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REVIEWS OF Oregon Zoo IN Oregon

Jeff B.

It was a little frustrating and kinda confusing. We got there and then realized we had to pay for parking. I get it, it's the city and they gotta pinch every penny out of ya they can! Then we get to the gate to pay and the lady couldn't seem understand we needed 3 adult tickets, 4 child tickets and then one child under two was free. Somehow she was really confused for what felt like a good ten mins and numerous times repeating ourselves to her. She finally tells us the total and we tell her that's not right. Then she argues telling us how it's right. By this time F it I'm paying these crazy prices....let me in! We pay and then she hands us one to many tickets which is why the price was wrong. I WAS NOT going to try and show her the mistake as I'm sure we would be there forever! So we go in the zoo and there is a lot changing, things being built for the animals. Which is awesome for the animals, but then that takes away from what we get to see. We noticed there were quite a few animals we didn't get to see because they were gone. All in all the kids had fun and that's why we were there.

Marie Latimer

We made the drive from Seattle, WA to see this zoo. I was a little disappointed that so many exhibits were under construction but over all it was a great experience. I was most excited to see the elephants! We moved ours out of Seattle a few years ago and I have missed them! I definitely enjoyed myself at this Zoo!

Aaron Larkin

I was a member here for 2 years before moving out of the area. In addition to a generally cool place, the special events were what made it worth it to me. The pub talks, zoolights, Oktoberfest, etc were all fun ways to hang at the zoo

John Warzynski

The new 2 year old sister tigers are impressively beautiful in a exotic way, such grace and power. The bald eagles were enchanting and easy to photograph. The lemurs were entertaining and fluffy. The parking lot is expensive, thanks Portland. The food is high priced, just like every tourist trap, and was cold burger that sat in a warming tray too long, you have to put the condiments on yourself. Many grills and coffee shops were closed? The zoo overall is expensive, but worth it. I miss the hippopotamus, but understand that rhinos are more popular now.

Frank Blachly

To much closed or not in use. I think i'll wait another 10 years before going back. They should reduce the fees for all the exhibit closures and construction

Janis Theophanes

Our kids enjoyed finding the scavenger hunt stations and, of course, watching the animals at Sunday's Howloween event. Parking was already getting tight when we arrived a few minutes before opening, and there were definitely more crying toddlers around than usual, but overall it wasn't too crowded and was a fun change of pace for a pre-Halloween family activity.

Stephanie Sullivan

The zoo is really fun. There is currently a lot of construction going on that we weren't told about. A lot of the animals didn't make an appearance, but we still had fun. The drinking fountains now have water bottle fill ups, which is awesome.

Tia Magallanes

We loved! Can’t wait to go back! Just wish it wasn’t so expensive and the parking sucks!

Lucinda Martinez

What a fun zoo! The eagle habitat is the coolest. I like how hilly this zoo is, a great place for a small hike and the animal exhibits are amazing. They have a lot of new things opening next fall that I am super excited for! When my baby is born, we will be getting a zoo pass and visiting very often.

Erick Hendricks

Cool place! Busy on the weekends, especially if there is a concert. Worth it to see all the different kinds of animals. They have maps for directions, food options everywhere, even desserts. Great place for kids!

Tessa Waggoner

The zoo is a cool little place. It's a lot smaller than expected. A lot of things are priced separate but the price to get in is only $17 per adult which is low compared to other places. Plus you have to pay for parking. I dont remember the restaurant but they had the most amazing chicken tenders and french fries for $8. I would go back just for those!

Gavin Lubbe

Great venue. First time visiting with a 15 month old. Great way to spend the morning.


The zoo is so much fun! This was my first time going to the Oregon Zoo. I was surprised by just how much was shaded. Don't let that fool you though! Make sure you put on sunscreen! The bird talk was awesome! Seeing all the different birds and a couple of them flying to the perches out in the audience was pretty cool! I can't wait to visit again!!

Ida Westerlund

It's a sign of a good zoo when you can't see all animals due to big enclosures and places where the animals can go when they need some piece and quiet. With patience you will see most of them though! It was nice reading about all of the preservation projects. There's currently quite a lot of construction that will be finished in 2020. The African Aviary was my favourite. The zoo is very easy to get to with the light rail.

Janice Wenrich

It really is a nice zoo. Plenty of places to eat, restrooms and shade if you happen to go in the summer. Kids love the carousel and are free with an adult fare of $3 if under 48 inches tall. Very friendly staff.

Victoria Bolin

Great zoo built throughout the natural environment. Makes a great walk even if there wasn't animals. Very clean lots of animals to see. You can easily spend the whole day. Their food options are good and reasonably priced for location.


This is an excellent zoo. It is very well laid out. The staff are great. Penguins and Polar bear to Tropical Birds. It is a joy to walk through this part, or take the train. Consider membership if you plan to visit often.

Kim Clark

Had a great time there! Bridget in the elephant section was so incredibly sweet and informative as well! Stop by if you ever get a chance!

Taylor Gillmor

LOVE the zoo! Always such an amazing, fun time when I go. This visit I brought my son for the very first time and it was the absolute best! So many different animals and all of their exhibits are so spacious and accommodate their animals perfectly. Will go back over and over again!!

Joyce Johnson

Had an amazing trip! Everyone was great, park was clean and well kept - strongly considering becoming members so we can visit more frequently even though we live 4+ hours away!

Natalie Wan

This is such a great zoo for anyone. Families, friends, or for a date! The layout of the zoo was perfect and they have so many different animals. A lot of the animals in the zoo were rescues which makes this zoo even better.

Daniel Ray

Always a great place to come! Lots of construction going on right now (9-19) but they are improving lots of the exhibits and have been for a while. It just keeps getting better and better! The new elephant enclosure is particularly good. Good food options including adult beverages now. Come on down and check it out!

Jace Browning-Schwartz

A great childhood memory of mine is visiting the zoo, and I keep going because I love reliving them. A great place for kids and families to go to in Portland.

corey paul

What can you say about the zoo? The animals and the stroll through the park made me fascinated like a kid again. The concert series over the summer you have to check out.

stephanie chapman

amazing! I love that they have rehabilitated animals! beautiful park! definitely coming back every time we come to Oregon!

Crystal Carlson

We go often because we have a membership. I love the animal talks with zoo keepers who really know and care about the animals. My kids love the animals, the sand box, the carousel, and the places to run/play. The only downside is that no matter the path you take to visit the zoo, you will always have an uphill trek back to your car or the MAX.

Kevin Worrell

Was wondering if it would be worth the $34 per person admission. It was worth every penny. So clean and so large. One could spend three days here but we were able to zoom through in a single day. Bring your water bottle and bring your $$$ because there's nothing here that can be experienced on the cheap, however you can't put a price on such amazing experiences right?

Jessica Hill

Just an amazing experience. More exhibits than I expected. Incredibly clean. Food options are amazing. Overall best zoo I’ve been to in west coast.

Bradley Gauvin

This is an excellent place for toddlers! Our 3 and 2 year old loved all the displays and animals. The zoo is currently under construction which added another level of entertainment. Our kids love trucks, bull dozers, and any form of construction vehicle and the Oregon zoo did a great job of adding humor to their construction projects. Food was a little expensive for what you get but you can bring in your own food, which we will do next time. Overall, it was an excellent experience that I would highly recommend, especially for toddlers.

Stephanie Jones

Love the zoo, Portland's zoo is one of the best I've visited. Lots of education and the keepers seem to care a lot about the animals.


Had so much fun. Kid and I love it. Animals all seem to be happy and well taken care of. Lots to see so plan to make a day of it.

Ruthie Ragin

I love the zoo but was really disappointed because normally it takes like 4-5 hrs to walk the whole zoo and see everything with kids but it took less than 2 because there was 3 different parts under construction so there was a few exhibits and animals we didn't even get to see! On top of that the cascade grill was closed the 2 food carts with actual food were closed and we were there from 2-4 so it's not like it was late at night! The huge cafeteria type area by the bathrooms where they have a bunch of tables and pizza burgers ice cream windows etc wasn't open either it must have been in one of the areas under construction. I was very disappointed but my kids had fun and we got to spend time with my brother and his girlfriend that came down from Cali so that was awesome!

Leif Eccles

Family friendly. I love that you can pack your lunch and not only easily get there by transit but also get a discount by taking it. The Pacific Northwest area is my favorite. Even the trees and plants along the path are labeled making it an immersive learning experience. It is a shining example of what makes Portland feel like home.

mohit arora

Great place. They have lots to see. The have a great amphitheatre. Don't forget to see the elephants. You can book tickets online as well. It's a lot of walk so stay hydrated.

Kristina Derosier

I really love this place I'm definitely going again when is not to hot. The lion show they have, the bird show, and elephants are all great. And the food there, oh my goodness is the best.

Caleb Mahan

A wonderful zoo. I can't wait to go back!

seamus blaq

The zoo here is always enjoyable. It’s pretty cheap as far as most zoos go. There’s usually veteran and senior citizen deals too. They’ve been expanding and the zoo looks great and the kid loves it too. We’ve been there’s half a dozen times and still haven’t done or seen everything.

Ashley O'Toole

I love that they fed their painted dogs a deer carcass when I visited. Truly the best experience I've ever had at a zoo. Watching them fight over the carcass like they would in the wild was special and educational. I will never forget that experience.

Pierre Byers

It was a great experience. Paid parking lot with a lot of space. Helpful customer service staff, friendly staff all around the property and lots to animals to see in there natural habitats. Given an opportunity, go visit... giraffes, chetahs, snakes, tigers, seals, bears and many more....

Santhosh Kumar R

Even though I am not a fan of zoos, I understand that it's protected from poachers and other threats. The animals are cared for and well taken care with love. Plan to spend at least 2 hours at the zoo and taking the MAX (public transportation) is a better option.


The Oregon zoo is great! When all the renovations complete, that should make it even better. Can't wait !


The zoo is a lovely park, and they take excellent care of the few animals that they have, but there are too few animals and birds to see. The aviary is nearly empty. The Africa cafe was out of most of their menu by 1:30 on a very low attendance day. The food carts closed early. The price is too high for such a meager collection of creatures. I was really disappointed, especially when comparing it to just a few years ago.

Olivia Conte

We became members and it’s such a great deal! Gorgeous animals! The food could be a tad bit better but it’s definitely better since the last few summers so I can see they’re trying. Love this place. Definitely a must see if visiting the area.

Jennifer Massey

Great zoo! Went a bit later in the afternoon so I didn't make it through the whole zoo, but it was a great time. They also sell beer and wine in the zoo, so that is kinda cool. My favorite part, ironically, was the construction on the new exhibits. They have it staged like it is an exhibit and have information on all the construction equipment and "viewing windows " into the construction area. Little kids love cranes and trucks!

Enzo D

Love going here to see the river otters. They are so playful. The layout of the zoo is a little difficult. It feels like you have to do a lot of backtracking to go other places.


It was under construction but still a very good zoo. Everything was great.

Chris Knutson

A lot of animals out this time of year. They are doing construction on some of the exhibit; polar bears, rhinos, apes... they should be completely done by 2020 sometime. Also coming to the is a baby elephant in November 2020 pretty cool stuff. Check it out its fun for all ages. Prices are a bit steap but understandable for the new exhibits.

Justin Langton

Was a very nice zoo. I'm from Texas so it was nice to see a different kind of layout. Very nicely kept and wonderful walkways. Only thing I can say is a good bit of the zoo was under construction. Over all, very nice. Would recommend.

Krista Jensen

Having grown up here and gone to this zoo as a child, it is very special to me to then have taken my children, and now my grandchildren, to this beautiful zoo. There's so much work going on there right now. I'll be glad to see all the new exhibits when they reopen.

Scott Stump

This is one of the best zoos I have been to. I was hesitant because the pictures and size don't do it justice. It's a large zoo with a good variety of animals that all seem active. The best part is the design of the habitats, it makes every section amazing and conducive to watching the animals. I spent all day here and still felt like I needed more time. This zoo is amazing.

Janendar Ram

The Zoo was great. The bad news came when I went to my car in their lot n there was a citation for 44 dollars. Apparently somewhere between my last visit years ago it became a pay to park lot. But yet there was no signs anywhere saying it was a pay to park toll booths. No not sure anyone is to know you have to pay to park there. N I payed almost 40 dollars for 2 adults to go in. You would think the parking would be included.i was only there 3 hrs.loved my visit but I probably won't be back.

Kenneth Harder

Currently undergoing major construction that is due to end in 2020. There are still a lot of exhibits available to view. If you are going on a concert day, but not attending the concert, plan to go earlier in the day as in the mid-afternoon they block off paths around the concert area. We hold a membership and found it a great value as our kids always have a great time. There is also a lot of food available, as well as seating if you bring your own.

Chase Lockhart

Great experience. Lots of construction going on right now. But still a very pleasant visit with plenty to see

Stacia Cumberland

Awesome zoo. Elephant pool and flight show are so cool. A few traffic flow issues, but we were there on a busy day so might be better on a less busy day.

Kathryn Kelly

Had family in town, and although we got there a little to late for close parking, the shuttle service from the adjacent parking area was quick and courteous. The entrance line to get in went fast and the park visit over all was fun! I really got an laugh out if the signage they had posted for areas under construction. Good times and all the animals were out and about.

Casey Guillory

Decided to take my family today 6/30 got in and 75% of the zoo was under construction didn't see much except for a few animals wish this was posted on the website or when you enter.. When you drive all the way from Salem to visit and mostly wondering around and seeing closed exhibits. Even the shops being closed and snack shops definitely will wait to visit again

Jesse Heldstab

Great venue for shows at affordable prices but the lawn can get a little chaotic for sure. Low rise chairs are OK for most shows and make it so much more comfortable. Drinks are typically $9-11 for a 12 oz draft or 19.2 oz can. Arrive early to lock down good seats. Family friendly shows can make for an odd crowd.

Tyrah McGill

Animal conservation is important and while no one is perfect the Oregon Zoo tries to do what they can to make a comfortable place for Animals 1 and people 2. The Zoo membership is the best value.

Nikki Rooney

Best zoo I’ve ever been. It almost seemed like a hike through the forest

Phil W

Beautiful zoo, well managed, most animals are happy and definitely well cared for. Nice displays, the way they handle some animals like the elephants is great. Worth the admission with a slight discount if you got there with the surface train transportation, just show the receipt.

Mike Owen

Great remodeling going on. We love the new elephant habitat. Now if they can get the train back to full track

Lisa Christopherson

Is amazing. Good food/snacks and drinks for both adults and kids. Push or motorized Wheel chairs and also stroller rentals. They have concerts and are getting things ready for new fur babies to come in just an amazing place and great gift shop;)

Yvonne Vinyard

Fun place to go and see some beautiful sites. Loved the diversity of animals. Excited for their upcoming animals.

July Teal

The zoo is a ton on fun to visit. I have been many times. In the winter during the Christmas season they have a nice light show all around the zoo. And during the summer they host concerts. I got to see Chicago preform right next to the elephant enclosure. The zoo is great if you have kids or just want to have some fun.

Brianna Reed

This was by far one of the most beautiful zoo's I have had the pleasure to go to. The enclosures were awesome and the interior enclosures (elephants for example) was just as equally impressive. You could see that they truly care for and have nothing but the best interests for these animals. Usually when you watch the animals at a zoo they don't always appear to be happy with their environment and their enclosures however mimic their wild habitat they lack in so many ways as well in serving the animals wellbeing. The staff were all very knowledgeable about the animals in their care and you could see that they had a great relationship with the animals themselves which is imperative for these creatures to thrive outside their natural environment, because they rely 100% on their curators. We spent a full 7 hours there and didn't realize how much time had passed. The only drawback I had was that when we arrived for the event we registered for at 8 am I walked by an employee of the zoo twice even spoke with him and not once did he mention that you had to pay to park. I didn't see anything in the section I was in stating that parking pass was required and came out to a parking violation of $45! When I went to the customer Services center and told them the situation I am informed that the parking lot is not actually part of the zoo. However, it's patrolled by the city of Portland and that they were sorry for the situation but I had to deal with the city. So make sure that you pay for parking even if you are on a lot that doesn't have a pay to park sign, because you WILL be fined. Other than that little bleep on my day it was fantastic. I would recommend it to everyone.

Annette Timentwa

Pretty cool exhibits. If you're I'm a group definitely plan on spending around 4 hours here, but the play stops in between really helped the kids in our group to get some energy out. We went on a Monday and I was really surprised at how busy it was for a weekday. I feel that some staff could be friendlier or more proactive than reactive, but overall a cool place.

Yến Lê

Lovely place for family!!! I love the pacific nw area and hike around. It was fun. During summer, there is twilight Zoo with live music and many food vendor. Such a wonderful place for family outing

Holly Denman

Hard to believe I have lived in Portland 40 years and never been to a zoo concert in the summer. Even though a large part of the zoo is under construction ,the concert venue was excellent. We got there in plenty of time to find a great parking spot and a great spot to sit. There was plenty of food to choose from and lots of time to wander and see the animals before the music started and the weather cooperated! Even the exit was orderly and timely considering the huge crowd. I will go again.

corrina kirschenmann

Amazing zoo, overflow service is wonderful. Just wish had a few days to enjoy other buildings that is their.

Kollin McMullin

A great place to bring the family, a date, or just yourself! There was so much to do and see that it took us about 3 hours to get through it all, but we easily could have spent another hour. Come early in the day if you want to see any of their shows as most of them start at or before 1pm. And while there is some construction going on in preparation for the expansion that opens next year, it's hardly noticeable; and when you can see it, they put up interesting signs to make it fun!

Mupparthy Sreenu

Most of it is under renovation and we had very less to see. But they had every inch of it filed with cleanliness and excellent ambiance. Just love to see this place again in 2020 fall, when the renovation gets complete.

Sharese Williams

Always a fun day at the zoo. Don't miss the noon time bird show and animals talks. Food is always amazing and excellent quality. Animal exhibits are wheel chair accessable and always interesting. Bathrooms and clean and plentiful. Water bottle fill stations throughout. Ride the train and the carousel.

Chris Khacherian

Visited on a Monday, park was very clean and pleasent. The animals look well cared for.

Annie Eskridge

This is a really nice zoo. My favorite was feeding a giraffe! ($10 for 4 pieces of lettuce...totally worth it) and second favorite was the elephants. Be aware no coolers allowed in the zoo, but backpacks are okay. Also, the zoo is not super easy to come and go (it is allowed) but once you get on the path, I wouldn't want to have to backtrack all the way to the parking bring everything in that you will need with you.

Aubrianne Knudsen

Absolutely one of the best experiences I have had at a zoo! My family and I went since we were staying in Portland for the weekend and we loved it so much!! You can tell that the animals are happy, and they have lots of room! We thought that the animals might be hiding since it was so hot out, but the animals were all so lively (except one of the 4 bears!).

Sharon Lebeda

It is apparent a great deal of thought has gone into creating habitats for resident animals. The grounds are beautiful! I can't wait to see the new Polar and Primate exhibits when they are complete. Educational presentations are held at the various exhibits throughout the day. There are many options for food, a carosal for children and, of course, the Zoo train for everyone!

Tanner Manwaring

Best Zoo! You wouldn't think to visit a Zoo on your trip to often. Don't skip the Oregon Zoo! Crowd management at is most excellent. The parking lot is full but rarely do you feel that there are too many other people that your experience is hindered.

Allen Chavez

Great zoo we saw a lot of the animal. Out of the cages. That's the best to actually see most animals out roaming around


We had a very fun time at the zoo. The staff were friendly. They had numerous activities and teaching demos throughout the park. Our favorite was the bird flights at the amphitheatre and the elephant pool party! Did you know elephants will dive underwater? Neither did I! How cool!

Joshua Nugent

Fun place to visit with my young kids. Unfortunately several large areas are under construction, the primate area and the polar bear area. My daughter really loved the tigers.

Ross Neale

Great zoo with lots of exhibits. A lot of construction at the moment, but 2020 is set to have a huge addition open. They also have great food carts, animal shows, and an awesome summer concert series at night. Once they have completed the construction this place will get 5 stars.

Miki Hayashi

Visiting my grandchildren in Oregon. Went to the zoo, it so nice. Saw the elephant swimming and going under the water. Tigers having lunch, a bit taken back seeing rabbits being their lunch. This zoo is a great place to visit from young to mature people like me.

Jill Harwell

We were there for 4 hours but you could easily spend more time there. It will be even more wonderful when the new exhibits open next year. The girls remembered the elephant ears from their visit last October, so we had to get those again. There is an elephant ears food cart by the elephant exhibit.

Bo Karras

Wow! Is all I can say! We came on a rainy day on October and had such a great time! our 2 year old loved watching the animals! A must do family trip when visiting Oregon!


Under construction currently September 2019 so about 20% of the zoo is accessible. The food is spendy but you can bring in your own, which I recommend. The concert area is a great place to have a picnic. Other than those few things it's a great zoo:)

James Meadows

Really like the zoo. It's laid out really nicely. They have everything from Black bears to fish. And for the parents we have... Coffee ☕!

Josh Kesecker

A great place to take the family. Lots of new construction underway, so by 2021 it should be wonderful. The train ride is greatly reduced and no longer worth the expense. There are a few food vendors throughout the place, but the cafe is most economical. The remote bathrooms can get overwhelmed, so plan accordingly. The amphitheatre is a great venue. We were lucky to catch the symphony rehearsing!


I have been to the la zoo the San Diego zoo and Sacramento zoo but I have to say this place steals the show for me. I don't know if it's all the narural greenery and the environment for the animals, but it looks amazing. Like you are in the wild. The animals are so lively and it's something you don't see in other zoo's. There was some construction going on as of October 2019 but that didn't bother me. I told myself how great a place to even get better.

Dakota Prose

We love coming to the zoo. Don't get discouraged if all the exhibits aren't available when you go. Just check ahead of time. Remember the animals need a break too! And if you're going with your kids, know that they likely won't care and will enjoy what's available. We went and had to use over flow parking but my son enjoyed the bus ride so it wasn't too bad. It's so fun to go. Went with grandpa this time and we packed a picnic - which I highly suggest as the food can be pricey. Try the petting zoo if it's not too crowded. Otherwise I'll pay $6 to get a train ride AND a carousel ride. Pretty smoking deal for the little ones.

Rachel H

I feel like whenever we come here we do a lot of walking and don't see many animals for the effort. There are signs everywhere and also maps but the paths are still confusing to navigate and get to specific animals. The food vendors are great and I like that there are a couple spots for younger kids to chill (the covered sandbox is a good spot!) but with all the construction still, I felt like we overpaid and underexperienced even though we spent several hours there.

Anna Lortz

The annual pass is the best way to enjoy this is zoo with your family. With little children it's nice to be able to just go for a couple hours and see a few specific animals and enjoy the day with little ones before they get too tired

Dave Schubert

A nice zoo with regional animals and African animals. See the eagle enclosure... You might never get closer to one in a natural style habitat. Note to seniors: not many bench seats for resting. I suggest a couple benches at the numbered checkpoints.

Jessica Cavallo

This was such a great experience for us and our daughter! We come from STL where the zoo is free, big and a little chaotic. This was a good size and everything was really close up and easy to find. The elephant ears were amazing too :)

Shane LoGreco

The zoo has only gotten better and better over the years! The music at the bird shows is current, the animals seem happier and their enclosures are bigger. The grounds have really been stepped up with bigger natural plants. Whoever is running the show now deserves some kudos!

darin Mcpherson

Amazing to see several wild animals the monkeys and the penguins and sea otters were my favorite

Tyler Koch

It is a zoo. Too many concession stands, not enough .... . THEY PUT ANIMALS IN CAGES HERE?! It is a zoo. They treat the animals well, they are looking to make a buck, someone needs to get paid... But it could use a +something.

Sonya Jones LPC

The lay out of the zoo is great and goes along with natural topography. They are so caring and good to their animals always attempting to improve their well being. They are also conservationists at heart improving the wellbeing of the species. . Improvements to the zoo that will be done next will make it that much better!

Jessica Swartz

We had a fun time at the zoo! The price was expected and worth it to see the look on my daughters face when she saw all the animals. I love going to zoos and this one was no different. I would definitely recommend to go here and bring a stroller or covered wagon for the little ones, the sun gets a little hot and they get heavy after awhile. Parking was a breeze as well and very cheap, compared to Seattle pricing,

Laur H

We love this place! The new education center provides a fun way to learn about insects and local conservation on chilly days. And the local food options include Salsa Verde and other great places!

Amber H

We have been long time patrons of the Oregon Zoo... It has always been a great family day activity. The pens are kept clean and staff is always seem tending to the animals throughout the day. Shows on the main lawn were a favorite for my kids. I love that they're becoming eco-friendly now too!

cheez man

Fun visit and worth the trip, but I would have liked to see more of the animals. The only animals I was able to see were through people's shoulders. It was very crowded, so if you are not a people person I recommend visiting during the off season. The staff that I ran into were polite and nice but I would have loved to see someone with true passion for the animals. I understand that the zoo will have 3 more exhibits finished in 2020 and I am excited to see how they turn out.

Mike Davis

Really nice to see so much construction and upgrading going on! It was sorely needed, to the point that it was depressing going to the Oregon zoo. The elephants were having a blast in their expanded area. Looks like a lot more coming soon. Many more food options and better quality too.

Vee Brannan

Very fun! We came on the adults only night and it was delightful. Saw a surprising number of animals considering it was raining. Missed out on most of the African exhibit. They seem to give more space for their animals (and make the space more natural) than some other zoos I've been to, which is nice. You can walk right into the eagle enclosure, too! Lots of fun and I'll definitely be back after they finish construction.

rhonda hall

This Zoo was clean, both for the animals and the people! The representative animals and their environment were educational, and enjoyed by ages in our group from 5 to 75. The day was warm, but the intermittent sprinklers to stand under was fun! Loved the beautiful carousel aand had a quick 6 minute ride on the train. The food, though rather pricey, was tasty. Had a great day!

Anthony Bonney

Very pretty zoo. Coming from a desert state, it's fun to see all the natural foliage throughout the zoo. Animal habitats were a good size for the animals and had multiple perspectives to view the animals

Patricia Luebke

My granddaughters were visiting from out of state, so I took them to the zoo which they really enjoyed. We were there for 4 hours but you could easily spend more time there. It will be even more wonderful when the new exhibits open next year. The girls remembered the elephant ears from their visit last October, so we had to get those again. There is an elephant ears food cart by the elephant exhibit. Really yummy!

Joanna Myers

Gorgeous zoo with beautiful animals. I love the fact that they do feedings and talks that you can see ♡

David Struthers

Such a history with elephants in Portland over the last 60 years. Other exhibits excellent. Loved by the volunteers too.

John Goltra Jr.

Only the best zoo experience ever! As members we come here frequently and always meet wonderful people and learn new things. Tonight's adult only event was incredible. We bring our kids and 6 grandkids every chance we get!

JL Olson

Pretty decent zoo! Wish I could Give them 5 stars but my personal favorite is seeing venomous snakes and their snake selection is TINY. They don’t even have a western rattle snake

Daisy Cole

That was the first time since the three years I moved out here from Arizona that I went to the zoo. I really love this place I'm definitely going again when is not to hot. The lion show they have, the bird show, and elephants are all great. And the food there, oh my goodness is the best.


We had a great time on my son's 7th birthday. A lot of new enclosures are under construction, so there are a few animals missing from the collection. When the construction is done, I'm sure I will be giving it 5 stars. Parking does not take dollar bills, so take a bunch of coins or have the correct type of card.

Amanda Fernandez

This was my first time coming to this zoo. It was amazing. The kids loved it. They let you bring in food so we had lunch in front with the elephants it was nice. My son loved the little train ride.

Robert Pfander

Love it here. Well taken care of animals, knowledgeable staff, regular updates, and an immense amount of stuff to see. Great for kids and adults!

Walker Haken

Fun place to take the kids. Plenty of different animals to see. They’re upgrading a lot right now so if you don’t want construction noise I’d wait a bit. I’m excited for the upgrades they’re doing. Will update the review after the upgrades are done.

Monica Neal

Always love visiting the zoo! The Halloween event is fun and can't wait for the Christmas lights!!

Sam Lucero

We love taking our kids to the zoo when we are in town since we don't have one at home. They love it no matter what. This time (May 2019) there was a lot of construction going on that had a lot of animals gone and added to the walk. We can't wait to go back when it's finished.

Bree Kressly

Cute zoo! Rather small but has neat features. I loved the train ride although it was short. It has the last functioning mail train in the US and they have their own stamp which was fascinating. The fall colors were beautiful here. I loved that a lot of the enclosures felt open enough with the animals that it felt like you were more connected with them.

Amy Beene

Love Oregon Zoo! They always have family activities! This week we went to "Howloween". They passed out candy and prizes and we had a scavenger hunt! It was very fun.


A great time for all ages! Make sure to bring a sweater or jacket in the fall months. Don't get the "zoo key" - sort of a waste of money. We were able to get pretty close to all the animals we saw. There's also food carts on the path as you walk through the zoo. Pretty cool place. We will definitely be back when the primate forest is finished coming 2020!

Brian Duimovich

One of the best all around zoo's! Not too big and very pleasant to walk. Great array of animals that are obviously well cared for. Friendly staff and get this the food is decent too. I also feel like this park is priced fairly. That is to say I did not feel I had been taken advantage of even after buying parting gifts for the kids.

Lindsey Ramey

Great zoo. Not only do they have a lots of great exhibits but also some fun side things can be done to break up the visit for younger children. Take train ride, or visit the petting barn, plus some other fun hands on exhibits. Lots of construction going on so somethings are not open, but its still fun. There are the typical food stands, but you can also bring your own food items for sack lunches which great with young kids.


Excellent zoo, definitely in the top 5 I've ever been to and I've been to a lot! Kind of stinks that in the off season they don't have their smaller food carts open (we went in October) especially since the zoo is open year round. A little pricey but will definitely return!

Michael Soener

It's something of a work in progress right now. Half the place is under-construction. But by 2021 or so it sounds like it'll be pretty awesome, they're adding a big polar bear exhibit, I believe a big primate exhibit and a few other things. Pretty cool already with a wide variety of animals, just a little difficult to navigate with all the construction. Hopefully in a couple years it'll all turn out to be worth it.

Drew Boyer

I always enjoy taking our son here. If you can find a time where there's not many people, it's great. The staff is usually friendly and there are many different things to see. It's also a great place to get a bug of exercise if you're looking for a big space to walk around in. We also discovered the Cascade Grill today. The food was actually decent and we'll definitely be there again. Elephant Ears can also be found throughout the zoo if you just want a sweet snack. Overall, the Oregon Zoo is a great family fun spot.

Idris Nassib

We had a great visit to the Oregon zoo with plenty of animals to see. The parking lots sucks, it fills up so quick and you have to wait someone to leave in order to park. I love Oregon zoo. The animals are active and playful.

jessica getsfrid

The zoo never disappoints. Just get there when it opens to avoid the lines. Thet are currently under construction but still so much fun. So many animal feedings and animal encounters. All the employees are informative and friendly. Love going to the zoo and a great way to tire the kids out

Brian Bell

We always love going to the zoo. It's just gotten very, very expensive. The new elephant exhibit is wonderful.

John Lambert

I had a fun visit. Just not a lot of animals.People watching is just as interesting though as it was very busy. Not to terribly expensive. Clean and good shade as well as plenty of sunny spots.

Lisa Moreland

My 3yr old never wanted to leave! The animals all seem really well taken care of and there's tons to see. Bring a camera for sure! There's a few sand pits for little ones to play in, so it's great if you want to take a break!

Barbara Pfeirer

Great place for kids and adults. Great live music too.. and the zoo animals seem to be healthy and happy

nicole johnson

Fun day with lots to see. Not my favorite zoo I've been to but was pretty good. Very expensive for food inside. Forgot sunblock and it was about 30$ just to give you an idea of what to expect.

Bettas And Birbs

The animals are cool but there’s not much to see until 2020 because 1/2 the enclosures are closed. Overpriced and kind of ridiculous for food. DO NOT RIDE THE TRAIN it’s 16$ for a family of four to ride and it’s not more than five minutes of nothing and then a tunnel. I’ll come back though.

Blayne Marjama

The zoo is great. I mean, it could be better with wolves or more animals or whatever. But I absolutely love it here. Especially the awesome events they have where there's beer and NO kids allowed. Yeah, you heard that right. The zoo. Beer. No kids. Hell yeah.

Richard Carlton

Solid family fun experience the animals are all amazing to see up close in person and the food they have at the zoo is so perfect for walking around and looking at unique animals. Worth a day to spend time with the family and see some cool animals

Anthony Grzyb

Relatively decent amount of wild life to see here. I was quite surprised to find out they had African Painted Dogs there, something my local zoo does not have. They also have a small train within the zoo to take you around for an extra fee. They are also expanding the zoo as well from what it seems. Another thing I rather enjoyed was being able to actually see the animals. Most zoo's I've been to have lethargic animals in hiding. I manager to snag over 80 images easily.

Rich Ochs

We were really impressed with the number of animals and exhibits here. Lots to learn about and you have to make sure you spin your head around so you don't miss anything. I liked the fact that a lot of the zoo is built into the surrounding environment instead of tearing forests down. Loved it!

Gaurav Bose

nice little zoo. Very natural walk through the various continents.. Love the bald eagles and condos. Elephant and giraffes are the top attractions and very spacious.. Very kid friendly zoo and in an amazing location.. Would,like it to expand further and glad to see that they are opening a primate forest

Adam Busby

I have been to a few zoo's in many different states. From Washington, California, Hawaii, to Texas. This is hands down my favorite zoo. It has tons of unique animals and exhibits to include water exhibits. Rarely do you get both an aquarium and zoo at once! The staff are always present and willing to answer questions about the animals. They have military discount and it is stroller friendly. The animals look very well cared for and happy. Normally Zoo's are depressing for me, but this one was fantastic. We probably spent 5 hours here in total. Will visit again.

Vladimir Soroka

Great place to visit for a family with kids. There is a paid parking lot next to the zoo, but it may take some time to find a space on a busy day. It's probably a smart decision to pay for a day parking if you want to walk slowly and enjoy watching and learning the animals + combine with a snack break in the zoo. There are many shadow areas in the zoo so it's reasonable even during hot summer days, but be ready to walk a lot :)

Rhonda Gilezane

We were there for 4 hours but you could easily spend more time there. It will be even more wonderful when the new exhibits open next year. The girls remembered the elephant ears from their visit last October, so we had to get those again. There is an elephant ears food cart by the elephant exhibit.

Dominic Pishny

One of my all time favorite zoos I took my daughter and wife. first time there for both of them and they loved it! Unfortunately a few of the exibets were closed for construction but it did not takeaway from the experience at all this zoo is well designed and every animal was within view spent about 5 hours total at the zoo well worth the 6 hour round trip commute. My only complaint was that half they key stations were broken they need to be more visible as well as repaired. Definitely will go back though although I wish we could've seen the baby flamingos my daughter flipped when she saw the adults though she's 2 1/2 and they are her current favorites

Maggie Moore

Was a great day. Not so busy or too hot. Lots of active animals. In the morning.

Mr. Monitor

Great day at the zoo. Can't wait for this bond project to be complete so we can have all the exhibits open and hopefully get the rhinos back. The elephant enclosure is the best anywhere and they are thriving like never before. You can sense how happy they are. Would be 5 stars if they fixed the railroad through Mt. Washington park instead of just staying in the zoo property.

amy mentes

Lots of beautiful animals in well-kept enclosures. It's currently under construction but it has good traffic flow. They've added clever posters describing the construction vehicles in animal terms. The elephant area is my favorite part. The elephants have a large area that includes inside and outside places to go. They also have a pool and we got to see them go diving for food!

Jonathan Swearingen

Zoo has come a very long way in the 30 plus years ive been going! Animals have a lot more space or are getting the space. Good job all!

Bill Baxter

I feel like this zoo is more about making money than caring for the animals. Don't get me wrong, the animals seem well cared for, but you have to wonder when you see all of the renovations that revolve around bringing in more income. Most notably the ampitheater, and on top of that how the cost rises every year. I just hope that the animals there really are not capable of being released into the environment.

Eric Deckard

Came at the hottest part of the day but you could still see plenty of animals running around, can't wait for the 2020 attractions. All said and done it will be great definetly a great spot to come bring your kids they have lots of attractions even food inside, the price is pretty reasonable for a zoo. Average time probably 2-3 hours of walking through the park. They also do concerts in there.

Jane Reid

Lots to do and see. Naturalized exhibits. Healthy food choices. Merry-go-round and train. Lots of walking. It is huge and we'll spaced out. Under construction in several places. Parking a challenge. Rather preachy on climate. Would prefer more animal facts and less politics.

Joelle Phillips

Got a year pass for the family and was not disappointed. Everyone always has a great time. I enjoy how they treat the animals as well.

Julie Divine

We love the Zoo. It is so clean and even though their were a lot of animals missing due to the construction of new habitats we still enjoyed the animals we were able to see. My only issue is you have to pay for parking $8, then the entrance fee which is a lot $18 for adults and $13 for kids this does not include the train and the carousel. The cost certainly makes going very often impossible. We are looking forward to going next fall 2020 to see the new exhibits.

Brady Bernhart

Great little zoo. Can't wait to see all the updates in 2021.

Beth O'Donnell

If you can, i recommend taking the train rather than driving and parking. The layout of the zoo is fantastic. Its very easy to navigate. Easily walkable but there is also a train for those who want to cut down on steps. The train is really fun too. Great activities for kids. Its clean, they take amazing care of the animals and there are tons of friendly volunteers around to answer questions and help you make the most of the park. Plus... its Portland so even the food and drinks are high quality. Worth every penny and a fun day for the whole family.

Black Widow

Excellent day trip location. Lots of wonderful animals and animal education. Animals have lots of room and seem well cared for. Great eats on site with spacious outdoor seating.

Kaila Cummings

Best zoo I have ever been to. Clean, well maintained and lots to look at.

Shelby Flowers

Always an awesome experience for all ages. A lot of the park was shut down for renovations (although you CAN see the excavators in their natural habitat

Mr Osok

Great zoo. Clean environment with some new updates to various displays and enclosures. Easy to navigate even with a group of people. Some cool static displays outside the parking lot as well for any train enthusiasts.

Adiilene Salinas

We loved it here! Had so much fun looking at all the cute animals. This place is huge! we ended up walking for about 2 1/2 hrs! They also have little places to eat and grab a snack. The train ride is not very long, and you don't really see any animals, but it's fun.!

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