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Where is Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve?

REVIEWS OF Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve IN Oklahoma

Jered Jones

Absolutely loved it here. You will not be disappointed.

Luke Aggus

Great museum and zoo

David Coffman

Lots of interesting relics and history

Diana Dacy

Fantastic experience for the kiddos big and small! Great museum exhibits, contains so much more than you would expect. We had great exposure to the animals, and the trails were ranging to your preference, allowing adjustments to your families’ interest.

A McDurmon

Great collection to visit and learn about the history of the area and the lives of the people who shaped it into what it is today.


Loved it. My wife and I came here on a class trip in grade school in the late '70s. Really enjoyed visiting with Wes and Alex at the mountain man exhibit.

kathaleen morrison

The art work was outstanding. The grounds were the star of the attraction.

James Hoffman

Oklahoma's secret gem. Woolaroc has one of the largest collections of western art in the country.

Devon Taylor

We really enjoyed driving through the park and seeing the animals. The museum is very informative. They have a great collection. We are glad that we stopped here along our trip in Oklahoma.

pantoja Art

Amazing art history

Bob N.

Excellent wildlife and museum. Bison/deer/longhorn roam free. Cape buffalo in lake. Museum is surprisingly large. Room after room of indian / western paintings and artifacts. Beautiful gun collection. Worth a visit if you are in the Tulsa area.

Anja Ethington

Unbelievable history and art and artifacts in this hidden gem!!! I learned a lot about this area of Oklahoma. The animals roaming the ranch were really cool... this is a MUST -SEE if you are in this area of the state!!!

Kent Johnson

Very nice place to visit

robin baumgartel

Always a family favorite no matter when we go

Clayton Lee Lancaster

Great lots of Oklahoma and some world history. Lots of art

Dana peugh

A great place to meet family and friends or make new friends.

YouKnowMe NightHawk

Wicked good time here, seen tons of amazing wildlife! Deer, turkey, coyotes, lizards, hawks, bunnies, and many more. Binocs are recommended but not essential. Some of the most amazing views you can imagine with sunrises and sunsets that will leave you speechless! An unforgettable location to spend some amazing quality time with the entire family. Just fyi BE AWARE if you have pets or decide to go for a quick stroll the moment you step off paved roads and trails the cactus seem to attack from every direction. I pulled barbs from our dogs feet for an hour, broke my heart

Kendall Baker

Wonderful Museum. My family comes here every year for their Christmas lights. If you get a chance it's worth the stop.

Magen Stubblefield

It's a great place to take the family!!

Cliff Meek

Been going here since I was a wee lad. Fantastic place with special memories.

Rebecca Bellington

This is a really great place to visit. Part zoo and part museum. Beautiful art work and a really nice gun collection. It has something for everyone. Be prepared to spend hours looking. Also has nice area to enjoy a picnic lunch. Something for all ages.

Casey Ward

I love this place, came here as a child and am now able to share with my children!!!

Rebecca Chugalottajava

Starting to look outdated, but so much cool stuff.

Dennis DuFour

Thank you mr. Phillips for the land and the facility it's a great lodge love all the animals I'm driving through and your Lodge is so wonderful I wish I could have gone to that to back in the day but thank you very much

Darrin Reed

I wish I could give this place 10 stars! Absolutely out of this world. A hidden gem in Oklahoma, but a gem nonetheless! Looking forward to going back!

Amanda Neal

What an awesome learning experience! There are so many things to do and see that we are going to have to come back. My kids are having a blast. The price to get in was very reasonable! I highly recommend this place!

JIll MAy

Must see if you are in the area. Lots of cool history.

Steve Melton

Awesome family fun. Love going here. Fun for all age

Melinda Nowicki

Beautiful at Christmas! Loved seeing the free roaming buffalo and other interesting animals. The petting zoo was awesome too. The museum was extensive and I learned a lot. Woolaroc has been a favorite of mine. Loved it as a kid and love it as an adult!

T.L. Anthony

Grate place for the family and you will want to go back

Debra Reddy

I have mixed feelings about this place. While the museum is amazing, the rest of the place leaves a lot to be desired. We went expecting to see a lot of of wildlife roaming free since that's what was advertised. But the only animals we saw out of cages were deer. We were also disappointed that we couldn't see more of the Lodge. The high admittance fee just wasn't worth it.

Nicolas Hitchings

How awesome is this place we were there for three hours and still didn't get to see everything.

Ronda Ray

My four year old and my nine-year-old had a fabulous time at the mountain man camp and seeing all of the animals. The entire family enjoyed all the museum had to offer. We will return.

Tyra Espedal

Very cool

Steve Bolen

I've been going there since I was just knee high. over 60 years and it still is interesting. constant changing for the better. Oklahoma early history

Emily Crain

The museum is wonderful! Both the size and quality of exhibits make it a must visit! There are also a wide variety of animals to see and a mountain man encampment to visit. This is a fun place to take kids!

Michael Ihnat

Fantastic wildlife refuge, ranch, museum, etc. Definitely worth a visit, gorgeous rolling hills and post oak like a western movie!

Goo Gle

My family and I arrived early and left late! They were so nice and we had to hit the mountain man's camp twice!

Joey Lech

The staff are so kind and helpful. We went during the day and it wasn’t crowded at all!! Worth going out of your way for. Lots of animals to see and some you can even pet!

Virginia Oles

This place is amazing, one of my favorites museum.

Moye Wicks

Wonderful history live game preserve and museum. My family has been coming here for over 75 years.

Berali Carter

Great place! I have been multiple times including once when i was very young, which gave me great memories to carry out of the museum. If you actually read some of the displays you are guaranteed to learn something you did not know. There is also a petting zoo (watch where you step

Cristina Aguirre

Beautiful place to spend a family day.

Lawanda Anderson

Enjoyed the animals.

Sydney Foster

We loved how you got to see all the animals going up to the museums.

Edward Douglas

Enjoyed my time there immensly.

Ashley Schmidt

So many thing to see, it was amazing! The drive in is so beautiful seeing all the animals. The museum was really big and has so much history. We love everything about it. And hope to go back soon.

Ryann Heller

Great place to take the kids. Winter, fall, spring, summer. So many cool things to do. We always go every year to see the Christmas lights and it's so beautiful. I have been going since before I can remember. Highly recommend.

Billie Hall

This was a hidden treasure. We went here because it was on the Mercantile in Pawhuska list of places to visit while in the area. We chose it because it said it had a petting zoo and my wife and I wanted something for our kids to do. It was awesome. The animals were out and about while driving around and the petting zoo was great the animals seem to like kids and it was clean for livestock in a building. We also let the kids play on the playground and go up the lookout tower. We missed the outside place where cowboys and Indians camped out and hunted it was closed be the time we came out but that’s a great reason to go back. Highly recommended.

Rita Gutierrez Loeding

A fun day at Woolaroc included- buffalo!!!, a camp with lifelike teepees, muskets, animal pelts of all kinds. We got to shot the rifle, saw all types of animals- water buffalo, ostrich, white spotted deer, emu, and more. Enjoyed museum, concession stand, short movie, art, tower with pretty view.

B Shinn

Very unique great Plains museum. Nice, fun, educational place with animals to take the kids. Created by Frank Phillips (Phillips oil/Phillips gas stations)in 1925, using mostly pieces from his personal collections. A great day trip for anyone within an hour or two of Bartlesville, or passing through the area.

Bryan Lepoidevin

Loved it

Beverly Marshall

I found this museum to be quite interesting it had expensive history about local Indians as well as artifacts found that were hundreds of years old I was quite impressed it also healed many different rooms that were of a historical events they also offered rides during Christmas time around the entire facility they have a nice place to sit down and get dinner as well as just go in and get a drink. I would like to return. this particular visit was during Christmas time. It was decorated beautifully. They also had a playground to let the children get some energy out. As well as bench seating outside as well as inside, to take a break

Amanda Mathews

Years ago I visited Woolaroc Museum and it is unforgettable. It is a quaint artifact and historic gem . An animal sanctuary is also there close by. They also have shrunken heads!!!

Stephen Berry

Wonderful experience and a true gem if you love the outdoors and Native American/ Cowboy history. Amazing display of firearms including a display of all of the prototypes pre-production versions that led up to the Colt 1911. Want a burger or chili made from buffalo meat, come get it here! Military families get in nearly free.

Linda Clark

Our group (Rowdy Retirees) take road trips frequently. This was our destination on our last road trip and we were not disappointed. A beautiful place full of history to visit.

Teresa Dowdle

Beautiful museum, so many treasures, the museum was huge the trails were pretty. Hope to get back soon


Perfect place for a day trip. Beautiful scenery, and amazing exhibits. Almost too much for one day. Awesome.

Tom Harden

Outstanding wildlife, Western art and more. A crown jewel for Oklahoma.

John Knowles

Very large gun collection and the Woolaroc plain. NICE!

Michael Rombach

Best time to go is Saturday when they first open not busy and you can take more time to enjoy history. Favorite part is in a hall by the train room as I have most all of the rocks and minerals you'll see on that awesome display.


Neat museum inside and out. Be sure to print the $2 coupon to save some $ (easily found if you Google it).

shayne brown

One of the last places i visited with my Dad. Great fun and awesome museum!

Regan Reese

Great museum for being so far out of the way

Kristy Kinney

Very interesting place. Plan on spending the day lot's to see and do. Well worth the low admission!

Charles Morris

Awesome x10 great place

Will G

5 kids, 2 adults and everyone had fun. So much to do and so much to see that 4 hours flew by. Great experience!

Marcia Stern


Yvon Farmer

Love the history you see all over the park. Great petting zoo for the kiddos. The Christmas light festival is amazing. We go every year.

Dustin Wann

Came to Woolaroc today and had a lot of fun. It's always great to look around the museum and the grounds. The animals are amazing. The shrunken heads are neat to look at. Definitely a great time to have for all ages. If you've never been you should definitely make the trip.

Sean C


Genevieve Hebeka

Wow! Lots to see from the comfort of your car. Animals roaming behind fences, water features, bison freely roaming the grounds, all types of birds, and lots of stop offs. The museum is HUGE but not overwhelming. Covers all periods of local history. Comprehensive look at Native American history as well. The gift shop has unique jewelry and other finds. Don't forget to go across the street from the museum and climb the tower. Amazingly beautiful, beautiful view. What a neat place!

Arthur Barksdale

Incredible place off the beaten path

Kiki Love

If you ever go to Oklahoma this place is a must see!! Teaches history and is so well built!

Cristina Allen

My whole family loves this place. We go every chance we get. And it gets my kids away from video games an they love it

Sarah Driskell

I've gone here since I was a kid. I love it! Hiking trails, the animals, petting zoo, the views, the museum, and events are great. Fun for all ages.

Tom Applebee

As a history buff, I loved this day in authentic Oklahoma. Don't overlook this gem when visiting .

ELITe autofanatic

I've been here multiple times over the years. It started when I was a kid and I try and make it back here at least once a year. Though I couldn't come and visit for the last 8 plus years due to living cross country. Great as always the wife enjoyed it it was her first time I didn't realize she had never been before. Great way to spend father's day. Will be back soon.

Pat Collins

Wonderful history of Oklahoma and the West. Something for all ages. Animals, great art, AMERICAN history,

Casey Ray Johnson

Love this place! It provides true insight to the frontier and a history behind the Phillips family. Also you don't want to skip out on the mountain man camp. Have a chance to shoot a musket, throw a tomahawk and meet some awesome mountain men!

Robert Burrows

Truly remarkable place came for the Christmas tour with my wife, daughter and nephews and spent over 2 hours in the museum and about an hour outside in the park.

Jessica Nauss

If you havent visited Woolaroc yet, you need to make plans too. Full of history and all around worth every minute. Love it.

Chris Johnson

My wife and I had not been in 17 years. We took our three kids for the first time. It was a hit, they said they wanted to go back again. They enjoyed the camp, throwing the tomahawk, and shooting the black powder rifle. The museum was almost as I remembered it, the kids also enjoyed the petting zoo. It was a parenting win for the day.

Janet M Busby

Great place to visit interesting great Christmas decor


A great museum and petting zoo. So much to look at. We showed up later in the day so didn't get to soak a lot in. But the kids had a great time with the animals and the playground. Definitely something for all ages.

Jennifer Spence

Woolaroc has been one of my favorite field trips since elementary school - an educational mix of art, history, culture, and nature.

John Irving Jr

Wonderful wildlife preserve and museum. Great place to spend with the kids for a day.

Corey Whitworth

Found the museum and lodge to be fascinating. Spent a majority of our time touring the main level of the museum as there was certainly a wealth of Native American textiles, artifacts, artwork and fine art. The weather was cool, so walking the grounds or trails was a bit prohibitive. The lodge walkthrough is extremely short (basically restricted to the main room and breezeway). The animals were plentiful and close to the road and in large herds generally, so it was easy to get a good glimpse or pictures. However, none ever got too close to our vehicle except for the deer and some geese. The admission is reasonably priced for what you get. We didn't get a chance to eat as the food stand was closed, so we wish we had brought something with to eat at their picnic facilities.

Kelsey Clift

This was such a kid friendly place. Great to be outdoors, see new animals and meet some really interesting and kind people.

Tom Tuttle

A hands on museum along with beautiful rare art. Great wildlife well.

virgil averbeck

Great day trip to visit and the food is good

Luke Lawson

Visited several times as a child, and recent returned after a two decade much more than I remembered and absolutely worth the drive. Such an amazing collection of Oklahoma, Native American and western history. Worth the drive.

Russell Ball

Breathtaking views. Beautiful museum. Truly a great way to spend a day. Very reasonable admission price.

Sean Jenkins

Love this place always have taking the kids there they have a hell of a light show in the holiday seasons a short drive south of Bartlesville you'll have to stay you have to see

Wanda Adams

Most awesome museum I've ever visited.

Connie Scott

Love this place. Always find something new every time we visit.

David Whitmire

I enjoyed my time with family at woolaroc. Get out there and have fun.

Jason Smith

Cool place to take the kids on summer break.

Larry Vandever

great place lots to see good buffalo burgers

Michael Gray

Tranquility and beauty are here. You will find yourself losing track of time at the wonder of Woolaroc.

Kathy Garcia

It is a great place to explore

Jaydan Bird

great outdoor family fun! There is so much history here. It contains one of the largest antique gun collections. Phillips cabin is lined with so many exotic animals!

andrea morittz

So beautiful, enjoyed ever second of this trip

samantha shields

It was really hot out today so they put out a few water sprinklers for the kids. My family had a great experience!

A Google User

Been there several times through out my years. Enjoyed each visit thourghly. It not only a museum, it offers drive through Safari with extras and a gift shop to. I highly recommend this place to everyone

Gary Nettle

What a treasure this place is. So much to see and do here. Words simply can’t explain this beautiful place.

Susie B. Case

What an awesome experience in the plains if Oklahoma. A must see.


A must see in Oklahoma... I would give Woolaroc 6 stars if I could or even 10. Simply one of the finest western museums anywhere. It has a priceless collection of western art by the best western artists in the world. It has a world class gun collection and perhaps the best collection of Colts anywhere. It is in a setting like no other and has a history like no other. Woolaroc is great for any age. I can spend hours in the Museum with someone who is interested in the collection. Or I can take young (6+) grandchildren, do a 30 minute walk through the Museum and spend an hour or two or more outside walking the trails, climbing the rocks, playing on the playground and seeing the animals. I have been to the Museum many times over many years, it never gets old and there is always something new to discover. Woolaroc is simply one of the finest western museums anywhere.

Ryan Holbrook

We had tons of fun here. About half of the experience is driving through the park; you can see lots wildlife (bison, deer, ostriches) and beautiful scenery, rolling hills and green pastures. The other half is walking through the activities and museums. The artwork was excellent; comparable to the Western museum in OKC. They also had a petting zoo for the kids. A real gem outside of Bartlesville that's worth a whole day. Be sure to see the mountain men!

Christine Russell

We loved the up close view of the various animals as we drove to the museum. The museum and property are beautiful, for they are full of history and very educational. The kids had a great time!

Lisa French

Really enjoyed our time here. Wonderful museum and gorgeous wildlife to view. Staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Recommend visiting.

Jim Hull

Beautiful museum, lodge, and park. It is off the beaten path, but well worth the effort to get there

Leonard Dick

Hidden gem in Osage County. This location has it all with something for old and young alike. The museum is world class with displays ranging from original Remington and Russel painting and sculptures, native american artifacts and huge gun collection. Varied animals throughout the preserve including elk, bison, deer and others too numerous to number. A petting zoo for the kids as well. Trails to walk as well.

Cathy Ramsay

Have tried to get go this place gor 3 years Well worth the wait!

Brandon Brock

Wow, what an experience. The buffalo and deer were close enough that we could have reached out to pet them. We were even afraid they might bump our car at one point! The museum was stunning and had the best Western and native American art I'd ever seen, even better than Philbrook's collection. We were pretty exhausted after the museum and didn't go to the other areas, but the whole experience was just amazing and we can't wait to go again!

chris moss

This place is just so gorgeous... fall colors are hitting it nice here..everywhere we look colors like crazy..great variety. Animals are out full force.... the place is very well kept..can you say no trash..... they sure can. Any staff you run into are very nice and make sure you enjoy your visit.. great team at this museum and animal preserve.

Christina Johnson

The trader's camp was my favorite. The men dress in the period and do a great job sharing information about pioneer life and native American ways as well. There is also a small petting zoo and museum. In the downstairs there is a large gun collection on display. You can find a few pieces dating back to I believe the 1700's!

Connie Draeger

Woodstock is fascinating. I particularly like the Pioneer Women exhibit. The grandkids liked climbing on the rocks & the animals. The drive in & out of the park was a joy. We’re looking forward to the Mountain Man Festival this spring.

Judith Piersall

Went on spring trail ride yesterday had a great time .little black had some issues but the guys were there for me when she did and got us back on the trail again. Everybody at Woolaroc were great and so were all the other riders. I hope I will be able to make the fall trail ride

Bettisu Casey

This is a world class museum. It is filled with Western art, a great gun collection and has nice walking trails. I have been to this museum more times than I can count and never tire of it. I would eat somewhere else as the concessions are not as top notch as the museum. Go to Bartlesville and eat at Frank and Lola’s or Tinker’s glass house.


Overall an unexpected great experience. Got to see the buffalo up and close like we wanted to. We also got yo see most of the animals they have. I would recommend starting with a hike, then eating and finally seeing the museum. The museum is filled with very interesting stuff. The only reason why I am giving it a four star is because of the food. The food is no better than a high school football concession.

Michele Bickford

We loved seeing all the animals especially in the little barn we saw a chick hatch & 1 that was a day old. The baby goats were adorable especially CeeCee who was 12 days old when we saw her. The lady in charge of that section was very friendly, knowledgeable & helpful. We are looking forward to going again, next time we'll bring grandkids

Alicia Smart

Beautiful place to go visit and hang out... Wonderful museum to enjoy and tons of things to see and learn or re-learn parts of history that sometimes we forget. They have a petting zoo for all, concessions and the Christmas light display is amazing. Thanks Woolaroc!! ☮️

Delores Beckman

Valerie Walker

My Aunts Mary and Sharon and myself stopped in at Woolaroc March 22 2019. Of the many places we toured and visited during our week long girls trip, this was the most disappointing. The hatchet throwing was neat. The animals were nice to see. The road way and bridges interesting. However then main house was very very disappointing!!! We walked into the great room and were allowed to only move about this roped off area of about 50 feet. The rock fire place was lacquered over. The aesthetic’s were ruined by the lacquer. Ruined!! We were unable to view any other rooms. Apparently there had been an accident and for insurance purposes no one was allowed out of the great room. Very disappointing!! We paid $34 to enter. If maybe the entrance fee was $12 a vehicle and not per person I would not be writing a review. I was shocked the reviews reflected anything above a 3.5. Please, WOOLAROC, please consider changing entrance fee to a per vehicle charge of no more than $12. There are plenty of other places to visit!!! Sorry this is not a place I would recommend for those interested in anything other than the 4 different animals for the children to see. Elk, buffalo, ostrich and water buffalo.


The animals in the petting zoo area are not well cared for. The minature horses are stepping on long tails that desperately need to be cut. The donkey's hooves are overgrown and newborn goat and mother were left out in marginally cold weather without an option to get away from the public. Food is a bit over priced with very few healthy options. The front gate attendant was alone with an extremely long line. All that said the museum is wonderful and the grounds are beautiful- THE only reason I didnt give them a one star- wish they would take better care of the animals.

Rachelle Allen

We visited 2 years ago and stayed all day! The museum was amazing and the staff in the gift shop were so lovely. I ended up buying my wedding ring there! My whole family is planning to visit Saturday and we are all so excited!

Lawrence Ross

This place is absolutely amazing. The art and architecture are an unexpected and welcome surprise.

Mike Ballou

Haven't been in 30 years but could still spend hours there looking at all the great sites.


Would be great for a family day trip, not so much for a school field trip. Most of the "natives" in the campground area were rude & didn't allow the kids to take part in anything. The grounds, animals & picnic areas are fabulous, as is the museum. If you come give yourself at least a half a day or more to really take it all in.

Rich Sutterfield

I'm glad to read the reviews and see people still enjoy this place. I've visited Woolaroc for about 60 years, spanning the age of 6 to 60 and loved it from the perspective of all those ages. The Museum is incredible, it deserves at least 4 hours to take it all in. I wonder if people realize just how amazing the Western Art collection is. The paintings aren't cheap copies, they're the real deal. The works of Moran, Russell, Remington and Frank Tenney Johnson are breathtaking. Some are so large they take up a whole wall by themselves. Everything else is really cool too, but the art in the museum is unforgettable.

William Marchant

Wonderful wildlife and native American culture.

Patti Stender

It has so much history in it. It is amazing

Shirley Welch

Beautiful place to spend the day ~ lovely grounds.

Lauren Brooke

So glad we visited Woolaroc! What a beautiful, peaceful place! The artifacts and art in the museum is incredible. It is a must see if you are in the area.

Steve Freeman

Yes, the log cabin is a fine mancave, but the museum is awesome too. Rare Native American pieces, Phillips 66 memorabilia, cowboy sculptures, gin collection, shrunken heads, dioramas, and much more. Bring comfy shoes.

Rick Seger

On vacation visiting my hometown and decided to take a day trip down there. Had a great time. My boys loved to see the bison roaming near the car. Museum was interesting also.

Robert Hayes

I love this place. I've been coming here since I was a kid and now I get to bring my kid here. The museum is awesome to walk through and the grounds are always kept up beautifully. Lots of different things to do outdoors as well as indoors.

Sara Edmundson

I love this place! I haven't been back here since I was a kid and I was really looking forward to taking my kids to it. It did not disappoint. My kids ranging from ages 4-15 all enjoyed it. There are fabulous works of art here and lots of historical information. Don't forget to stop by the mountain man camp. The man has been doing it for a long time and he is very knowledgeable. I recommend everyone should make the trip to see this fabulous collection. We spent right around 4 hours here and enjoyed every minute.

Paula Barney

I love eveything about it.

LaJuana Dorris

We all had a blast at this place! The kids had plenty of room to run around and we loved it! Bright inside the gate there's a place you can have a picnic so if you have family coming from different spots or locations you can all meet right there pretty easy.

Sabrina Greek

Love it here. We visit often and took the grandkids to see the Christmas lights this year. It was very fun.

Tom Stewart

What an amazing day! Weather was beautiful as well as the scenery. Looking forward to the Spring ride. Woolaroc is an awesome place!

Vicki Whitworth

Beautiful landscape and art

Kip Hirrlinger

Haven't been here since I was a kid 30+ years. It was nice to share this experience with my wife who has never heard of Woolaroc. Still as I remember but enjoyed it more this time.

Ja'Kayla Carter

I went there today I hated the stuffed animals but other than that it was hot and sweetly fun!!!

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