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102 E Mathew B. Brady St, Tulsa, OK 74103, United States

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Where is Woody Guthrie Center?

REVIEWS OF Woody Guthrie Center IN Oklahoma

Pat Hay

So interesting! Loved the self-guided experience.

Dianna Zwirn

It's an easy place to see in an hour. But the best part was the concert by Jake Allen that evening. What a talent!! There's also many places to eat near by.

Carrie Bell

Excellent all be it small museum. Woody's life is well documented as is the dust bowl. Revolving exhibits make this a more than once kind of place. Staff is amazingly knowledgeable for thier young age! We were impressed!

lauriedthomas thomas

Great place. Love the tornado experience. Always something new to see. Love the pieces from the Bob Dylan archive.

Terri Rowan

Lucky enough to be there during the anniversary and see the original copy of This Land. Staff were beyond friendly and helpful!

Sarah Taylor

This is really neat if your looking for some heritage or history of Tulsa this is a good place to start...

Summer Smiley

Very neat place.. Check it Out

Martin Lebl

Wonderful living tribute to Guthrie. Exhibition gives examples of his work, and shows some of his instruments, and movie is a short retrospective of his work and influence. One wishes there was more, but overall a well designed exhibition. Includes an archive of his work, that is available for researchers in humidity and temperature stable environnent. Includes hands on elements to anchor Woody's work in proper context if history, as well as multimedia stations to explore his extensive catalogue. Backdrop panels with facsimile pages of Woody's journals are perfect backdrop for the rest of the exhibition. The temporary/visiting John Denver exhibition was also interesting, if not as extensive, nor engaging.

Ben R

Love all the attractions, and biography. Guess someone out bid me on the silent auction.

Joseph Scaglione

Awesome music history as well as American folk history... had display of punk rock pioneer's X...

Nicole Alexander

Nice place to learn research about woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan!

damon peters

I happened upon the museum of one of my heroes completely by chance, and what luck I have. This is not the biggest museum, but it’s an important one to tell the story of this man and the impact he had on our culture. Bob Dylan exposed me to Woody, and Wilco and Bill Bragg brought him to life. The cashier of the museum was super engaging and helpful, and I was able to learn something profound in the experience. I highly recommend an afternoon.

Jason McDonald

Excellent if you are a history buff, interested in Woody Guthrie, Oklahoma or Dust Bowl history... or music. If you're not... not so much. This is a wonderful museum about Woody Guthrie - his life, music, and influence on other musicians like Pete Seeger or Bruce Springstreen. It's rather small, but wonderfully put together with artifacts and interactive, state-of-the-art exhibits. It's also in Tulsa's growing Urban / hipster area next to some cool restaurants.

Martha Lanier

The museum is very well done. It is self paced with many interactive exhibits. Very educational. The John Denver exhibit was an added bonus.

Steve Woodall

Woody Guthrie was not only an early twentieth century song-writer, but a visionary and humanitarian. The museum does an excellent job telling his story with superb video and audio as well as collections of memorabilia. He was a huge influence on Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen and many other popular songsters in the last half of the twentieth century. If you are interested in the roots of rock and folk music genres you will enjoy and learn from this museum's fine collection and programming.

Melanie Dewey

Intimate setting for small concerts.

Amy Bice

Great time, good short film on his life and lots of interactive displays.

Jaime R. Wood

A lot of awesome original documents, instruments, and pictures that I'd never seen before


Great step back in time. It was just good to get out and have a girls day out, checking out the history and admiring the guitars!

Randy Brooks

Was very disappointed that they were charging $5 entry on the night of the Art Crawl. Surely for 3 hrs, you could stop charging entry.

Thomas Elkins

Lots of neat stuff here whether you're a fan or don't know much about the guy. Nice intro theatre video. Don't miss the virtual reality experience of the dust bowl storm. Rotating exhibit in the back. Reasonably priced for our group at like $6 a piece.

Tim Vargo

Didn't even know it existed till I saw a poster for it in the airport. Great place to take in some history.

mark neubrand

Liked the displays!

Byron Sprott

Good to learn of this time.

Jerry Reece

A must see

Erhart Elliotmurray

Guthrie Green is a beautiful multipurpose park that provides pretty much anything you could want for an afternoon of fun. The main draw for me is the event space. The stage is well designed, with good acoustics and great sight lines from pretty much everywhere in the park. There is plenty of seating on the grass directly in front of the stage, as well as chairs and steps further back. The city of Tulsa hosts a number of free concerts throughout the summer and fall so the stage is put to good use. There all also a variety of cool fountains and formations running along the edges of the grass. It's pretty much perfect for kids and the occasional overly-warm adult. There is also a permanent restaurant at the "bacK" of the park for those who might want food or need beer.

Dave Cotterill

History of music in one stop. Great place to visit.

Weston Probst

Nice place to learn about Woody Guthrie and his influence in modern music and artists. Also give some history on the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.

Christy Phillips

This is a must see when in Tulsa. I learned so much. It tells this icon's story so well.

Darice Murray

Great interactive displays that blends history, politics and the personal struggles of this prolific singer, song writer. Guthrie's musical influence can still be felt today.


Cool little museum! There is also a really cool VR experience included in admission. Free for kids 17 and under, but a little pricey for adults.

Bram Swenson

Everyone should visit here and remember what the US is supposed to be about.

Pricilla U

Cute space that I'd love to explore more.

George Iversen

Good history and display

Barnabas Eggers

It was a great live show and the people there are friendly

Tim Walden

Incredible experience no matter where you are from

Cathy Bass

Much of our musical history was explained to me in this location. The instruments and guitars onsite were fascinating. The connection between musicians of the Dust Bowl era, and their impact on other prominent musicians intrigued me. Definitely glad we made this a stop during our trip to Tulsa!

Mandy Jorgenson

Loved it so much I went twice!

Huskton Gamer

Very interesting, would reccomend to anyone.

Nathan Troester

I learned a lot at this museum!


Whatna.surprise! A.must see. Creative. Artsy without losing focus on the man and his quest genius.

Kimberley Anderson

We enjoyed this there were several hands on items to do loved the music bar set up.

Daniel Kalendek

Cheap. Packed with interesting facts.

Jerry Mead-Lucero

Great museum on the life and work of America's greatest folk music artist and icon of mid 20th century left politics. So great to see this museum open since Woody's hometown of Okemah has basically rejected him and the small museum there has apparently closed. Well designed museum with great artifacts and exhibits that will interest and educate people with little familiarity with Woody like my father and people for whom Woody has long been a personal hero like myself.

Joshua Plugge

Great experience!

robert millage

Must see if you're in Tulsa and like music, history or art.

Keisha Rider

I never knew this man until my husband said that we should visit for our date. I was a little nervous seeing as the time period wasn't the kindest twards people of color. I am glad we went. He truely is a beautiful and left the world a better place.

Patty Stretz

Awesome! Love the interactive dust bowl experience.

Kathy King

We really enjoyed the John Mellencamp exhibit. The other displays were interesting as well and the employees are very knowledgeable. Definitely a treasure in Tulsa.

Aaron Gonzales

Good museum with lot of cool stuff, usually have a special guest section in back. We see Stevie Ray Vaughn stuff.

Phetote Mshairi

I really dig the work that Woody Guthrie Center does...the staff is AWESOMETASTIC!

R Letson

The Woody Guthrie Museum is a treasure of Tulsa. This beautiful little gem will open your eyes to the many and varied talents of one of America’s greatest folk artists and activist. The short but informative film is a wonderful introduction of his contributions to American song, poetry, cartoons and reflections on historical times. At the time of my visit they also had a retrospective on John Denver. This museum was a revelation. #mustseeinTulsa

Al Risden

My first visit was to see a show in the 60 seat theater inside of the museum. There are places to park within walking distance of the museum. I actually found one on the street curb one block away but there are plenty of pay lots it seemed. The center has a rotating display along with the static ones. This was the band "X". Very cool punk rock band. But for my purpose, the concert, it was very relaxing and the acoustics were perfect for that venue. I hope to return even though it's a four hour drive.

Bill Golden

Wonderful. A tribute to great man.

Walker Hess

An absolute must for anyone visiting Tulsa

Bill Baker

This Land was Made for You and Me!!!

Jim Reynolds

This place is awesome. Very thorough history of Woody and the era. When we were there, they also had a John Lee Hooker exhibit that was also very good. This place as is a Tulsa treasure.

Cindy Fisher

Fun place to visit

Greg Franklin

Really comprehensive showcase about the man's life and art. However they glossed over some of the more troubling aspects of his life (mysterious deaths, the women of his life).

Alan Ballard

Seeing what the dust bowl exhibit was look being there

Amy Y

Wonderful informative museum. You could spend the better part of the day here really exploring. The interactive exhibits are really worth the trip.

Kris Williams

Wonderful place. Lots and lots of history.

Tony Oliva

So happy we have this in downtown Tulsa

Irma Zandl

I may have made a big mistake in not doing this more thoroughly but I am not knowledgeable enough (or interested enough) in that style of music to do the tour. However this is one of the most popular places in town for visitors.

Christy Bennett

It may be fairly small, but this was definitely worth the visit. The musical history is so interesting to learn about, especially if you're a Woody Guthrie fan!

Lisa McKnight

Wonderful place to visit, would definitely recommend it!

Thomas Reeber

Great..go and learn..

Jacobo Abadi

Excellent museum showing the work of Woody Guthrie, with a small hall for other exhibits and a small (50 seats) concert/movie theater. Don't miss it when visiting Tulsa.

David C

If you know nothing about Woody Guthrie and want to be introduced to the basics, then this is the place for you. It's essentially a Woody Guthrie 101 course but presented in a museum format. If, like me, you paid the $9 admission hoping to learn more about the man and his politics, songwriting, and activism, then you will be sorely disappointed as the museum offers little of substance. In fact, about 1/3 of the museum has nothing whatsoever to do with Woody Guthrie at all but is just displays and artifacts donated by semi-famous bands. Biggest disappointment: Guthrie's iconic "THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS" guitar is not even here.

Zaria Studevant

Thhis land is on Oklahoma's land

Annette Jennings

Small but interesting content

Alec Watson

Great place to visit it you find yourself in Tulsa

Whitney H

Very interesting, I didn't know anything about Woody Guthrie and his influence on people. They also have a great information about the Dust Bowl and goggles to experience it first hand. My second visit and highly recommend.

Shilpa Bhandari

I had never heard of Woody before going to this museum. I was absolutely blown by the level of Woody's song. Truly inspired and inspiring. I am definitely going back to Tulsa soon to visit this place. Love it, absolutely!

Christopher Uhl

Great place to learn some Americana and includes several displays with interest beyond Woody.

Bojan Prodan

Woody Guthrie CENTER .... Beautiful center

Jim Lindsey

Wonderful acoustics, heartwarming atmosphere, Homegrown Music. Couldn't beat it. My best time so far in Tulsa.

Grant Gould

Great smaller museum. A lot of cool memorabilia and educational areas. Not 5/5 because i had a small kid and there wasn't a lot for him. Still a good time and well worth the entry. Check out Guthrie green too

William Hempel

Sorta OK. Expected more, but interesting none the less.

Charles Anthony

Took my grandson. Explained to him about government and corporate corruption. In today's America.

Moss Jam

Very informative, wonderful museum.

Melissa Kunz

The timeline through his life is fascinating. It's also worth it to listen to the music bar.

Thomas Whitten

Nice little tribute to Woody


One of the best spots in our lovely City.

Jonesy Clarke

Wow it so exciting to have the this in the Brady District. I remember when this part of town was just warehouses. It's exciting to see the area transformed. Don't forget to the see the Center of the Universe while you're here

Kiersten Jones

Excellent museum. Great for anyone not just Woody Guthrie fans. Staff was extremely nice and the restrooms were clean.

Doyl Gunter

Nice place. Lots of historical and interesting exhibits

Stanford Lamberg

Huge, friendly, informative

Diana Johnson


Khris Sellin

I came here right after the disastrous election in November 2016. Just the salve I needed. Woody is one of my heroes, and I was excited to see this place. I was not disappointed. They did a wonderful job of documenting all the Woody history and you could spend days in there going through recordings, readings, drawings, and going through the chronology of his life and his works. He truly was an amazing soul who was ahead of his time. I loved it so much, we came through Oklahoma again last week on a road trip, and I had to share this place with my sister. She was only disappointed that we didn't have more time to spend there. A must see even if you're not a huge Woody fan. (You will be after spending time here!)

Eric Becker

Outstanding. Very cool multimedia installations, tons of songs to listen to - a really thorough treatment of this amazing and inspirational American. 10/10. Worth the visit to Tulsa!

Deb Heen

This is wonderful.

Bruce Adams

Had a few hours to chill in Tulsa, so visited the Woody Guthrie Center. It does charge to visit $12, and you can stay until they close. It's a nice museum full of musical instruments that Guthrie played and owned, and hand written songs he wrote. I spent an hour here, but could have stayed two hours. Overall, it was enjoyable.

Dana McGinnis

Very nice place. Friendly people, the exhibit is awesome.

Janice Nobles

Awesome Marty Stewart display.

David Lee

I like museums, and this one is very, very good, but pretty small. If you are crazy about Woody, then you'll love it. If not, not so much. It's very well done, with music, history, old guitars and the like. It's in a great area of Tulsa with bars and restaurants nearby. In the summer, they tell me the park across the street has concerts and such. The film on Woody is worth watching, but the gift store is very small. It's just starting out, and not that old, so I have high hopes for it. I believe Philbrook has a satellite museum nearby in Tulsa. If you have kids AND they like music, they'll love it. Mine were a little bored, and didn't quite get what was the big deal. There are lots of headphones you can put on and listen to the music.

Scott C. Jarzombek

Worth every penny. This place gave me the chills. A small space, but the great mix of media and interactive exhibits make up for the size. Guthrie is an American treasure, and so is this center.

Robert Dahlberg-Sears

An absolute pleasure and a Tulsa treasure. The Woody Guthrie Center, though taking up a small footprint, is filled with remarkably in depth information on one of the most influential mid-century American troubadours. Short film, open exploration and interactive exhibits means that there is something interesting to be had for all types of museum focused visitors. The rotating exhibits will likely continue to be a crowd pleaser, but so too the displays and commentary about Woody and his life. If you have a spare few hours to spend, the Center is a lovely place to catch. If you want some outdoor space as well, the Guthrie Green is right across the way.

Matthew smith

Really great museum for its size. Museum is do able in 2 hours.

Rebekah Garrett

Amazing historical museum. We tried their virtual reality about the Great Depression and found it to be eye opening and fascinating. Definitely recommend

Michael McGarry

We were reminded, or made aware, of the genuine humanity of this incredibly talented citizen, champion of people and artist of so many facets. Don't hardly make 'em like that anymore.

Thomas Ratliff

Amazing history! Go Tulsa!!

Glenn Rice

The photos and instruments are interesting, but this place is really about the music. Be sure to listen to the recordings. The Dust Bowl VR experience is remarkable.

Peter DeLesDernier

Always a pleasure! Been here several times, and more to come...

Gerson Moreno

Renovation on the move. Good view while sitting near.

Amy Gregory

This is one of my favorite places in aTulsa.

Alison Ramsey

A must see on one's easy through these great United States of ours. Akin to a National Park or Museum for historians, poets, musicians and those curious about Woody Guthrie's life.

Chris Diffley

Sensational museum. The virtual dust bowl experience sitting on the porch is heartbreaking

Thor Franklin

Give this place an ACE!

melissa wanslee

Informative museum - don't miss dust bowl experience.

Jim McCorkle

What a remarkable place.

Katherine L

Go for the music! The way this museum weaves the music into the experience is so unique. They have a HUGE catalog you can select from and it was easy to spend over an hour just going through the songs, lyrics, and story.

Jodie B

Great! Loved the VR experience!

Jim Griffin

Much more than I ever expected it would be! We were on a walking tour and only got to stay here 1 hour as part of the tour. You need to set aside more time. Very extensive collection of music, art, writings, and paraphernalia. Well worth the time to visit!

Jan Smith

Small museum to Woody Guthrie. Includes some musical instruments, manuscripts, plenty of photos, listening stations, history, dustbowl video, history displays, dustbowl virtual reality experience, Guthrie video. Also houses the archives of Guthrie’s works.

Chris Cavender

Awesome place to spend a day. The John Denver exhibit was great


An Amazing Experience!

Phillip Curci

I really like this Museum when I was visiting Tulsa Woody Guthrie suffered from Huntington's chorea and as I live with my partner of 21 years who has the same disease I found a lot of it very informative

Bryan Miller

A wonderful place with great exhibits. Definitely worth a trip!

Chris Eidson

If you are from Oklahoma, you had better get familiar with this place. If you are passing through TULSA, take an hour out of your trip to see, hear, and feel the contribution of a classic icon, in Woody Guthrie!!

Amanda Largin

Very nice

David Owen

Wonderful experience. Just scratched the surface and it was 2 and a half hours later. We need another Woody today.

Steven Pfaff

Fantastic experience!

Cyber Terrapin

Must see you will come away grounded and uplifted.

Klint Vance

Honored to even be let in the front door. Thankful and grateful for everything

Stacey Kaze

Love the Woody Guthrie Center!!! Great exhibit and don’t miss the next opportunity for any of their special events. All their staff are amazing too

C K Anderson

I recommend this place.

Ted B

Absolutely worth seeing.

Betty Hazelton

Great displays of Oklahoma and US history. Looking forward to the Bob Dylan archives.

Linda Kelly

Great tribute to an American muscian and artist. A must see if visiting Tulsa

Nancy Allen

First time here and was pleasantly surprised. Wonderful artifacts from Woody Guthrie on display, including original instruments, hand written and typed song lyrics and letters, photographs, lots of art work by Woody and so much more. Really enjoyed the virtual reality headset you wear, placing you in the heart of the dust bowl. Way cool! Many displays had headsets you wore to hear more about a particular event in Woody's life. Overall just a great display of Woody Guthrie and the catastrophic events that happened during his lifetime and the songs he wrote about them. From the dust bowl to WWII to the stock market crash. A must see display.

addy nijenboer

Best place to learn all about Woody Guthrie

Tim Bryan

Very interesting place about contry music history.

Nate o'Flaherty

This place was awesome! The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. We learned a lot of interesting facts. There was a VR exhibit on the dust bowl and a new section on punk rock and the band X that was neat.

Edward Zaffino

Wonderful collection of Woody Guthrie history. Drawings, notebooks, and songs. Historical photographs and period history provide perspective. New exhibits highlight other musicians. Audio and video exhibits of interviews of contemporary musicians as well as performances of Woody's music by other musicians.

Alex Forsythe

Thank you Mr K.

Dennis Simpson

We didn't really know what to expect at the Woody Guthrie Museum.. I thought they did an excellent job of describing and defining a man in his season and at that time in world history... A common troubadour who lived in uncommon times.

Richard Morrow

Amazing museum with so much on display. Worth the visit if you are in Tulsa

Richard May

If having all the Woody Guthrie memorabilia one could desire isn't enough, they have traveling exhibits stopping in continually.

Shankar Choudhary


Lesley Manning

Fantastic, kid friendly exhibits! We will definitely come back!!!

A2 Green Clean

We only had one stop to make in Tulsa, and this was it! We weren’t disappointed. Easy to park the RV, excellent, clean, safe and Art District. Friendly staff. A must for ANY MUSIC LOVER, and ALL PEOPLE who are Americans, Born or otherwise. A great to our society-then and still. My father is 72, we had a blast together. The technology used in there today combined with the history was just Plain old Cool!

Matthew Wansley

No better place for Woody to be than Tulsa.


A Tulsa treasure.

Gina Halsey

So wonderful to see all the notebooks, drawings and writings of the great Woody Guthrie!

Jennifer Raper

Good to learn about an American legend.

Penny Schaefer

This is a nice little gem in the heart of downtown Tulsa. I visited specifically for the John Denver exhibit, which was there on loan for a short time. However, I also liked the Woody Guthrie exhibit as well, which gives a good history of his life and times.

Cindy Wofford

Awesome museum of music from Woody Guthrie era. Plenty of opportunities to listen to a variety of music and learn about how life was during the first half of the 1900's.

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