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2820 SE Ferry Slip Rd, Newport, OR 97365, United States

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REVIEWS OF Oregon Coast Aquarium IN Oregon

Super Shopper

We love the aquarium. We go several times a year. Nice staff. Friendly environment. Free on your birthday

Jon D

I love aquarium's so it's easy for me to write a good review. It is small, but nicely laid out. We made it just in time for the sea lion feed which was cool. My biggest complain about this place is it actually had captured animals. The sea lions, seals, and otters appeared to be rescues. But their aviary was filled with captured birds which I was not a fan of. Also, they did not talk about conservation as much as I would have hoped.

Rob Hildebrand

Ok, mixed feelings. The shark tank is cool. Normally we have appreciated that they have a discount for local residents. But today I brought my two kids and couldn't prove that they lived in Newport, so we all left disappointed. I suppose they are a business and have the right to set their own rates, but we've been a family for 20 years, It was weird to require documentation for that. (I offered to show family pictures).

Keith Kilborn

This is a very well done and interesting place. It isn't the typical aquarium at malls or tourist locations.

Robert Blair

Absolutely gorgeous facility! The animals are so well taken care of, and the layout of the place is so fun. The staff are also some of the most amazing people I've ever met in a zoological institution. Keep up the good work! I'll be back soon!

Amie Johnson

It's too small & it's really boring. Every child I saw over 10 looked bored. we paid to do a behind the scenes tour, and all we got was a dusty old speech given beside pictures of animals hung on a cement wall... super lame.

Camille Kuder

I would have given this place 0 stars if it would have been an option. Just got done in this "aquarium." Worst experience of my life! They dont tell you where anything is, no one around to ask questions, most of the stuff was very rude. Especially the girl that was checking people out for their photos. Waist of my day. NEVER GOING BACK! Wish I could just get my money back.

Dontjulytome •

This is a must-see place if you are visiting the Oregon Coast. Perfect for the whole family. I really enjoyed visiting this aquarium. It is much larger and more interesting than the one where I am from. I think they could have a few more exhibits, but it’s nothing to complain about. The Newport, Oregon aquarium had amazing volunteers that were eager to share facts and answer questions. The aquarium was a million times better than the under sea gardens! I had a really fun time!

Celeste Roam

I can't possibly do this place justice through photography off a tablet and lack of time! It would take days to even scratch the surface of the variety to see here and try and capture in a picture with a top,of the line camera! I've enjoyed several aquariums around the country, and this one did not disappoint in the slightest, even though appearing small which was not quite the case once inside and trying to view everything. The staff was available and extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. We missed the lights at night for the holidays, but I can imagine it was awesome and we will try to catch it in the future. The great thing is like most aquariums things are always changing, but this one is constantly changing as the rehabilitated marine life is sent back to the wild blue. I witnessed a crab loose a piece of his leg to a green sea anime that was for awhile appearing it may win the fight! Never underestimate the cute little squishy things that perhaps appear un-equipped and helpless for the surroundings and meal options! It just may take a leg! This was an absolute win for the whole family and the youngest kid in the group is 42! This is a place where anytime is time to play and have fun at any age!

Brynessa Taylor

What an amazing day. This is by far one of the best aquariums we've been to. So interactive. Volunteers everywhere to answer questions and the shark tube was so cool. A must in Newport, OR.

Midnight Mist

Great aquarium and very good representation of the importance of caring for our oceans. I see a couple complaints on here about not having a "touch pond" where kids can just freely poke sea creatures or whatever. I happen to love the fact that this place does not have anything like that, I think it's smart to provide a clean and sanitary environment for everyone and I think it's more respectful to nature. My Only complaint is that the gift shop had some pretty pricey items, specifically some of the wooden-like jewelry boxes that had chips or scratches in them were still priced very high. The decorative pictures on the top of them didn't even look like they would last, some already faded in color.

jesse richner

A nice aquarium, but quite small for the price. The 3 stars is for the value ratio only. Staff were friendly and informative.

Erick Wahlman

I really liked this aquarium's outdoor exhibits. The feeding and talks were great, the staff seem focused on preservation which I appreciate. The exhibits had a healthy space between them so the entire area doesn't feel overcrowded. The price was a bit much though which is why it's only getting 3 stars, it was only okay for the price. It only felt like a 10-15$ experience (when it costed 23).

Dominic Radford

Supper expensive and not much to see the one in Utah is cheaper and hase alot more

Ryan Newton

Great place for the family! Had a ton of fun!

Alison M

Always new amazing things to see! This is the best family outing on the coast :) We love the steampunk exhibit that's up right now.

Bárbara Calderón

We had such a nice day here! I fell in love with this place. Was my first time ever going to an aquarium and I completely loved it. My favorite part was the sharks, and I saw how they feed them, I didn't want to leave the sharks area haha. The people that works here is super nice, they answered all the questions I made and they explained everything super good. We will definitely coming back to this place.

Ricky M

Lots of things to do in this place. Entrance fee wasn’t too bad. It’s a huge place.

D Halbert

This place is down right amazing! You should go!

Danielle’s YouTube!

My family and I have gone here every year for the last 4 years! We love visiting here. Friendly staff and we love seeing the otters get fed!

Ashley Rittinger

We enjoyed ourselves at the aquarium. We liked the steampunk exhibit and the touch pool. Would be really good for kids. The octopus was really cool and we liked the jellyfish

mudracer wa

Really nice and clean aquarium. The had a few shows while we were there and my kids loved them. Staff was friendly.

Cheri Orser

Well not impressed at all...we could have seen basically the same things going to a pet store and visiting the fish tank room and saved 50 bucks. Boring and not much to see...way over priced then they want to charge more for a picture they take of you and the hurricane room. The biggest shark we saw was maybe 2' long, not what we were expecting. Would never go again...waste of money.

Mark Bednarski

Spendy but very much worth it. Well kept and so much fun and things to see for the kids.

Ronnie Lewis

It's unfair to compare this to other aquariums, but...

Alex Nguyen

The only cool thing about this aquarium is the size and open sea. Wish the hurricane simulator was free as you had to pay 25 dollars to get in the first place. Overall the place was clean and nice. It can get crowded easily due to the small windows and tight hallways.

Samantha Slane

Visited today at opening time which meant we were able to see the otters, sea lions and tidal pool creatures get fed. We even fed the little ones ourselves! Great fun for the family. The staff of volunteers were helpful and knowledgeable, a perfect combination.

Michael Rodriguez

This is a fun place for a family. They have strollers available for $10 if you forget yours. It takes a couple hours to walk through everything, longer if you stay and eat.

tina shaw

It's not as good as it was when they had the whale there. The glass tunnel is alright, but in my opinion, it was busier with keko there.

Jessica Hill

Just a stellar experience. Clean. Lots of great educational material. Amazing exhibits. Very knowledge staff and many many wonderful creatures to see.

stephen gerard

Not worth the cost. I understand that the facility uses ticket sales to help support the mammals and marine life, but when every exhibit is closed, it needs to titrate the prices to account for that. Simply put, this aquarium is nothing special. It's incredibly small, and much less interesting than the marine science center located down the street, which accepts donations but doesn't mandate high ticket costs when everything isn't up to standard. Do yourself a favor and skip this place.

Arlene Mejia

This place is a great learning area for people of all ages. I took my daughter and she learned soo many new things. It was nice to see her get excited and love the sea life. She now wants to learn more about the world beyond our own.

Durran Champie

I'm not a big fan of aquatic life, but this aquarium is pretty good. The underwater tunnel was cool, but the best part is how kids react to the experience. If you have kids, this is a must visit location on the Oregon Coast. It was a little pricey, and the whole photo thing was very Disney Land, but they got to meet operating budgets some how.


Super fun and really kid friendly. I could spend hours there just watching all the sea life. Can bee a bit spendy look for coupons before you go and help the sting a bit. This has the most impressive aquariums that I have ever seen. They have a pool that little ones can touch star fish and sea life.

Sarah Donnelly

Went here last summer while on vacation to see my family...and man! I forgot how small it is! I still enjoy though ☺ my daughter (who was one at the time) enjoyed it for sure cause she loves fish lol and my boyfriend loved the tunnel through the shark tank. Great memories, and the one I remember the most is when they housed Keiko before his release back into the wild.

Alex T

We really enjoyed our family day at this small aquarium. It may be small in size, but the layout is fantastic and the exhibits are well done. Loved the otter enclosure!

Adam Walker

Always go each time we come to Newport. It's a must!

Gwendolina Cnudde

We visited the aquarium on our way to Astoria and we thought it was great. I really loved the sealions, I could have stayed and watch them for hours. We didn’t see the otters until feeding time around 1 PM but then it was too crowdy to see them so that was a shame :( The gift shop is great and staff is so friendly! We went to the cafe where we ate a burger and a salad; this was really good too! We would definitely come back if it wasn’t that far away from Belgium !

Velvet Malloy

I cannot believe the bad reviews that I have read about this aquarium. This place was not huge and not that inexpensive but the employees are friendly and the volunteers are knowledgeable and it is clean... the Puffins are amazing. The Sea Otters are too. Harbor Seals really neat. All the exhibits are good sized except the vulture one is small... So many exhibits are something that I could just sit and relax and get lost watching. Very peaceful. Very impressive.

Kyle Lowman

Fairly expensive at 49$ for two adults for the size of the place but it is pretty awesome for what it is, very well done exhibits and featuring that the sea lions arent taught with violent or negative training methods was informative The touch tank was really cool as well as the deep sea tubes with all the fish above which was a bit mesmerizing, I'm including a bunch of videos and pictures as well here on the review The bird exhibits were a nice twist to an aquarium, it only took about 3 hours though to walk through the entire park and take time at most of the exhibits. Watch the pelican show it's actually pretty cool same with the seal/ sea lion show Overall spent 49$ for 2 adults, 11$ on a stuffed animal haha and 1$ for 2 of the smooshed pennies with pictures on them. All for about 3 hours. Park tickets cost are the only reason it's not 5 stars, but I can be picky, still glad we went though :D

Abdulrahman keilani

the price is too much for the quality and size of the aquarium. it lacks many exotic fishes, no encounters "beside a tiny one with small starfishes",not even a clown fish! and sharks are small feeding sessions are ok.

Banner and Finley

There are quite a few things to explore if you take your time and have good company with you. Not the biggest fan of the touch tank but it is very educational for kids. Saw a beautiful Heron couple in the avian viewing area on the outside grounds.

Mohammad Omar Farooq

Very good spot for family trip. I hope they will invest more and expand thw facility. NW has such a great natural resources, this facility is not enough.

Bryan White

What an amazing place. This was my first time there in several years, and they've grown substantially since then. I could have spent hours in the Passages of the Deep exhibit alone, watching and learning about the different animals found there. Anywhere you go, there's a volunteer nearby. When I say nearby, I mean no more than five or six steps away. The fact that it was a slow day and you always had someone nearby, easy to find, and knowledgeable when we had a question was remarkable. You could tell that they were excited to be there talking about the animals. One thing to know before you go - if you're going to go on a rainy day and purchase something in the Passages of the Deep gift shop that needs to be kept dry, bring a way to protect it. Plastic bags could prove dangerous to the animals they care for, so the only bags they carry are either paper or mesh. The mesh bags are very nice; they just don't protect anything from the rain. So if you're buying some of their delicious fudge, either take it to your car immediately, hold off on the purchase until you're done for the day, or find another way to protect it - preferably not a plastic bag. I came here after having worked in a theme park that revolves around animals and showing them in a natural setting. I found the enclosures impressive. You can see that they did their homework in providing habitats to be comfortable to the animals. They staged everything so that the elements designed for human caretaker accessibility were usually almost unnoticeable. Our first visit was just a few hours. While we got to see everything, this is a place where I look forward to coming back and spending some time. If you can get to Newport often, I highly suggest getting an annual pass.

J Harrison

This was my wife and my second visit and my daughter's first. We loved all the different animals and can't wait to go back.

bill hoppa

My daughter and I attended the sleep in the deep last weekend, we learned many things and had a great time. The staff did a great job and I feel the price was more then fair. Would definatly recommend and will be doing it again soon!

Anthony C

Cool Aquarium. Lots of fish and different things to do. I spent about 2 hrs but if I had kids with me they could have spent the entire day i'm sure. Customer service was great. Price was a bit high for what the have.

Addie Lairds

Way over charged 100$ for 3 adults and a kid! It only took us 30 minutes to go finish going through it. Wasn’t that much cool fish to see. The zoo costs 15$ and it takes you the whole day! Don’t go waste of money!

Christy Lockman

The aquarium is nice, the only complaint I really have is that some of the attractions are not wheelchair accessible and it is hard to push the wheelchair in the gravel, they need to make it more wheelchair friendly

Ross Pennington

Great staff and well though out exhibits but boy it hits the wallet hard...

seriously? really?

Excellent place for children! Lots of interactive and interpretive exhibits to learn about the coastal seas "Passages of the Deep" best exhibit for adults to view large aquariums of deep sea fish and other aquatic species. Fun outdoor habitats for seabirds and sea mammals.

Brian Cromie

have season pass. fun for the kids haven't really notice many events. nice huge shark teeths, great walk through glass showing cool sea creatures. spendy for a one time view passes are better value.


This is a great small town aquarium! I think it's even better than the Seattle one.

Butter Farms

Great place to take the family! ! Favorite exhibits are the sea otters and the passages of the deep (shark tunnel) you can walk through the whole place in about 3 hours, or linger longer. Great gift shops. We saw a 10 minute show with a rescue pelican which my kids and I loved! For an extra $35 you can get kissed by a seal at 2pm, which I'm definitely coming back for! ! Cost to get in is high but it's for a great cause. ..rescuing sea life and educating people. Show your AAA card 4 a small discount. Great photo opps along the way! When you come out of the shark tunnel take a pic in the huge shark jaws!!

TBR 4Life

Fun family fun. Can't go wrong

Evan Elsey

Aquarium didn't have as much as I thought it was going to. Loved the under water tunnel though! The gift shop really needs an ATM and a quarter machine for the pressed pennies.

Courtney Montague

Spring break weekend, and a busy place! Grounds are clean and well kept, the exhibits are in great condition, staff super helpful. (Need more bathrooms) it is a bit pricey, but I understand sales are part of upkeep. Great visit and we will come again.

Mack Pines

Oh jeez! Did they raise prices again? I remember 7 years ago this place cost 15 dollars per person now it's 23 dollars per person! The Oregon Zoo costs less and there's more to see and do there. But, if you want to go here, it is a neat place to see marine life. The underwater tunnels are the highlight whenever I go here.

tonya kinney

This was an amazing place! Kids will love it. Its very interactive and fun. The wildlife is amazing to watch. The aquarium is full of neat things to watch and play with. I will come back for sure.


Very nice attraction on the Oregon Coast. Perfect for a family visit. Two thumbs up!

Tom Cat

The Otter's are the best part. The shark tank was awesome when they first installed it, but now only has a fraction of the sharks and not very big either.

Sam Esparza

Well kept. Animals seem calm and healthy,Well Adjusted! Helpful Staff. Relaxing environment. Wheelchair friendly. (And available for rent)

Maverick Brew

The aquarium is filled with tons of different species to see and the shark tunnel is definitely a cool experience. However, it is such a small aquarium and you can go through the whole thing in less than an hour. There weren't very many exhibits and one of the main ones is closed. Had a good time, but not sure I reccomend.

Tom Greenwood

Small, but nice. Worth the trip.


Insanely expensive for the attractions. Way overpriced.

Candi Girl

The Seapunk exhibit IS AMAZING.

Pete Vi

We live in Montana. I tried to take my wife who was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer to Oregon Coast Aquarium. We drove 1200 miles. When I spoke with the young lady named Ashley she let me know that our dog which was a companion dog for my dying wife was not allowed in. And only service animals were allowed in since they serve a purpose. I asked her well my dog serves a purpose for my wife's anxiety since she's dying. She nothing to say about that. When I said fine and just decided to keep our dog in the car with the air conditioning running while we were in the aquarium. They informed us that their Wheelchairs and motor scooter accessibilities which they clearly State on their website of having They did not have. This is the worst place to go for customer service they wouldn't even accommodate a dying woman's last wishes. This place is a joke and ran by crooked people. Beware all who go there trying to look for a good time.


Really fun time, to get your moneys worth though I recommend reading the little descriptions etc.

Mary Galka

That shark tunnel is a favorite. Loved the seapunk exhibit also!

Adam Jenks

I used to love going here. Back when Keiko was still a resident, we'd come up as much as we could. Once he left, we continued going and enjoying the aquarium for years.... up until recently. The inflated admission price of 25.00 per adult is too much... Also, More or less being forced to take a pic and pitched packages for said pic, later on during the visit was pretty lame and greasy. Not what I would expect from such a small aquarium, but hey.. Whatever. I'll save my money for Pirate's

Jasmin Cameron

My daughters loved this place. The gelly fish, were really fun, I will be back again next year. Worth the trip.

Jordan pawley

It was cool, really packed with people. Expensive, but there is lots to see. Give yourself some time, to work through the crowds allowing you too see everything. The tanks were cool, it's worth seeing the feedings and keeper talks. Plan ahead to see those throughout the day.

Ovadia Cohen

Nice maintain and interesting displays. Bit small. Great for kids. We engoyed the time there.

Melanie Bowser

WAAAAAYYYY OVERPRICED!!! A lot of exhibits were closed, it took us 30 min from start to finish $90 for 2 adults & 2 toddlers

Kari Morrow

One of my favorite places to go! This is an excellent aquarium with a focus on northwest species. I have been going here for many years and have always enjoyed every exhibit, even the ones that never change. For those who have never been here, several exhibits are outdoors. During winter weather make sure you have raincoats and waterproof shoes for outdoor walking. The outside paths are gravel and puddle during rains. There are many things to see you can easily spend 2+ hours here. While I love this place, my only complaint and the reason for the 4 stars, is the price. It is pretty spendy for a family and continues to rise. It is comparable to other zoos and aquariums. Be sure to check online so you are aware of cost ahead of time. It has become a little more commercialized since when I first started going there, around the time when it first opened. I completely understand the reasoning behind both the cost and investing in ways to get you purchase pictures, souvenirs etc. It's too bad it has to be that way. Aside from that, it is an excellent place to visit and to educate yourself about the northwest coast. If you are planning on going more often than once in a while, check out the membership options.

Sean S

Wow... give this place what it deserves... tourist trap. Family of 4 almost $100 entrance fee... limited exhibits... cant see clearly as all glass is glass and not cleaned. It's fun for the kids but can get this for less at the shore. Sea world is about the same price and a day of excitement... this lasts a few hours at best... just not worth the $$$#

T. H.

We went to here as part of our honeymoon and absolutely loved it. Having come down from Seattle, we had stopped by a few aquariums on our trip and I have to say that this was one of the best cared for, most beautifully done aquarium I have ever seen. The staff were very friendly and the grounds were clean and beautiful. I have some amazing memories of this place and I look forward to going back when I have a chance.


We are from Idaho and thoroughly enjoyed our visit. There was always a volunteer close to answer our questions. All were very knowledgeable. I would recommend this to anyone!

Rebecca Griffin

Beautiful Aquarium with a lot to see and do. Fun gift shop finds and beautiful animals everywhere. My husband and I did the Behind the Scenes tour and that made the money worth it. Dan was our guide, and he did a great job. Really cool to see how much the staff takes care of the animals. Highly recommend going, and if you have the extra money do the tour for sure. Will be back.


A good palace to learn about marine life. Many beautiful creatures. Staffs are really nice. Five Star!


Very nice little aquarium. It has nothing indoor and outdoor exhibits. Lots of detail on the animals. It's a good place to go both in all different types of weather. There are limited exhibits outside so your not in the rain too long. I love the shark tunnel and it is both above and below you as you walk through the exhibit.

Sergio Cotrim

Huge structure. Many atractions as tunnel of glass, small fishes, etc. The staff is very kind and gives all informations you need. Feeding the animals birds, sea lions, etc should be more tranquil and in low volume.

Devon Abblitt

This is one of the nicest aquariums I have visited. The exhibits are well curated, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. We loved the new Steampunk exhibit and the sea otters. The underwater aquarium is amazing and gives a great view of the wildlife. The kids had a great time and loved the animals. We visited on a Friday afternoon, and it was not too busy. There are plenty of places to cool down or warm up.

Jessy Hummel

Super cute. We lucked out and were able to see the opossum show as well as the otter show. My son loved it. It was really helpful that they had people and all the different areas to answer any questions anyone might have.

Jonique Dietzen

Amazing aquarium. Clean and clear with beautiful, healthy animals. Lots of staff around to answer questions and interact with kids. Really great experience.

Twisted Foxxx -

Thos place is so cool and you need to go there now like this is a craziest spots ever!!

Ty Tilden

The exhibits were utterly fascinating and beautiful. All staff around the aquarium were very knowledgeable and helpful. The layout is good, the theme and decoration was great as well. I would recommend the aquarium to anyone. I think that pretty much anyone could have a great time here.

Heather's Video House

This is our family second time at this Aquarium. The first time was very interesting and lots of exhibits. The play area was great to help little kids to burn off excess energy which parents do appreciate even if it is a small place for kids to play for a short while before looking at the numerous sea life. This time going to this place I was taken back at how the prices increased a bit more then last time I went. However the place lost the personal touch like it did the first time. The person who took our family picture didn't even let us look at our picture and said it looked fine. (later on when we finally saw our picture I was a tad disappointed and would of wanted a better one of the family) I paid for the picture only because I didn't have really that much of the family all in one picture if I had more family pictures I would of passed on it all together. The exhibits was under construction and the ones that was showing was easy walk thru. The events was educational but a bit hard to hear the speakers..not sure if the microphones were sort of distorting the voice or the volume was too loud to hear properly? Still not sure..I heard as much as I could about what was being talked about and enjoying seeing the creatures up close to enjoy there beauty and life. As we walked around the park I noticed that certain original large figurines that was once enjoyed was no loner there. Kind of bummed us out but didn't ruin our exploring the whole park. I am hesitant to come back just because for $100 and less than a hour..can see everything. Once the place is done with construction and more exhibits I will come back other than that nothing to go out of the way for. Got some cool souvenirs and lots of pictures. Would recommend for a school trip and or wanting to learn more about sea animals while on the coast then yes.

Lemyle _

you should be notified sooner if things that are going to be changed so people don’t wait so long

Matt Giuliano

Nice aquarium. A bit high priced but very well kept and it wasn't too crowded on a hot July day

Robby Deal

Very small, not a lot of exhibits.

Cassidy Buzbee

I personally thought it was a waste of money. The staff was super friendly and the starfish part was fun but it’s over crowded, there isn’t much to see, people (in general) were so rude constantly cutting others off or not moving out of the way even after saying excuse me, some of the exhibits aren’t big enough to even accommodate a few people to just look at it and again there really isn’t a whole lot to see. Our aquarium in Oklahoma is more fun and less expensive. It was an experience for our children but not one we will do again.

Sarah Robinson

This was definitely a fun place to go. We loved the face painting lady that was there when we went. The exhibits were educational and fun. It is a pretty big place and we easily spend a few hours here. The gift shop prices were definitely high and we didn't purchase any souvenirs for that reason.

Danielle Rowley

Way too expensive. $22.95 each ticket is ridiculous. Its worth about $15 per person if that. Everything at the gift shops were outrageously priced, example... $165 for a vest, $25 for a small toy, $30 for CLEARANCE shirts. They need to revamp their pricing to make it more affordable. Don't bother bringing ur family here unless you have a couple hundred dollars to blow.

Christopher Gray

Love this place. I’ve been following them on Instagram for a while now. It’s very nice for the size. The volunteers were amazing. Love the tide pools. Great animal demonstrations. Would highly recommend. Keep up the amazing work!

Mike McCully

A must see if you have young children. I think, in fact, the aquarium is really made for young children. There's a lot of opportunities for kids to touch tide-pool creatures and see sea life up close. The first half of the aquarium is all inside and is a short walk. Their is a huge section where you walk in an encased glass tunnel inside a huge tank providing a 360 degree view of fish and sharks in every direction. Its really cool, for children and adults alike. The outside area has several enclosed spots to view seals and otters and lots of birds. Its a little more expensive than I think it should be but all-in-all its a worthwhile stop.

Damian Leon

We had a lot of fun! The flow of the exhibits were effortless. We loved the touch tank and otters and sharks and even saw a little spotted squirrel on the trails outside. I have to admit that I am not usually a fan of aquariums, but our son begged us to take him. We visit the Oregon Coast often but have never felt compelled to spend the $22 for adults and $14 for the kiddo. I’m pleased to say it was worth every penny and more. Exhibits were clean and engaging. The staff is a sweet crew. No matter what section of the faculty we were at, we were met with smiles and fun facts and appreciation for our time. Great job, everyone. We will be back in May! The Leons

Blayke Elliott

2 people, 50 bucks, to look at a fancy fish tank. Took less than 45 mins to see everything there. Nice fish tank though!

Abraxas TheGreat

Came into town to visit a long time friend of mine. Neither he nor I had ever been and decided to drive out and spend the day here and boy did we have a great time. The exhibits we're clean, the animals looked happy and healthy and the staff was extremely helpful and pleasant to be around. It was a overall fantastic experience.

eCom Dave

Eventful day at the aquarium. It's was a tad on the expensive side but still worth the trip. Lots of fishies and sharks. Polite. Knowledgeable staff. Even interactive things for a better learning and fun time.


This is a really nice place! Aside from the fact that the entrance fee is a bit steep, we enjoyed our visit. The sea otters and sea lions were very active, and the tidal pool touching tanks were a huge hit with my six year old. And the jelly fish are mesmerizing - I could watch them for hours. The tunnels are really cool, especially the windows in the floor. Its kind of a disconcerting and dizzying place for me personally, but I suck it up for my kid. Just a note for those of you that may be claustrophobic! Overall, it is a small place, but you can easily spend a couple of hours there. One more thing: there are penny pressing machines at both gift shops, and with many designs available, you get out of the gift shop without spending an arm and a leg on souvenirs. So take a bag of quarters and pennies! :)


I enjoyed this place! We brought our toddler and we were glad we had the stroller. The whole circuit is much smaller than we anticipated and more of it was outside than we anticipated, so we ended up running back to the car for more layers. Our 14 month old definitely loved it. We grabbed a quick lunch in the cafe after our visit and enjoyed that as well.

Destiny Dillard

Way over priced and staff was very rude to me and my family. Didn't take much time to see everything there. They also too our pictures without our consent then tried to charge us for them.

Jason Miller

I Take family there Several times a year always a great experience

Laith C-L

A absolutely wonderful place to see all kinds of animals. It was a tad small though. I look forward to going back.

Gerald Wilkerson

Our granddaughter had lots of fun and learned a lot at the feel pool. I liked that there are inside and outside exhibits.

Mitch Quist

We had a wonderful time at this beautiful aquarium. Prices are reasonable. We spent a couple of hours here and enjoyed watching the pelican eat

Jesse Wynn

This is a nice little aquarium. Based on our experience, first thing in the morning is a great time to visit. The otters and seals/sea lions were all very active and excited for their morning feedings. The feedings/training sessions are really fun to watch.

Candie Mathes

The place is getting old APRIL 24. It was not crowed and not clean. The sea lions were old.only 2. People were blocking the under water aquarium taking selfie A family of six. I was disappointed. Over priced.

Andrew Watkins

Don't waste your beautiful Oregon coast time! Small, overpriced and much better to go tidepooling and sea lion watching for free in Yachats and Newport! The presentations are crowded and children cannot see. Did I mentioned overpriced???

Randy Vannoy

What a wonderful place to take the family. It is all handicap accessible as we had my son in his wheelchair. In the tidal touch area they have a volunteer place the various starfish and urchins into a pail so he could touch also. The fish were amazing with a glass tunnel thru the shark and big fish tank. I personally found that my newer cellphone took better pictures than my expensive large camera. All the pictures are from my cellphone.

Robert Pfander

Love it here. While not the largest place, they do take care of the animals and change and update exhibits to keep visits fresh. More than an aquatic zoo, they try to educate people on conservation and pollution which affects humans almost as much as the animals. Some people think the price is high, but it's not cheap to not only maintain the animals but to keep them happy as well, and the animals certainly seem happy to me!

Michael Krieger

Paid 40 bucks for the picture package..went to download photos from magic memories and the picture quality was terrible..waste of money ..

Mercedes Wheeler

Okay aquarium but very over priced.

Tyrel Johnson

This was a simple fun place to see. There are not tons of animals, but there fish and sea critters are cool. We spent several hours here and were able to see everything thing.

Carson S Miller

Great aquarium! Well designed exhibits. Really enjoyed the sea otters. Seapunk exhibit was very well done and fun for all ages. Like how they focus on the local ocean environments. Pro top - get your tickets online and skip the lines at the door. It can get very busy a peak times. They have a dedicated line for prepaid admission!

Irene Wagner

Although my family enjoyed this aquarium, it was definitely much smaller than we originally figured due to all the signs we had seen. The only reason it was reasonably priced for us was because my husband is active duty military. Otherwise it would have been ridiculously expensive as well.

Leah Bruce

A very cute, informative aquarium dedicated to their coastal friends! We enjoyed a couple hours here on our road trip to Oregon last week.

Kimberley Strickhorn

If I could give this aquarium a 1/2 star I definitely would. We were VERY disappointed! I took my mom and my 9 year old son it cost approximately $60 for the 3 of us. My mom had 2 bad knees and we were able to get through the entire place in less then 45 minutes. The outside viewing areas (clear windows) were hard to see through. I was truly shocked by what we were charged and how lame it actually was. My son was so excited to go and so disappointed when we left.

Scott Cooley

Thought there was more to see...outside was disappointing. Glad we had comp. Tickets. Great for kids.


Beautiful aquarium. Personally, I did not think the seapunk exhibit was up to the "hype". Overall the other long standing exhibits were very enjoyable to walk through. Nice gift shops.

Ryan Cruz

I was a little shocked, after reading reviews, of how little was actually here. We were able to see everything and spent a good amount of time in the gift shop and touch tank in under 45 minutes. Volunteers were very helpful with everything however. I probably wouldn't come back to this aquarium unless they added 100% more attractions.

Natalia Pokrovskaia

I love this place. Visited with my 14 years old son and he also agree with me , that it’s worth to visit! For a such a small town it’s great facility. A lot of cool displays and very informative. What I really like it’s a lot of displays and information on local marine live ( Oregon cost). A lot to learn for kids and adults. Price is totally ok. I do not think it’s overpriced. I do recommend to visit and support people working there!

Kyle Newton

Great place for kids to see and learn. The exhibits, staff and experience are fantastic. We make trip here every year!

Tab Willis

Very in need of updating. Several fish looked like they were dead. So not worth the cost of adult admission.


Took my daughter for her birthday since she loves aquariums. Staff were great and very helpful but overall experience was not great. To get to outside displays you have to go through rocks which is not very easy if you have a manual wheelchair. It is not paved. And its expensive for what they offer. About $23 for an adult. We pay good money all the time to go into places, that's why we were not deterred by the price when we seen it online. But once we were going through it we realized it was not worth the price. It's nicely set up and pretty displays but not worth it in our opinion.

Dina Combs

I was very disappointed this year. Was very excited to show my grandson the sharks. Used to be some decent size sharks. Now it’s basically a fish tank. Online it says they feed the octopus daily at 1pm. (My grandsons favorite) so we planned our trip and times around that. Not only do they not have that feeding time, but it’s not in a tank anymore where you can touch it. Where did all the good size sharks go? ☹️

jacqui schaning

Great place to take the family! There is so many exhibits to explore inside and out. Its a little expensive but completely worth it. Make sure to see the shark tunnel!

Tim Daniels

This is a must see. Beautiful from the moment you walk in. Not too crowded on a holiday weekend and lots of fantastic exhibits.

M. T.

This is a fantastic aquarium! Everything is well maintained and the displays are designed to make it easy to find the fish/animals. Pretty expensive but worth the price.

Rebecca Walsh

It was an OK aquarium, but way overpriced. I'm only giving it 2 stars because the 45 minutes we stayed there wasn't worth the $68 we paid. Yeah, they had some cool stuff, but the tide pools around the area are cooler. I was a bit upset with the ticket buying process. Our hotel ran out of coupons and told ya to ask the front desk. We asked and he showed us the stack of coupons, but wouldn't let us use one. I've never had that happen before, especially since we're here from TX and the coupons are made for tourists. Save your money and spend it on something more excitingly.

Lloyd Waggener IV

This place is perfect. It is not too big or too small and the exhibits are entertaining. My 2 year old son loves the touch tank and the shark tunnel. As for prices the Oregon Zoo has reciprocity for one month a year where you can get in for free if you are members. Even if you are not members the aquarium is still amazing.

Michael C

Great aquarium with something for everybody! Excellent diversity of animals and habitats. Get there early to see the morning feeding times in the outdoor tanks! This is an extremely high quality facility and I was impressed by the general knowledge of the volunteers. Also, make sure you purchase your tickets online to avoid the extremely long line at the onsite ticket counter.

Kristina Stinnette

I really love this place but I feel it is way over priced. Almost $90 for a family of 4 makes it not worth it for us. I understand all the upkeep and such. I'm not sure if they have special discount days or not, but they should have them through out the year. Could help bring in more people. Then maybe ticket prices could lower?

Molly Vain

Not a whole lot to look at. No turtles, penguins, clown fish, it’s missing a lot for being right on the coast.

Ed Friend

Great place to take your family to. Lots for everyone to see and lots of fun and games. Inside was just as fun as the outside. Only down fall was the gift shops prices. A little too high for small items for the kids. Would like to go again. Easy 2-4hrs of walking around looking at all they have to offer/games

Mike Hopkins

Expensive, 60 bucks for family of 3. Not anything special. We were bummed, because we brought our daughter to an aquarium for the first time, so I guess she didn't have any expectations, but would have gone somewhere else if we'd known it wasn't that great. And they charge another $20-35 for the picture they take of you on entry. Octopus cave was a joke!! You can't see anything in the tiny, dark, fogged over window. That was a huge disappointment. So no we would not go back, and we don't recommend going. Seattle one is much better!!!!

skip nielsen

we were super impressed at how well the aquariums were perfect and clean with no signs of disease or stress. Well worth the money. These folks really care about their animals, fish and birds. really well done and great for families.

Chelsie Burden

We love this place! Everytime we come to Newport we make a stop. Expensive, but we make a day out of it and the kiddos love it, so it's worth it. Last trip was very disappointed. Over half the entire exhibit was closed for remodel (which I completely get and understand), but there was no sign letting you know prior to purchasing tickets and no discount given. So paying over $70 for half what you normally get to see was a little rough.

Rachel Wilkes

Great little aquarium. Great variety of fish. It was pouring so unfortunately didn't spend much time outside but wish we could have. The tunnel made it all worth it. Only down side, was pretty spendy and only 1 touch pool. Worth seeing if in the area though.

Eric Talaska

Not much emphasis on sustainability and environmentalism, overpriced for being so small but parking is free, terrible outdoor audio for the feeding talks where the narrator puts the microphone too close to his mouth.

Charlene Anderson

Loved it! Easy parking. We know what to expect, we've been here before many times, but always manage to spend a few hours here enjoying. Friendly staff! Sunny days are better than the cloudy rainy ones, but rain hats and umbrellas work too.


Great displays, interesting day trip. I always enjoyed going as a kid and I enjoy going now. I’ve moved away but would like to come and visit again one day. Only 4/5 because they wont let me pet the sharks

Randy Ambrecht

Bit over priced in my opinion the aquarium was ok, I was very much disappointed in the restaurant inside first they forgot my sons grilled cheese all together then put avacodo on sandwich we asked for none on then after that the worst part is first off I wanna say if I pay $8 to $10 per plate for sandwiches and corn dogs then I don't think they should be rushing us or telling us we can't refill our cups after 4 pm closing time that's rediculas the young lady behind the counter that took our order litteraly stood over our table to rush us out of there funniest part is it's 5 minutes to closing and more people were coming in have a little respect and back off we just paid to sit down and eat

Jennah Wines

It was our first aquarium and we had a great experience! Tons of things to see and kids to explore. The jelly fish, sharks, and octopus were our favorites! We also had our picture taken for a decent price. We went in winter so it wasn't busy or crowded.

Spencer Tolhurst

Amazing place ! You can pay to have a octopus encounter if your into that kinda thing❤

Laura Krajacic

This was one of the best aquariums I've been to, and I have been to plenty. The touch pond was amazing, outside you could get SO close to the birds, and the amount of species they had was amazing. Please support this great aquarium!

Stephen Shipman

Disappointing aquarium that made up for it with an amazing behind the scenes tour. I wouldn’t go there without this. The front side is just not worth it. The back side and the tour you get with it was the only reason to give it a good rating. Adam, our guide, was top notch.

Veniamin Kucher

for $ 5 you can still go, and that is expensive, there is nothing to look at

Phil Moy

Overall solid Aquarium that educates not only on general aquatic life, but also about local aquatic life. A nice place to visit when nearby alone or with kids. Be aware, that it can be busy, wait times can be long if you go during peak family visiting hour times. Other than that you can't go wrong visiting here.

kivrin travel and more

I've been here since 2010 , and I love it has some cute Merch.

David Elmore

Interesting interactive and well organized displays.

Karl Van Ryzin

Beautiful aquarium but hard on the wallet - cost us 99 dollars for our family of 5 to get tickets. Would give 5 stars if had family prices.

SarieC IsMe

One of the best aquariums the family has been to. Great for all ages and definitely a full afternoon, so plan on spending some time here. It can be a lot of walking so for those who are older with limitations just a heads up. Great for kids of all ages including a playground to help the little ones get some energy out and give parents a break. Highly recommend putting this on the list to do, lots of awesome stuff to see (even the teenager enjoyed it....)!


I came to the place expecting a lot. There wasn’t very much to see. There was hardly anything hands on and the exhibits weren’t all that exciting. It didn’t have anything unique to it and it was definitely not worth the price.

Shelby Flowers

Excellent for kids and adults alike. Parking was easy, just make sure you remember which lot you’re in. New Steampunk exhibit was fun, though I didn’t quite see how it fit or was educational. Make sure to catch the feeding times and talks! Kids loved the tunnels and seahorses. Food court options are decent and reasonably priced.

Bryan Hermans

The aquarium is so big and has so much going on that you can visit it from year to year and never tire of it. Amuse yourself with playful otters. See the gracefulness of seals. Puffins almost don't look real. The jellyfish amaze me and creep me out at the same time. The glass tunnels are always a hit too.

Jenah Winkler

It has a lot of different fish There are sharks and stingrays too. There is a small petting area for the little sea creatures. In one of the rooms there is a Hurricane simulator you can try for $2.00. Kids really love to try out the simulation. The lines got fast for it since it can fit 4 kids at once for no extra cost. There are some small birds you can see the too. Like puffins and Turkey vultures. There is a gift shop too.

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