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REVIEWS OF Philbrook Museum of Art IN Oklahoma

Ron Rogers

The receptionist Angel was very helpful and greeted me with a wonderful smile. That made my day. Plus I enjoyed the museum.

zella roop

Good food for the Friday night 'burgers on the patio'. Had turkey or black bean as well as beef burgers available. Very crowded though and many people didn't want to share a table even though could seat 4-6 and only 2-3 at the table. Live Music provided and very good. Suggest you go early unless able to sit on the grass to eat.

Mandy Madison

So beautiful! The house, the yard and the art!

Carrie Bell

The building and grounds alone are worth the price of admission! However the art exhibits are fantastic and well arranged throughout. DO NOT forget to look up as you go through the building, some of the rooms have ceilings that should NOT be missed!

Anna Baer

Beautiful museum, GORGEOUS grounds, educational, very clean and well-maintained. We love to go to the movies on the lawn in the summer time - it's so fun and magical!


We always enjoy Philbrook and Christmas was no exception. The Christmas lights were nice, but the "light show" was very basic, and we didn't recognize the song it was set to either. Parking lot was full for the Christmas event, even though we arrived a bit early, and had to park a block away in the street, but my family enjoyed the evening. Nice craft area for the kids and Santa's stained glass cabin was unique.

Mark Goins

This is truly a world class art museum placed in the Philip's mansion. The architecture is stunning as are the grounds.

Ken Bebak

Went to see the Islamic Art and Culture exhibit and to the Community Conversation with Aliye Shimi but of which were brilliant. The art is wonderful and Aliye's discussion and insights were enlightening. If you can get there for the guided tour especially this is well worth the time. Extremely well done.

Angela M

Historical museums should cultivate all cutlures and ethics that made success possible for them. Thanks

David Chavez

Wonderful place to enjoy art. The garden is a wonderful treasure, just make sure you are hydrated during the summer hours.

Ron Johnson

Beautiful place. I'm in awe Everytime I go.

Barbara Casey

Enjoyed the museum. Had a delicious lunch with an excellent creme brulee dessert.

Liz Sorenson

Such a beautiful museum. The building and grounds were just as beautiful as the paintings and it was a nice break from all the western art museums that Oklahoma likes to sport. The Picasso was fun to talk about with my kids. It was a little expensive for a smaller museum I felt like ($9), but with kids free it evened out. Check hours before you go. It closes by 5 most days and isn't open at all Monday or Tuesday.


It's a delight to visit Philbrook Museum once in a while during each season.


The Philbrook is rich in history and culture, you don't have to go far to find it. The best part about it is that it is tucked away right here in Tulsa. Every second Saturday of the month is free admission. Their exhibits are always spot on. I highly recommend visiting, this is a staple of our little corner of this great big world.

Philip Starkey

Loved it here! We went after 5pm and it was only $5!! A steal of a deal. We have a 2 year old and so didn't spend much time perusing the actual museum itself, but I think you could probably spend several hours. It is 3 levels and very well maintained. Friendly staff. But what we loved were the grounds of the museum. Acre after acre of beautifully lush and landscaped plants, water features, a stream, small waterfall, and a cabin with amazing stained glass. Definitely make this part of your next Tulsa adventure!

Jennifer Link

More than a museum. Over the past few years the Philbrook Museum has breathed new life with all kinds of creative partnerships and projects. Somebody took it up a notch or two and the future looks bright! For a few hours trip, my family enjoys following their museum cards, exploring the mansion and grounds, taking photos, and soaking in sunshine at the gardens. Bonuses: cat mascots (I'm a Cleome fan) and chocolate bars from Glacier in the gift shop! This is exactly what Tulsans want and need!

Riley Carbone Kern

So many beautiful pieces, wonderful gardens to explore for active kiddos, and oh, yeah, all situated in a phenomenal house that I may or may not pretend is my second home! Second Saturday of every month is free. Go check it out!!

Bizzare Human Breed

Beautiful grounds, beautiful art pieces. It's a good place to experience the culture and history of Oklahoma.

Deborah Pilgrim

A beautiful place to go and admire the house along with the beautiful garden. The whole experience is amazing. Our kids love it too!

Domingo Ignacio Galdos

Amazing gardens and architecture. Equal to NYC's Central Park in every way (except size of course). Art seems good but can't say much on that as I'm not much of an art person. Simply incredible, period. (Not just incredible by Tulsa standards)

Car Step

The Philbrook is a beautiful place. It has a magical feeling with so many things to see & experience!

Christy Phillips

Very nice art museum, with a large collection and wide variety of art styles, including an extensive display of Native American art. Very impressive

Kamden Seat

Great art museum with a variety of pieces and amazing gardens to enjoy.

Brittany Compton

One of my favorite places to visit.

Shari Mccallister

Beautiful place, lots of interesting history. Beautiful grounds.

Pam Shasteen

Lovely event put on by Hopice of Green Country hosting BJ Miller

Barry Shines

Love this place!! So happy that they lets kids in for free. Thank you

Angie Buchanan

Beautiful museum. If you are going to take pictures, be aware that they charge $50 for a permit to take pictures once you enter. You can take pictures in the front with no permit. My daughter didn't see anything on the website about needing a permit so we planned to go to the garden for a few prom pictures and just ended up taking them out front because I wasn't going to pay $50 for it.

Bob Barnett

One of the most beautiful and wonderful. Museums around.

Keisha Rider

Lovely as always, even if you just come to walk the gardens beauty is everywhere you look.

Angelica Sutton

Not only is the collection of the Philbrook very interesting, but the mansion and gardens are worth a visit. The city of Tulsa was fortunate that the Phillips family donated their beautiful home and their art collection to the city. It is truly a gem. I would place it as the # 1 place to visit in Tulsa. I hope to have a return visit in the spring or summer when the gardens will be at their peak.

Kimberly Barlow

This is a wonderful place I love how they built on to the original mansion. The exhibits here are fabulous it's a great place to go spend the day spend some time with the person that you love.

Jennifer King

Gorgeous grounds and the house is beautiful. Amazing room covering the Ptolmaic reign (Greek and Egyptian) which includes a sarcophagus and some pretty amazing pieces of jewelry.

C Ramsey

This is a wonderful museum housed in a 1930s mansion which is patterned after an Italian villa. Lovely artwork, beautiful grounds, and kind staff. We had a great day at the museum.

Sandra Gutierrez

Not only is the collection of the Philbrook very interesting, but the mansion and gardens are worth a visit. The city of Tulsa was fortunate that the Phillips family donated their beautiful home and their art collection to the city. It is truly a gem. I would place it as the # 1 place to visit in Tulsa. I hope to have a return visit in the spring or summer when the gardens will be at their peak.

Keri Cashon

Had a great time with the kids. We watched the original Willy Wonka movie on the lawn. It was a beautiful evening and they had all sorts of tables set up with contests and freebies for families to enjoy. My family and I will definitely be back.

Irma Zandl

This is one of the GREAT museums of the world. Fantastic collection, wonderfully installed, and the building and the gardens are magnificent!!!!

Jane Wilcox

I took my granddaughter here today to see the gardens and the log cabin. We were not disappointed, but cut our visit short because of the heat. We had an early lunch to cool down then a quick trip through the special exhibit. It is hard to be five years old!


Lovely place, great customer service.

Tricia Ritchie

Love taking my students to go see the lovely art and gardens!

Asus Kybd

Only thing blooming right now are storm clouds and down pours! They center on Indian art and artifacts, I have no particular interest in that. However, I did have an amazing lunch, the Salmon & Cheese dip w/toast. $10. Delightful! Plus the most adorable young ladies they have working there, OH MY! Then I fell asleep in the wheelchair for 3 hours. A horrible rainy day well spent. Seems Oklahoma isn't getting a SPRING this year so no garden visit.

Angela Turner

We were impressed how kid friendly the museum was. We had a date night planned but when our babysitter cancelled we decided to take the kids along and just skip our dinner idea. They had fun planned for all ages and learning styles and was accomodating to our daughter in a huge stroller. The gift shop had items in all price ranges so everyone could take home a little something. EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE.

David Muench

This is our family's second visit to this iconic landmark. The mansion-turned-museum is an opulent indulgence, home to an enormous aggregation of a variety of art pieces. If you're an aficionado of art, this is the place to visit.

n tinyhome

Beautiful grounds, lovely place to visit with the kids and get some culture.

Dug Thompson

So rich with culture and art. Worth the entry fee of $9

- Boontendo -

Every time we go it's amazing. Always something new and exciting to see. They always have staff members who are excited to share their love for art with the public, especially youth. If you haven't been, you're definitely missing out.

Katherine Sharitt

Everyone was so nice and helpful. We went to second Saturday so admission was free. That's an amazing deal to a mother of 2. We had fun with crafts, my favorite part, and the staff was so patient with our family. We walked around the grounds for an hour. I WORE MY kids OUT! We checked out the gift shop on the way out. They were really impressed. There were so many toys that encourage activity, I love it.

N James

Fabulous! Grounds are amazing. Take a picnic. Allow time for the grounds.

Maria Tipton

Excellent collections. Gardens and grounds are beautiful. Restaurant is Fabulous too!

Billy Felger

Highly recommend! Feels similar to a central European estate from the 1800s. Art collection is diverse with some brilliant pieces.

Michael Yoho

It was worth stopping and seeing if you have the time but definitely not a must see.

David Chao

Great museum with beautiful grounds however I was quite displeased with the fact that on certain days, special exhibits are reserved only for members of this particular museum. I paid good money for a NARM nationwide reciprocal membership. Had I not intended to stay in town for 2 days, I would have missed the current rotation of the special exhibit on display.

Kyla Kari

Absolutely lovely gardens, has a restuarant and wine bar. Beautiful house filled with wonderful art displays


Hands-down, my favorite museum I’ve been to. An art exploration experience, an art experience, and the best art appreciation ever.

Brian Keefer

Watched an outdoor movie here. Great venue for a movie on the lawn.

Melanie Nguyen

A gem in Tulsa. The building itself is beautifully inspired by Italian architecture. Lots of fun events, like movies and burger nights, are hosted here.

M.D. Rushing

Truly great experience every time we go there.

Shani Mars

Great place to see historical art and artist! So much culture. If you're interested in an informational outing this is your place!

Tommi Tsao

A personal favorite of Tulsa. The gardens are lush and full of life, and the curated pieces build unique themes.

KB Racu

Amazing! We actually got in for free which was nice surprise. Gardens we're closed unfortunately because it was raining, but it was still lovely to look out the window.


Beautiful museum both inside and outside! Excellent Art and Garden experiences.

Myron Walker

A lot of wonderful art the grounds in the back were really nice

Kaleigh Clark

The Kehinde Wiley piece they have is incredible. I am so proud to have a museum in Tulsa that genuinely cares about amazing art--their travelling exhibits are always interesting, particularly the Making Modern America. We also tried the brunch buffet and damn! Make sure you have the munchies because EVERYTHING was so good but I got full too fast and couldnt eat as much as I wanted. I love this place. It's also great for playing Pokemon Go.

Poornima Kannappan

Great Museum of art of different cultures.we loved it. But we have less time to explore more.


It's a beautiful museum with equally beautiful grounds. There is a lot to see, both inside and out. We even saw a sweet little brown rabbit while strolling around outside. The gift store had some really interesting items and books. This museum is well worth your time if you're in the Tulsa area.


I always love going to the Philbrook. The collections and exhibitions are lovely to look at and the ground are well kept (plus there are cats).

John Verburg

On par with the Huntington of Pasadena in every way except expense and size. Spent a delightful 4 hours in the museum and garden grounds for $7 as a senior. Regular admission is only $9. A true bargain.

Matl Lop

Beautiful and very interesting place. I loved it. People need to come and visit.

Zhuline Phillips

Fun movie night. Great family outing place.

Alan B.

Absolutely stunning museum full of an amazing array of art from the 17th - 21st centuries as well as an Egyptian exhibit and Islamic exhibit with items dating as far back as 300 BC. The house itself is a fabulous work of art itself. The botanical gardens are jaw dropping and be sure to walk the grounds and take a look at the log cabin full of stained glass and colors galore. Such beauty and fascinating exhibits, well worth a visit.


Great museum/ mansion in Tulsa, Oklahoma! I can't believe we are just now learning of it since we have been making frequent trips for over 2 years now. Looking forward to returning. Thanks for the hospitality!

Natasha M

Always full of cultural diversity and beautiful art on display. The most wonderful garden.

Leta Rothacker

Have been enjoying this museum for more than 50 years. Never disappoints, something for everyone, inside & out!

Lisa Cypert

A beautiful place to visit, experience great art and expand your cultural awareness. I visited at this time so I could see the WONDROUS WORLDS: ART & ISLAM THROUGH TIME & PLACE exhibit. It was gorgeous!


Had an amazing time at the Almost Famous film on the lawn and even got to meet Jason Lee! So fun !

Karma Hyde

Beautiful environment! Garden is spectacular! The house itself is a masterpiece. Gorgeous and relaxing. Good place for pic nics, experience the art, and even has art kids will love! Great staff, very kind and helpful. They hold wonderful events that are very fun for the whole family. Its my favorite place in Tulsa, and i enjoy going as often as able.

Jeremy Riggs

Great staff great place love the variety of events every month.

Stacy Heitkamp

I have lived in Tulsa for over 20 years & today was my first visit. Absolutely gorgeous! Will definitely be going back quite often!

Jamie Bluntschly

This place is really neat. I only wish we had been there earlier so we could have toured the entire grounds. Definitely plan on going back

Martha Brown

The outside garden was beautiful. As well as the art pieces. The museum was just breathe taking.

Young Oz

Beautiful gardens, amazing art work. Free every second Saturday of the month. Kids are always free! No excuse not to go check it out sometime.

Glenn Swords

Very nice museum. The garden is amazing. Places to seat and enjoy the flowers and streams of water. The inside has some awesome are work and amazing paintings. Worth the visit if your in Tulsa for the day.

krupa Veesamsetty

One of the best places I’ve visited in Tulsa. I’ve been here for just over 2 years now and haven’t visited this place all the while though it was highly recommend by my fiends. Paintings, craftwork and other artifacts from Middle East and America are displayed besides to having a sprawling lawn through which a walk is a must do. Would revisit and recommend this place to many.

Lena Harrison

The art at the Philbrook is enjoyable, but isn't an incredibly cohesive collection as it ranges from Native American pottery to Italian Renaissance to modern American with small rooms dedicated to each. It feels rather disjointed. More interesting for me was the home, turned museum, itself. The architecture was very enjoyable and you can imagine the home as it must have been in the 1920s. The gardens would be more impressive later in the spring and summer, but we really enjoyed our walk around the grounds. We even spotted one of the Philbrook cats. I'd definitely visit again too see the gardens in full bloom!

Laura Gammons

Love this Manse-eum full of art. I am going back to your the gardens when it's not so hot outside.

Gary Nettle

The Philbrook Museum is a must visit destination while your visiting Tulsa. Beautiful Gardens and very interesting exhibits within the museum.

John Mullin

Museum is located in a beautiful setting and the grounds are gorgeous and a must see. The $10 admission was ok for what you got. 3 floors of very varied art. Some very nice pieces and some not odd ones also. Some rooms were organized very nicely and other rooms made little sense. It held a very eclectic assortment. All in all pretty good. The one down town was small and not worth the time.

Abdulaziz Alharbi

This is a good way to view other cultures for a fair price.

Nicole Donohue

My absolute favorite place in Tulsa. Gorgeous art and the mansion is one of a kind. Plus the gardens are magical

Mark Montz

Museum with an interesting collection and history. Garden is a nice plus.

Joan Posada

The second Saturday free program is awesome! Lots of kids activities, such as storytime crafts and music. Beautiful art for adults as well as well as the building/grounds in itself. Gardens are a perfect background for taking pics.

Donna Ramey

Loved the gardens! April is a beautiful time to visit the gardens. I thought the art was okay; but we enjoyed the Gilcrease Museum art much better. Probably just my taste in art and I missed art appreciation classes in college, so I might not be a good judge of art. Loved the architecture of the building that houses the museum. Just beautiful architecture and gardens! Very glad we visited.

Matthew Schmitt

Excellent grounds and an interesting museum. Very popular for weddings.

Camico Camico

Incredible museum. The garden make me feel like I was in Italy. It's a must if you are in Tulsa

Arianna Benassi

It is always beautiful spending some time there. I love this place in Tulsa. Today I went to visit the Islamic art exhibition. It was good. Some pieces were very ancient. I wish there was more!!!

Christine Parker

Love this museum. Also, they have done so many things to make it feel more accessible for families. Second Saturdays, Santa in the log cabin, movies on the lawn. As my kids get older I am excited for them to visit again and again.

Alyssa Rogers

Stunning museum full of art with a fantastic view of the garden out back! Went on the second Saturday of the month and it happened to be free which was an amazing surprise considering that this museum is worth every penny that they normally charge! It's a must see whether you are visiting Tulsa or live here!

Teddy Lake

So much to do and look at! The art is fantastic, the architecture is phenomenal, and the garden is breathtaking. Also the cookout they have is delicious and I love the local band. I definitely recommend taking a look here.

Mia W

I love the history, the exhibits, and the botanical gardens! Sunday brunch buffets here are fabulous as well.

Lauren Corsillo

Love the restaurant, and movies on the lawn, and walking around the garden taking pictures! Very serene, the best garden in Tulsa! And the indoor exhibits are beautiful!

Nancy Vang

Love the garden and koi fishes. I had a great time being there.

Kristen Hoaglin

It was a great day to visit. Beautiful gardens and exhibits. The restaurant was quaint and we had the Cuban sandwich. I strongly suggest a visit!

Jeremiah Perkins

Wonderful place near downtown Tulsa with great exibits and amazing grounds. Even if you're just stopping for a night or two in Tulsa, this would be a great place to visit!

Amalia Smith

Attended for the showing of There Will Be Blood as part of the making modern America exhibit. They put so much effort into that evening of true entertainment, such thoughtful details. We had such a great time and decided to go to visit the restaurant and the grounds. You would not be bored even if you spent a whole day here without a movie!

Janet Titsworth

I love going to the museum. Every time we go there's always something different to do. The last time we went we just walked around on the inside. Just absolutely beautiful. This time we walked around the grounds and it was great. I love the fireplace made of reclaimed books inside the beautiful cabin. You need to go. It's awesome!

Bruce Haley

Great place to visit in Tulsa. One of my favorite places to go

Tom Anderson

This museum well appointed and is a real treat. So many art treasures adorn the facility it becomes impossible to begin naming them. When stopping in Tulsa, make time to include a visit to Philbrook, no one will be disappointed. Enjoy

Reagan Hahn

The gardens here are gorgeous and impeccably kept. Make sure you make time to walk around outside in addition to seeing the art.

Jennifer Boss

The parking lot is very limited, but my family has enjoyed the second saturday of the month craft day. I really appreciate that, thank you!

Lauren Prozanski

Sweeping views of carefully manicured gardens. Lovely attention to detail inside and out. Interesting historical exhibits. An all-around worthwhile investment of your time.

Mike Freeland

Nice collection, nice atmosphere, and usually some kind of community event going on.

Predrag Samardzija

Very nice garden. Permanent collection is not so impressive, but the museum is really nice.

Michael Anderson

Went to the Cat Video Night and had a great time. Nice atmosphere and people!

Mickaela Walenciak

I love the Philbrook! The building is one of my favourites to spend time in even aside from the art. There are many pieces I've connected with over the years (having grown up here in Tulsa). And the gardens are by far my favorite part! When everything blooms and the weather is right it is it's own kind if paradise. Beautiful museum.


The displays are well laid out. The garden at the back of the museum is an additional attraction that may not always be found in other museums

Patrick Xander

There's a very professional exciting new place to see every time I come. I love the fact that every month they always have something going on for the children should be exposed to the Fine Arts. Thank you Philbrook Museum. I never would have been exposed to such beautiful art and Darren Mead and a great opportunity to show my son there is more to life than just TV. Great job

Ray'Chel Wilson

Loved the culture and the views. Plus, free for teachers! Will definitely come back.

stacy jesseph

Reasonably priced, lots to see and down right beautiful!! The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. It was very clean and lots to see for everyone! I would highly recommend checking it out if you're in the area!! The outdoor area and gardens were by far my favorite part of the museum!! A must see for art or museum lovers!! The buildings itself was absolutely beautiful!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


This is one of my favorite art museums in Oklahoma. I love the grounds around the museum and the way everything is arranged. A fun place for the whole family.

Miranda Moore

THIS PLACE HAS A BEAUTIFUL GARDEN! A great place to go to enjoy fine art.

Sweet Cream

Pretty great little museum. Free admission the day I went, wasn't expecting that but was pleasantly surprised. Check out the gardens too!

Laroy Leaders

One of the only places in Tulsa with class. The building and garden is so beautiful. The art is wonderful. I highly recommend for a weekend with nothing to do. The free Saturdays are the best days to go.

kent ciucci

Absolutely beautiful spot. A must see if you have never been.

Jason McVicker

A Tulsa institution. Very family friendly, Director Scott Stulen has spent the last few years investing in funkier programming, and the beautiful architecture and collections are as compelling as ever. The gardens are glorious (and they have their own bulb collection available for yard nerds). Keep an eye out for events on the museum's social media, especially for ticketed events like the Antiques Roadshow.

Rebecca Hardgrave

A beautiful museum with a variety of art pieces. The gardens are nice, and I'm sure as soon as the spring landscaping is started, it will be extremely beautiful. The fountains were running, and the Koi fish were lovely in the pond. The gazebo is a great photo place

Nicole Laitran

Great place for field trips and the staff is so nice! The gift shop carries awesome little trinkets and the garden is absolutely beautiful.

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