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620 N Harvey Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102, United States

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REVIEWS OF Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum IN Oklahoma

amy anderson

Compassion, one of the many feelings I felt while walking outside by the fence and through the memorial. My heart ❤️ aches for the loss felt by so many. We are all changed forever. The exhibit is comprehensive and leaves no stone unturned. The 350 - member Memorial Task Force has successfully created awareness and peace to a life changing event.

Mary Smith

There are not enough words for this place. Tastefully done. Very surreal.

Ned no name

Do not miss. A very important part of our history. Very solemn.

Connie Nelson

This is a sobering reminder of how the world can change in a minute from 9:01 to 9:03. Kiss your loved ones and tell them you love them before you part - you never know if you get another chance.


The experience was very emotional for me and many others. Plan to be there a minimum of 2 hours. Lots of information and displays. Catholic church across the street was also beautiful.


It's beautiful place to visit in order to gain additional information and remember the amazing people who lost their lives during this tragic event. If you're looking to save money just visi take the complimentary your that takes place several times throughout the day. This is a great place to visit and reflect if you're ever in downtown Oklahoma City. Enjoy. -Lakeisha Sinclair-

Ryan Massey

This was an amazing experience. I came here in 2005 when I graduated from basic training at Ft. Sill. Being 18 at the time I did not appreciate how sacred this sight was. Fast forward to 2018 when I got the chance to come back I truly got to experience the sight and appreciate what really went on that day and reflect on how much my life had changed since i was here previously. It’s a place I recommend for anyone to visit and see where such a tragic event in American history took place.

Estel Meeks

Humbling place. Cannot be here without tears for the victims. Every American should experience this place. It's a great reminder of who we are as a people and country when adversity comes to our door... Here is where heroes were displayed and made!

Ashley Allen

What an experience. We toured the museum with our two young children. I'd definitely say its geared toward older crowds. But the kids did earn a junior ranger badge here and we actually learned more from their booklet than we did in the tour. What a beautiful memorial to those lives that were lost.

Eric Marchand

It is a truly memorable memorial, very moving, well thought out and beautifully done. Absolutely include a trip through the museum!

Nic User

The memorial is well maintained. It provides messages in memory of the victims and in honor of the rescue workers. I visited during sunset, and I saw the lights turn on at 9:02. All attached photos were taken at twilight, but they were over-exposed. I only visited the outside of the memorial, because the museum was closed.

Robert Kibble

This place is AMAZING. It will pull on your heart. I never thought about the person who DID this horrific act until the end because I just shocked at what I was seeing and hearing. I felt so bad and I guess I didn't realize the magnitude of what happened because I was really young. They did an amazing job with this memorial.

Stacey Wood

By far, one of the most touching museums I have ever visited. Very respectful & inclusive.

Joe Cagnassola

After so many years of reading about the tragedy, I had the privilege to visit this solemn site. words can't describe the feelings you get as a visitor, standing in the park. The part that I really appreciated was the 9:03 monument that shows that we all must heal after the tragedy and allows us to carry on. The chain link fence shows the human part of the it all, the pictures of grandkids missing their grandparents, how as a nation we were all touched by this, but through faith we garner the strength and courage to remember, but carry on our lives with faith and love, hate cannot defeat the strengh of love.

iweird 4488

A lot of cool stuff definitely worth it, super sad if you don't know what happened fills you in on everything

Amy Cortez

One of the most beautiful, serene places I have ever visited. There's a calming hush that seems to blanket the entire ground-you feel it the moment u step through the "gates" at either end.

Doug Paddack

Excellent memorial. God blessed those who lost their lives. And God bless their families. Thank the Rangers who protect this site. GOD BLESS AMERICA...

Angela Adams

I thought it would be good but it FAR exceeded my expectations!! It has every artifact you could ever imagine. It was moving and very difficult at times. It brought it to life in a way I couldn't have imagined. I have seen the American Experience documentary Oklahoma City several times and lived in OK at the time this happened but this was something more. I can't say enough good things. This is a must if you are anywhere close.

Matthew Dombkowski

A must-see location in OKC. There's a small parking garage ($6) right across the street. The museum admission was a little too pricey for us to take our whole group, so we stuck to the outdoor portion. There are some really good interactive kiosks scattered throughout which seem to do a good job of describing everything and giving context to the design of the memorial.

Carla Smalley

We should never forget that monsters are real and could be living beside us as our neighbors. OK City, OK, you are so much more than the Murrah building. It is where my son took the Oath for the military. You are a starving our nation!

Kate Hurst

This is a must see if you come to Oklahoma City! This memorial is very well done. The museum gives you an indebth overview of the tragic event. It was very humbling and makes hug your love ones even tighter

Stephanie White

What a very sad and moving experience to walk through and remember the terror of that day. There was a ranger there explaining things. Everything is perfectly maintained. We saw the fence where people still place mementos. You may consider bringing a small thing with you. We did not go through the museum, but I'm sure that is good too. So many stories. There is a lot of emphasis on the survivors and those who came to help. Highly recommend visiting.

Lieut Bubbles

For combat vets out there the meeting does have a live recording with the sound of the explosion. If you have a half an hour you can speed through but a worthy memorial to spend time in.

jennifer soto

This was the most somber, quiet, place I've been too. They did such a great job of designing the Memorial. I had a great time. Went in the day and went back at night just to sit. If you haven't been, Get there. We taught the Grandkids about it. Great learning experience, they don't teach in school...Thank you.

A.K. Chapman

We just walked around the outside memorial. We didn't go into the museum for lack of time. The setup is very nice. I loved the reflective pool and the shade of the large tree helped to cool things down in the heat. The only thing I wish was better or different was an explanation on the wall of rubble (maybe I missed it), and what the area/building looked like prior to the explosion.

keith sorensen

This is a beautiful memorial. Plan on bringing your Kleenex with you because it is a tear jerker. The museum is a must see.

Jennifer Combs

This. Words cannot describe just how hauntingly beautiful this place was. I felt that I was on hallowed ground. The memorial really gives you a sense and a visual narrative to what happened that day and how Oklahoma City was forever changed. There is a curch across the street from the point of exit of 9:03, there is a statue of Jesus with the script 'and Jesus wept' at the bottom of his feet. It's definitely worth taking a look. The museum itself is very educational and gives you a brilliant visual. It does cost, however they do military discount but I am not sure if they do any other type of discount. You may want to call ahead of time to plan out your day. All in all this is one of the best memorials and museum that I have ever been to. To turn such a horrible moment and make it into a thing of beauty is simply brilliant.

Casey McClain

A somber monument to memorialize those who were killed in one of the worst domestic terrorist incidents in the history of the United States. The architecture and symbolism is poignant and sobering, I was here at night when it is lit up, the entire experience is hard to put into words. It is a location you must see while in Oklahoma City, if only to remind us to always stay vigilant and remain united against threats to the ideals this country was founded upon.

Karen Vinsant

Beautiful tribute to those who lost their lives needlessly. Very somber but beautiful. A very important look at history. Monumental chairs have so much meaning in their placement and size. Archways and pool reflect the importance of remembering. Diffinately would recommend visiting this beautiful site.

Jim Wardlow

If you have a bucket list this ought to be number 1 on it. If you haven't been here you really need to see it. This is holy ground now. The history of what happened here and what has been done with the area is simply fantastic! An absolute must see.

Tivona Elliott

So sad but so beautiful. You must go see for yourself when you're visiting Oklahoma. Absolutely gorgeous at night. Jesus weep is my favorite part.

Elaine Siladi

Very impactful, beautiful tribute to all those affected by such a heinous act against America. Restful memorial, and beautiful statute of Jesus across the street as part of the memorial.

Nate Offerman

Excellent information on the tradgedy. Very clean lovely reflecting pool.

Dan Holmes

I often organized my runs to go past this memorial. It's tastefully done and touching. The one tree that remains from next to the building is inspirational.

Sherri Thompson

Just a very quiet and reverent feeling place. The story is heartbreaking and the memorial is full of meaningful symbols.

QueenO .

AMAZING work done to create the area.... using the existing was a beautiful touch. Plaques used to explain were very well done and tasteful. The feeling, sound and veiw were so peaceful..... a must see!! We went at night, will go again to see the museum next door and ride scooters around downtown again too!

cassandra knapp

Very impactful and informative audio and visuals. My 12 and 14 year olds have yet to learn about the bombing in school (Michigan). Very serene and very well done. It was very humbling to experience such strength, faith, and fortitude of the people of Oklahoma City through this self guided tour. We were able to take our time which was nice. I remember the newsreels like it was yesterday. My heart still aches for all of those lives lost and for those who had to navigate life with after such a loss. Highly recommend.

Kathy Stout

Wow! Incredible memorial and museum. Worth a visit. Very informative and moving.

Tabia Augustin

Very touching experience! A must see when visiting OKC. Located in the heart of downtown.

K vB

The outside memorial was beautiful and serene- very well done. I would have liked to go in to the museum, but it's too expensive for a single mom of four. It appears to be priced in a way that only lets a select group in. Too bad they are not willing to share all of the faces and stories of the victims, survivors, and heroes with people of all walks of life. My kids were asking questions that I could not answer and could not afford to go in where the answers were. Lower prices would bring more people in and they would earn the same amount or possibly more. This type of in-person history should be accessible to more people.

Lisa Countryman

This is an amazing museum. It is very moving, I left in tears. A must see if you are in the area.

Shannon Stonehouse

A little pricey to get in. The grounds are magnificent. Beautiful memorial to those that list their lives. The waterfall is a must see. The view from atop is amazing. Even if not going to the museum it is a must to stop and see the grounds. Viewing the grounds is free of charge.

Kevin Elliott

All intentions were to visit the site with a few 17u baseball player's to show support and tell the story of the 168 men, women, and children that lost their lives that day. We were on a short window of time and we were taken back by a security officer named Steve. He politely introduced himself and asked us to be careful around the waters edge. Then he began peaking the boys interest and before you knew it they were immersed in his knowledge of that awful day. He made those boys understand and appreciate that time and date like no other could. Thanks Steve! Great experience and your able to make it a quick in-an-out visit if needed, or take a tour of the memorial if you have time.

Doug Barry

Just did the outdoor part (which is free). Very informative park ranger. Beautiful memorial grounds.

Beverly Shaff

Beautiful memorial. Expensive $15 a person. They do not except National Park Passes. Grounds are very moving.

Jessica Bodin

Wow! What a moving memorial. The mood is somber and powerful. I only saw the outside part, which is free, and it is lovely.

Bob Sands

The OKC memorial museum is an amazing place. You might get lost inside because of the expansive exhibits but that's okay cuz there are many nice people on hand to help you find your way.


Went by myself as I had some time to kill before I had to meet someone. I spent a full four hours here and only left to make my meeting or else I could of spent more time. This place was beautiful and sad, tragic and serene, all at once. The introduction to the museum was so powerful. The displays were respectful but poignant. Several surprises. Very interactive.

abhijeet kumbhare

It was nice experience,,very quite place and maintained really well. Make sure you park properly else might get towed or ticketed.


The memorial is very touching. Grounds are well kept with detailed signage. Additionally there is an interactive digital display that will describe and narrate all of the items within the memorial. We were there on a rainy day with a small school group that were all born after the bombing. They all found it highly educational.

Mandi Bundren

Amazingly well done tribute to the victims of the bombing. The museum is intense and highly recommend it so everyone can get a feel for what the people of OKC experienced. So incredibly well done.

Vernard Whitley

This memorial was a very sobering experience. It really put into perspective the magnitude of that day. It was very informative. They did an excellent job of covering every detail and making sure no part involved was left out. I would highly recommend passing through if you're in OKC. And to make it even more tempting to go its free.

Tonya Bartlett

I was brought to tears several times during our visit. There are very heart breaking stories. I could have spent more time in this museum but we did not arrive until an hour and a half before closing. Please give yourself at least three hours so you are not rushed. Also, give yourself time to visit the gift shop. I highly recommend a visit if you are in Oklahoma.


Beautiful museum. Lots to see. Lots of learning. They memorialized a sad event perfectly.

Heather Alegre

This is truly a breathtaking experience. The museum does a great job with the relatability of the victims. It's truly a touching experience. I brought my brother, my 12yo niece, and my 5yo son. We all had a great time. It was a beautiful day outside, and the outdoor sections of the memorial were very moving.

Alex Hill

My son and I were moved by the gentle display of humanity here. The memorial is lovingly tended and speaks to the strength we find in unity against those that seek to divide.

Derek Bastien

If you only had 1 hour in OKC, come here. No question. I almost skipped it as I was just passing through on a cross-country road trip and was not old enough in 1995 to remember or realize the significance of the 1995 bombing. I am so glad I did not skip it. It is powerful and solemn place - an important piece of history, respectfully documented and told, and a reminder of the strength of community amidst tragedy.

D Warfe

Fantastic experience! Very humbling to see the story unfold as you proceed. Makes me proud to be an Oklahoman.

Aubrey Behrends

We visited here after the sun had set. Wow. This memorial has been beautifully done and we'll maintained. They have left a portion of the exterior walls of the federal building. A good history lesson for everyone. They have interactive screens up near the tree that show you where the buildings that were destroyed stood.

Ally Mitchell

Bring tissues. This is an experience that stays with you. Come honor the people who lost lives. See how this place of tragedy has turned into a place of beauty in memoriam to those we lost. You really should see the museum too.

michael lopez

Very touching memorial and museum. Museum goes through a very detailed timeline of the events. An actual audio recording of when the bomb exploded was very powerful.

Big Kase Cox

It was creepy when we went as light fog was rolling in and one of the time buildings had light reflecting off as if the Ghost of the building was there. But all the details, messages and explanations are breath taking. We dint go into the building part as it was closed, but the walks, Chair Garden and Reflection Pool were astounding. Definitely want to go back again.

Neal Carnaby

Incredible amount of information on a truly tragic piece of history. Could have spent several more hours there. Spent two and still didn't take it all in. Skipped most of a floor. Some really nice interactive displays. Wish parking a van had been easier.

Jennifer England

The workers (including security) were extremely nice. The museum was sort of like a guided maze. The only thing I didn't care for was that once you started there was no way out without going all the way through it and at one point you are locked in a room listening to a recording and the door doesn't open until it's over. But other wise it was Breath taking to be able to watch and see if he remains of something that happened when I was only 3 years old. I hope to be able to go back one day, either without my kids or when they are old enough to understand as well.

John Mes

Something I didn't see clearly noted online is that parking is free on Sundays. The memorial itself is touching and one that commands respect and invites quiet reflection. Kids might not get the significance of the monuments and pool, but as an adult who watched the drama unfold on the news (like so many did) I'd say it's a must-visit at least once, and plan an hour to just 'be.'

Noel S. Rivera

Quiet and peaceful, tour and park can be completed in roughly 2 hours. Museum is a good place for all ages, it is modern and is self guided, entrance is $15 for adults but discounts are available. Park and memorial are separate and free with donation slots throughout. Parking can be found on the street at a metered rate or is 5 dollars at a designated lot nearby. I would recommend having quarters or singles for the memorial lot as pay station can potentially be unmanned and is not electronic.

Jordan Henrickson

Absolutely amazing memorial (I didn't go inside the museum)! The thought and creativity that went behind creating this memorial is incredible. I would recommend staying here for about an hour to walk around and read through the different information signs. The only negative thing I will say is there is no parking designated for visitors, so you have to park on the street or the post office across the street, but risk being towed. Overall, I highly recommend going to visit and learn more about the OKC bombing.

Jennifer Russell

Been here multiple times. It's a place that is tranquil, even in the city. There is peace there, as well as the presence of violence, despair, and evil in this horrible tragedy. The memorial is moving. The field of chairs a nice reminder of who paid the most for this senseless crime. Go there, you won't regret it.

Liz MC

Really nicely done memorial for the OKC bombing. Lots of space for reflection, information on the design purpose, and specific dedication to those taken too soon. We were there from 11:15 to midnight and never concerned for our safety.

Logan Koehler

This memorial does an excellent job of honoring the victims of the OKC bombing. Highly recommend visiting. Very well done.

Faye Marshall

A beautiful memorial and well thought out experience of that day's events. Make sure you plan enough time to go through the museum because you get involved and time goes by quickly.

Tracy Nicole

This reminds us of the first time we as a country stood in awe of the violence that could be done on our own soil, by our own citizens. And yet beauty can still come out of tragedy as we remember those who were taken away. The museum is breathtaking and the memorial is serene and touches your heart.

levi Watson

Awesome place. Great memorial for the victims. The memorial design was well thought out with a lot of symbolism in the design. They explain it well with an interactive screen. They go through the design, and the events that transpired that day. Really cool place that you need to visit.

Patty Mills

I was in OKC around June, 1995 and saw this site as "ground zero". It was heartbreaking then and as this was my first time here since '95, I found myself profoundly emotional as I approached the site. There museum was already closed for the day but we got here right at sunset which gave the grounds a beautiful, serene quietness for reflecting. This memorial is incredibly well done and a wonderful tribute to those affected both personally and otherwise.

Lea Hyde

Well maintained. Beautiful. Educational. Definitely recommend.

cody smith

This is an amazing place to take someone to if they would like to learn more about Oklahoma's history. The outside is really astonishing though and I would recommend it for people who don't know much about the tragic event or just if they would like to know more about it.

Scott Scoob Maloney

Very well done and respectful. The museum design was well thought out.

Rosemarie Brown

My family (kids are 13-12-7) are so glad we visited; it really is better than you imagine and more than worth the price of admission. It is very emotional and our youngest really struggled when we got to the part about the daycare center... empaths be warned. In this day in age of news stories about terrorism on the daily its critical we can see one in this in-depth way so we can remember that behind each of these events their are real victims with real families and true heroes. The good in the world always outweighs the bad.

Zabrina Adorno

An incredible museum in every aspect. Solemn and respectful, educational and thought provoking. Fascinating for all people, regardless of their level of familiarity of the topic going in. Even aside from the subject matter, this museum is so perfectly laid out and immersive. Definitely the place to go if you only have a day in the city or are just passing through. *Those extremely sensitive to being triggered by past traumatic experiences, take caution. Perhaps inquire as to the best way to take in this masterpiece with particular care, the immersion aspects of the exhibit are extremely powerful and overwhelming by nature.*

Debra Hojnacki

Very moving experience! Everyone should go visit. Amazing job with designing, and incorporating the remaining wall in the designs. A great way to keep the victims alive in everyone's hearts. I will Never forget.

Matthew Romanelli

The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum is an excellent tribute to such a tragic day. The grounds of the memorial are beautiful and impactful. There were very helpful National Park Service rangers who were there to answer our questions and provide plenty of information. The museum is very well done and goes into all the details you could imagine about what happened before, during and after that terrible day. Make sure to take plenty of time to read and watch everything so that you can truly get a feel for what everyone involved had to go through.

Brenda Blystone

I have never been there entell my husband took me i really like it awesome

Alexis Chacón

It's a very beautiful place that remember all the people who lost their lives in a horrible day. The history behind all this building is too sad, but the way this is made it's amazing. When you're there, you feel peace, all those souls finally resting in the heart of Oklahoma City. And the concept is so pure. The mirror of water and every little chair on the grass bring tears to your heart.

Paul Hinchey

Have not visited the Memorial site for a while. I love the updated format. So may emotions flowed out today. Everyone needs to visit this sacred place.

Kenneth Richey

A compelling example of the sadness and how a city - nation reacts to a true American tragedy. A solemn place for reflection of what sadly can happen and feeling proud of how the city - country overcame the horrors of that day

Me Not you

The memorial is beautiful and touching beyond what anyone could imagine. Anyone that comes to Oklahoma has got to visit & make sure you pay tribute to the piece of chain link fence in front of the museum. People from all over the world have visited it & left stuffed animals or notes,trinkets etc to show their overwhelming love for the victims and their families

Beautiful Eatz

I’ve been in Oklahoma for eight years now and today was my first time Visiting the National Museum. friends talk about it but I've never got the chance to go visit this site. I didn’t go inside because of time but I did walk outside and took in the whole scenery and truly understand what happened here...

Arvic Macapagal

This has been the greatest interactive museum I've ever visited. They really helped piece together my childhood memories watching the coverage of the event. The memorial is not only informative but they have you thinking past your initial reactions to the devistation. Very cool place to bring visitors or anyone stopping through.

James Arnold

I love how they have turned this place of horror into a somber, beautiful, place of defiance. There are little remnants dotted around the park that remind you that more than just a memory exists here. Real buildings, real history, real people. I felt like I was a holy place but I also felt the weight of Americanism woven into this place. Loved it.

Brian Babcock

With the exception of the confusing directions within the building, the memorial was absolutely done to respect and honor those who perished and those involved in the rescue efforts. It was such a powerful presentation and I cannot believe who much emotion this brought forth. Despite the absolutely horrific event, this was an amazing experience and I recommend this to anyone visiting the OKC area.

Michael Thalleen

An amazing tribute to one of the darkest times in US history. It takes you through the entire timeline of the incident. It will bring you to tears then leave you with hope as you realize how OKC recovered from that day. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and is so worth the price of admission.

John Mcclough

Awesome memorial. It's easy to spend three hours here and not see everything. Lots of stuff for kids to see and interact with.

RainbowCookie Blitz

An amazing place to go to reflect, mourn and learn about one of the events that had both shaped the state of Oklahoma and the entire nation. The atmosphere is calm and serene a great place for school trips or just quiet reflection. A must see for everyone in the United States, and especially for Oklahomans.

Russell Dean

Very educational. A lot of interactive learning on computers. Well put together. Brings April 19th 9:01 like it was just yesterday. Must see memorial.

Jen Clancy

Very beautiful and touching memorial and museum. The memorial is a must-see as you're dricing through OKC. If you have time, the museum is very well done as well.

Eileen Jeffries

Beautiful, touching. Great balance of memories and ability to feel the calm and the upset


such a beautiful and moving experience. would 100 percent recommend!

Robin Sanchez

Impressive. The design of the Memorial is so well-done - make sure to sit in on a Ranger talk about the design. The museum is absolutely worth visiting.

PebbleSpark - Warriors Fan

The museum isn't for little kids. There is water in two different places and the little ones with likely want to play in it. It looks amazing inside, but it's not for very sensitive people. It shows rubble, possessions found, and there's a room filled with pictures of the people who died, and a few possessions.

David Meillier

I had zero intentions of stopping here, but on a morning stroll we stopped. What a great decision. Make sure you give yourself an hour so you can read all the history. Amazing stories.

Jesse L

Beautiful memorial! #wewillneverforget #wewillremember #bostonstrong #vegasstrong

Matthew C. Newton

The museum and memorial pay a proper tribute to both the tragic event and those who lost their lives. The museum itself tells the story of the event from setting the mood for the day prior to the bombing up to and including the eventual sentencing. The memorial is simple but beautiful. Those who lost their lives would be proud of the tribute.

Kelleigh Harrison

Second time that we've gone. Finally made it into the museum, love how it truly is a memorial and so many things from the building. With younger kids it can be hard, since they don't like to stay and watch parents read.

Jeanne Johnson

Absolutely amazing! If you visit OKC you need to schedule 2 hours and see this. Especially take your children.

Tim M

Hard to say you loved visiting such a solemn location. It was quite moving to think about the tragedy that took place at this location and a miracle that more people and structures weren't lost. There for the Grace of God. If you are in Oklahoma City you must stop and at least walk through the monument grounds.

James Lamb

I have been to memorial museum and sites but this one has had the greatest impact on my wife and I. Excellent job of recreating the day and the fact we have to move on. The site makes you look at violence in a deep personal way. You will not leave unchanged and I a small way become an Oklahoman. The experience will send you off to be thoughtful, kind, giving and resilient.

Devyn Smith

Such a good memorial and museum! It really hits you when you learn about all the stories of the victims, survivors, and rescuers. It's hard to fathom why the perpetrators did what they did, but this museum and memorial stand as a tribute to all who were affected and won't let is forget the bravery that was displayed at that time. If you're in OKC, definitely check it out.

brit schitt

It was a somber place. It was a sobering event. I expected respectful silence. Some sort of reverence. The thing that irked me, was too many people needlessly talking. Kids running around splashing in the water, instead of a parent explaining what happened, why this was here.

Frank Rodeo

There are no words to describe how one feels when visiting this sacred place.


This place, although sad and depressing, definitely keeps the tragic event alive. The museum has a walk-through that makes you feel like you are actually experiencing the bombing. Remains of the buildings and personal belongings of some victims are displayed. The court hearing and information is fully exhibited. The mobile app helped me understand what to expect throughout the memorial.

Harry Mitchell

The museum took me back to the event mentally and emotionally. It's a huge facility with indoor and outdoor displays and exhibits. It took a few hours to see about 85% of it. In my opinion, the museum is too big. It goes beyond the scope of informing the public about the Oklahoma City Bombing. The exhibits that focus on the events of that day and the history of the area were awesome. The audio footage of the court proceedings at the time of the bombing were jarring. I could almost put myself there. The exhibits about the OJ Simpson trial and other irrelevant events during that period could have been left out. As I am seeing with the current domestic terrorism attacks, there are so many awesome people who rush to the aid of the victims after such a horrific event. It's easy to focus on the evil that it takes to commit such a crime. I'm focusing on the positive people who make life better.

Shelley Steadman

Fantastic museum that brings you through the whole timeline. Great for ages 10+ in my opinion.

Shara Klaus

Beautiful place. Still very sad that is has to exist. So much thought went into every detail. It is a very emotional experience and reminds us all to appreciate everyday and to remember those who have passed.

Jeremy Helling

This is an amazing experience. I highly recommend making time for the tour. Also, luckily, we talked with some locals the night before we planned to go. They said that the outside memorial is best viewed at night. Then to go to the museum & tour during the day. As we were only blocks away & had no plans after dinner. I'm SO glad we did this. The memorial is incredible at night. A true "must see" experience of OKC. The museum was great too especially when it's 100 degrees outside with high humidity and a/c on inside. It was a very surreal experience to learn the details of what unfolded that fateful day of April 19, 1995. The only complaint is that someone should have explained at the beginning of the tour how it worked. We were told there was 30, 60 & 90min versions & turned loose. We started reading everything & watching all of the videos & near the end realized 2 hours had elapsed. As a result we had to speed through the local section downstairs since we hadn't budgeted that much time. The only other negative of the pace is that some sections with video presentations were quite long with no seating. My wife & I are both relatively young & healthy but still found ourselves shifting a lot. More seating & better guidance could have made the experience much more enjoyable. Even still this is a wonderful experience & you definitely need to make the time to see it.

Norma Martinez

The memorial is beautifully and respectfully designed. It captures the tragedy, but more importantly, the hope that extends beyond this awful moment in our nation's history. A moment worth remembering always, with deep respect. It made me pause and take inventory of all the things to be grateful for, and reminded me to always try to be more empathetic to our friends, neighbors, strangers, and even our enemies. It helped restore my faith in the power of love, and spoke to the necessity of it. Especially in today's climate, when animosity seems high, and love at an all time low. It is a message of how to forgive and move forward in hope. It simply is a powerful statement that speaks differently to everyone, but worth the visit.

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We remember when this tragedy happened in 1995. This is a beautiful Memorial. The only negative opinion about the museum is the admission cost is too expensive at $15/adult and $12/child is more than we could afford to pay to enter the museum. Other than that, it is a sacred and beautiful place to visit.

Deanna Evans

Don't just imagine. It touched my soul!!!! Thankful to know how much love can heal after such a tragedy. Oklahoma has love the strength it memorial represents is nothing short of miraculous!!! Thank you for all of it.!!!! Every runner of the Marathon, project developer and contributor. Much love to all.

John Oeffner

The Memorial and Museum take a horrible day in the history of the US and show the best of humanity. Hope and pride in my fellow countrymen/women that we can come together to help is what I took away from the visit.

Tyler Dickey

Absolutely Amazing! The museum was very well put together and truly allowed us to remember the events of The Oklahoma City Bombing. I can't wait to be able to share the story with my children and show how OKC truly arose from the ashes and United together during this troubled time. 10/10 would recommend.

Hailey Revels

Great place to learn about the great state of Oklahoma and its history. The people are very nice and very helpful.

Mark Perschel

As we were traveling East on I-40 we stopped in to visit friends in Okalohoma City.... While we were there we went to see the Memorial to the 1995 bombing victims. There is also a Museum of the events.... There is a lot to see and remember of that tragic event.. A great historic memorial to see..

Jason Maxwell

Amazing and inspirational. Museum is informative and respectfully done, excellent memorial for a horrible event. Would love to return.

Joe Noga

The memorial itself is stunning. I went during the day, and returned at night to see it was even more impressive! However, the museum is even more moving. The museum's self guided tour was more impactful than I thought it would be. I was speechless at the end.

Bill Wilbanks

The most beautiful art work I have seen. If you enjoy the old westerns you will love this place

Herlina rianty

So touchable to see how bad the bomb was. The place is really beautiful and every corner has a very meaningful memory.

rob lord

Much more moving than I was expecting. Extremely well done. Informative without ever straying too far from it's hopeful center. I spent 5 hours here and could have spent 5 more.

Our Family

Priceless- Very emotional but Powerful!! Everyone should visit!! Great scenes from the beginning to the end of the devastation that the Bombing occured in April (9:01 - 9:03)... .It will definitely change your outlook on Life

Vince Hyatt

This is definitely an emotional place. I would highly recommend taking the time to read everything and honor the lives lost here. You will be moved.

Nancy Robinson

It's bring a sense of sadness but also makes me thankful I'm alive

Gari Senderoff

Ate there with a group of about 20. Great friendly service and the food was outstanding. I had the prime rib steak rare with loaded baked potato. I must say the waitress and waiter was so friendly unprofessional. Even the manager stopped by a few times to check, great food great professional stamp couldn't be much better.

David Chaplin, CFPS

Fantastic museum downtown at former federal building site. Thoughtful and moving. A must see for a former firefighter/fire marshal/fire chief, like me. I watched from a distance, on TV, when it happened, but you must go there !

Patty Nichols

This is a great place to visit. Every child should read about Alfred Morrah's life , how he went from orphan to judge. Also how important this event was in history. The grounds are beautiful. This was more than I expected.

Andrew Butcher

What a great way to learn and experience the tragedy of that day. I will definitely be back. Thanks to all the very knowledgeable and friendly volunteers that made this even better.

Latosha Rinesmith

I have waited most of my life to make it to this site. It was at the top of my bucket list. Well worth the wait. The Garden is well laid out, and the museum was amazing. A real emotional and sombering experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see just what happened that day..

Michael Jones

Such a moving display of the American Spirit. If your kid is a post 9/11 child they may not even know of this horrific terrorist attack in America’s Heartland. There is an interactive tour and it costs a few bucks but is well worth the history lesson

Brian Hill

Wow. We knew the story but not the whole story. Very touching place of remembrance. Enjoyed learning about rescue and survivors, as well as those who died. We were awestruck at certain exhibits. Definitely visit if in the area. We added the 2 red

Debbie Magee

A moving and somber experience that ever American should go see. The grounds were spectacular. The self guided tour was amazing.

Jonathan Sutton

Simply an amazing display of all things western, from tremendous art to clothing. A must see.

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