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REVIEWS OF High Desert Museum IN Oregon

Shadrac Frost

What an awesome experience. Our kids (ages 13-18) loved this place!

tiff any

extraordinarily well crafted museum and we wished we had more time!! we crammed in 1 hour here near closing, so we could only bounce around and glance without reading much. we still loved it and everyone was impressed with how nicely it's put together and very clean. a must stop for central oregon!

michelle haines

Such a fantastic place to bring the family or just to visit if you're from out of town. The staff is magnificent and truly makes you feel transported to another time and place. The exhibits are beautiful and captivating. So glad to have a place like this in Central Oregon.

Capt Squatchy

The living history was awesome, everyone stays in character... Sawmill dude was my fav, just wish he had real whiskey to share. Storytime is always better with a "little snort" of whiskey

Erik Baldassano

First, and most important, this museum is beautiful. High Desert really fits in well with its surroundings and is a welcoming place for many. The exhibits are good, and change with reasonable frequency. I went alone, but i feel that the museum works and is most entertaining when you share the experience with others, making a full day to read the history of everything. Also, the animals they have there are adorable! Bring your camera, i would suggest for anyone to make their way here if they havent been.

Roseanne Johnson

Had a great time. I spent 3 hours there.

michael acheson

Awesome place to learn for all ages. There's some great hands on exhibits for all.

Liz Warrilow

A n excellent museum, combining nature, history, conservation. Lots to see, we loved the otters and the Raptors. Very good history of Bend and its development.

Patrick D

Rotation of exhibits is nice. Loved the mineshaft. Staff is really friendly, great place to bring kids.

Chelsea Peterson

Great museum to stumble on! We drove back to go see it. Very fun way to spend a few hours on a hot road trip.

Rick Beethe

Time spent here was well spent. The otters, the eagles, the bobcat, the museum exhibits were amazing. I want to go back. You will enjoy the time spent here. The docents were well versed. Make sure you talk to the guy at the assayer's office!

Benjamin Komen

Nice museum! There were some interesting animals like bald eagles, which are impressively large! But that wasn't what I came for, I was curious about the history of Oregon with the firs pioneers and settlers, they had a nice 20 minutes tour going through the history with even a roleplaying grandmother acting as someone who had taken the Oregon trail. Definitely worth a visit!


This is a great place to bring your family. All of the exhibits are well done and very interesting. We really loved the Birds of Prey and the Otter exhibits. I highly recommend this place, it was a great experience.

Mark Breon

Don't miss this gem! Our group of kids and adults all enjoyed their time at what we were calling a "zooseum". Don't miss the raptor show- it was a huge hit! The younger kids especially liked the living history exhibit.

N k21

We haven't been here in awhile and we will be back soon. Such a great place to take the kids. It is both indoors and outdoors and a lot of walking so make sure you all have comfortable shoes.

Shannon Kerwin

Pretty cool little museum!! Nice way to spend a couple hours!


Our family really enjoyed our visit here. My kids enjoyed seeing the indoor and outdoor exhibits. I thought it would be a small museum, but it's pretty good in size, we were there for a couple of hours. Great museum with lots to see and learn for all ages.

matthew woods

A very informative and enjoyable place to spend the day. You can pretty literally spend all day following the various "talks" schedule and see the whole park that way while learning a lot or go on your own and probably see everything a little quicker and through all the display plaques and Discriptions still learn lots. I recommend blending the two for the best experience. Best to take children in the 7-8+ range. Took our kids when they were much younger(and have observed many younger tikes on 4 different visits) and they tire out and become bored pretty quick, don't remember much if any of it shortly there after and typically have the most fun in the area available at most free city parks(a dig, crawl, climb area). For those who love to learn and get a little hands on experience it is a great day spent.

Jason Thorn

Love this place. Brought our one year old, she loves the animals

Kristen Earl

Amazing place!Great trip back in time. Definitely a place for children and adults alike. Has a great Cafe, great exhibits great Native American exhibits.

Elvina Branson

Needs more handicap Areas to see stuff . Pave it . Liked all the benches. Maps need to be more clear . Times need to spread out more from activities too . Other then that great Thank you and kinda costly

Sunshine Kerkenes

Such an amazing place to take your family. Make a day of it. So totally worth the stop. Have passed it many times but now have a membership for the whole family. Will be back often. Someth6for everyone in the family.

Rebecca Pannaman

This is a wonderful museum. Live animals, great staff, beautiful setup and great live shows. If you visit the High Desert, check out this museum to learn a little bit about what it means to live in the high desert!

jacqueline funk

Something for everyone. Fun at the ranch for young, play area, and cool exhibits. Nice walking areas too.

Kim Oden

Small but very nice place. Easy walking, very informative.

Annette Wilcox

Amazing museum. Well worth the price. We didn't get to see all of the outdoor exhibits because of a torrential thunderstorm. Will definitely have to go back.

Amy Kennedy-Palma

This was a fun family activity for the Bend area. Our 9 year old loved seeing all the animals and being able to run around, read and learn. Husband and I also enjoyed all the exhibits, art and fun things to see. Great way to spend a few hours on any given day, and good family fun!

Justin Snell

Great experience with fascinating exhibits.

Sherri Foreman

Great " Living Museum " !! ADORABLE river Otters, birds, mammals, lizards, bird [ fee ] & animal program. There are also art, science & history galleries. There is a cafe & of course gift shop. [ LOL] There are programs 10:30 to 3:30. Call or go online to ck the times. Otter talk is 12:30 !! Bring your lunch & have a picnic !! Senior & AAA discount & can combine BOTH. Plan on three - four hrs. Have fun !! Did I mention ADORABLE otters !!

Robert Snyder

Enjoyed this place very much. We saw the flying raptor show which was awesome; never saw anything like it. If you go, don"t miss this.

Kris Shelton

The price of admission has gone up quite a bit since the last time I was there. Was super disappointed in the Birds of Prey exhibit. it was simply a handller with a falcon giving a talk that was less than engaging. Maybe the price should be adjusted during the week when some of the exhibits aren't in full swing.

Sarah Belanger Nava

We visited here in Aug 2017. What an awesome experience seeing the raptors and river otters! I can't wait to come back and take my family there!

David Lynch

Great staff, amazing exhibits, interesting history and beautiful animals. One of the best museums I've been to ever.

robert mckheen

If you like wildlife and history then this is the place for you. Had a great time.

Matt Robinson

Plan to spend most of the day. We were there for 5 hours with kids age 5 and 8 and they had a blast. The talks were all worthwhile, so check the schedule. There even a small, unmonitored, kennel like area to put your dog while you're there so you don't have to worry about leaving then in the car, just ask the front desk for a lock and a form you have to sign

Natalie Naylor

Lots to do and see! When the weather's nice it's a blast to wander around outside to the otters and homestead.

Jed Gilman

Hands down the best every time we come. And for being a feld trip for the school even better

Ballin Smith

Awesome place to spend a few hours. It is more than just a museum, with birds of prey and otters!! The exhibits are great. Definitely will go back.

Mike Smith

Fun, educational and extremely overpriced $25 per person. Not ADA friendly and no veteran discount. Neat giftshop and huge bronzed wildlife.


I’m a bend local, and it never gets boring, the staff is extremely nice and everyone around you is friendly, it really blends nicely with the surroundings. I recommend it with five stars, it’s one of the best things to do in Bend.

Zach Heesch

Great staff that takes the best care of their animals possible. This is a great museum for adults and children that you should add to your list of things to do on Bend.

Jasmine Harding

My family loves it when there is free family days. Definitely returning another day.

Hector Marquez

Learning experiences, great place to visit, and to learn our norwest history

Andrew Stimson

Go to the raptor show! Just don't stand up during the show if you do. The birds fly right over your head. Also, cute otters who were really active when we visited. The Spirit of the West exhibit was fun for our two year old. Plus they have a play space that's perfect after running around outside.

Wayne Reynolds

Go see this place for yourself and you will see why I gave it 5 stars.

Svetlana Reid

It was a great place to visit with kids! We spent more than 4 hours there! Kids esp. enjoyed watching a raven sort shapes and observing all kinds of other creatures inside the buildings as well as outside. They also enjoyed the play room and the lunch area. My daughter liked talking with a memeber of Miller family and playing with the old toys in one of the tiny old cabins. I liked listening to the talk on the birds of prey and visiting all the exhibits and learning the history. Would definitely visit again, preferably in the Spring, Summer or Fall - the grounds are probably beautiful those times of year (we were there in the winter!).

Case Douma sr

These photos are said to show what silver city Idaho looked like in the early days. Cjd

Gwen Streeter

Spent four hours there, and easily could have spent four more. Wonderful family outing.

Christopher Ross

Definitely a surprisingly fun stop. Spend 2-3 hours here and get a really nice overview of the high desert and its landscape. Inside and outside are really well done. Make sure to visit the otters.

Nate Joseph

Very cool easy hikes. Wear shoes because lava rock is hot

florence tiscornia

Loved the Raptors. Beautifully laid out. Inside and outside activities.

Michael Rosenfield

Great time. Would recommend the birds of prey. It was a lot of fun for all ages.

Steven Burrough

Very nice and pretty. Had a great relaxing time!

B Ramirez

We had such a great time! Loved seeing the animals and learning! The kids were so quiet in the birds of prey area, I couldn’t even believe it. Then we ran into some workers that were talking and my son said in his whisper voice, “we must be very quiet to not scare the birds.” My kids wouldn’t leave the otters because they were just sure they were going to go swimming soon. The food in the cafe is also quite good. I had a garden salad and it was really nice, kids had Mac and cheese, appears to be Kraft, but that’s a huge plus for us!!

Ramon Comparan

One of the best museums we have been to. Worth the price of admission and fun for the kids. Very wide range of exhibits.

Linda Young

Very nice and interesting. A little expensive to take a family

Tim Derry

Great place to spend time at. They have exhibits that change over the year. Both outdoor and indoor exhibits.

Andy Rusten

Great place to visit for young and old alike. The volunteers really make a difference in the experience. Explaining all the exhibits

Angel Kinzig

This museum is worth a visit just once. The otters were out giving a great show between 12-1 because they used to get fed fish at that hour but no more. Apparently they were bullying each other so now they withhold food midday. Feeding times are before & after operational hours. Very disappointed that I went for that specific reason & even the front desk didn't know they changed shows.

Katherine Shaffer

Awesome variety of things to see and do .

Alice Hancuff

Nice exhibits and fun to see the animals from the NW. Very interesting.

Purplexsu X

The museum is good, my family likes the otter pool especially, however, it's overpriced too much. Local people may like it because there are not too many choices here, but as travellers, we've been to many much better museums with similar price, such as the living desert zoo & garden in Palm Desert CA.

Robin Burgess

Outstanding! Wonderful walk through museum experience for the entire family. Live animal exhibits, interactive displays, fabulous birds of prey show featuring live birds from the region, also other live animal shows with local animals. Beautiful outdoor garden. Very low key, relaxed atmosphere throughout. While there is a Cafe on site I did not visit it.

Severiano Botello

Great stop if you are into museums.

iraroper R

This is well worth a visit, any time of year.

Doug L

This should be a bucket list item for anyone who likes the outdoors and American history.

Wes Whittemore

Enjoy the museum. Wish they would have told us we needed to purchase a special ticket for the bird show.

Roger Chase

Great place for kids, nice walking paths, very history and future oriented.

Rebecca L

Would give it more stars if I could. Excellent layout of the interior and exterior exhibits. Accessable to all. Informative and fun. Animal talks were especially good.

peter ouellette

Fun and well laid out.

Bradley H

Great museum for young and old alike. Very well-made and informative exhibits. We really enjoyed our trip here.

josh resare

This place is awesome. So much to do. We spent 5 hours there and still didn't see everything. Very fun for kids and informative.

Barb grexa

Great place for kids,. Lots of info. Friendly staff.

Alan Gunderson

Love the sawmill and old west setting

Jan Garver

Beautiful area to enjoy. Educational classes about the animals very well done.

Aaron York

Took the kids to see what I loved as a child. It's still awesome!!!!

Shawn Young

Would have liked to have seen the museum. My wife and I are on a very low fixed income. She has Early Onset Dementia and I take care of her. We were on the way back from visiting our daughter and wanted to see the displays at the museum. The admission prices are so high that we could not afford to go inside. (They were nice enough to let my wife use the rest room). What we did see it is a very beautiful and clean place.

Peter Rapier

I came to see the Raptor birds and was really taken with everything else. The exhibits are well built with much rich detail and the accompanying text is consistent and reinforces itself and the exhibits with enough background to tell the story instead of layering on dry facts. The premises and the building is delightful spacious and bright. Thoughtful talks add to the experience. Time well spent! Congratulations to the staff.

Christopher Kaegi

This was a pleasant surprise! Not at all what I expected . This place was huge with indoor and outdoor exhibits. They even had live sea otters, owls, porcupine, lizards etc. I highly recommend this place. You can make a whole day of it.

Sapphire Sunset

Kids loved it! They have the cutest otters and porcupines! Super fun and they've got a lot of neat stuff.

Miller's Homeschool Time

It's a great museum with awesome displays, real animals, a beautiful nature walk, and a real homestead with actual actors. Not just mannequins propped up.

Stuart Schupack

Way above average musem. Try to catch the ½ hour volunteer tours; they are very good.

Gery Teague

The otters are awesome, the staff is super friendly and knowledgeable, the birds of prey is a great show (try to catch it), and there is so much to see and do, easily hours of fun

Tom Davidson

Beautiful building, helpful staff and wonderful exhibitions. You need more than 4 hours too enjoy it!

Marilyn Kolander

This is a must to go see. Presentations in the village are so well done. Interacting and asking questions with the staff. Hands on for children and games to try out from the late 1800's and early 1900's. An old sawmill. Seeing the animals, especially the birds was a treat for me. Wide open space, not crowded at all, learning about the trees and forest fires. Very interesting place for all ages. Cafe was reasonable and had tasty food.

Daniel Bishop

Great place with lots of things to look at. Depending on when you visit there can be more going on than other times. The wood mill only operates during specific times and the birds of prey in flight only happens once per day. Be prepaid for a good amount of walking as the place is fairly large. That being said, I highly recommend this as a stop during your visit. Adults will have fun also.

Sharon Wells

This is the most informative and fun museum. Loved the native American exhibit, was very informative.

Ashley Emerson

Loved the whole experience. The birds of prey talk was amazing. The saw mill and settler camp was fun even had people there in period clothing. All around wonderful

Cliff Roberts

Very cool well put together museum . Great indoor and outdoor exhibits

Mary Nguyen

This is a nice little stop in Bend at any time of year, especially if you have young ones. There are some animals (my favorite are the birds) and some historical, informative exhibits. There is more outside too! They have a ranch and a changing forest exhibit. It's a decent size museum for being all the way out in Bend. We didn't have any young kids with us so we took about 2 hours at the museum.

Marium Janicke

Way more than I anticipated. Loved the animal and bird presentation/ talks. The artwork was lovely.

Raymond DeLain

Great informative museum. Highly recommend it for adults and kids alike.

Susan Parks

High desert museum was really cool, the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I loved seeing the live animal's nice that there was both outside and inside exhibit.

Ruth Knox

Whether you just have an hour or a day, this delightful museum has something for everyone. It is relaxed, laid back, with super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Spotlessly clean. Spacious cafe with indoor seating, or dine outside on their large patio surrounded by towering trees. Quick meals, but exquisitely fresh ingredients, salads, wraps, kid's meals, and much more. Movies, live animal demonstrations, native American exhibits, historical exhibits, and plenty of other goodies. Beautiful architecture too. You can't miss.

Gil T Rodello

A great place to take the family. Affordable and interesting.

Jared and Victoria Krelic

The “cuddle party” (river otters) was the show stealer here. Excellent area with fresh air and plenty of walking exercise as well. The best time to go is after a good snow fall to watch the otters play in it.

Chris Mann

Visit the museum, Everytime I go to Oregon. Something neat to do with the family.

Sexy Cowboy


Amber n kyle king

Loved this place been here 2 different times. We brought my gma and our 4 boys the 1st time then, the 2nd we had our 6neices and nephews along with our 4 boys and my brother and sister in law.. they were equally so happy with the museum. The gift shop is pretty cool too and the cafe there little pricey but tourist attraction that's just how it is.. definitely take time and stop here!

Maggie Shreve

Great guides, lovely environment. Good exhibits. Learned a lot!

Tamara Holt

What a wonderful place filled with amazing artifacts. Informative and fun for kids and adults alike. The birds and otters were an added bonus. Highly recommend! Also was highly recommended by many locals we met, therefore it was a no brainier to go.

Genro Sato

Wish we had more time there. We just took a quick break on the drive from Spokane to San Francisco in Bend, Or. Learn things you never knew about the wildlife, natural and human history of the high desert region, in the rain-shadow of the Cascades, of Northern California, Oregon and Washington.

Ted Cooper

Great experience. The raptor show is not to be missed! Update: we did get up to the Miller ranch, and the volunteers talking about life a century ago were a pleasant surprise. We came expecting a museum, and were treated to a lot more than just that!

Ariel Liberda

I got married here almost 2 years ago and just brought my nice back a couple of weeks ago. This place is always fun for kinds and the talks that the museum puts on throughout the day are well organized and interesting. As a wedding venue we were treated so well and the staff bent over backwards to make our special day as memorable as possible.

Dorothy McM

Save your money!!! This place has gotten too expensive!!! The outside exhibits are closed. When I asked about it they said it is open on weekends. Well then why am I paying the same price, as people on the weekends?? Not really very impressed.

Jim Sturdivant

An amazing treasure, make sure you have a whole day to enjoy this place.

Darryl Bechtol

It's really fun for being educational, especially if you go to the tours/talks. The birds of prey talk was very informative and the bird was beautiful. The western history tour was entertaining, historical, and educational. The old west town was neat to look at. The otters, birds, and other animals were all fun to watch (our daughter loved the bobcat and owls).

Deb Brady

I absolutely LOVE the otters. They really put on a show.....naturally. I want others at my house.


Loved the encounters! We also really enjoyed the Native American exhibit, the animal exhibits and the butterfly exhibit.

Becca Williams

Took my 12 and 9 month old grandsons both had a great time good trails easy access exhibits

Mark Frey

Fun place to go and a lot of interesting things to see will go again

Michael Stanford

Liberals view of what used to be. If you want to see frogs, red eared sliders and other easily recognizable critters go ahead and pay $17.00 a head! They teach you the scientific name for moss, and why pine needles are on the ground in a forest. They had displays of Roman noodles, flip flops and other modern things. In their defense, the birds of prey was nice to see along with the birds that have been rescued and can't survive on their own anymore. Dont agree with their views. But their restrooms were clean, so I left behind what I thought of their museum!

Vernon Stewart

I loved it great exhibits a must see for the kids. There is a lot of history there

Autumn Adams

Always fabulous, but ever evolving to be even more amazing!

K Holdstock

Fabulous exhibits. The Raptors are fascinating. And you have to see the Miller House. Great for the kids!!

Karen Miller

As I told my granddaughter, I could go there everyday and just soak in the beauty of the indoors and outdoors. Every single person we have taken there has been pleasantly surprised by the beauty and quality of the exhibits. We had a wonderful experience today. A young lady who works there spent a great deal of time explaining her education and her job with the animals to us. My only complaint is that the cafe has a very limited menu with high prices.

Sara Owens

We have been here several times and we are never disappointed. Well worth the admission. The otters are so much fun to watch!

Morgan Stonecipher

Great place to take the family!! We had a blast. It took us 3 hours to do it all, but we took our time.

kathryn patrick

This had been such a great place to take my children. They learn things, I learn things, and we get home happily exercised. Thank you!

Royce Robertson

This museum is incredible. Sooo much to see. Plan on a minimum of 2 hours and longer if you are staying in the area. Beautiful building, beautiful layout and if you love history and museums you won't regret your stay.


Always fun to go there. The Raptor show is a blast

Diana Baker

Great exhibits, some hands on stuff for kids. The pioneer village is a huge hit, the mining caves are a must stop, the fish are fun, otters are delightful, and they have some really cool owls. The Native American exhibit is excellent with many handmade art pieces. They do a great job incorporating the natural environment into the museum grounds is beautiful.

Naomi Schumichen

Wow. This place is amazing, it is very clear they take great care with their animals, very large accommodating enclosures. All around super friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff! I adored the owls!! They looked like they wanted to kill me, but adorable! Please go if you have a chance, there is a beautiful outdoor area as well, it's basically in the middle of a forest! Want to go back as soon as possible!! There are a huge variety of animals, frogs, snakes, tortoises, otters, owls, eagles, turtles and even a porcupine! Would make a great educational day for kids!

Dave Burroughs

Well worth it. Great exhibits. The River Otters are a must see!

Carson S Miller

Wonderful mix of animals, art, and history. The otters are a favorite! The life size dioramas really bring history to life. Overall, a great museum. Note - for your planning purposes, they do NOT accept Discover card for admission. This may not matter to you, but it is a big deal for me. I really don’t like it when organizations make it hard for me to give them money!

Steve Dillon

Great place to visit lot's to learn. Well layed out for a extremely pleasurable experience. 5 star's

Randall Hauk

The name might leave you thinking there isn't much to see, but this is a pretty diverse collection of exhibits. Only wish we had gotten there earlier in the day to catch some of the early presentations. It's a nice facility with great outdoor attractions, as well. My sons loved learning about wild horses and otters. My elder son got to try his hand at tools in the frontier-like town exhibit. They both liked sweeping and mopping a wood-plank porch, so I can't wait to get them cleaning at home, I guess. The staff were also incredibly friendly. My younger, while goofing, broke part of an exhibit (fence wire detached from wood post, not like he BROKE broke it). He had to go tell staff what he did & they handled it very nicely to where he wasn't terrified, but knew he had done wrong. We didn't get to see everything, but saw enough to feel like it was money well-spent. Definitely a to-do if you are in Bend/Sunriver area.

Laurie Cima

Always an educational, fun visit. Lots to offer about things, plants, animals, history and way of life indigenous to this area. Employees make it really fun and informative with their roll playing and ability and eagerness to answer questions.

Jacqueline Herrera

This place is super cool a must see for the whole fanily

Joshua Pearson

Very informative and many different exhibits both indoors and outdoors. We always leave here satisfied and more aware of the local history and ecosystems of the Bend area. Highly recommended.

Charlotte Fatal

This place is great!!!! Very high quality exhibits. I love how they integrate the outdoors and animal wildlife into the exhibits. They have a bird of prey showing everyday at 2:45pm where they show off a bird of prey and let it fly around. They have a porcupine, Bob cat and river otters! Everything is really life like and informative. The people here are very friendly. Cost is reasonable at $12 for general, free for kids under 2.

Elyse Douglas

Is a place that the whole family will love.This museum is a central Oregon icon. It is much beloved and lovingly curated. The quality of the displays is excellent. It

Judy Henderson

Very interesting, informative, and beautiful. The museum has evolved over time and has so many new exhibits highlighting art, the history of the region, and the geology specific to the high desert. All family members will enjoy their time her.

Kimiko Jackson

It has outdoor exhibits also, makes for a great experience!

Ruby Ringo

Lots of fun, with one caution. My kids and I thoroughly enjoyed the sawmill and surrounding areas, as well as the indoor exhibits. The Birds of Prey exhibit had a disturbing real-to-life carcass of a deer with a bird tearing it to shreds. My two smallest children were quite disturbed by it, and as a parent I would have appreciated a heads up to a display like this. Other than that one exhibit, they loved everything they saw.

Daniel Bigham

I will do it again. The kids enjoyed it and it filled a good portion of the day with intertainment.

Robert Messinger

Nice place to learn about Indian and western culture.

Vallie Lenzen-Debad

Wonderful outdoor wild animal and bird exhibits. Inside Old Pioneer exhibit is outstanding. The native American Indians, especially the "Dreamers" is exceptional talking a out how spirituality enabled certain tribes to cope with the white man's invasion of their land. The actual tepees and how the were made to suit the environment around them was extremely interesting. The Ri er Otters Exhibit/Program and Birds of Prey were my favorites. The huge cat who used to reside there for many years has now passed away. Missed seeing him. The Cafe has really yummy homemade chili and the Gift Store has the cutest bat tree display for Halloween.Fantastic experience of Central Oregon history, pioneers + native american traditions of the region.

Hariharan Subramanian

Good place. Should be fun for kids. We adults didn't have much to see when we went in March. But blame us as we missed a bird show by a few mins. The place is well maintained and has lots of descriptive text to learn from.

Kathy Wynegar

Different exhibits indoors (Native Americans, water conservation, etc.). Really cool sculpture of a sage brush showing its looooong tap root hanging overhead. Many interpretive programs outdoors on the lovely shaded paths through native plants, playful otters, and birds of prey. The cafe has healthy locally sourced food.

Lamia Murphy

Good museum. Wish the space exhibit had more to it.

Margaret K. Westfall

A beautiful building. It's not big. Only a few exhibit areas indoors. Nice paths leading to several outdoor exhibits. All is well done, and nicely informative. My only complaint was the raptor show. We were shown one bird, but then told over and over that we needed to come back for the better show later in the summer. That's rather annoying -- how many in the audience would be able to come back? The talk was interesting, but would have been far better without rubbing it in over what we'd missed in coming at the wrong time of year :(

Bryce Graves

A wonderful place to learn about the wildlife around Central Oregon.

Beth Sutter

Fantastic! So much to see, do, and learn! Highly recommend the raptor program - easily my favorite part of the day. Thank you to all the kind and knowledgeable staff for answering all of our questions, and teaching us so much!


Good place to visit if you are around bend or sunriver. Kids will enjoy the bird show, birds prey center, otters and much more. In depth history around Indians, settlement etc.

Sharon Davis

So many neat things to see it is just fantastic to walk through and see so much history in that place. See the sea otters see the birds of prey .

Valerie Larkin

A fascinating place. Great for kids.

Dennis Rich

Nicely done with good educational exhibits. Cafe had good food as well.

Richard Freel

For me personally I think many people will enjoy this museum it is very nice beautiful place with bronze figures of wildlife in the front And a fine sense of nature can be felt.

Jeff Homsley

What an amazing display of the natural wonders of the high desert, from the birds or pretty, to the river otters it was stunning. Hacker Architects did an amazing job with the help of donor's to the museum on the River Otters Exhibit.


Went to the high desert museum years ago with my kids and they loved it then. Liye of animal talks and interesting display. This time was just as great. We saw a talk about birds of pret and it was very enjoyable. The kids really git into it. We missed the anti que saw mill so plan ahead and see whats available at what time.

Jeanetta Kovachevich

Great place to take the family. They had a fabulous talk about raptors.

James Markson

Great experience. Awesome exhibits.

Grace Johnson

Enjoyed this place, even on a damp day!

John Mannisto

Fun and informative. I especially liked the recreated old west town and animal exhibits.

Ryan Newton

Not great but ok. It’s worth the visit and price of admission though I would have liked to have been able to have seen the sawmill operating.

J whitewater

Great place with a lot of cool stuff to look at and teach you

Claudia Bailey

Lots of great things to see and learn at the museum. And yes, the Otters are adorable.

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Timberline Lodge and Ski ...
Tourist Attraction - Oregon

Sand Master Park - Sandboarding
Sand Master Park - Sandbo...
Tourist Attraction - Oregon

Tourist attraction

Siuslaw River Bridge
Siuslaw River Bridge
Tourist Attraction - Oregon