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2229 W Gary Blvd, Clinton, OK 73601, United States

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Where is Oklahoma Route 66 Museum?

REVIEWS OF Oklahoma Route 66 Museum IN Oklahoma

Karen Marshall

The best of the RT 66 museums.

Marlene Lanphier

Make sure to listen to the audio for each decade using your phone - it really adds to the experience. Customer service in the gift shop was awesome.

Mary Worden

Small but packed with memorabilia. Need hrs to read. Good displays and informative. Cute gift shop. $$$

Devin Eller

Great museum, full of history and artifacts of route 66 throughout the decades. We made the trip from OKC and it was worth the drive. The gift shop is great and has lots of items to choose from. Good photo opportunities too.

Sue Bruckner

Great museum. Reasonably priced

Awab Helal

Very well informative and has great stories:)


Loved this place played some Johnny Cash on the working juke box.

anita brockwell

Great Museum very clean, educational, people running it were so polite.


good place

Dannie Metzger

$3.00 is worth every penny to view the history of Route 66. From the decision to develop it, to the demise and then the resurgence to keep most of it open for nostalgia. Lots to read, plan about an hour.

Lee Bailey

Very thorough. Lots of exhibits. Many displays.

Andi BoBandi

Super fun museum! Lots of neat stuff to look at and the gift shop had lots of cool gifts and shirts as well. Definitely recommend. Only $7 for adults to get in and kids are free. Staff is very friendly and it was spotless and well kept.

Murray Ball

This was definitely one of the best Route 66 museums on the route. The people were pretty friendly, the entry price was very reasonable and they had good displays of interesting stuff back up by detailed history. My favourite item was the prefabricated diners that were common along Route 66. I thought it was brilliant! Do yourself a huge favour and make time for this place... Recommended

Lindy Hall Fraddosio

Small but awesome!

Nehemiah Reese

Only 7 dollars. Walk through decade by decade of the museum and listen to the music that is American history. Really amazing stuff in here. The wax figures look like real people.


Great stop for those traveling the mother road. Lots of history about the OK portion and the entrance fee was reasonable.

Stephanie Lovelady

Small but interesting.

Joshua Horne

Pretty cool museum with plenty of cool facts about the history of route 66

Jana Pate

FI had a great time. Very informative and full of intresting stuff!!! I loved the hippie vamd and old fashioned phone booth!! Lots of great photo opprotunities!! Good and affordable tickets and gift shop items!!

Jane Taylor

Amazing place on our route 66 travels

Kelly Diller

This was my favorite of all the Rt.66 museums that I've visited. The museum is clean, modern, and collections are we'll spaced. You can easily read signs or look at displays without bumping into other people. The museum is well thought out in terms of layout and explaining the history and significance of Rt. 66 as well as the history of the country at the same time. The gift shop offered a nice array of tasteful souvenirs that were reasonably priced.

Dave Stuckey

Great history and memories!

chris ferguson

Wonderful piece of history. So sad to see how most of the buildings are gone. But this one is restored and really nice staff.

Kimberly Jolowicz

Brought back memories.

Matthew Anderson

A very cool museum when you're on the route nice to see the history of Route 66 and what it means to people driving from Chicago to stay in the moniker was an amazing adventure and getting this U other people's versions of the adventure the similar changes the debate over time just brought it all together that much more

Michael Gough

Fantastic! What a wonderful tribute to the history of our great country.


Nice place,staff very friendly.

Jacob Klugh

This was a really good museum and a great place to take a break on my road trip

J Heather McCallum

Worth the stop! Small, but a perfect pit stop if touring route 66. Not too time consuming, but some interesting info

Ken Richardson

Was neat place to go. Bought lots of souvenirs.Would recommend stopping by.

Elaine Agnew

Was a really clean well kept museum. Very interesting museum. One of the best on the route 66 and we had done most. Great footage on the movie of the original road. Movie was amazing and very informative. Staff are very friendly in the shop and helpful. Goods in the shop are reasonably priced. Really enjoyed our visit. Had a photo taken of the cardboard cut out car, to go in our photo album

Baron Alain

Hello It's realy clean and there is a lot of pictures with explications on the mother road, but..... Sincerely we have visit some free museum or place more interesting (for us) I prefer to see some old place with the old spirit of the road 66. But it's only my mind of traveler. You can visit it.


Really good info on the history of US66 and other significant things of that time period.

Matthew Ryan

Great muscum and the gift shop actually has some cool shirts

Marion Montgomery

Great memorabilia for Route 66, the first east west highway from Chicago to Santa Monica. Lots of history, newspaper articles, photos from 1930s on.


If you like American history than this is a place you need to stop and see. The price is reasonable and it is a quick overview of what the road meant to America and how it opened up travel to so many people

Judy Reynolds

Loved the authentic memorabilia.

Tommy Stout

Enjoyed the history. Clean.

Steve Lambert

A great museum to learn about route 66 history and it's significance in the beginnings of our modern hwy system.

Alex Colquhoun

Super fun! First class.

Rustin Horner

Great experience, very informative and laid out well. Take time to read all of the literature and learn from the touch screen game. Kids will love it too.

Q tate

Not bad at all except the older guy who acts like he owns it ,he kept acting rude to two couples with kids that was a different race than the white couple that was ahead of all of us ...didn’t think anything at first but noticed his looks towards all of us was really mean and kept exhaling to where you could hear him following us through every part one did anything to make the attention we got from him and the kids where behaving like the couple in front of us but felt like by that person we shouldn’t be there ...everyone else was polite and nice !!get rid of that guy he probably runs extra paying customers off more than the owners think or notice

Frederic Latreille

By far the best Route 66 museum we have seen on the Mother road. Covers history of the route in tranches of decades. Nice gift shop and 50s diner area in the lobby. Very friendly hosts that were very helpful.

Pattie Holm

grest insights and artifacts shedding light on the route 66 history

John Gilmore

Very cool Route 66 Museum with lots of exhibits and a fun video!

Rick Cartagena

Exhilarating Place! I couldn't believe my eyes! Awesome and a must see!

Jacobus Armstrong

A site to visit, A'specialy web your a foreigner

Alexandra Ince

What a great place to see the history of Rt 66.

Vasko Vasilevski

Brought a lot of good memories

beeline 92

Good setup, educative, not enough real gadgets

Jesse Joksch

Awesome Place, But My Customer Service Experience Was Horrible! It's Incredible That People Treat Solo Travelers Differently Then Everyone Else. I Was Looking Forward To Stopping Here, And Was Happy Until I Went To Check In. The Women Was Rude To Me From The Very Beginning, Then It Got Worse When I Didn't Put An Address In The Guest Box. Last Time I Checked, It Is Not Illegal To Not Officially Live Anywhere. Ran Through Real Quick, Snapped Some Photos, And Now Will Go Forward Being Sure Not To Recommend This Place. The Part I Don't Understand, Is "How Can I Regret Coming To A Place Like This"? People Should Not Be Judged. Those Who Work In Customer Service Should Treat Everyone The Same, Just As Everyone Else Should

Cindy Reitz

It was Fun, was worth going to see! You can really learn alot of history

Tom Franklin

Fun, and a nice nostalgic visit.

Ian Branson

A fantastic exploration of the history, the character, and ultimately the kitsch of our most famous highway, Route 66. Very informative on not only how it was built, but also how it was/is preserved today.

Kevin O'Brien

Excellent details about route 66. Lovely atmosphere

Kay Farmer

This is a must see stop. And retired veterans can sign a military register and get free admission. I want to go again and take my husband.

Teddy Skinner

Interesting place. We got there about an hour before closing but had time to go through.

Steve Pauken

Best stop on RT. 66 in Oklahoma.

heather Cundiff

Loved this museum! My mom and I stopped in based on reviews on Roadside America app. We were not sorry. It was a very nice museum with many great exhibits as well as some cool interactive exhibits. Well worth a stop!

Arthur Johnson

Very well put together

Morgan Myler

A must stop along the way . Puts alot of context to the Journey. Very personable and informative staff.

Barbara Warner

Nice museum. Best seen when the bus tours are not there.

Ray Zinn

Super cool says the youngster. Mom says download your QR reader before you get here.

PicknBlues Glen Davis

Just one of many small but interesting places to visit while driving around the country.

Kim Poulsen

Although small, it is a very interesting and educational museum and the people here are nice

Michael Singleton

Great visit! Love the history!

Gary Bissett

Probably my favourite route 66 museum. Great stuff and some proper insight to the rise and fall of some parts of the mother road.

Dario Mares

Loves the tour, very informative

Kellie Murray

Really cool, very interesting a Lot more to it than anyone would think & My daughter works here as well

Angelo F.

Another great stop on Route 66 when traveling in your RV. Great place for photographs selfies and family memories

Flemming Bordrup

You relive that period of time here. Great museum. A must see

Gibal Riz

Well worth the summer roadtrip!

Sherri Gold

Loved it! To see all the pieces of the past on historic Rt 66 priceless!

Rosemary Bordwine

Nice place! $7 to get in. A ton of reading but very enjoyable

benjamin sitton

Great place to go.

Michael Cooper

I love the Route 66 Museum been there before I enjoy all the history that the Museum has an I hope to go back sometime in the near Future?

LA Wainright

I decided to take my mom on a Route 66 roadtrip for her 66th birthday. I had no idea this was here before I started planning. This place is amazing. So much history and videos playing in a few sections put you right there. If you need to sit you can enjoy a seat at the Sonic ice cream shop that I called Mel's Diner "Happy Day's". My mom was overly excited when she saw the first camera she ever had The Browne made by Kodak at age 5. She got a little emotional reminiscing. Everything about this place was great, from the lady who greeted us from the moment we walked in, to the man who took our photo at the end, to the pink florescent light in the ladies room. Only thing I wish they had was a real burger joint.

Greg Gaszak

One of my favorites rt66 places to visit.

Cherie Eaton

It was Sunday and not open when we were there. Fun to look in the windows.

Erin J Ross

Loved the museum. Took many beautiful photos.

Scotty Roland

It's a wonderful history lesson and the lady that greeted us was amazing she was a librarian with the knowledge of living there on 66 too if you get a chance it's a must see

Ryno Bones

Has not changed much since my last visit, but it is pretty neat. Lots of good history and a few hands on things for the kids.

tonya simpson

Neat place to see, alot to learn about there

Joshua Devers

Admission is cheap! The the museum does a good job telling the story of route 66 by the decade. Worth the visit

jana hughey

This stop took us about 30 minutes since we had two kids. If it was just me and my husband we would have spent longer. We would have liked to read all of the explanations on the whole Route 66 creation. The kids did enjoy the jaunt through the museum. They enjoyed seeing the cars, diner, and different eras of the Route. We all ejoyed learning a little more about the road we have traveled often. There is also a gift shop with some trinkets for the kids to take with them. The ladies at the front counter were extremly nice. This is a good stop to get out of the car on a long road trip. If you like history this is a great place to visit.

Andrea Birch

This is a pretty cool place. Lots of history behind it

Jose Lopez

Its a nice place to explore. And learn about the famous road of route 66

David Hilburn

Great Route 66 museum for the size. Enjoyed all the memorabilia

Anna Crandall

Fun place to learn the history of Route 66!

Charlie Richmond

Extremely well done and complete museum covering all of Route 66 and focusing on the Oklahoma portion of course. Information is well presented but very dense if you have the time to check it out in depth, which could easily take a couple of hours. The shop is well stocked with souvenirs at good prices and the docents are very friendly but their knowledge varies depending on the individual of course. There are some great displays with old vehicles and objects as well as collages of newspaper clippings from all the eras of the highway.

Megan Webb

Staff wasn't that friendly. Yelled at us when we went to look at the gift shop while waiting for line to go down to purchase tickets for the museum. Apparently, it is not allowed to look at the gift shop unless you purchase tickets and go through the museum.

Travis Schmelzer

Great place, very informative and fun. A must see if you are in the area.

Nicola Green

Good place great people

Morgan Latorre

This Museum was one of the better museums I've ever seen in the state of Oklahoma and if you're looking to get it a full-fledged background on some of Oklahoma City street and this will be the museum for you to check out the staff and service is very nice and the building itself was up-to-date and clean is very I had a very good time

Craig Lenhard - rvrguyd

Lots to see. Learn about Route 66 life before the interstate system changed life on the road forever.

bill sylvis

fun place , small but well worth a stop, lots of info, friendly staff, nice displays

Tim Reed

There was a lot of information is such as small space.

Dejan Braki

It looks great, from outside. Cannot comment the inside as it was closed, and it will be until 7th Jan

Bob Brown

Fascinating history lesson

daniel lefevre

A must stop when visiting or traveling Route 66! Much to see and learn with wonderful displays and attractions! Excellent staff and great gift shop!

Rick & Deb's Awesome Adventures

Really cool museum, lots of rte. 66 memorable items! Been there twice!

Thomas van der Meer

Amazing museum that explains the history of the route 66 very clearly. You also get to know why certain things came into existence, like gas stations and busses. I loved it!

Dana Yost

It was interesting. Everyone has heard of Rt 66. Most people probably don't know much about it.

d w

fun place to visit while traveling Rte 66

Jeard C Escobar

Small museum but has a lot of antiques stuffs and interesting information about the mother of all roads (route 66). there is a souvenir store and the people were kind. The best for me was the Mustang in front of Museum being in perfect conservation state. There are other cars and pick up truck in very well shape.

Ken Appleby

This place is so cool. Having watched the TV show (back in the sixties) I just had to stop in! I am on a road trip in my Corvette convertible. I wish my buddy Joe had been with me. RIP my dear friend.

John Wotring

Nice presentation of history of Route 66. Great drop top Nova in lobby. Liked it and good value.

Gary Jackson

Very new and modern place for depicting old things! Informative!

Sue Webb

This was cool. Movies and memorabilia. A trip through the good ole days.

Steven Brown

Alot of great facts and things kids now days have never seen before which is very fun to see their reactions.

Steph Weber

Amazing fun stop for the family and worth the trip to the museum. Brand new and tons of stuff to take pictures with and a lot of history. Highly Recommend

Stephen King

This is an inexpensive and very interesting museum.

Delorse Ricketts

So great and so much to look at, we will need to go again to see it all.

Arthur Taylor

This was a great museum, full of artifacts, information, and videos of the iconic 'Mother Road.' I think admission was only $7 or so, without any discounts or anything, which is a pretty good deal. If education isn't your thing, don't worry, there's tons to see here that is just plain neat. Although I have to imagine this would be ideal for a history report or something for kids as well. Great staff, great collection, clean and fully functioning museum... a real treasure in the middle of Oklahoma!

Karen Lommler

A fascinating place to visit. I would recommend it to anyone interested in rte. 66

John Cannaley

What a nice place, friendly people. Just absolutely coolest place to see.

curepi curepi

Great place for the whole family. Educational. Nicely put together.

Brenden Johnson

Small, but nice.

Heather Nauert

The museum is very well organized. It walks you through all the decades of Route 66. The attendant who welcomed us offered a lot additional information about Route 66. Well worth the price of admission, $7.

Jack Peverley

Absolutely fantastic, a must stop. Great museum and a brilliant gift shop and fantastically maintained.

Matt Bass

Cool memorabilia and interesting history of the road and the history of auto travel in the US. Its about the road and peripherals much not so than the cars.

Frederick Breedon

Everything was clean and well organized. Lots of news and history exhibits tying into why a Route 66 was so relevant back in the day. Lots of photos and several artifacts. I thought the museum was ok, but my dad really liked it.

Beth Rankin

They had us pay for the museum (full price) and then 5 minutes later they said they were closing and for us to leave. The museum takes a good 45 minutes to go through.....

James Woods

Fun visit with great history of the mother rode

Angela Dumont

Very informative .love the nostalgia.And it's nice and cool inside.

Benjamin dustman official YouTube police

Ive only been here once but it is fun. I got to go in a van that they were on. They had a fun little minigame like oregon trail and we beat it

Shirley Whitmore

The staff was so friendly and knowledgeable. A great experience!


Nice friendly museum, good exhibits

Gail Bianco

I really enjoyed this, especially with the lower senior price of $5. They allow pictures inside and some things you can pose in. Great gift shop. Volunteers very helpful.

Dave Clemo

Lots to see and history to read up on! Very informative and well worth a visit.

Janet Upton

Great little museum and souvenir shop! We missed it on the way to Moab because it was Sunday and didn’t open till 1:00 but very happy to have caught it on the way back. It has a small admission fee but well worth it. It’s beautifully designed and lays out the history of Route 66 very well.

Shelley Culver

It is a rich history of Oklahoma 's involvement in the Rt 66 highway system. Fascinating, yet sad.

Sharon Lucas

This is a great little museum full of fun and nostalgia. It's worth going out of the way for.

Emily Pruett

Very nice place full of interesting information. Worth the stop.

Peter Jaspers-Fayer

Good display of the history of this road. Informative movie. Friendly staff

Fabian Rutherford

Nice place but ladies like to rush you

Sarah Riley

Enjoyed this museum. Lots of Oklahoma history along with the rest of the Route 66 highway from Chicago to California. Lots of old photos in which I love to see and lots of interactive attractions for kiddos and for the adult kiddos who grew up during this time. Would recommend stopping by this place if you are passing by.

Steve & Rosanne Hans

Fun trip down memory lane. It's organized by decade & you get a brief history of each. Plan on a 45 minute stop. Very clean. Lots of photo ops.

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