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REVIEWS OF Oklahoma City Zoo IN Oklahoma

Kylie Chapman

Love it! We have a family pass & go many times throughout the year

Stephen Horton

Much better than I expected, lots of animals out and about, until about 2pm when it started getting quite warm. I would recommend the basic $11 entrance fee if you are up for walking otherwise get the package that includes the transportation.

Stephanie Donahue

Had a blast with the whole family. Really enjoyed the animals, stroller friendly pathways, gift shop, and new habitats in the Asian Sanctuary. Wish the cats had bigger habitats and more clear signage at intersections. You can bring in your own food and beverage, just not out and about in the observation buildings, or visit The Big Rivers Cafe just in the zoo a little ways near the cats and apes for standard fan favorites. Marco M. was super friendly and if he isn't running the cafe, he should be.

Sarah Copeland

A zoo to be proud of! I love all the updates and expansions. The animals are well cared for. It's a lot to do in one day so I recommend becoming a zoo member.

Brenda Leonard

It is great except that the building by the apes is not handicapped accessible.

Charlene Smart

Family of 6 could easily spend the entire day here and make a ton of memories. Some things are expensive but if planned out accordingly everyone could leave with a souvenir and have a blast. We spent around $100 from start to finish. I recommend bringing your own reusable bottles and make a picnic halfway through.

Joseph Dixon

Great zoo! Kids loved it. Very clean and well taken care of. Employees were very helpful and hospitable. Highly recommend!!!

Dan Austin

It has been a few years since I have been to the zoo. It was nice to feed the giraffes and the sting rays. You have made nice up grades to the zoo. My daughter, granddaughter, and I had a great time!

Nicole Williams

We like this zoo because they are consistently finding new ways to care for their animals and meet their needs. It's always clean. The parakeets are a must See! Best in the morning if you have littles

Cyndi Rhodes

Would give 5 stars if you have penguins. I highly recommend getting the pass for the tram so that you do not have to walk the whole zoo. We still walked 3 miles while there

Diana McAlister

Love the OKC Zoo! Always expanding and making it better for the animals.

Courtney Deska

I loved this place. From the giraffes to the petting zoo, to the awesome experience feeding the sting rays. We also got to watch the otters which was super cool. You get so many experiences for truly not a bad price. 100% recommend.

Kay Bounds

We make weekly trips to the zoo. Everything you could want in a zoo I suppose. Good place to take the kids to wear them out. And they now serve margaritas

john mcinturff

Haunt the Zoo is better during the day as you get to see the animals.

Jill Porter

Great variety of animals in beautiful habitats. Several restrooms throughout the facility makes it easier when you have children who need to go frequently.

Ryan Eakins

Great place to spend an afternoon alone or with family. I loved the place as a child but even more now that I get to share it with my children. The oklahoma trails show our state's unique geography and the animals. For the more exotic there is the Asian area.


An awesome place to go with family and friends to have fun and laugh. See many different animals and insects


Great Zoo for kids with a petting area featuring many animals seeking attention. There are several superb exhibits. If you like birds, the lorikeets are always fun. The newly finished Expedition is spacious for the Asian elephants. Plus many other animals and plants in the botanical gardens incorporated into the theme.

Sasha Roberts

Very nice zoo. Able to be close enough to the animals to actually get a good look at them.

Aletha Williams

I love the zoo. Its always improving. It's a pleasant size and fun enough to go solo. Plenty of places to sit down and have a bite whether you buy it there or bring your own.

Jessica Stone

This is a zoo that has a great layout , and fun experiences. We held a wedding there and the staff was beyond excellent to work with. I feel some of the policies could be tweaked when it comes to weddings but all in all whether your visiting out of pure enjoyment or going to an event this zoo is a fun excursion and has tons of potential.

Monica R. Liebscher

First time going to Haunt the Zoo for kids.It was great and everyone made the kids feel really special.There was no just candy but healthy snacks as well.Not to mention Pumpkins everywhere from small to bigger than a child's whole body.Fall is the best time to go to the Zoo.The weather was fantastic.

Chris Peters

Amazing place. So much to see and to do, and easy to learn something new.

Adam Abrahamson

Just a great zoo. Very large, open, and friendly. Would recommend to anyone wanting a great zoo experience.

Anthony Baldwin

My family and I had a great time walking around to visit all the different trick or treat stations this year's for their Halloween Event. It was really well organized and thought out.

Amber Childress

The kids always have a good time and you never know what you will see!

Alonzo Healy

We visit the zoo at least once a year each time we are in town. Such a cute zoo, we have gone as an adult couple and as a family. Animals are very well looked after and very accessible. We have gone in both summer and winter months. We all enjoyed the OKC zoo !!! A lot of walking as any zoo is but you see something along the way everywhere. Highly recommended :)

Horatio Hewat

I love Okc ZOO. it's one of the best zoo's I've had the pleasure of visiting. You can pay to feed some of the animals. There are all types of awesome animal exhibits to view. My personal favorite is the Elephant sanctuary. It's literally an elephant playground with great views of the elephants. It takes up a large section of the back of the zoo,. Just this area alone to me was worth the small admission price. The food is what you would expect as far as pricing goes and they also serve alcohol for those that partake. All in all, worth every penny plus if you need to you can bring your own food such as coolers and things of that nature as well as picnic areas throughout the zoo.

Fordman Baker

Had a great time with the kids here. Spent the whole day and I'm sure we missed something. The only drawback I have is that we paid for the Zoo it All passes, which is supposed to give access to all rides and attractions, but had to pay more out of pocket for a camel ride. They said it wasn't part of the Zoo and was an entirely different company but he was wearing a Zoo uniform. Other that that it was a terrific time at a decent price.

Donna McCray

It's been school age years since I've been to the Oklahoma city zoo. Its was a wonderful day well spent out and it wasn't too hot either. They have changed for the better, they are growing and continue to add more space and more animals. Early morning all the animals were very active and was able to get some great pictures. Great day out worth going to take the kids to see the animals or have a nice picnic with family for the day. And there's still more growth and changes coming.

Anne Evans

This place is amazing! So many great animals to see The nice part is that there are so many different paths and ways to get around the zoo that I don't feel that I'm just walking in the flow of people. There are also great places for kids to play in.

Robert Burns

Amazing little zoo in the middle of a big city. We stopped by on a Friday morning and even though a lot of the animals were off exhibit there was still plenty of amazing and adorable sites. We loved the Red Panda, Orangutan, and all the cats in the Cat Forest. Along with the beautiful butterfly habitat by the lake. Had a great time! Highly recommend for the whole family! Service animals only. No pets.

Danielle Bosch

Amazing experience for my husband and myself. A very family friendly place, plenty of attractions, play areas, interactions for the children. Very well laid out with plenty of space for wheelchairs and prams. The animals are all very well looked after and you can see it. My favourite part was definitely the stingrays pool where you can touch the sting Ray's, the bats were a close second, grizzly bears my 3rd place for the day. Despite the heat, there were plenty of places to sit in the shade of the many trees and fans blowing mist, the tram was very helpful in getting around once little feet, and big feet, get hot and tired. Looking forward to bringing my daughters here one day.

kourtney o'neal

We have season passes and they are worth every penny!! We celebrated the Zoo Appreciation Day and had a blast today!! Such a beautiful place! The OKC Zoo is my happy place

Dana Grimm

Some really good exhibits with more great changes in the works. Friendly staff.

Debbie Hanni

We had great time at the zoo. Lots of fun animals. Especially enjoyed feeding the giraffes and watching the sea lion show.

Lee Ram

I enjoyed my time here with my family we took the little train bus thing to get around and it was a lot of fun

Marisol Alvarado

This place was so awesome. The have a gift shop with many beautiful and neat things. Best part of the visit was getting the chance to feed the giraffes.

Sonia Puetz

This zoo is one of the best zoos I’ve been to my husband and I enjoyed everything. It’s clean and has a lot to do and they have things for all ages


Had a lot of fun! Great exhibits and even had a seal show and you can feed stingrays.

Deborah Hoemann

Perfect weather. The animals were very active. Enjoyed the Halloween decorations, especially the pumpkins.

Tori Legg

We had so much fun here! It was our son's first trip to the zoo! We look forward to coming back. I can't comment on any of the extra stuff because we didn't do anything except walk through the zoo, but that alone was worth the drive from Tulsa!

Irzone the dragon

I havent been in the zoo in awile since i was 5, this place was the best experience!! Places very clean, and cute animals, but some of them where missing! But they look very healthy, most of them looked very sad tho, i would just a least recommend putting light in the gorillas cages or something because it looked like a jail... The otters very talented ❤❤

Betty Wall


50 in a bottle

What a lovely zoo! Animals well cared for. Their needs are clearly a priority as it should be. A lot of attention has gone into their habitats. The misting stations are wonderful for adults and children on a hot day at the zoo. Lots of animals to see. Staff is friendly. Price of starting admission for adults is only 11 dollars and you may bring your own food and beverages. We will return the next time we are in okc

Gabrielle Johnson

OMG this is a BYG ZOO it took us the whole day to get through it. We got the wristband where we could enjoy everything and it sure did not disappoint. We had a blast its beautiful... From the bird feeding to the elephant show n everything in between. WE LOVED IT

Amber Adams

It was fun affordable, and the staff was great. A sweet employee even made my autistic nephew a zoo penny. We will definitely be back.

Kristen Rambo

Awesome zoo! Love the variety. Love the hands on parts for kids including the petting zoo, multiple play grounds and man made steam to play in. It breaks up the animal watching. We always enjoy our staff.

christopher unruh

11$ for adult humans. This zoo has really came a long way. The habitats are neat. Very helpful staff. Feed the kids on the way there. Then walk it off. Seeing the baby elephant frolic with it's parents was worth the price of admission.

Chris Collins

Only time you see animals is closing time when they want to be fed. Plus you have to put up with smokers. Who wants to smell cigarettes smoke at the zoo. I'm sure the animals don't. Price is good to get in but you better bring food an drinks.

Kaden Cox

Huge zoo and aquarium! Lots to do and see and our little kids loved it. Friendly staff. Beautiful location and well kept. Definitely recommend. Good prices as well.

Joel Fitzgerald

Wonderful zoo! Amazing animals and a beautiful facility. Got to see two Galapagos tortoises mate, truly an once in a lifetime experience

Krystal Harris

Great place on a beautiful day...Have definitely spent the money to improve this place.

Lana Bailey

We loved every bit of our time at the zoo. The animals were awesome and we got to interact with so many of them. We will be spending a lot more of our family time at the Oklahoma City Zoo in the future.

Anthony Goforth

Always a great time even in the fall most animals are still out

Monica Caye

Fantastic zoo. Whenever we visit OKC this is on our to do list.

Nathan Cameron

Always seems to be something new to see, a very well maintained zoo with something for everyone. Only issue is with the cost of the food, but that seems to be par for the course now with all amusement type parks. Will return probably a thousand more times.

Kayla S.

Small enough to easily walk through the entire zoo, but wide variety of animals and exhibits. Great value for the cost of your ticket.

Riaj Mahamud

Oklahoma City Zoo is a nice place for children. The kids can enjoy the whole day in the Zoo. The Zoo has so many variety of animals. There are two big turtles more than hundreds years old. They have indian tiger, monkeys, lion, chimpanzees, birds and so on. There are shops inside the zoo to have lunch. The fee for the Zoo entrance is around 12.0$ for adults. They have guide in places to explain facts.


Hadnt been here for awhile. Lots of good changes. Improvements. Concessions are a bit high but the walkways to various animals and exhibits are nice and tree lined. Good cover in Oklahoma sun. Also I think the addition of keeper talks about animals and some animal interactions make it a very nice day trip

Samantha Cloud

Absolutely love the Zoo! It became a family ritual to go all the time when I became pregnant with my son and now hes almost 2 and loves seeing the animals. The only complaint I have is the older women with the accent who accept tickets into the stingrays bay was extremely rude to me and my son! One of those things I'm going to be thinking about for a long time. Other than that one incident this zoo is awesome. Thanks for the great memories!


5 stars for everything. All the staff were very helpful and seemed to enjoy their jobs. It was clean and the animals were a lot of fun. This was my first time there and at my age, I needed the electric scooter and that made everything enjoyable. I'll be back.


I went here 8 years ago and was very pleased with the experience. Unfortunately you can tell it’s having upkeep issues. Went there recently with my 1 yr old and it was sad. Every restaurant looked run down, some weren’t open anymore. The marine exhibit was gone, it didn’t exist anymore. If you want to see the stingrays you have to pay, if you want to see the seals you have to pay, want to watch any shows then you have to pay, ride the tram you have to pay. It was frustrating because what they have left you can’t see unless you pay for. Watched a baby flamingo get yanked out of its nest by a zoo keeper while all the flamingos screamed and were trying to defend their young. My daughter sat there and watched with a scared look on her face and then ran to me because she got scared of all the flamingos screaming at the keeper, it was very upsetting. 90% of the stalls were closed and trying to find a place to get water was insane on the far side of the park. It was still a good time though just being able to see the animals that were there. The gorillas came straight up to the glass and looked through it where my daughter was and waved at her. The whole thing wasn’t bad there were good moments which is why I put 3 stars, It was 50/50. Unfortunately I probably won’t be coming back unless the 70+ that I spent is a little more usable. We went in the middle of Labor Day which I thought was going to be busy. It wasn’t at all busy

Lizzy Marsz

Always friendly staff and well informed about all the animals. Beautiful park. Its easy to see alot of money and care goes into each exhibit, to make it as close to the animals natural environment.


This Zoo is fantastic! One of the best I've been too in sometime. Plenty of shades areas to keep you cool from the Oklahoma Summer Sun. Only 2 hrs north of Wichita Falls. Lots to keep the kiddos entertained for several hrs. Make sure you wear your walking shoes!! They have a food pavilion & that is where I suggest you eat it you don't bring your own lunch. DO NOT got to the Starbucks Cafe....over priced IMO & the staff aren't very least not on the day we were there. Other than that I'd say a great place to have family fun. OH & they offer 50% military discounts!

Brandt Bacha

What an incredible Zoo. Took my kids 3 time during our visit to OKC. The new Asian Elephant area is beautiful and love how involved they are in conservation efforts all over the world.

Donna Moore

Our daughter's wedding reception was held at the OKC Zoo (Sanctuary Asia) on Saturday, August 10, 2019. I cannot say enough about the caring staff and the beautiful venue. When we arrived the entire facility was absolutely stunning! The staff had everything set up and ready to go an hour before the event was actually scheduled to begin. Catina was wonderful to work with over the months building up to the big night. The chef, Randy, was unbelievable as well. The food was fabulous and he checked in with us several times throughout the evening to see if there was anything he could do for us. The entire staff was just as great! The manager, Teresa, was there for anything that we needed and Jasmine was my go to girl! The tram drivers did a great job as well and gave our guests a wonderful experience while driving through the zoo to get to the venue. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE AT THE OKC ZOO!!!!!!!

Amanda Owsley

Loved this zoo! The aquarium was amazing and not at all crowded for a Saturday in July! Can't wait to go back and visit again!

Rick Jenkins

We had a WONDERFUL time. Went as an excellent outing to the Zoo. We are Senior citizens (Jeltz) From the Daily living Centers. We have an exceptional quality staff that brings a tremendous amount of Joy and support to our community. Thanks Shalom

Jaime Cowley

We visit often and participate in ur annual monarch butterfly 5k and other activities. Love all the adult activities that are available. Helping educate all ages on how we can help the environment. We have

Mary Schubert

Great zoo. Wish they would have signs for animals that are off exhibit and better signage throughout the zoo of how to get to other animals

Cristalle Gamble

Took my newest grand baby for his first trip to the zoo. I was very disappointed. We have been going to the zoo since my oldest, who is now 33, was about 2 years old. The prices have went up quite a bit, and they are now charging extra to see some of the things inside. Have removed the aquarium exhibit, and has only 1 sea lion. I do have to say that the elephant exhibit is fantastic! Just disappointed.

Mary Young

This is always a great family trip. There are plenty of different animals to see and plenty of places to stop throughout the park. There are several areas to cool off on a hot day. As for food, there are plenty of options including vegetarian options as well.

Jeff Postlethwaite

What a wonderful experience! Exhibits are well maintained. New exhibits are being built. Highly recommend for an afternoon.

Kristina Lynn

Such a beautiful place with amazing animals but the prices are OUTRAGEOUS. $3 for a bottle of water and $12 for a single meal (which was saturated in grease). Most of the dip n dots and side food vendors are almost always closed. Also classic zoo animals like zebras or antelopes should be much easier to view

Darcie Bryant

We always love a trip to the zoo! Keepers and staff are always very nice and helpful when you have questions. We came on a rather hot day but still had fun. We love seeing the elephants, lions and bears as well as a visit inside to see the birds. Very nice zoo!

Erika Miller

Some exhibits were closed/no animals so that was a bummer, but overall it was a good 6 hrs spent with 3 little kids. Bathrooms all over was nice. Only 2 places to eat was a bit inconvenient, the restaurant in the middle was closed. We did Zoo It All and glad we did. Got our money's worth and it was nice just to walk in to stuff instead of stopping to pay for everything. I would definitely go back but I don't live in OK.

Jessica Phillips

I LOVE this zoo so much! They are so active with the community and always have events going on. I took my little brother here for the first time today and he had a blast with the lorikeets.

Brandon Prince

Great place to take the family. They have awesome seasonal events like Haunt The Zoo that are always fun for all of us. Lots of new exhibits installed over the last 5-10 years we have been going. It keeps our trips fresh and new!

Eric Foster

Had a great time. The veterinary hospital was a nice surprise. Very cool to see a bald eagle having a vet visit. Also BABY ELEPHANT!!

Jessica Elmore

This zoo is fantastic. I have been going here since I was a kid. Adult admission is only $8 and you could spend the entire day here. The exhibits are spacious and the animals look happy and well cared for. There are keeper chats throughout the day and an elephant show. The elephant area is really wonderful since it has been revamped. There are several buildings and areas to cool off in the summer. Most of the paths are lined with trees or bamboo so there is a lot of shade. Many gift shops and areas to buy food and drinks. The prices for food are fairly reasonable considering it is a zoo. Around 7 or 8 dollars for a meal. The restaurants serve some really nice stuff too, not just hot dogs and hamburgers. The Oklahoma Trails area is my favorite. The only disappointment was the old aquarium area (where they had lots of fish and marine life when I was a kid), not much over there... and the lorikeet area is pretty small and not many birds. I love this zoo and will be back.

Franchesca Lucero

There were several closed exhibits, but that happens. The staff was very helpful, friendly and fun. There were a couple of things I wish could be changed. I feel there should be more signs pointing the way to different exhibits. We got lost a few times. The water fountains, indoors & out offered warmish water. I feel that should be addressed as soon as possible. On very hot days like today, cool water goes a long way towards visitor satisfaction. We knew the temps would be high, so that was our choice to visit today. All in all, a great time.

Jordan Henrickson

This is a great zoo, full of animals and large for OKC! They have some great prices: $11 for general adult admission; children 2 and under are free, and they offer half-off for military! They have a nice assortment of animals and the staff is always very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I would say avoid going here on a Saturday if you can, otherwise it will be hard to find parking and there tend to be a lot of people there. I was there on a Sunday and we were some of the only people there and it was amazing! We took the train once and it was a short little ride, I probably wouldn't pay extra for it. Overall, this zoo is a great place to take children and go learn a lot some incredible animals!

Walter Zimbabwe

I loved it. People were very friendly for the most part. The weather was fantastic. I neat experience in a neat city, despite having such an uncouth college.

Howard Parker

Love this zoo, and the season pass is worth every dollar. You have to check out the stingray exhibit, it's a couple dollars extra to pet the stingrays but worth every penny!

Enrique Hernandez

Amazing place to be with the family, for all ages plus the new improvements it's really nice, I totally recommend even just for a date....

Jenny Desai

Okc zoo is a great zoo! Our kids (5 and 3) had a great day and loved the exhibits. The elephant exhibit was amazing!


1 adult 2 children under 10. Entry lunch and bottles of water cost $100! Cost two much for most families enjoy! The kids actually liked feeding the birds nectar and petting the stingrays the most out of the day but those events cost more!!! WTF? There are shows too, but they cost more... so we didn’t even get to see them. They where not my kids just trying to help out another family, I won’t be bringing others

Nancy Foster

This Zoo may be in Oklahoma City but it is a really good zoo. The place was clean and the people are friendly and glad to be working there. If you're on a tight budget just bring your own food and drinks. We went on a day that wasn't very hot so all the animals were visible. Great experience, I highly recommended it.

Kris Holt

One of the best zoos I've been in recent years. Very nicely laid out and great diversity of animals. Will definitely be back for another visit.


Great place to take kids! It's large enough to spend an entire day but small enough you can see every thing within a day

Jonathan Lilly

Beautiful place. Very spacious. Even after 4 hours we were unable to see everything. Definitely coming back.

Janet Miller

Kids enjoyed themselves! Passes the time was hard to navigate even with the map and animals really weren't into being out today but kids didn't seem to mind! Beautiful zoo though.

Haley Husmann

They need to update their Haunt the Zoo information to say that you MUST purchase the "Official Zoo" paper bags to trick or treat in the zoo. No where does it say that it is REQUIRED. I just saw on the Zoo Facebook page 2 hours ago (~5pm 10/19, after the first day was over) an * and note was added to a post at the end saying it, but it's not on the Haunt the Zoo Facebook page. I did not expect for $14 to be added to my total for 2 paper bags that are going to be thrown away at the end of the day. I really should get a refund since it says no where that you HAVE TO HAVE a zoo paper bag to trick or treat. If it did, I would have been fine paying for them, knowing they were required. And it seems that others weren't prepared for having to buy paper bags either since I saw many trick or treat bags brought with them, thinking they had an option like I did. I hope they update their information soon, or their are going to be a lot more angry customers at the ticket booths. All that being said, the staff was very nice and it was a beautiful day for the zoo. And again, I don't mind paying for something if I know it's coming. I felt swindled since they knew I wasn't going to leave with my kids already dressed up, ready to go into the zoo and that had been standing in line for at least 20 minutes seeing everyone else go in. Not cool.

Nick Tarter

Great place to spend the day with your family! We love the OKC Zoo.

Will Roesler

We had a great time at the zoo. Thank you zoo for having our family fun day for my work.

Amenah Pena

Love going, every time. This time we did the Zoo it All, if you want to feed the birds, ride the train, feed the giraffes, see the sea lion show, and feed the sting rays (and see the new babies) this is way cheaper. If you only want to do one or a few just pay separately. The best Zoo I've been to. I've heard only San Diego's is better. St. Louis' was pretty cool, but OKC Zoo is my favorite.

Michael xdm

It is a nice zoo but there are very few signs showing directions. You spend more time looking at the map then you should.


I was there when the outside temp is 100°+ and most of the animal are either hidden or stay in the shade. The zoo is nice, clean, and big. It would be better if they until at 6pm instead of 5pm.


Always love the zoo but bring your own food and drinks pop machines are crazy expensive at least though the zoo food and drinks are high part if not most of the proceeds go towards the zoo and its animals.

La Shay

We enjoyed seeing the animals up close. The paths are not marked well so you get lost easily. The map doesn't match the paths either. Also when using a friends of the zoo pass you only get half off general admission. Not the tain or tram or any of the other attractions.

Freddie Maw IV

Very Big Zoo, the only bummer was that there were a few missing animals. There were also a lot of activities that you had to pay extra for. Being from out of State, the pricing structures could have been better explained. Food was way too expensive. $60 for a basic hamburger lunch for two adults and 2 children. Otherwise, very clean nice place. Haven't been to a Zoo in years.


I've been to zoos all over the country and this is definitely one of the best there is. GET the zoo-it-all pass if you can and then do everything. This is the kind of zoo that you go to as an experience destination.

John Strickler

It can be a bit busy from time to time, and some of the locations close during the winter. That said, there are good maps handy to keep yourself aware of where you are in the zoo, and the exhibits are well located.


Phenomenal zoo. My kids loved it and so did my husband. It was even better because there were barely any people there during the weekday. Definitely will go back again. Got a discount on the OKC Zoo entrance due to being members of the Tulsa Zoo. It's the closest I have been to exotic animals before. Truly enjoyable!!

caleb harmon

A lot of fun but also a lot of walking to see everything. The kids section is fun and will keep kids amused for a few hours.

Frank Hutchens

Definitely glad I stopped today. Unfortunately they had way more then I thought so I didn't have enough time to see everything. But watching the seal show and petting the stingrays was pretty cool. I will definitely be back

Coco Rodgers

Great place to bring the kids! I love all the new changes and how much there is to do!

Kayleigh Jordan

Not sure where all the awesome reviews come from.. the Zoo is 85% empty, the exhibits that are open cost extra $. Even having a membership. It was mostly bushes and flowers. Basically you pay to look at plants and sweat while the kids ask you to go play on the playgrounds. Where are the animals? With all that said we wound up refunding our family membership, and still got charged the daily admission.. we Didn’t even do or see anything at all, we ended up leaving. $120 hanging in limbo just for that. To add insult to injury, its my sons Birthday so now we are trying to plan something else to do. That $120 would really help. I don’t see ourselves coming back.. I had higher expectations :(

Mr H

My wife and I attended the zoo date night. The ad says the $60 couple charge includes 2 drinks each (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). After waiting in line for a while, we were told that it included only beer or wine, There was alcohol/mixed drinks available for an extra charge, although the wrist bands showed drink AND beer or wine tasting. Not a major issue, it just feels a bit misleading. Most of the animals were not out or viewable, maybe no ones fault, but kinda a bummer. The Asia exhibit is nicely done. Overall staff were not rude, but not overly friendly either. As my wife and I have no kids, it was great as a adult only night. This review is not meant as a “slam” to the zoo by any means. Was not a bad experience, just not awesome. Thanks. Mr H


The animals seem well taken care of. It is very hot though and so some animals are hard to see... I took a star because the shows on are opposite sides of the park and they are scheduled in such a way that it makes it difficult to catch one then another...

Ivette Fred-Castro

Paid $39 and virtually all of the animals were non-existent. It was a waste of time for us as grown-ups but our 3yr old grandson enjoyed climbing on the rocks and benches and riding the tram so, the day wasn't a total bust. I would say don't spend your time or money.

Cory Mickles

It's a great place to take the family. It keeps growing every year. The food is a little to expensive for what you get. Best to bring your own snacks.

Bridget Lubumad

Kids had a great time today... Finally able to see the bigger zoo animals up close.

katherine Heller

We love the zoo! They had a ton of exhibits empty. They just have a lot of empty space. Its a great zoo though!

Vicky W.

I go to the zoo 3 or 4 times a year. I really miss the fish aquariums, that was most favorable spot. Please bring the fishes back!

Lisa Seda

The Smoky the Bear was a great party. The bears were eating their ice fruit cake. I love walking around the zoo. The zoo will always get 5 stars.

Vale Sánchez

Loved it!! My kid enjoyed it a lot, there's a lot of animals. Great place to spend the day with the family

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Tourist attraction

Joseph H. Williams Tallgrass Prairie Preserve
Joseph H. Williams Tallgr...
Tourist Attraction - Oklahoma

Nature preserve