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Where is Lava River Cave?

REVIEWS OF Lava River Cave IN Oregon

Cloe Nuckols

The bat cave!! Well, we didn't see any bats butvthe cave was awesome!

Marahya Mora

Must do! It is great! The cave is super cold but well worth it! I recommend a light per person.

tiff any

Cool, huge cave!! This lava tube is gigantic - 30+ foot ceilings! - even on a 90 day, it was quite chilly inside. I was super glad for the hat and headlight which were critical. I had a medium jacket and it got colder halfway through the tunnel, but I didn't need the gloves I brought (I expected more climbing). everyone noted runny noses at the end of the tunnel due to the cold. - the first part was indeed a bit of a rocky climb into it, but overall the cave ground is more flattened with all odd steps up and down. - we were all very glad to have both headlamps and flashlights. even with two light sources each, depth perception was difficult due to the deep darkness and odd flooring. - I didn't feel it was claustrophobic - being 5 feet tall there was only one area where I had to duck a bit. overall the cave seemed spacious for a cave. - parking was tough on a july weekday afternoon - we got lucky. took about 15 minutes to do the orientation and sign in to get to the cave. we went slow going in and taking pictures, so it was 45 minutes to the end (midway~30 minutes to sand garden). coming out, we went at a steady pace and it took 30 minutes. So overall, plan about 1.5 hours here to do this. - saw tons of young kids... I think a lot of them wanted to be carried at the end because it was strenuous. it's a better teenager activity. - no bats or critters, but there were some drippy areas with cave slime! you are there for the nature, after all. no stalagtites left in this cave we could see.

Darnell Sue

Lava River Cave is a few miles South outside Bend, OR just off highway 97. You will need to go through a brief orientation after which you can rent a flashlight if you don't have one of your own. They will ask you to leave an item behind, like your car keys or ID, for collateral if you rent a flashlight. Rental cost is $5 per light and 1 light is good for two people, although I preferred to have one for myself. There are 125 steps down into the cave, which goes one mile in. The cave is damp and chilly sitting around 42 degrees (in May). The park closes at 4pm. Bring a coat and have fun!

Charles Sieburg

Go! It's amazing!

Phil Bleazard

Loved the cave walk

Dustin N

This is a really cool lava River cave! We made it a little more than half way through and had to turn around. Bring your own Bright flashlights to save a few bucks. Donate those bucks to keep this place going.

Thomas Hatley

Geological wonder!! First cave I've ever explored... very comfortable inside. Although walking surface is uneven in some places, it's mostly packed sand on the ground. A few metal staircases to navigate, and it's air is about 42 degrees, so 1 good coat should keep you warm.

Gary Frazee

Awesome cave! Great hike down into a lava formed cave. Great experience

Shaina Umlauf

Loved this great experience would definitely do it again and again

Alex Stevenson

The cave is definitely cold. Bring a jacket or pullover for sure. Only thing I was a bit peeved about was that they had two guys ushering everyone out of the caves around 4:30 PM. I wanted to spend a little more time to take pictures but the guy said that they need everyone out of the parking lot by 5:00 PM. I overheard another family say that they wish they had more time to spend in the cave before they were shooed out prematurely.

Lisa Saunders

The cave was so great! Our 8 year old loved it too.

Olivia Lanum

Good cave for families. Easy walk over relativity flat sand.

MacBeth Derham

Great cave. Like that it was a self-guided tour.

matthew woods

So the cave is really amazing an absolute natural marvel! It stays very cold inside all the time so you Will want a jacket no question, as well as pants and long sleeves if you get cold easier. I stay fairly warm but the jacket was a must even though shorts were not an issue. Pay the $5 for a high power light or make sure you have one with 900+lumens. We took pretty decent lights and it wouldn't have been bad except for all the other people who rent the lights coming and going, many of whom seem to have never used a flashlight before,(I was blinded several times) the constant passing of bright lights then make less powerful lights seem puny and your eyes don't get the chance to adjust properly. In short rent the light and try to plan a visit on a less popular day/time, the natural aspect is amazing but all the humanity within it can lessen the experience.

Zach Denton

Entertaining and educational...edutainment galore. So much fun studying all the fascinating surfaces in the cave. Would highly recommend for anyone adult and child.

Karen Cooper

So cool! Well worth it!

Joris Vallenduuk

Not bad, but it's an old tunnel. Can not compare with the much younger lavatunnels on Iceland, which are very colorful from all the minerals. It's a nice place to visit one time if you're arround

mr .moose

1 mile of fun

Azmat Alvi

Its pitch dark.... We were there in mid June. There is a drastic temperature drop in the cave so ensure to carry a jacket. Outside temperature was around high 70s but inside the cave it was around 40s. Also you get lantern rentals in the cave compound. Parking might be an issue so plan your trip accordingly. You have to go through an orientation before entering the cave.

Janice Wenrich

Well worth the $5 admission fee per car. There were seven of us in a van. Bring a bright flash light for about every two people in your group. They rent really good spot lights there for $5 each. It truly is cold. Was 80 but around 45 degrees in cave. Steep metal steps going in and some rocky, slippery areas. We did see people with young children and seemed to do fine. There is about a 5-10 minute orientation before you can go in discussing safety etc. Parking can be a challenge. We circled for about 15 minutes before finding a spot. Come when they open or later in the afternoon. It has to be before 4:00 PM

Annette Wilcox

Absolutely amazing! I do suggest a few things. Rent a torch from them you won't regret it. Don't count on your phone flashlight to help you. It won't. You will need it for seeing the ceiling 35 feet above you & the rocky uneven ground at your feet. Wear sturdy shoes, again rocky uneven ground. Also, be very aware in a few places the ceiling becomes extremely low. I'm 5'3" & I had to duck a couple of times.

Kathe & Mick Visten

Very interesting. I needed to wear better shoes and a sweatshirt.

Ryan Toast

Best cave I've ever hiked through

Tobi Buckley

Very neat! But bring a powerful flashlight (or you can rent one there) and hiking shoes. There are a couple of very steep climbs so if you have breathing problems this wouldn't be your place to visit. Also, the cave stays rather cold, maybe 50° f (or cooler)in the summer, so a sweater or light jacket is advised. Very affordable.

Rachel Chinadle

AMAZING place to go to. Wear old cloths, warm jack/gloves and bring plenty of lights. It is so dark you can't see your hand but great place to visit. At times uneven ground why you need pleaty of light. Low ceiling at times.

Stephen guayante

So much fun! Dress warm for caving! A cell phone is pretty worthless if used as a flashlight. There is a lot of headroom, and you can reverse course at any time. It is chilly in there!

Mike Lindsay

Great little stop, if you are driving through. Amazingly cheap prices. Bonus for cell phones not distracting in the cave


We have done several cave hikes and this one is pretty cool considering it is so close to a major highway. Usually to find a cave like this you would need to hike through the woods first. I like cave experiences like this where you can go at your own pace and do not have to follow a guide. It is a mostly level walk, but does have stairs and incline to get into and out of the cave. Bring a couple light sources - headlamps are perfect - but they do rent lights also. Really enjoyable for all ages!

wormturtle lol

The only thing about this place that people could even start to dislike is how cold it is. But with that being said bring a jacket cuz you will want to see every last inch of this amazing history beauty!

Jessica Fanaselle

Pretty cool adventure

Travis Kirkegaard

Always nice to come to the lava caves for a morning walk. Just make sure you have fresh gear that hasn't been in any other caves. We don't want to spread the white nose disease. Flashlight is a must, but they have 1000 lumen torches for rent.

Bronze Lycett

Great! This is a neat place to visit. Make sure you dress warm, wear good shoes and bring or rent a bright light. I would recommend 1000 lumens or better. Note that it is a mile walk 1 way in the cave over uneven and sometimes a little uneven footing. We didn't see any bats but the rock formations are pretty cool. Ceiling is short in a couple places but you do not have to crawl just kinda duck and walk. Also be ready for lots of stairs.


The Lava River Cave is absolutely the best thing in the greater Bend area. We all agree it was our favorite thing out of our whole trip. Here is some tips: *Get there early or 1.5 hours after opening time. Parking gets full and we had to wait 20 minutes for a parking spot. It goes fast if you get there just when people are getting out of the cave. I know it sounds like way too long but trust me, its worth it! *Wear warm clothes. It is very chilly. Make sure you wear long pants, a sweatshirt, closed-toe shoes and gloves. Also bring a strong flashlight so you can enjoy the natural beauty of the cave. We will be back again! So so so fun! Have fun!

Shannon Stewart

Fairly small parking lot, but the Rangers have a good system for having people wait in a small queue to watch people exiting the cave for their parking spot. Must attend a brief 5-minute orientation about the cave and the issues that the bats are facing with white nose disease (fungal spores). Be sure not to wear clothing or shoes that you have worn into another Cave System here in the U.S. This fungal infection spreads via clothing, and a standard washing machine does not kill it. Bring your own headlamp or flashlight to save $5 per person, and if you have an adventure pass for parking you will save another $5 making the entire experience absolutely free. Some tricky areas for footing, make sure you can walk up and down stairs well. Dress in layers, one mile in it's very cold, and then you need to come back one mile again = still cold, feels like a walk in refrigerator. Pretty cool experience overall, came here first week of August on a Friday and it wasn't too crazy busy. Fun experience for the 8-12 year old kiddos.

Wendy Lindsay

So much fun, great rangers, would go again for sure!

Peter Perales

Dont forget a bright light!

Karl Kirstein

Awesome place.

Matt J

Cool place to check out. Literally! Temp in the cave is about 40 degrees F. Incredibly dark. Bring a jacket or good sweater. Good tennis shoes are ok & you can rent good lanterns for $5.

Catrina Red Willow

Remarkable site to see.

Christina Hepp

This is my utmost favorite place I have ever been too. You must go! Bring your family and enjoy a mile long hike through a big cave. It was so amazing!!!

Hector Marquez

A walk back in time on present day, awesome!

Colin Turner

Fun. Dark. Cold. It took about 50 minutes each way.


Awesome to go into! It’s huge. I was told it was around 2 miles. You need a really bright flashlight for this. It’s pitch black you can’t see your hand in front of your face. They rent flashlights for 5 dollars a piece. Wear a jacket since it is around 46 degrees F.

Sam Hisel

Awesome cave. The lanterns are worth it

ms_nysme _

Worth seeing, but don't feel like you have to go to the end (where the ceiling meets the sand).

Ana & Howard Rosen

Such a beautiful area. Started to go in, however I had second thoughts. We were told by a lady who has been there it's a nice experience.

Michelle C

Totally cool experience. Never seen anything like it. Bring flashlight and jacket.

Tom Matteson

It was a fun and informative hike for my grandson and me

Dexter Barney

Definitely recommend getting their flashlightstl they rent. Also gets pretty cold in there. 35-40 degrees F I'd say.

Cole Adams

A super nice walk and change of scenery. I grew up in bend and I just went for my first time and changed my view on the area. Is absolutely pitch black inside and lights are rented but cost money and there is usually a wait. Phones work but I recommend a nicer light to see the ceilings

Rahul Kapoor

Enjoy the long walk in the pitch dark and cold cave. Great experience. Be sure to get flashlights or rent them and some warm clothing. Entry gates close an hour before the caves closing time. Difficult to find parking on weekends.

Sharon Snell

What an adventure! Grandson loved it! All the way to the END!!

Kat Snyer

Get over your spontaneous fear of the total dark as you descend, steel yourself up to the fact that it's a brisk and damp forty-two degrees (even as the summer temperatures bake above the surface), take a deep breath, pretend you have zero claustrophobia, and GO TO THE LAVA CAVE. I don't know, call me a nerd but I thought this place was super cool. This underground lava tunnel goes for a mile underground, even crossing under the highway! At some points, the ceiling is impressively vaulted way high above your head; at other times, you may have to stoop or duck under some boulders to continue. The texture of the stone is always changing, and it fascinating to explore underground. It doesn't take too long, and an underground lava tube isn't something you visit every day. (Check out the Ape Caves near Mt. St. Helens too if you like this sort of thing!) Bring flashlights, headlamps, and glowsticks...but if you forget, no worries, you can rent a "lamp" for a few bucks. There are some steep metal steps and slippery stone stairs near the entrance of the cave, as well as some uncomfortable jagged stones to navigate over. However, a lot of the more difficult terrain has a metal handrail to aid visitors. If you can continue beyond the initial descent, I found the remainder of the lava tube to be much easier to hike, with smooth sandy stone to trek on. Tough it out if you can... I saw older couples and very young kids: if they can do it, so can you!

Nicholas Herbick

I had a great time here, an awesome tour and a great way to spend a day. However it gets dark so I suggest bringing a flashlight (it's a literal cave)

Angela Porterfield

Bring warm clothes, sturdy closed toe shoes, and lots of patience! The parking lot is almost always full, so you'll need to wait for people exiting the cave to get their spot. Wait times can be up to 30 minutes, so plan extra time into your schedule. A 5-10 minute orientation with a Ranger is required once you get parked, and you may need to wait a few minutes before it starts. It's worth it, and knowing ahead of time will help folks stay chill. It's all about protecting an amazing natural resource and our wildlife.

A Sewell

Super cool adventure. Not for the clumsy toddler. This under ground trail could be treterous if your not being careful. If your lights are not super bright then rent there lights it's worth the 5$

King Clout

Awesome place even though I've been here bunches. Favorite place to go for tourists.

Gabor Molnar

Fascinating place to hike. Don't miss this when staying in Bend

Angel Kinzig

Nice lava tube to walk through. The terrain isn't for everyone though... stairs &rough ground in spots. Not handicap friendly. Advertising as last group goes in at 4pm but we were swept out at 4:15. Disappointing to not finish.


Would have been nice to know the steep climb back up, almost did me in. I know, I need to drop 100.

Ryan Healy

Very worth a visit. Popular attraction, because it's impressive but a fairly easy hike. Bring a jacket even if it's scorching up top.

Brogan Stich

Amazing lava tube. One of the largest I've seen. If you can find time to go during the week its a better experience just from having less people in it. Its a great way to spend an afternoon with the family.

Richie R

Very cool (brrrrr

Lu Watson

Loved it. Need a very bright light to see more. It's pitch dark. And need a good camera for good picture.

Bethany Fritz

Kind of a cool thing to do with kids. Be sure to bring a jacket, and a flashlight.

nate cas

This is well worth the trip off the main freeway. It's only 5 bucks to park and 5 bucks to rent a very good light. It's a mile long and always cold. Very very cool. Be advised that parking can be tight but the rangers are very polite and helpful.

Daniel Bacon

Great family activity . Excitement, exercise and the walk goes quick due to the changing dynamics of the cave it was the first time spelunking for my boys and my first time exploring a lava tube . There were animal tracks in the sandy rock floor and it was really appealing to my teenager.

Brian Johnson

Well worth the $5. It is cold and dark so be prepared for that.

Jude Olivas

Need a very strong flashlight for each person. Dress warm, even wear light weight gloves ad a good tread on your shoes. Tennis are slippery.

Sean Langdon

Great day in the cave!

James Talbot

We had fun walking through the lava tube looking for bats. We didn't see any bats, but we did enjoy some of the formations. This is somewhere you should go once, but you won't need to come back. Definitely rent one of the super powerful scuba lights for $5. Definitely worth it.

Roger Chase

Sweet transition from hot to cold then back to hot! Parking a little challenging so pick early or late in the day.

Boruch Dov Diskind

You really should be using a very strong light, best just to rent it for 5$. DONT THINK THAT a single led (cell phone) will be sufficient, don't be cheap. If u are not so comfortable on hikes (those that are older) in the very beg it is rocky, it does get better after that but the sand does not present itself for a good grip. And remember wear sneakers, not shoes or Crocks!! enjoy!

Casey McPhedran

Great if you can find parking. Fills up fast, but a must see event if traveling the area

Auni Jenkins

Fun hike down into the cold dark abyss. Definitely a fun time :)


The cave was amazing! Extremely worth it. It was an extremely cool experience for my husband and I. Just make sure to dress warmly.

Saphira Knives

Cheap and affordable for only 5 dollars for all day use. Amazing lava tubes that go on for over a mile underground and are huge! You have to bring or rent lights and the tours are unguided but there's no risk of getting lost and your phone light works just fine. Beautiful and a must see.

Eric Lin

Amazing natural lava cave(technically a tube)! This lava tube was created during the nearby volcanic eruption. Its lava flowed through the nowadays highway 97 and all the way to today's entrance! The cave is really dark so getting a lantern is a must. The walk inside the cave is about a mile so walking roundtrip takes around an hour. Bear in mind it's really cold down there so wear more and keep warm!

Jan Garver

How fun. Take a really good flashlight.

Cody McCullough

Great experience, but parking can be difficult.

Zac Hembree

Love this cave. Bring a coat. Great for adults and kids

Katherine Holtz

Very cool cave but come prepared as it's about 42 degrees in the cave. Bring lights if you have them or rent one for $5 as it's pitch black. Good adventure for kids as they get to hike through a lava tunnel and check out the rock formations.

David Young

Very cool for a summer day hike, bring bright lamps!

Skyler Bizon

Pretty cool except for the fact that there wasn't any lava! I mean why else would you go into a lava cave?

Kaitlin Audrey

This is a nice easy 2 mile round trip hike. It’s 42 degrees and pitch in the cave so bring a jacket and light. (Or you can rent lights for $5.) It’s neat to see the different sections of the cave and how it really is it’s own ecosystem. Read the signs throughout your trip, you’ll learn a lot!

Megan V

This is a fun place to stop if you are in the Bend or Sunriver area. There are places for RVs or oversized vehicles to park as well as regular vehicle parking but it fills up fast in Summer. It is free to explore the caves which is wonderful. Before you go inside the caves the park rangers do a brief speech asking if you have visited any caves before. They let you know about disease that can spread from other caves to bats. The caves are at a lower elevation and temperatures drop in the 40 degree range, so bring a coat if that is cold for you. Wear headlamps or bring flashlights because the caves are very dark. The caves are also longer than we expected. They are about a mile long. We brought our kids along for the journey. They enjoyed the cave. We had a guy say out loud “this isn’t a place to bring your baby!” I thought that was rude but I didn’t say anything. My daughter, at 16 months old and son at almost 4 years old did great. There are some bumps on the trail to watch out for, handrails everywhere but nothing too dangerous. There were other kids in there and a baby younger than ours being perfectly protected in her mother’s carrier. The cave may be too long for some. I would recommend checking out this cave but if you don’t hike to the end you aren’t missing much if you turn around early. The cave looks pretty much the same throughout but there is one spot that the cave narrows for a few steps so you have to duck down for a bit.

Angie Nelson

This was a great experience. It's a mile long, so if u go to the end and back makes it 2 miles. Even with the 150 steps down into darkness and going from about 85 degrees outside the cave to 42 degrees inside the cave I successfully completed this hike. Mother Nature just is amazing!

Joseph Colton

The Lava River Cave is an amazing 80,000 year old lava tube. Basically, the roof for one section collapsed and you are able to enter there and walk about a mile down the flow of lava direction. At that point the the sand levels are quite high and there is a sign telling you that is the end. The tube continues, but I guess sand fills the tunnel. The tunnel is very large and in some sections it might be 50+ feet to the ceiling. Other places you are walking on packed sand and are close enough to see the volcanic icicles. The cave is a nice 42F degrees, so dress warm. Bring a bright flashlight, ideally 1000 lumins. In order to prevent diseases, wear clothes and footwear that have never been in a cave before.

Kieran Kentley

The cave is amazing! It is much bigger than expected, and is not hard to walk through. I always have enjoyed it, but this time there was more information on the geography and the equipment was new, so I enjoyed my time there much more than I had previously.

Larry Campbell

Very interesting and very fun

Brigg Turner

This was pretty fun. The ceiling varies in height and the tube gets bigger and smaller as you go along. They have lights for rent which are really powerful. It is pretty cold in there. It was a good time, but not nearly as cool as the ape caves in Washington. You just walk, you don't have to climb anything or crawl at all. For little kids, this is great.... But for older kids, the ape caves are way more adventurous

Michael Lynum

Slightly chilly (unless you're from Minnesota


Descends deep into the bowels of the earth....magnificent experience.


Great experience cave isn’t to hard navigate (bring a strong flashlight) -1 star bc parking is really bad... small lot nowhere near big enough for the number of people wanting to explore the cave! Parks Dept. you gotta address that issue!

Corinna Rauch

Fun for the whole family ❤️

Kelly Schneider

Excellent first cave experience for our family. My 6 and 8 y.o. both did well. Rent the $5 flashlights...I sent my husband back to rent 2 more bc 1 wasn’t enough, even with our home flashlights. It’s relatively flat, but with kids, you want enough light that they don’t trip and fall.

Lin Aldrich

Creepy to walk in a lava cave, but did it anyway. Turn off your little rented lights and you can't see your hand in front of your face. Wear decent hiking shoes or sneakers, can be slippery and rocky. Definitely wear a sweatshirt, is cooler the farther you go in.

Leanne Argus

Really neat experience! About a mile in and another mile back but it's a nice walk. The stairs can be difficult for those not prepared but the trek is worth it. Make sure to bring a layer and a bright enough light. Summer months also fill up early so give yourself time if there is a line.

Elaine Hester

Fun@ but dont wear flopflops.!

Andrea A

Love that you are on your own to go at your own pace

Sarah Graham

Inadequate parking. Rude park rangers. Pick any other cave in the nation and you will have a better experience.

Beka Amblin

So much more wonderful and exciting than I'd first thought it would be inside. I must confess we went to the visitor's center 1st to determine if there were too narrow or too low passages for me to comfortably even go in. (A mile is a long way dang it!). I loved it.

brian votaw

It's fun. Its always cooler than outdoors which is nice when it's hot outside. Footing isn't regular for several stretches, especially near the mouth, so many people will want to look at nearly every step they take, with a flashlight. But then it opens up and often feels like walking on a beach underfoot. A winding, sometimes narrowing, sometimes lowering ceiling beach.

Kimmy E

Such a fun experience! You definitely need warm clothes... it gets cold after you are down there for a bit. You need a good flash light, not just your phone light. They also have lights to rent.

Sean LeFauve

Great time exploring a cool cave. Dress warm in the summer, it's cold.

Echo Webb

Amazing experience! Don't get left in the dark, bring plenty of light and dress in layers!

Teresa Davis

Fun Adventure!

George Hunt

It's awesome! Surprisingly not very busy, so we were out of sight of others just of the time. Definitely rent the flashlight from the rangers! The maglight I brought as a backup was hopelessly outmatched by the rental.

Keith S

So interesting to go through. It can be very crowded in the summer and parking is limited. Plan to arrive close to the opening time to get a spot. Plan 90 minutes or so for walking the entire cave length.

Kinz and Kate Reeves

SO dark. Be sure to rent a light and wear a jacket. Pretty neat experience.

Samantha Boulden

We went first thing in the morning. Otherwise expect to be waiting a long time for parking. Their lights are also better than any flashlight you may own.

Dilan Zumach

Wow! This place is amazing. Bring the brightest flashlight you can find. Your phone is not even close to bright enough in here. We brought headlamps and my mag light was the only thing that really worked. The tunnel is long but relatively easy to walk. There are stairs and some rocks in the path. So make sure to pay attention! It’s really long and totally worth it. Turn our your lights in the middle and soak it in!

Caitlin Schnik

Fun adventure!

Tammy Cash

Fun experience! Make sure you arrive early as the parking lot fills up quick. Prepare to rent a flashlight from the Rangers for $5. The tubes are DARK and even our brightest flashlight wasn’t enough. Dress accordingly as it’s pretty cold once you descend into the tubes.

Jon Reid

Great hike through the cave. Bring a flashlight!

Alicia Yarbrough

Very fun experience!! Would go again in a heartbeat. Kid friendly too. My four year old made it to the end, but had to be carried half way out.

Katlyn James

You have to by a fiver dollar day pass by then you have access to the entire park for the rest of the day and you have to go through orientation to learn about the cave and how to protect it. It is honestly really painless and worth it


This was an awesome hike underground bring your headlamps, flashlights and a warm coat because it’s cold and pitch black down there.

Michael Nealis

Friendly rangers. A great way to hide from the heat. Bring a red light, it's easier an the eyes.

Robert Zahrowski

Nice place to go Well worth the trip if you like caves

Hannah Smith

Had a fantastic time! Got there early and explored in a small group. Pack warm clothes! It's a pretty constant 42° in there. Also bring lots of flashlights. Bright ones.

Candace Martineau

Fun, inexpensive. Dont be scared off by the stairs. My small children did just fine on them. They rent high powered lamps there that have more wattage than the cheap, ineffective flashlights we had picked up at the grocery store.

Joshua Pearson

You cannot pass this up! This is an experience you and your family won't forget. Be sure to bring a jacket as it's cold down there! Also, renting the flashlights from here is also recommended as their lights will be better than yours!

Matthew Porter

Fairly interesting cave, but the orientation given by the guide was like listening to a boot camp instructor, no exaggeration. I'm all for making people aware of the issues with not bringing in bat-killing fungal growth, but they need to screen their employees a bit better for maturity before hiring. Listening to this guy yell at a group of tourists like it's personally their fault the fungus has spread really sucked the fun out of the mood of going down there, and because of it, I will not be returning. Additionally, as others have mentioned, parking was more limited here than I expected, and we had to circle for about 30 minutes before getting a spot. I cannot recommend you go here until these issues have been resolved.

Dana Shaffer

Walk a mile in a lava tube in the dark with only a flashlight? Thankful it was wide enough my claustrophobia didn’t kick in.

June Lauter

Friendly, helpful staff

James Goddard IV

This is a great little hike and a cool cave,literally. Be sure to wear a light jacket and hiking shoes with good ankle support, the floor of the cave is quit rough in places. There is no installed lighting so bring good flashlights. Flashlights can be rented on site.

Kailyn Shaddix

Great experience! There is a $5 parking pass required and a rental change for lights (I believe it was another $5) so bring cash! The light rentals are definitely worth it...they can project light much farther than a cell phone flashlight so you can actually see the walls inside the cave.

Wesley Johnson jr

Super fun exploring lava tube. Get there early to ensure available parking. Parking limited. Well worth renting flashlights from them.

Paul Campbell

Easy to access with metal steps and walkways. Well worth the stop. I recommend renting at least one of their lights. I always bring plenty of my own but theirs are very bright and better for pointing out specific features of the cave.

Shanon Hatfield

Incredible geologic exploration. One way in one way out. Its 2 miles round trip and over 200 stairs.

Hrach Hovhannisyan

Very interesting place! I've been in couple of very interesting and bigger longer caves, but all of those ones were other origin, this one is volcanic, it's a lava tube, which was very interesting for me. If you are in Bend area, visit it! It's very near.

Ken Truong

Cool 5.5 degrees celcius

Neal Wright

Kids loved it. Nice hike, not too strenuous. Great for a rainy day.

Christina Hodgson

Fun cave, great for kids!


It was Scarry but I loved it

Carlos DelFuego

Fascinating cave that's easy to explore. Takes about one hour, and it's nice and cool inside. Get the rental caving light from the kiosk, much brighter.

Rosie Hawley

Great little local visit spot. Quick and informative briefing before entry. Friendly staff to explain what to expect. Bring torches if you have them. Powerful torches available to hire for $5 if needed! Walk is a little uneven underfoot!

Dave Dery

Good place to see ,take your time and look around inside

Suzzett Smith

I really like that the cave is self guide.

Jonathan Wrigley

Cost about $5 per car. Awesome walk through the lava tubes. Bring your own flashlight. If you forget one you can rent one from the rangers right there at the entrance to the tubes. It's about a mile in and another mile out and is great for kids.

Pierre-Yves Couteau

Great hiking in the lava tube. It's cold inside so wear hiking shoes, pants, and jacket. Parking is a mess when it's busy. They should come up with a better system.

Aeris Knop

It's so beautiful

Don Airhart

Great hike through the lava tunnels. We turned off lights to observe complete darkness. Neat experience! A bit on the cool side at 42 degrees.

Lara O'Brady

Very cool walking in to a cave for 1 mile

Eminy Longo

The staff was friendly and we loved the experience!!!

J. Furgason

Parking lot is not big enough to accommodate all the cars on a busy day. Our ranger giving the orientation seemed to not like that there were so many visiting the cave. Over all the attraction is worthwhile.

Ann Bay

Have a bright flashlight!

Diana O

Excellent orientation and Lantern rental by Forest Service staff. Self-guided, quite a walk! there are railings to help and it was fascinating unlike any cave I've been in! Highly recommend. Missed the visitor center darn

James Chou

Fascinating cave. You can rent a flashlight from the ranger. Honest much better than what you would bring. My flashlight pales in comparison. Lava rocks soak up a lot of light. Cave is very cold. Definitely wear very sturdy shoes and a warm jacket.

Hugh Robinson

It was a nice underground tunnel Trail experience however after all the talk about bats in the orientation it would have been nice to actually see one

Richard Lamkin

Deep and steep, fun walk


I was scared to go in but I wasnt scared once we got inside! It was a great experience!

Lauren Rist

Bring pants and a jacket. It's below 50° for the entire cave hike.


Fun place just bring flash light

Dustin Horton

Very good walk in the complete dark (lanterns are available to rent if you find yourself without a flashlight). A very interesting experience, it's not lit like other caverns I've been to, so you get the opportunity to feel a little more like a spelunker.

Finnian Burke

Soo coool 1 mile long

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