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239 NW Everett St, Portland, OR 97209, United States

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Where is Lan Su Chinese Garden?

REVIEWS OF Lan Su Chinese Garden IN Oregon

Angela Lard

Very beautiful, peaceful, quiet with a bit of fun. Four of us wandered through the gardens on a hot summer day, and completely enjoyed the cool walkways, the lovely pond and koi and the small art exhibit. Next time we plan on making more time so we can visit the tea house. It looked absolutely extraordinary.

Christopher Narine

Definitely take the tour. I forget the guy's name who did the tour but he was very informative. The live music was also very relaxing. Overall a good place to check out if you are visiting Portland or live here.

Jonas Parker

Impressive, thoughtful, and immaculate. Some commercial aspects (tea and art for sale), but the garden, stones, plantings, and water are really nice. An oasis in the city. Lots of visitors, but plenty of opportunities to relax and contemplate.

Aimee Savage

Really nice and peaceful escape from the city while still in the city. We showed up at the perfect time just as a tour was starting. We don't usually do tours, but I figured this short tour might be good for gaining extra insight. We loved it, especially when the tour guide recommended taking your shoes off to experience the massaging nature of the stones on your feet. We actually did it, and that was a fun touch!

Kim C

This place has the best photo opportunities. There’s so much color and texture. It’s also very tranquil and authentic. There’s a tea house where you can participate in tea ceremonies and have moon cakes. There’s calligraphy, artwork and lots of cool ways to experience Chinese culture. It’s not very expensive to come here and it’s in Old Town Portland where you can go to the waterfront afterwards for more pics or to enjoy the views of the river. It’s awesome!!

Jennifer Schillaci

Neat garden. Price was a bit high. Spent about an hour here wandering. They had a scavenger hunt for the kids. The place was beautiful! They also had an interactive area go write a poem and hang it. Overall it was a nice time.

Amy Korb

Beautiful in the rain. Tea House was a perfect place to warm up with interesting selections and helpful staff. Really lovely.

Layne Doyle

Beautiful garden in the middle of a quite busy city. When I was there they had a woman playing music as well as another doing fan art. There was also a scholarly man doing calligraphy. He gave me a lotus flower and it was beautiful. Ten dollars will get you in the door and it is more than worth it. The koi fish a large and abundant in the ponds as are sights to be seen. Definitely a serene break.

Kenley Clark

No matter how many times I go I never get tired of this garden. Its peaceful and deeply soothing. Despite it being practically in the middle of downtown it feels shockingly isolated from the city and it's easy to forget surrounding urban activity.

Mahan Kaur

Amazing hidden gem in the city. Knowledgeable friendly staff. Stop in have tea and a stroll in the Garden let the stress slip away. The tea house It is wheelchair accessible around the side. Parking is on street. The meters take change and cards. No parking apps necessary.

Julie Howard

Second time there and loved it just as much as the first time. Highlights this time were seeing ducklings scampering over the waterlilies, with the mother nipping at a giant carp that swam too close — and then taking time to eat lotus seed moon cakes and steamed buns at the tea house. Lan Su is peaceful — filled with enchanting sights and sounds and minutes of quiet in the busy city. Allow at least 45 minutes just to see the garden — more to relax, visit the tea house and really enjoy the scenery. Definitely worth a visit.

Mommy & Shanty

Everybody is super excited about the Japanese Garden but no one ever talks about the Lan Su Chinese Garden. It's a beautiful relaxing park and is great for photo shoots. They have a bunch of activities around the park such as traditional Chinese calligraphy, fortunes, and folk art. Also in the month of May, they have Asian Heritage Month. There's always something new in the garden. Located in the center of Portland's China Town, It's a great place to go and visit to relax and have a peaceful walk and escape the sounds of the city. Prices: Student Admission $7.00 Senior Admission (62 and over) $9.00 General Admission $10.00 Family Admission (two adults, two students) $28.00

Dusti Young

Admission is $12.95 per person. The park is one block. As you can see from the pictures it is beautiful. It is also very small. It took about five minutes to walk through. Save your money and walk through the Japanese Gardena instead.

Andrew Aragon

This garden is very peaceful and has plenty to offer. My girlfriend and I easily spent two hours here appreciating the architecture and the plats. Favorite part was the tea House though. Very small and intimate set up and friendly staff served a variety of Chinese teas and small dishes. Dishes ranged from dumplings to moon cakes. I recommend trying a few.

Deborah Miller

We really enjoyed visiting Lan Su Chinese garden on our recent trip to Portland. The garden is small but really pretty and well maintained. It is a fantastic oasis of water, nature, and unique tranquility in the middle of downtown. We would recommend going earlier or on weekday to really enjoy the peacefulness.

Claye Eliason

Beautiful gardens, very small compared to a "normal" botanic garden but its meant to walk peacefully through. Definitely helped to slow us down on vacation

Trinity Scott-Hinkle

It's a very nice place in the middle of the city. My favorite parts were the koi pond/bridge and the tea rooms.

A Google User

Great prices and the best staff! I enjoyed a lot my visit and took a lot of pictures!

Joshua Spurgeon

Well worth the ticket price! This is such a fantastic and tranquil garden. Multiple paths and vantage points. Recommend the included guided tour that provides interesting information. Tour guide was very knowledgeable. All the staff was kind and friendly.

david ellis

Wikipedia will give you a quick overview that is helpful. The most fascinating part of the garden is the construction. The buildings are built without nails pegs or screws. They are built identically to the Emperor's Palace in Peking which has withstood earthquakes for a thousand years. The gardens themselves are beautiful.

Zackery Lee

Very peaceful place. Beautiful scene. Perfect break from the high pace city theme.

Jackie Langella

Very pleasant and relaxing. the tea house is a must visit. Great spot for writing, photography, and reading.

Michael Dewitt

A hidden away Asian garden in the heart of China Town that has a wonderful atmosphere. There's a wonderful tea shop that serves excellent tea and a small selection of Asian bites. The Garden is a great place to relax, grab a cup of tea, and go for a lazy stroll! It's open year around, and is worth a visit if you find yourself in the neighborhood. Love the architecture and atmosphere of this garden! :D

J 2

Gorgeous place that is perfect for a quiet and leisurely walk in solitude - my favorite sight was the wisteria, which is supposed to be even more in bloom in June!

Kylee Vancuren

It was okay. It wasn't spectacular but it was still pretty. Perhaps it would have been more impressive if I hadn't already seen the Japanese garden. Still a nice place to visit but idk if it's worth your $12.

Lidia G

This garden has become one of my Portland favorites, visiting often to catch the changing seasons. Sadly the area is rather desolate... but the gardens themselves are well maintained and there is always one or two special exhibitions and demonstrations. Helpful staff and a great two story tea house. You can get innovative with your camera angling and cropping to avoid the skyline peering above the garden walls. A great escape, bring a book and enjoy a break from the city in the city!

Dustin Erdman

**3.5 stars**Perhaps I had too high expectations. Perhaps I came the wrong time of year (January). To be clear, the gardens are pretty and entrance fee is not terribly expensive. The volunteer staff are friendly and gracious. I just expected to have moments of real breathtaking beauty. Instead, I ended up seeing more or less the same view repeated from different angles. The word monotone keeps coming to mind. The experience simply seemed one note. The art exhibits sprinkled throughout are a nice touch. I ended up buying one print and one original. The gift shop is filled with little treasures as well.

Jill Schmitz

This place was great. Super unique and made you feel like you were out of an American city for a bit. The sites were beautiful. Chinatown in Portland is great. I love visiting Chinatown in different cities to see how it's done and Portland didn't disappoint. It is a $10 entrance which I thought was pretty steep for the experience, however, I read it went towards supporting the gardens so that made it feel ok. Would LOVE to take a yoga or meditation class within this area, too bad that wasn't an option! You could use your entrance fee towards an annual membership should you choose, although, I'm not sure why anyone would need to go through this enough to pay that off..

matt elggren

A must visit.. even though the rest of China Town seems to be falling apart and filled with homeless people, this is a safe relaxing place. Filled with a variety of plant and animal life. Good for the entire family. Staff is very helpful. They make sure it is a relaxing and peaceful environment. Loved the live music. Tea House inside is a nice touch.

Aiste Plechaviciute

This garden is really impressive. It’s amazing how can someone create such a beautiful place where you can escape from a busy city life. It really took me to China on my visit. The precise attention to detail is everywhere when you look around this garden. The wonderful smell from the plants, cute looking buildings, classic chinese music playing, beautiful fish in the pond... It is really relaxing environment.

Tien Le

This is a small garden but it is worth going for the experience. If you can find a time when foot traffic is low, it is especially nice!

Rohit Nair

A very peaceful place, lots of beautiful fish in the little stream. They have free tours too explaining the architecture and they have a cafe for small bites and a large selection on teas.

Brandon Oliver

Everyone loved it, however parking was really inconvenient , and it felt a little small. If they had moved or built this out of the middle of downtown that would get a 5 star from me.

penguin rick

A highlight of any Portland experience. This garden is beautiful and if I lived in Portland I would do my best to visit this place regularly. If I was rich, enough, I'd try to get married here. It's one of the better gardens I've been to in the US.

Bonnie Young

It was gorgeous and peaceful. My family had a great time and we'll probably visit again when we have guests come to town. I took off a star because I thought it was a little pricey for how small it is.

Angie Merkley

Such a gorgeous, peaceful place that spirits you away from the bustle of the city. I highly recommend taking a break in the tea shop about halfway through the garden (it is a slow-paced experience in there too so be prepared to spend at least 30-45 minutes in there if you order food). I wouldn't recommend this area for kids since a lot of the experience is simply enjoying the nature and architecture. The kids I saw there seemed restless. However, as an adult it was so relaxing and serene. Without the tea visit, it probably would take only about 45 minutes to an hour to walk through the whole area while truly soaking in everything.

Paul Inserra

If you love Asian gardens, you can do the whole garden in 20, 30 minutes while your waiting for a restaurant reservation. The tea house with the harpist is so cool. Really a little drop of China in Portland. So glad we stopped here.

Cameron Haugen

If you’re looking for a little space for some peace and quiet in the hustle and bustle of Portland this is a great place to be. Every year they hold a ninth moon celebration (where my picture is based off of). It’s a beautiful celebration show casing different artists and food venues. If you have the opportunity to attend one of these fantastic celebrations I would highly recommend it.

Rakashael O'Morgan

Everything about this place is perfect. There are plenty of little activities throughout the year. The tea shop is top of the line, and the highest quality I've seen in America. If you want to relax, and enjoy the world, this place is truly perfect.

Brandon Yep

For being in the center of Portland, the garden is very peaceful and pleasant to be in. There is a gift shop and small tea house in the garden for tea and small dishes. The dishes can be a bit expensive (about $13 for a small bowl of noodles) but this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Rahul Suryadevara

Highly recommend to visit the serene and neatly maintained garden. Don't miss the restaurant that serves team in Chinese authentic style. vast variety of flavors.

Vicki Wilson

his Chinese Shangri-La garden of sorts, but just amazing. In the middle of the city, you can escape into a different place and forget the world around you. Each section of the garden had something different and spectacular to see. It is landscaped to perfection with every detail giving you a full feel of being in a true Chinese garden. While there, make sure you visit the Teahouse operated by the Tao of Tea. The teas are amazing along with the light bites to eat and everything is presented so elegantly in a very relaxing environment that really helps you get you Zen on. It is also very affordable. This attraction does offer a AAA discount, so don't forget to ask for it if you are a member. I would go early when they first open to avoid the crowds. There are docents on hand that give walking tours if you prefer or just walk around on your own with their guide map.

Marti Dolata

Beautiful Oasis in City center. When I was there had a talented gentleman demonstrating Chinese ink and brush painting. Generously gave me the demo drawing with calligraphy. Incredible.

Sparrow Theis

I love the Garden so much. I cannot recommend visiting enough. The peaceful beauty here is worth dealing with the downtown parking situation.

Marlene Lyon

A beautiful, peaceful oasis in the middle of old town. Free hourly tours are very interesting. Art exhibits plus demonstrations.

Katie Altobello

I love Lan Su! After bringing multiple visiting friends and family members to see it several months ago, I just went for it and got a membership. Admission is currently $10 per adult, and the membership was only $60 for the year. It's paid for itself many times over since, as I can bring a guest with me any time. The garden itself is much more spacious than you would imagine from the outside. It's beautiful and relaxing and quiet in there. The teahouse is great, I've enjoyed everything I've ever had there. A lot of the time there's some kind of cultural event going on at the garden, so if you want you can learn a thing or two about Chinese culture. On different occasions I've tried my hand at calligraphy (spoiler: it takes years of practice to be any good), heard interesting stories about Chinese history, and eaten tasty special occasion snacks. It's great! You should go.

Alam Mohammed

What a wonderful family event. Wish we have more often this kind of cultural events. Thanks to the organizers, keep up the good work.

Aurora Vintilescu

An oasis in the city. Lovely place with very nice teas. Would love to come back.

Bre L

By far one of the best gardens I have been to. The plants and the atmosphere are just wonderful. I even had to do the tea ceremony! Which I would highly reccomend.

andria Biebs

This place is magical. Beautiful architecture, ambiance and serenity. it is situated to be peaceful and eye catching. the food and tea in the tea house is superb as well as a beautiful setting. Live music is calming and the overall setting is pure heaven <3

William Becker

Incredible place to visit. It is in the Heart of the City and provide you a chance to walk in a very Serene environment and experience a Chinese Garden. Also had a small tea house where you could experience traditional Chinese tea and sit and enjoy the serenity of the gardens. Would definitely recommend it as a place to stop if you have time.

Victoria Miller

Beautiful flowers and the gardens are very authentic. Every pebble has specific meaning. We also enjoyed a meal at the tea house. This place is overpriced, however, and a bit of a tourist trap. We had fun anyway though.

Sarl Salhi Automobiles Barika

A great place to relax, inspire, and refresh the mind

Sarah Pachick

very pretty and nice and quiet

Edan Trump

We donated 4 very large Koi, 2 years ago when we had to move out of state. They have taken great care of them. The gardens are beautiful and the staff is incredible.

Nicholas Gangloff

Very tranquil and relaxing space in the middle of Portland downtown. The staff and volunteers, especially Carol, were extremely nice and knowledgeable about everything. The prices here are also very reasonable, and they even have a tea house with very reasonable and quality teas. Highly recommend checking out this garden.

Jessica Zenger

Lan Su Chinese Garden is a wonderful place to get away from the "hustle" of Portland. Even though the gardens are located downtown, you don't hear anything from outside the garden walls. It's very peaceful inside, a good place for quiet reflection. There are always a couple of different art exhibits going on inside some of the buildings. The teahouse is lovely, and is a relaxing environment to enjoy a pot and look out on the gardens. They have many different varieties of tea, something for everyone. I usually try to visit each time I go to the city. Check it out if you're interested in a relaxing afternoon.

Jacob Werner

Beautiful place. A bit small, but still a nice little chill spot to hangout and take in the scenery. The second floor of the tea shop has nice view of the garden and equally chill atmosphere. Enjoyed the Jiangulan tea.

Kathriene Mencos

Very peaceful and clean. We were lucky enough to catch a food talk with sample provided from a local restaurant

Gloria K

This place was perfect to visit on a crisp sunny fall day. Its only one city block but does a great job with the ambience. Has a calming effect to walk around or just sit and watch the Koi fish.

Gautam Patil

Peaceful and beautiful spot in the middle of a bustling city. Nicely maintained. Do recommend to join the tours offered at no extra cost. You will learn the meaning behind Chinese garden architecture. Good location to meditate or spend quiet afternoons.

Kathryn Anderson

Although small, this is a lovely hideaway in the middle of downtown Portland. I would not recommend rushing through, taking selfies, and moving on. Instead, slowly move through the gardens and appreciate the fine lines and subtle art in the careful arrangements of architecture and plant life. I also think stopping in h the tea House adds to the experience. It can only be as serene as it's visitors, so each person must seek out their own quiet for the sake of all.

Anita Ogden

I was expecting the gardens to be larger. It would be beautiful in the summer. But it was beautiful even in January. The walkways were very stunning. I would recommend everyone who has a chance to go see it.


This was an amazingly relaxing experience. I was in the gardens for hours, but it only felt like a few minutes had passed. It's situated in a fairly busy location, but somehow it felt like I was in a secluded country garden. The teas were divine and the snack items were delicious. I was only visiting the area, but I would be willing to fly back just to go back to the garden.

Parker Bond

Beautiful refuge hidden in the city. Highly recommend visiting if you need a change of pace.

Homer Ong

This place is small but beautiful. It's a hidden surprise in the middle of the city. Great for a casual afternoon, especially if you're showing around your parents.


A nice place to visit for a couple of hours and take a bunch of pictures. There is a tea joint inside the garden. Only a short wait to get seated. You can probably get similar tea infusions in other places and the small eats were ok.

Rainbow Colder

This is one of my all time favorite places in Portland. If you're only here to visit admission is worth it to see the care and beauty in every view... If you live here, ... The 2 person membership is a great deal...2 cards and each person can always bring a guest. Membership dues support the garden and being able to drop in for 20 minutes to clear your mind or 3 hours for tea and reflection is flexibility benefit that can't be valued in numbers. I love you LanSu!

Jennie Womack

More beautiful rocks and brickwork than I expected. The fish are a lot of fun to watch. I got a beautiful piece of calligraphy after a demonstration (five dollar tip for two). A bit crowded, there's only one bathroom and a long line.

Bob Pendleton

I loved this place! After quite a while walking around the garden I found a nice corner and meditated for a while. After that I had tea at little cafe. All in all a delightful experience!

Tim Vickers

Walled in garden in downtown Portland, once you step inside you forget where you are as you’re quickly surrounded by Chinese architectural, art and flora. A hidden gem I would recommend for locals and tourists alike. Make sure you catch the tour as they point out little nuggets that you might have otherwise missed. Then enjoy the tea shop located inside the garden for an overall authentic experience.

Tina Granzo

This is a wonderful oasis in the middle of a city. The garden is very thoughtfully designed to erase the outside world while visiting. Membership is very affordable and the benefits are fantastic, though membership is not a requirement.

Linda Perry

Autumn moon festival, might be great but they release 400 lanterns that eventually end up in the ocean, not practical.

Matt Aldapa

The pond, rocks, and flowers are all gorgeous. The tea house is a MUST! Delicious food, and tea with great ambiance. Can get crowded at times, and there may be a long wait around lunch. The only knock against it would be the outside noise due to traffic and bus stops can take you out of the experience. I don't really blame the garden for it though.

Arunava Ghosh

Nice and serene place in the middle of the city. Really calm. I went on a weekend and there were a lot of street parking.

James Tolson

I took my family here and it was pretty good. Honestly, the location is a little out of the way but that's okay because you get a chance to tour Chinatown a little bit. The whole area is ripe with culture (if you know where to look). Places like this have some story behind the pieces in these exhibits. The inside, though trapped in a city, is actually very peaceful.

Daniel Burnell

An all time favorite. Exhibitions change and some painting may be bought, so worth visiting more than once a year. Inside is a lovely two-story tea house, where I recommend trying out the moon cakes.

Kenneth Wilkinson

A great place to visit and enjoyed the morning with a guided tour of the gardens . Enjoyed a free lesson of Tai Chi that was included with admission. Tea demonstrations and a tea house. Will have to go back soon.

Lena Wang

The Chinese garden is true to flavors of old China. Among architecture that is reminiscent of those in Chinese dynasties, there are roses of different colors complimenting the brown and rustic colors of doors. Reflections of the buildings aptly complete the scenery

Spring Power

The Chinese garden is awesome! A lot to discover, amazing buildings very high density of beauty. But the price is touristic high. And it's small. Too small for relaxing or a walk. During nice weather it gets quickly crowded. But it has a lot to offer for one or two visits a year .. or decade.

Kenneth Keller

Beautiful gardens and architecture that evoke the serenity of a foreign land and culture. Well versed guide gave a great impression and offered colorful commentary. Wonderful use of what was once a parking lot.

Amy Homer

The Chinese Garden is easily one of my favorite places in Portland. I have a membership so I can go as often as I'd like and just relax by the water watching the koi, or in the tea house with small eats and delicious loose leaf tea. This is my go-to place for destressing. The best part is being in the middle of a city and forgetting that you are.

Toby Cobb

We were really surprised by this place. Who would have thought this beautiful place would be right in the middle of Portland. Do yourself a favor and go. You won't be disappointed. Next time we will try the tea room as well. Just beautiful!


Drove all the way up to Portland from Sacramento CA just to take my sister here. I've been here several times and every time I go it's an amazing experience. The tea house alone is worth the trip and I always make sure to bring back a new flavor to share with the family :)

Melody Sullivan

This garden is very pretty. When you walk in, there is a scavenger hunt available to do while touring the garden. My kids (5 yrs) enjoyed that activity. There is artwork for sale which ranges from $20 to $500. We listened to live instrumental music. There was also a local restaurant that explained how to make ramen and then provided samples. Overall, we enjoyed our visit.

Today Portland

Lan Su Chinese Garden Portland Oregon is a jewel in the heart of the downtown. Loved by all residents and visitors alike for its beauty an oasis in a hard day to sit and dream in. Constant wonderful shows, entertainment, history, classes to many to detail here - I love it!!

Brandon Wasser

Loved this place. The stories and the scenery inside were wonderful. They also have a little teahouse inside which was very cozy and fun. Had some teas and some snacks and a great time checking out the Chinese art and pond inside. Huge Koi in there! Wow

Jessica Walters

Stunning garden! We didn’t expect much due to the small space but were so pleasantly surprised. The garden is lush, serene, and painstakingly curated. It’s definitely an educational experience as well. We are so glad we went- thoroughly recommend!

Ashley Kemper

For only $10, you can step out of the city noise and be transported 5,000 miles to an authentic Chinese garden. Volunteer-lead tours of the garden include fascinating history and details that most visitors would miss on their own. With room to wander, watch the fish, and enjoy tea, this seemingly small garden can easily fill several hours.

Abderahim Salhi

A great place to relax, inspire and refresh the mind

Chris Hazelwood

If you are ever in downtown Portland and looking for something interrsting to do, I highly recommend visiting Lan Su Garden. Not only is the garden beautifully arranged, it has incredible meaning and allowed us the opportunity to experience and enjoy Chinese culture. We walked around the garden before taking the guided tour and would suggest doing the same as it allowed us to better understand the history and purpose of all the exhibits. Be prepared for a serene and relaxing time with plenty of photo worthy views.

Evan Manning

Really cool. Cam here from a recommendation and was super happy I did. It only occupies 1 square block but it feel way larger than that. It $10 to get in and very worth the price. We took the tour and found out guide very friendly and able to share some cool facts about the place. I don't think the tour is required but it's nice to hear the history.

DaKine HMan

A wonderful experience and really nice serene area. Very informative placards regarding historical information. Gave us the family discount instead of my single military discount to save us a little $$. Thank you.

Bruce Michieli

For anyone who has not been there, I highly recommend a visit to the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland. It is truly a place of tranquility in the midst of the bustling city. It has a wonderful water feature and their choice of plants is masterful. Something is always blooming. There are numerous side spaces that are designed for a feeling of privacy and each one is unique. A visit to the tea House is a must. Check it out.

Yah Moht

Nice garden to see some Chinese architecture. However, it is a relatively compact one and you can see the whole garden and take photos in less than 45 minutes. The ticket price for the garden was $10 for adults. They had free tours every hour. The guide will describe the philosophy behind some of the structures in the garden. The tea shop was good. As you may expect, it was a bit overpriced. I got a mung bean cookie ($6) and bamboo tea ($5) and I liked both.

Luke Hamel

Such a beautiful retreat from the city. The Chinese Garden is a tiny oasis world. Tickets are reasonably priced, the architecture is gorgeous, and the tea house has great selection. I always look forward to going back.

Sharman Bruni

The best part of our Portland trip was here. We were going to go to the Japanese Gardens, but after looking at reviews, decided on the Chinese Gardens instead. It was so serene and the tea was amazing! They even have small food dishes as well. The gardens were breathtaking and the plant guide they give you is an excellent addition to the gardens. Be sure to stop at the gift shop after, I got a lovely new patch for my vest and beautifully crafted chopsticks.

Craig Le May

This place is incredible! A beautiful gem inside the city that you would never know is there since it's walled off. I could have just sat there and meditated all day, it was a wonderful visit, a place I will come back to when in Portland!

Lisa Slack

Incredibly authentic gardens. I cannot give a higher recommendation. Everything was beautiful, the tea was incredible, and we happened to come on a day when there was live music and several traditional Chinese art forms being demonstrated. You will not regret a visit.

Brady Santoro

This beautiful set of gardens is not to miss in Portland. Check out the banana tree garden and the tea house for more overlooked sights. A little pricey though, so be committed.


We thought enjoyed Lan Su garden. I loved the detail of the oath, even before the included optional tour, I remarked how each stone was out in place on the pathway. I recommend the tour, as you learn all the details that went into the decisions of the creation if the beautiful garden.

Aman Gudluri

I love the fact that it is right in the heart of downtown. You can have a fancy lunch, drink expensive wine and get lost in the beauty of the garden within 10 minutes of each other. Only in Portland, I tell you. Keep in mind that this is not as huge (or expensive) as the Japanese gardens but it is just as beautiful. You'll probably need an hour to cover the entire thing but it'll be well worth it.

Shane Applegate

Nice and interesting. I'm sure the time of year that you visit makes a lot of difference in how this place would look. It's a nice Garden and each season is different

Angela Roe

beautiful and historic. Definitely worth going if you're in the area. Try and stop by when it's raining believe it or not it's very cool because the roof is designed to trip the rain in specific patterns. This is a very old school piece of Portland in a area that has been coming into its own as of recently.


Lovely garden, will be back in different seasons

Laur H

Gorgeous place to escape in the middle of Old Town Portland. Love koi pond and tea room. The gift shop has so many neat souvenirs and even some locally made gifts. Very friendly volunteers and staff.

Ellary Deferrers

We were completely het lagged and had to keep awake. Found this place while walking aimlessly in the streets if Portland. We came in for a few minutes but stayed there for a couple of hours. This is a beautiful gem. Quiet and serene. Full of colors with a lit if hidden places to sit and reflect. It was quite busy but you don't really feel it. It's like you have the place for yourself. When you come in you get a map with good explanations and can also grab an atlas of the different plants and flowers. We used it very easily and it was a nice touch. We had tea in the small tea room watching the pond. It was lovely and you should definitely not miss this. You can get list there. So just left yourself for a few hours. It will be worth it. I promise.

Gennady Landa

Very nice garden with tea room

Matthew Barnes

When I saw this garden online, I expected a cheap knockoff of similar gardens I've visited in China, specifically those in Suzhou. When I arrived, I was floored, Lan Su is completely authentic. I was surprised to learn that the parts of the garden were actually constructed in Suzhou! No wonder it's so accurate! During the 2 hours I was there, there were a few activities open to those that attended, you could discuss and learn about China's culture and cuisine in one a study, watch an older gentleman paint, learn to draw and write calligraphy, along with visiting the Tea House. It was like I had been lifted from Portland and dropped back into Master of Nets, or Lion Grove garden in Suzhou, China. The Lan Su Garden is well maintained, and gorgeous.

David Rivas

We've been to the Chinese Garden twice, and both times found it to be informative and restful. There's a tremendous attention to detail, and nearly everything there has meaning. They usually have free guided tours at noon and 1; if you can join one, you'll come away with a much deeper perspective on the Garden. Big shootout to the volunteers, who give the tours and greet guests; they're quite knowledgeable and very friendly.

Chris Taylor

I went to the Japanese Gardens yesterday. Totally different vibe. Both are excellent. The Lan Su Chinese Gardens are enclosed by walls and buildings and centered around a smallish pond. The Gardens are a "tranquil oasis" in the thick of downtown Portland that claim to be one of the most authentic Chinese gardens outside of China. Great collection of art works of various media, cool rocks, beautiful trees, and....some shrubbery (I witnessed no Knights of Ni :) The Tea House serves a few dim summy type dishes and offers a good selection of teas, made available with or without a ceremony.

Umesh Naik

Don’t waste your time!!! It’s reap off

Andrew Holland

Oh my Wonderful GOD. This place is so serene. You must go to the Teahouse. There is a Licorice Tea that rocked my head to a new way of thinking. The Jasmine Tea is also very delicious. The whole place is a soothing experience. I love their fish swimming pool. I highly recommend it to you.


I went there last July with my fiances family, he didnt get to go though so im planning on taking him there as a surprise hopefully later. I didnt get to try the yummy smelling food last time so maybe this time ill have a chance. The koi in the pond were gorgeous, the music played on traditional instruments was enchanting, there was a painter last time as well we even got fortune sticks. It was lovely i cant wait to go again


A peaceful place in the center of downtown. However, the entrance cost should be cut down in half. Too expensive!

Clinton Lewis

Very nice gardens, make you forget that you are in the city. Amazing what fits in a block or so. Loved the atmosphere and it wasn't to crowded. Somehow found parking right next to it on the street.

Autumn Falk

It is so beautiful and peaceful. Tours are given but I explored on my own. The art is stunning and so relaxing. A great place to visit

Nicole Brownell

Beautiful and well maintained location in the heart of the city. Plan for about an hour to walk through.

Brandon Decker

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Absolutely worth a walkthrough and if lived in Portland I'd support it with a year pass. A serene quiet space in a large city.

Jordan Lewis

A beautiful piece of serenity on a city block. Great place to stop if you have a few days in Portland. Fun community events as well.

Jim Scriven

Simple, tranquil spot in downtown Portland. Not too expensive, which is good, because there isn't much too it - really, the price is right. We enjoyed the tea house (both snacks and tea), and the service was cheerful and quick. Not sure we'd stop again, but we enjoyed our recent visit, and wouldn't discourage others.

Paige Meredith Ray

Through the eyes of an adult, this garden is an overwhelmingly lovely example of craftsmanship. From the inlaid stone paths to the intricate wood carving to the beautifully manicured plants, this garden exemplifies true attention to detail. Through the eyes of a child though... this place is truly magical. Upon entering the courtyard one is transported into a different world; away from the sounds and sites of the city street just across the wall, it’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of a bustling city. The volunteer provided us with a “scavenger hunt” for things to look for within the garden. The search aspect got him interested but the sense of not knowing what lay beyond the next corner kept him interested.

Sasha Cruz

love tea and my friend had a party here, very enjoyable envirnment and the decorations make you feel like you arent even in portland

Ben Pederson

This place was very relaxing. The tranquility of the water features and architecture was a needed break from the hustle and bustle just outside the gates.

Janae Sapp

Absolutely beautiful garden. The pond has all types of little fish and koi that make it absolutely darling. The tea house is wonderful for delicious tea! Definitely worth the visit to spend an hour or two. I cant wait to go back!!

Joshua Hansen

This a nice peaceful place in the center of the city. Loved watching the fish in the pond. The artwork prints are kind of expensive. It's nice to see Portland has such a unique place though.

Julie Basque

Lovely hidden gem in downtown. Tons of nooks to hide in and appreciate the intricate details of this garden.

Arnold Caplikas

Nice little garden tucked away in the center of downtown Portland. Makes you really forget you are surrounded by big tall buildings and busy streets. Its very clean and relaxing. Good place to go sit and meditate. You cant compare it to the other big gardens in Portland, but for what it lacks in size, it makes up for in content in a very small space.


Great little escape from the city. Beautiful gardens and pond. A great place to take a walk and wander small sculptures and various works of art. There is a tiny tea house with great tea. Entrance fee is good. Staff are friendly. Parking can be an issue during the weekdays.

sherice thomas

Awesome place a must visit

Eugenia Rivero

Peaceful, beautiful and different! Learned a little bit more about the beautiful Chinese culture, walked through a well kept garden and enjoyed delicious tea.

Ian Watters

An amazing spot of tranquility in the middle of urban Portland. The garden is a great place to learn about Chinese culture. There are so many things to see and adorable tea house to relax and get a nice bite to eat.

Vilija Jozaitis

I wish this was my backyard. It’s so pretty and interesting looking that it tricks you from the outside. I was like, “what Chinese garden? Looks like a shabby building in downtown.” Seriously worth going. Never been to China, but my friend has and said the garden is dead on! Plus, they have a whole tea area so if you’re into that, check it out! Bring your girlfriend and your camera. Bring your whole pile of stress because it’ll be gone by the time you leave! So serene. Could get crowded so try to go on off-days or get a pass.

Dipika Mouli

Small, but beautiful and pretty well maintained. It's a shame there aren't more signs identifying the various plants, but the brochure you'll get upon entering explains why the garden is set up the way it is. It's a nice and calming way to spend 45 minutes or so.

Joe Pato

Wonderful Chinese garden. This is a small space but you can easily lose yourself in contemplation. A musician playing the zither in the scholar's courtyard called our pleasant visit. Our time to visit was too short to fully explore this space.

Alexei Ray

Beautiful landscaping and buildings. Absolutely worth a visit. The tour is very informative and entertaining.

Amber Leelee

It was a good place to take a great picture. Since I have a Chinese boyfriend, he said that this place is like a rich royal family's house in ancient China. People who loves to experience the Chinese culture or take a great picture, I prefer you to visit this place. They had really beautiful flowers everywhere when I visited. They also had a person who will write your name in a white paper with some traditional Chinese characters ($15 without frame/$25 with frame) Moreover, they had cute orange fish in the pond. If you are student please bring your student ID, it will help (discount a bit).

Amber Burke

Beautiful. Chose to come here over the Portland Japanese Garden as the road less travelled. My son loved the silkworms, the scavenger hunt, and the pottery art exhibit. The garden is packed with exquisite architecture and healthy plants. I'd go again for sure.

Eric Talaska

Pretty nice I'd recommend a tour. Paid parking difficulties, lots of pedestrians to worry about. Kind of pricey for something so small. Urban train, chopper, traffic noise pollution.

Sarah Villanueva

Tranquil, quiet, a very nice getaway. They have tours and/or you can walk around and read on your own. Interactive & a cute gift shop.

R. Lee Donaldson

This is a must do in my book. I was very happy that we went to this attraction while in Portland. It was just stunning. This Chinese Shangri-La garden of sorts, but just amazing. In the middle of the city, you can escape into a different place and forget the world around you. Each section of the garden had something different and spectacular to see. It is landscaped to perfection with every detail giving you a full feel of being in a true Chinese garden. While there, make sure you visit the Teahouse operated by the Tao of Tea. The teas are amazing along with the light bites to eat and everything is presented so elegantly in a very relaxing environment that really helps you get you Zen on. It is also very affordable. This attraction does offer a AAA discount, so don't forget to ask for it if you are a member. I would go early when they first open to avoid the crowds. There are docents on hand that give walking tours if you prefer or just walk around on your own with their guide map.

Brett Hoffman

Beautiful gardens. I recommend waiting for one of the free guided tours once inside to get a better understanding of the garden and Chinese culture. Also the tea house has some great teas for a not too steep of a price.

Xuehui Song

The lan su garden a place awesome place. It’s located in the heart of downtown. Although it not a big park but very delicate. We had Chinese tea and snacks inside the garden. They were also very good. I would visit this garden again.

Karan Bhansali

Interesting installation in China Town. The pieces of art are pretty good & most of them are for sale. There are free tours where the Lan Su Temple attendant takes you through the entire temple and explains the essence of why the garden is built the way it is. Don't bother going here if you're not interested in art/ architecture - there's a $10.95 fee for adults.

milo tobin

It's beautiful but tiny. The photos make it seem much more expansive than it is. But it is very nice. Just saying, adjust your expectations. Look on Maps, you can see the actual footprint. And part of that is the gift shop. Don't forget to visit the gift shop!

Jeff Tong

Garden is pretty and we visited on a rainy day. Well manicured and the people here volunteering do a great job explaining the history. Seems like the staff likes each other and everyone is working hard to make sure the place is warm and well kept. Beautiful lanterns and plants and intricate design for the floors, tiles, and buildings.

Natasha Cheguis

Beautiful gardens and architecture. The staff was very friendly. Worth noting the clean and comfortable bathrooms!

Danielle Alberts

A must stop at location for Portland Visitors. What an informative and interesting look into chinese culture.

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