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900 Court St NE, Salem, OR 97301, United States

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Oregon’s SB-978 Gun Control Bill makes PEPPER SPRAY a felony.

Jordan Peterson

Emerald Vision Renaissance

State indoctrinated fascism.

Mr FullOfRage

Andrew Bedortha

Stripping people of there rights everyday they are in session.

Tony Stark

This is more or less aimed at Oregonians rather than just the government here. Let me start with Oregonians I salute you, as a people. You have bonded together and love your fellow man/woman as well as's the little things like the willingness to let another car go in front of you, leaving as much of the natural wildlife in tact as possible even if it cost a little more money,the numerous residents I see out cleaning up the public streets and really taking pride of your homes and businesses to a point where even I Who admitingly used to litter on occasion have changed my habits just after being in oregon for 3 short hours. I've been here visiting for a few weeks now and I'm still noticing little traits and qwerks here I wish I transplant in my home state. I could go on for awhile but you should really stop reading and come check out oregonians for yourself,perhaps they'll teach you a few things too!

Giuliano Vitali

Un Campidoglio dei più spartani visti negli USA : la cupola è diversa da quelle usuali, mentre gli interni sono arricchiti dall'impiego di marmo e legno. La camera ed il senato sono un esempio di sobrietà rispetto alla maggior parte di quelli europei. Visitato in Agosto 2011.

Stacey Sanders

Erik Mannery

Beautiful building and even nicer grounds. The staff inside were pretty nice too. Lots to learn about Oregon/PNW history.

Rick Beethe

Joshua Burns

Had a great tour of the capital from history to government, the docent Mike had a great attitude. Everyone should take a tour of their state capital, now onto Sacramento for another. Make sure you take both tours and walk the garden. I'm not sure why the negative reviews below, I think a citizen part-time government of the people for the people is preferable over where I live California where there is professional political wonks with special interest than citizens interest on their mind. That Oregon is pretty with lots of green and trees and a real neat history, should also check out the End of the Oregon Trail Museum just an hour away in Oregon City (the first capital ).

Ramses Amaya


Andrea Gonzalez Lobato

American Dream

America dreams are better slept away cause America enslaves the mass in dreams.

Timmy Luo

Jordan Paplow

Lovely building.

Walter Sacha

Rally for constitutional rights.

Ryan Lewis

No Grant Information Office open to the public...

Robert Ashmun

Nice walk

Jinesh Shah

Kaylee Jacobs

Beautiful building and park. The landscaping and cherry trees are awesome. I just wish those fountains were always running, at least spring through fall.


Staci Wilson



Zach Thies

Sam Hedine

I loved the tour. Great for kids and adults.

Ron G

Nice looking building, but needs a good cleaning!

Steven Inge

Suhasini Palanisamy

Nate Is Okay

Wonderful place..

Lev Marchuk

Clarissa Lam Yuen

Studio Kardi

Muy bonito, clima perfecto y tranquilo.

Uncle Chuckles

The building is lack luster. Its kinda boring actually

Veronica Tirado

Great place to go for a walk and take great pictures :)

Alicia Bodenhamer

Nice parks.

Manuel Moreno Cuevas

never seen the inside but looks good in the outside

James N

Kollar Varner

Kyle Liedtke

I haven't been to the capital in years. I am now disabled and didn't know if I'd even be able to get in. There is wheelchair access on the far left of the front steps. The signage isn't great, but you can find it. The staff was very kind and helpful. As a child I was always intrigued by the murals in the rotunda. I really enjoyed seeing them again. They are majestic. There are a number of exhibits that were great to see. And the grounds are really impressive. So beautiful. Take a couple hours and immerse yourself in our State's history!


Awesome to be right by the state Capitol. Beautiful!

John Carter

It was wonderful walking through the halls of power for the State of Oregon. I was most impressed with the Sergeant at Arms calling me over to sit with him as he explained to me the proceedings of the day since I arrived early and was wandering through. I was also able to witness the Senate opening ceremony including a poem by a local student and the Pledge of Allegiance. What struck me was every few minutes someone would yell out loudly into the hallway. At first I thought it was an emergency but seeing everyone else continue like normal I figured it must be a regular occurrence. I found out later that it was the job of pages to call the elected officials back into the chamber for votes. So a minute before the vote closes they run into the hall and yell out that it’s time to return and vote.

wafaa alrefaie

مبنى حكومي رائع للتجول فيه واخذ بعض الصور ، والتعرف على مسيرة هذه الولاية تاريخيا وسياسيا وقضائيا .

Liam yan

Marco De Gregorio

Haim Oked

קפיטול של מדינת ארגון

Brian H

It is worth visiting if you are near Salem. The Capitol building looks amazing from the outside. I didn't take the tour or go inside the building.

Patrick Vroman

A beautiful building, both inside and outside. Take a tour up to the Golden Pioneer at least once. There are nice views up there.

Ryan Church

The Oregon State Capitol is an amazing place. During Christmas they put a huge Christmas tree in the main entrance area and it looks awesome! I Love Oregon!!!

Noe Diaz

Kevin Dial

Great to see our elected officials in action serving Oregonians.

Dean Mao

Beautiful place.

Jacek Poniatowski

Kay Bridges

History belong made

Anastasia Lum

James Stagias

Beautiful , surrounded by parks .

Rachel Cobb

Chueh Dick


Michael Hanson

Tony Miller

Ray Gallagher

Very unusual looking building, but very interesting and beautiful in its own different way.

Calvin Olson

Benjamin Roberson

Jimmy Tran

Nice historical building!

Oleg M.

Robert Mitchell

Frankie Langston

I visited an attorney friend in Portland last summer and received an invitation to attend the swearing in ceremony of Oregon’s first female Chief Justice. One of Oregon’s justices is originally from Arkansas and she gave me a tour of the justices’s chambers after the ceremony. The courtroom and chambers are beautiful. The Capitol Building nearby is Art Deco design and a little unusual looking compared to the more traditional building that houses the Supreme Court.

Griffin Gonzales

Franklin Walker

This capitol building is of great beauty. The Lumber Jack on the pinnacle sparkles in the sun. The while (marbled, I believe) exterior of the building is pristine and commands attention. The setting is on the plush green of the lawn and the evergreen trees in the background

Kaden Robertson

RuthAnn Johnson Robbins

I Love All Of Oregon, Especially, Near The Ocean!!!

Rebecca Parks

Interesting artwork!

Cynthia Gaffney

Deco extraordinaire!

konst mos

Love Oregon and love this capitol. Great views, had some nice displays of military uniforms. Very friendly staff and awesome nearby parks!

John Yount


Friedrich J. Zoltan Kratzer

David Becker

Abi Escobar

(Translated by Google) Beautiful Salem, Oregon. I give it a thousand (Original) Hermoso salem , Oregon. Yo le doy un mil

Gregory Morgan

Sing PaPa

Must visit at least one as it is the Capitol building... if you join the tour, you might actually learn something... or you can read the post and sign yourself... architecture is beautiful, great for snapping few pictures.. gift shop is a bit small but who actually seriously buy stuffs there... a nice park in front of the building, another place to shoot pictures... it is free, why not visit when you are in the area

Pete Fritsch

Beautiful grounds at the Capitol

Linus Tuttle

Fun outside area for Kids and Dogs. Wonderful when the cherry blossoms fall.

Roland Meijer


Miguel Ramirez

Bill Torres

Melissa Mansour

Jan Smith

Not one of the prettiest capitol buildings, but at least they didn’t waste too much tax money. 1930s art deco style. The tour and info staff was great. You can visit the roof at certain times of the year/day.

Garrett Archer

Well run state!


Visitando el Capitolio de Oregon , bonito lugar para saber un poco más de la historia de Oregon y Estados Unidos

LeftyLeah Krisdina

Oregon sucks

Jackson Lloyd

The grounds at this capitol building are more beautiful than any grounds I've seen elsewhere! There's so much grass to relax on and gorgeous rows of trees lining the fields. At the center of it all is a unique water fountain. The very best time to visit the capitol is in the spring. The flowers are blooming and the trees are in full blosom. The inside of the capitol building is beautiful as well and fun to explore.

Steven McQuinn

Terrific visitor staff. The Capitol Building was open the Sunday prior to the eclipse, a day of the week when it is otherwise closed. On Eclipse Monday the Capitol hosted the eclipse viewing on the Capitol grounds. They pulled off the event magnificently, enhancing Nature's show with hospitality.

christopher tapanen

Visiting Salem and took the opportunity to visit the grounds of the State Capitol. Hadn't been here for a long time and it still is beautiful. I love the granite used in the construction of the buildings and also the architectural design. And what's not to like about the gold leaf statue on top?

Shannon Young

Visited in mid-November, and it was the same day they brought in the big Christmas tree, smelling fresh and wonderful! Got to see them hoist it up! The building itself isn't one of the more ornate ones and we weren't able to go on the tour to the top, but the grounds across from the Capitol were so pretty with the fall leaves!! Take the time to walk around it! Displays inside gave us visitors a variety of details about state demography, legislation and capitol building history and architecture. Architectural symbols are of interest in their social context.

Bryce Graves


Kard Fenty

Great place to take photos and walk around! Especially in the spring and summer time to enjoy the fountains and cherry blossoms!

Zane Ayers

this is ugly af

Clyde Clevenger

The day before the Cherry trees pop.

Robert Berg


Our capital hard at work.

cap1 weems

It was free so I gave it an extra star but everything the government touches turns to cra&

C Finigan

I visited the Oregon State Capitol back in May while returning home to California from Washington state and British Columbia. Completed in 1938 to replace the old building that was destroyed by fire in 1935, the current Capitol is the third structure to house the Oregon State Legislature and is a magnificent example of Stripped Classical Art Deco. Oregon is one of five states whose capitols were constructed in the Art Deco style of the 1930s. The House of Representatives Chamber is paneled in golden oak and the Governor's office and Senate Chamber are both paneled in black walnut. This Capitol, like every other state capitol, is very unique and is worth a visit to anyone who is a great fan of architecture.

Jory Smith

Salem Homeless

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