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Where is Lewis and Clark National Historical Park?

REVIEWS OF Lewis and Clark National Historical Park IN Oregon

Carmen Meyers

I had such a wonderful time here! I love history and this was very informative and interesting and so much fun!

Jennifer Schillaci

What an awesome place. The rangers and staff have some great knowledge and a passion for this park

Charles Markette

One of my favorite spots in the area. The trails are so beautiful

Chris Bauer

A must see if your a history fan! Lewis & Clark’s final destination of their journey for a route to the Pacific. So while your in Astoria looking for the Goonies house, make sure you drive down the road to see this place! Id recommend a quick drive north over the bridge & Columbia river to see the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, Cape Disappointment Lighthouse & State Park are there too.

Leslie Welburn

Awesome place to visit and take in some history.

Dylan Hardy

Fort Clatsop re-creation is a short easy stroll from the visitor center and is very cool. The film in the little theatre does a much better job than most at putting the people who the land belonged to at the center of the story rather than the white Interlopers. As an old white man myself that is refreshing to see. Definitely check it out.

Ida Luke

Loved it. Great history

Cody Daggett

Never get tired of coming here. Easy to get to. The government shut down didn't stop us. We were able to walk around the building(without going off trail) and see the fort. You can't walk into the rooms but you can still see most of it.

Wyatt Logan

Beautiful natural environment and wonderfully restored Fort Clatsop originally built by the men of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Intriguing and relaxing place to visit. I highly recommend.

Ann Hursey

Great repository of Lewis and Clark information AND a reconstructed structure of the building they wintered over in 1805, named Fort Clatsop.

Eastern Vancouver Paranormal Society

Nice little place to have a picnic at

Rob Melton

An excellent interpretive center showcases an amazing collection of period artifacts that tell the story of the end of Lewis and Clark's journey west to map the continent for the U.S. government. A genealogy of descendents is framed and posted, too. A re-creation of the original encampment based on Lewis and Clark's famous journals is a short walk away. Daily costumes reenactments are offered during the summer months and the week after Christmas.


Kind of hidden away. Nice display.

Steve Gillespie

Beautiful place to go anytime almost each time I go I see elk and abuntant other wildlife and sea live too

Susan Ternyey

Loved it, wish I'd had more time

Kyle Miller

The hike is a good one. It’s around a half of a mile with occasional steep grade and down hill moments. The view at the top is a great one, with a chance to stop at the Lewis and Clark Interpretation Center and the Light House at the end. It was a pretty crowded trail when I went and some parts of the trail are hard to navigate when large groups come through. It didn’t effect my experience though. Take the hike and take in some views!

Robert Paluszak

We thought the movie was well done. Check the schedule when you get here


Great place to visit and learn about history.

Aprill Calica

Beautiful area! We love bringing the kids here.

Diane Keeling

Beautiful setting. Eagles if you're lucky. Know your local history and enjoy our natural history at the same time. Great place to take the kids.

paul bardzik

Rebuilt fort, interesting to walk into.

Tom Bonner

Nice little excursion. Wonderful staff!


Great place to bike/hike

Janet Pogue

I would HIGHLY recommend going to this National Historic Park! It is just amazing what the Lewis & Clark expedition accomplished. It’s also amazing to think it was just over 200 years ago. We also went for a beautiful three mile hike through the wilderness from the visitor center.

Rosie Jones

This place was interesting and fun. It’s good for a 45-60 minute visit. There is a fee to get in which we didn’t have to pay because we have a National Park pass. Without the pass, it may not have been worth the entrance fee, but it was really interesting to see the temporary home Lewis and Clark built on their expedition. This place made me feel interested in their travels and want to learn more.

Blake Ramstead

I cannot say enough about how terrific this place is. Filled with history and great information. It was very inexpensive to get in and worth every dime. We saw gold finch's, wren's, and cedar wax wings just to name a few birds. Great place for pictures.

Jonathan Sharp

The fort itself is historically interesting and that combines with some wonderful hiking paths great for dogs.

damian laviolette

Awesome place for kids....even the younger ones, enjoy it. Pretty cool history stop.

Fred Rosa

Hope to visit this week. The book is good.

Con Brennan

This is a wonderfully recreated fort with an amazing interpretive Center. Incredibly knowledgeable park ranger staff and re-enactments daily throughout the Spring and summer , kids really enjoy it as well as adults

Catherine Nelson

Love it. History u can see and touch!!

Amy Grey

Always a fun place. Great for families. Staff fantastic! Very educational. Kids loved the staff in period dress and the musket demo. Wish we would have had more time.

Heidi Eber

Wish we gave ourselves enough time to do the hike to the beach. Will have to return in summer again.

David Owley

Nice beach September is a good time to go here

Carrie Blast

Wonderful facility, long hikes and outdoor activities. Small museum inside the visitor center explains the history, the importance of the discoveries and cataloguing of many species of flora and fauna these two explorers contributed to. We choose to take the long hike from Fort to Sea, a 13 mile round trip, which we thoroughly enjoyed. There is lots to do for all activity levels. I didn't watch the movie but recommend it if not in a hurry.

Scott Ostby

This little spot brings you back to the realization that all of this was location the Corps of Discovery was very active. It puts you square in the of history and that is exciting.

Roger Hankey

Great stop for history buffs. This is where the Corps of Discovery spent their second winter. Lots of exhibits and good information.

Dave Goodwillie

Cathy and I had great time listening to the information presented by the park personnel. The musket demonstration was thrilling.

Eisen Laucik

Great review on our history of the Lewis and Clark expedition and also the native influence including the amazing guidance of Sacagawea.

Ralph McDade Sr

Very nice park with lots of good historical information

Ben Sutter

Quiet, with lots to explore. We saw a herd of elk on our way in to visit. Staff are friendly and helpful.

Chris Stubb

Bathrooms we're decent had hand soap not all that dirty come on it's a public restroom not gonna as clean as your home bathroom . The view of the Columbia River is really good and you can see the whole Astoria bridge plenty of parking for cars trucks and RV

Chris Bentley

It has quite a lovely area to walk around and see some historical buildings and locations and the view of the ocean is breathtaking on a clear day definitely check this place out if you're in the area of Warrenton Oregon

Tammy Schrock

So amazing to see this history and trails are just as incredible.

Douglas Wood

Very interesting. The ranger walk was great.

Mark Johnson

Loved the organ coast

Julia Feeser

Beautiful and well-maintained hiking trail (and not too difficult of a hike - doable for many levels of fitness) and beautiful fort replica. I want to bring my friends and family to show off this awesome place.

Melissa LeVitre

Fort Clatsop is a must see when you’re on the coast. It has so much history and information if you’re a Lewis and Clark fan, but even if you’re not “into” history, it’s still a beautiful place to walk around and enjoy nature. It’s a National Park, therefore they have a Junior Ranger program. It was a really fun/educational program for the kids and adults alike!

Tim Harbert

Stopped for the view and to use the restroom. Drive on 101 from Olympia down to Canon Beach is amazingly beautiful. Stop in Astoria for a spell to sample the great beers available.

Marnie Lambert

Lots of great history here. It's fun for all ages.

Annemarie Nela

Seaside Oregon is a beautiful place to visit with kids old ages everybody

Sherri Cartwright

Absolutely worth a visit!

Laura Zuber

Fun place for a quick stop. The visitors center has clean bathrooms, which is always a plus when you are on a road trip. There are lots of short and long trail options. We chose a shorter option, which was clearly marked, and easy to walk.

Calypso ShadowWalker

Such a beautiful trail, definitely worth the hike! It's not too challenging either!

Scott Carey

We stopped here for a picnic and to enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery, I was pleasantly surprised by the artwork and the informational postings throughout the park. Even though it was a rainy day it didn't stop people from going out to enjoy this park. From people exercising to fishing.

Rob Hood

Beautiful Lighthouse and incredible views of the Oregon/Washington coastline. Very nice paved trails for wheelchairs.

Taylor Densley

It was educational, but boring if you go there with an entire family. Would recommend if you have nothing to do, but I wouldn't go out of my way to go again

Jane T

Excellent plance to visit. Rangers and staff are very supportive of the Jr Ranger program.

Wade Ongstad REMAX AGENT

Visited this park a few weeks ago with my son while in North Dakota. The Park Rangers at the visitor center were very helpful and made it a great memorable experience for my son when he became a junior park ranger. The cliff faces in natural beauty of North Dakota Badlands was amazing.

Linda Cumberland

I went in the off season so there weren't any reenacters, but the signage is excellent and the Fort and out areas well maintained. Two excellent films in the Visitor center along with an interesting exhibit, and lovely, helpful staff.

David Underwood

A great place to visit! Great exhibits and great hiking trails. I had a senior pass that got the whole family in for free!

Laura Garbarino

A great experience to share with my son. I had not been in years. Gives you a lot of perspective on how people lived in the pacific northwest.

Charles Brisendine

Very nice walk in the woods lots of Huckleberry's and blue berries on the fort to sea trial and amazing wildlife very cool walk

Eros Ortega

Very clean beaches! Very windy and chilly but well maintained

Joann Shuck

Really an awesome museum and fort. I highly suggest you go.We love going there

Kristy Waller

Love the history in this museum and the view is phenomenal. Great hiking to light house.

Preston Wallace

LOVED this place! It was so fun to go inside Fort Clatsop and show the boys where Lewis and Clark likely stayed when they firat got here! The docents and rangers are very welcoming and explanatory. We'll go back!

James DeShirley

Fun to visit.

Spencer Jones

Great salmon...service awesome... Crab app. Awesome

Chris Dillman

What a cool place. Can't begin to imagine the challenges the Corp of Discovery faced. Better them than me. Make sure you watch the video and walk the grounds.

Dennis Fry

A beautiful national park to learn about Lewis and Clark's exploration of the northwest. Able to take a kayak journey to learn more about the history of the men and their struggles along with the Native American tribes of the area.

Keith Stendebach

The park has a replica of the fort that was built near here and it gives you a great idea of how things looked then. There are re-enactors who know the history and also do demonstrations. The museum fills you in on all the details. It’s worth going a little out of the way to see early-1800s life.

Ally Rose

A cool place yo bring kids or stop to kill some time.

Jim Gale

This is always a great place to visit, lots of history about the adventures of Lewis and Clark. The walk to the sea is a must do for those who can handle the walk. Just lots of great stuff going on for people of all ages.

Marilyn Keis

we had a little picnic and lived seeing the boats on the river

Alyssa Seals

Great place. Will definitely go again.

James Matson

I'm not crazy about Lewis and Clark, but it was great to see the Native American part of the visitor center exhibits. They also have great hiking trails. I loved the boardwalk and bridges and peaceful benches by the river. Very peaceful hike to the river on well-maintained, beautiful trails.

Tami Small

Beautiful views with history to make it interresting.

Tufty Tufterson

Great spot on the Columbia near the ocean.

Trisha Elsasser

This was a great educational opportunity for our family and friends. We especially loved the presentation on quill writing and how important journaling was.

Stacey Jo Scott

Very interesting. Make sure to watch the movie!

Gi Kim

Perhaps the primary reason coming to Astoria. The history is amazing and to visit the grounds of this historic site is an honor. The staff are friendly and the grounds are well-kept. If you're in town, you must visit this place to grasp the importance of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Benjamin Phelps

They even had rain just like they did in the 1800s.

Carlann Copps

Beautiful and great history education.

Tyler Thomas

Lovely beaches and amazing views! Adds such a great vibe for the coastal drive!

Zach Cochran

Great location for history buffs. I enjoyed seeing where the Corps of Discovery hunkered down for the winter. Staff was knowledgeable and friendly.

Beverly Youngren

Spent an enjoyable time at Fort Clatsop before heading to Fort Stevens. Easy to explore both in one day if you are limited on time.

Nicholas Wipf

Definitely one of the best exhibits I’ve seen at National Park visitor centers. The artifacts, statues, replicas, quotes, and maps were thrilling to observe and take in. It’s really a wonder what those men accomplished, and I loved learning about their relationship with the natives in the film displayed in the visitor center.

Shawn Lord

Oregon has done a great job with their Parks.

Bradley Walker

It's very interesting to see where they actually were, not a vague trail.

Garett Chong

Informative rangers, beautiful scenery and rich history

David Williams

A great place to learn about the expedition especially how they over wintered

Sharon Schirman

Nice trail. Lots of Pokemon to catch here!

Stephanie Howes

The rangers are very helpful. My kids loved doing the junior ranger badges.

B. N.

Has some trash around, people need to clean up after themselves.

Jamie Boe

Lots of historical knowledge to learn beautiful clean and quiet park!

Sweetpea62191 Baby

It's a cool look out to the ocean get pics nothing really fancy. The 101 drive is beautiful all the up and down the coast line. With a lot of pull off for sight seeing.

Karla Hortin

Fascinating place to visit. The display and the film help one understand the significance of what Lewis and Clark did for the United States.


Fun hands on museum covering the Lewis and Clark exploration. At $5 it was totally worth the stop to help give perspective of the area. We spent about 45 min here and was a good break to stretch the legs.

J.P Peterson

Very nice morning walk with nice panoramic views of the Columbia River. If you go first thing in the morning it is less populous, we basically had the place to ourselves. The battery bunkers and old fort are pretty cool.


Very beautiful park. Lots of paved trails as well as unpaved with gorgeous views and some of the biggest o old growth trees I've seen in Washington.

Asha Johnston

Me and my husband loved this place. Even though it was a little overpriced for how little there was to see in the museum section, we enjoyed the reenactment shooting of the bayonet. Also the little cabins were neatly set up, felt like we were back in time!

Christopher Curtiss

It's a recreation of the original. It's best if you go when they have volunteers showing you how it was done and what they ate at that time. But still good for the family.

Yvonne Price

Not the most noteworthy historical site, but still interesting. I had no idea this was tucked away in Seaside.

Matt Schapper

Very cool full size replica of the fort that you can go in and see. Nice nature trail to walk. Visitor center has some interesting artifacts and information about Lewis and Clark's journey and time there. Staff was very friendly. Worth a trip when you are in the area.

Aynjaliina Ooneshenkko

Popular surf spot, beautiful beach

Allen Todd

Fort Clatsop was the winter camp for Lewis and Clark. After the purchase of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the United States mounted an expedition into the west. The Lewis and Clark expedition had a couple of goals; make contact with the natives, search for the long anticipated Northwest passage ( an water route across the North American continent), and finally just to see what the US had bought. It was here after a perilous journey that the Lewis and Clark expedition spent the winter of 1806-06. We were fortunate because we visited during the Schumer/Pelosi government shutdown and while the visitors center was closed we were able to at least walk around the fort and the trails.

Michael Wheeler

It is a remarkable place, full of historical significance, with a replica fort of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. We'll worth a stop on anyone's travels.

Stephen Rye

Anither great national Park. Lots of western history here. Leave a few hours as it takes some some time.

SherryAnn Lee

Rangers very knowledgeable. Told fun stories about Lewis and Clark Expedition. Great displays and recreation of forty

Milissa Mcclane

Beautiful! Nothing like the Oregon coast! So perfect!

Aleks Vollmann

Loved the exhibits and the living history. Super friendly and informative staff. Now if only I could teach my two lady friends from getting “not lost” on the trails! Sacajawea, they were not. But a good time all around!

Barry Abrams

A hidden jem about lewis and Clarke expeditions .

Kendall Larson

This was a pretty nice historic site. The staff was knowledgeable, and the museum area was very informative. Not too much in the line of actual historical artifacts; the fort is just a recreation. I went to one of the short films they offered as well; it was cheesy but was informative, which is about what to expect at a historic site theater.

Jeff Swanson

Very educational. Great hiking trails.

J Shea

Who can knock learning history in such a beautiful area? It's a family favorite.

Anna Garcia-Centner

Great Historic Location to visit alone or with company.

Shänn Ruggles

These are pix of Astoria Oregon from Dismal Nitch rest area in Washington State

Mikayla Buck

You have to pay a fee, but theyve got a cute dog and it's pretty neat! The workers are super funny and nice too.


This place was pretty cool. Really interesting to learn about the history of this place, even though Lewis and Clark apparently only stayed there for a few months.

Randy Martin

This is worth the short detour off 101. They have a reconstruction of Fort Clatsop and they have a nice nature trail along the Lewis and Clark River. They also have a nice museum area that talks about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Kim Howell

Beautiful Park with informative Interpretive Center. Part of the Center's exhibits are free to view. Lewis and Clark specific exhibits require an admission fee. Don't forget to bring your National Park Passport for some great stamps!

Carl Fredrickson

Beautiful place right on lots of history!!

Beth Davis

Worth your time. Make sure you watch the short documentary, extremely interesting. Many great artifacts.

Mister Guy

This state park has a recreation of Lewis & Clark's winter fort, artifacts from that time, several videos highlighting Lewis & Clark's trip & their interactions with the local Natives, and trails through the forest. There also are places to camp nearby I believe.

john wagner

Really interesting place to visit. Near fort Stevens, I like to make a day of both forts when bringing newbies. Fort Clatsop is really cool for the history buffs. Lots of cool items, and the rebuilt fort is just cool. Hiking trails all around, and an awesome boardwalk through the marsh.

T. Olivas Pho2gr4

Grew up in Oregon. Always love returning here.

Rachelle Lemmon

Love history...very informative

Katherine Clark

The museum building and the fort clatsop replica were wonderful, the kids and us adults really enjoyed them. The park rangers were great and so knowledgeable and went out of their way to make us feel comfortable. The facilities were well kept but the bathrooms smelled atrocious, which was my only complaint.

Rebecca Martin

Great for hiking through the historical site and seeing how they lived.

Megan Brandt

So many interesting facts and facets about their trip. Well worth the drive. Plan to spend 2-3 hours if you like to read all the stories.

linda ducret

The salt works are a quick stop and absolutely worth seeing!

Bill Blaser

Really good display of history. It makes you appreciate the hardships of Lewis and Clark.

Karl Heeter

National Park site about the Lewis and Clark expedition and the fort that they built near Astoria Oregon.

Gordy Bell

Beautiful place, at the edge of the earth in the USA

Pamela Cooper

Very interesting place. Lots of history and the park rangers know their stuff.

Joan Haines

I had never been there before and I loved it! I learned a lot about the expedition that Lewis and Clark undertook to the West Coast, specifically to Oregon! Nor had I ever seen a candle maker before. Very neat! I also enjoyed writing with a quill - it brought back childhood memories of writing that way, using an inkwell. Easy terrain to walk on! That was very important for my husband and me! The staff was super friendly!! The museum was very interesting and displayed very well!

Danita Marlow

Very nice lots to see and learn. Family orientated

ronald vincent

Great for people who like history

Kelsie Keeler

What I saw of it was terrific. Didn't get to stay for long though

Gretchen Taylor

Beautiful. A true piece of living history

Rick Akans

Just moved up here and it's a piece of heaven friendly people beautiful sunsets couldn't ask for more

Ron Winebrinner

Absolutely gorgeous. Truely a place to visit, dont miss out !!

JT Jackson

This is one of my favorite places in the world. I highly advise everyone to do the Junior Ranger Program here. I'm 32 and had a blast.

Charles Harding

Never miss a chance to learn about history. The people giving demonstrations and telling the stories were engaging and very lively. Think opposite of Ben Stein. Fantastic

Brian Wisdom

Lots of awesome history. So much nature to explore on maintained trails.

Jodilyn Owen

Wonderful hike, mostly shaded which was great for us, really interesting to see the terrain shift as you go along the trail. Hug your national parks people, they are doing an incredible job of reforesting. You really get a visceral understanding of what this means for the ecosystems. So fun to walk with the cows for a bit, too! We parked a car on each end so it was 6.5 miles total with an extra .6 at the end to the beach. The visitor center is excellent with activities, information, books, and a clean bathroom to boot. Ok an update: went back for seconds in the Fort to Sea direction but was solo so I went to the underpass and back. Due to riveting conversation on the first hike I did not notice the massive switchback section...lemme just say Sea to Fort direction is a doozie. It didn't take long. It was painful then it was over. Much hotter today than the first time which felt like it added some amount of sweat to the occasion. Felt great after and I really think this is one of my all time favorite hikes, even with the doozie section.

Brooklyn Rose

Thank you guys so much for doing this for my school it was amazing!!!! We had a really really really great time thank you so much

Gene Wong

Great for hiking when you don't want a lot of elevation. Choice of routes and loops, short and long. Better to have good boots. Bring water.

Thomas Barker

A historical and educational experience surrounded by unbelievably beautiful scenery.

Mardee Van Brunt

Gorgeous place. There's nothing better than the Oregon coast line

Wendy Mossman

Second time there. Will definitely go again!

Derek B

I really enjoyed stopping in here to see the exhibits and the replica of the Clatsop Fort that Lewis and Clark stayed in when they were here. The trail down to the canoe launch was a pretty nice walk, but on rainy days like the one we were visiting on the boardwalk portion could get a bit slippery with the wrong kinds of shoes. Also, while we were here there was a black powder rifle demonstration which was both educational and entertaining. I would recommend stopping in to check out a bit of history.

Larry Ashby

Great hikes, great views, pretty good birding. Should have picnic tables at lighthouses.

Chelle M

The PALS Summer School field trip was a blast. We've lived near by for almost a decade & had never been, even we adults had a blast

Chris Woodard

Beautiful views and outdoor activities


We stop here to relieve ourselves as we drive from Washington. Beautiful views and a great spot to eat a packed lunch.

Noll Family

They have a wonderful clean WSDOT Rest Area that you can relax and view the Columbia river from the inlet to the outlet.

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