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13000 SW Century Dr, Bend, OR 97703, United States

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Where is Mt. Bachelor?

REVIEWS OF Mt. Bachelor IN Oregon

Cannon Powell

Great runs, amazing food (though expensive), and friendly staff!

Chris Taylor

Best ski resort in the Pac NW

Charles Sieburg

Awesome, if you go to Bend during the winter, you must go!

Biswajeet Guha

Great runs and great snow...closes a bit too early. Also summit lift was not operational when I went

Kab Oom

The lady working the ticket counter inside the ski/bike shop this am today, 8/14 was exceptionally rude for no reason. I never leave bad reviews, but now I see why so many locals feel like bachelor employees are so rude to locals. I have no idea why, we were just asking a question, not like we were mad or upset in any way!

Yizhi Zheng

Great ski resort on the west coast. Snow are soft and drier than some location in Washington state. Less crowded and usually no waiting line. They have only one lift(summit express) to the top, that is usually where the waiting line is. But the view and snow are totally worth it and the back of the mountain is awesome for professionals to explore. Be sure to go there by team. I went there end of March this year, snow is still very good and I feel the trail in the back of the mountain are just for me, We didn’t see any one else skiing down the same route. If you like tree runs, northwest express are the place to go, there are so many intermediate-advanced level tree runs and you can still find powder after a week.

Neil Hickey

Fantastic! Not much else to say.

Kirstin Nickel

Its a great place. I dont like what the management's done with the place. It used to be family owned spot now its not. its hella pricey. $107 a day.....that's crazy.

Californian Refugee

Winter wonder land... my favorite mountain in Oregon... check it out

Celeste Roam

Absolutely beautiful! We just did a drive up and check it out, but the shop, bar, and cafe were all splendid. Had some nice hot cider and a treat and walked around. The snow was perfect and the parking lot full! It seems to have a good vibe. The set up seems to have a good flow to things and all the bases covered. Despite the intense storm the night before, the roads were just fine getting up there and back. Snow plows were all over keeping driving conditions the best possible.

Jeremie Gregory

Snowy conditions provide a truly unique ski/snowboarding experience.

Matty B

Best ski resort in the cascades.

Nicholas Stoddard

Beautiful views. Great culture. Helpful staff. Lost our keys to get an extra day on the mountain.

Sue German

So beautiful with all the snow covering it.

AbrahamBriggs Barnett

What an amazing resort. Other than the stupid expensive prices it was epic.

Cutter Reed

This place rocks!! Super fun park set up!! Not very many smaller features but if you're trying to get better great place to go!!!!

Justin falb

What a mountain! Had a great time, friendly staff, and fantastic conditions.

Liam Brown

Amazing skiing! Check out Cloudchaser!

Jennifer Jacobson

We had a great time on the snowblast tubing hill !!! Even though it was snowing hard it was a great time together with the family:) them letting you do groups made it more fun also.

Anita Smith

Had a great time at this beautiful place.

Jacqueline Clark

Great spot for skiing in any weather! My only complaint is that the vegetarian sandwich was removed from the lunch menu on my second visit.

Gabe Engler

Great place to RV camp and ski bum. Unlike most places that put you in the back possible corner of the lot they put you in the second row! Also have bathrooms open 24/7 and have pay showers. The showers are $5 but super nice after a couple days skiing. Hot water and heated floors. We love it, come every year.

Nathan Braun

Deep fresh powder and endless terrain!

Sarah Rooffener

Beautiful area to camp. We stayed on the North side of Mt. Bachelor. It was cool and sunny, great weather to hike. And the network of mtn bike trails are the best I have seen. 5 stars for the trails! They were laid out specifically for mtn bikes. The trail ratings feel a bit off though. Some of the intermediate trails were super easy, some more difficult.

#1 gamer

I loved it! I’m from Colorado and we came to Mt Bachelor and it was fun and easy.

Ryan Durow

One of the best places to snowboard or ski in the Pacific Northwest! The lifts are fast, lines are not crazy long (at least when we went - during spring break mid-week). Lots of terrain parks and a lot of fun. The food at Sunrise lodge is just so so as it is all mostly quick food like burgers and chicken tenders and not much selection. Didn't get a chance to eat at the main lodge. They have a lift that takes you to the Summit and from their you can ski or snowboard down any part of the mountain. They groom all the way to the summit.


I love this mountain and I've been coming here for years, but their prices are out of control. I paid $7.50 for a beer... oh and the season pass was $1000. Seems like every year they increase the prices all around, which raises the question, is it worth it.

Rick Clay

Great skiing plenty of food and drink options great events throughout the year

Nick Borns

Really great set up from parking to getting to the lifts and back.


Not only does Mt Bachelor offer some of the best spring skiing around, they also offer overnight RV parking. First the skiing - we skied on a Friday and the weather was amazingly sunny. Conditions were great until about 1pm when the snow got way to soft and sticky. I wish they would offer a half day morning option - $92 is a bit steep in price to only get a half day of good conditions. The only real backup in lines was at the base, once up on the mountain it was nice and not busy at all. There are plenty of great runs to choose from and for all skill levels. Now for RVers...... we didn't stay overnight, but according to their website there is overnight parking available for $20. I arrived quite awhile before first chair on a sunny morning and I was able to snap several photos of the RV overnight parking area. Compared to other on mountain RV areas, this one does not require that you are self contained as they leave a bathroom and shower area open for 24 hour use. So for van campers with no facilities on board this is a great option. Another plus compared to some other resorts, Mt. Bachelor gives the RVs a prime parking area in the first 2 rows of the parking. I chose one of my photos to show just how close the RVs are to the lifts - very convenient!


Been going my whole life and feel every year is not a nice. So pricy to go too. Just seems it's less worth it. There stubborn about your money you give them and won't give refunds. Last time I went I got sick and didn't even ski tried snapping out of it but couldn't went to see if I can get a refund and they said no. Rental equipment and a lift ticket was $170

Durran Champie

I'm not big on the outdoors but I had a genuine good time at Mt. Bachelor. It was beautiful. The free snow shoeing tour is a must if you love nature. It's not really oriented to a "gift shop" experience. You need to know why you are there, it's not super touristy. Oh, and of you've ever seen that episode of South Park with the Aspen ski instructor, there are literally those people working at the ski shop. It was hilarious.


Hands down Sunriver is only worth the 3 hour drive to go skiing here. Really long runs, lots of deep snow, and most lifts are quads. Only downside is that it's not a very technical mountain to ski, most runs dont have jumps, natural half pipes and are too wide.

Jocalyn Gombos

The skiing was nice, their selection for beginners was a little slim but the sites were beautiful and the ski lift lines moved fast

Rebecca Sibley

Beautiful weather, powder conditions, friendly and capable staff.

Wyatt Restivo

Great place to ski or snowboard, they give lessons and have great slopes. A little expensive though

kelly chow

plenty of parking. base lodge has all the necessary things you need. the cafeteria serves some really delicious food.

Jeanie Pearson

Love skiing here! And buying the 3 of 5 day pass during their pre-season sale is a great deal! $159 for 3 days (no blackouts) whereas a 1 day ticket bought at the mountain is $119 right now.

Nick Hartman

I love this place. A true winter wonderland!!! Be you a skier, or a boarder, or both, they have the lifts, that lead to trails, runs, and freestyle stuff that every shredder lives and dies for!!! Great skiing and boarding by day and right next to the awesome town of Bend, OR for all your fuel in the sense of incredible food and brews to prepare you for the next day!!!

Cody K

Awesome mountain but everything is very expensive. They get you every which way.

Beef Sugar

Passes are $1160. That’s insane. It costs thousands of dollars for our family to snowboard as a hobby. Offer a family pass option and a student pass option and I’ll give you a higher rating.

Bill Jacobson

Love this place! Our favorite ski destination in Oregon.

Kristina Derosier

Numerous lifts and tons of runs of various difficulties on Alpine side. Lots of fun twisty runs through the woods on Nordic side!

Drew Nelson

This place has everything. Lots of beginner , intermediate, and advanced slopes. Plus you have the summit! Take a look!

Tom Zinser

Great family resort, but No Apre' allowed!!

brian bird

RV parking review. Stayed here a few years and it was great. Now they charge $20 per night plus you have to pay $ for showers. No hookups and no amenities where they have you park. A 100 yard walk to throw your garbage away or use the toilet. It is close to local hiking trails and it is fun to watch the bikers, but I think I'll camp in the forest next time.

Svetlana Reid

A well organized place. Love it that they have childcare for the little one.

Don Dziekanowski

Great time! Well were simple and efficient. Tons of runs to choose from at all levels.

Abram Weinberg

Fun mountain with standard ski hill amenities. They good a good job dealing with the crazy weather they get there.

Juraj Jakubik

Little spendy, but worth all of money. Great place to go. All type of slopes from beginners to advance. And also great area for freeriders.

ryan williams

A season pass here is more expensive then epic or icon passes. They don't offer any deals for locals. If you do buy the 689$ mid week you no longer get any monthly perks so the price goes up and the quality goes down.


Natural beauty!

Spencer Johnson

One of the best ski resorts in the northwest. Lots of snow and lots of runs.

frank garcia

Has the coolest program for young and old: a sledding hill with sleds/tubes included into the hourly rate. Did I mention the hill has a winch system so you get your limpus corpus up the hill. No more irregular heartbeat climbing up the bunny slope in slippery snow. They charge you by the hour, most folks give up after 30 or so minutes. I challenge any folks to a IRONMAN contest: I lasted 2 hours with a pair of kids. The kids slept the whole 6 hour ride back.

ZacWill3 1

Routes are very wide ranging, from beginner levels, right through to challenging routes for the best skiers and snowboarders. Staff are friendly and helpful and adjust equipment for specific personal use. The learn to ski course is also very helpful and overall is a very high quality ski resort.

Brittney Bauer

Wonderful snow but unfortunately spent way too much time standing in lines after we prepaid an upcharged price because it was a holiday weekend.

Dale Peppel

Was very busy for President Weekend. But lines moved quickly and conditions were very good Sunday.

melgantis _

Great place little pricey but worth it and great for beginners and pros

Dan Rubado

The skiing/riding at Bachelor is so good. It's amazing to have free reign of the entire mountain--unless the weather is bad and most of the lifts are closed. Coming from Mt Hood, the quality of the snow is awesome, the tree skiing is magical, the terrain is varied and practically boundless, and there are no crowds to speak of. My only real complaint is that ticket prices are out of control.

Sam Morris

On a good day this place has sweet runs with great fluffy powder. The staff here is awesome as well. This is a great spot for a vacation or if your passing through ski bumming it up. The skiing ranges for ultra easy blue & green runs to awesome trees to some steeper black and double black runs. It also provides some generous semi back country options so maybe bring your skins if you AT or tele. Great mountain, cool crowd, and nice powder - check it out!

CrafterMan 135

Best ski resort in the mid West

Joseph Wenzler

They only offer a discount to active duty military whereas timberline will give a 25% discount to active and veterans alike. This is the most expensive ski resort in Oregon.


We drove here from Seattle for a week-long vacation. Super nice resort, easy drive to the top - no windy roads. I must say the staff is very helpful here. They greet you, help you out, etc. like you are a VIP. Unfortunately, my girlfriend got injured early on. Ski patrol picked her up, Doctor and nurse took very good care of her. I called the next day and got a refund for the unused portion of our 4 day passes. They were so nice to deal with - especially helpful on the phone. Sometimes the best indicator of a hospitality organization like Mt. Bachelor is when something goes wrong. These guys are tops in my book! I wish other resorts were this professional and customer-focused!

Grant Kysar

Very good experience at mt. Bachelor, the lift lines aren't nearly as bad at mt hood or other places. And the terrain is quite fun but there are some flat spots. Overall a very good ski resort and very fun in the powder.

Katherine Oglesby

We came too late and were disappointed the snow tubing was closed, but it was still worth the trip for the gorgeous views.

Walt Ducoing

Such a great ski area, a bonus when the summit is open

Jim Carpenter

Powder co. Is just another big company that doesn't care about customer service.

Grady Nystrom

Easily the most overpriced and disappointing ski place I've ever been to. They were bought out by a big corporation and "upgraded" to electronic gates and rfid tickets. If you have a season pass then you are golden but if you're visiting for a day it's an ordeal just to get a ticket. We waited in line for one hour just to get a tickets for two of us. The reason being they seemed to need a bunch of info for each individual ticket holder. I heard the people in front of us having to give their kids names and birthdates to the people selling tickets. Once on the slopes I realized the place is huge, but there are many many places that flatten out or even start going back up hill. I'm an experienced skier but other people are always in the way in these spots forcing me to stop. I've been skiing and boarding all over Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia and this is the worst place I've ever been. If you like it good for you, I however will never return.

Hervey Gulledge

Great mountain...would get 5 stars if there weren't pretentious people working there. Fun runs but I'd rather go to hoodoo

Anna Lutz

If you're looking for snow fun, Mt Bachelor is your place. Our family doesn't ski but the snow tubing was pretty awesome. There is a cable system to pull you up the hill in your tube and a nice long ride back down. Lots of skiing and snowboarding for the adventurous and a big cafe for drinks and snacks afterward. We visited Mt Hood the day before and they are both very nice but Mt Bachelor is bigger and more space to play in the snow.

Rui Li

Our first skiing day was Dec 27, a blue bird day. The line of picking up tickets was long, as expected. Even though there were 6 windows opened for picking up, 3 windows for purchase, we waited more than half hour to get tickets. The line at Pine Marten was long, but in good order. Once we got to the outback side, there was almost no line. Humongous terrain with fresh powder and few people, can't ask for more.

David Vath

Great place to ski. pretty expensive for a family of 6 but isn't everything these days

Jennica Lippold

Fun, fun, fun, and more fun! For the whole family. RV camping in the parking lot is reasonable (essentially boondocking with a nominal fee, but then you skip the line in the morning!).

Jennifer Voige

Amazing mountain with all types of terrain from beginners to advance, and the views are spectacular!

Elisabeth Stewart

Even in 16 degree weather the staff was knowledgeable and friendly. I really enjoyed the Red Chair run!

Merissa Kelley

Really well laid out, fast service, extremely helpful when it came to getting registered for lessons and getting ski passes.

M Robinson

Best spot to ski or snowboard around

Ranganath Bs

I am sure in winter it would be buzzing with life but in summer I could feel the humongous mountain standing tall. Being surrounded by many lakes..It's a must in summer too.. Waiting to see in winter. I am sure to feel the mountain snow activities would be awesome. Today's picture where I could still see snow considering we are at peak summer.

Bend Bicycle

It's a long climb but it's one of my favorite bicycle rides

Jeff Baumberger

Good resort but very expensive compared to others.

Lawerence Hernandez

Mt. Bachelor isn't just for winter fun. The lift is so enjoyable just to take in the view, that we rode it around a couple times. Lunch was enjoyable at the top (mid mountain) at the restaurant/bistro. Even took in a little presentation with Forest Ranger Burke. Fantastic, relaxing, scenic, beautiful!

Steve Del Cid

Drove all the way from Vegas with family, got to the resort and most of the mt was closed do to weather we only got to see a little bit of the mt, But we still had a great time and really enjoyed it. Can't wait to come back when there is better weather and the whole mt is open. I recommend this mt definitely come check it out. Would give it more stars but only got to see a tiny bit of the mt.

Ryan McCauley

Big mountain, approachable terrain for most skill levels, fast lifts, and scenic views. Snow was icy and hard, but if you have a feel for the mountain you may sniff out some powder.

Zachary Roots

Mt. Bachelor was a great place to visit. We went paddle boarding early in the morning at Elk Lake. I was a bit chilly but man it was so beautiful and peaceful. The water was so clear you could see the fish swimming below you while paddling along. We didn't see another person while we were there either.

Robert Moffitt

High prices, poor staff attitude, few operating chairlifts, “Orwellian” insistence on obtaining your personal information. $219.00! Bachelor’s/POWDR Resorts Inc. supposed Military discount is not offered to Military Veterans, Civilian DOD employees, or Military Retirees. I thought I’d wait to verify this issue until after my arrival. So then, the lower online ticket was price not available either. The price for two tickets therefore came to $219.00 even though most the lifts were closed. To add insult to injury, Bachelor Staff demand your birthday to complete your ticket purchase, needlessly exposing your personal information to possible hacking and identity theft. When I questioned Margery (spelling?) on their need for this information to purchase a ticket, she tersely offered, “I already have your birthday now” (so it’s too late to take the information back). She continued with a less than sincere, “I’m sorry you feel that way” when I stated the information wasn’t needed by Bachelor. This was after waiting in line for several minutes, even though there was nobody ahead of me, for her to finish whatever business she had on the computer while ignoring me. Continuing Bachelor’s//POWDR Resorts Inc. creepy "Orwellian" atmosphere, your personal information is then posted on “big screen” computer displays, (behind your back) to the Bachelor Chairlift operators and everyone else who happens to turn around, in the chairlift line. With their staff’s poor attitude, one might assume that Bachelor/POWDR Resorts Inc. “owns the mountain” and the land on which their chairlifts and facilities sit. However, this beautiful mountain is actually U.S. Forest Service Land, and leased to POWDR Resorts, Inc. The mountain and land are managed by the Forest Service for the benefit of the American People, not POWDR Resorts Inc. Per Wikipedia, Park City Mountain Resort, a POWDR resort, mistakenly failed to renew a "sweetheart lease" for a portion of its ski terrain acreage, the company was eventually evicted from the property and, after a protracted legal fight, "reluctantly" sold its remaining area assets to Vail Resorts for approximately 180 million dollars in late 2014. I believe POWDR Inc. should be evicted from U.S. Forest Land in Oregon as well. In any case, I won’t bring up complaints with the staff at Bachelor in the future (or ski there anymore, Willamette and Hoodoo are far more pleasant, and cheaper). I will take up a complaint against Bachelor/ POWDR Inc. with the US Forest Service to be used during considerations of future lease renewals. (or refusal thereof)

Colonel Red Racing

Mt. Bachelor used to have great grooming. Not any more. They apparently have cut back the grooming staff at the same time as opening new terrain (Cloudchaser). The result is obvious. Compared to Sun Valley the runs here barely qualify as groomed.

Angie Nelson

Such a beautiful land we all live in. Would love to see this mountain during the winter when the slopes are being used for snowboarding, skiing, ect. There are several trails for mountain bikes, and hikers. You can ride the lift up with your bike or just for site seeing. Amazing landscape all around this region.

Calvin Hodge

Great mountain, so many trails, could have spent all day on the back side

Erik Valenti

I may be biased because I grew up learning how to ski on this mountain, but Mount Bachelor is great for both beginner and advanced skier. It has great ski tree skiing, and the cirque bowl is always good. Lift tickets are a bit spendy now, compared to larger resorts in Colorado. But overall it's probably the best place to ski in Oregon

Sierra Mayer

The runs are nice, but if you encounter any issues you are in trouble. I needed to provide my ID as collateral for a rental and they lost it. Tried to contact the person in charge, Gay Fletcher, multiple times to try and get it sorted out, but she ignored every single email and phone message I left her. I recommend the mountain and ride or ski in 5 program, but not the rentals. If you do have to rent, give them your credit card instead since at least you can cancel that and not risk ID fraud when they lose it.

Alan White

Easiest rental process ever. Went on a Tuesday with fresh powder everywhere and there were zero lines. Bar food was good, drinks were great!

Jill Harwell

One of the best ski resorts in the northwest. Lots of snow and lots of runs. would come back again!


We came up for Christmas this year and we are going to make it a Christmas tradition such a breathtakingly beautiful place to be.

Lisa Mingay

The staff and a kindhearted anonymous couple restored our hope in humanity by returning our lost phone and wallet intact to the ticketing desk. We thank you so much!


Loved growing up snowboarding here. But it has changed. Half the lifts closed and still they are charging full price? What's up with that. Just went to willamete pass last weekend and they only charged $30 for a lift ticked because a few lifts were closed..

Christina R

I would like to recognize their employee, Terry, who works in sales. He spent over an hour helping my son and I find all the right fitting gear for his mountain biking class he will be taking. He took the time to really explain the benefits of the different equipment, and we walked away buying pads, goggles, and a helmet thanks to his great service and help! He was so nice and super knowledgeable. 5 stars for Terry!

James McCalvy

I haven't been able to get out on the whole mountain yet cause we've only been on the free carousel chair teaching our kids to ski. Lift tickets are pretty pricey too. But it's been great so far. It's a descent slope with one kinda steep section that challenges beginners. Once they get past that they are good to go.

Christine Bierman

Fabulous snow and conditions! The Nordic Center keeps up grooming regularly. The Lodge should be expanded, and they should install lockers.

Michael Todd Smith

One of my absolute favorite mountains. From the incredible terrain, to the infrastructure, great staff, and overall well run operation, this mountain should be on everyone’s list.

Ty Tilden

Great skiing facilities. Very beautiful area. The lodge is pretty nice.

Katie Ulvestad

Powder in the winter, corduroy in the spring and flow lines all summer

oliver Allen

Very expensive. Compared to other mountains on the west coast this place is about 40 to 50% more money per ticket and Rental. Not a long walk from the parking lot to the mountain a lots of fun runs.

David Littlejohn

It's a great mountain, but it's popularity is its curse. Crowded and expensive. Like really expensive. Like 'I feel like the airport is a better deal' expensive. It's really changed from the family experience when I was a kid.

Lynn Hickcox

While the staff is friendly enough, but the resort is visibly deteriorating from their glory days. The food options are sub par, and the food itself is lacking in quality. The only carpet available is reserved for their ski school. The runs were decent and well groomed, where they could, although it would be nice to see more lifts running. Outback was open, but not Summit, and it very likely could have been, if they put some effort into it.

Andrew Zuanic

I even loved the Lights Out Stout I had at the bar ))

Michael from Texas

Its a great resort in a lot of ways. I think the staff does an amazing job maintaining the runs. Its just over priced. I dont go as often as I would if it was more like Alta in Utah. The lack of competition with other resorts here allows them to gouge us all. And historically they do a terrible job of reinvesting in the mountain. They opened a new lift last year, so naybe things are getting better.

Will Hawkins

Great ski hill, but nearly $1000 for a season pass w/ no perks or access to other resorts has me considering going to Hoodoo or touring for the winter.

Kelly Walsh

Safety is a concern. They don't monitor out of control boarders, skiers in high traffic areas. I got clipped by a boarder. A number of people were taken down in sleds the day I skied.

Peter Crofut

I love Mount Bachelor the most of all the areas in Oregon. The skiing is fantastic, the lifts run on time and the terrain is varied and the food is good. As it's a locals Mountain, you may run into people who don't like you very much. But that's okay as long as you are respectful and thoughtful of your surroundings in terms of the speed you're carrying, not cutting people off etc. If you're lucky, you may befriend a local or two who'll take you into some of their favorite stash's on the mountain, which are many. I also like the ski school at Mount Bachelor. Our son learned how to ski there and now he's beginning to ski all over the world with me in varied conditions and terrain. The ski school takes time to teach the kids the fundamentals and basics that they can carry into their skiing the rest of their lives. I also like the customer service at Mount Bachelor there are weather reports and the overall management they treat their employees fairly well and it's a great value for the money!

Jon Sitter

Something for everyone with over 4000 acres accessed by 11 different chairs providing more than 3000' of vertical!

lucas skinner

Good place to go to do stuff and things

Lisa L. Burtraw

The best long runs, views & always kind and helpful folks!

Caden Panthen

Great mountain for most things, The parks are amazing, the trees a perfectly spaced for good tree skiing but the steeps if you can even call them that are really boring over all the mountain is really mellow compared to most large ski mountains. You can tell it is a very company owned mountain with lack of the events and bad food that will break the bank (don’t ever get a burger it’s so dry) I would recommend getting the nacho supreme it’s the most bang for your buck.

Donna White

Great place to ski, sun, listen to music and enjoy views.

David Hong

Lines can get really long on powder days, i dont like the layout of the mountain as much as others. To get from one lift to another can be a hassle

Hyung Park

The resort is doing a great job maintaining good skiing conditions, and a cooperation from the Mother Nature should make it even better. Good layout of slopes and lifts, and cafes and restaurants on this volcanic mountain.

Taylor Redding

Love this place, when weather permits! Food and beverages are awesome at west village lodge and also reasonably priced given quality, quantity, and location! Nachos with pork were phenomenal and can feed 2-4 easy. Visibility was terrible so we took plenty of lodge breaks!

Tim Campbell

Love it every time! Midweek it's like having the entire mountain to yourself. ⛷️


We love it here always fun its huge

Kenneth Adams

While the staff are excellent and the instructors kind and patient, the resort as a whole is not run well. Online ticket sales have to be picked up at the window and I stood in a 75 min line yesterday to pick up my pass. #inefficient Online classes cannot be purchased the same day so I spent 45 minutes trying to get my credit card to process with my only error message being, "our system does not recognize your account." Finally I got a hold of someone and they said, "Oh, you can't buy same day lessons online" Think maybe someone should add that sentence to the online description? #annoying #wasteofmytime This is not a well oiled machine like Colorado resorts.

Loren Radzik

It's so beautifully groomed and the staff is always helpful

Matt McKeown

Had a great time skiing at Bachelor!

Alicia Yarbrough

Pretty neat place to see.

george poirier

We had perfect weather to ski April into May

Jonathan long

Mt bachelor is a pretty awesome resort. It's got a lot of terrain of for all skill levels and has some of the best tree runs over ever found. No doubt about it it's a busy place, but with cloud chaser, outback, and northwest it opens the mountain up and you can tuck back into much less busy areas.

Keely Tulane

Great place to go skiing. My boyfriend family and I love it here.

Alex Besaw

I love it here! Great place for skiing!!

Maritza Rosales

You can find great skiing all over. Unfortunately here the process of getting tickets, booking, etc is horrible. Slowly after calling back multiple times was able to piece together tickets in advance. However, dates open and then were solid out in between opportunities to call and book. There is no online process. There are no waiting lists. No way to get notified when tickets go on sale. Phone-based customer service reps are low on customer service skills and aren't able to say when or what tickets/packages will be available. Very poor experience. If the AirBnB wasn't wasn't already done would likely go somewhere else for this vacation.

Susan Murray

Mt Batcher was so much fun. There was so many things to do like snowboarding, skiing, bobsledding, and riding down a mountain in a inter tube.

Richard Geasey

We went hiking here and the staff at the base level was very helpful in giving us good advice for our hike. They gave us a map and went outside to point us in the right direction. A fun day!

Brandon Larson

Amazing place with amazing people. One of those last few pro-community feeling mountains.

Ben Reher

The best skiing in Oregon. I love this mountain.

Kris Nelson

Best place to ride in Oregon with much more of the "resort" feel than the others on Mt. Hood.

Ryan Hodgson

What a awesome view! Road the chair to the top an had lunch in the restaurant, very good food I highly recommend it. Can't wait to have dinner up there sometime!!!!

Mason Kidman

I love this place this is where I ski all the time. This is my main place I love this mountain

Lis L

Had a very good skiing experience, even though we came at a extremely busy time of the season. It took us 2hours and 30 minutes to get the tickets and rentals. So maybe they should figure out how to manage the lines better during busy times? But I’m still leaving a 5 star because it was that good! Ps: The beginner area are quite friendly for newbies!

Jim Eiman

Great mountain and great show every time we visit.

Sherry Freeman

Great ski area. Indoor there is a lot of seating and a great bar!!!


Love this place. It is my favorite ski hill in Oregon

Michael Loya

The best time I ever had

aaron reynolds

This is some of the longest tubing runs I've ever seen! It was great fun for all of my family.

Tory Davison

Mt. Bachelor is fantastic for both Nordic and Alpine skiing. Numerous lifts and tons of runs of various difficulties on Alpine side. Lots of fun twisty runs through the woods on Nordic side!

Jaime Isaza

Great place to spend the day (and some money too!) even when the snow is not fresh. Beautiful sunny day today and few people thus no lines at the lifts

Renuka Lokare

We tried classic Nordic skiing. It is great for beginners as it is on a flat surface. Lessons for an hour for a group of 4 and rentals costed $90 per head

Michael Gauche

Mount Bachelor was great and the Nordic Lodge was nice and warm with the fireplace roaring. Plenty of food and drink options to choose from in case you forgot to pack lunch; I got my fiancée a coffee to keep her going after our chilly morning cross country trek through the fresh snow! They also have things like burritos, quesadillas, chili, soup, and fresh cookies and other baked goods. Open from 10:30-4pm most days, and I've heard that sometimes they do night skiing but I'm not sure when. They had employees out in the parking lot in order to keep the level of chaos in the snow to a minimum along with helpful employees both in the lodge to answer questions and employees out on the ski paths. The cross country ski area is much more sprawling with many more areas to explore than Hoodoo. This is a great destination for anyone looking for a snowy adventure. Every time I've been here there have been people from all over the world; I've met people there from France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Finland, and I'm sure many others, so if people are willing to come all the way from across the world to ski here, that probably means you should too!

Travis Lunn

Been there as a kid. Took detour there only because snow blocked my way to Elk Lake. Still went just for fun.

David Brickman

This may sound strange to some but I am here now 2-27-19 and there is too much snow. I don't ski powder and it is snowing every day. Other than that everything else is good.

Darren Smith

Great mountain kind of spendy

Erick Nagy

Not a big mountain with lots of track, but entertaining. A bit expensive for someone used to Canadian prices.

Shelby Foerg

This is a great terrain for snowboarders...even with the insane amount of snow we had; it was great!

Rowan Cahill

What can I say... You can't hit up the Bach and not enjoy it. Am I right? Beautiful.


The Location is WRONG on google maps. It is about 14 miles up the road from the location marked.

matthew paduano

best skiing in northwest! bend is great too.

Ben Goodman

So close to Bend, always a great time.

Kevin Olsen

Best ski area in oregon

Rosann Garza

Always epic. Great views.

Beau Piercey

One of my favorite places on earth!! I come up during the summer for disc golf and wintertime for snowboarding.

Halle Brown

This mountain did not disappoint. I wanted more time to explore but even the day was worth my ticket price. New summit chair displayed amazing views they could only be seen at the extra mile it takes you up. Epic snow, just watch out for the local skiers who tend to be sensitive!


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