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REVIEWS OF Enchanted Forest IN Oregon

Kassandra Harriott

Always love this place will come back every time i can. My whole family loves it... prices are a bit steep i thought but i stopped caring the place is so much fun its worth the money and to see my family happy makes it even better :-) people here are so fun and kind it always feels great to be in there it is beautiful to walk around and to be able to play even as an adult is amazing I love it keep up the amazing work everyone

Teresa Worthington

We had so much fun as didn't want the day to end. The play was amazing, the workers were so nice and helpful.

Rebecca Thoreson

Love love love this place!! We go every summer! I love the big timber log ride! Honestly I love everything about that theme park!!

Debra Johnson

They get 5 stars mostly because there is not a lot of places like this anywhere in this area. It was nicer than I remembered from years and years ago. If you are in a wheelchair or not in decent shape the hills may be hard for you. The cute story book theme is felt throughout the park. I was going to buy my grandson a shirt but I will say I wasn't highly impressed with them. They did have his name on a cool name plate. Those were really nice. Great rides for young kids.

Kathryn Lueck

Such friendly, helpful staff. The park was in excellent shape. Bathrooms were clean and tidy. Great prices and awesome food. We had such an outrageously awesome day!

Melissa Andrea Gutiérrez

Enchanted Forest was pleasantly better than I expected. Beautiful setting; it truly feels like an enchanted forest. At first walking in and seeing the cute (but slightly dated and creepy) nursery rhyme displays I thought "Hm, this might not have been worth it," but as you go along to other parts of the park, it's super duper fun! We spent about 4 hours there (both adults with no kids). We bought 2 general admission and 2 all-day ride/attraction passes. The total was somewhere between $82-$87 total for us. It was worth it for us because we rode everything we could and went on rides multiple times. We also rode a lot of the kiddie rides. It would have been more expensive to pay per ride. General admission alone is around $13 per person. Each ride ticket is $1 but some of the cooler rides require 4 tickets per person per ride, which might be cheaper if you don't foresee riding many rides. There was a super fun play, Irish music performance, and cheesy but cool water show. I recommend seeing all of these things! I also enjoyed the Challenge of Mondor, Haunted House, log ride (you get quite wet but they lend you ponchos to wear), and Ice Mountain ride. Lots of cute things to walk around and look at too! The rides or cool attractions aren’t wheelchair or stroller friendly (lots of stairs), but the rest of the park is! Although, you’d have to be in really good shape to push someone up a wheelchair! Some of those slopes are very steep. We felt like kids! It was cute and we had lots of fun. Food options are super limited though, especially for someone not eating gluten. I did enjoy it here!

Kimberly B

Pretty cool place. Children love it. Be ready to walk a very steep hill!

Patrick Davis

Easily one of the most interesting cultural experiences I've ever had and the rides aren't bad either. The haunted house is a major highlight, possibly the best one I've ever been to

Gwenny Williams

So much fun! Very great way to spend an afternoon for basically anyone at any age! I would not recommend going if you need walking assistance, as the paths can be quite steep, but it is absolutely worth it and not dangerous, just tiresome. I loved it!


This is very appropriate for families with small children (toddler thru age 10 or 11). Beyond that don't expect much. Still a cool place to say you've visited at least once.

Kari Vargas

So much fun for the family! A little spendy. I would opt for buying tickets for rides instead of a wristband. Not sure we got our money's worth there. Besides that, the rides and attractions were great for all ages!

Evan Daggett

My kids, aged 1 to 9, had a great time! Lots of hills and not enough restrooms, but all in the shade. It was hot, but with the tree cover it was pleasant. For about $40 you get in and can ride all of the rides. Most rides are kid-friendly. There are plenty of treats and drinks to purchase. The whole them is "storybook" and the decor matches well. It feels like Disneyland in the 90s! Pretty cool. :)

James C

We had an enjoyable time. I remember coming here as a kid, and 20 years later back again. Still has the same fun and interesting vibe!

Amber Dry

Enchanted Forest is the best. It was built in the 70's and has an old school feel to it. Lots of old fairy tales that it's centered around. There's a haunted house, a mini roller coaster, and a log flume. Totally worth a visit.

Ellen Burns

Beautifully kept, clean and shaded grounds; safely maintained rides with well-trained, friendly and helpful staff. Much fun for children and adults, all doable in one day.

Tammy Hahn

Great place to spend the day with the kids but don't bother buying a ride bracelet unless that's all you're going to do there. It would have been lots cheaper to just get the necessary tickets to ride.


Fun, artistically peculiar vibe and overall a must place to visit while in Salem Oregan for kids and adults! Loved the haunted house and the history behind Enchanted Forest is intriguing! We even saw the creator/artist/owner zoom by on his scooter.. awesome!

Rachel Gatchet

We have been going here every year since I was a kid and I am now taking my own kids. It is one of my favorite places to go every year!

Monica Murray

Fun even for adults! I took my nephew and expected to be bored to tears, but I actually loved it. Quirky, quaint, set in a beautiful forest, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Super clean too with nice restrooms. We brought a picnic lunch and made a day of it. Absolutely great.

Sachin Tharakan

Good place for kids to stay busy and run around exhaust their energy. My Kids really enjoyed the rides and especially the shoe slide. I did it too. They also have reasonable food provisions at inexpensive price.

Hannah Kendall

This was a great place for our first grade field trip with no rides. Kids had fun exploring and love the shady trails. It is quirky and not updated but still super fun. The play of Little Red Riding Hood was hilarious! Acting was great and interactive with the kids. Love that it's here in Salem. :)

Michael stratton-quirk

Disney Land is trash compared to this place! The lines are short, the rides are great, and even little ones love it! We did four loops through every single ride/attraction and loved every moment.

Trisha Mogstad

This is one of my childhood vacation memories and I was able to share it with my now 2 1/2 year old and my husband. It was alot like I remembered with more rides. It was a very fun time my son enjoyed most of it. He was a little scared of the cave darkness but we made it out fine. We will most likely return.

MaLisa Tosh

Kids had fun, but we did every thing in about 2 hours. For the price there are certainly better things to take the kids to that they will enjoy more. Also REALLY needs a new coat of paint of everything.

Abdulrahman keilani

Amazing place and well built. Giving it 4stars for two main reasons; many toys are broken down and not marked for example the remote controlled boats number 7 and 8 and some of the rifles at the shooting range behind it. Second reason is staff; they should know that this place is mainly for kids so they have to be tolerant and patient with them. You have to wait for kids age 3 or 4 years old to decide which cart or boat they want.

Arianna Stone

We come here every year for our daughter's birthday. From the rides, to the face-painting, to the shows, she loves every second of it. She is 4 years old and always has a blast. The prices are very reasonable, they even let you bring in your own lunch from outside. The roller coaster is fun even for grownups. I think it's most fun for the under 10 years old crowd, teenagers might be a bit bored, but for our family, it's wonderful.

Tina Basharel

Great for families with smaller children, but the cost for a full ticket day, is expensive; 4 adult tickets just shy of $200. Beautiful grounds, park like features. We satisfied our adult curiosity within 1 1/2 hours, and left. The owner-creator rides around the park on a scooter, so you may catch a look at him. It is a very cool park, I wish I had known about it when my grandkids were small.

Rex Barrong

What a wonderfully enhanced place. It used to be run down and dirty. New owners have cleaned it up and the staff is exceptionally friendly, as well as well staffed areas. Had a great time with my 3 year old granddaughter.

Karen Gale

Excellent place to bring children of all ages. I got to be a child again and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Can't wait to bring the grandkids on the next trip!

Kaelyn Vandenburg

Imagine Disneyland when they first opened, only this place has been open for 40+ years and still has friendly staff and isn't overly crowded and doesn't try to nickle and dime you. My 3 little ones loved it and my husband and I loved the friendliness and not fearing losing our kids in a huge mass of people. Definitely want to come back again and again. Only wish they did a Spooky Forest event on Halloween.

Daniel Post

I love this place! Hadn't been since I was a kid (1989). It is definitely geared more towards younger kids, but a blast for our group of 5 adults nonetheless. Staff are very courteous and helpful. Food and goodies are tasty. Fun games, rides, face-painting, interactive activities, etc. A beautiful gem in the hills surrounded by trees.

Unicorn Rainbow

Cute and magical constructed areas, but the Challenge of Mondor is a laughably bad attraction with finicky sensors and no way to tell where you're aiming the laser. Rest of the park is endearing and scenic.

Joshua LaForge

Pretty much what you would expect. My 4 year old son loved it and enjoyed both the log ride and the roller coaster. Adults are there for their kids. This is not Six Flags, with rides that are going to amuse teens or older.


What a fun day we had walking around this place. Lots of little corners with interesting things packed in them to look at and daydream over .The park was very clean and the staff was very courteous and friendly. My daughters 10 and 14 loved it and didnt want to leave at the end of the day. Its nice to be able to enjoy the entire parks offerings within a 4 hour or so time span but we move kind of quick without much down time.

Braedon Mccracken

Everyone should try out this theme park! They have everything from rides to small tunnels you crawl through underground and a water show. It's nostalgic, cost friendly and silly.

irina burda

Super wonderful. Had my 4 year old with me. We had a great time. Had to wait in line. Not too bad. Definitely recommend for young family.

Jen Loomis

There's nothing like Enchanted Forest. Fun rides, whimsical houses and mazes, slides, and a storybook theme throughout. Think Rip van Winkle, little miss muffet, and goldilocks. Your kids will love it. But adults have just as much fun. I go with a group of friends in our thirties and we love it! In-and-out privileges and outside food welcome.

Duessa Holscher

Nostalgic fun in a beautiful wooded setting. The log ride has to be the coolest anywhere! Ride the log through an actual forest hillside before the final plunge. Lots of fun for toddlers and young kids, older teens will probably find it too tame.

Keith McKalister

Great family atmosphere with plenty for adults to do and look at. Take a walk through a storybook land where you and kids can enjoy a crawling cave, countless quaint buildings and a nice slide. Then enjoy the carousel, bobsled rollercoaster, log ride, bumper boats, ferris wheel and so much more. Don't forget to take in one of the many plays that are put on in the theater. Lots of fun shops to look through also. The cream cheese pretzels are fantastic

Pam P

Beautifully updated! The parking lot was full .I thought there would be a ton if people. Since the park was expanded some time ago there was no crowding anywhere! It's been family tradition of 40 years! Always clean. We even recovered an item in lost and found!

Matthew Fujimoto

One of the best places to go in Oregon. Locally owned and operated. Lots of things for the kids to do. The theater and Irish show are fun to watch.

Shane Swilley

I was pleasantly surprised at how well maintained and fun this place is. Great spot for kids.

Thomas Magill

Great place for youngster. Age 5 - 10, others would also enjoy. We skipped the rides, didn't seem worth it ($27?). Food was good and reasonably priced. I would recommend this place. A bit tough for those with mobility issues. Lots of up and down

Shanshan He

Fantastic place for taking the little ones. I would say children of 3-6 would enjoy the most. Friendly staff. Place is relaxed and children-oriented. We did everything except for the log and ice mountain rides, lines were too long there. Everything else didn’t require long wait. The western town was a bit out of place and fell to “county fair” cheesiness but tolerable. We spent most time at story-themed nursery rhymes- themed places, as well as bumper cars etc. Kiddo asks to go to enchanted forest every day!

Amanda Motley

I love this place! My family went when I was little, so it has a lot of nostalgia for me. I highly enjoy taking my own kids now. The park has had some nice updates and continues to have my childhood favorite! Great for all ages!

Brett Downes

This place is better than I was expecting, I really appreciate it having to walk through a path at first which took us through a cut out in the woods. was a few things for every age group. It seemed a little more expensive than I would have thought it would be, however parking was easy and it was not overcrowded. Food cost wasn't too bad either, would have been a five star of the price to come in would not have been so over done

Derek Phillips

Kids love this place, as do I... When my knees aren't acting up. Prepare for some up and down terrain. It's just fine, but keep it in mind if you're talking Grandpa and Grandma with you, or a gimp like myself. Lots of entertainment available with general admission. I usually don't doesn't another dime on tickets and rides. The play is included and is absolutely terrific. Performances are astounding, not just for the venue, but anywhere. I'm surprised that all the kids just love it. Actually, I'm surprised they can sit there for the entirety of the performance... Not the fact that they enjoy it. Can't say I've ever eaten there. But, I'm prepared to offer that it's expensive like all other theme parks. If it's a scorcher, I will pay for the log ride. As it is a quick way to cool off and equally enjoyable. All the original artistic displays are well cared for and a marvel in and of themselves. The park was obviously a passionate endeavor and that really shines through. It's truly a mix of old and new, nostalgia and tech advancement. The staff so seem to enjoy the summer job and that makes for happy employees, ergo, great customer satisfaction. A fine point other models choose to ignore. I applaud you, people of the Enchanted Forest, employees, owners, management. Thank you keeping the dream alive.

Patrick LaBaum

Went for my wife's 36th birthday. Still a fun place to go, first time there in over 20 years. Family had a great time with log ride and the one rollercoaster. The only downside is that the entire theme park is on a hillside. Even after years of not going I would still recommend it.

Mellody Wilkins

Kitschy, wierd unique place! Must see for families in town. Plenty of rides and fun interesting scenes to see and explore!

Hannah Saunders

I grew up coming to the Enchanted Forrest. I loved it as a kid and I love it as an adult. My kids are 14, 11 and 7 and they all love coming here. It is quirky and fun. Today they had people playing live music in some areas and it made the experience even better.


Ouch!! $12 + $27.95 for a ride bracelet. For kiddie rides. Ok for 6 and under. Spend some of this fortune on upgrades. Might attract more patrons.

Megan Vry

Cheesy but in the amazing wonderful way. Really enjoyed everything! Highly recommend ! All the small amazing details made it feel so "magical".

Scott Schaefer

We visit once per year, every year. My kids have a fantastic time every year, and us grownups get a good workout walking up the hill. Highly recommended!

Sylvia Ayala

We had a wonderful time, but we have been for 30 years! This is an excellent family owned business! General admission is reasonable, food and snacks are priced well as are their souvenirs. Lots to do; a broad variety of activities. Ride prices and availability of kiddie rides beats any parking lot carnival. I never felt like I was being gouged on anything! It's also an excellent opportunity to reconnect with nursery rhymes and fairie tales long since abandoned.

Brittney Tudor

Had an awesome time. We went right at opening no lines good quick ride turn around. So glad i got to share one of my childhood memories with my son.

Anthony Wamsley

This place was awesome to take our kids. The rides are super fun and the whole place was an amazing adventure. We will definitely go back. I do have to say that some of the staff could have been more helpful though. Other then that it was amazing!


Super fun and not very expensive. My 2 year old had a blast. And I saw lots of older kids up to around 14 who were having fun as well.

Mandy Marie

Absolutely amazing. Clean, everyone friendly, rides were SO fun, and storybook village was beautiful. Can't wait to come back

Ovy Popa

Spent great time with my kids. Price a little high, but affordable. We'll visit again

Scott Zanio

The kids (5, 10, &16) had a blast!!!! Reasonable prices for food and entry. 40 tickets lasted the day.

patrick rudolf

This place is fantastic for a small theme park. Great way to spend a day with the family. I would recommend the ride bracelets if your kids are old enough for the log jam ride and the bobsled roller coaster. Small medieval village and a western town. The fairy tale walk is a great intro. Food was decent at the nation snack shack. The bbq at the western town smelled delicious. Did not try. Worth the visit!

Paul Krier

Good fun for kids 3 to 10. The food was surprisingly reasonably priced. Admission and ride band was a bit expensive for a park this size.

Eric Torres

Much better than I expected. The kids loved it so much that I think the admission prices were well worth it. A lot of thought and care has been put into the details of this park. There's attention to safety, but they keep the themed feel about it all. Well done.

Dhananjay Raghunathan

Very kid friendly place that is well themed out for children's fairy tales. Never excessively crowded. Children and adults enjoy this place alike.

Brande Whitaker

Fabulous place!! Amazing staff!! Clean and budget friendly. Great food and service!! Highly recommend.

Jay Hamann

Went here a lot as a kid and was wanted to share it with my children. I was very happy to find out that most of it has aged really well. It was well kept up. Food was very reasonable. My kids had a blast. It's not Disneyland, but it's fun, local and a heck of a lot cheaper.

David Standhope

How can you NOT love this Amazing little amusement park?? It's part roadside silliness, part fairytale land, part nature trail, and... a little surreal too. At times, you start to wonder if kids should find it scary instead of funny, but they seem to love it! Adults laugh it up, I can assure you, and the abundant shade ensures you get some respite from the heat or driving if you have been on the road! There are great places to grab food, drinks, even ice cream! Prices at the gate are nice- you buy a ticket in, then choose if you wish ride tickets or not. If so, you can buy a few or a lot, or an all day pass. We don't do rides, but there are so many things to do... from walking the paths to see the sights, to some of the free slides and caves and such, to coin-op shooting galleries and whatnot. They have an eerie haunted house that looks quite authentic, and a bobsled ride, a log ride, and even some kiddie rides! Really, I was most grateful for the pure, heartfelt cheesy pureness of it all. I mean, Roadside America is slipping away... and yet this is still here. I hope it always is. Don't miss it. When it's gone, the world will be a sadder place, because it's gone.

Michael M

A wonderful land of fantasy for little imaginations. Your young kids will enjoy the magic of the Enchanted Forest. The story of how the park was created is fantastic as well. If you have small kids, find some time to stop in to create memories and wonder.

Diana Finkenaur

This place was so much fun. My almost four year old son is the perfect age to start enjoying this place, and he loved it! The rides and activities and walk-through exhibits are kooky with just a hint of creepy/scariness. We didn't do too many rides, because he's not quite interested yet, but the train, carousel and bumper boats we're a hit.

G Messinger

My family has visited Enchanted Forest many times. We have an abundance of great memories here and we will return many more times. There's fun for almost any age to have a blast all day long.

Enrique Vallejo

I love this place! I've gone here since I was a young boy! Now I bring my kids and they share the love! Amazing place!

Jonathan Owens

I think if you grew up here this is probably a treasured childhood memory. If you didn't, read up on the story before you go. What looks like cheapness or laziness is really something more like humility. It's a family thing, the dream of one man realized through tremendous effort. And the staff are really nice. Really, there's no place like this anywhere else. Treasure it for that.

Mark Beach

Fantastic place to bring kids! Especially when young but still fun rides for the 12 to 14ish crowd. And also fun rides for parents! Way cool.

kelsey salazar

This place was fun! Went with a bunch of teens! The log ride was the best out of the '4 ticket rides', but the place definitely had charm, really good prices on snacks and just overall a fun place to spend a day! All staff was great, did I mention how fun the log ride was? I got soaked, and I loved it!

Ramon A

My kids had a great time! Price wasn't too bad the lines weren't long our original plan was to go to the zoo and I'm glad we went here instead!

Stish Stash

A cute fairy tale themed park for the kids with some mild rides. Good food too, I personally recommend the pizza at the Jolly Roger Inn. The entertainment is enjoyable for more than just little kids. As a bonus around 95% of the park is in the shade so you wont get all hot and sweaty walking around, but a light jacket is preferable because it does get a little chilly. A little expensive but if you have room in your schedule for a day trip you should bring the family.

Nikki Stewart

Such a cute, affordable, family fun adventure park. We visit with the little ones and stay all day riding the rides, walking the park and watching the performances.

Kimberly Lehmann

Not what you remember from 20 years ago. Yes this place has been around a long long time. My parents took me back in the 70's.... This place has AAA and military discount ... You pay admission fee and once in it's free to walk around. All the "older" exhibit / pathways are free to look at and walk through. If you want to ride on any rides you have to buy a bracelet or tickets. You can buy these inside the park so you don't have to decide at the entrance how much you want to spend. They have small kiddie rides in one area (the old mother shoe slide is free) and a couple of rides for older kids /teens (and adults) in another area. See their website for ride info. They do have a water log splash ride... So if you go on a warm day (ha ha Oregon) expect long lines

inside beauty

Best place I've ever taken my kids. i wish it didn't end. Best money spent our whole 4 day Oregon vacation. could have spent 2 days there instead of 1 with all there is to do. We will definitely be going back! No lines for rides, kind staff, magical environment. well made, creatively done and thought out, and 100% worth every penny!!

Michael Edmondson

Wow. This is not your average theme park, you can feel the love and the elbow grease. Just amazing. Let your imagination run. They are so nice they will let you sell back your unused ride tickets, if that doesn't hook you I don't know what will... How about cheap food? Yeah they got it. We had a lovely afternoon enjoying the place. Beautiful location tucked on a wooded hillside (baby strollers beware). Free parking, bring your own lunches. It doesn't get any better. Go play it's only open for the summer....

Clinton Boyda

Family friendly, clean and enjoyable stop on the way by. Best for younger kids (under 12). Would love to see hand dryers instead of paper towels and a little more interactive things in the haunted house . Indian cave maze is awesome! Live Irish music is very refreshing, need more live input like this to help add soul to everyone’s heart!

Amy Makovy

The neatest place on earth! Love the amazing tall trees that this little theme park is nestled in. So beautiful and so much fun! Wear good walking shoes

Nitrous Beast

Love this place, my mom used to take us here as kids every year and I recently went and it was just as awesome as I remember it when I was a kid but this time I took my kids here and they had so much fun and its in such great shape still even after decades. The place is magical and it definitely has an aura, even the smells are the same, if you have never been here and you have kids come check it out, its unique and fun for the whole family.


Loved the music and I didn't want to leave at all!! The haunted house was amzing and made me jump. Rides are a bit loud but very enjoyable for all ages! Lines aren't even that long and less then a 30 minute wait!

Wendy Lewis

The park was very clean and well maintained, especially considering how old parts of it are! Employees were very nice. My 8 year old had a great time. My favorite part is the theater; they always do a great job, and it's free!

Glitter Queen

We love going here! It's quaint and great for children 10 and under. Expect to stay a full day!

Nebula Stitches

What a fabulous little theme park! Entry is a little pricey, but the park is so cute and full of photo ops and lots to see and interact with! Our favorite ride was Mondor, a very cute magical trackless ride. The whole space is so whimsical and sweet. I can see this being a fun little day trip destination every so often. I'm sure it's great for kids, but as a group of adults we had a blast!

E _S

Great place for the kiddos! Brought my daughters 8,6, &4 and they could go on all the rides! 36" and up is ideal here. Perfect for little kids


Fun for the kids. Plenty to do. Lots of different fairly tale related attractions to walk through. there are also rides. Get face paintings starting at about $6. There is a haunted house along with a bunch of small rides including a log ride in the water. A bunch of different places to eat including an area with a small and a little dated water show, fun for the younger ones. In the western area there is pulled pork. All in all it's a great place to stop with the little ones on a long road trip through Oregon.

Angela Tipton

I've been coming to Enchanted Forest since I was a little kid and it's always been an "enchanting" place. This place holds such good memories for me and even better, I get to share the joy with my son now. They're adding new rides and activities and it's been fun to see it grow over the years!

Brian West

Great fun for kids and family. Appreciate they have kept so much of the old portions of the park which is great for nostalgia as well as adding great new attractions. The wooded environment is perfect for sparking the imagination and it was so great to visit after so many years with the next generation

Corey Stephenson

Brought Grandma, Great Grandma, and out 5 y.o. and 10 month old with us today. Field trippers were there and just added more fun for the kids. We didnt spend much money inside on rides or food. We appreciate that picnicking is encouraged, we did not bring anything with us. Both kids had fun and we had a nice walk with them. Lots of families with little ones, and lots of space for everyone to zoom around. The jogging stroller fit into and through some areas but not others. There is a stroller parking area by the log ride/carousel. None of the ticket kiosks were open, and neither were the restaurants/food/ice cream parlor. Trash cans were mostly full by 11:15 but the grounds were very clean. The cast was friendly in every section and we heard questions being answered respectfully and cheerfully. We saw adults with no children enjoying themselves, as well as some teen groups having a ball. Our 5 y.o. was tall enough for the rides (whew!). Will visit again, will pack a lunch and bring the same stroller. Will remember to bring pennies for the press, too!

Hilary Malcomson

A bit of a splurge but some good ol family fun. Only 4 stars as its hard with a 2 yr old regarding height requirements including the young rides so please check them

Chris Gahlsdorf

This place is a nostalgic gem in our community. They've taken great care of it over the years adding improvements since I was a kid. The prices are reasonable considering they are open seasonally. They have rides for all ages and heights of children. Sure it's no Disney but it's got a unique "enchanted" charm about it. I'd love to see them further expand while keeping the spirit of Toftes idea intact.

Drew McKay

Love it every time I go no matter my age.

Aaron Brown

My 5 year old loved it here. The outside of the buildings looked great. The paths were nicely paved and clean. The staff was fr6and helpful. We had a great time. I would like to see some of the exhibits cleaned and updated.

OurPVCabin - South Lake Tahoe Cabin

After traveling past this place a couple times we finally caught it open (winter hours are only Sat, Sun.) We were very impressed how this seemingly small fairy tale spot kept going and going. It kept us and our toddler busy for a couple hours looking around. Couldn’t do a lot of the rides with our little guy but will definitely return when he gets bigger. Check it out!

Rocky Layton

This place is great for adults and kids. Mellow atmosphere lines not too long. Reasonably priced food.

MoMi R

Love it. They buy back unused tickets on your way out. It's a very awesome experience for young children. My child had a great time both times we went.

C. Starkweather

It really is Enchanted! A must stop for families of young children I'd say 5 - 15.. all ages will have fun! So go anyway! Just give yourself a good 4-5 hours then get right back on i5 easily.

Chelsea Zerbe

I grew up going to this place often. I absolutely love it even as an adult. An Oregon treasure for sure.

Tyrel Johnson

So much fun here! The whole family had a great time exploring and riding the rides. We enjoyed the attractions and entertainment. The whole experience was just a little bit magical. Kids and adults alike had fun. In all honesty bringing a child does make it even more fun. Food was good, price was decent, parking was easy.

Mitch Ablove

Great place to take the kids. The Fairy Tales were great fun for all ages.

Anna Statsenko

Awesome place for children. Would be nice to add more rides for children. Food is enough there. Should be not about the food but about the rides.

Matthew Parsons

Waitress handled our large group with humor and flexibility. (Though it was still slower than I thought it should have been.) I had the Viking burger with fries and side salad - a ridiculous amount of meat, everything was at least "pretty good".

Danielle Mall

This place is so well thought out. Don't get me wrong, you are going to get a workout. This place is built into the hill side. It is constant up and down trails and attractions. To counter this though, there are places to sit everywhere. I do mean everywhere. Unless it says "do not sit", you can sit on it. Also, while the walkways can be narrow, there are pull offs and look-outs/lounges strategically placed throughout the park. All the staff is super sweet, and can help you find them, as somethings can be kinda of hidden. I do suggest bringing your own food. Their options are, at best, on par with generic theater food. Priced a little better, but not by much. Lots of different places spread out across the park as well. This makes it easy to find food whenever everyone decides they are hungry. The price point is fairly reasonable. I spent almost half of what I planned to, and I bought/did what ever I wanted. Make sure when deciding to buy bracelets or tickets for rides, you do your research. Most of the rides are kiddie rides. The three "adult" rides are, the two rollercoasters, and a "ride" where all you are doing is slowly rolling through an attraction trying to "shoot" monsters. Also remember there will most likely been lines and you will only get to do all the rides (with kids) only once. Unless of course you only do rides and no attractions. All in all, I highly recommend this place. The fact that it is privately owned and yet so well maintained, just adds to it charm. TLDR:Great place, Cheaper than Disneyland, bring your own food, consider tickets instead of bracelets for rides.

Ericka Brozio

This place is so awesome! The kids all had fun and the husband and I enjoyed the weather (it's all shade and feels great even in august!) and the price tag! All around great time!

michelle strauss

So much fun!! I have 2 teenagers and we still had a blast. Good food and not too expensive easy to get to

Evelyn Estes

I've been going to this place since I was a child. My last visit was with my children. Yesterday I got to go with my sister just us. It truly was an amazing experience that brought back great memories of our childhood. It's a must take your kids kind of place. Or just an amazing place to bring back great memories.

Shannon Young

Always a fun place to go!!! The two big rides were closed, so that was sad. But they did half price bracelets, so that was awesome. Great day! Still a blast! The staff is always friendly and nice. What's a great place to take your kids it's like a storybook enchanted Forest like the crooked house they have a play that you can watch they have rabbit tunnels for the kids to crawl through underground there's a place to have eat and drinks places to go to the bathroom very clean place 10.50 to get it

Mark Fredenburg

Its romantic, fun, and just a good place to relax a little from the fast pace of life. Hold hands, love well, and fill back up with the joy of life.

Phil V

Beautiful, charming, quaint, a creative place to escape life's troubles. Worth the price of the ticket and even more in memories! The live theatrical shows were well-acted, well-rehearsed and funny. The park itself is clean and tidy along the paths and the staff very friendly and welcoming multiple times throughout the park oh, I was very impressed with that. The attractions themselves were creative, clever and certainly transported you to another dimension allowing you to escape. I'd say it's a great place to send your mind on vacation and set your body free as you walk down the lovely pass through the forest of old growth trees. With every turn you found something new, exciting and inviting. The Tofte family has done a miraculous job at creating something legendary and worth preserving. Most amazing is to think that this 20-acre property was built by hand and there is still room to expand and I can't wait until more changes take place. Again, a legacy worth preserving, always! Do yourself a favor, drop what you're doing, grab someone then head to Enchanted Forest now! You won't be sorry if you do - you'll only be sorry if you don't.

Robin Davi

I love this place. It is a little piece of my childhood that I get to share with my kids. I have never had a bad experience. The staff are so friendly and helpful and I always keep on watch for Roger sightings. The rides are fun and longer than typical amusement park rides, the storybook walk is wonderful, the food is good, you will get a good workout going up and down the hill. I have nothing but positives to say.

Jenifer Harrison

The kids (5 and 7) had a blast. They loved the walk in, mazes, and slides so much we never got to the rides.

Kathryn Sayre

I grew up coming here on vacations every summer. It was our family's favorite place to visit. After living in Oregon as an adult for 5 years, I decided to return a week before moving away. I'm so glad that I did. Very little has changed about the park - it has been well maintained and still holds every bit of magic and wonder that it had when I was a child. I love this park and I'm all glad that they maintained it so well. I will definitely be returning as many times as I can.

Michael Wood

Just a great little theme park from yesteryear! Kitschy, cute, and a lot of fun.

Meagan Jones

Very fun. Me and boyfriend went for my birthday and had a great time! It's good for those who haven't gone on a roller coaster before (like I hadn't) but want to try one.

Amber C

Such a sweet, geeky, Oregon place. We loved it. We will be going back to visit soon. If you visit Oregon and like fairy tales the sculptures are cool. It's not about the rides. They are fun too.


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