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63095 Deschutes Market Rd, Bend, OR 97701, United States

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Where is Deschutes National Forest Administration Headquarters?

REVIEWS OF Deschutes National Forest Administration Headquarters IN Oregon

Heather P

Beautiful location, had a great picnic out there.

Gerald Lee

Very quiet and relaxing. Not as green as i like but still nice

Yvette/Eevee Diggs

Beautiful weather and scenery

James E

So beautiful, and well maintained. The close proximity to bend makes it an easy trip out for the weekend.

Anastasia Belyaeva

We we're at Link Lake and liked it

Ellie Rose

had a lovely time exploring, but i was disappointed that the path felt more like a road.

Laurence Lloyd

I get my head straight in theses woods

Jon Small

Excellent access to beautiful scenery. Kid friendly. Well maintained and clearly marked trails. Beautiful stuff right here!

Octavia Powell

Nature at it's best

Michael Coe

I grew up all over those woods love to go back and run arround

david lee

Very beautiful and serene.

Tyler Wildman

A large forest with plenty if outdoor activities to do.

Linda Helget

always beautiful country, relaxing or busy, my choice.

SOB Kargianis

Probably the first and last good Vacation I have had

JT Outdoors Adventures

Winter or summer, it is always a beautiful place to camp, hike, or just drive through.


Lots of hiking and amazing mountain biking opportunities. Once you find the new office, lots of info and trail maps to get you out and about. They are doing great work on this Forest to get wood to the mills, and working with the community.


Quiet, dry and dusty

Glenda Pascoe

Great hike and beautiful views

Chris Amo

The views of all the mountains is amazing

Teresa Kidder

Wow, really loved this!

Jose Juan Gonzalez

Great place to take photos and fishing

Ben Hargis

Beautiful places to see, the only downside these days is sharing it with the over crowding California and Portland tourists.

dana skelly

Clean with friendly and helpful staff

Karen Husted

Nice hiking areas for easy to moderate levels. Interesting terrain and a lava tube to walk in if you want. Fun.

Joel Stutzman

The best in central Oregon

Troy Mcdonald

All the photo's are from Covert Customs LLC in Sisters, OR

Chad Lybarger

Very nice place.

John Gordon

People around here really love there outdoors here and it shows. Lots of bike, horse, walking and even off road vehicle access. If your looking for bathrooms, showers, etc stick to a camp ground. Also remember, there's lots of private property scattered throughout.

Tina Palmer

Great hiking and beautiful scenery

Kelly Harrington

Stunningly beautiful part of the country with towering pines and roads twisting in, around, up, and down awesome mountains. Loved every second!

Landon Caldwell

Great staff, super helpful, they are doing it right here!

Daniel, I Am

Crane Prairie Resort, awesome lake, awesome fishing, awesome camping, Awesome Awesome AWESOME.... Nothing else need be said!

Nena Booker

Beautiful travel by train

Philip Hayes

Very helpful with local conditions and hiking areas

Karson Elkins

Great for all kinds of outdoor activities

Richard Egger

Beautiful, expansive and a real treasure☺

Del Frint

They force us to pay to go into OUR national forests. We own OUR national forests. Yes, We The People own all national forests not the feds....

Kurt Thomas Hunt

Beautiful! So much to offer and all in close proximity to beautiful Bend.

Nolan Dost

Beautiful sights but ordinary and somewhat outdates facilities hold the beauty of this location back. Still beautiful regardless and worth the visit

Andrew Warner

Amazing place for all types of adventure

Jacob Daniel

Always a beautiful view driving through here

Leeann Lingle

Very fun time

Aaron Willis

Very helpful people!

Geraldine Treguboff

It is a nice to visit

steve anderson

Great drive on 97.

Salvatore Conti

Wander around the lake boat across it. A peaceful and great place to visit.

Nikolai frolov

It's just beautiful

Amanda Browning

Fresh air, clean water. Adventure awaits for various abilities & ages!

Elizabeth Pritchett

Great place for hiking, camping, and all things nature!

AnB H Cleaner

We camp last week my family off-road 42 National Forest and 4280 area that I think is the backside of wickiup reservoir and we really love it and enjoy it. it is also a great place for large families for kayaking, fishing or just relaxing on a hammock.

Brent Gaskey

More interested in limiting public use of the land than providing a service.any areas that we used to camp at or use for recreation have now been blocked off under the guise of safety or reclamation. The fact of the matter is, it's just easier to keep the public out.

The Fashion Police.

Great place, love nature.


Work threw here ashalt!

Dave Grall

Overrated, over ran, dirty, Dusty. I would suggest the Mt Hood wilderness area, more scenic, clean & not as many people.

Pablo Peña

de owner ys bery bery cool

Jayme Driscoll

This place is beautiful. Loved seeing all the geenery again!

Sandra Ramp

Just lovely.

Bryan Goff

This is place is really special. I enjoyed it a bunch.

Sandy Bean

Great road ride motorcycle

Natasha Michel

A really fun hike and beautiful scenary.

Doug Dickson

Great place to find out about the area. There is a ranger presentation that educates you about the significance of the area. The ranger will give you first hand facts and knowledge of the area.

scott sarkisian

Cool park. Well maintained.


It's an Administration office. There's not much to say about it LOL

Deb Davis

Words cannot express the pure beauty of this place!

Don Leske

Great place love it here perfect weather 300 days of sun where else can you ask for?

Christen Brown

Beautiful, clean water. Stunning views, friendly camp hosts. Clean parks, beautiful drive.

Jeff Taylor

Beautiful Good fishing and swimming

Lara Fishkin

Clear Lake Resort, simple cabins, kayak & boat rentals

Erik Pronold

Great forest managed mostly for recreation and wilderness. Roads are rough and need maintenance which most likely won't happen anytime soon. A fair amount of people at campsites.

Theresa Kim

I didn't go there

Ruth Montgomery

Beautigul beyond words!! I started camping in the Rockies before I could walk well over 60 years ago so I feel at home in the outdoors. If I could live there I would.

Jon Scully

Beautiful drive through the forest. Will be back for camping/backpacking.

Liane Huie

Good place to walk though can look very dry.

Scott Kincanon

Great stopping off point! Get info, reccomendations, permits and directions before heading up into the cascades. Staff was friendly and helpful. In and out in a matter of minutes.

Matthew Hatfield

Great place to hike, fish, back. Great lakes, rivers, and hiking trails

Mark Krmpotich

Great area to visit

jon dude

Super friendly staff and they know Thier stuff. Did you know mushroom hunting permits are free? ;)

Damon Jeffrey

Really pretty park. Lots of good hiking


Beautiful and lovely can't wait to go back

Wesley Pipes

Great forests and wildlife. The stars are beautiful at night.

Warren Billington

Beautiful trails, well kept and easy to follow

Chris Anderson

Awesome nature exploration as usual for an Oregon National Forest

Enrique Casablanca

Don't go here, place is over packed. Go to Crater Lake.

Eoj Yksaper

Not sure why I'm reviewing trees.

Helen McCormick

Very interesting place and good visuals.

Jessica Payne

Hike, bike, kayak, paddboard, ski, snowshoe. You can do it all!

Todd Wanchic

Beautiful area of oregon. A must see.

Bryce Stewart

This park is stunning. If you are thinking of going just stop. Go immediately and see it for yourself

Todd Mc Intyre

I came early in the morning to take photos of the Sisters mountain range. At 5:30 a.m. it's a breathtaking View and there are no Chinese tourists.

Benjamin Oom

Well maintained trails and beautiful scenery

Phil Hager

Friendly, helpful staff.

Chuck Rosenfeld

Dechutes National Forest offers unmatched recreational variety....public downhill and cross-country ski areas, snowmobile and snow shoe areas with warming huts, an extensive system of mountain biking trails, excellent white water runs, over 150 lakes for canoeing and fishing and fantastic wilderness areas...even th Newberry Volcanic National Monument! Only negative is the required Northwest Forest Pass which was supposed to be temporary, over a decade ago.

Brian Beatty

I really wish Washington State could get there parks in shape like Oregon. We have way too many liberals closing down our roads and giving us nothing to do to relax and have fun in Washington State period in Oregon however the parks are well groomed well-maintained and people welcome you to be out in the woods and enjoy yourself. Bravo Oregon

Craig Drury

Clean restrooms throughout and can't beat all the trails, lakes and rivers. Unreal area

Gary Nason

It's a great place to get away from the busy life and slow down

Ted H

Ranger on duty was extremely helpful looking for maps and answering questions.

Jess Larsen

It's just so great

Fizzymagic Knapp

Hiked a canyon, trails by a local group. Fun.

Mike Nemeth

I've been here a number of times as my family has grown up. The park is beautiful and never looks the same twice. There are so many aspects that it will take me at least a half dozen more visits before I feel like I really know the place. My kids are grown now and still love it. Memories were made here. Good ones. The kind you remember fondly when getting together with family.

Aiden Chodelle

Useless Service to the public. CLOSED on the weekend when the public need licenses for recreation! Being Open on weekdays is so myopic when the public is at work, or dealing with school pickups, shopping, etc. Obviously, staggering their shifts so as to cover weekend service is expecting too much of state / county employees paid for by Public taxes.


Beautiful drive through the forest.

Jeff Freeman

What's not to like about the Deschutes National Forest. Some say there's too many people out there, I say that's not such a bad thing because I just have to outrun them if there's a bear or a cougar.

Claire Becker

We hike in the national forest often and always enjoy it. It's clean and the rivers offer a cool break from the high desert.

Ian Connors

A very beautiful and well maintained trail

Kathy Harter

Don't miss seeing Lake Paulina and East Lake. The road is rough but the lake views are well worth the short bumpy drive. Very nice facilities and helpful staff.

Cindy Lou Smith

Nice park area surrounding it. I go to dog park nearby and walk my pups around the river

V. Man

Awesome view. A must see when the weather is favorable.

Raymond Larson

Lakes, rivers and trails. Mountains and views you have to experience.

Shannon Caldwell

The Ranger went out of his way to make us feel safe when we were broke down . he sent people to come check on us brought water and granola bars. he came back after a wedding to check on us after midnight to make sure we got a tow to our location.

Kenneth Smith

It's beautiful

Derek Dye

Amazing, great Forest Service staff. They clearly love there jobs and take great care of this national treasure!

Oregon Overlanding

Any NF in Oregon is a 5 star. Spend a few hours on a clear day and you should feel the same.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Thank God we live in this great country that has had the foresight to preserve and protect such a wonderful and scenic area.

Cristina Wigginton

Beautiful views and so peaceful..

Joe Mitchell

it's got, you know, nature and trees

Scott Wilcox

Awesome fish tacos

Tabbetha Czarnaski

I dont know how people live here you can not have that much fun with the amount of beez mosquitoes and ants biting you and i want even talk about the pine trees and the water never warm enough to swim in ugh...

cody norman

Always a good choice

James Roberts

Just an abundance of wildlife , natural beauty , and Peaceful times :)

Virtual Scribe

I travelled through via Amtrak. It provided beautiful scenery as we passed by.

april hunt

Very calm and beautiful. Nice swimming.

Robin Smith

It's Sooo beautiful!

Benjamin Enyart

Great service. Friendly and fast.

Kelly Blankenship

Great kayak trip and swimming. Must see, need at least 4 hours. Beautiful...

Hans Friedli

Best service of any federal or state agency. Sisters Ranger Station personnel has any information you may look for.

Kerrie Martinez

Beautiful spot to picnic, have gatherings, go swimming etc. One of my favorite spots to feed ducks, geese & swans

Denny H

Friendly fast service.

Rois Cannon

So many spectacular places to hike, bike, camp, fish, etc...

Karie Fugett

A lovely area.

Geri Zavala

So amazing! Strange coming out of a beautiful green forest with some snow patches & wild flowers & then nothing but tons & tons of volcanic rock. This must be what the moon looks like!

Key Nuh

Hey... it's beautiful outside. Now pay for it. I really abhor the fees I have to pay on top of taxes in order to enjoy the "Great Outdoors"

Jess Dee

Beautiful forests, with amazing water ways, please pick your trash up.....

Austin Voecks

Very pleasant to drive through; plains, forests, mountains, and canyons galore.


Bc u can see everything up there.

Jessica Farias

First time in Oregon and I'm so in love already!

Thomas Newman

Great place.

John Mcpherson

It's a great place To get away from everyone

cptbuilt K

Beautiful forest but horrible rangers and managment. Power tripping jerks that close more and more trails to ohv use every year. Don't stop to talk to them, they'll find something to pick you apart for. They are there to make your day worse.

Debbie Papaneri

Beautiful, scenic drive from Crater Lake back to Portland.

Michael J. Perren

Needed some time in the woods... awesome!

Anthony Carmack

Some of the best hikes out there!

Kevin Walker

The food was unbelievable. I knew they brewed great beer...but good food to boot...what could be better? Very nice place for a meal and a few brews that are not being bottled.

Gwen Haney

Lots of hikes, waterfalls, bike trails, beautiful area to spend time being outdoors with the family.


Beautiful Area! A must see, if your in this neck of the woods :)

daniel foust

Great place to get in touch with nature and relax

Brandon Roe

Love it down here.

Kimberly Hughes-Heiney

Large areas, huge grassy area, groomed trails. Great social dog play!

Renee Windsor-White

We hiked on Jack Creek to its beginning as water bubbling out of the ground. Beautiful creek, beginner level hike. Had a picnic lunch at Suttle Lake and swam in its surprisingly warm water. Wonderful places!!

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