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32 Refuge Headquarters Road, Indiahoma, OK 73552, United States

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Where is Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge?

REVIEWS OF Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge IN Oklahoma

Micah Dickerson

Nice park good view there are buffalo and long horns

Briggs Sage

Great, great...ride this morning. The Wichitas are amazing...

Anna Ratliff

Beautiful Wildlife Refuge. We like to come for a afternoon hike and picnic. They also have a wonderful visitors center with a gift shop. This is a beautiful area and Mount Scott is fun to go up when the roads not washed out. Call ahead first of your planning on going up Mount Scott.

Georgia Layman

Beautiful beautiful place! Thoroughly enjoyed our visit

T Hood

Charon's garden in Spring. Stunning!

David Erickson

Visitor center is fantastic. Staff is very helpful and friendly. Wild life wasn't very cooperative but it was cold and I wouldn't have been out walking around either.. did see a few though.

Rr Ss

The only way to make this a better nature experience would be to prohibit the Army types from Ft Sill from entering.

Lauren H

Hands down our favorite place to visit and camp in Oklahoma! A quiet retreat and great place for all kinds of wildlife viewing. Don't pass up a visit to the Visitors Center!

Debra Howard

Been three times ready to go again. Great grandson loved it.

Riva Snell

This is a must- see jewel in S W Oklahoma and totally free! Come experience the deer, elk and buffalo! Stop to feed the prairie dogs! You can fish, camp or hike or do all three!!! In addition, if you've traveled to this corner of the state, you need to visit picturesque Medicine Park or after you've been to the Holy City, go to Meers for a huge, buffalo burger and homemade cobbler! But look to your right as you go and see a glimpse of the Parallel Forest. Just a reminder that the road up Mt. Scott is closed to cars right now, but you can hike or bicycle and see a wonderful view. And don't forget to stop in at the Visitor Center! Y'all come!

neville parakh

Beautiful place, I will do a full review on my blog at

Lindsay Harding

Beautiful place to take an evening drive. Usually you will see longhorns or Buffalo drove through past parallel forest and spotted Turkeys and Elk!

Cody J

Beautiful place to explore nature. Saw some Bison roaming the fields. Very scenic place. Good for hiking

Franklin Sales

Breathe taking beauty, wonderful place to camp, or just a take a little road trip through. Drop by the visitor center out there. Go see the Holy City. When your done drop by the Meers restaurant great burgers and other food options.

Stacy S.

One of my favorite places to go. The visitors center was clean and the staff were friendly. Just a great place if you want to get away from any kind of civilization. :)

Philip Gelpi

Beautiful scenery. Breath taking views from up on the mountains..

Nancy Lange

We had no idea there was a canyon with a waterfall here! It's really pretty. Very peaceful throughout the park. Part of the hike was strenuous considering that my husband and I aren't avid hikers but most of the way is easy and interesting.

K Shah

This place is incredibly beautiful, worth a drive for nature lovers

Brian McClure

Almost died, but yeah! Beautiful place

Michael West

This place is amazing. Beautiful scenery, wildlife, lakes, praries, and mountains. This place is just beautiful!!!! Didn't get to explore it enough. Can't wait to go back for a longer stay.

Amanda Sherman

We try and come here once a week Living so near by allows us the opportunity to do just that! Never disappointed and just love the wildlife there!

Chris Thulin

Wish I had more time to spend there.

toafa gau

Its really humid, but got alot of nice views for outdoor people. Would really reccomend if u go out camping alot of nice camping spots at the hiking areas. A nice nature walk.


Spring is a great time to visit this National Game Refugee. The grass is green, the cacti and flowers in full bloom, following the early summer rains. Wildlife is abundant; you can almost always see wild turkeys, bison, prairie dogs, and a good variety of birds. The longhorn cattle are a good sight as well. There are many hiking trails suitable for different levels and family member ages.

Nhan Do

Coming from a very populated City area with no mountains in sight, this place was amazing. I had a great time! My allergies didn't flare up once during the trip. That 4 hour hike was a doozy! If you want to go to the Sunset trail, do so closer to the evening, there will be plenty of parking. We went there after our hike at the Dog Run Hollow Trail. The drive is easy and signs are easy to recognize. I thought that I'd get lost, but no worries at all. I've already made plans to go again!

Kimberly Wallace

Very pretty area. Drove 3 hours to get there and it was definitely worth it. They prairie dogs were pretty neat!

Kayleen Nicole

Very beautiful place! Untouched and peaceful. The weather is amazing and the animals that live around are adorable. The prairie dogs will come right up to you if you don't bother them. Went with my family when in Oklahoma and would recommend anyone with free time on their hands to go.

Christina Ulry

Enjoy going out there, especially with good company

l hd ballen

Lots of wild life and fresh set off claves

Julie Saucerman

Great place to get way from the stress of life.

Joseph McGuinness

Beautiful scenery. Fantastic trails. Good fishing. Great for a family outing. Unique date or just solution to a boring afternoon.

Patrick Moates

Amazingly free to go to refuge with vast tracks of gorgeous, scenic land and trails to hike. Camping available, too. Elk and Buffalo and more. I cannot recommend this experience enough. If you enjoy hiking and nature you really must check this wonder of a park out for your self.

Kaden Jackson

Lots of interesting info. Some climbing around here (check Mountain Project).Tons of wildlife and hiking trails. Always have a new adventure every time I go. Boulder hopping is worth a try if you haven’t done it before.

Suzanne Morris

What a wonderful experience! Bison, longhorns, wild turkeys and gorgeous scenery. Highly recommend!


Absolutely loved this place peaceful and fun at the same time def. Will visit again to see the show.

David Hess

Finally got to see wild buffalo! As a Cherokee these magnificent beasts hold sacred meaning. Glad I experienced it.


Was a great place to visit when on a hike had a full day of fun with the family


Great place and environment. Suited for all ages! Either go for a day or camp for the night. Anywhere from tents to rvs. As primitive or modern as you want. Doris campground is my favorite. Lil baldy is a quick, fun, family trail. Sky trail is fun as well. Wildlife everywhere!

Starsha Powers

Everyone get out there, it is beauty, especially the newly remodeled Holy city

Alisha Roof

Fresh air and scenic. Amazing place to visit.

Natasha Hasting

This is the best place to go for hiking and being outdoors either alone or with your friends and family. Lots of wildlife to see! Plenty of mountains to climb. Take your dogs, they will have a blast!! I could live out here if I didn't need to work lol

David Rapson

Great place to get away

Jan Landis

We always have a great time here. Lots to do.

Nikki Noa

We love to hike and be out in the wild, and this is a great place to do it! We were surprised by the fact that the road up the mountain was closed (I have heard that rains in the past few years have deteriorated the integrity of it). Just be ready to make the 3 mile hike up the road, or go up the boulder path. We chose the road up and the boulders down. Our children ages 5-8 were able to traverse the boulders with just a little help on some of the bigger gaps! There are free roaming buffalo and long horn cattle as well. Just a great place to take a quick day trip and see some of Oklahomas natural beauty.

Lee Martin

The scenery was absolutely beautiful!! We saw the beautiful Mount Scott which if you want to there are biking and walking trails up the mountain. There are also from what we could see trails that you could drive up, but we didn't try any of those. There were spots where you could stop and eat lunch you have brought. It is only a little ways from Lawton and Geronimo, Oklahoma.Another great part is that I belive that it is totally free to get in but I could be wrong on that part. I would definitely recommend going if you are ever in the area.

James Lipsette

Beautiful place with a lot of hiking trails and picnic areas! Being able to see Buffalo and Long Horn in the wild is very special. The Prairie Dogs are a lot of fun to watch!

Pat Roszman

Hot, but doable. Great campground with lots of shade trees! Wonderful breezes! Buffalo, longhorns and prairie dogs. Heard elk and coyotes but didn't see them. Awesome!

Lydia Tomanek

This little hidden gem is a perfect place to escape to from Dallas. They offer a variety of camp site types and the bathrooms were great (says the person who has camped and hiked every summer for most of her youth). The area in the refuge has tons of wonderful day hikes. If you like to cover a lot of ground, this may not be the place for you. But a weekend get away, retreat with friends, or a family trip, this is the place to relax, explore and go on an adventure or two.

Jonathan Pound

It was a beautiful day for hiking with the temp in the mid 70s. I hiked in the Charons Garden Wilderness area which is one of my favorite hikes. A lot of different terrain and fairly challenging but well worth the hike through the wilderness.

Bernard Wise

Great view from Mt. Scott and plenty of wildlife to take in. A must visit if you haven't been.

Eric Pinola

Amazing place! Perfect for a car adventure or car and hiking, biking, and water activities. There is so much to see here that you will want to come at different times and seasons and have new adventures. The wildlife is amazing and very close and personal. The main visitors center is worth the trip all by itself. They have a very polite and friendly staff that are more than willing to help guide you. Do not approach the bison or long horns; they are not friendly pets. We watch many adults casually approach them and each time was a bad idea. I spent a lot of time rock climbing here as a kid and it was a great place for beginners and advanced OUTDOOR climbers that have gear. The Holy City was an interesting stop, and watching the prairie dogs was a treat! If you somehow get bored you can usually watch the sky for low flying fighter jets training tanks and artillery firing over the entrance road before the park. Great place! We took our trip on a cold windy Saturday just to get out of Dallad. My only disappointment was the Mount Scott road has closed due to damage and need of repairs. It's usually the best part of the drive.

Ryan Savage

Wonderful views getting up close to the bison was awesome

kathy morrow

A great scenic place with glimpse of occasional roaming buffalo and other wildlife.

Steve Slobodzian

Parallel forest. Some say is haunted-not so...planted specifically to make fenceposts out of, then never used. Very pretty and crazy sound dampening

Richard Ingalls

If you're near Lawton, OK you must do yourself a favor and take a short drive to visit this beautiful place where the Buffalo roam free.

John Lantz

Beautiful time of the year. Splendid temps, wildlife everywhere. Trails to explore in every direction.

Brandon Inda

My favorite place for outdoor adventure in Oklahoma. It feels like you're on another planet. Take plenty of water.

A Clouddancing

Beautiful place! Saw buffaloes, long horn cattle, and prairie dogs - I would note Mt. Scott's road is now closed so you have to hike from the bottom to the top. Still so very pretty - try the off trails and see the wildflowers.

Tameka Neher

Absolutely amazing love this place every time we go...... my husband and I got married on tio of Mt Scott in 2013

Vernon Hokeah

The hiking trails are ranked Easy, Moderate & Hard. I'm an older person so it's good to know this ahead of time.

James Vieau

Great hiking, great trails. Good diversity of wildlife. Great views, and good landscape traversing.

Ebony Saxton

So beautiful and peaceful. Just majestic and plains of land. Loved it all ❤

Kathleen Treanor

Its breathtakingly beautiful. So many well marked trails!

Tim Burright

It is a nice getaway from the city. It was a busy weekend and the road to the top of the mountain was closed and there weren't very many animals that you could see. But it was close to noon and warm. We've been there before so weren't very disappointed. Wild animals can't be controlled.

Rob Lloyd

Great place for wildlife. Wasnt busy at all. Worth going to.

Nicholos Miller

Nice hikes just outside of okc. Did the garden trail and all the flowers were nice to look at. The boulder field was fun to cross too!

Kristen Rambo

This is a great place to get outdoors. Camp grounds are great and reasonable. Awesome hiking trails for all levels. Beautiful drive and plenty of chances to see wildlife including bison and longhorn herds up close! So many ways to enjoy this refuge!


Such an awesome place to spend the day hiking and watching the wildlife! Just an hour and a half from OKC and it feels totally different

Rich Metzler

This place is very cool. If you want to do any serious hiking, like up Elk Mountain I recommend you get there early because the parking lots are not very big. Prairie dogs, buffalo, and Longhorns steer abound. Also saw turkeys, deer, and my fav armadillos..highly recommended

julia delgado

Very beautiful place to see so much too it so many trails to hike

Renato Pedon

Beautiful day, spotless kept refuge

Joe Love

One of the best sites in Oklahoma if you like nature. Saw a peacock last time I was there. Also great views of the military training from atop MT Scott. It appears that the road to the top of my Scott will be closed for a few months though, so check and make sure before thinking you can drive to the top. You can still walk let ride a bike though.

Bill Weston

Visitor's center is filled with info and exhibits. Very helpful people. Good hiking paths. Be sure you bring whatever you are going to need or eat.

Debra Gleaton

Out west visiting family, enjoyed the wildlife!

Dakota Cahill

Love this place. I stayed at a nearby campground and absolutely had a blast hiking around here. They have hiking trails of all different lengths and difficulties so anyone can hike as their able, it’s also beautiful, and you see plenty of wildlife.

Kaden Cox

Beautiful and huge, this place has something for everyone and each visit lends a new place to explore.

Jesse Peterson

The climbing was awesome. The road going up is closed. So get ready to walk, and come close to dieing from exhaustion.

Jeff Vaughan

We were so happy to discover this place. What a beautiful place to see flora and fauna of the prairie and mountains.

Joe Simpson

Wichitamountainstrailguide On Instagram!!!!!!!!!!!! And Facebook

Trey Roberts

Lots of great hiking trails. Always very clean and family friendly people around

Sam Taylor

The Holly City was GREAT I have Brought 11 brick for the friendship walk!!!

Matthew Chellew

Great visitors center will help you figure out what the best plan is for your adventure.

Wendy Huggins

This was great to see all the babies! This time of year they have lots of calves! The hike trails were easy enough for novice hikers and beautiful views. Can't wait to come back in the summer

Josh Odum

There's some many attractions you can see out there it's just a good calming trip for hikes,camping, fishing and just about everything else a refugee would have.

Sarah Evans

Awesome Beautiful ! A Sight To Behold With Your Eyes!

Nathan Cummings

It's a wonderful place to hike in the spring. Absolutely gorgeous scenery, with a range of short to long and easy to difficult trails. The drive up Mt Scott is currently closed to cars due to damage from a landslide but can still be ascended by foot or bicycle.

Stephen Wilson

Scenic. A lot of trails to hike. Well maintained.

Google User

We enjoyed 2 days of hiking. Had an unintended close encounter with a buffalo. He stopped about 40 feet from us. We quickly yielded the trail and moved behind some small trees. He took that opportunity to gallop past us. Beautiful animal up close.

Laura Shoun

Love it! White buffalo is our favorite shop, with hot,fresh cookies, but clothes, music and peaceful, beautiful scenery abound... it was a bit crowded today so we had to park aways away, but worth it...plantation restaurant has delicious food as well...go stay in one of the cabins for the weekend, you will love it too!❤

Blake Downs

Great public lands and the fact that they’re free makes it even better. Lots of great trails!

Bertha Fannie

Wonderful space and refuge. One of Oklahoma's greatest treasures.

Center Of Gravity Rock Gym

Always a great place to get away from social media, fake news, people, etc & get back in touch with nature. Wether it's a simple hike, bouldering, Rock climbing or just sitting there it's never a bad time. Except when you see the few people that leave their trash laying around. Pack it in pack it out!

Tianna Foster

Love coming here for the nature and hiking! It is a great way to disconnect and just get back to nature. Great way to spend time with family and create memories.

Matt Collins

Wonderful scenery.... well preserved

maruka49 pint

On any given day you will see so much Wildlife its unbelievable..with hiking sightseeing camping spots everywhere it's an easy all day trip or weekend if your up for the Adventure. Either way pack your coolers blankets etc...

Paytn Morales

Great place to hike beginners and up. Beautiful scenery and lots of fellow hikers along the way if you need help. Dogs allowed little kids too. Be cations of snakes.

Peter Vaughan

Wonderful place! Exciting wildlife and phenomenal hiking. Great for all ages.

Ernesto Rosas

God's gifts, are precious. Beautiful scenery, excellent views. Highly recommend. Come and enjoy

Renee Carter

Love going hiking and camping here. Our campsite was really nice, close to the water and close enough to the bathrooms. They even have hot showers available as well.

Steve Jordan

When you come to this wildlife refuge you will be entering into a great place to hike, fish, camp, and take wildlife photos. We had a great time visiting here.

Phil Conte

Simply gorgeous. Another beautiful section of the southwest pulled straight from the imagination. Sharp peaks, jumbled boulders, burbling brooks, rolling grass, and that sweet sweet Oklahoma breeze to cool it all off! Oh and watch out for traffic jams! The wild Longhors get curious!

MA Bashar

I was told it's not that pretty. Not true. A beautiful place to hike and explore. See buffalo and prairie dogs. Truly amazed at the beauty of the place!

Rene D. Rodriguez

Mount Scott is a very cool place with a drive up road circling to the top. Vistas include the Wichita Mountain Range and local lakes. Meers is a must, the burgers are ginormous. Peach cobbler and ice cream out of this world. Hard pressed to find better anywhere.

Mariah Menzie

No matter how many times I come to hike or picnic, I am always caught by surprise at the beauty in this landscape. Photos often just show the rolling hills and prairie dog, or the bison, but the vast sky is usually what really strikes me. It almost seems like the landscape was put there just to compliment the deep Oklahoma sky.

Barbara Brockelman

Beautiful flowers and landscapes. Mt Scott is closed to car traffic due to needed repairs. Sad that we cant afford keep such a cool attraction in good repair. But worth the trip to see such a gorgeous part of the state.

Chris Martin

I just visited for the first time a rock climbing class with the Texas Mountaineers and had a great time doing that. The camp sites are nice and have good space. There's a ton of wildlife just wandering around the camping areas and some absolutely breathtaking views out on the trails. I will definitely be back out there.

Eric Dohmen

Great nature area with good and nice trails. It is pretty quiet so not too many people have found this nice wilderness park. Certainly can recommend for a nice and relaxing day.

carolyn livingston

Hike, bike or drive through the refuge. Be sure to pick up a map as you enter. There are longhorn cattle and buffalo roaming the public access areas so watch for them.

Boyd Gross II

Stunningly beautiful scenery and worth the drive.

John Winn

Great place to go to get away from city life. Love too watch Buffalo Longhorns and Elks. Lots of hiking trails and Lakes to go fishing.

Michelle Duran

Beautiful place. Went here with the family. Had a great time. So relaxing. Lots of hiking, walking the trails and got to see some bison and longhorns. Hope to do it again in the future.

Gina Ramirez

Always such a great experience out in nature with the family. I love all the different types of trails and places to visit. We haven't been to them all yet. The visitor center is nice too although the gift shops a bit pricey.

Vallie Coates

If you love rugged beauty. This is the place to visit. Take lots of water make a picnic lunch allow yourself plenty of time there's plenty to see. Also take the time to walk through the holy city. Keep yourself safe, obey rules. Show some class, pick up after yourself.

Deanna Vaughan

We loved seeing the buffalo, long horns, prairie dogs and lizards. It was a great ride through the refuge.

Jay Rod

Beautiful scenery, light hiking trails suitable for a beginner. Once atop you can see the entire town from a distance. Got to see prairie dogs, buffalo, and longhorns!

Grant Wissler

Not too busy. Great trails to choose from with lots of local wildlife and beautiful scenery.

Barbara Goldsby

It was neat. Saw a lot of prairie dogs and buffalo

Collie Grey

Beautiful drive & wonderful experience taking in God's marvelous creation!

Todd Youtzy

Mount Scott is a wonderful climb for runners and cyclists.

Gus Herrera

Fantastic views great place for family adventures highking watching the wild Longhorns free range the buffalo, deer, elk, the prairie dog,lots of birds etc.

Aundrea Lee

Lovely views of both landscape and wildlife. We saw lots of Buffalo roaming the park and the visitors center is very informative as well. The main mountain road was under construction and we were not able to drive or hike it at the time but would’ve really liked to.

Body Specific

Love driving through and seeing buffalo and longhorns.


Love love love the scenery but they are extremely unorganized when it comes to camping there. It is first come first serve but they couldn't even give us a ”around __ spaces are open”. They just flat out didn't know. Would recommend for a day of hiking but not for camping, its always too packed.

Carey Beasley

Wonderful visitors center and wildlife. Extreme heat made a "no hiking" mandate the day we went. We look forward to hiking camping and kayaking. Amazing

Alexander Obrien

This place is beautiful. We went to the parallel forest. It was muddy as hell though so dont go there after heavy rains happened in the past few weeks. It doesn't dry easily. Unrelated, I got proposed to during this visit. :)

Toni Harris

Always fresh air available and plenty of trails to walk. Always a new animal to discover on the way to somewhere new ! My love is the refuge!

Ethan Wedel

I love this area, and I've only started exploring. It's an open and gorgeous landscape, with some amazing animals to see, and incredible locations to freely explore.

Russell Johnson

This is a great place to spend the day if you like nature

Earle Douglass

This is beautiful land you can drive through or hole through. The long horns came right up to the car, but the Buffalo seemed to stay a safer distance from the road. There were also meerkats and bobcats but we didn't get to see those. Very pretty.

Nicole Hansen

My favorite place in all of Oklahoma this summer they will have a million different attractions!!! Whether it's just a hike with your dogs or just a swim with your children. Definitely one of my favorite places in the United States!!!!

Victor Figueroa

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart. I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot, which was created for the bliss of souls like mine. I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents. I should be incapable of drawing a single stroke at the present moment; and yet I feel that I never was a greater artist than now. When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees, and but a few stray gleams steal into the inner sanctuary, I throw myself down among the tall grass by the trickling stream; and, as I lie close to the earth, a thousand unknown plants are noticed by me: when I hear the buzz of the little world among the stalks, and grow familiar with the countless indescribable forms of the insects and flies, then I feel the presence of the Almighty, who formed us in his own image

Hayley McWilliams

Have been coming here since I was born, Have gone the last 2 weekends in a row. Always new places to visit here(trail wise) Home away from Home. peaceful, and definately wonderful views. Love bringing my wife, friends and family here. It ia our go to spot when we want out of the city. Worth the toll roads for me..

Ian Heald

Incredible views and great variety of wildlife. During the hot months, go earlier in the morning or in the evening when it's cooler to see the wildlife. Recommend Buffalo Trail

Herb Whinery

Great way to spend your time

Gary Miller

Beautiful views, great hiking, mountain bike trails, great road cycling all over even up Mt. Scott with a 2.6 mile average 7.2% grade, medicine park a few miles away has great restaurants, live entertainment, nice lakes, buffalo and Longhorn cattle roaming all over, wildlife museum, camping...much more!

Carol Auerswald

A hidden gem!!! Wild life is amazing. My grand kids went crazy over the Prairie Dogs. If you are going here continue on to Medicine Park. If you have kids bring swim suites for swimming in the dam (shallow areas).

Isaac Cole

In love with this place. Come visit if you’re into hiking and general nature appreciation. You will not regret it.

Albert Hughes

Way more beautiful than you'd expect. The narrows and forty foot hole are awesome. There is plenty of the park we haven't explored. Great rock climbing if you don't mind run-out routes. A few well protected ones. Bring a compass and map and set up Cairns. It's easy to get lost in some parts.

Bobbie Plummer

We enjoying seeing the buffalo and the long horns. Went to hear the elk bugle, too windy tonight.

Eddie Crispin

Excellent place to take your family and enjoy the wild life Refuge

Mitch Reed

Beautiful and unique, Wichita Mountains Wildlife refuge offers scenic views and hiking opportunities that are found nowhere else in the country! Whether rock hopping, exploring off trail, or just a casual picnic - absolutely worth indulging if you enjoy the outdoots. Don't let stereotypes of 'Oklahoma' deter you from spending time here!

Deatra Simmonsking

Love this place! Always something to see and do.

Bradley Grace

Love this place. One of the only highlights of being in the Lawton area. Great hikes.

Noah V

Nice location near Lawton to go hiking. No fee's, but also very limited parking from Charon Garden trail head, maybe 15 spots. There is a small lake right off the trail head and a small waterfall about 1/2 mile in. Nice views for this area of Oklahoma.

Conny Dubson

Definitely cut covers your hiking needs with a beautiful view very knowledgeable staff

Dan Innamorati

This area is national park status worthy! Beautiful landscapes and full of wildlife!

Mickey Young

Within two days of moving to Fort Sill we found ourselves with some downtime. We decided to go visit the refuge and couldn't have imagined a better experience. Got within 5ft of an open range Buffalo and saw wild prairie dogs for the first time. There's so much to take in that you will need several days. Best of all it's free.

B #

Always a great place to visit and hike in spring and fall

William Eberhardt

Beautiful area, I was pleasantly surprised with this last minute trip decision

Delaney Lindley

LOADS of animals. We've seen birds, buffalos, cattle, deer, elk, prairie dogs, cranes, geese & even a mountain lion once. We love going year round with oue children & spotting how the seasons affect the animals & adore the spring once the babies are born. & of course the historical sights are amazing. A wonderful way to put the world on pause for a few hours.

Shirley Bradshaw

Have been going here since i was a child, and i finally brought my daughter out to really enjoy the beauty of all of it. It's a great sunday drive and a place to become one with nature and wildlife. If you're ever going to be in the area you should definitly take the time to visit this place.

Emory Siegrist

Great place to just go and relax, fish, hike, bike, or just go for a drive.

Michell Odom-Bridges

Beautiful place! Get outdoors & take a hike! Your mind, body & soul will thank you for it!

Joe Gallagher

The only mountains (large hills) in SW Oklahoma. Bison and Longhorn population wandering the grasslands make it a wonderful place to visit. It's free.

Chris Wilson

Live buffalo reserve!!! Dont get to see that very often.

Casady Lange

It was such a good experience! So much fun and so pretty!

Charlie Miller

The interpretive displays are well done with lots of educational information for kids and adults. They offer tours of the wildlife refuge, we would have love to have gone on the foliage tour but had come a few days early to go. They have a nice gift shop with some unique odds and ends, but it is a little pricey for some of the things. Definitely worth the visit when going through the wildlife refuge!

aaron ewer

So many things to see.... it's a beautiful place. Take some water, snacks, and some good shoes. If you like to get out in nature then this is the place. Watch out for the bison and longhorn... and snakes... and pigs.

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