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Where is Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium?

REVIEWS OF Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium IN Oklahoma

Jewels Hershberger

Everyone was very polite and ready to answer questions. They have a lot of air planes on display and even a window you can watch them take off from . I would definitely go again !

Donald Earl


It was really great!! I went there w/ my family.... Highly recommend!!!

DeAnna Marie

Micki Wright

Clint Rhea

Austin Colbert

Great place to visit! Small kids area upstairs, room for parties, great exhibits. Staff is very knowledgeable and kind to the kids. Some exhibits are interactive, so it's not just a museum.

Joseph Hardwick

Kristy Burke


Only go there if you want to insulted at check in, and shamed for using a summer reading coupon. On top of that staff telling you, were nonprofit I can't believe we even do coupons! Then have the staff argue with supervisors about how to best charge you for a show that was canceled.

Katie Whitworth

Heather Laxton

Brian Franks

As others have said, I expected something bigger, but I appreciated the focus on Tulsa- specific aviation history and connections. Several of the aircraft are unique to Tulsa and would not be found anywhere else. The planetarium is a nice experience and pretty informative. Upstairs is a children's area and aviation library. Finally there is a hot air balloon simulator that is fun to try out. I brought two boys under 10 years old and they had a lot of fun wandering around.

Ben McIntosh

C Falgout

Overpriced for what my kids and I were able to do. There were several exhibits downstairs that needed an attendant for us to do and there were no attendants around. The few employees that we ran across were grumpy in general. I am disappointed that we were only allowed one planetarium show per ticket as that was my kids' favorite part of museum. The upstairs play area was decent. We won't be going back.

Kong Her

The Tulsa air and space museum was a load of fun for the kids, took them to the planetarium next door and watch the movie they got on, it was pretty fun and funny too. The guy who narrate was awesome, he did a great job. Love the whole thing, fun for the adults and kids.

Erhart Elliotmurray

We attended the Aviators Ball fundraiser last night. I am very impressed with how this place has evolved. Very impressive museum and displays. Great view of the runways and the airport. This girl loves to watch planes take off and land. Last night's event was very fun with good food and even better company. (We were guests of Board member Nick Verdea and his lovely wife Tina). I am excited to see what this organization will be doing to promote aviation to the next generation.


Ashley Alvarado

We took a family trip here this past weekend. The museum was interesting and set up nicely, however I think it was expensive for how small it is and how quickly you can move through it. The best parts were the volunteers and the planetarium. The volunteers were very informative and eager to give you insightful information. The planetarium was really cool and the man who speaks the whole time has a very pleasant voice to listen to.

Nathan Crownover

Sweet pretty nice

Darcy Kimble

Saul Alfaro

That's amaizing!!!!

Daniel Parker

A great place to learn some of the unique contributions Tulsa has had to the history of air and space!

Scott Keele

What a jewel to be able to discover just how much involvement Tulsa has had in the development of the Aero-space field. The museum is small for the price, but the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. We totally loved the planetarium movie. Pretty sweet.

Ian Gill

Barry Shines

My kids love this place. They are always changing it up.

Jason Harrington

Nyla Kazi

Frank Boston

Awesome place. The Planetarium is an awesome experience. All the staff is friendly. Very nice to spend an hour and a half or so.

Gloria Troxell

We took our 2 grandsons and daughter and son-in-law from Wisconsin to the Air and Space Museum today. It was disappointing and embarrassing. Several of the exhibits are "out of order." We have known that in the past, but thought they would be fixed after a year or so! The boys loved going to the computer room in the past and flying the planes on the computer, but that is now off limits unless you are a member. I don't know why someone would be a member since there is not that much to do there. They have a children's area upstairs that is pitiful. A light or white board with no markers, puzzles that are filthy and look like they've never been cleaned, a very few toys and they are mostly broken. It's such a shame as it could be a fun place to go. I don't normally like to complain, but we have no desire to go back and pay money for things that are broken, dirty and out of order. :(

Julia Lanning

Went to an 89th birthday party. It was great! Can't wait to take grandson, he loves planes!

Don Gibson

Jackie Prickett

Expensive for what little they have, and they changed the Planetarium show with out telling us so we got stuck watching a kids show.

Cameron Brigham

I loved learning about how Tulsa had a significant impact on aviation growth in the U.S and the exhibits were visually appetizing. Would have enjoyed better simulators though.

Gracie Moore

We went with my aunt, who's a veteran, to see their facility free with the veterans day promotion. We drove over 20 miles to see it and went up to the door and they decided to close early without saying anything prior. We were told we could show up anytime between 10am-4pm but because they closed early, we didn't get to see anything. Unless they extend the veterans promotion because they closed early, I won't be making any pay visits in the future.

Sandra Gutierrez

My first visit and a very positive first impression. While not the biggest building, it is definitely full of exhibits and memorabilia. Take your time as there's a lot to see. Putting a STEM encouraging theater in a MD-80 was also a nice touch. While all this was great, having living legends as curators/docents put this way over the top! I would never have expected to meet a member of the Tuskegee Airmen as well as members of the Tulsa area aeronautical elite. I would definitely put TASM on any must see list for Tulsa, no matter how short the list is.

Danielpjs Sandoval wonser

I couldn't even walk in before being disappointed by a cancelled show, and a rude staff. if l could give 0 stars I would

joshua anderson

This is a cool cheap place to take the kids for a family outing.There are interactive activities, static displays, and even a retired jetliner that they use as a theater. Your kids are sure to enjoy this family outing!

Florida Man


Posted by the Mom : We went over Spring Break 2016 and it did not feel crowded - even with day campers - people get spread out nicely between the different venues. Volunteers - 10 stars - very helpful and informative. Easy to find for questions. They are at ticketing, info desk, museum, plane & planetarium. Planetarium 5 stars - had investigated the films available and went to one that was well suited to my 7 yr old. The night sky portion of the program (presented by a volunteer) was very good - informative and his voice was pleasant! The planetarium is available as a stand alone option w/o the museum. We are from a smaller city w/o a planetarium or IMAX, so this was a memorable activity for my child. Museum - 4 stars - what you expect - clean, well marked. NICE to have multiple airplanes that kids can sit in. Kids Gallery - 5 stars -- smart boards, LEGO. Digital RC planes, Checkers. (he went back and forth between main museum and this several times - small enough facility that you can do that). There are also flight simulators on the main floor. We crashed .... LOTS! ;) Jet- 1 star -- just a movie, not worth the $5. A fun theater concept. Cost - 4 stars (w/o Jet) - MOST ANYTHING you do costs about $10-15/person. We had brunch before we went, spent an easy 3 hrs - left while we were still having fun. Would go again, but not quickly. All-in-all, if you like having a bit of variety and are interested in flight, this is worthwhile. NOT sure it is for large groups with reluctant individuals.

DSel DSel


Cool place to explore with the family

chris S

I absolutely enjoy aviation and aerospace, and although this is a hole in a wall compared to the national air and space muesem in DC, it's a very good learning experience. I always look forward to seeing that Tomcat.

Jennifer Campbell

While there is a lot of interesting information, there is not much for kids to do. Most of the hands on exhibits were not in working order and volunteers to help were scarce. A suggestion would be to have a planetarium presentation that teaches kids about the night sky so they can carry that knowledge with them.

Tom Shelton

Great place. Love the F 14 Tomcat

Eduardo Cruz

Concrete Jungle

This is a hidden gem for the whole family to enjoy and learn about flight and space and the role Tulsa has played in the industry. They also have a planetarium that is better cool. It's just outside Mohawk Park so you can take in the sights of the Tulsa Zoo and the Tulsa Air and Space Museum..

Matthew Francis

We had a good time, bit a bit pricey. The planetarium is a pseudo imax, would prefer they show actual astronomy films.

Krista Beerman

We enjoy coming here. The variety of shows at the planetarium is nice as well. This is a great place for families. Their volunteers are great also.

Matt Chism

Staff was really nice and informational. Fun place to go.

Logan King

Very good. We went for a college school field trip and if you are somewhat up to date on anything relating to space or air travel you'll be impressed by the history, displays and events that have happened there at the airport. They seem to update when new things happen and have some pretty cool simulators. The "star" show is also good with a 360 degree dome projection lasting about 45 minutes. The only downside with the show is your neck hurts! :)

Gregg Snear

The planetarium is really cool. There is some great aviation history in Tulsa.

Lizzie Smith

We went this past weekend and it was disappointing. First of all we were not warned that the museum was set up for an event. Everything was moved around and shoved into corners. Even without that event, their was no continuity to the exhibits, it was all a jumbled mess. It is also outdated, one of the signs was talking about how things were coming in’s 2019.... Also out front they have this full size American airplane and we were excited to see it, but by the time we got to that portion, we realized we weren’t allowed to enter! We spent literally 20 minutes there, would not visit again.

Tulio Diaz

(Translated by Google) Obligatory place in Tulsa Oklahoma. Extraordinary exhibition of aircraft and artifacts related to aviation and space research, also has a magnificent planetarium. (Original) Lugar de visita obligada en Tulsa Oklahoma. Extraordinario exposición de aviones y artefactos relacionados con la aviación y la investigación espacial, también cuenta con un magnífico planetario.

Andrew Belinsky

Great place to visit friendly staff

Jody Morgan

Great place if you are into exploration. Have a good display many different types from sea to space

Lorraine Queenbot69 Nance Queen


My grandsons loved it

Amber Burks

Loved the movie in the planetarium, loved looking at all the planes, wish there was more for the kids to interact with to keep them interested.

stefanie Tedstrom

We have a membership to TASM and drove down from Bartlesville with our 3 year old on Tuesday 8/28 for a visit. When we got there at 2:00pm we were told they were closed for training? The hours posted are 10am-4pm, I checked their Facebook page and website to see if there was any information to notify patrons or members of the "closing", there was not. Not only do I believe it was in poor taste to close for training during the relatively short business hours anyway, but then to also not post about the closure is just bad business. It was very disappointing for my 3 year old and for us as he was excited about our visit and didn't understand why we could not go inside. I guess the moral of the story is to call before you visit even if you are planning to visit during posted business hours.

Jacob Nelson


Brent Barnard

This is an extremely small museum charging big-museum prices - $15 a head. There really wasn't anything there to justify the expense. The $15 includes a showing at the planetarium, but we didn't want to hang around long enough for the next showing. (There were other movies playing while we were there, but we were discouraged from attending because the shows were intended for kids rather than adults.) I will say that the volunteers make the place more interesting, telling us more about each plane.

Kenny Carnes

Cool place, lot's to see.

Larry Dodson

This place has really made a turn for the better! In the Last year they have added new exhibits, Opened the AA MD-80 (Jetliner) for tours, got brand new flight simulators, and got tons of new stuff in the kids corner! I came to the museum a little over a year ago and thought to myself, "wow this place isnt going to last much longer at this rate." But my most recent visit the other day showed me that they have made some really great improvements, and as far as i can tell have even more big plans for the near future! They are even making a full theater experience with the MD-80 scheduled to open the first week of 2016. The Staff and volunteers were very kind, helpful and attentive. The planetarium has a whole lineup of brand new updated shows, and the seats that were once worn out have all been reupholstered. We had a wonderful time at the museum and will definitely be returning! We would recommend this place to anyone!

Kristin Neville

Planetarium was pretty cool, but the rest of it was not worth it. 90% of the interactive displays were broke. I wouldn't waste your time and money going here unless you've never been to a planetarium.

Lacey L

Michael Burton

Andrea Froelich

Too expensive considering its two dollars more than the zoo. Nice historical museum but not worth the price.

Greg Greg

Terrible place. I've taken my 10 year old son there probably half a dozen times over the last few years. It never changes!! No new exhibits. As a matter of fact they actually removed some and didn't add anything new. And I appreciate the fact that they have senior citizens as guides. But several of the exhibits require an employee before a child is allowed to use it. And the gentlemen there are slow and impatient with the kids. And to top it off they have this jetliner in the front of the building. You would think it would be accessible for the guests. Wrong! They only rent it out for meetings and business functions. Oh that's nice. Let all the kids see it when they drive up. But sorry. You aren't allowed to go inside of it. No wonder the place is going belly up. Do yourself and your kids a favor. Take them to the Zoo or the Aquarium in Jenks. Don't waste your money on this place. Not until they get their act together and make it a better experience for the customers.

thangam varghese

I loved it! The people are sweet and helpful, and there are a lot of great exhibits to see. Would totally recommend it for children

Mari Mendoza

Erin Fivecoats

I am so impressed by the volunteers! That Mr. Cowdrey LOVES his job. Thank you for your service and caring so much about making the experience fun for children and adults alike!

Experiencias médicas Salud

Christina joseph

Russell Frazier

This is a great place to bring the family. I personally loved the F-14 Tomcat, reading about Tulsa's aviation history and the planetarium. Friendly staff and beautiful facility. Will be back.


Great Museum! While I believe more could be done to make this museum more interactive for all patrons, especially children, they have done an excellent job with the exhibits. The planetarium, which is next door, is a great as well. Given you have some free time, the Tulsa Air and Space Museum is a great museum to visit solo or with friends and family.

Russell Keyes

This is a fantastic museum. I'm in the airplane business so I just love all kinds of air planes. This muesum is great for kids of all ages

Jackson Harrison

Cool exhibits, certainly an overlooked entertainment in Tulsa

Toni Khan

Went to the planetarium only. The show was really dated. Not worth the $7 plus tax they charge.

JT Smith

Stephen Henry

Very nice staff and great experience

Cody Cox

Went in on 5/18/2019, first time going visiting. Was there for not even 30 minutes and get told they are closing early due to storms. Paid to get in the planetarium and didn't get to do that because of this early closure. Spent $43 on 3 people for a half an hour of nothing. They should have offered a free pass for another day or something. Paying that much I could have went to the movies and paid for tickets, drinks, and popcorn for less than that.

D Thom

Just ok really. It's expensive for what it is but there's a groupon right now. The planetarium was neat but the show we watched "From the earth to the universe" or something like that was pretty boring. There's other shows to choose from.

Freddy Inmmar

Megan Roberts

I don’t like to leave such a low review, but I also want to make sure everyone has accurate information on hours of operation. The museum is clearly closed on Sundays. However, despite that the website lists hours for Sunday shows, the planetarium is also closed.

Leeann Robiadek

The air museum is fun, but small. The planetarium is just a single theatre. We saw the show STARS, and it was very informative and I recommend catching it if you get the chance.

Natassha Brown

Fun times


Kids loved it. Planetarium awesome.


They have good platenorium shows.

Cynthia Roberts

Jim J

Although small and being that I'm from a different state, it was informative and interesting.

James Brown

We had a great time here, my child enjoyed the entire time, and we ended the day with the flight simulators. Overall good experience.

Misty Jo Hayes

Wonderful experience for our family

Adam Howard

This place was boring and it has gotten worse. They have taken out the only modern and interactive exhibit (astroids) and replaced it with three bookshelves of books. They only have one cockpit that the kids can sit in so the line is always very long for it. Everything else requires staff help and they are very old and grumpy. We have been here twice because my kids had free passes and it still felt like a rip off (I was $15). My kids were done inside of 10 minutes and they love this kind of stuff. The planetarium is old and dated in every way. We were excited about getting in the new plane they have out front but that turned out to be the most boring part. My kids did not get to explore it at all. They just march you in and sit you down in a seat and an old volunteer talks forever about plane history. Save your money!

Kayla H

I was kind of expecting something a little bigger for the price, but it was still really nice. We were able to check out a show at the planetarium and it was worth the additional price added onto just a museum visit. I was disappointed that the hot air balloon simulation was under repair when we went. I think we would have enjoyed that. It’s a nice fun day trip if you’re in the area.

Shirley Welch

Nice facility, friendly staff ~

Kenneth Williams

Nice for the city of Tulsa. Hour and a half is a good expectation of time

Jerry Lanning

Andrea Lay

I haven't got to go here.

Frederick Breedon

Sort of small but a nice wholesome family activity.

Kendall Wade

Remember coming here with my dad when I was a child. I'm not sure if it went down hill over the past decade or if my adolescent memory made it better.

Carl Gratzer

I enjoyed the museum .Not a exceptionally large museum but there were many interesting exhibits. Not many docents. I would have enjoyed some further information or interesting stories. They have a plane outside but there was no one around to show it.

Erick Esparza

(Translated by Google) It's good (Original) Es bueno

Luis garcia

Amber Lay

Lol not Paizley

It was awesome thank you for teaching us lots of cool stuff

Shelley Chandler

Chuck Tryon

This is a very small museum with limited exhibits. The volunteers are friendly and try their best. If you are expecting air and space museums like what you see in Wichita, Dallas, Houston, or other cities with aviation background, this one is a big disappointment. This is a two hour max visit and that is if you include the simulated flight on the MD-80. Recommended for kids under 10. Beware of the planetarium. They start on the hour, EXACTLY. Don't show up at 12:00:30 for a noon show. They have already closed the doors! Not very customer friendly.

Jesus martinez

The planetarium was incredible

David Watson

I was very tired when we went here and was grateful i didn't have to do alot of walking around. Anyway the exhibits are fun , the show is the best part of he trip.

Lisa Fields

We had a great time here with the kids. Very interesting exhibits. We enjoyed our visit

huazi pinetree

Jonathan Dakin

This is the 3rd year in a row I have been and it has barely changed. Needs an update.

Victoria Bruno

James Pirtle

Ally Nivens

Only doing 2 stars since staff was so friendly and nice. The price is crazy high for so little of a museum.

josé n. olmos

Rebecca Hernandez

Whitney McNicol

Awesome staff.

Beckie Craig

The volunteer at the front desk was very welcoming and helpful. The facility was very clean and well presented. It just doesn't have much. We have visited the Dayton Airforce Museum (which is free) and expected something similar. We spent about 30 minutes in the museum, which is pricy for such a small facility. We did enjoy the Planetarium's presentation of Black Holes and the host even added a 13 minute video on the Space Station. All in all it's very nice, just really small.

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