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101 W Main, Wakita, OK 73771, United States

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Where is Twister the Movie Museum?

REVIEWS OF Twister the Movie Museum IN Oklahoma

Mary Schmitz

Kyle Bower

Brian Dobbe

Emily King-Pike

Everything from movie debris, t-shirts and great prices, the Twister Muesem brings back to life the 1996 film Twister. Very friendly environment and very educational!

Anthony Tetreault

Kinda cute lol museum, it's based off the Twister movie where the mom lived that got hit bad. It's in a very small town called Wakita, Oklahoma. People from all over the world have come to see this museum.

Bertha Nystrom


Brenda Gaskill

The owner has a celebration yearly of the Twister movie. There will be a memorial for Bill Paxton at it this year with many storm chasers attending. The people are very passionate for the movie and Bill Paxton.

Katherine Eppich

Judith Marquez

Amazing little place!!!!

Emily Maldonado

I've watched on tapevand still watching it. Right know I'm watching it in Spanish....

Pam Kirk

Really fun place to go if you love the movie twister. I really enjoyed it


Manitoba Storm Chasers

Always a fun place to bring my tour guests!

Sheree Adams

Daniel Bastians

Randall Wofford

Great place to visit for mobile enthusiasts!

Teri Sparks

Great lady who runs it. So glad we stopped.

Mike Ryan

Sam Felton

Numerous props from the movie.

James Menzies

Love this little place. Lots of interesting souvenirs and Linda Wade the owner is a sweetheart. Highly recommend a visit.

James M

This was awesome! It was really fun and the lady that ran place was just sweet! She was so nice and had some local kids helping her out. Nice place to stop on the way to and from OKC. Lots of movie props and memorabilia. April through October it is open daily. Winter months I would call ahead.

Katie Switzer

The Dorothy from the window is actually the one from the movie! Also, Linda was very sweet and knew so much.

Cheyenne Rayne

Candy Sandlin

Lots of signed memorabilia by John Paxson. It was interesting on how they made fake store fronts and Aunt Mae's house.

Rebecca Parrott

Gary Kilgore

Paula Buxton


Lucky Luckiano

Surreal. The secret is this: Wakita is the frozen moment in time, not the museum. One feels that if one sits on a bench here and listens to the prairie wind for a moment, and then drives away, one would find a hundred years had passed in the world outside the fading brick and rusted metal of Wakita.

Laura Lynn


Nathaniel S. RN

Great assemblage of unique Twister props. The lovely museum host, Linda, had a lot of first-hand knowledge of the filming process. It was worth the drive from Wisconsin for sure!

Justin Hoeltzel

Tatianna Lopez

Rayson Clabaugh

T.L. Anthony

Very friendly town and museum persons

Stephanie Brown

It is a great little stop. Linda was a wealth of knowledge and was willing to come down and let us in to view the items. the museum was an interesting small place and I especially loved the pinball machine.

RZZ BEST playlists

Miller Crf230f

Wakita life


Looked like it would be great to look through, make sure to check days/hours that it is open!

Stormchaser Shawn

Very friendly service & awesome things from the movie Twister.

Riley S

You're a fan twister this is the place to go they have the real Dorothy 1 and 2, And much more goodies you won't see anywhere else

Blake Knapp

William Kranski

Was on my bucket list, she opened up on a day off, was so happy we stopped! Great lady that runs it.

Clayton Krehbiel

gabrielle spaulding

The whole museum is awesome. The owner is the best person in the whole world.

Yvette Cordova-Cambron

It is a very wholesome place to visit. Very interesting look at how the movie was made.

LaVeta Lowrey

Others were in the corner museum, we just drove by. Attending my uncle's funeral in town was the priority.

Devin Pitts

Required stop for storm chasers. Be sure to call ahead!

Pat Hart

Megan Wilson

So worth the drive. And the lady that runs it is pretty great!!!

Tom Stolze

Worth it if your in the area, make sure to call ahead.

Keith Willis

Hoyt fischbeck

Steven Proto

Fun and interesting collection from the move. They have Dorothy!

Greg Johnson

A wonderful experience for any fans of the movie. Quaint town, friendly host and even got a chance to play the twister pinball game

Marc Geerts

Really Nice little town...great add to our trip !!! And verry friendly people !!

Christi Shepherd

Maxime Villaeys

Patty Carpenter

It was interesting

Brian Tervo

Megan McBride

If you love the movie Twister you have to check out this adorable little muesem that pays hommage to the movie and town it was filmed in!

JoAnn Luttrell

Awesome small town The lady that works/Owns it is just so sweet and very knowledgeable about all the happening for the movie. Really great place.

Kara Page

Anthony Stephens

Always proud to support Wakita Oklahoma. The Twister museum is always a must see. The small town love and support they give to chasers is out of this world. We love you guys!

TJ Whitt

Caryn Garcia

A must visit for ant twister fan. Everything is authentic. Although it is rather small and quaint it's perfect for oklahoma. A lot of good memories made and many more to be discovered at this cute museum.


Kifouette coc

(Translated by Google) Passage of the Tornado alley, go to Wakita recalls the scenes of the film. The manager of the museum is really very kind. (Original) Passage obligé de la Tornado alley, aller à Wakita rappelle bien les scènes du film. La gérante du musée est vraiment très gentille.

Valerie Shellhammer

Samuel Selig

Margie Remus

Amazing little home town from movie

Heather Compton

Was interesting. Not well organized but the lady running it is very knowledgeable and sweet. Wouldn't make a trip for just this but it's definitely something to see if you're in the area. The videos of the making of the movie where awesome.

Diana Mosier

It nice and cool

Kara Hall

Leslie Schoenberg

Awesome Place to Learn about the Movie

Marie Gomez

We love the movie and hope for part two

Eric Velasco

I wish Google would have said the museum is only open from Apirl to August. And the house used in the movie is no longer standing and was taken down whiched sucked. The town of Wakita is like a ghost town

amy sena

craig clifton

A must see for all Twister fans!

Billy S. Worthy

Small museum, the movie was the towns 15 mins of fame.

Rebecca Melrose

Always helpfull. Very interesting.

Anne McMullen

Fun place to visit... especially if you love the movie "Twister"!

Mark Greathouse

Chris Reid

Siris Baker-Koontz


jeff chapman

I love the movie and the museum it’s worth going to

Kyle Rodriguez

Christi Gordon

Ciaran Brooks

An interesting homage to the movie filmed in the town. The lady in charge spoke with real enthusiasm and knowledge. Worth a visit if in the area.

Brian Larmay

I stopped in here years ago, and loved it. Being a weather spotter how can I, or anyone resist? The movie captured the excitement and passion we feel when spotting. Pay some homage and stop here. Its worth it:) The thing that i really remember the most was the guinea birds roaming the streets in packs lol. I never seen those things before:D

Travis Shields

Kim Jones

Loved it!!!

Ronnie Gay

Amanda Shinkle

You can never go wrong with the Twister Museum. Linda Wade has always been one of the kindest people ever. the information and knowledge she has on the filming of Twister is truly astonishing and much appreciated. we have visited a Twist Museum every year for the past three years that we went out west to chase tornadoes and it kind of puts everything in place because that is how I was influenced at the age of 11 when it was released. thank you so much Linda and the community of Wakita for keeping this going for so long!!!


Linda's passion for the movie is unmistakable, and she's a real sweetheart. Lots of interesting "behind-the-scenes" stuff, especially the home videos of the making of "TWISTER". Interesting to learn that Dorothy 1 is also Dorothy 2, and the true story regarding the collapse of Aunt Meg's house will make you cringe. Personally, if you're a fan of the movie, Wakita isn't "out of the way". Must see.

Rachel Mortensen

I've been a fan of the movie ever since it came out, and I'd been dying to visit the museum since I first knew of its existence. My friend and I drove up from Norman on July 22nd to pay the museum a visit, and we both loved it! Lots of movie memorabilia; seeing one of the actual Dorothys was just awesome! The lady who was there was so nice! I thought the museum was worth every minute of the 2 1/2 hour drive up there! I definitely recommend the museum for anyone who's a fan of the movie.

Jeremy Inda

Really neat place

Brandilyn Fry Maibach

Steve Copsey

The staff was very nice, and told their own personal stories on when the movie was being made. Also will be having an 25th anniversary celebration September 14 2019...

Katherine Brock

It's the mother of all places for us Storm chasers. Great place to go if you're a fan of the movie Twister.

Melody McGillivray

Austin Dickerson

Best movie ever!!

Natalie Urban

Jerrod Kraft

Linda is awesome for keeping this open for over 20 years! A MUST SEE if you love the movie.

Annie Evans

Always fun. Linda is wonderful!

Corey Hapgood

Loved this little town and museum, even had a storm blow up while there!

Jan Williams

This place is in my home town. I know the lady that runs the place.

Mark Armitage

I love the movie twister

Steph Weber

What cant you love ❤

Artie Alderete

I love this place. Linda is real sweetheart. Very nice lady. This place has a lot of movie history. I recommend it.

James Hogle

Latahona Ledford

Madyson Mack

I LOVE Twister it is my favorite movie! So my husband drove us 4 hours to come see the museum, we stayed for the weekend in a hotel and everything. I went Saturday at 1 and it wasn't open no one was there... I called the number.. nothing. i waited for a hour. We just drove 4 hours for nothing. I was very disappointed

Ron Edmondson

Looks great online... Plan to visit in person with the family

Patricia Woods

Experience for the whole family.....a must see...

Celia Camp

Very nice

Alex Gloria

Rhonda Jordan

Marie Wolfgang

We went 10 years ago and had a fantastic time. Cant wait to go back!

Nicole Dobbe

Linda gave us a great tour of the museum. It was eclectic and personal. The pictures were great and the VHS tape of the filming was very fun to watch. Highly recommend if your husband has an odd obsession with the movie.


We went for my b day and it was a blast and I think every one who saw the movie should go if they could. It's sad they are closing down after the 25th anniversary but I had a great time and I hope someone else opens it back up so more people and see it

Robyn Rapp

Ty Barnard

Charles Edwards

Great place to visit if you enjoyed tje movie, "Twister" They love sharing stories, picturs, and momentos from the movie.

Cindy Bradfield

Laurie Morland

Lea Crouse

Rowan Orion

Linda was cleaning up on a sunday and let us come in to see the museum and she was super nice and personable and had so much information to share with us! Defintly will visit again

Jonathan Scott

Fun little place to visit in Wakita

Pierre-Marc Doucet

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