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Thomas Wilson

This was alright I guess. The train ride is disapointing because, it's not like a tour, you go up the track....then back down the track....blahsay really. The museum and scale model train layout is awesome though.

Anna Ratliff

This museum is free to the public and has a lot of neat trains to see. The best thing they have is the train rides on the weekends and the seasonal train rides. Day out with Thomas is also a really great event here. They also rent train cars out for birthdays and it's a lot of fun.

Kay Harris

Fun, but outdoors & it was really hot that day.

Chris Schwartz

Very cool place. Nephew's birthday party was here and the kids loved it. Their party room was a retired train!

Nicki Luther

Pricey but kids had a blast . Wish the train ride was longer

Janet Jackson

Lots of history here! Devoted staff that is very knowledgeable. We really enjoyed our visit!

Ryan Massey

Cool museum to see railroad history. My kids absolutely loved the visit!!!

Yolanda Thompson

Had a good time at Thomas the Train event!!

Alma Dunn

My family went to the Railway Museum for Thomas and the train. The tickets were very expensive and the train ride lasted 10min not worth it. I wouldnt recommend anyone wasting there time and money.

Justin Parmley

Traveled from the St Louis area. Easy to find from the highway/street. Very interesting "new" museum. Easy to transverse even with all the storms recently. Excellent display of engines, passenger cars, etc. Enjoyed the experience! Hope to come back and find that it has explanded further.

Ashley Ray

We took our two year old on the train ride for his birthday and he had so much fun! It was the perfect trip length. About 40 minutes. Not too short, not to long. He also enjoyed playing around outside on the trains and the playground.

Julie Baggett

Great place to check out trains. You can actually go on some of the train cars.

Drew Noecker

We went to the Halloween train ride from the Railway Museum. It was a great time, and our 2-year old loved it. Many adults wore costumes, and all of the kids. It was an event with many things to do, and it ran really smoothly.

Robert Thompson

Can for the Thomas the train event.. we had a blast... wish Wichita KS would put on event like this so we did not have to make the drive... that's my only complaint.

Grace Humphrey

Fun for the whole family and so much history in one place. I would highly recommend to anyone who loves a FREE and wonderful day out with the family!

Autumn Wilkerson

Great place!

Rick Phillips

If you love trains, like I do, this is a great place to visit. I remember my mother taking me on a train when I was just two or three. Ever since then I've been in love with trains. You can stroll through luxurious club cars, see how the crew lived in the Caboose, and see all of the other displays including an enormous model train set up.

Wesley Batson

Needs more things to do and longer train rides

Jason Winn

My wife and I had a good time here. Her dad is a collector of model trains and we got to see the actual trains that he has models of. That was really cool

Shawn Hudson

This is an amazing spot for kids and adults. I'll have some pics soon. But this place is open, without cost, to the public. (except train rides.) There's a small play area if your kids get bored. The whole place is nicely kept and well maintained, the staff gives you a very warm family feel. I was impressed! The train ride was good, a straight shot one way then back the other. I took an open car with benches, next time I'll take one of the passenger seat cars. There's also cars with thing like model trains that run, gift shop. Most importantly, there are cool trains! Definitely worth a membership!

Patricia Kane

Awesome place to bring the kids...

Natalie Lawson

Trains! Great place to take kids, or adults. Train ride, history, and adventure. Handicap accessible, can even get wheelchairs on the train for rides.

Kathi Jensen

A small but great place to go and visit. Walk through some of the cars still with original seating and debt forget to see the car that holds the large working train set. If you like trains you won't want to miss this little gem of a place up.

Colleen Dixson

Loved the Christmas train! My daughter had a blast seeing Santa, on the train, on the playground, and in the Bounce house! Great cookies and hot chocolate too!


A little bit small, but lots of trains! Pretty good for solely volunteer based company. If you love trains and their history then you will enjoy this place (which I assume is the point in a railway museum). I was expecting more however, the train ride was very slow and felt a little pointless, the "play ground" was really just a slide with swings, but I would NOT consider that miniature golf!

Cindy Whitfield

They are working to make it better!!


My son loves this place getting to climb in and around trains is perfect for him.

Rain Howard

I think this is a great place to take your kids. Especially if your kid is into trains. Which mine are. And the fact that it's free is even better. And around December they have a train rides for the kids.

Terry Pillars

Excellent to take the kiddos on!

PJ Dower

Neat model train layout.

Rick Green

Save your gas and don't bother going because they won't be open when they say they will be open. We took our four year old grandson to go see it. The gate was padlocked shut. He was very disappointed.

CreeperBoy84 Train's

Quite a good experience of train times back in the days also good railway place

Jessie McFarland

This is my second time visiting and it was just as good as the first time. I brought my grandson both times and he really enjoyed himself. There were various activities and exhibits. But, the best was the train ride.

Jorge Gomez

Took my son for a thomas the train event but I had never been here before there was alot of cool things to do and I will be coming back again at a normal day just to check the museum out when they relocate. It is a neat place to take a kid that is under five and especially one like mine that is fascinated with trains.

Amanda Foreman

We attended the Halloween Train in October. While it was a blast, I think they could have added a bit more decor for the kids, and maybe some candy as well.

timothy fuentes

Great place for fun

April Shipley

Christmas little adventure. I was disappointed but I think I expected too much. I loved the caroling while in transit. Lots of fun. I also thought the hot chocolate was served on the train. By the way I still am unsure where you get the hot chocolate. This is definitely best for younger children, maybe 7 and younger. My son is only one so we will probably do it again.

Johnny Hottel

Very nice. A lot to see.

Jacob Matthews

Fun train ride and displays but outside of the train ride this is a 30 min top activity


We have been here countless times as our boys love coming here and climbing aboard the trains and checking out the running models. The grounds are very well kept and exhibits are well done. It's a neat place for the kids to learn about engines and how America was expanded by rail. They have several events throughout the year that amount to countless hours of fun for the kids like Thomas the Train and different holiday train rides.

Judith Rex

My train-loving 3 year old was in heaven! It's free (though they do take donations). We went during the week and it was totally empty, so we had the place to ourselves. We loved walking around trains and getting to go on/inside some cars. On the 1st and 3rd Sat each month, you can pay to ride a train (we haven't done that yet).

Brent Mcdonald

Lots of displays but not many interactive sites.

Carolynn Doerr

Day Out With Thomas is the ultimate railway day for families! We had a great time!

Jason McCart

This museum/historical playground is THE BEST. It's not one of Pc's better known attractions buy totally worth it. The Day Out With Thomas event is awesome. The staff are all volunteer and passionate about their duty here. Kids love the place.

Patric H

While on a business trip to Oklahoma myself and a co-worker had some spare time and wanted to see something interesting. We found the museum, and thought we give it a shot! So glad we did! When arrived, the museum admin greeted us at the entrance. She told us about the history of the place, the trains and what there is to see. The lady was so passionate about the museum, which is great! We had a look around all the train carriages. It was a Thursday so no trains were running, but that was OK with me! The whole museum was very well layed out. There's a lot of cool equipment around to see. The restored station house from Oakwood, Oklahoma is in brilliant condition and houses the museum shop. Some of the trains and coaches are open, some are closed. It's a really nice place to visit, and something there for every generation. If I'd live a bit closer I'd volunteer! Would go again and recommend to everyone! Set aside a couple of hours if the trains are not running. :-)

Roy Clover

It was interesting and looking at the old train engines and and Passenger cars but there wasn't any one there to give information out or to ask I just wandered around the lot looking at the old times. They did have tents up like they have a food booths and tours but like I said there was no one around and it didn't cost me anything I did it was all open so I just wandered around and took a few pictures.

Robert Knight

Very interesting and train rides on certain days. Friendly volunteers.

Ellen Smith

We stopped randomly and we all loved it. This museum (of sorts) is free to get in but completely run on donations. Be sure to donate so this piece of Oklahoma history isn't lost! There is one car dedicated to running model cars and some of the other train cars you can get in to and explore. Over all worth the pit stop off of the interstate.

David Kurlin

Went and rode on Thomas the train . My son had a blast. Can't wait to do the Polar Express with him in December. Lots of games for the kids, magic shows as well.

Cameron Campbell

We rode the Thomas the train experience, it was fun for the little ones. A trip out and back on a single track. Lasted approximately 30 minutes. Pricey, but enjoyable

Maria Flatt

First time riding a train for my grandkids and great grandkids. We all had a great time.

Tiff NI

Great experience...the operator was funny and very friendly.

Steve Dock

Awesome it has Trains what else could you want?

william davis

Overall I had a nice time. I was confused about what areas we could go in and if we could climb on the trains or not. Also the door to the restroom on the left did not lock.

Petra Colindres

Kind of a disappointment... This could be really cool too

Robert Shipley

Nothing like it anywhere in Oklahoma. Fun Museum. Train rides 1 and 3rd Saturdays. These men and women work hard to bring nice looking, well working trains to the public. Great people.

Sara L. Robbins

Nice place

Bill Shipley

One of the best places to see and cover all things trains. From steam locomotives to todays diesel engine. Old Pullman cars and a dining car. Lots of caboose and on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays you can get a train ride. Great museum of the trains. Worth seeing and it's free to explore here.

Morgan Crozier

Great stop with the family.

Lisa Erwin

We had the best time!!! Would recommend especially for the younger kids. They were so amazed the whole time and every single staff member made it their goal to make us feel welcome. The explained everything so well!!

Garrett Pace

Fun place for kids and train enthusiasts.

Cha cha real smooth

It is fun and you learn some stuff

Staci Henry

It's not as big as we thought. It was neat to walk through a whole linked together train and view how each car used to be set up. The people are very friendly. Thomas Day was fun for my 2 year old.

RA Harper

Lots of fun. My kid loves it.

Sheila Keller

It's a great holiday event

Wyatt Howard

It was very interesting

Candy Gatewood

This museum is not very big, but it is very interesting and worth visiting.

William Carrell

Wow what a great little place to take a couple of kids who have never been on a train before ,the train had a variety of different types of cars and it was just enough time to bring good information to the kids and have them really enjoy the ride with an informative review of the history of the train, even the conductor we went up and talked to him after the ride we had a great day at this Museum on a rainy cold day

Sherri Gold

Took my grandkids to ride the train with the Easter Bunny. They enjoyed seeing the Bunny and getting an Easter Egg from him. The train ride was fun but there wasn't much to look at out the windows. At the train station there was more for the kids to do. Bouncy house, swing set, model train, birthday train if you would like to reserve it, gift shop and plenty of trains. It was a fun morning about 2 hours or so.

Bill Brown

A great collection.

Jay Chilton

Great fun for everyone!

Hay Cheng

It is a relatively small Museum. However, it is well maintained and have interesting historical trains there.

Angela Hallett

Model trains were neat, and it's cool to walk around the decommissioned rail cars.

Benji Lietzke

My family and I greatly enjoyed the train ride and museum. The ride was very informational, with beautiful views of the Lincoln Park golf course on half. They offer open cars or air conditioned cars. There's plenty of exhibits for the kid's to check out, and a small playground. The gift shop was very reasonably priced, and had some pretty cool stuff.

Nathan Schrock

Very interesting museum. Good for kids. Staff was nice.

susan wong

Thank You So Much for helping me Amanda with Questions about the Christmas Train , You were Awesome

Kyle Heying

I'm a railfan, I have nothing but good things to say about y'all. Keep up the good work!

Tammy June Rose

Fun train experience. Hot chocolate wasn't good afterwards, but cookies were good. They should do more for the hot chocolate and cookies time.

Dr.Debasree Biswas

Okay for this one take your kids, take your friend's kids, take your neighbours kids! This place is perfect for them, the more the merrier. Its mostly outdoor fun. Sadly I did not get the gift shop open. Oh, and there is no entry fee. You only pay if you ride.

Rosemarie Brown

This year was my family's 4th year to enjoy the Christmas train ride. It's a nice 40 min ride and we enjoy singing carols and the kids love getting to visit with Santa on the train. There's also an opportunity to take your own photos with Santa after the train ride. Once the ride is over we head to the large indoor facility for hot chocolate and cookies. It's been a wonderful start to our holiday family celebrations.

Joe Dickerson

Oklahoma railway museum was a great place every parent needs to take their child just for the experience of days gone bye

crystal lewis

Its a pretty amazing place. I attended a birthday party in the train. Great place for children.

ron wiley

If you like railroads don't miss this one


Took our daughter for her third birthday and she loved it! Staff is friendly, gift shop is great, lots of fun!

Steve Sandifer

Fun collection of rail cars. Helpful staff.

Percy Day

Great relaxing and enjoyable family entertainment. Seasonal events, and plenty to see!

Regana Mouser

Love this place my whole family does

Mallory Fleming

Wish the train went faster than 2 miles per hour. My kids actually had a horrible time. We went for the "haunted Halloween tour" and literally there were some lights and streamers in the train. There was nothing "haunted" about it. And to make matters worse, they go 1xway really slow, then just reverse back to the depot really slow. so you see the same boring nothingness outside 2 times. Was very disappointed seeing as it was all of our first times ever being on a train. I figured there would be some scary stuff outside along the tracks or something. But no. Just trees and a gold course.

Luke Beard

My wife and I took our kids here to meet Thomas and Friends. The kids had a blast and it was an overall great time. We got to ride the huge life size Thomas train. The staff there really put on a great show for the kids. Outside of Thomas, this place is still really cool. Lots of history and interesting info.

Sonya McLendon

Loved it! 2 year old and me went. He is really into trains and found this fascinating. A guy gave us a tour and we got to go into most of the trains. They are well kept up and cool. There is a museum car that has old artifacts in it. Then another car with a working model train set. Very cool. Will def return.

Ashley M

Great experience for the kiddos. Conductor was pretty awesome and let them all ring the bells

Becky Deitenbeck

Went on the Easter Express train ride. This is the best railroad museum i have visited. They also have a large model railroad and many train cars you can walk around inside. Would definitely recommend this to family and friends.

smile and don'e grieve love your life

It was easy to find

Josh Butcher

This place is great. We go every chance we get. My kids love seeing the trains and being able to walk on them. They especially love seeing the car with the model train inside.

Jessica Burris

The volunteers were SO nice. Everyone was so excited to give you information on the tracks which was so fun. We took the train ride and although you dont go fast it was still an incredible experience for my whole family!!

K Boognish

My toddler loves trains, and had the best time here! Staff were friendly and helpful. We will definitely be back.

Paula Killian

Nice staff. Train rides are fun. My grandson had a wonderful time, and so did I.

kimberly shelton

Fun experience. My kids loved it

Megan Davis

We enjoyed our train ride and looking around at the old trains on site. It's a nice visit for someone (young or old) who loves trains. I would recommend on a hot day to pick the train car with air conditioning.

Sunny Dahe

It was fun but honestly I would not go again for the price and how short it was

Kent West

Nice trip with Santa and the kids. Always fun to see their faces light up.

Alex Couch

We took our two year old for the Christmas train and he had a great time!

Barb Barela

We took the grandkids on the Christmas train and they loved it! They had caroling and hot chocolate and cookies. We had such a fun time but wished the ride was a little longer and the train went a little faster. We would do it again.

William Barnes

Helpful and friendly staff. Thomas the Train was an enjoyable ride!

James Jones

Love it and the volunteers that keep this place running!

Robert and Pam Cunningham

Here for Thomas. Grandkids loved it. They also enjoyed Laura's singing and interactive dancing and Marty the magician. Sir Topham hat is still scary for our three year old, but older sister enjoyed him. They also liked the model Railroad layouts, Thomas movie, golf, tattoos, bubbles and bouncy houses. There are two bouncy houses one was empty while we were here.

Roderick Wells

There's no official tour guide there, is mainly self serve. It's interesting but don't expect to spend a lot of time there. But if you really want to see it it's a great spot to stop but if you're deciding between other places it's not. Not all of the trains are open but you can still climb into some of them.

Daniel Doane

Fin place to visit. Very friendly people.

Deja'lena Milton

Fun place for children

Jane Christen

Good stuff for kids and adults

Lacy Jay Harper

Went and got to experience a day out with Thomas and friends!! It was a blast and my boys will I'm sure forever carry the memories around and for me I will too!!!

Jennifer Salinas

First time there was on Easter Sunday and it was fun. Not to much to do what was is there makes up for it

Scott Williams

This is a very interesting museum. If you love the history of trains and model trains this is the place for you! People that run it are very nice and informative. And it's free!

Jeff Elimon

Very nice place to visit,the people that run the place are very friendly and very noligable with the trains out there.

The Real Chris & Christy

This place was our choice for a 3-yr-old's birthday party, and it was great. Even though it rained, we had a great time at his party inside our own historic train car, then enjoyed a train ride afterwards. The staff were very accommodating. I would recommend this place for similar events.

Deanna Paladina

I loved the museum. It's free but they have a donation box. They are static displays of about half a dozen diesel locomotives and one steam engine. You can walk through a couple of passenger cars and cabooses. The cars have many pictures of Oklahoma celebrities and a few national ones as well. They have a lovely HO train layout in a baggage car that is very well done, and the kids can ring the bell of a steam loco or blow the horn of a diesel. On certain Saturdays they have short passenger train rides. As you enter, there is a display of a freight car truck (wheel sets) and the block of a diesel engine, which are fascinating for the mechanically inclined. There is plenty to see but it's small enough to not be overwhelming. And you can schedule birthday parties for the children. A fun little museum.

Mandy Larson

Great for kids and train lo ers.

poptarget 123

I love working here its so fun for kids and adults, lots of games and fun things to do

Nathanael Vaughn

Great place for kiddos to see the trains up close and ride one too.

Ben Shain

A very simple, yet fun place to see for the train lover in your life.

James Bradford

Awesome museum, great people

Sky Pettett

Fun experience. Rode the Christmas train, the kids loved it.

Felecia Evans

Had great fun.

David Ward

Great place for a half day trip. Small, but in a good way. Museum staff is great. Took the short train ride. It was perfect for a young child. The guides always have a story about trains and history. Entry is free, the train ride is 10 to 12 per person, kids 3 and under are free.

Iza k

Nothing to do ... train ride is horrible nothing to see

Manlio Tribioli

A museum closed on Sunday? No words...

Justin Finley

The only reason I give it 4 stars is they didn't have any of the buildings open but were "Open". Love the history and the trains themselves. Amazing!

Jason Eversole

Really cute museum, nice playground and free parking and admission, staffed by nice volunteers

B #

Went there for Thomas the Train special event which was fun. Otherwise not sure I would make a trip back without an event as it does not appear there is much there.

Love Suzuki

Fun place for kids and grownups too . Nostalgic and classic experience. Recommend it for anyone.

Ashley Boyce

My kids loved it but could have made our ride a bit more festive outside of the train.

David Stock

Very friendly knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend!!

Montana Dugger

Always interested in history. The train car with the giant model is awesome

Mike Meek

Grandson got to see / ride on Thomas

Warren Cross

OMG I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!i got to meet mr.asin the main owner they should teqm with galveston rail road musem and team.

Shawn Ta'

This was an awesome experience for the kids they were able to get on the trains and touch things. The playground was good for the baby. I wish we could have taken a train ride.

Kevin Bundy

We enjoyed seeing the trains up close.

Brandy Harris

We had a blast hope to ride the train again soon


We had a great time. The air conditioned train car was nice and comfortable (consider a light sweater if you get chilled easily). The workers were friendly and we learned a lot. There are a few train cars that have exhibits inside - very interesting and informative. We will visit again! It's always enjoyable to support small museums.

Todd Brennfoerder

I came down from Missouri for the day with three year old son, and he absolutely loved! He went through every car and caboose at least three times, and we even rode the train twice. This is a pretty neat place, and you could tell the people here really love what they do. Thanks for the great day!

Tonya Sharp

It was very interesting seeing all the old timey cars and how they did things back in the day

Tracey Beckham

I loved all the history.

Michelle Schwoebel

My three-year old loves it here-he ran around from train to train for two hours before we drag him away. The volunteer staff is amazing and the train ride was fun: it was the first time in a train for most of our family. It's outdoors and only open certain days, but it's a great way to spend a morning and very unique. Zoos and children's museums are everywhere, but I haven't seen anything like this before.


Nice selection of rail way historical cars and locomotives

Marissa Ragaglia

I have nothing but positive words! Amazing Staff, Fun Train Ride! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Check out all the trains because, you can walk through some of them! great place for Birthday parties!

Charlie Miller

My family visited here for something fun for the kids, but honestly I think I enjoyed it just as much if not more than they did and they loved it. It was neat to see the old engines and train cars, as well as getting to go through some and see a little bit of history. The toy train setup was great, the kids had never seen one that large with all the details. Everyone we met working there was friendly and full of information, it was easy to tell they enjoyed what they were doing! Definitely worth a trip, and something I'm sure we'll make our way back to at some point.

Anna Chan

The main reason I stopped with 3 stars is because the current operation is simply too small. The model train exhibit, for one example, is cramped into half of a converted passenger car. Great one time attraction for singles and groups with a separate play area for kids. The model train exhibit would make it appealing as a repeat attraction, if it were in a larger space.

Matt Morrissey

Trains need more attention their the muscles of America

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