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REVIEWS OF Tulsa Zoo IN Oklahoma

Joseph Burks

•Outdoors •Environmentally conscious (Good company

The Gladdens

Fantastic place! The animals are almost always in view and I never felt crowded!

Aerial Byrd

We went on fathers day. I thought it was a cool idea that dads got in for free on fathers day. The zoo is nice except the lions enclosure is ridiculous. They seem to have one of the smallest enclosures and had no water it was a pretty hot day to have animals out in the sun with no water. The jaguar was very active probably our favorite animal there.

Stacey Lowe

I absolutely adore the zoo and always have. We went for mother's day. 3 generations enjoying a beautiful day together. The staff is so awesome. There were 10 of us and we got separated in line for the train. The cut off for boarding was right before our second group. We let the lady know and she was so sweet. She shuffled some strollers and figured out how to keep us all together. The buildings and outdoor exhibits are wonderful. Lovely day.

pa dye

Most enjoyable zoo I've been to..we bought a season pass..

Sandra A.

This is a small and absolutely gorgeous teaching zoo; an excellent place for learning for the young and the young-at-heart. You can visit year-round because they have outdoor and indoor exhibits. If you get there early you can see many of the animals being fed, and it's about the only time you see the big Aldabra Tortoises moving so quickly!!! Also, the memberships for families are very reasonable, and after just a few visits, it pays for itself. Something else that people should be aware of, is that... this zoo is an excellent place for 'walkers'! The sidewalks are nice and level and quite wide making it very comfortable for walking. At the same time, it provides plenty of challenges because different areas go up and down as they wind around the exhibits, so it can be a superb cardio workout. Seriously, where else can you workout while enjoying the views of giraffes, lions and penguins? This zoo really is a gem, and everyone who is able to, should definitely support it.

Angeline McIntosh

Hallowzooeen was awesome and glad they do it for so many days! Kids loved it!!!!!

Karri Cody

We go to a lot of zoos and this one is really good. We really enjoyed all of the animals. The best part was that we didn't have to walk long distances between exhibits.

Don Hendrix

Great place to go with the Family! But be prepared to walk a lot. You can take in your own food and water which saved us a ton of money. Admission is $12.00 for adults $8.00 for children 3-12. I would recommend this for a day of fun.

Elizabeth Frisbie

The zoo is always amazing place to go when the weather is perfect! I love the recent additions also!

Joshua Smith

Tulsa Zoo is one of the best ways to spend the day with your family. The zoo is always looking for ways to improve. In recent years they've added an African habitat for giraffes and rhinos and a brand new Asian habitat for tigers and komodo dragons. They are currently constructing a new playground area for the kids. Annual passes are reasonably priced with unlimited visits, free parking, and discounted food and rides.

Rick Beyard

Not been here for 2 yrs. It was a let down. So many exhibits where either not there at all. Or temporary gone. The new Kingdom area was a let down after all the hype. All the Dippin Dots where closed. Just a waist. Will not be returning EVER. Thinking the zoo owneowners need to go up to Omaha Nebraska zoo. Not that is a hell of a zoo. Next time we will go somewhere else.

Stephanie Loveland

I absolutely Love Tulsa zoo! I went today with my grandkids and family and fun was had by all! Thank you Tulsa zoo for another great memory for our family!

Jesse Swinford

Fun with the family and siblings. Currently have several vending machines out of service but we still was able to find refreshments.

Trust NoOne

Great place for the family! Get the kids out of the house & away from the screens! Vending machines are a little over priced, so make sure to pack your own snacks & drinks. (Unless you can afford to pay $3 bux for a 20oz.)

Ashlay Carr

Outstanding atmosphere the only thing the train doesn't take you all the way around ended up having to walk all the way back across the zoo with a bum knee

Lk Sisco

It's always a fun place to take the kids and friends to on a beautiful day

Veronica Lovell

$2 entry into Mohawk Park if you are not a Zoo member. Plus cost of zoo entry. Family membership is worth it for year round running space for little ones and exclusive invites to special events. If Hot! Plenty of Cool buildings to wander through. Has multiple food stations, a train($), carousel($), picnic tables, and playground...Can bring in your own wagons and food.

Erhart Elliotmurray

Spent most of a Monday here. It was wonderful. Admission price wasn't terrible. Clean bathrooms that were maintained. Lots of animals very visible and active. Paths were well marked and easy to follow which was a bonus since they don't give paper maps. Food was expensive but not anymore than expected and appeared to be high quality. (We didn't actually eat just got drinks). Loved the recycling bins everywhere. Really a nice place. If I lived closer I would go every couple weekends. Great time! Not any kind of crowds as we were there off season. An exhibit was in process of being shut down and they let us go through for free. There were still signs that it would have been $4 per person. Really family friendly. Educational and entertaining.

steve mueller

Great Place for families. Wonderful layout. Seem to treat the animals and people both well.

Emily Yang

It was pretty and the walk itself was nice. The maps were very helpful too.

Stephanie L

I... Well, I kinda liked it. There was no snow leopard, no tiger and some other animals were missing. That being said, it was fun to see the eagels, the foxes, the seahorses, the elephants and the replies that they have. That being said, there is not enough shaded areas for the animals on a hot day.

Josh Hale

I've been coming here since I was small. My favorite zoo for sure. Cheap for the quality and amount of things available. Good food as well. I love the Tulsa zoo!

James Hatfield

my experience at the tulsa zoo! this zoo is absolutely pathetic! To start with their prices on drinks and food are insane ! You better be rich to eat here!

Colleen Dixson

Love that there are some new exhibits. Our 5 year old had a blast! She loved the giraffes and all the birds. Wish the food places were more affordable and the food was better quality. My hot dog was way over cooked and the fries were cold. My daughter brought things to the nature exchange and came home with some nice trades. Just remember nothing you trade can be something found at the zoo. Also, older kids can get credit by writing a paper on an item from nature. They give 150pts for those papers. Great place for the kiddos!

Tira Novotny

Most of the animals were not out, the habitats for the lions and one of the grizzlies are so old and out dated it makes me sad because there's not really any room for them to move around. Alot of the habitat buildings are not being utilized to their full potential to showcase animals from the various habitats. I feel that there are a lot of missed opportunities related to teaching people about the animals as well as conservation needs and efforts. I'd like to see the zoo more involved in breeding programs for the more endangered species.

LaDonna Hadley

Great attractions and an overall family-friendly place. A can't-miss!

shannon burri

The entire family attended hallowzooween this year and we had a blast!!!

steven williams

Extremely fun! Don’t have kids? Well who cares. Fun for any age! However please be respectful if you do have kids and watch them. Did see one worker get into an argument with a family because he asked a kid to get down off of something they shouldn’t have been on.

Mike Willard

1st time back in probably 60 years, and it was great! Have kept up with cities progressive growth, and all of Mohawk Park is still great too!

Dana Marshall

Enjoyed! Glad they had inside exhibits to see which helped with cooling off during the summer months. The train ride is different. $4 for round trip but it kinda only goes around the zoo not through the zoo So many animals not seen.

Amy Cairns

This zoo has grown so much throughout my life in Tulsa. They’ve added countless new exhibits, done phenomenal events, and overall are trying their absolute best to bring Tulsa high quality. I love visiting this zoo and have been a member for years. Their membership is super, super worth it. I strongly advise getting a membership if you can. Definitely tripled my zoo attendance as an adult. As a child I did their zoo school – which was SO INSANELY worth it and so much fun and I wish they offered zoo school classes for adults. Now we attend their events like the Halloween event, and the brewery event. I’m a big fan of the Tulsa zoo. They have a diverse collection of animals, and all their exhibits are wonderfully sized and cared for. The animals seem like they are well taken care of and genuinely nurtured. All the docents are welcoming and love to talk about the animals and bond with the attendees. This is a great place to take kids. Plus the layout is phenomenal and provides for a natural flow throughout the zoo. Easy to see all the animals if you just follow the natural path of exhibits. Enroll in some classes! Do some of the events! They’re 150% worth it. Plus the landscaping is beautiful as well. Beautiful gardens, greenery everywhere. Lots of roaming wildlife – geese, peacocks, ducks, etc. The rainforest is INSANELY cool. Get up close with the animals. Say hi to the Macaws – they’ll say hi back! Strongly recommended.

Michael Vangyi

Love the new updates I'm glad they are updating it. It looks great and full of attractions only issues just need more animals and areas.

Nancy Mohney

Love going to the zoo. One request though; wouldn't it be great if we knew what all the flowers and plants were? We can't take home all the "cuddly" animals but maybe we could brighten up our own landscape with that same bright flowers?!!!!

Misfit Royalty

SO MUCH FUN!!!! A lot of animals we didn't get to see cuz they weren't out, like the lions and penguins, but its an amazing place!!! I have Bennett back since I was 8 and I'm 22 now. Brought my husband for the first time and he had a blast

Nichole Wade

So much fun! A lot of the exhibits were closed but there was still a lot to do! Kids love it and the petting zoo was a real attention grabber!

Deborah Davis

Great family time. Highly recommend. The only thing I think to change is food prices. Good thing you can bring your own coolers. Family of 4 can easily spend $100 +

Sandra Gutierrez

We thoroughly enjoyed the Tulsa zoo! Easy walking paths, great for wheelchair access...Wonderful variety of animals! We enjoyed visiting the giraffe, monkeys, and the rhino (I believe they are from the prehistoric era! 2200 lbs!). They have a petting zoo, plenty of indoor exhibits, and a great cafeteria! If your looking to save money, they do allow you to bring your own food/drinks. I brought my backpack with drinks and chips. PLEASE buy your tickets too the zoo AHEAD of time, as the line was ridiculously long. If you have tickets (access them by phone), you will save yourself from a sunburn and impatience;). Bring that sunscreen, y’all...You’ll need it!

Teresa Lauscher

The zoo is just beautiful everything is changed from years past however I fear might go all downhill because the people running it don't seem to understand that if you charge ridiculous prices and you have policies that let your customers know they're not appreciated people will go elsewhere and with Oklahoma City having such a great Zoo Tulsa really needs to think about their philosophy

Nicole Hopkins

I LOVE the Tulsa Zoo. They have some great exhibits and unique animals. The Lost Kingdom is amazing. I come frequently and have a membership. They also have several dining options. I would not, however, recommend a donor level membership. I purchased it at donor level to get a behind the scenes experience and, after a couple months of trying to get a call back from the zoo, still have not had anyone get back in touch with me. It's definitely worth going, but when I renew my membership next year, I'll just get a basic membership. Less expensive and same benefits. Update: raising my review from 3 to 4 stars because they called me back and got the tour scheduled. It was with penguins and lasted for about 15-20 minutes. Despite the difficulty in communication and planning it, it ended up being worth the money.

M. G.

Great updates. So nice and big a ton of people there but still not crowded

Cassandra Williams

Had an amazing time. The layout was a little tight. Definitely keep a map. Didn't enjoy the train because it is a one way ride

That mom Channel

I love the Tuzla zoo I have been going every year for Mother’s Day since I was a child it’s kind of our tradition to do on Mother’s Day it is half price for moms which is nice and the kids always enjoy it as well, when you first enter the park there is a bridge you can walk across and if you look down there are turtles and fish down below you which is beautiful I love it! There were camel rides and a petting zoo, they have different areas you can venture off too the Arctic, the dessert, Amazon, there are a wide variety of animals all throughout the park we personally love the giraffes, when you come to the giraffes there is a big platform you can walk up to be level with the beautiful giraffes and once your leaving don’t forget to ride the train! It just tops off the whole day

Thomas Luggiero

Great zoo. My kids love the train ride. The bee issues are around every garbage can and even the food vendors in the new exhibit. The garbage cans were loaded with bees. If you're allergic to bee sting you may want to avoid.

Maria S

Super Holloween fun for the family! Love the train ride!!

Machelle Thomas

This is great place to visit tulsa zoo is a nice family outing.the park is nice for picnics scavenger hunts nice place to take ur 4 leged family members as well

Jessy James

Awesome new addition and the Komodo Cafe staff was very friendly

Alex Jordan

While not the best zoo by any means, your kids will plenty enjoy it, which is why you're going to the zoo in the first place.

Tanya Baker

Wonderful time! It was 85 degrees and the animals were out and active. The staff is always friendly.

Damon Mascoto

Good way to spend 4 or 5 hours with the family. Layout, variety, and flow were pretty good. The exhibits left a bit to be desired. Animals weren't very active at all in July, but that's to be expected. Prices were very fair. We'll give it another shot in Spring or Fall.

Desiree Baker

Great zoo! The bees are a little overwhelming though. When you can barely eat outside, it's a little bit of a problem. My husband is allergic and had a hard time enjoying himself in fear of being stung.

crystal mcclendon

It's just a good sized zoo for good price.

Alysha Rogers

We are from California . The experience that we had was Wonderful we loved the the set-up could not believe how big and clean it was We will visit again . We couldn't see all of it because it was so big. I think everyone should take the time to visit your Wonderful Zoo

Nate Black

If you have kids and plan on coming more than a few times a year it makes sense to get an annual pass. It covers the cost of entry and parking. There is a great variety of animals, a nice petting zoo, a fun train and carousel, and a nice playground for the kids. The seal or sea lion (I can’t remember which is which) show is a lot of fun.

Paige Francis

First time visitor, just moved to Tulsa. We bought a family membership. Guessing approx 25% of the animals were cooling off someplace away from the sun as we couldn’t find them. Reasonable prices. I’d plan NOT to eat a meal here - won’t go too into it but counter attendants not the most pleasant and food sparse, old, and flies. But who goes to a zoo to eat anyway? Clean, fine, not crowded and great to live in a city with rhinos ❤️

Jorge Rosas

My kid is 2 and she had a blast at the hallowZOOeen

Heather Tullock

Loved it! Got to get up close to animals and was not overcrowded. I'm from st.louis and our zoo is always so packed and so hard to see the animals, so this was a perfect zoo trip!!

Garrison Ethridge

Love this zoo. While it's not the San Diego zoo, I do prefer it over the okc zoo as I feel this one puts more care into the animals habitats.

R.S. Colin

Great place to visit old family members at least once a year.

James O'Neail

Pretty neat. A lot of awesome animals.

Cameron Menges

A great zoo! A few years ago was voted AMERICA'S FAVORITE ZOO! Lots to see and experience. From the carousel to the train rides, to the kids petting zoo. The Tropical American Rainforest exhibit is my personal favorite with the marmosets, two toed sloths and variety of birds and other animals that roam free. You'll find yourself coming back time and again just because you want to see more than last time!

Amanda Harris

Cute zoo! Small so it was good to do on a hot day. Great playground area near the middle to eat lunch and take a break. Great prices too!

Caleb jean

Great place best zoo I been to way better than Memphis zoo

Kimber H

This zoo is the best value for the price. It does give discounts to those with other zoo memberships. Such a wonderful variety of animals and fun for the littlest ones to be had at the playground. Feeding the fish and turtles in the pond was the best.

Amber Webb

First time at this zoo with my family. We really enjoyed it! Alot of different animals to see plus more. I like how they have exhibits inside so you can cool down from being outside. Also the sidewalks are in shaded areas at times, so that makes it nice. We got to watch the sea otter show ! It was cute ! The zoo is a good size. Not too little, not to big.

Dakota Powell

My kids and I love this zoo! We get a membership every year in May when they go on sale. It’s a great place to have some family time ❤️

Darth Trekster

It was great weather today. The animals for the most part were out and about. Overall it was an extremely fun experience. If I had to nitpick I would take exception to the price for the train ride. 2.00 for a 1/2 way trip that took less than 10 minutes was a bit too pricey.

James Sherbon

The Tulsa Zoo is a work in progress. The things it has and the things it don't. It has nice exhibits and a fun layout. It doesn't have many popular animals or much variation between many of them. Some of the exhibits are old and abandoned and others ate cutting edge. For the price, the T zoo is a nice place to spend some time. It's not the nicest one I have seen but it is a great value.


Everyone was so nice, prices great! Had so much fun even Though it was a hot day, there were fountains everywhere and water misters that helped cool us down. Lots of playgrounds and concession stands throughout!

Lisa Templeton

It is so beautiful and the habitats are so well planned out. I love how healthy and happy the animals are.

Christopher Vore

Had a great time, our two- year- old enjoyed the animals immensely. Restaurant could use some expansion to allow for more indoor seating, only complaint. Great time for us all.

Hannah Cowan

Just went for HalloZooWeen, lots of people and for some reason I thought the animals would be available to view as well as getting candy and stuff but I was misinformed, all we saw was the snow leopard. Other than that it wasn't bad, just tons of lines. Probably would prefer a regular zoo day.

Dianna G

Always a great time! Get a membership because it more than pays for itself during the year. Memberships make awesome gifts too!

Steven Fox

Kids and adults alike will love the Tulsa Zoo! The animals are wonderful, of course. The new Lost Kingdom exhibit is great! The zoo is still small enough to walk around without getting exhausted. Refreshments and meals available at the grill in the park. But! There are other programs available! I was able to stay overnight with a small group as part of the "ickyology" presentation! My kids loved the night hike through the park and being able to see the animals that are usually nocturnal. The staff is pleasant and very knowledgeable. They are open to questions about the animals. It was a great experience and I am blessed to have one of the nation's top zoos in close proximity to my city! I recommend the Tulsa Zoo to anyone; with or without kids! Seeing the way we can commit to conservatism and protect the animals is valuable to our future!

Lucy Lopez

BEAUTIFUL gardens, greenery everywhere is well maintained, Clean wide open pathways- easily accommodates crowds. Buildings / enclosures are even themed according to typical cultural of natural environment of the nearby animals- sort of like you get when at a Disney park, just smaller scale, obviously. Very nicely done Tulsa !

Evan Layne

Place is still relevant and cool for my kids, even after attending the zoo my entire life in Tulsa. Something is cozy and welcoming about our zoo. Not always is it in the best limelight, but We're always ZOO FRIENDS!!!! zoo friends for life BABY

Mallory Naugle

This is a great place to take your family. They have so many animals and different places to visit and enjoy.

Cyndi R

Had a great time last weekend with my boyfriend! Received half price admission for Mother’s Day which was lovely. It was very clean and the animals were great! I recommend coming to check it out with your family or on a date.

Zane Richardson

All of the animals looked pretty good and healthy and the park was clean and well maintained

Janet Harris

It was a nice way to spend the afternoon in. The staff was friendly and the animals were great to see

Chris Adsit

Great zoo with very nice animal exhibits. Check out their schedule for zoo keeper events with the animals. My kids always enjoy going!!

Paranormal Discovery

Loved it, kids loved it. Few animals weren’t out when we went but that’s to be expected at every zoo. Only thing I think they could change is the parking fee. If you’re going in to the zoo itself there should be no charge for parking because you’re already have to pay a gate fee upon entering park.

kara simmons

Go during the week it’s not crowded and very peaceful.

Paulette Brownley

It's been a very long time since I had been to the zoo. I like the new exhibits. We did a lot of walking. So many more shade areas to get out of the heat. We chose to go into the grill for the A/C which was a great choice it was cold inside. The Gentleman at the grill made my veggie burger just right. He hooked it up. It was a great day at the zoo.

Christopher Cole

Loved it. Very hot. Most animals were hiding from the heat. We shall be back

Mike Dowell

Had a great time. Nice lay out, plenty of shade. Clean facilities and places to grab snacks. Strategically placed play ground is nice for letting the little ones play during your zoo adventure.

Joshua Neasbitt

Today was my first time to go to a zoo. The staff was very nice a very helpful. And not including the rest rooms were very clean. I will say that they are cleaner then the rest rooms at Walmart. I had fun the whole that me and girlfriend was there. Yes I will go back again

Amanda Gargan

Always an amazing experience. Animal exhibits are clean, large, and the animals seem happy and healthy. Educational information is available for nearly all of the animals, and they have multiple zoo keeper talks daily.

Joseph Lawhorn

One of the best Midwest zoos. You have to pay to park (well, technically, you pay to get into the park the zoo is in, but same end result). It was large, and had some cool animals that similar zoos don't (Arctic Fox and Owl for example). The routes through the zoo made sense and didn't have a lot of backtracking. There was more there than we were able to see in four hours at a leisurely pace. We'd like to go again.

Guillermo Sarmiento

Great attraction. The exhibits are really awesome. The grounds are clean and kept. Cafe food is nice and not super expensive. We love it. Spent 6hrs there.

Tiffany Parkman

Great animal exhibits. Least restrictive environment for the animals compared to OKC zoo. Staff is super friendly. Animals seem happy.

Lacey Marcucci

Great zoo. Very clean. Perfect size. Not way to big and plenty to keep you busy all day! Love that can bring in coolers.

Jakeb Black

Awesome Zoo! You can walk the entire Zoo within 2.5 hours. maybe less if it isn't too busy. Check out the information center to get the kiddos excited about learning. They earn knowledge points to exchange for items to take home!!!!!

Joan Posada

We have a family membership and it is a great value considering how much entertainment and education we've been able to provide our two young boys at the zoo. There is so much to see it is hard to do all in one day. The new exhibits in the lost kingdom, tigers, monkeys, etc., are very well done with lots of viewing spots so you can always spot the animals from somewhere. They have a nice building for nursing moms.

Tasha Irvin

Great Zoo. I have been going since I was a toddler. A lot of new things. They definitely need to update some enclosures but compared to other Zoos it is definitely up there in overall satisfaction.

Krissi Haag

Exhibits are nice. Not alot of aquatic life to view. Clean facilities!

Kayla Tatum

Great place to take kids give them an amazing learning opportunity I personally have a family trip we take every year every year we see the same things but the kids continue to learn about the same animals they find out something new every year and I believe it helps them have respect for those animals and the fact that some of them are endangered the bathrooms have always been clean for me concession prices are a little pricey but I usually take my kids to see see before we go or after we go so either way you'll have a full stomach it's good to get there early so you can really enjoy the day staff has always been helpful and friendly

Jamie Braden

We have a Zoo Pass and enjoy visiting this zoo multiple times a year. The train and carousel are a "must do" anytime we visit. We enjoy the new Lost Kingdom exhibit and LOVE the new art instillation around the entire zoo!

Dakota T

Fun event to spend the day with family and kids this place is really under rated and they are always doing things to improve

Chris Garretson

Great day with the kid! all the animals were out except for the African dogs. Most of the exhibit were functional. The zoo was clean and landscaping was beautiful. They have added the Asian experience since I have been there last and it was real nice. Restrooms were clean ! when we pulled into the parking lot, It was almost completely full so I assumed it would be really busy. To my surprise it wasn't bad. The zoo is big enough to accommodate all those people. Overall excellent experience

Jeanne Grace

Went in when it opened. Half the exhibits were empty. Very few animals. This zoo desperately needs an upgrade. What a disappointment. What animals were out was great.


My family and I really enjoyed the Tulsa zoo. The staff was super friendly and helpful. The animals were active (most of them), the exhibits were clean and a good size, and all the animals looked super healthy. We loved the layout of the zoo and all the plastic animals set up around the zoo, from all the plastic taken from the ocean. My kids really enjoyed that. We got to feed the Giraffes and then dig for gems and pan for gems and geodes. We will definitely be coming back to visit again!

Tori Mansell

Not too hot and a perfect day to go! All the animals were lively. Really enjoyed the Elephants, thank you.

Katherine Sequeira

Lovely zoo. What you'd expect from a cory the size of Tulsa. The new upgrades to the exhibits are nice.


We have an amazing zoo with caring keepers. The only thing I would change is the layout. I don't know who designed these zoo paths but if you like to walk a lot without seeing anything up and down hills you will see everything... eventually. But the kiddos do love the train!

Allyson Anderson

Me and my family came here on a weekend and had a great time. It wasn't really crowded. I loved seeing all the animals and plants. My favorite was the monkeys!

Joshua Wright

The zoo made for a fun day with the family. The train ride is worth it but ride it up to the other end not back to the entrance if you do a one way trip. The ride back has virtually nothing to see so all it is is a break from walking. This zoo is decent for the price and has plenty to keep the kids occupied. Have fun and make sure to head over to the cantina for a beer or a cold drink.

Mica Manticore

Well laid out, staff is helpful, and there's always an explanation if an animal is missing.

Amanda Davis

I have been coming to this zoo for around 20 years now. I’ve never had a bad experience. The animals are usually out and seem happy and healthy. They also have a lot of rescues. Prices inside the park for food can be pricey but you’re welcome to pack your own lunch. I will keep coming back to see what’s new!

dianna kramer

Tulsa Zoo is an amazing place the staff makes sure everyone in your group is having an amazing and educational experience. We bought the biggest family/group memebership. We are so happy we did.

Shawn Jacque

Really nice since everything has been finished. Worth every penny every time you go. Ive been going there since I was a kid and its gets better all the time.

Nadia B

Enjoyed the park, wasn't busy since it was kinda hot . Food and drinks are very pricey (Bring your own). Train ride is affordable. $2 one way or $4 round trip.

Ann Hatton

We love the zoo and buy a family membership every year. I've been going to this zoo since I was a child. I do miss some of to activities they used to have in the buildings.

Tammy Hanke

Drove almost 3hrs to take the Family to the Zoo.... had so much fun an definitely worth... so grateful for the wrist bands for unlimited rides on the train an carousel... Animals seemed happy an up an moving


Probably one of the best smaller zoo"s I've been too. Very good selection of animals with alot of enclosures so your not always out in the hot sun. Plus this park is just kept nice and pretty to walk through. It's honestly just the right size zoo to go too.

Emily Tullis

Wonderful zoo! Great staff, adorable and fun creatures of all sizes. Please go visit it if you haven't yet!

Miranda Wells

Reagan Hahn

Great selection of animals and friendly staff. The zoo is well landscaped and clean. I was a little dismayed that many of the kiosks selling food throughout the park were closed even though we went on a weekend.

Cory Mickles

Its a great place to take the family. Also make sure you get there first thing when they open to see the animals more and out eating or having fun.

Megan Foster

We love the zoo. We get a membership every year and definitely get our money's worth. If you haven't been in a while, they are constantly improving and adding exhibits. We love the new tiger habitat and look forward to the new carnivore habitat for the lions.

William Scott

Weather was hot. Lots of the animals were trying to keep cool. July a bad time to visit zoo. I recommend spring and fall. Didn't have good food concessions.

Beauty Luv

Let me tell you, this place has really turned around, and for good reason. We haven't been in a while and decided to visit. We were not disappointed by far. Fresh face animals and very creative art displays. Which is a breath of fresh air from the displays of yesteryear. Keep up the good work we will be back!

Bobbi Leach

Tulsa Zoo has done such a nice job revamping the exhibits and creating different programs to engage the community in supporting the zoo. All the animals seem happy and cared for. The new Lost World section is really great! The Coop food is tasty and you can even view the tiger exhibit from the porch area while you're eating. So glad I got a membership this year!

Naomi Hankins

It was nice to walk throughout the zoo without so much construction going on. They still have a lot of improvements to make. Excited to see the new playground.

Billy Kauffman

Loved taking kids to the zoo. Great place

Tyler Manzella

The exhibits we're great and the newer areas of the zoo had a lot of space. They was great viewing spots for all the animals. Not super busy and an overall wonderful experience!

Heidi Farquharson

Always amazing! Annual passes are a great deal. Members get discounts on everything in the zoo, including half price train and carousel tickets which end up being $1. Lots of free roaming wildlife, including geese, ducks, peacocks, and various other birds both indoors and outdoors. The rainforest is AMAZING.


I loved this zoo. I went with my husband and his two younger siblings so we bought the family membership. it's honestly so cheap and worth it because we plan on going a lot. It had so many animals and wonderful exhibits. I absolutely recommend.

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