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500 NE Captain Michael King Smith Way, McMinnville, OR 97128, United States

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Where is Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum?

REVIEWS OF Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum IN Oregon

Daniel Sullivan

Fantastic place full of learning opportunities. This place has tons of planes, space stuff, and all sorts of things. They even have a now retired Air Force One jet that they give tours of with paid admission. Just learned the other day that military veterans, their spouses and children get free admission!

Rodrigo Zurita

Great aviation museum. Missing some of the great WW2 planes.

Brad Schofield

This is the place to go if you want to see the famous 'Spruce Goose', and a wide variety of other civilian and military aircraft under one roof. The Space Museum is in a separate building across the car park. The theatre building is between the two museums. There are heaps of friendly volunteers who are ready, willing and able to answer questions and provide information about the exhibits. Both museums have raised mezzanine levels which allow for great photos overlooking the entire museum.

Kathryn Stewart-Smith

I love this place! They have added a lot since I was last there 10 years ago! The entire space building is fascinating! Set up a bit differently than the aviation museum, it walks you though the timeline of space exploration and the science of going to space. The aviation museum is more a place to walk though with lots of different kinds of planes with history of that type of plane as well as history of that specific plane for many of them. Well planned and they even have a kids area where there are aviation themed play equipment for the younger crowd.

Nick Kimball

Seeing the Spruce Goose was pretty awesome. Huge endeavor. There were lots of beautiful aircraft. SR 71 Blackbird. WOW! Mig 23 really cool. And a lot of other stuff. The 747's are a sight to behold. We were given the ability to create from the Creator! So evident in everything on display.

D Kingore

What a collection! Spruce Goose is impressive, and bring some friends and spring for the flight deck tour! Wow, sit in the seat Howard Hughes sat in for the one and only flight! Best SR-71 display I have ever seen! My only criticism is GET A BOOK PUBLISHED OF THE COLLECTION!

Chelsea Peterson

Great museum, it was awesome to see the new home of the Spruce Goose and all the interactive modules kept it fun.

Alex L

Misstatements of fact if you try to match up what is written in English vs what is stated in print in Russian. I wonder how many more incorrect information they dish out. Also, the layout is very un-chronological even though they intend to show the development through history.

Sharon Mcclain

What an awesome museum! You have to see the Spruce Goose! There's something for all ages here. They have a space theme playground for the kids. Plenty of RV parking. Guided tours. Picnic areas.

Christine Masseo

Wonderful learning experience! Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose was so amazing! It was well worth doing the extra interior cockpit tour which is $29.95 for up to 4 people.

Kevin Lewis

This was way cool. Free RV camping and huge museum and water park like no other. #evergreenaviationmuseum. Home of the Spruce Goose!

David Dunn

Absolutely amazing My wife also loved it and she could usually care less about looking airplanes

Marvin Black Jr.

I enjoy the walk through time and the improvement we have had in aviation.

Pavel Lurie

Huge RV and car parking lot. Park to lunch with benches. Very nice and clean.


Really great if you are an airplane lover. I went in the off season so could take pictures easily and take my time. I am disabled and use a walker. I saw no door opener assist and the doors were very difficult to open, so wanted others to know that. Loved that they had a small elevator just for disabled to see the inside of Spruce Goose. Thank you for that Evergreen.

Eva Petrova-Ibarria

This museum is out of the way , but so worth visiting. You can literally spend half a day here. There is a small cafe where you can buy lunch. Lots of areas to sit down and rest. And the exhibits are the best!

Curt Higa

I loved this museum! There are ample displays and each with good information. The Spruce Goose is spectacular to see in person! There are always restrooms nearby and everything is wheelchair accessible. One of the most surprising displays was the missile silo with the Titan! I also liked the fact that they also displayed a variety of piston and jet engines. The staff are all nice and the overall vibe of the place seems to be more fun than other museums

Russell Carey

Expect to stay at least 3 hours with a big family. Awesome place for families, parents, and kids that love planes and jets, or are just looking for an amazing excursion. Although it seems a tad expensive, we got the years pass. With seven in our family, that was definitely cheaper. Cost aside, still worth it.

A Google User

Excellent place! I really love my tour here, it has a lot of things to see and the best of all was the attention from the staff, very friendly!

Kara McGinty

Such a great place to bring your family if you love everything aviation and history of aviation. Would highly recommend.

Jeffrey Goodwin

Pricey but magnificent, come prepared to spend the whole day and take your time, there is a lot more than the spruce goose here.

Teresa Higgins

This is the best aviation & space museum. Well worth the money, but give yourself time to see inside and out. Someone told us we could see it all in an way!!! Only 8f u find it uninteresting, and we were definitely interested!

Adventure Mckinley

You have to love the Spuce goose! Such an iconic plane made of wood like pinocchio! Go check it out, crawl inside and enjoy the leg room!!!

Ken Monson

Outstanding!! Even my wife enjoyed it two years ago and wanted to come back, so we did. The Spruce Goose is amazing and totally unique. The aviation exhibits are great as are the space exhibits. Definitely worth the time. Sad that more people don't know about it.

Cathy Voss

Wonderful display of the history of aviation. Being inside the original "Spruce Goose" was an extra bonus. Very interesting and informative for all ages.


Allot of different planes and history. Space museum is awesome as well. Plan to spend the whole day. There are food places inside water park and main museum. But you could bring a cooler and your own lunch and have a picnic in the wooded walk in back of the parking lot. Picnic benches provide.

R. McGill

This is a must see attraction! It is well worth the drive to Mcminnville. The sheer size of the spruce goose/titan 2 rocket are kinda like looking at the grand canyon in a way. You just can't fathom how big these things are until you're right there in front of them.


My plane-obsessed 2yr old loved it! A little on the spendy side but you get admission to both the aviation museum and the space museum, and a movie in their theater. Lots of knowledgeable staff. We had fun!

Paul Wheeler

Excellent museum with many very interesting air and space, planes, rockets and related articles. An A+ for presentation!

Eileen Manton

Loved it! Interesting and educational. The Spruce Goose was amazing and well worth the cost of admission.

Cristina Schnider

An amazing collection of aviation and space related equipment. Many many very impressive & authentic aircraft and spacecraft as well as educational and interactive opportunities for adults and kids. The Hughes H4, aka “Spruce Goose” is the centerpiece of the aviation hall but there are also dozens of planes, jets, helicopters, etc. you can walk in amongst all the equipment and see engines, etc., up close. The space building holds a massive Triton missile as well as many artifacts and displays of the space race, as well as some incredible military planes - notably, the eerily evil looking black Lockheed Blackbird. There is a large theatre in between the 2 buildings and lots of planes parked outside. In addition, next door is a giant water park with a Boeing 747 on top of the building with water slides emerging from its sides, taking the riders into a pool in the building. The aviation building has a cafeteria with reasonably priced hot soups & sandwiches. Staff include veterans who have actually flown many of the aircraft in the museum. Highly recommended, even if you aren’t a big aviation buff

Cahill Armstrong

Amazing! Came here on my honeymoon as part of a road trip to Portland OR. We saw so many interesting planes with the crown jewel of course being the H-4 Hercules AKA Spruce Goose! Truly do not know how large it is until you see it in person. Everyone was very friendly and eager to share thier knowledge

Todd Miller

This is one of the few places in the world where you can walk right up to an SR-71 Blackbird. They have many historic and more more modern aircraft. From a replica of the Wright Flyer all the way up to an F-15. There are working cutaway engines too. Unfortunately they have lost some of their great aircraft like the B-17, P-38 and Spitfire, but the docents are quite knowledgeable and willing to talk with you about the aircraft there. It is a great place to spend a day.

KEVIN Romine

A Great place all the way around. The buildings area amazing, there is a water slide park, they let you overnight in your rv in the back lot (which backs up to a maybe 20 acre park) , the movie theater is massive, the museum content is fantastic! We just got back from our third annual visit there, and have decided we will be heading back for a second visit this summer. A truly impressive experience, every time!

karin hudgins

this place is awesome! The space museum has some great international planes. The Spruce Goose is huge! Looks much bigger in a building then on the water Pricy but worth it

Elyse Hornig-Belanger

Great place! Good for kids 5+ yr. Very knowledgeable staff, most are former vets!!! LOVE the prominent inclusion of women!!!! Not enough (virtually none!) USAF items in gift shop!

OUT OF OFFICE Adventures

I love how these nice big buildings have the hangar architecture. This is a really well done facility and I hope it can stay afloat, so to speak. The Spruce Goose is here, amongst many other historical aircraft and some NASA equipment as well. Well worth the drive and only one hour from Portland. Entrance fee seems a bit spendy but there is a lot here and the movie in the IMAX theater was included in our admission. Also, RVs are allowed to boon dock in the back parking lot for a night or two.

Adventures With Matt

Really cool place. Lots to do and see. The spruce goose is the showcase piece and worth the visit. You can spend all day at the place. It's cool to drive up, because it looks like a runway at an airport. Icing on the cake is having the classic Portland airport carpet walking into the exhibit.

Kirk Barklow

There is so much to see here for kids and adults. Especially if you include the Imax and water park. There is a chapel behind the main grounds and small park for kids to play at.

Dennis Milich

Wow, what a place! Spruce Goose is impressive! Cost of admission was $27 for adult and is very much worth it. Includes a IMAX movie and entry into the space museum as well. Very nice facilities and volunteers.

soulknight coc

Spruce Goose is awesome. Alot of history in 1 spot.

Russell Ford

Amazing exhibit for kids and adults. There is so much to see that it is hard to view it all and take in all the information in one day!

Ian Finley

The aviation section of the museum is impressive (everything you know about The Spruce Goose won't prepare you for the real thing), but the space part... I was instantly a 10-year-old again. I went up the specifically to see the SR-71 (and it was 100% worth it!), but there's so much more there. Well worth the drive.

Stacey Boyd Loeffler

Cool looking place and pleasant staff, but crazy expensive cost to tour such a small museum.

Jennifer W

This place is amazing, and completely unexpected for where it's located. The docents are friendly and knowledgeable and it's very obvious they all love what they do. The admission price gets you access to the aviation museum (where the Spruce Goose is located, although a full tour of it is additional), the space museum and a movie. It's a great value for everything you get. I would highly recommend for kids of all ages...there is a kid's zone, and an entire air themed playground outside. I learned a lot and could have spent a lot more time browsing. I would add this as a must see for anyone with even a hint of interest in flight or space.

Kyanne Lawrence

Awesome museum! Great to see and walk around inside the Spruce Goose. The docents are so knowledgeable and pleasant! Space side is neat, too. I loved seeing all of the various aircraft, and it’s super cool how many are real and not models!

Peter Foy

Probably a competitor for the best museum on the West Coast. If you are even a slight fan of aviation, space, and other cool vehicles this is the museum for you. Designed beautifully around the spruce goose the museum offers an unbelievable amount of variety and history of aviation and space. The organization of the museum is truly stunning as you will always be under the massive Spruce goose. In addition to the amazing aviation museum your ticket will give access to an amazing space museum and a very cool movie theater. I have been to the museum too many times to count and love each and every moment I visit.

Demi Vis

Always excellent. I've been to a lot of Air and Space museums around the country and Evergreen is one of the best kept, second only to the Smithsonians. The collection isn't as expansive as others but you really can't beat the Spruce Goose with it's own custom building!! Sooo worth checking out, you must when you're in the area.

Nomani Musaf

Had a great time on Museum day! Lots to look at and the airshow was a great addition!

Jack Sung

The scope of the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum is truly breathtaking. There are four main structures: the water park, the air museum, the evergreen theatre, and the space museum. I only went to the air & space museum, but the grandeur and quality of the exhibits were truly great and educational. The service is staffed by some knowledgeable members who were veterans or are currently commercial pilots, who are very friendly and will happily answer any questions. In the space museum, there is also a free aircraft carousel that the kids will enjoy!!!

Melanie Marrow

Great air museum. Static displays of military and personal aircraft, plus the Spruce Goose, which you can walk into and see the cargo area. There is an additional charge tour of the cockpit but we did not do that tour yet. The space museum has some great exhibits, an A10 Warthog and an SR71 Blackbird, plus rocket planes and helicopters. Lots of info at displays and some kid activities too.

Iris Sasaki

This is an awesome place for anyone who enjoys airplanes, history, science. No matter what your age, you're going to find things you didn't know.

Bonny Hineman

This place has everything airplane and space related! They also have a nice IMAX movie . Airplanes of all ages and sizes with static displays helping explain what you see. A space capsule and astronaut suit and information about the space program. A very large museum so allow plenty of time.

Sheila Owens

An amazing adventure, celebration of my husband's 85th birthday Thank you to so many people for making 'his day" so memorable, to name a few, Maria, Ron, Phil and those other fabulous docents, whom I can't remember their names. We enjoyed our special tour of the Spruce Goose, and Doug even got to climb into the pilot's seat of a fighter plane! Thank you sister Kathy for a super birthday outing!

Katrina Craig

It was fun, but definitely best for kids. The wave pool is more of a gentle push even for a swimmer who just knows the basics

Roy F

Well worth the trip. 25 or 30 bucks to get in but I'm happy to support such a great display. This place is jaw dropping. I wouldn't consider myself an aviation nerd but this place had me in awe the whole time. The hanger would be awesome with just the war planes and jets but it has THE SPRUCE GOOSE! This is by far the best museum I've been to in many years if not my whole life. 10/10

Benjamin Boundey

Absolutely awesome! I really recommend you check out this air museum! I found this place to be very interesting and informative! My personal favorite jets were Lockheed SR -71 blackbird and A-10 Warthog. And of course the Spruce goose was interesting, you can go inside of it, but you have to pay 30$ extra to get the whole tour of that plane. If you pay the extra you can take four people on the tour, I believe. I highly recommend that you check out this air museum.

Bud Coe

Absolutely a solid experience. Take the time to read the display tags and let the history of each plane sink in. Try and understand what Howard Hugh's was trying to accomplish with the Spruce Goose. Catch a cool movie in the 3-D theater. Allow a couple of hours. Pretty good cafeteria too.

David Boe

A world-class facility in the very small town of McMinnville Oregon, discovering the Evergreen Aviation Museum is a bit like stumbling onto a tropical island in Alaska’s Aleutians. The museum was quite literally built around one of the truly great aviation artifacts ever conceived or constructed: The Spruce Goose. Built in the 1940’s by the enigmatic billionaire Howard Hughes and designed to haul tanks and large numbers of troops during World War II, it flew only once, and was never a factor in the war. However, anyone who flies on any modern aircraft today owes a debt to the design and engineering genius of Hughes, who quickly discovered that the fly-by-wire controls on the aircraft of the time were wildly inadequate for his behemoth plane. Its sheer size required him to invent new technologies to control the far-flung wing and tail surfaces of the enormous aircraft. These innovations paved the way for the now standard-sized commercial aircraft flown today. It was by far the largest plane ever built when it first flew in the 1940’s, a title it held for decades. it remains one of the largest planes ever to fly. This alone makes it worthwhile to visit this museum, but there’s plenty more to see, including an incredible collection of some of the fastest and highest-flying aircraft ever built. An almost unbelievable collection of amazing aircraft and spacecraft, all in the sleepy little village of McMinnville, Oregon.

Ronald Stradinger

This tour through history was the highlight of my trip to the west coast. I only had a few hours to spend in this museum but if ever given the chance, I will be back.

Carl T

So many exhibits, if you are interested in planes you will be blown away. I loved going into the Spruce Goose and all the experimental gyro-copters. I wish they still had their B17 bomber. Anyway, well worth the admission. I'll be back to see it again for sure.

Jay Freeman

This place is amazing! Love the Spruce Goose!! This place needs to bring the prices down.

Kollin McMullin

This museum is epic. One of the best around! Worth every penny!

Brandy Z

Very family friendly with a variety of aircraft and history for everyone to enjoy. The waterpark next door has water slides coming out of a 747 at the top of the building. A wave pool with the option to use a tube, hot tub, a kiddie area, and a cafe on the 2nd floor. If you get there late in the afternoon it’s 50% off at the waterpark or if you have your receipt from the museum they give you $5 off for every person. We spent about 3 hours at the museum and another 3 hours at the waterpark. Active duty and family get in for free at the museum only. Staff and volunteers were really helpful and shared some of their stories of when they were active duty.

Sandra Oldemeyer

Pay the extra $30 for the Cockpit Tour! It is worth it. Bill is amazing! Gave a Great tour and got to see and feel so much more. My husband sat where Howard Hughes Sat!!

Traci Crum

Such a cool place. Made my heart heavy for all we've lost but so much respect. The volunteers and staff were super nice and helpful. The Spruce Goose was breathtaking. Pictures don't do it justice. The kids were entertained and all in all a great place to visit.

William Rhodes

I love airplane and history. Nicely restored aircraft and space pieces. IMAX theater is very comfortable and offers different showings throughout the day.

Jarrod Ray

If your into aviation history, definitely check this place out. My favorite part was getting to see the SR-71 Blackbird!

Joey Atkinson

Evergreen Aviation museum has dozens of aircraft in two large buildings with several more outside of the buildings. There are informational plaques in front of most aircraft. Evergreen has aircraft from early 1900s to late 1990s. The staff are very nice from the few times I interacted with them. The museum is well worth the time and money. I hope to visit again when family from out of state come for a visit. The Evergreen Aviation museum for the wonderful experience. Thank you to your restoration team for bringing more aircraft into the museum.

Michael Holloway

I haven't been here in years however when my parents recently came for a visit they said they wanted to go. I'm glad I went again because I had forgotten all the cool and interesting artifacts to see there. This was the first time I had checked out the movie theater on site, we watched a movie about the future of space travel. It was very interesting plus we went over to the space museum which was anther hit for everyone. One ticket gets you into all three. Great place for cool photo opps and be sure to go inside the Spruce Goose. I'm from California and remember when it use to be housed in Long Beach. Glad to see it beautifully kept at its new home.

Melina Bender

Beautiful. Lots to do. I recommend the space area for the kids. My daughter loved it.

Mark Davenport

Great museum. Well worth the trip to see it.

B. McGill

SO COOL! $27 fee to go into 2 buildings with gobs of aerospace history. #1 favorite was Spruce Goose, #2 Titan 2 rocket, #3 SR-71 Blackbird, and #4 Lunar module.

Michael Gibson

Wow! An incredible collection of aeronautical artifacts that will literally "blow your mind" from the elegant aeronautic designs of two bike mechanics – Orville and Wilbur Wright – to an actual Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird that can fly at speeds of over 2,000 miles per hour – the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum located in McMinnville, Oregon, has a little something for our family. Our five and seven year old kiddos are awe struck each and every time we visit...Of course there is the Water Park that we all enjoy as well. Spend the day there and enjoy. The centerpiece for all to see is the original Spruce Goose. Built entirely of wood due to wartime restrictions on metals, this massive airplane stands as a symbol of American industry during World War II.

Christine Hanley

This was an amazing place to take my family. So educational and fun! I haven't had this much fun at a museum before. Definitely worth the visit! They also had an amazing gift shop and the most awesome employees. Everyone was friendly and helpful, great sense of humor. Really made us feel welcome!

Beverly Stewart

Love the history here. They have a children's area with interactive activities in the air museum- sadly over half had out of order signs on them. My kid was bummed.

Osprey Nutria

Can't wait to see it all day long, and dance on celestial constellation mall

Ryan Wakelin

Some interesting stuff, but essentially $30 to see a bunch of replica/model planes, and the outside of the Spruce Goose. Want to see the inside? $30 more. Cash grab. Food at the cafeteria was not very good either.

Jay Hamann

Price is pretty steep, and it's pretty far from Portland, but the spruce goose is a one of a kind thing to see. The space museum was a little bit of a letdown though, some cool stuff but not quite enough to justify going multiple times for the price.

Hayley Rodgers

This expirence was so amazing! The Spruce Good alone had my family in awe. Then all the planes from throughout history, not to mention artifacts like the actual belongings and uniforms of the pilots make it all so real. We spent an hour wandering through the exhibits at high speed as we went only 2 hours from closing. We spent the second hour in the OTHER building dedicated to space travel and more modern flight tech like drones and fighter jets. It was not enough time, we will be headed back soon. Outside the Space building they have a flight themed play ground that was a lot of fun in between the rain showers. An absolute must for anyone interested in flight or just general history.

Teresa Schneeman

Amazing place with such history. A treasure.

Bob Edwards

This museum is fabulous. If you are an aviation enthusiast this is a place you must check out.

Joe Plouff

We had a great time, spent several hours walking through both the air and space museum, hope to go again sometime

Marcy, Nathan & Robert Monasky

I love this place. Can easily spend more than a day there if you actually take in the exhibits. Didn't go to swim park as didn't have children in tow. Bought a basic membership, with a military discount, as I'll be back with my family.

Judith Richards

The volunteers are so helpful with wonderful stories about all the Air Craft. Family friendly and easy access for those with disabilities. Waterpark for those kiddies who need to blow off energy. The addition of Air Show was a plus. We bought lunch and picnicked on the front of building while the show provided entertainment .

John Lee

Wow..what a great undiscovered place! If you like airplanes or history this is the place in Oregon. I never thought that it would be worth the time but wow was it. Kids love this place...I should have brought mine when they were young. It is really not far from the city and roads are great

Devon Abblitt

Easily one of the very best museums on the west coast. The exhibits and the curations are nothing short of Smithsonian-like. You could easily spend a couple of days here. If you have kids, I would plan for two full days if you plan to visit the Waterpark. Basically, spend the first day at the museum, and the second day relaxing/wearing the kids out at the water park. This can be a fairly inexpensive and fun family getaway. I will return next time I'm in the area.

Millie Shenton

Beautifully done. Charming and informative staff. Spruce Goose is amazing. Water park for kid, but we didn't visit that. Possible 2 night free RV stay - no hookups. We were there 4 hours and it wasn't long enough. Took private tour for spruce Goose and got to "fly" it!

Jesse Isenberg

An amazing experience even if you're not an aviation enthusiast! You get to see so much of our country's great engineering achievements as well as a few from outside the U.S. The Spruce Goose alone is worth the money. There's an additional tour of the Spruce Goose cockpit that you have to pay a little extra for, but it's completely worth it. Even if you don't want to look at planes all day, there's a modest indoor water park with a 747 on top of the building that has water slides coming out of the doors.

Danielle Forsyth

Fun and fascinating museum. Of course, the Spruce Goose is the big attraction but lots of other aircraft from around the world with descriptive yet accessible placards. Very enthusiastic staff!

Ryan Sternke

Definitely at MUST SEE far any aviation buff, (I do realize I'm dating myself with that last word,.like totes), young You'd think if it felt out of you hand it would come to sexy smooth landing, guess they make felt a little harder than they used too, Le sigh... all-grown-up. The staff is very friendly and the docents are both helpful and knowledgeable, so make use of their kind-hearted volunteer spirit. Check out the movies as well, I saw both the Fighter Pilot and Aircraft Carrier films. While none of the participating actors (actual servicemen/women will be winning any Oscers any time soon, to the photography and epic scale of the war machines is awesome and totally worth the trip to the theatre. There is a pretty awesome water park attached to the museum complex. Pro-tip:, bring goggles because, by the eye-watering smell of the park (it's indoors, including the interior of an actual Boeing 747), they are pretty generous with the chlorine. This museum is totally worth the price of admission and will stick in any kids long term memory, it's that good.


Always a great place to visit with plenty to see or do. This is our 3rd visit in 4 years. We'll be back.

Kenny Kearns

Great place to check out. Lots of interesting information and chances to explore and learn about flight. From DaVinci's flying machine, all the way to the lunar lander, this museum has got something for any fan of aviation. Also the current home of the "Spruce Goose" largest wooden plane ever to fly. Did not check out the movies offered there, but they looked pretty cool, with both 3d and 2d options.

Gihan Panditaratne

An amazing Aviation Museum one should visit if you happens to have an interest on airplanes. There you can have a look at worlds largest sea plane built "Hughes Goose" and many other interesting flying machines and space ships. Enjoyed every bit of it. Well done Evergreen team

daniel abarr

Terrific Museum! Worth a trip. Nice variety of planes to view and a very friendly tour guide at the Spruce Goose. Wish I had more time that day to see everything

Bob Mowad

We loved it here. Spruce goose was the best part and amazing collection of aircrafts all under 1 roof.

Michael Edmondson

I was happily blown away by how good this museum was! Go there and budget at least 3 hours, at least. They have a cool 2 building setup with aviation and space buildings as well as a movie theater with interesting movies. There is also an awesome playground and indoor kids area in the aviation building. We didn't have time for our movie but we will be going back. There's also a waterslide park on-site, another fee, that looked super fun and indoors so mostly year round. Go see this place!

Phil Christiana

Wow! This place is AMAZING. The Spruce Goose alone is worth the admission. And then there are more and more exhibits of airplanes, helicopters, rockets and drones. We'll definitely be back because there is too much to see in one visit. Loved it.

Rob McCrain

They have a fantastic collection of aircraft. Their collection includes Howard Hughes Spruce Goose.

David Glabe

Excellent, well run and beautiful museum with some extraordinary aircraft and spacecraft. Great for all ages. As an aviation enthusiast, I thoroughly enjoyed the selection of aircraft. We loved visiting with the volunteers, most of whom were pilots who had flown some of the aircraft on display. Well worth a day trip to come visit!

Daniela hull

It was the most awesome museum we have been to. The staff was informative and very nice. Will go back.

Randy Ulman

Great place to view history. Loved seeing the A10 Warthog and the SR71 Blackbird.

Margie Ferguson

Evergreen Museum was absolutely amazing! Wish I'd been able to spend more time exploring, will definitely come back here again!

Joan Hay

Loved their collections and instantly enjoyed the place. Was more than we can see in 2.5 hrs. Thought of volunteering at the museum. Very nice, clean, bright and informative place.

LaCinda Moore

Awesome place. Wish I had heard about it sooner. Next time we will bring swimsuits and check out the water park

C Smith

Not worth the price of admission. I’ve been to aviation museums that cost less and allowed you to sit inside most of the planes. I went to this museum to see the Spruce Goose but was highly disappointed to only get to see a small portion of it. But if if I wanted to pay an ADDITIONAL fee I could see just a little bit more. There are barely any hands on activities so I wonder where the admission fees go. Wish I could have gotten a refund.

Rochelle Goodwin

Can't help but Love the Real History of all the Planes & excellent Space displays. Giant Rockets - Space Capsule. WOW! Spruce Goose

Jonathan Skennerton

This Experience is a must for all .Brilliant day great staff and Knowledgeable tour guides .

Type A Gone Astray

They have the famous Spruce Goose there, plus many other interesting exhibits. They also have 3 large parking lots and RVs can stay 2 nights. Tons of areas to walk around and see the static displays outside also and even a waterpark with a 747 on the roof that you can slide out of big kid or not!

Anthony Garcia

The plains are the real deal. My main reason for stopping and driving an hour and half out of the way in my trip was just to see the spruce goose. admission prices were high. I did see the prices online so it wasn’t unexpected but I was very disappointed after paying for admission they wanted another 30 dollars to go up inside the spruce goose. Needless to say I felt ripped off at that point after paying high admission prices. Honestly I wouldn't have stopped in at all if I had know they would try and squeeze more money out. Glad I go to see the spruce goose from the outside but I won’t be back.

Patty Capella

Beyond belief. You will just have to visit to understand. Huge Spruce Goose in one of the three museums. Space shuttles and more in the space museum. Plus a huge theater. Grounds well maintained. Huge parking lot. Free parking. Admissions vary by choice of activities. Worth it at any age but especially if you remember the first space walk and all the astronauts.


Planned to visit for one day, stayed for two. A fabulous museum which also includes info on American Civil War, up to the NASA space program as well as displays of aircraft and design throughout man's quest to fly. The "Spruce Goose" is amazing, a must see are all. The one hour 2D and 3D films in the comfortable cinema are informative and fascinating, from memory five or six in total. Great value and highly recommended for all ages. Volunteers are to be congratulated.

Teri Bench

Fun place to go. So interesting.

Robert Cuscaden

Excellent display, i loved all of the airplanes. Staff was really friendly!

Tara Perron

Two museums and a theater are included in the price. Easily could spend a whole day cheching out exhibits. There are two cafes available if hungry while there or you have the option to pack a lunch.

Sarah Luna

I thought it was way overpriced, but it was a beautiful location and very interesting

Jason Simpson

Awesome! Far, far exceeded my expectations. My kids had a great time exploring, and there were plenty of fascinating exhibits to keep me interested. The staff was friendly and very helpful, they clearly loved to be there.

Hector A Parayuelos

I am so happy to have the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum so relatively close to where I live. The two Museum buildings exhibit a wide variety of aircraft, both regular flying planes and spaceships. Being able to step inside of the Spruce Goose is an Indescribable experience, as is being able to stand under the immense wooden wings. If you see any of the Museum's workers walking around, feel free to ask them questions about any of the individual aircrafts, as they all have a lot of great information to share about the history of the planes.


Amazing display of bucket list aircraft. Didn't expect to find this near Portland.

Tan Johnson

Loved going to this museum!!! I actually got to go inside the Spruce Goose! You wouldn't believe how big it is!!! You can stand up and walk in the wings! All kinds of air craft including space vehicles.

Jeff Brunelle

Very clean and new. World class exhibits

Carson S Miller

This museum has a great collection of aircraft and artifacts, including the one-of-a-kind Spruce Goose, and iconic SR-71. Pass on the cafe though, I’d give it one star if I could rate is separately. It is expensive and not very high quality. They also do a bait and switch - they have real nice cookies and chips out front, but that’s not what comes with your meal. They actually serve cookies and chips from “the back” that are inferior to what is on display. And the drink cups are very small. So go for the planes, pass on the food.

Jason Kellock

Lots to see between the two separate buildings. Could have easily spent more time there. Outdoor playground was a hit for the kids and nice picnic area in trees in northern part of complex.

Samantha Hays

Wonderful museum and fun for the whole family! Lots of history to explore and plenty of exhibits to keep the kids entertained.

Angela Chadwick

Had a great time on my visit. My mother in law flew in from Florida. We had a lot to do and see. This was top three thing to do . Thanks for a wonderful time. The storm troopers where there when I visited. Super bonus!

Charlotte Fatal

This place is great. We got free passes with our Portland zoo membership. This place is about 40 min from SW PDX opens at 9 am. Brought the little one, very easy to navigate with a stroller. They have amazing planes in display including the very impressive Spruce Goose which you see as soon as you walk in. Place is great for kids, they have a separate kids are for hands on activities. They have a cafe area with high chairs and I was able to feed the little one. Nice big bathrooms with changing station. The staff a very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Overall an amazing experience and will be coming back.

Brad Eisenmann

Wonderful museum! Don't miss the Spruce Goose cockpit tour!

Liona Berkens

I'm not much of an aviation nut, but my husband is. This place has quite a few installments that he hasnt seen in person before. It was like watching a kid at a candy store. While this wasnt my cup of tea, I still found it very educational and would recommend it to anyone to stop in.

Cynthia P

We had originally seen the Spruce Goose in the Port of Long Beach and wanted to see again. The docent for the Spruce Goose was excellent. The museum has many planes and memorabilia from the space era include the Bluebird stealth plane. Unfortunately, the docents are largely unengaged including one by the entrance who was fast asleep.

Tina Rytting

I'd rate this 10 stars if I could. My 13 yo daughter who wants to be a pilot loves it. Outdoor play ground for the littles. Indoor swim park, movie theater. Awesome place for any veterans, and anyone interested in aviation and the Space Program.

Von Orgill

Great collection! Surprised to find Howard Hughes' "Spruce Goose" and an SR-71. There are so many from each era of flight from the beginning with a Wright Flyer to space flight with the Gemini and Apolo capsules and rockets, etc. We were also impressed with the the film, "The Fighter Pilot." Got a great sense for what it would be a like to be a fighter pilot in today's military with a detailed overview of the "Red Flag" training conducted at Nellis for the best pilots from around the world... real life combat exercises with 128 aircraft of all types in the air at the same time. Loved it!

Sparkley Spirit

Very educational but still fun, love going good for all ages. Customer service is good


Great displays and good costumer service. Very educational. The volunteers are very helpful and full of information.

Doug A

Truly a interesting museum with many unique and unusual displays. Plan to spend the better part of a day to see all of the displays and videos as well as at least one of the 45 minute movies.

John Thompson

Great aerospace museum. Home of the Hughes Flying Boat, a.k.a. the Spruce Goose, an SR-71 Blackbird, and multiple other great exhibits.

Marsha Lance

An excellent museum. I enjoyed the space museum the most. Entrance included an IMAX movie. You've got to go at least once! See the Spruce Goose.

Richard Oxlade

As far as aviation museums go, this place is phenomenal. First of all, the staff are all very friendly and have a great knowledge of the aircraft and all the history behind them. Of course the pinnacle of the visit is the almighty ‘Spruce Goose’, and to be able to pay a little more to sit in the cockpit is such a privilege. This aircraft is a pure legend and inspiration to the aviation community.

Mitesh Master

This place seems really rad, but the it wasn't quite able to hold the attention of an eight and nine year old. I would like to come back in a few years with them and explore further. There is a super cool playground though.

Jack Wert

Expensive but it's the only place in the world to get up close to so many iconic aircraft. Modern military jets, space race rockets, even flying condition pre war classic airplanes. Great place to spend an a few hours.

Jeff Sygney

Overall it is a great place visit. They have some great aircraft on display, the star of the show being the Hughes H-4 Hercules, aka "The Spruce Goose". Also of interest is one of the earliest DC-3's that was placed in commercial service and a variety of military and civilian aircraft. The displays have signs giving both specs and a bit of history for the aircraft. In addition to aircraft they have a good assortment of spacecraft on display. Tours of the Spruce Goose are available for a nominal fee. A hidden gem is a free tour of a US Government VC-9 (military equivalent of the DC-9-30). This was known as "Air Force 2" transporting many high ranking government officials. This is one of the Willamette Valley's treasures and deserves a visit.

Karin Ahrenholz

I have been to several Air museums and this might be my favorite! The display is fantastic and easy to walk around. There are several retired military personnel around to answer questions and talk to you about the aircraft on display. The Spruce Goose is so massive in the building that you spend most of the time walking under it! It's a marvel to look at as the same time you're wondering how it's inside!

Ryan Sheehan

Amazing exhibits, both space and aircraft. Great venue for special events. Didn't get to go to the water park, but it looked really cool.

Robert Lierman

Fascinating walk through history definitely worth the time and money. Very knowledgeable interesting staff. Did you know that the Russians put a Rover on the moon in 1970?

Ethan Hansen

It's really cool to see all of the history here, with the spruce goose and an SR-71 blackbird, a Titan II missile, and countless other historical items. Also the info on each and every display is thorough and interesting, something I can't always say for school

Anthony Munns

Unexpected pleasure in rural Oregon. Just under 100 planes from all aspects of US flight history from the Wright brothers to a Blackbird, separate space museum too. And, of course, the new home for the Spruce Goose...

LeRoy Lee

We have a big family so we tend to go to the museum for free days. They have done some really nice work on the place since we were last there. The playground is a big favorite with the younger kids. The kids space in the aviation museum had a lot of out of order signs. As the kids are getting older they are starting to appreciate the planes and space stuff more. We will be back next year.

Steve Schell

This air and space museum has a fantastic collection and very accessible!

Teagan Kathleen

I'm not super interested in aviation but the planes were cool.

D Brambrink

Well worth the drive. Helpful Docents. All aspects of aviation were covered. Food in the cafe was great.

don willey

Look at legends. Spruce Goose, SR-71 Blackbird, and many others. Each plane is uniformly labelled with signage to help reveal its place in history. Not far from Portland, it makes a great day trip for adults and children too. It houses an incredible number of planes, then after you are amazed and delighted by that, shift over to the space museum. If I remember correctly, the have capsules, spacesuits, and other artifacts from Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. There are a few unrelated collections on display including historical guns that some might find interesting. There is so freaking much stuff here that my advice for your visit is go early and plan to be there a long time.

Ken B

Really incredible collection. Free admission for serving military members! The Spruce Goose was an incredible highlight. Pictures cannot do justice to the size of this aircraft. I could spend all day there, and I nearly did. Also very impressed with the collection of spacecraft, early helicopter and plane designs, and the SR-71 Blackbird.

Jose Velez

Nice museum and awsome airplanes. Check for free tickets dates.

Heather Gibert

A really cool place for a visit. Just make sure you have ample time to see both buildings and also it is worth the extra money to go inside the "Spruce Goose" tour.

Slater Emery

This museum has one of the best collections of air and spacecraft I have seen. It was affordable and in case you wanted to see a couple of bonus attraction you can pay for that too.

k2 -----

Stunning collection, not that into planes but I was amazed. Budget ample time, lots of it.

Chris Barron

Would love to have more time hear but we had to hurry

Fair Stand The Fields of France

Proposed to my fiance here on the 4th. Water park is sick. Meaning great.


Excellent displays; lots of planes from every era. Space building also full of excellent displays. Watched their Jet Fighter" film; well done. Extra fee to be able to enter the cockpit of the Spruce Goose was worth it.

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