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REVIEWS OF Oklahoma Aquarium IN Oklahoma

Lydia Thomas

Loved the shark tunnel. Other favorite exhibits were the seahorses, African cichlids, and reefs. Fun afternoon.

tessa smith

It was a fun family day out but we were done within an hour. It looks bigger from the outside. For the price of the ticket I expected to see more.

Romy Vera-Tudela

Landlocked Aquarium. Good mammal and amphibian exhibits. Sadly, the octopus exhibit wont be open until 2020. Shark tunnel was a great interaction and optical illusion. Entertaining for small kids.

Taylor Smith

My family loves this place. Its reasonably priced and is top notch for a land locked aquarium.

Don Highland

Lots of very interesting things to see here! The favorite of the day, though, was the shark tunnel! Seeing the sharks swimming around and over us was a great experience!!!

Leesa Thompson

Our first time to the aquarium was tonight for the trick or treating. 2 yr old granddaughter had a blast. She got to see the exhibits and work on her trick or treating skills with all of the stations. The police department had several games available to win a treat or prize. They also had a room gor under 5 with additional games with candy or prizes. Well worth the trip and will Definately come again.

Eric Parker

This was a great place to go with our 3 boys, ages 10, 8, & 5. The interactive exhibits we're a lot of fun and well maintained. The staff was friendly and welcoming. Our only let down was the gift shop, it was a bit overpriced and the selections seemed uninspired. Overall we had a great time!

johnny grover

Awesome place definitely gotta take a picture with the yellow sea turtle. He is definitely not camera shy and will pose for you. Pricey but definitely worth it.

James Franklin

I love this place! Hands-on-fish (some fish), friendly, educational employees, and the Shark Room! I especially enjoy the Shark Room where you walk through the aaquarium. I could spend hours there.

Stephanie Guthrie

So much fun!!! Love the interactive exhibits and shark tunnel. The sea turtle exhibit is amazing. Can't wait to go back.

Johnny Livers

Had an awesome time family really enjoyed it

Rhonda Rothwell

Very impressed with all the marine life they had. Had a lot of hands on exhibits for the kids. Took our two grandchildren ages 8 and 4. We stayed over 3 hours. We all had a great time. Thought the price was reasonable compared to other places we had checked out.

Michelle Fuller

This is a great place to visit! So much fun and the sharks and the sea turtle are just so awesome to see! I will be going back!

Philip Starkey

Love love love!! We took our 2 year old daughter here, and it was an absolute blast! I think even on up to 8-10 year olds would enjoy it here. Great exhibits inside, a fantastic outdoor play structure as well, and a small cafe if you're staying through lunch. Highly recommend!

Shaunna Grace

A great place to go especially if you have kids.

Gerallyn Humphrey

What an amazing, fun, and educational place for young and old...interactive and educational!! My six year old grandson learns so much on each visit & loves the hands-on exhibits ... now he’ll be helping teach his little sister on their return visits!!

last_horse_on_the_left Stacey Urban

Fun for all ages! Lots to see & learn here.

Meralis VA

A bit pricey. The aquarium is not as big as others but you learn a lot and they have a grate shark area. It is a great place for family. I feel like it's more kids driven. Staff was friendly. We loved the place.

Rhonda Johnson

It was a wounderful experience to see all the aquatic animals and touch some of them. The kids all really enjoyed the aquarium.

Taryn Sandoval

It was amazing and there was food for families!! Able to touch alot of the fish!! Awesome Experience!

Pang Swanson

I visit My family in OK every year and this is the one spot I have to stop by. My toddler loves it and it’s great for the family. I like to take my time observing the fish and never feel rushed here unlike some other aquariums and it’s not too busy or crowded here. The variety of sea life are amazing! A lot of walking which I enjoyed but may not be for everyone.

Cephas Williams

It was amazing a nice place to visit and take the family

AlfaBrokenskulls oriondo

Great place for children and families. Very educated. Truly recommended

Hal Kirk

Wonderful considering how far they are from an ocean. Very well organized

Maggie Ley

Small but very interesting. Excellent displays. More for children than adults.

Susie Lockhart Boggus

Very interesting. A bit high for what little they have. That was my only dislike. I believe they are trying to improve it though. So maybe in the future it will match the price. Great place to take your family though.

Michelle Allen

Beautiful facility, with an expanding collection of well-maintained exhibits. The shark tank is always a huge favorite, but they also have several contact areas and a variety of interactive displays. Personally, I adore the seahorses, and am excited to see the new octopus exhibit when it opens.

Donna Cain

Great place for children and families. Fed stingrays and the shark exhibit was exquisite. The tunnels make you feel you are right there with them.

Maggie Briseno

We participated in ZZs in the Seas and stayed in the shark tunnel. It was definitely cool! It was a fun night even if you do not have children. Alright size aquarium.

Adrienne Hayes

Took my daughter and her b/f for their birthday and they had the absolute best time

Mariah Jarrett

Great place to take the kids! There are tons of exhibits, there are also feeding stations for turtles and stingrays, you can pet sharks and stingrays, cute gift shop with some non pricey items, definitely worth the money.

steven williams

What a good place for the family! They have an awesome shark tunnel where the sharks will swim right over your head!!

Bonnie Athey

Wonderful experience!! My favorite was the area with the whales ,just an amazing experience if you never been---A Must to SEE!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW OCTOPUS AREA TO OPEN IN 2020!!!!

Abigail Harrison

We have been to the Kansas City, Seattle and Atlanta Aquariums, so this is what I have to compare against. It is pricey, but for what all there is to see and do, it is reasonable, in comparison. My 4 year old enjoyed feeding the turtles carrots. There are numerous opportunities to touch creatures. Our favorite was Turtle Bay. The huge turtle was engaged in the visitors. Great photo opp. The shark tunnel was enjoyable to walk through. This is a good sized aquarium. Also, when comparing to other locations, this one is different as what they have to offer. They are all different. Coming this spring, they will have an outdoor play area. The staff was very friendly. I did not catch the gals name, but we found her handing out maps at the entrance. We asked if she would take our picture in the main lobby, but she was the one who recommended that we walk back to Turtle Bay. This showed that she actually cared and seemed happy to be at her job, as well as making guests happy.

Fancy Skittles

This is the perfect place to go with the family, everyone is so nice and there is so many different types of sea life. They have an area to feed turtles and sting ray. There is a underwater tube under the sharks, very easy way to see the shark life. They also have a stingray/shark petting area at specific times, and a starfish/crab/shrimp petting areas all around at all times. The gift shop is fully stocked.

Kelli Swisher

Came to see the Sea Turtles and found out they only have one? Pretty disappointed. Otherwise, all the other exhibits were great.

Sheri Mccolly-Griffin

I loved it! Especially loved the shark tunnel! Would love to see more expansion.

Shirley Jones

We had a great time visiting the aquarium. I liked how it was divided into different themes, such as, Amazing Invertebrates, Oceans and Coral Reef, and Fishes of Oklahoma just to name a few. There were plenty of interactive activities as well. My favorite was the shrimp that would come and tickle your hand as you held it in the water. We got to see the sea otters' and beavers' feeding time and the staff provided very interesting and educational information about the two species.

Dominette Celli

Great aquarium! I've been to many and this one is top notch

Sam Lastnameless

Great Aquarium! Friendly staff, TONs of exhibits and easy to navigate. Everyone we spoke with was super friendly and quick to assist us. We purchased a yearly pass and look forward to coming back soon!

Jennifer McKay

The exhibits are awesome. Although i feel the prices are a little steep. My family truly enjoyed themselves, but depending on the day it can be quite crowded.

Jonathan Tasset

A first rate aquarium, with something for everyone. Bring your best camera, I have so many great photos here. Access was fine but a sidewalk along the front parking row would be helpful for families with strollers. The ticket booth being in the middle of the vestibule gets very congested, why they don't create something in that giant unused entry hall to sell / take tickets is puzzling. Restrooms are located at several points along the path.

Meagan Case

Although admission is somewhat pricey, I've got to say the Aquarium gives me my money's worth. They've got a wide variety of aquatic and semi-aquatic creatures. I particularly enjoy the numerous small displays through the first halls, but also enjoy the large displays including the shark pool and the collection of creatures native to Oklahoma waters. There didn't seem to be many people present to answer random questions, or to give directions, but there were a few who could prove capable of either task should I have been interested in anything more than casual browsing through the collection.

Adam Kaufman

A lot of exhibits and more coming soon. Great for kids and adults. Bring cash if you want to feed some of the animals

dale johnson

This was a great stop on our trip. The cartoon nieces 8 and 10. They seem to love everything. We spent a good part of that afternoon there. I really love the Shark Tank. And the eight year old singing baby shark.


The Oklahoma Aquarium was amazing! I want to go back already. They had a great selection of aquatic life and is great for a family or friend adventure.

Carole Pinhey

Great for kids! A wide variety of marine life is available for up close viewing. Very spacious as well. Excellent value for the price!

That mom Channel

I absolutely love this aquarium the sea turtles were my favorite! They have a wide variety of sea life for you to check out, the staff is always friendly and if you get hungry they have a small restaurant in there to grab a bite. The prices are pretty fair as well

Lubov Varner

Great place to spend time with kids. Abundance of sea life, few petting ponds, playground outside. We liked this place better than San Francisco Exploratorium.

Mike Donner

It was pretty nice. Didn't really speak to any of the staff. My two complaints are that while a nice exhibit it was kind of small (but I've never been to an Aquarium before so I have nothing really to compare it to). The other was the price. It was almost $40 for two people. Almost twice as much as the Zoo which is much larger. The shark exhibit was awesome. I'd probably go again but definitely not on a regular basis with that pricing

Mohammed Maswadeh

This is my favorite aquarium in Oklahoma. They have a good selection of exotic sea life. What is also awesome is how well designed the aquarium is for children. They have tunnels that allow the youngsters to get in the middle of the tank. They also have an awesome shark and ray petting area. Overall, this is a fun experience for the family.

Shauna Conway

Great aquarium. Lots to see and do.worth the drive from Oklahoma City to Jenks.

Lucas Nodine

Our kids loved it. They have areas setup for touching the touchables and an area outdoors for them to play as well.

Eric Page

The place was amazing. Had a lot of fun.

Bel Sped

Always love this place. It's awesome for young and old. The place where you can feed the turtles is so fun. Grandson loved the sharks!

Brittany Gapter

This isn’t the biggest aquarium but it has a ton of things to see and some interactive things to do! We had a great time feeding the turtles!

rick winckler

The establishment was clean and very inviting. They have a great display of fish and other water species. There is a lot to do and see for the kids, there are also some interaction to do also. The staff were very friendly, helpful and pleasant to help or answer questions. I would highly recommend going there with family or by yourself.

Evan Anderson

Overall its a small Aquarium and the price is outrageously expensive for what you actually see it only took about an hour and a half to see everything. There is some stuff the kiddos can do thats is hands on but really i was disappointed in the Aquarium, you really would get more bang for your buck by going to the Tulsa Zoo.

david newcity

Great place to take your kid's.

Jennifer Davis

Great experience, kids had a blast. It's well laid out, so its not too crowded. Wish there were more cave-like areas to view fish, but there is one for the sharks.

LB Reed

Beautiful. I was recently watching an educational/informational video about marine life. It explained why sharks couldn't be contained in tanks. I watched it, coincidentally, days before going. Turns it they live in tanks at the Oklahoma Aquarium! There Are hands on exhibits. Gorgeous set ups.

Brittany Roberts

So adorable and so much fun for the kiddos! It's a little pricey to get in and they have extra things you can pay for when you walk around like feeding turtles and sting rays. It so much fun!

MarvinD TV

Fun aquarium. Nice layout, easy to walk through. Some hands on opportunities for everyone (kids and adults).

Daniel Sumner

Always friendly staff. Always clean. Kids absolutely love this place. Clean bathrooms. Exhibits/tanks are well taken care of.

Jim O'Dell

This exceeded our expectations. Great experience for all ages. The local exhibits are great, but the shark adventure put it over the top!

Melisa Roberts

I’m from Boston, Mass. and we have a great aquarium. So I wasn’t expecting that much from this one, but I was pleasantly surprised! Lots of exhibits, and it was a lot of fun! I’d highly recommend this place!

shayla foreman

Wonderful place for the family. Love how the kids learn and are able to feed the turtles. Oh... and the shark tank is AWESOME

Tammy Webb

My son just loves the Aquarium. We've taken him here since he was 2 years old and they keep adding new exhibits! Love the new ses turtle exhibit, it's a must see!

Gabby Lofton

I love the see tutles and the sharks who knew there could be so many teeth they loose

scott knox

Looks can be very deceiving, and this place is a prime example. Little did I know walking into what looked like a converted warehouse that I would enjoy displays that rivaled the Monterrey Bay Aquarium in some ways. There are a lot of truly unique sea critters here, and some of their habitats are put together extremely well. The sea turtle was great, the bull shark exhibit was alone worth the entire visit, and there were plenty of rare creatures spicing things up. Best of all, it's not packed wall to wall like California! Highly recommend!

Kaylah Brown

Was great, can feed and touch multiple animals

Vegan Daly Gallery

It was nice, beautiful sea creatures. They are building a octopus area at the moment, so can't wait to see how it turns out, since we were a bit disappointed we didn't see octopuses. But glad to know they are bringing an area for them. I do hope they take good care of the sea creatures there. They seemed well cared for. Altho the shark tank area, made me feel a bit uneasy. I feel they need more space. The person who was speaking about the sharks should have a bit more knowledge on the animals they speak of, and use actual correct terms. Not everyone is a 2 year old listening. Refer to the sharks as Male or female. Not boy or girl shark. Other than that, it was very nice. The food area tho, we wish it would have actual options for vegetarians and vegans other than the typical fries and fruit cup. If not then allow people to bring food in. Thank you! I hope some of those changes are taken into consideration and actually made.Other than that, I do recommend visiting the aquarium.

Don Stivers

It was fantastic. We were able to see the sharks being fed, the grandkids got to feed turtles and rays. They really had a great time! They want to go back! All the exhibits were easily accessible and the kids were truly excited about all the fish and exhibits.

Chelsea Barker

Very neat aquarium with a lot to see and learn about. Facility is very well kept. The shark tunnel was my favorite! Kind of annoying that if you buy your tickets online you still have to wait in the ticket line to have them scanned. check their website for feed schedules before you go.

Kimber H

We enjoyed this place very much and while visiting Tulsa with family it is worth the money and time. The shark tank was huge and each fish and animal tank had a nice variety of species. The octopus garden is in the works. Can't wait to see it.

Debra Badzinski

Lovely little local aquarium. It took me about 3 hours to see everything, and I tend to read everything. Great place for kids. Walk under the sharks, and a space to crawl into with a 360 degree view into an Amazon river display. Extensive display of the local aquatic life too, if you are interested in regional wildlife.

Coran Chol

Was really cool!! Havent been in a few years so i loved it. Wished i had come earlier so the otters would've been out.

Rebecca Tomlinson

My family and I attended ZZZs in the Seas 2019. We absolutely loved it. Waking up during the night to sharks swimming overhead is pretty relaxing. I would definitely do this again.

Lori Killinger

We make it a point to visit the Oklahoma Aquarium every year with our grandchildren. What a privilege it is to have such a lovely and quality aquarium here in Oklahoma. Getting another family membership this year!

Nathan Burch

It is a awesome. We took our grandson there for Halloween.

Jab ch

One of the best places we’ve been. I stayed a night with my family. It was a great experience. It was a surprise for my son. Staff were really friendly and very helpful. We had an incredible time. Educative place for everyone.

Nicole Davis

Beautiful exhibits! Went during their HallowMarine event and it was BUSY. The kids has a blast but if you're used to smaller crowds I would not suggest coming during these kinds of events. Besides that, I would suggest this aquarium to any nature lover or parent with little ones.

Don Grable

Many varieties of fish. Interesting for adults to small children. My favorites included the sharks and turtles. Plenty of free parking and easy to find. A must for family fun.

Matthew Babb

Excellent. So much to see. A great family outing.

Dustin Hanigan

Probably my oldest daughters favorite place to go that I actually have fun at also. Many, many different exhibits to see, sharks, sea turtles, you name it. Really a neat place to take the family for an outing. Dad's get your wallets ready, there is a gift shop you walk through as you leave.

Kyrsten Carlson

It's not massive, but the shark tanks really made it all worth it. I get very conflicted as a lover of sharks about seeing them in tanks vs their natural habitat, but I think everyone can appreciate the amount of learning that can come from aquariums especially for a shark that is more ellusive to see such as the bull shark. This helps us to protect these amazing animals out in the wild better from our influence. I hated that there was no one standing near to tell visitors to shut up and left it to a sign and self discipline.

Christopher Evans

The shark exhibit is one of a kind and all tune interactive exhibits are fun. The food that's available is priced fairly. Great place to see aquatic life

eric peterson

This was a fun, fun day. It has an outdoor play area with easy seating. All of the attractions are indoors. You flow from one display to the next. Take your time and enjoy the details they add. The sharks at the end are... well find out for yourself. Not dissapointed.

Helen Cook

Loved it there is so much to see and do and they add new stuff all the time i will go back

Susan Brocklesby

A little pricey but worth it. My kids had a great time and there's tons of interactive things for you to do.

david golden

Had a great time. Last time we were there was with our son when they opened. We went with him agian. He is 22 now , been a couple of years but was still great.


I have lived in Oklahoma for 4 years and this was the first time visiting. My kids and I loved it! Unfortunately I do think it is too expensive for what you get. I wish they would price their family membership more like the Tulsa Zoo. Also, I would say you can visit it for about 2 hours max before the kids have seen it all and start to get bored. Just to clarify, I gave it 5 stars because it was a neat experience.

Betty Tran

Wow. I’m so impressed with this aquarium. It’s well organized and the staff is super friendly. So captivating, I’m definitely coming back to see the Octopus next year!

Big Mike

Beautiful creatures the kids love the areas where you can touch the animals. The shark tunnel is definitely the best part. Just wish it was a little bigger.

Emily Taylor

So glad of all the things they added! The sea turtle was out and about when we went and got some amazing pictures. Son loved feeding the freshwater turtles. Wish the petting portion of the sharks was a little better. Most of the kids, including was son, were too short to be able to pet anything. But we had a great time. The new playground outside is amazing! Just wish they had benches around the equipment for parents to take a seat while watching them play. Unfortunately the tables on the deck are too far away for me to sit while my 4 year old plays.

Stephanie Wilson

My kids loved this! The shark tunnel was amazing. Another big hit was the huge sea turtle and feeding the snapping turtles. The kids loved getting to hold a python! It was a lot of fun

Sarah Walton

It was so gorgeous and it was also so clean. There was so much to see! Definitely going to come back here

Meagan Kris

We LOVE coming to this aquarium! The exhibits are always improving and there is so much for my kids to interact with. We always look forward to petting the rays and sharks. If you haven't been, it is well worth the trip! The staff is amazingly friendly and will teach you something new!


Awesome place! We got to take the tour and see the facility in and out. I loved how many exhibits there were and the variety. I didn't get to eat there, but, really, who goes to an aquarium to eat?

Katt Smith

Stopped in during my honeymoon trip, was extremely pleased. Everything is absolutely beautiful! Had a wonderful time and would definitely go again.

Caleb Kettman

The okc aquarium in jinks has a sting ray exhibit that has stingrays with lopped off tails. Why? Because all they care about is money. There are plenty of freshwater rays that don’t possess barbs, they could have easily used these for their hand feeding exhibits, but instead, they have many exhibits that are too small and poorly cared for. the bull sharks that live in their aquariums are often covered in barnacles and have extremely curved fins. Don’t spend your money here you’re only supporting the suffering of these animals.

Pixie Amy

The aquarium is always a nice place to visit. They constantly have different exhibits and try to make changes when they can. Feeding the Ray's or petting the sharks are fun too.

Jessica Elmore

If you live in the area consider buying a membership, it pays for itself after just a few visits, especially if you're bringing a guest. Nice place to spend a few hours. They have lots of variety in their exhibits and it was interesting reading signs about all their animals. The tanks are clean and the animals look happy. The sea turtle area was super neat. I like the ozark stream exhibit the best, it's fun watching the otters play and the beavers as well. Several interactive exhibits where you can touch horseshoe crabs, stingrays, starfish, shrimp and urchins. There are opportunities to feed the fish and also watch feedings throughout the day. Open late on Tuesdays til 9PM. And of course the amazing walk through shark tank is a must see.

Éomer Éadig

Very cool!! Love the invertebrates and hagfish. The shark tunnel was incredibly soothing to stand in. The staff are very friendly and helpful.

Kay Palush

Beautiful new facility with many different types of sea life.

loran rolf

This place was incredible, tanks all looked clean. I love that they tried to recreate the habitats in each enclosure. Really expensive but worth it.

Alex Couch

My family had a great time at the Aquarium! The only complaint we had was $13 admission for our 3 year old seemed a little pricy. Despite that, we'll come back again!

Guillermo Sarmiento

Expensive but good fun. Cant spend all day because theye is just not that much to see. However, the new play ground is nice. Kids loved it.

Maddie Moo

Was a bit concerned when I first arrived because the entrance hall seemed small, but it was a great value for the money. Had a lot of fun. Would reccomend people without kids go during mid week.

Michael Williams

Love the improvements. The shark exhibit is always a favorite. When they host an event though it does get crowded. I recommend a late afternoon. Seems to be less of a crowd.

Adrian Wright

This was a cool place! We drove down from Wichita to visit and were very glad we did. The exhibits were engaging and educational. We'll be back!

Pavel Buzadzhi

Fun and exciting. The shark Aquarium is the best in the world. Also the Sea Turtle exhibit is beautiful and very interactive.


I love it! So many cool creatures to see! My best friend there is the pufferfish. One of the shrimp there aggressively tasted my fingernail. 10/10 would recommend! Also, to the owner, what’s your favorite fish

Joan Posada

It's worth the price of a membership to have somewhere to take the kids on cold or rainy days. They never get tired of all the touching pools and the shark tunnel! The sea turtle exhibit is awesome and he is pretty friendly, comes right up to you. For a few extra dollars you can feed stingrays and turtles. Great place to take visiting family also.

Samantha Leeson

LOVE this place! It's a ton of fun for family's of all ages! They even have little steps so the younger kids can still see the animals! You can feed turtles and sting ray!

K DeVille

It was so much fun! For me I got to feed some of the animals, help clean the tanks, learn about the things you would have to do to become a marine biologist and more! There was a huge variety of fish and animals! I enjoyed my time there and would go again if I could!

Sadie Cates

Wonderful time! My son had a blast exploring with family! Staff were friendly and helpful!

Natalia Fernandez

Great place for the whole family to explore together! Tons of sea life from exotic fish, giant eels, to albino turtles and bull sharks! Definitely recommend going on a Monday or Thursday because that's when they do the animal feedings. Take comfortable shoes and it gets a bit chilly so dressing in layers may be a good idea. My 6 year old daughter and 10 year old nephew loved it!


We absolutely love this Aquarium! We traveled to Tulsa to visit this Aquarium and loved it so much we went twice in the time we were there. The bull shark feedings are an amazing experience and something super interesting to watch. All of the employees (minus the ones in the food court area) were super friendly and happy looking. We loved the exhibits, feeding the turtles, and Rays. We had a blast there and definitely will return back to visit again in the future. The only thing we were disappointed about was the rude customer service at their food court, it was very disappointing (reason for 4 stars and not 5).. Other than that, we loved it all. The playground was super nice and fun as well.

Shaphan Pena

Great family oriented aquarium..You can feed and pet turtles, Manta Rays, starfish. The shark tunnel is awesome as well.


Seems bigger on the inside. So many beautiful and informative displays. I particularly enjoyed being able to touch some critters, like the stingrays and sharks. I'm looking forward to future visits and the octopus area that's under construction.

mel han

This was our first year to attend the Halloween event and had a great time. Well organized and good for all ages!

Angela Martin

I love the aquarium. It's not real big but that makes it or manageable with the kids. Nice place to take the kids and have ac or heat depending on the time of year.


Great aquarium! Love seeing all the fish.

Jason Wakefield

A fun and educational place to see aquatic life but a little sad how small the tanks are and how crowded the animals are required to be. And it looked like a lot of the habitats were made of plastic. That doesn’t seem like a great environment for any living species.

Mark Griffith

This place was amazing well worth the reasonable admission. We had a group of 13 ranging ages of 55 to 3 with 4 teenagers and everyone loved it! We highly recommend a visit

nik ducheny

It's an aquarium, it's hard for such a place to not get a 4+ rating on any of my present/future reviews. As a big fan of the ocean and all the different creatures it holds in the dark, this aquarium houses a highly pleasing variety of them. Scheduled shows throughout the day allow one to learn more about the creatures, or in some cases pet them! Very good, family friendly, educational place!


Definitely worth it! Very fun, super clean, lots of unique fish. We all loved it, boys ages 6, 3, and 1.5 all had a blast! Shark tunnel is amazing!

Lora Weber

Great place to spend a hot afternoon with the kids. You will see everything from eel to alligator, some mammals such as beaver, otter, and raccoon and of coarse every fish you can imagine. My favorite was the walk thru shark tank.

Kerry Crowe

We had a great time after a long swim meet..only had an hour till closing so a little pricey for the end of the day..but in the end worth it, the girls needed the distraction and the laughs and oooo's and ahhhh's

Karen Maguire, LMT

Having come from the east coast, I've been to larger and better. It was nice for what it is and it showed a lot of local flavor for fishing and rivers. The shark tank is really nice!


This place has an absolutely beautiful display of many aquatic species. I've never seen anything so memorizing. I'll definitely be back.

Rocky Sajqui

A little pricey but it was a very cute aquarium. The shark tunnel was a great place to visit. They have scheduled feedings and lots of different animals. Tanks looked small for the fish/animals.

Sabrina Dusenberry

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit! We went on a cloudy Monday afternoon, it was slow and quiet and peaceful. My 6 month old really enjoyed watching all the creatures!

s Golden

An amazing experience! Touch a horseshoe crab.... feed stingrays and other fish..... see gorgeous giant tanks with huge specimens both fresh and salt water! So much fun and the cafe has great burgers AND they sell beer. Make a day of it!

Corey D

If you're going to come here: GET HERE MORE THAN AN HOUR BEFORE CLOSING. We drove a couple hours to see the aquarium, arriving about 5 minutes after 5pm, but we were turned away because they don't allow anybody in after 5pm, apparently with no exceptions. Pretty disappointed, but policy is policy. Leaving a review mostly to make sure this info is visible if other people manage to miss it like we did, but definitely felt our own mistake didn't justify a 1 star. If we ever get the time to drive back out here and actually see the aquarium I will update my review accordingly.

kayla paig

We go once or twice a year. Its always growing and its always fun!

Jennifer Dworsky

Totally hands-on. Fun for the whole family for everyone if every Sha. The shark tank and walk through was better here than any other aquarium I've visited in the US.

Scott Jarvis

Was working in Oklahoma for about a year, went here when my wife and kids came to visit. Was really nice, the kids liked all the sea life and didn't catch on that they were learning. Would recommend to anyone looking to spend a fun afternoon with the family.

Jessica Rivera

Great value for the cost of admission! It didn’t seem very big at first, but it just keeps going! A great place for families or friends to visit. Loved the shark tunnel and they had a feeding on mondays and Thursday’s that was very informative and neat to see. Polynesian Reef was also a sight to behold! I’ve been to the Georgia Aquarium and I was still bery impressed by this aquarium!

Britanie Fountain

Great for families! Clean facility, good food. Highly recommend!

Marty Sibilia

Had an awesome Time here with my nieces and nephews as we walked thru it all, great place to go and see to keep The kids busy during a rainy day. Can easily spend a few hours here.

Charmaine Osborne

I’ve been to quite a few aquariums around the US. I love visiting them when we go on vacation but this one is definitely one of the better ones I’ve been to! It’s clean and there’s no weird smells. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Lexie Delp

Great place to take the entire family, both young and old! They have a great wide variety of wild life on display, from miniature frogs, to the largest aquarium shark display in America! The staff was very friendly, and offer wheel chairs to rent for a low price. The snack bar is great, and the gift shop is fair, but what really stood out and pushed me to rate this place 5 stars was their shark display. Who thinks a giant tank of sharks swimming above your head is not cool?? Very cool! The prices are very fair, and they offer military discount as well which is always a plus! The aquarium is definitely not the largest one I have visited, but for a quick family outing, it's perfect. They include plenty of opportunities to get close and personal such as feeding sting rays, petting shrimp, etc. Both younger and older generations will definitely enjoy this stop.

Tyler Manzella

Great exhibits and not super crowded! A lot of tanks go to the floor, which was great for toddlers.

MarkandEmily Ehresman

They've been updating the exhibits so there's more to see each time. We love coming here. Our toddler liked looking at all the pretty fish.

Dennis Mclemore

Small and easy to see exhibits. You can see all there is in a couple of hours or less. Fish feeding times are interesting. Especially the electric eel.

terri green

The shark tunnel is awesome! You walk through a tunnel and the shark swim all around you. Way cool!

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