or those willing to spend several hours here.

Peter Templeton

Great place to take grand kids 5 and 3. Spent three hours there and they never stopped. Fun washed by all.

Joseph Mcleod

A place where my grandson can explore inside and out and just be a kid. Nothing breakable, and everyone is having fun.

m t

Just ok. Good for very young kids, under 4. Other than that not many options.


Wonderful place to spend the day with littles and middle school aged kids. Staff are friendly and keep the areas relatively tidy. Kids are kept busy with the different activities and stations. My bigger kid loved the water area. My toddler kept busy running between the food/cafe area and the veterinarian area. There was a book reading period that kept the busy toddler seated and quiet for about 30 minutes. Then she was off to play some more. We spent a good 3 hours in here, following the kids around as they enjoyed themselves and the activities.

Joshua Czajkowski

Despite the extremely high price to get into the door my family had ton of fun here. Lots of activities for the young one to do inside and outside. They are good learning activities too! My 4 year old could spend all day here playing if we let her.

anna staubly

Love this place. Especially in the summer for toddlers. Helps them have fun and learn. The cafe is awesome. There is stroller parking. Even the outside play area has water to play with on hot days. Just bring a change of clothes and towel.

Jim T

Quite a few rooms are under stocked for the volume of children. Train room had minimal track and nine trains with probably 20 kids in the room. Out door area is has nothing really to do in each area or it was missing activity items. Just not a great value for the money.

Garagon Draconi

Went for a festival, to drum. Had a great time. The kids really enjoyed drumming, as well.

Sarah Randall

Small compared to other children's museums but had a lot of cool stuff for kids. My daughter loved the water indoors and outdoors.

Bud Coe

If you're got toddlers or little ones, this is the place to go....tons of creative thing's to keep them busy. Go early......kinda crazy atmosphere. Cafe is a little small ....... perfect for ages 2 to about 6...... take snacks for the kids and a cup of coffee and sandwich if your hungry.

John Kovac

A totally delightful day with my pre-school grandchildren at this magnificent site. A range of theme areas for all interests and age groups. Having lived all over the US with my military and civilian assignments, the Portland Children's museum, is second to none for this type of family entertainment. World class !

Aarontube gaming 2007

Leopard gecko ! Was amazing and the other activities so much to do

Jo Schmo

Very nice place to take young kids. There is a lot of things for them to explore and learn about things. Most big cities you live in have one. If you haven't taken your little ones yet, I highly recommend it. They will enjoy it.

M Robinson

My family has been going to the childrens museum for 15 years and every experience has been a positive one! The exhibits change frequently which make it even more exciting for the kids!

S&T Tay

Great place to bring children. Lots of consideration given to making it easier for the parents, like providing boots for the outdoor water play area and bibs for the indoor play area. Workshop is a great way to introduce kids to tools, with kid sized tools and power tools.

Jennifer Holland

During the cold rainy times we enjoy the inside area to let our little one burn off some energy. During the drier periods there's the added bonus of all the interesting and fun outside areas too. They have a snack bar which offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options that are actually good and fairly priced too.

Ruth Allen

My grandson enjoyed himself so did I.

DeeDee Ringer

Nice place for children to explore different play areas

Jamaica Mehr

This place is amazing! I took my one and a half year old here with his cousin, same age, and they had a blast. It’s so child friendly, and there is so much to do. Love all the different areas, indoors and outdoors, and a water area, theater and so much more. They were so creative in designing this place. It’ll definitely be a place we frequent for a long time!

Loretta Gaul

This was an amazing experience! My 4 yo, 3 yo and 2 yo and I, spent 7 hours at the museum! We didn’t visit any activity twice! There was so much to do and so neatly arranged. Each area is either in its own space, making it easy to keep track of multiple littles, or smartly partitioned. So many areas strategically thought out like the water room having dry jackets and hand dryers, the outdoor adventure room having clog boots to wear outside, a convenient and easy to use locker room with stroller parking. And not to mention the cafe has great tasting, healthy options that pleased all of our palettes. We are members of Mobius in Spokane so we were able to get buy one get one entry for free...SUCH a gift! Staff was helpful and kind. Definitely recommend this as a must do for Portland!!

Ebehi Onakpoma

Good place to take children to. My son is never tired of visiting.

jessica Peters

Honestly kind of a let down for 11 bucks a pop. It's pretty much a glorified Macy's play area. Kid had fun, but he'd have just as much fun with a bucket of water at home. Cafe sandwiches are pretty good tho. 4/10 not worth

Zach Zink

Awesome for younger kids. Basically a giant indoor playground with learning opportunities. 5 and under is probably best.

David Lindgaard

Better for kids 4-5 and younger. Crowded and not worth the complete price.

Jessica Pearson

It's sort of like a mini version of the one in Seattle, WA. They do use the space very nicely. I would definitely be into some more activities, weekly or whatever.

Heather Kragerud

Such a fun place with many different stations for kids. Best for kids under 10.

Kimberly Tuggle

So much fun. So many things for my daughter do.

sara switzer

So much fun! Kids under 10 I'd say

Dawn Beaudreau

You realize how poorly people are raising their children when you go here. My child had toys yanked from her hands. She was pushed several times and her feet literally stepped on by other children all while their parents watched and said nothing. We won't be going back. Portland people are on a waterslide down into disgustingness.

Crispin O'Dell

I am from out of town my kids had a lot of fun

inside beauty

not much to do for the price, some of it is old and outdated. needs and upgrade. especially the outdoor area. wouldn't go back.

Desire Cage

So much fun. Lots of things to do for all ages. I have a 1yr old, 4yr old and a 7yr old with me and they all had a great time

Dena Doehler

This is an excellent place for children! Thoroughly enjoyed it with my two-year-old grandson

Peter White

So many fun things for the kids to do

richard kalu

Great place for family and little kids. Lots of fun stuff to do both indoors and outdoors. Highly recommended.

Lythande Polo

My daughter absolutely loved it! It's not as big as her favorite kid's museum in San Antonio but she went nuts over the water areas, indoor and outdoor both. It was the perfect place to go on a really hot day (hot even for us southern Texans) so that we could have fun without being in the sun. We spent maybe three hours there but that was plenty of time to wear her out for the afternoon.

Kevin Philpott

The kid loves it! We got the year pass and go often.

linda sears

Great place to take your kids. Lots of activities for them. Hands on learning.

Brandon Wood

Lots of fun for kids. Funner for the younger kids.

Jessica Pluim

Such a fun place! We're coming back for sure. Fun for all ages! Parking costs $2/ hour.

Angela Roe

absolutely the best place for interactive play with young children in Portland. Very educational and a variety of things to do. If you only spend five minutes doing each thing you can easily spend a couple of hours here. I would highly suggest coming here and checking it out if you live in Portland or if you're coming to the area from somewhere that does not have a children's museum. It's right next to the zoo but it's a lot to try and fit both things in in one day with children. I like to take the kids to one of these places then hop on the Max a couple of spots and get some candy at rocket fizz and then call it a day :-)

Jessica Swartz

My daughter loved this place! She is 1.5 yrs old and went room to room with so much excitement in her face, it was awesome to watch her. The rooms were fun, very interactive and age appropriate with the price being acceptable. Parking was a breeze as well, and cheap compared to Seattle prices. I would definitely recommend going if you need an activity for younger kids.


Super cute and so much to do for the kiddos! Affordable and worth it.


We were visiting Portland and went there with high expectations. It is just a play area. Nice for kids to have fun if you just want to kill time. Not worth if you are short on time.

Iuliia B

Love this place. Lots of fun for kids and their parents:) they make changes to activities from time to time and offer different classes

Rhett Keaton

Little disappointed to be honest. Felt like a big daycare. There were a few unique toys/rooms but not much I wouldn't already find in our own house, the waiting room of the pediatric doctor/dentist office, or at the local park. Hoping for a more interesting/educational experience for my kid

Kat K

Nice place to visit. Left something behind and had to leave several messages for the lost and found departed until they finally called back. (Item was broken when I got it back). 4 stars because the staff was unfamiliar with layout of the museum and bathroom was out of order. There was 2nd bathroom at the opposite end of building, who has a museum for kids and only has bathrooms on either end of the large building.

Stephanie Baker

My kids loved it we were there for 5 hour sand they never said they were bored!

Patricia Luebke

I took my granddaughters (5-1/2 and almost 4) to the Children's Museum on a weekday morning. There were a lot of kids but it wasn't too crazy in there. It's a very interactive environment for kids. Besides the indoor activities, there are two outdoor areas. It's all very well done. Even so, I thought it was a bit on the spendy side which is why I gave it 4 stars. It cost $44 for 2 adults and 2 children plus we paid $4 for 2 hours of parking. There is a fun place for kids in Vancouver called Dizzy Castle. You pay for the children and the adults are free. And the adults get to play, too. Also, the cost is for all day, so you can go in the morning and then leave for a while and come back later that day. Free parking, too.

Joe smith

I never went here, but google says I did, so I'll assume it's pretty good. Hope someone found this useful.

Dorene Robinson

Really great stuff for kids off all ages to do. Our kids are 5 and 6 and both had a great time. Lots of hands-on stuff and good educational stuff and fun stuff and even a little art room. And they are part of the ASTC Passport Program so it was free with our membership to our local science museum. Definitely recommend.


4 yr old daughter loved it which is perfect for kids her age. Little bit of a beating for adults...mainly because parking was hard to find today in the zoo / museum lots. It's a way to keep kids engaged and entertained for a few hours so it deserves at least 4 stars.

Josh Rau

Many activities and educational exhibits for kids to play and learn. They try to update exhibits at a good rate though most have been unchanged for a while. We took a year off from being members because our kids got a bit tired of it (spoiled I know). We went back today for the first time in months though and it all felt new to them and they loved it again!

Seth Blystone

This is a fantastic place to take your littles for fun, interactive exhibits that they can experience up close.


I liked it it was a great experience totally recommend it. Everyone was nice and took turns on all the things to see and touch. Especially so many things to look at and touch. I liked the water place.

Lauren Ferreira

This place is great for young kids. Many different areas with unique activities to keep children engaged. There's more to meet the eye apparently-separate section we never even got to, plus done outside activities. There are memberships and low cost entry available (ohp) so it's accessible to all. Even better is its proximity to all the other things in the area-rose garden, forestry center, Washington park, memorials, Japanese garden. (The zoo is there too but we don't support it-cruelty to animals is not a family value.) Children's museum is definitely worth a trip or three!

Sandy Monterroza

Great just REALLY busy!!! Lots of exhibits that are fun for kids and grown ups alike. Just the layout on some areas make traffic hard to maneuver!

Karyn Reinebach

Great place to let the kids be kids!

jennifer kaiser

This is a great place to get the kids out of the house and using their imagination. Sometimes it's a little too busy for my special needs child but we eventually find our groove there and have fun!

Margaret grambusch-brown

Best place for small children to play

Jennifer Conner

Always a fun place to rake the kids! The food is pretty good to for what it is.


So much to see and do for the little ones! Crafts, learning, and so much fun to be had! They even have a cafe just in case someone gets hungry.

Shea Saddler

You can really breeze through the museum if you're little one is a one man power house. All kids have a favorite area. Liked that there was food on site.

Joanna Dowling

Great spot for young kids! Great hands on experiences. Absolutely love the clay and mini maker space studios. A truly interactive and creative experience. I also appreciate their policy of only admitting adults who are accompanying or in groups with children. The food in the little cafe is great too!

Benjamin Widenoja

Great place for kids. They will get exposed to EVERYTHING available! Not good for anti-vaxers... lol. Children and adults with imagination have a GREAT time!

Donna Parker

Sooo much for kids and grown ups to do together! Water play, like engineering the flow of water to speed it up redirect, etc all in the disguise of playing in water! A full.blown little shopping area with carts and check out stands and different areas to shop, restaurant play area with a counter and window, so many play foods, so cool! An area to play with pipes and how theh would go together, blocks to build with, an area to dig inside with mini construction toys, a play veterinarian area, a play race car area, play with actual clay, a stage/theater to perform in however and whatever you want to. And the maze outside is cool, the other outside areas are pretty too. Nice little restaurant inside as well! Im sure im forgetting something so you'll have to go yourself!

Drew Boyer

Great educational place to take younger kids if you're looking to get out of the house and let them explore a bit. Staff is friendly and food on site makes it a great place to knock out a few hours.

Alissa Bolling

Great space for kids, and so much to explore and check out. Best for children 2yrs-8yrs, in my opinion. Though my 11yr old seemed to really like the water-play area, much of the other content was underwhelming for him. The outdoor garden area was cold and bare in the winter; would love to see it in full bloom next time!

Steve Mallon

Need better explanation of the rooms and activities. Not all children were age appropriate. Lots of toddlers there early in the day. Three year old had great time eventually. Surprisingly good food at cafe.

Amanda Seymour

Wonderful place for kids and parents. My son had an absolute blast and in 2 hours we didn't even get a chance for him to fully enjoy the whole place! It is very well kept, clean, organized, and the staff were very kind. I will be taking my son there in the future well worth the cost.

Elbia Thornton

This place is well staffed and there is so much for the children to do!! My favorite was the water spot!

Jonathan Brown

Great spot for kids aged 2 to 7 or so. Lots to do, from dress-up to crafts to water-play. Well-run, excellent staff and volunteers, good atmosphere, both indoors and outdoors activities. Worth buying a membership. I bring grandkids often. Helps to arrive early when the crowd is smaller. On-site food is good. Download the Passport parking app to make it easy to pay for, and add time to parking.

Eduardo Castillo

It's a great place for all families

Katie Hanson

Very good value for the price. So many hands on activities for all ages, including parents. I can’t wait to take my son when he starts walking, he will enjoy it even more.

Sarah Mohlman

My 6 yr old had a lot of fun here. She enjoyed the pretend hospital for animals and in her own words, she enjoyed: "ALL OF IT."

nayana rao

A great place for children of all ages. There's plenty to do in every single room. The cafe selections are decent. The activities are always well managed. I highly recommend the place during the summer vacation.

joseph haugen

I love this plays. If you have a 2-7 year old best place for them. I will be taking my daughter there every time I go to portland.

Stephanie Kotkin

We took our toddler and she had fun, but there is a lot more for older kids to do than younger kids. She wasn't tall enough for the water tables and the older kids were a little too pushy in some of the other play areas. The room for the under 2 year olds is nice, but there isn't anyone monitoring it and I had to pull my daughter out of there because some much older kids decided they wanted to use the slide in there. I would recommend taking kids 3-8 years old.

Gillian Daley

HA. So I went with a friend. Just for fun. Kids LOVE it here. And I would give it 5 stars if I was a little kid. But I'm not. And we were pretty occupied and enjoyed ourselves for a couple hours. Then it just got boring. But I so recommend this for little kids. AND it's fun for adults and teens too. You're just going to get some interesting looks on parents faces when you join the cast on that stage to perform your parrot dance and singing duet with their kid

Laura Porras

My 4 year old grandson loves to come here. He meets kids to play with. Staff are awesome. If your child gets separated from you, quickly let staff know, and show them a picture of your child, and they get on their radio to signal eachother, everyone knows and ate out on the lookout in every section until found. I know from experience! Story readers are so kind and great with kids. They will read even if only one child is present.

The Worralls

This was our first time and our 2 year old loved exploring here. Everything was clean and well cared for. There are so many different types of learning experiences (rooms) to enjoy!

Eva Li

Great place for the kiddos to run around and explore.

Rosy Zavala

Great spot for the kids! Lots of activities to keep them busy and active. The water station is the best, kids will get wet. They also have an outdoor area.

Jules Scott

I had such an incredible time here with my good friend and her daughter. The staff was friendly,and the exhibits were honestly extraordinary. I was really impressed with all of the options that were available for children of all ages.

Stephen Hickernell

Good for young kids, like 6 and under.

Kyle Roy

Perfect spot for 2-5 year olds

Nicole Miller

Such an amazing place to go. They have so much to offer little ones. Our 3 kids had a blast

Carol R

Inside and outside, this museum is made for young explorers! There's something for everyone, with the water play area being a popular place to play. We visit often and love it every time!

Trisha Kountz

Had so much fun with my daughter and her kindergarten class

Helen H.

Great place to bring your kids!! lots to see and lots to do.

Dianna Ice

It was a lot of fun for the kids. The toys were old and seriously need to be replaced.

Omar eltoukhy

Great place to take kids between ages 2-7 for a few hours. The water area was by far the most fun for my daughter. Although not a huge museum there are both outdoor and indoor areas and there were superheroes entertaining the children when we went. I highly recommend this place but dont expect it to be an all day experience

Emily Hohf

Such a fun place to let the little minds soak up knowledge through play.

Emily Calabro

Fun, busy, lots of learning stations to keep kiddos occupied!

nakala matthews

Tons of fun! There are multiple activities to stimulate children of all ages. Also, the themes rotate throughout the year.

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