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Where is Woodward Park?

REVIEWS OF Woodward Park IN Oklahoma

PaLue Xiong

Beautiful park for a great exercise trip, or just to wind down and enjoy the beautiful scenery. March visit, so nothing big in bloom yet. Try another month or 2 for some awesome blooms!

Daisy Cute

My favorite park in Tulsa. Always so clean and peaceful!

Amanda Vaughan

Beautiful scenery, fun place for pictures, walking. Not a place to go if you're looking for playground equipment though.

Nandha Kumar

I was there along with friends and family for a lunch get-together. After reaching here we noticed that there was no place with picnic tables. The restrooms were too messy and we're nonusable.

Ron Curtis

Love this place! Story time in the garden at 10 am on thursdays is a must for families!

Kickthe Bucket

I miss all the flowers they had years ago

Julie Griffin

A great place to spend lunch wit my crew and enjoy the wild life there

Syddartha Etheridge

Totally kid and couple friendly! Great place to take pictures with a floral background! A Tulsa must!

james O'Boyle

Great park for a date, but there isn't much for kids to do aside from four swings by the bathrooms. But would be perfect for a picnic

Sandi Clugston

I love this quaint park! Its beautiful!

Jim D

Scenic and peaceful.

Brandy Horath

We love going here in spring/summer when the flowers are blooming, to take pictures or have a picnic. I do wish the bathrooms were cleaner and better maintained but I understand some people take advantage of the situation and tear things up on purpose. Sad bc it can be a great place, why tear things up..

Justin Ellis

If you are a person who loves nature, picnics, or pokemon go this is a excellent place to go! This is also where the majority of pokemon goers go for community day!

Mike Dane

Only complaint is that the green house doesn't stay open later. Other than that the whole park is a great place to relax.

Taylor Hayden

I love this place.


Awesome place to visit and walk around.

Ryan Mathis

Quite large and beautiful park, we were surprised. The Linnaeus teaching garden was fantasticly amazing. Hopefully we can visit in other seasons, as fall was beautiful.

Mandy Leppert

So beautiful and the kids had a great time exploring and chasing squirrels

Stacy Ramirez

Absolutely beautiful peaceful place. I would love to spend more seasons here. Stopped here on vacation.

Angelica Perez

Great place for picnics and taking your dog for a walk. Lots of trees with plenty of shade.

Mary Marissa Fisher

Nice and quiet park I've been told that the squirrels will eat right out of your hands.... haven't really tried that yet lol

Katherine Eagle

A very lovely and tranquil park

Erhart Elliotmurray

Sitting charmingly, disarming amidst the fair mantle of green trees and nearby rose bushes is Woodward Park. There is a reasonable amount of squirrels here though who will hunt you down and climb up your legs to steal your potato chips if you have any, so be alert. Easter can be very nice here and obviously some local churches do have Easter egg hunts here (or they did last Easter). There are some neat statues and walking through this park is like walking through nature itself with the occasional blue jay flapping wings on just a nearby branch. It is a pleasant place and one which I hope to return to from time to time. It is good for kids but they of course should still be closely supervised. There are some small playgrounds and a lot of trees. It is a good place to sit and think and bring a sketchpad.

Brian Jones

Arbor area is really pretty, and the conservatory is pretty cool. The misters turned on while we were inside, so it was nice and cool.

Amy Maleski

Beautiful park with lots of squirrels! Be sure to check out the teaching garden and koi pond while there.

Beth Walker

Have always liked the park ...beautiful azaleas


Very pretty and has play area for kids.

Carlisa Hoover

I love this place my momma volunteers here

Doug Humphrey

Loved it. Great garden/park to visit. Probably one of the. Eat places to take pictures for dances or whatever for memorial reasons.

Toni Pait

It was a very nice place to take graduation pictures.

Lacy Jane

Woodward Park is one of my very favorite parks. It is clean and spacious and well kept. They have some of the best swings in Tulsa. It's a nice place to take your family or to do the couple thing or to just take a walk with your favorite dog. Whatever you do, you can't go wrong by visiting Woodward Park.

Barbara Wright

The place is awesome! I enjoyed my time.

Judy Ashlock

Love this park for pictures and the many types of flowers.

jeremy harden

A real life photo catalogue park

Todd Woolery

Now Tulsa's second best park...but close to The Gathering Place.

Mindy Beck

Beautiful garden to take a stroll through, picnic in, or hold a photo shoot. The staff was super friendly. We spent about an hour and half there but could have easily spent more time wondering through the gardens.

Vel Mcallister

Easy to get to the location beautiful place to have a wedding inside and outside. Beautiful flowers and many places to take photos the Mansion has a great place to get book and q Master Gardener is there. Everything is breath take when in Bloo

Whitney Price

I love the interplay between the natural wooded areas and the developed recreational areas. In spring there is almost always a weekend wedding or grad photo shoot happening in the azaleas by the pond as you drive by. Spent a lot of time here as a teenager in the '70s, singing along with my friend's guitar on the lawn, often being joined by others asking to jam along. A historic park making memories for all the generations.

Kimberly Barlow

My second favorite Park in Tulsa. It's wonderfully huge wood lovely statues an architecture the greenhouse is my favorite place if you go make sure to visit the greenhouse

Takeshi Strider

The park is beautiful, super well kept. Great for event pictures

Maleah Woodard

Cute little park to take a stroll. Saw a few turtles and rabbits. Our dogs loved it. Does not have play equipment though for small children.

Sandra Gutierrez

The park has a well-tended selection of plants placed so as to allow almost a nature-walk atmosphere. During the spring, it's a great place for photos with flowers (including azaleas), greenery, and boulders for background. It can be a bit crowded during pleasant weekends and doesn't have a lot of parking. The playground is also limited (other parks with better playgrounds and more parking are not too far away). There is a rose garden next to the park. The blooms can be beautiful but it is set up more to display different varieties of roses than to achieve an overall effect.

Myles Coen

My personal favorite park in Tulsa. Beautiful setting with both wide fields to play frisbee in and gorgeous wooded landscape. The gardens are beautiful and the botanical garden nearby is absolutely worth strolling through.

Savannah Brandborg

One of the most serene places in Tulsa. Beautiful landscaping and right next door to the Rose Garden and the Historical Society. If you're looking for a nice place to walk your dog or just relax in nature for a bit, this is definitely one of the best places to do so! 10/10 Would highly recommend! #PokemonGoPlayers #ThereIsATonOfStops

Christopher Carey

I love this place! When life is going bad, this is a wonderful place to get some solitude. Plus you can take the time to smell the roses.

Stan Jetton

Beautiful place to picnic and walk. Bring your dog.

Alexis Stith-Tatum

It was really nice. My Son got married there Jan. 31st, 2019 It was COLD but very pretty!!

Payton Abbott

I visited Woodward Park with a friend from Mexico for the first time in April, even though I have lived in the Tulsa area my whole life. We was impressed at how well kept and maintained it was. It's a great place to go and take photos.

Irma Zandl

Beautiful, well-maintained park with lots of benches in the shade (great for today’s 100 degree temps). Enjoyed watching the weekly medieval gaming event.

Theresa Berry

Beautiful spot in Tulsa for a stroll, to sit and contemplate life or just soak up some sunshine and nature


No pathways to walk through the park. U have to walk through the grass. The only place that has walkways are the gardens that seem very sad and dont have much color. Looks like the flowers could use a drink of water. It does, however, have many trees. I dont believe I'm coming back here again. Will look for a better park.

Kyle Wolfe

Beautiful place! Its so peaceful and a work of art that has become a blooming masterpiece of tranquility. I frequent this place often because of the serene detail from the flowers to the grass, to the friendly squirrels. A must see place to be!

Tim Lewis

Wonderful walking trails and gardens. Lots of activities thought the week and a ton of Pokemon stops.

Liza Martinez

I love coming to this park. It is so quiet and comfortable.

Kittye Williams

Beautiful as always, no matter the season.

Will Cain

Great for playing pokemon go

Patty Sellers

Peaceful, tranquil park. Husband and I were on a 5 mile hike and walked into this park to see the Rose garden, which was being replanted due to some disease. But we loved this park and sat by the fountain and enjoyed the mist on a hot day

Bob Nolan

Been going there since 1969 best place for kissing your girl, smoke herb and feed the animals.

Dug Thompson

One of the best parks on earth!

Jim Elkins

Great park with with gorgeous trees and landscaping. Makes it a perfect place for pictures whether you are engaged or graduating. It is a perfect setting for an outdoor wedding with the natural background and all the trees provide shade. There are trails along the water scapes and the kids always enjoy trying to find tadpoles in the pools. It is not only a historic park in Tulsa but it is simply relaxing.


Well kept trails in a great location and great scenery.

mike tucker

Woodward park is an amazing place for photoshoot oppurtinity, the rolling hills, the flowers once in bloom, the evergreen trees

Rachel Behne

The grounds of the museum and the landscape of the park are a definite must see destination for visitors and Tulsa natives a like.a wonderful part of Tulsa history the staff is very happy to share a part of Tulsa history. It is an excellent place for a educational experience for the kiddos. It is definitely worth checking


Very beautiful park but to many private events going on that limited access.

Ava VanVickle

It's beautiful had fun feeding the squirrels

Abel Bain

Very pretty. All the flowers in bloom

johnny killman

Awesome grounds, gardens, trails and the mansion is great too!

Patricia Lawwill

One of my favorite places in Tulsa. I do wish they had some water fountains though.

lowell graves

This park has a lot to offer but the main attraction for me is the beautiful rose garden. It has up and down seasons but I have never seen it the way it is now (4may'19). The only thing inside the walls was rows of grass. Very disappointing.

Ken Holladay

Beautiful park, great parking, fat friendly squirrels.

Shani Mars

Perfect scenery for photos! Classy, very well maintained. Great for relaxation. Beautiful artistry!..

Tate Miller

I miss all the Roses! still nice, you need to go during the day so you can enter the the teaching garden

Cosmos Chaos

The Greenhouse is the most relaxing place in Tulsa ...

H. Charles Johnson

Great park but apparently you aren't allowed hammocks, even though they are recognized by Leave No Trace for being low impact.

Julie Hulsey

Love coming to the Woodward Park is often as we can we're from Oklahoma City

Danny Solis

It's so pretty! I love going here, it's also Very big which I didn't expect. I could stay here for hours.


I’ve been going to Woodward Park since I was a child and it’s a very clean and quiet place. Amazing picnic place and has rose gardens, a playground, a greenhouse, a museum, and garden learning center all in one place.

Kaleigh Clark

I love this place. The pokemon that spawn here are always choice and the grounds are beautiful. Plus people LARP here on Saturdays and that's dope.

Dawne Clarine

I feel confident saying this is the best free park in the nation. Every age loves it. It has something for everyone!! Go. Just. Go

Wesley Byas

Quiet and idyllic and sprawling. It's obviously a photo-friendly locale, I counted four separate photo sessions while I visited.

Trinity Chatman

Best place to take pics, eat, and just hang out. The views and scenery are just beyond, beyond.

Jolly Executioner

Beautiful park. One of my all-time favorites. In the spring the flowers are insane! The only draw back for this park is if you have kid sdcc and are looking for something with a large playground area o think there are some swings and a jungle gum buy that's about it. It is also a popular place for photo shoots. Many weddings and graduation pics have been captured here.

Cynthia Kelley

It's a scenic park with information about history.

Swati Nemade

Located in the center of the city, Woodward park in midtown Tulsa is a very beautiful park to walk around. It is so peaceful seeing different flowers of various colors and interesting thing is they have a very amazing collection of plants and tress.

Boyd Battles

Nice well maintained park. The only problem is parking. If anything is going on at the historical society or the gardens then the parking is aweful even if the park is all but empty.

Ryan Caldron

Beautiful place!! Always a great place to come and walk around and enjoy nature in the outdoors!

Tammy Renee'

Beautiful staple of Tulsa.Senior pictures taken their 1985

Jodi Robinson

I love to visit the herb garden and the linnaus butterfly garden. Late summer you will find a huge milkweed garden with tons of monarch butterflies.

Jennifer Alexander

Beautiful place to come and decompress

Robert Schofield

This is the place I was married. It will always hold a section of my heart.

Jon McCormick

Beautiful Park. Lots of plant and flower varieties.

The amazing pea pods

My Grandmother was married here when the roses were in full bloom, My aunt was married here too. My mother and father had there wedding photos taken here as well in the spring. I absolutely adore coming here with my dog and walking around. Not to mentions the beautiful green houses (im a huge fan of exotic plants) and coy ponds. Its a truly beautiful place to come and have a picnic with the squirls, walk the dog, or simply get some relaxing alone time with nature.

Jamal Hyder

Very nice environment,beautiful landscaping

Terry young

Really nice place love to go walking there

Jeanna Metz

The squirrels will come right up to you and gently take French fries from you. Kids love it!

Luke Lawson

Beautiful park, tons of Poke stops... If you're into that sort of thing.

Ерёменко Денис

Lovely place to walk around and enjoy the scenery. Nice to spend time with friends or go on a date. Not a very good place for people with kids, because there are no playgrounds. So kids get tired of walking around

Roger Setser

Beautiful even when barren. Flowers starting to bloom now. Another month and should look spectacular.

Barbara Bowers

Beautiful park. So many fantastic elements. Wonderful picturesque walking trails.

Francisco Ramirez

This park is a good place to relax and to enjoy afternoon walks

kid vloggers

Very beautiful and peaceful.

Bruce Burcham

Oh W O W. Very beautiful today. The azaleas are in high bloom. The dodtwoods are about done.

Alexis Motes

Beautiful place to relax or take the family to. They have a botanical garden that is just adorable!

Justin Badasscloud

I always enjoy myself emencely when I come here such a gorgeous park smack dab in the middle of midtown Tulsa one of the jewels of Tulsa

Michael Porter

Always been a beautiful part great place to spend time with the loved ones and enjoy the scenery

Ty Williams

Good photo spot even in late October

Vincent Maslowski

Great place to grind for pokeballs. Usually a good mix of grass and water type with a few electric scattered in there.

Murali the Super Saint

A good place to spend 3 hours. Plan to visit in the right season so that you can enjoy the beauty of rose garden.

Mike Jones

Woodward Park is a great place to go and soak in the scenery. There's not much in the way of children's play equipment minus a couple of swings and they now have the electronic scooters to get you around the park. If you are a Pokemon go player it's a great place to visit. Other than that there's a lot of green and it's a great place to perhaps have a picnic or pitch up a hammock and relax for the afternoon. They do have public restroom facilities which is nice.

Parker Tillman

I am a part time photographer and mainly come here at the request of clients. I love the well manicured grounds and the cleanliness. I purchase my day pass ($25) online and never have any issues! Make sure you have your pass if you are taking photos for a client! It’s the right thing to do and it helps keep up the grounds; and support Tulsa Parks!


One of the best parks in oklahoma by far!

Jay Ojay

Wow, it's peaceful, quiet and good for regular visit

Ceola Tiller

It's a smaller park but it's beautiful. A red bird chased me when I walked into its area.

Sandy Barnes

I have always loved this park. It's beautiful with the flower gardens. It's a great place to take pictures, walk through, read a book or just sit and enjoy nature.

Jamie Brickell

Always a great time for all ages.

Davide De Silvestri

A great place to chill and to find some little creatures

Frank Boston

Woodward Park is iconic. It's as much Tulsa as the Golden Driller. Like that giant statue, this park won't get you ecstatic. Still, during the Spring when the azaleas are in bloom, then Iris and Roses, it's simply. ..Oh wait, this might get ya ecstatic and it beats the heck out of the Golden Driller. Huge trees, squirrels everywhere, gorgeous botanical garden. Sweet (I mean rich) old ladies oil painting the beauty before their eyes. Woodward is wondrous.

Nicholas Roger

Woodward is a beautiful park to visit and take walks at. It's a very peaceful place to visit!

Mike Cher

Great place to go visit. Very beautiful place for pics

Rebecca Clevenger

I love it there its a really peaceful ☮️ place and all the flowers and water falls are so beautiful

Steward Henderson

time to think this is the place to go


Granddaughter and I fed peanuts to the squirrels, so fun. Hope they redo rose gardens

Marie Glass

Beautiful, but a little chilly in the shade today.

Andrew Holt

Suck a beautiful park,and place to just hang out and let go . If you've never been there you should definitely go check it out ! The squirrels will eat from your hands there's fish ,plants and animals galore .

Nancy Vang

It's a great place to go on a small walk through the beautiful garden.

Lis Hlee

A great place to take pictures.

Laurie Lane

It's a beautiful park and so peaceful.

Ron Eddington

Beautiful park with Rose garden and Barn with all sorts of orchids and various herbs. A range of open field park, kid gym playground and woodsy creeks with rocket accents. Great place for photos. Also a great place to hunt Pokemon.

Mariah Stockton

Great scenary! Love all the plants! The squirrels are so friendly and always come so close and take acorns from me and bf! An amazing idea to add the learning annex in the far back-right corner and has exclusive plants for show inside with great staff as well!

Jeremiah Perkins

Awesome park to walk around, sit and have a picnic it just enjoy!

Jacob Crandall

A great place to relax with the family, or get your photos taken.

Marilyn Cole

It's peaceful and lovely.

Wendy Honn

Beautifully landscaped park, perfect for pictures and picnics!

felicia berry

I was able to take some pretty amazing graduation pictures here.

Sheri Hatten

Relaxing place to go

lawdogdaddy usa

My favorite park. Beautiful landscaping a fantastic place to take pictures. Has playgrounds, bathrooms and gardens. A true gem in the heart of the city.

Saif Khan

Beautiful landscaping and scenery, wish there was more parking.

Dianna Fly

Great place to read or have a picnic on the grass. Good place to walk your dog or bring your kids. The squirrels will come right up to you if you have a snack for them. The little greenhouse is very pretty as well.

Ernie Dorsey

There are so many reasons to love the Woodward Park! I had the privilege of being there for opening day to hear The Roots play on the QuikTrip lawn. Every single part of the park has been crafted into beautiful details that incorporate outdoor elements into art. It truly is a park for all!

Kalla Secondi

This is a really nice park, I just moved to the area and I absolutely love it. One of the best parks I've ever been to

Bruce Haley

This is a great urban wooded area in midtown area. Great for walks or part of urban hikes. There is play equipment for kids and restroom. Its conveniently next to the Tulsa Garden Center and the Tulsa Historical Museum.

John Craft

The flowers were beautiful the temperature was amazing the upkeep on all of the property was phenomenal.

David Keene

Clean and beautiful.. In spring time really nice to see.

Nathan Thorne

Love this park. The herb garden is incredible.

tv#inagotable CHAN

Is the best park wi enjoy whit my kids

Matt Hancock

Great place to relax and take good family pics as well.

Kelly Whitney

Pretty, peaceful park in the middle of town, nestled against a neighborhood with beautiful old homes.

Silvia Corwin

Really nice enviroment not much toys for kids but very peacful

Jay Taylor

Beautiful, well maintained grounds. A great place to take your kids or just go on a date. My daughter loved running around and seeing the squirrels. The flowers are gorgeous too.

Jessica Adams

It's a pretty looking park, lots of path ways to go for walks.

Kayleigh Disney

Gorgeous, I preformed a wedding and it was absolutely perfect

Shelle Wood

A beautiful place for spending time in nature!

Malcolm Dees

Beautiful park!! Very clean, calm and the parking is pretty good

Katie Mileur

Woodward park is a nice quiet place for a family picnic. It's down the street from the Gathering Place and it's significantly less hectic. There's no playground, just a few swings, but plenty of green space for running and jumping and exploring. If you get the chance, be sure to stop by the Linneaus Teaching Garden.

Juliette Almader

It is a precious park, which has some new additions. There is koi fish and beautiful flowers. A very beautiful spot for quinceañera, wedding, pregnancy,prom, and senior photos!

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