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Daniel McCarrin

Wonderful science museum that is ever expanding. Definitely geared to children under 10 but still a fun little adventure of learning and discovery for the family.

Jessica Mejia

This is a wonderful place to take the kids and there is so much to see! There is a good area but you are also able to bring food and snacks. The staff is great. I will most definitely be going again soon!

Angela Muir

This is such an awesome place!! We visited friends in OKC and visited the museum with our 8, 7 & 3 year old, they all had so much fun! We were there for 3 hours and could have stayed longer. Lots of fun exhibits for kids of all ages. Several areas to run and play as well as science hands on exhibits. My kids loved riding a Segway, playing in the olympics area and doing circus things in that exhibit. If we lived in OKC we would for sure buy a season pass.

Chris Bloomfield

Our experience started out great right as we walked in the door. The gentlemen working at the entrance were so nice and they told us places in the museum that the kids would love. Of course the kids had a blast everywhere inside the museum. After visiting more than 100 museums in the last 2 years, our kids said this could be the best in the country. In fact we are planning a second visit because it was so awesome. One of my pictures is of my oldest son throwing a fireball at their super fun explosives show!


My children love the Science Museum! Science for the whole family! It's worth every penny!

2 Live Stu

This place is HUGE! lots of open space for kids to run around and do things. This by far as been one of the best Science Centers I've been to. I've been to the ones in Los Angeles and Orange County in California and this one just blows them out of the water.

Juan Lopez

We went there as military retired and disabled two of us with my two grandchildren. They gave us a four dollar discount and turned around charged us 4.64 on taxes. There were no display shows i know it was Sunday. Food is expensive i will mot go there anymore. Ig was like going to the circus with the high rices.

Lisa Westville

The recent upgrades have made this museum a great experience for all ages. My kids love the gymnastics exhibit, I brought a book and let them run!!

Leesa Laurie

Getting a membership to this science museum while living in Oklahoma was the best decision ever! We've stayed here for hours because there is just so much to do. The children learn and play all in one place. We've been to two other science museum's and this is the best one we've had the pleasure of experiencing. It is also the reason we plan to visit as many science museum's near us during our travels.

Drew Noecker

The Science Museum is great, and it’s a perfect place to go when it’s too hot to be outside in Oklahoma. They have many hands-on exhibits for kids, including a great area of musical instruments from every day items, and an area for building race tracks and ramps. The snack bar and the grill, which is just down from the snack bar, are good for grabbing something to drink or munch on. Also, given the different membership options available, I would strongly consider a membership if you can make it more than once - especially if you have a kid or kids to bring back.


It looked like a good place, but they had a free event the day we went.So they had tons more people there.

Robbie Mowles

Science Museum has so many different hands on things for kids to do. My grandchildren love coming here. Which made buying a silver membership worth it.

Robert Booth

This is the biggest interactive museum i have ever seen. Love the trains and the planes. So much to learn. Make sure and take your time going around and dont miss the live shows.

BM Clarke

Great great museum!! There’s such a variety of activities and exhibits that the same child could experience differently as he or she gets older. In our experience it’s just as entertaining to Mom and Dad as it is to our two year old. They have a nursing room or two, several bathrooms throughout, benches and even a big, outdoor garden. I love that you can bring drinks and snacks in, but they also offer a variety inside.

Daniel Woods

This is one of the most enjoyable and interactive museums I have ever been to. It is fun for all ages. If you are competitive, they have all types of competitions that are interesting. I can't recommend this place enough!


This place is great for children. Lots of fun exhibits and areas where they can participate in arts and crafts. I would definitely recommend this as a destination for any one with kids whether they're interested in science or not. It's well worth it.

David Stamper

This place deserves 5 stars on mission alone. Every adult that grew up in Oklahoma visited “The Omniplex” when they were a kid and there was funding for that kind of thing. If you haven’t been you should go. If you have been but it has been a while, you should go. If you have been recently, grab a bunch of friends and go. If you and all your friends go often, donate to their foundation!

Jennifer Combs

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere and touch everything, allow your children to literally be hands on and do not have to say once all day "put that down or don't touch that"? Welp, this is the place. You can spend all day here and not see everything. It is sensory overload so be mindful of littleones who may get overwhelmed in loud places. There is an area where you can eat and rest. Restrooms are located in easy to see areas and all the ones that I were had a changing table for little ones. Parking lot is decent and we found a really good spot however we got there an hr after it opened. When we left the parking lot was darn near full. They do offer a military discount. I highly recommend coming here. It's fun and a great way to spend time with family.

Eric Waltman

This place rules. Science. Rotating exhibits. It's wonderful!!!!

teal nedwicke

my son and me love science so this is a great place to hang out

Nena Rodriguez

What to say about the Science Museum. I love it here. Me and my husband visited this past weekend and although we're adults, we had so much fun exploring. It's fantastic how much you learn and adding the 'hands on' approach is fantastic. I've told everyone i know (especially with children) to check out the Science Museum. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Deanna Atkinson

A great place to take your children to learn AND play!

carlos manzano

Staff and museum are great, it is a great way for children and adults to learn some science while having fun.

Lisa A

This is a highlight! I'd love to come back and explore more. While many science museums lean toward biology and chemistry, this museum features and incredible number of hands-on exhibits designed to make physics concepts easily explored, tested and understood.

Amanda Robinson

Always worth the price! Its seriously all day fun with the kiddos! You can bring your food or they have a food court.

Alonzo Healy

Our 6 year old loved the Science Museum. There were so many things to do, we couldn't get through all of it in the 5 hours we were there. They had a special event for Earth Day in the garden area dealing with pollinators, which my daughter had a great time with. The science show was also a hit. This place is awsome for children. I love this area that has little pieces of iron that stick to a magnet. I love the kids playing in the playing area.

Horatio Hewat

The museum exhibits had a good space between each other and separate groups were clearly marked. Signage was clear. The atmosphere was bright and inviting. I liked the two planetarium shows. At the second show we were informed that the planetarium is old and plans are underway to replace it which will make the shows more enjoyable. There is an area to get snacks though I didn’t check it out so I can’t give any more information. The most important thing, I see is a lot of families with their children who are interacting in and with the exhibits.

William Martin

Amazing establishment, they had very good prices, and fun for the entire family. The airplane exhibit was very impressive. The snack prices were very fair. I’m excited to go back the next time I’m in Oklahoma

Austin Haws

Been hear as a kid and now I'm grown I take my nephews and have a blast every time great for all ages so much to do!

Amber Koutz

Great place to bring the kids. Burn energy and learn at the same time. The employees are very helpful. There is so much to do here!

S. James Potter

So I want to say that the place is fun. Lots of things for the kids to do and lots that they can take away from it. The foods a little expensive but that's not why I gave it 2 stars. We went to the Tennessee Discovery Center while on vacation. We found out that the passes for one could also be used at the Science Museum. So we purchased a pass up there so we could hang out there while on vacation. We purchased a family pass for 2 Adults and 4 Children. So we had fun there and then came a couple times to the Science Museum while at home. Recently though they've decided that they wont honor then 4 Children pass from the other location, they'll only let 2 children in. I still have over half a year and the pass is now only worth half of what it use to be. So either they forgot to tell the Discovery Centers that they weren't going to be 100% honoring their passes or they've just recently decide to change there worth. No matter how great the product it makes me feel robbed.

Tanvi Patel

They were fantastic. I loved the little magnet sand they have and that was one of the best things ever!

Beth Jeffcoat

Way too overcrowded to enjoy for Tinkerfest when it was free to public.. Would like to know what kind of offset there is to those who pay for memberships there as I do?

Maria Velasco

I loved this place as a kid and I probably love it more now as a parent. We have the membership and we love it! We have a 1 year old and a 3 year old and they have the most fun there. I am very grateful for the nurseries so I can take a breastfeeding break and then continue to play with the girls. Everything is so well thought out and the customer service is great!

Jerri Souther Vallicella

Went with my grandkids and we had a blast and we learned such incredible facts! A must see!

50 in a bottle

One of the best we have been to. Great place to take children to and a lot of fun and interest for adults as well. We loved the space exhibits and the actual training module used by the apollo astronauts was so cool. Lots of hands on exhibits. Great staff.

Paul Anderson

My first trip back to the Science Museum was a few weeks ago and the time before that was probably when I was in middle school many moons ago. There were still a few things I remembered as a kid but all of the new exhibits and interactive zones were awesome! We were there with a 2yo and a 5yo and they both seemed to enjoy their day. This is a sure fire way to tire out your kiddos.

Jeff Rutherford

This place was so incredible! There is so much to to see we had to spend 2 days there and and I know there was some stuff we didn't get to see! ASTC members this is one of the best museums that participates in the program. The Museum allows outside food and drinks. There is a STARBUCKS as well. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. There are new exhibits in the works that look like they will be epic. Just about everything is hands on. Even as an adult I had a whole heap of fun! I absolutely recommend going to this museum!

ashley kelley

This museum is awesome! My niece and nephew had so much fun. We spent the whole day there and didnt run out of things to do or see.

Aubrey Behrends

Wow we could have spent all day here. So much to see & do. Live shows hands on science activities and more. There is a restaurant on site. Divided into multiple sections. We didn't even make it upstairs. Located right next to the Zoo you can park at one & walk to the other. There are some activities that have additional fees.

Randy Tracy

We have five children. There was so much to do and see at the Science Museum Oklahoma for all age groups, even for us. We have been to quite a few children’s museums in different states and even in Canada and Mexico and this has been one of the best. I don’t even know where to start to describe all there is to do there. It was a blast. We will be going back. Hemos ido a varios museos de ninos en los EUA, Canada, y en Mexico y este fue uno de los mejores. Hay tanto que hacer para toda la familia, hasta los adultos! Vamos a regresar.

Kelsey Christopher

I can't over hype this Museum enough! This was hands down the best science/ interactive museum i have ever been to. My two kids age 4.5 and 2.5 were thoroughly entertained the entire visit. We spent 5 hours in the Museum and could have easily stayed longer. Well worth the money!!

Karly Lou Philips

The Science Museum was absolutely sensational! You can spend all day enjoying mind blowing exhibits, and still not see half of what they have to offer. It is perfect for small or large groups of people, or even to visit alone. I handed my husband my bag and he lost it. The security team had it put up safely and met me at the front desk to return it. All staff was friendly, helpful, and entertaining. If you are forced to choose between the Science Museum or the zoo, I would recommend the Science Museum.

K. Kara

It is a wonderful place for small kids, teenagers and adults. We had so much fun and did lots of fun experiments.

Brandt Bacha

This is a great place for the whole family. Everyone will be challenged with their knowledge of our universe at this science complex. Located right next to the Zoo this place is pack full of adventure for the entire week. This duo really made my trip to OKC a real pleasure. The food needs to be updated from the Stone Age. (Pizza,burger,chicken fingers) yikes. Bring your own lunch!

kate S

"Third time's the charm" All I can say is they need to offer "move in ready condition" option!!. There is something for everybody

Cody Coward

Went to the museum and checked out the gardens. The newly renovated pond looks amazing! Keep up the great work guys!!

Heather Wolfe

We took our kids here when they were about 4 and 5 . 7 years later we went back and it just didn't seem as cool and fun . I will say if you have never been go once but it is pricey. The zoo is next door a lot cheaper and more fun in my opinion.

Rosemarie Brown

We get a membership to the science museum every other year because the grandkids love it sooo much! Each year we buy one or wo memberships instead of toys.. memories instead of things. We get the membership that lets us visit the 5 museums in the network.. of which are close to us. The littles enjoy Jasmine Moran the most but over 6 they prefer the okc science museum and the adults agree that its hands down the best. Tips: Plan on spending the day! Letting the kids have time to do their thing and explore at the own speed makes for the most fun and they can easily spend 8 hours here and not do it all! Food is relatively expensive but your allowed to bring in sack lunches and eat in the cafeteria (rather that the hot car like some places). The SMO shows are well worth taking time to watch! Pick a meet up place incase anyone gets lost as even the adults tend to wander off when they see something really cool!

Cynthia Ferguson

I went there with 10 of my grandchildren, 2 of my daughters and a son-in-law last week. There was not one minute of boredom. There was enough variety to keep everyone's attention.

Cassandra Brannam

Fun place to learn some new things..

Samantha Jasper

There's something for everyone here, great for all ages, learning is happening even when kids think they're just playing. Staff was wonderful, friendly, and helpful. Food that is sold in the food court is incredibly overprived, be sure to eat before you go, or budget at least $10/person.

Jared Walker

This place is amazing! They have the most interesting displays, and they always have new displays everytime I have revisited.

Janiel Aco

Love it ! My family and myself enjoy it!

Natalie W

If you enjoy science even A LITTLE bit, you will have a freakin’ field day here. It’s so fun, every time. For kids and adults. Really hoping that they will host an adult play day so I can go full on bananas with all the cool stuff (maybe try my hand at some of the gymnastics equipment without getting side eye from toddlers

Chris Black

A great place to spend the afternoon.

Eileen L. Smith

Oh WOW! Yes you need to stop here. Our 2 hour planned visit turned into 4hours and we still didn't see everything. The children's exhibit was immersive, fun and entertaining. Defy gravity, build airplanes, cars, act on a stage, join a carnival, hand powered fun, springs, slingshots. This was the first exhibit we walked into and it blew us away with its awesomeness. I loved seeing my son riding the pendulum of a giant clock. There is a nursing mothers lounge here. You'll love the name of the snack bar, Pavloves. Take a mental break out in the garden, a fresh air section. Then back into the fray for planets, rockets, tornadoes, torpedoes, robots dinosaurs, tree houses to climb. I can go on and on listing the amazing things this place has. Make the time to stop in here. You will not be dissapointed.

N Henson

Was surprised at the amount of stuff for a 19 month old to do. They have an enclosed area for smaller children with many things to climb and play in. The staff was absolutely wonderful. Friendly and went above and beyond to make the experience great. The facility is very clean and well kept.

Amina Levy

I couldn't say enough amazing things about this place. As ASTC members, we have been to over a dozen science centers. This one was fanstastic. We loved the explosions show and the segway rides was a HUGE hit for EVERYONE in my family. We had the opportunity to meet a worker named Abigail who was beyond helpful and very friendly to my children. My son loved the plane exhibit and I enjoyed looking at the railroad. The exhibit off to the right as you walk in could have an entire DAY dedicated to it. We loved playing on the slides, going on the self-powered merry go round, laying on a bed of nails, walking in a sideways house, playing with sling shots, etc. A MUST SEE for ANYONE visiting OKC!

Jonathan Jacks

The Science Museum OK is one of the best science museums in the United States. The indoor Curiosity exhibit has a really cool permanent indoor playground. In addition to the permanent exhibits there are temporary exhibits which always offer something new.

Ryan Bowman

This is one of the best science museums I've been to. I have a membership and take the kids all the time. There are plenty of amazing hands on activities that children will love; things to do, to climb on, to build, games to play. This is great because other science museums are either pretty sparse in what they offer or the content of their exhibits are suited more toward people with, say, a longer attention span. Not to say that there isn't anything for the adult here, there certainly are, but with multiple unique play areas and a large play space on the second floor children will get a greater kick out of it. The large Tesla coil is always fun, as is playing with the effects of frequencies on falling water. If you are visiting OKC or live here and want something different, spend a few hours at the science museum. It is worth it.

Howard Parker

We've been to a lot of science museums as a family, but our local science museum tops the list. We get an annual pass every year now, which has a reciprocity agreement with hundreds of museums around the country.


I had not been to the Science Museum for several years but returned with my sister and five grandchildren in tow. Ages 13, 11, 10, 5 and 6. The three older children girls and the two younger boys. What a surprise for this grandpa! The Museum had been completely updated and significantly expanded since my last trip. We had planned to only spend two or three hours but ended up spending the whole day and wishing we had more time. It is packed with hands on activities for all ages. Most of them have a learning component if you can get the kids to slow down long enough to appreciate that part. The Museum is well staffed so help is always available if there are questions and we found the staff to be very pleasant and knowledgeable. The exhibits are so well designed and robust that I don't remember hearing a staff person ask a youngster to ''be more careful" or "please don't do that" all day long. And there were a lot of very active boys and girls in the museum that day. There are activities for just about any age from toddlers to teens with perhaps the prime ages for the Museum being 8-12. But it is great for all ages. Even an old granddad. A great place for all ages.

Jim Hull

A great place for kids. There were a ton of things to see, learn, and play.

Samuel Zhou-Student

Plenty of good things to see. Adds new things often. Nice and clean.

Andrew Babb

Awesome place to visit for kids and adults. Could have spent the whole day!

Christine Parker

You could spend an entire day here. There are two big interactive/climbing/playground type things inside. There is also a large open play area with big blocks, a giant checker and chess set, a huge light bright, connect four etc. There are tons of great interactive exhibits. My older kids are three and five and they loved it. We were there for four hours and didn't see everything. The exhibits are fun for adults and kids. There is a nursing/changing area for babies and lots of clean restrooms that have sinks easy for kids to reach. Across the board a great experience.

D Par

This is absolutely amazing. Not your average science museum with the same old stuff. We didn't do everything and we spent 4 hours there. It is well worth the money. The only warning- don't go expecting good food. It was horrible and greasy, and we've eaten several zoo and museum foods this was the worst we've had. Otherwise, excellent!!

Alexander Squibbs

This was a packed science museum! With hands-on activities packed! I tell you, this place was fun to explore! They even exhibit live explosions... yes, explosions... anyway- this was fun! The kid area is called Curio-City, a fun place to play! There are also segaways to ride and get your segaway license! Have fun!

Audrey Schmook

Fun place for kids! Other science museums/centers tend to be very content-heavy (which is great for adults), but this has a lot of hands-on activities. Took my 3-year-old who had a blast. Has nursing rooms throughout. Pleasantly surprised that the cafeteria had several vegetarian options and even a vegan salad.

S Holl

I like the museum it’s self a lot. There are a lot of things to do. I do wish they were open later on Friday and Saturday. I am giving them 2 stars because of the regulations on membership and who can be listed as you’re second adult. You must list two adults, so in my case I listed my husband. When I signed up I was told I just needed to list someone, but if I needed to substitute my husband for my sister it wouldn’t be a problem. I verified this with more than one staff member. Imagine my surprise when I go to check in and I can not substitute my sister for my husband and they charge me for another adult. At the zoo, my pass covers two adults, doesn’t matter who the second one is. I wish the museum would adopt that policy.

Steven Madewell

Terrific museum for everyone! The exhibits are fantastic and engaging. This is a must visit for families.


Biggest complaint was that this is a kids science museum this isint for adults without kids. This place needs to be renamed to a kids museum so that people are aware. For kids though I think it does just fine.

Izzy Imposible

So I haven’t been to the science museum since I was 10 years old (I’m 24 now). Very nice place and still so much fun. One thing I noticed when I went upstairs to the “beautiful minds” room there was so many kids and their stories on the wall. I noticed that there wasn’t ANY children of color up there. Really a disappointment because while being there I seen so many people of color there (Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Indians). I hope near the future they put more children up there so that everyone can relate.

brandon cole

This place has something for everyone. As a family we can spend the whole day here without getting bored. I highly recommend buying a membership if you plan to visit more than once instead of purchasing a day pass. It pays for itself down the road.

Matt DeDonder

A very fun visit!! Fun for all ages. Go early and stay all day because you won't see everything.

Erin Kim

I enjoyed visiting the Science Museum! As a college student, I was initially worried that I would feel awkward around a lot of kids and parents. Even though I barely saw anyone else my age, I ignored that fact because I was learning so much. I like the Space area best because I understood much of the physics and science going on. Seeing things I had learned first hand helped me understand it better and made me excited. I feel that people of all ages can find something cool at the museum. Those who don't know much science can still have fun doing the activities and those who do know science can also have fun. I agree with other reviewers that you need a lot of time to go through the entire museum. I didn't have that much time, so I only got through half the museum. Definitely recommend stopping by for any science enthusiast!

Daniel Tooker

Tons of fun! Worth a season pass

Sarah Hope-Thomas

I came to science museum as a child when it was still the Omniplex. This year I bought a year long pass for myself and my four year old. We love it. We come as often as possible and still have a blast every time. There is so much to do here that you can’t do it all in one visit. You have to take your time and enjoy it. My daughter gives it two thumbs up. It is pricey. Which is why I suggest the season pass. The pass last 365 days. So it’s good for all seasons. You absolutely can bring in outside good and drinks so bring your picnic stuff and make a day out of it!

Jill Bercegeay

Awesome place! We spent 3.5 hours here, but could have stayed an entire day. Very clean, friendly staff and lots of fun for the whole family.

Matt Luttrell

It gets better every trip. We discover something new each time. This time it was dinosaurs. The annual pass is worth it.

Kaelin Cook

A place for children mostly, could use a renaming (Children’s* Science Museum of Oklahoma). But there are definitely still interesting and intriguing displays to be looked at, no matter your age. My favorite one in particular is the small exhibit of animal taxidermy and bone displays. Some exhibits were malfunctioning or just completely not working, which was quite a disappointment. The majority of the building is carpeted as well, which creates a weird smell and an icky feeling. I would suggest visiting the Sam Noble Museum or the Museum of Osteology instead.

Teresa Brown

Spent a Saturday with our grandson here and it was a great time! We were able to watch the science explosion show and it was so good! He had a great time at the Segway parkway and the Curiocity, and so many more of the exhibits and adventure areas! Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes and clothes because it is very interactive and you will leave tired! We had so much fun and learned a lot too! While it was very busy it seemed to flow well and we were able to do everything that we wanted to do. Would highly recommend and will bring him back again! Love this place!!

Steven Smittle

This place is amazing! Worth a revisit! Appropriate for all ages. Very clean and didn't see anything that was broken or out of order. The live shows are also worth seeing. Plan on a whole day, especially with kids that will read the displays and information.

Celeste Davis

The trip to the museum this weekend was so fun! Our first time visiting and the museum exceeded our expectations. SO many different things for kids to do and explore. The staff was super nice and helpful as well.

Dylan Seals

It has really gone down hill. There are exhibits without a description and all of the cool stuff has been removed. Very disappointed.

Vicarieyes Orator

Amazing museum lots of awesome things to tinker with and see! Definitely a great way to spend a day :)

Toni Cortez

Lots of fun for the kids! Ages 11 & 8. Definitely need plenty of time here, spent 4 hours and didn't get to see/do everything. Drove almost 3 hours to visit, definitely wanna go back! On a side note, they have awesome nursing rooms!

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