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Where is Wheeler Ferris Wheel?

REVIEWS OF Wheeler Ferris Wheel IN Oklahoma

Tea Time with Chandi

Had so much fun!!!! We went at night originally and rode the Ferris Wheel it was so much fun and only $6 per person. It was very busy so we went back the next morning and took pictures prior to it opening and we had the entire park to ourselves. Pro tip: Go early in the am or close to close. Pro tip: Avoid going on windy days. Con: lengthy wait times ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Kara Cleveland

Loved the whole environment! Food, games, Ferris Wheel, Oklahoma River!!

melva carter

A great place to relax, go for a walk and just chill. I love it!!!

Phillip Olpin

Great family fun. They have a season pass here... definitely worth it. You can use your hammocks and games for free

Patti James

What a fun day! Loved everything about wheeler ferris wheel and park. Nice people. Just enjoying an evening ❤️

Cameron Shurtz

The Ferris wheel is pretty cool. This is probably the coolest thing at Wheeler park. The views are cool. You can sit at least 4 people in a bucket, so this is fun to do with another person or a couple extra people. I think going on the Ferris wheel is worth doing at least once. Try to go during a good time for views like sunset. This is a decent spot for part of a date. This is worth checking out at least once.

Tre Duggan

The perfect edition to the river front in OKC. Wish it had been there when I lived there from 2014-2016. The day we went it was unfortunately closed due to high winds. But that didnt stop us! Definitely go on by.

Irene Gonzalez

Great time with the family with out spend any many, only in the wheel

Shelley Neel

So much to do here besides just the ferris wheel. You can lay on the hammocks, play corn hole and ping pong, and take pictures by the big OKC.

Demetra Mills

Was really cool, rode the ferris wheel, only thing that was disappointing was we were the last on and the first off. So didn't feel we quite got our money's worth. Other besides that it's a neat little place to check out.

Chris Hukill

On windy days it's a bit much...but it's a cool park and a nice place to check out. Now they have a pizza and pie vendor on site which is nice.

Louise Marshall

Amazing view of the skyline. Nice and chilled

Rachel Ostroske

My kids loved it and so did i...great place and pretty cheap if you ask me!

Kelly Schoeplein

Beautiful view of downtown OKC from the top.

Gonzalo Malagon

Just the perfect place to spend quality time with your family.

Bobby Dyer

Nice and relaxing. Cost practically nothing

Larry Gyrion

Wow this thing is really neat .. lots of people there too

Isabel Heidebur

Always a beautiful location. Friendly service.

Donovan Michie

I went here this evening for my wife's birthday. She absolutely loved the ride on the ferris wheel! The view is wonderful and romantic. I also enjoyed the 40s swing music very much! Please continue playing this kind of music it was very lovely and contributed to the overall ambience. I plan to come back!

James Caron

Great site, Lots of people having fun in great weather, a lot of seating and relaxation areas around the ferris wheel. Right next to the river where you can walk for miles for exercise or just to discover some things through the city you might never see.

Nae Sias

Loved it ! I love the fact that there was music, a park, and canopies! There is a good Mexican restaurant near it too!! Literally up the street!! Nice environment.

Rebecca Wroblewski

Looking for a cheap evening out with the kids or a date with your s/o? Look no further. They have the ferris wheel, lawn games, hammocks, a consession stand, and its very clean. Family friendly and the place is actually beautiful.

Travis Baughman

Nice place to see the city

Liz Walker-Sims

Great place to take the family.

Caleb Martin

They weren't operating the ferris wheel when we came by due to "high winds", which seems like kind of a problem considering this is Oklahoma. To be fair, it was pretty windy, but I'm not sure why it can't be run in the wind. It looks like a cool place though. We'll have to give it another visit when there is less wind.

Sunny Cielo

Beautiful place...alot of open space...bring kids (keep a eye on them, the river is nearby), dogs (remember bags for thier poop), and have a lovely time.

Amanda Kern

I love the Wheeler District and Ferris Wheel! When my sister visited it was the first place I took her to see. I recently had a friend from out of state put together a photo book for her husband, and needed a photo from every state! So, naturally I chose the wheeler Ferris wheel! Always so clean, and so much fun and free activities! The hammocks and games are so much fun!

Dhamu Narayanan

Splendid place for fun and behind it there is a wonderful running path

Sheena Youngers

The Wheeler District is beautiful and offers so much. I first visited on one Friday Music Festivals. It was family friendly, include live music, boutique vendors, a large lawn that was manicured so well that a blanket wasn’t even necessary to sit on the grass. There are hammocks that line that waterfront, the famous Ferris Wheel ride, yard games, beer, and some basic food trucks. Mixed drinks would be a nice addition and the vendors made it feel less authentic. The stage for the live music was off to the side where no one was or would want to sit, at least not with the many other options. Therefore, the music part of the event was forgotten to most. I don’t recall even hearing it. Nevertheless, we had a really nice time and will definitely go back ;0)

Salvador Saucedo

Great atmosphere, i loved the music and hammaocks 10/10

Marseris Kaid Bay

Beautiful place to take a moment and breath, to have a walk and maybe to do a picnic.

Alejandra Martinez

The hammocks can be a nice relaxing time in the early afternoon during the weekdays. Restrooms are clean and concession people seem friendly. I usually just go to relax, I haven't used the Ferris wheel.

Francisco Uribe

Beautiful family place

Austin Young

I wish we had something like this in tulsa, this is a great cheep date spot.

Robyn Affentranger

The weather was perfect and it was just a really great experience. I Donely six dollars for a ride and $20 for a season pass, it’s a really great value too. The employees are super sweet and it is dog friendly, even on the Ferris wheel. It was absolutely wonderful. It was a little busy, so I will come back again and see if I can’t get into one of those hammocks.

Miguelangel Colmenares Sanchez

OKC the best City at Midwest of USA

Karen James

Great family park

Cindy Whitfield

Such a pretty park & the Ferris Wheel ride has all the good feels!!

Cody and Ashley Adams

Lovely park to bring Visitors and enjoy a nice old-fashioned relaxing time out side with the family. Never road the Farris wheel...cost too much for all our family but maybe one day for a date night

Vinh Tran

Cool place to hang out. However the ferris wheel goes quite fast than what I expected

Edward Lara

Nice place to go and hang out on summer nights. We went during live music and some local vendors were there.

Sudesh Acharya

beautiful place for a quick park trip. Near to OKC

Victor Tomala

Great place to enjoy with the family, plenty of room for kids to run and play around. The view is great


Love this place. I take my grandkids there. They play with all the games and play tag. While, I lay on the hamics with my husband while they play. It's so relaxing. Place to take the whole family.

ry Xo

It was really fun and cool, the music is really nice and Reminds me of France. The Ferris Wheel was very cool too, the view was amazing.

Kingsaki 26

If I could give no stars I would! Worst experience will be on YouTube soon have video of the manager Jayden going crazy on me and my family for accidentally going through the grass!!

Daniel Chandler

The Wheeler Ferris Wheel has a neat venue. Its snack shop, lawn, and walking trails make it an ideal place for a relaxing time outdoors. I went during the morning in the Spring, and it was not too crowded yet.

Mark M

This is a fun place to go take the ride and see the Oklahoma City skyline in the evening. They also have lots of places just to hang out and relax with hammocks and chairs and swings. Very reasonable price to ride the Ferris wheel, overall very fun and relaxing place to hang out.

David Kozlowski

A top Instagrammable spot in OKC!

Justus Means

A few small things to do here. It was pretty laid back.

Horatio Hewat

I read all reviews on it before visiting this place last week and many of them told its best to visit during night.well, its good little place for kids and adults to enjoy,with play area and swings. Only issue was, the place is at a remote location and the entrance road is very narrow with no lights in the parking area which creeps you out..! I wish we would have visited during day time.

thomas vanetten

Love it, very nice place.

Tytus Cornejo

The ride was great. Not too long but just right. They have really made a great effort to have a fun, family space where you can relax in hammocks, sit on a patio, play some free games and enjoy some light concessions while you wait. It is still far from a finished District but is off to a fun start.

Heather Alexander

It was amazing!!!! It was so pretty. Seeing all the lights downtown. Then laying in the hammock and watching the Ferris Wheel!! I would definitely go again!!!

Falcon One

What a wonderful place to visit and run around! Lock your car up though, it's really close to the illegal's neighborhood and there are a lot of homeless people lingering around too.

Carlos Palma Ninamango

Was an enjoyable ride with a relaxing atmosphere. Recommend for events and a good place to spend time with people you want to invest in.

Ericka Choate

Beautiful views and good fun;)

mina vaughn

It's very clean and family oriented park

Itamar Lanier

Very neat attraction to visit when in Oklahoma City! Definitely purchase season pass to save money even if you won't be visiting all season long.

Nirakar Neupane

Few hours can be easily spent with kids

Heather Willis

love it. I visit at least once a week ✌


Lovely and quiet place for a 5 minute picture and get out....

Tyler Scales

Was vary displeased with the state I found this attraction we get here and all the adds and even thare Facebook and maps say thay are open and the ferris wheel was down and has been for ten days this is thare main attraction and its lit up and looks like it's in running order yet it has been down for 10 days and thay are still advertised as open and operating this is not ok and thay should most definitely resolve this as I was thare for only 10 minutes and counted 15 car fulls leaving in disappointment I am vary displeased with this and as such I believe as a prominent state attraction it should be held to a higher standard of operating then your average run of the mill carnival ride

Mauralise Mullikin

I recommend coming on a Friday night and eating at the Taco Nation bus

Tressa Malone

Location is beautiful and experince was wonderful! There is a bit of history posted about the Ferris wheel and how it got there. There are also some really cool swings to swing on and enjoy the stars! It's next to the Oklahoma river which you can walk along and there is a lot of space to have a picnic if you'd like! Great place to take your family or that special someone! I enjoyed my experience and will visit again!

Wilma Riley-Jacobs

Absolutely Amazing #MakingStridesOKC

Heath Penny

This is a great place to Visit with family and friends!!!


Nice atmosphere, kid friendly, concessions, OKC looks different from the top of a FERRIS WHEEL.


Beautiful views and fantastic photo opps!


What a fun spot! Hammocks and fun outside games and even table games under the pavilion and of course the big Ferris wheel! A very cool place to take your family or to just hang out with a friend. Staff was very friendly. Hope to visit again.

Rochelle Talas

My son and I love to walk along the river and stop here. The ferris wheel is fun for the kids.

Aaron Mowery

Love this place and so does my 18mo old son!

Cierra Allen

One of Oklahoma City's best attractions there's little hammocks and horse shoe toss too!!

Tracyne Ashby

My granddaughter and I bought a pass for the day for $10.00 which isn't bad since it cost $6.00 to ride it once. we got there about 15 till 8:00 and it closed at 9:00pm. We did ride it 6 times in a row

Melinda Burgess

This is fun and nostalgic, overlooking the Oklahoma River. Staff are very friendly, and we enjoyed the wide lawn with games and hammocks available for the public to use. It's great that you can buy a Day Pass or Season Pass for the Wheel. This park and ride are an asset to Oklahoma City. Well done!

Battle Ax

Fun with my Grand daughter

Morgan Crozier

Nice Ferris wheel. What more can you want?

John Pettifer

Very fun with scenic views. Would reccomend going around sunset bc the lighting is great for pictures. Cost is $6 per person for a single ride. Kids 3 and under are free.

Enjoli Clofer

So glad we spent our Memorial Day here! Amazing place to hang with friends and family. Beautiful location. We brought our own lawn chairs, but there were a few available picnic tables. I didn't get to ride the Ferris Wheel today, but I'm going to make sure I visit soon to do that. I'm definitely going to picnic here another time or two before Summer ends.


Great place to spend an afternoon with the family.

Luis Lara

I ain't never might want to ask my homie casper.

Kristen Henry

Very interesting! It's a great outdoors place to hang out for a couple hours. Costs to ride the ferris wheel but they have free yard games and public restrooms and tables. They take cash and card.

Christian Gaytan

We were visiting from Denver and this place was recommended by family that lives in the area. Awesome Idea and place for a family. Plenty of free activities, clean place, safe place and the Ferris Wheel was affordable and fun.

Hugh Ezekiel Sauer

Came here for an event and the experience was awesome. The farris wheel has a semi good view of the city, but the hammocks and bike track was awesome. A great way to spend a nice day out and about.

Benjamin Swindle

Loved it!! Great job OKC. My 3 year old son really enjoyed it.

okie toys

Fun outdoor venue for live music. Next to the river, brightly lit ferris wheel.

Jess North

Nice to be along the river, whoever designed the outdoor space did a good job. Only things I would change is that the Ferris wheel could be open later and that there were more food/drink options/trucks.

James Spradley

Really nice area for a group

Chris Harris

Me and the kids come here a few times a year. Something different and reasonably priced. They have ping pong, corn hole, chess/checkers, and football and soccer balls to play with. The hammocks are relaxing too. Haven't had the food or drinks yet.

Ash Groves

Great place! Fun to stop by and take a ride on the Ferris wheel!

Okobern 2

It's a nice Ferris Wheel, and it's neat to watch at night.

Pauline Baker

Closed. Was able to access area walkways.

Scott Williams

We had so much fun here. Live the relaxing double hammocks looking over the river. Great place to hang out.

Peter Foree

This was a very relaxing place to be. The view is great, they have hammocks to just chill. It's common to see a food truck or 2 in the parking area. Walking trail nearby, and space for the kids to play.

Jo Simon

Gotta love this place... It's where my fiance proposed. However they need more souvenir options, family passes and not be so restrictive & expensive for weddings.

Douglas Dearing

Awesome experience. Looking out over the river and downtown.

Jackie Mccracken

Cheap to ride the ferris wheel and relaxing

Evelyn Dominguez

Beutiful views great environment. BUT never go there on 4th of July it is too packed and you cant see the fireworks.

FranX Leung

This is a great place to hang out with the family. Hammocks, an area for games and sports, tables/chairs, large mural, swing chairs... and a beautiful Ferris Wheel that is affordable! Nice view of the OKC skyline.

Renata Lair

Great place to take your family for an afternoon outing. The view from the top of the Ferris Wheel is incredible. We packed a picnic, a frisbee, found a hammock and enjoyed the entire afternoon here.

Aleisa Madison

How awesome to have the lost boys ferris wheel

Pablo Spencer

Very neat attraction to visit when in Oklahoma City! Definitely purchase season pass to save money even if you won't be visiting all season long.

Walmart Sams

It is a really fun and exciting place really great if want to just go to relax.

Meghan Synco

Really fun family area. Lots of yard games and hammocks with the awesome OKC sign. Wish they had a better snack bar, a water feature/splash pad, more shad.

Olga Caulfield

Nice, but a bit pricey, and the ride is short. Riding a similar Ferris Wheel in Southern California actually costs less...

Courtney Anne

So relaxing and pretty here. Main attractions are the ferris wheel, walk ways, hammocks and snack area

Nora Vega

We enjoyed our trip. Took a ride on the Ferris wheel which was only $6.00 Will definitely return again

Laressa Hill

I loved that there were games to play and the ferris wheel itself was pretty cool. The hammocks looked relaxing but they were full up


Nice photogenic place and Oklahoma City. The ferris wheel ride gave you a nice view of downtown OKC

ERI merideth

Love it! Everybody have to have visit, My family came from.California and was the perfect weather and the perfect fam pictures!


Way better than expected! So many free things to do too. Hammocks, chairs, lots of grass, free picnic blankets to use. Also giant games like jenga and checkers!

Michelle Mette

Fun outdoor family time but don't forget the bug spray this time of year the mosquitos are out!! $6 dollar ride or $10 day pass. Hammocks and outdoor games are free!

Micah Arnold

Great view of the city.

kyli hammond

Loved going here with my dog. Such a cool place for OKC!

justin mustain

Very cool place! River is a great spot to chill and have a dope conversation! Relaxed vibe. Neat little concession stand, $20 for a tshirt or 3 for a cup if you want a souvenir!

Anthony Gabaldon

Great place to just chill.

madie simms

There was fun music and food food at their event. The ferris wheel had a beautiful view of the city skyline.

Alex Otalora

This is such a great place to relax and enjoy the evening. Hammock, corn hole, ping pong, and food trucks.

Sean Ewald

We love it every time.

James Moore

Really nice area to relax and have fun! Even better in the evening!

James Stephan

A Great place to see downtown and the river from!! Wide open field for family fun... frisbee catch... photo taking... picnicnicking.. etc.

Leonard Rice

It's only one ride take a bike ride the fitness trail.

Ginny Waid

Friendly people and amazing view. Really loved this place!

Wendy N.

Very nice place to stop at and have a snack while ur traveling through. My kids really liked stopping here. Its a place u can bring the family and just relax outside for a bit.

Norma Martinez

There's plenty of space to relax and slow down. There was one food truck, and a shaved ice truck. A space to reserve for events. Plenty of seating. A snack bar. The ferris wheel was only $6 to ride, but it didn't look like it was running. There are hammocks to lounge in. It sits right along the water. Fun fact: the ferris wheel used to be at the Santa Monica Pier in California, before Oklahoma purchased it. Whoever came up with the idea of this spot did a great job on design and execution. It was beautiful to see many folks from different walks of life enjoy the space.

James Craig

This is such a great place. You can have loads of fun without spending a dime. Plus, there are food trucks and concessions to meet all your food and drink needs.

Amanda Fietz

Great little destination area here in OKC!! Had a blast here!!

Rick Horner

It's nice place and free except the ferris wheel, hammocks, lots of free games and concessions, right on the Oklahoman River banks, sometimes have live music and food trucks

Heather Dunham

We all had a blast. It's a good tourist spot. I took some family from out of town. We love the relaxed atmosphere.

Elizabeth Schilling

My family and I went here for a craft fair. It was relaxing. I loved the hammocks, the weather was perfect for them. They had food trucks and everything needed for a good event. The kids liked going on the Ferris wheel.

Lois Green

Cool little place to visit. Relaxing

Krystal Barton

Good experience for my 5 and 6 year old as we were passing thru. Didnt like that we paid $6 for 5 times around....seemed very fast

Natalie Neil

It's a great place to bring the family or a date the view from the ferris wheel is great

Daina Campbell

I always love coming out here, it's so beautiful.

J Bryson Baker

This is the kind of place that can be a frequent part of your week. Bring a picnic! My highlights from what is sure to become one of our OKC family favorites. 1. It’s free to hang out at the park!!! It’s a beautiful space, easy to get in and out of. It overlooks the river and downtown OKC. We went in the afternoon and came back for the sunset! 2. Stuff to do fo’ free: Ping Pong, Bocce Ball, lawn with provided frisbees, footballs, and soccer balls. 3. Relaxing hammocks. Easy to fall asleep! 4. Ferris Wheel is around $10 for all day access. $20ish dollars for a year pass! Stunning views from the wheel! 5. Pets allowed! 6. Do have reasonably priced snacks and drinks. Snagged some $1 popsicles for the kiddo.

Lashon Green

Very nice environment enjoyable for family members, pets or a date with event's.

Justin Finley

Honestly great place to go and just enjoy the day. They got soccer and football and cornhole and hammocks and picnic tables. Great place just to hang out with your friends and have a picnic

Nile Burge

The Wheeler District is so much fun! They had a live band and food trucks out there. A must visit in OKC!

Michael Kozacek

Nice location with allot of atmosphere. Will go back when its cooler

Crystal Kravtsov

You go around about 4 times. Nice view of sunset!

Andrew Walters

Fun out of the way spot in OKC. Pretty cheap to ride a couple rotations and they have quite a few special events there to go check out. There are snacks and drinks to purchase and food trucks are there from time to time as well. Plenty of picnic tables to sit at, lots of great hammocks to lounge in as well. On a nice day it’s a beautiful place to hang out.

Super Mario

Great environment for bringing family & friends. Free games like pingpong, corn hole, bocci, large dice, and many more. Relax on a large hammocks, and listening to old time music. What a refreshing place to hang out.

chris coffman

It’s a peaceful place to relax!

Leslie Jacklin

Great place for pictures!

Dakota Mumford

Very beautiful area and a nice place to take friends and family to spend good quality time with. Nice to ride the ferris wheel during sunset.

Leighton Anderson

Insane. Never seen a place like this! Such a calm and relaxing environment with calm, relaxing music in the background. This is a must-see place!

Ed Morton

Had a Great time!

Mike Byfield

Absolutely fantastic. My whole family had a great time. Worth every penny it cost. Very clean & safe. Lots of people.

Neal Vaughn

Oh this place is excellent for family, group and couples who like to be young again. Day or night clean restrooms and great parking. Yes it has fun for your pet.

Kristen Zimmerman

You dont go once you go multiple times around, staff is friendly

Abel JRC

Very soothing atmosphere.

Kara Johnson

The area is pretty and well kept. They have some yard games which are fun, but not regulated. My husband and I played cornhole with only 7/8 bags because one was lost. The ferris wheel is great tho. I just wish there was more here. A pavilion, a bar, food (other than the food truck, which was incredible, but not permanent), something. But they seem to have a large area so hopefully expansion is in their future. This place has a lot of awesome potential

Daniel Robinson

Hosting large events at Wheeler Park is a great idea. There is plenty of parking, the view is great, and it's so close to the walking and riding path by the canal. I was there for the American Cancer Society event and it was the perfect venue.

Harrison Chong

Cool little ferris wheel off the side of the highway and river! First time riding one, it was a bit fast and scary but it was fine. Great view and I think the park itself is really nice as well. OKC, hammocks, tables, concessions, bathroom, everything was clean and good!

Manuel Miller

Needs more shaded areas. I like hanging out in the hammocks but they're mostly in the sun so it is uncomfortable and hot.

Randi Lee

So much fun! Lots of yard activities. Really nice place to spend an evening.

Mark Collum

Very nice park, but no playground. The ferris wheel is lots of fun.


I had more fun here than I thought I would. I love that they have a few other things around the Ferris Wheel that you can do with a group. A great way to see the city and spend the afternoon.

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