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REVIEWS OF Martin Park Nature Center IN Oklahoma

Tyler Cox Druin

I’ve lived in OKC for a few years now. I go to Martin Park to play Pokémon GO and to unwind every once in awhile. The park has seen a steady remodeling and expansion. The only thing I can think to add would be more restrooms? Other than that it’s pretty and peaceful.

Alex dzierewienko

So beautiful, I didn’t even feel as though I was in the city! Wildlife is abundant and the fish in the creek are abundant. I was astounded at how many there were. I ran here because there was shade, bathrooms and water. It’s a trail system that I was able to get 5 miles in on and not feel bored or crowded. There is a playground here too that is shaded and beautiful for kids. I can’t wait to go back.

christee damron

Absolutely stunning park. Great trails and wildlife. Great way to get close to nature in a big city.

P. C.

Beautiful this time of year. Enjoyed it!!!

Brittany C.

I love coming here!! The trails are well kept, clearly marked, and vary in difficulty/ length. There is water to enjoy and ducks and deer to be seen at any point. Truly beautiful park.

Rachael Tarpley

Absolutely fantastic. It beautiful peaceful and serene I have been going here since I was very young and I still love it

Riley not Rylee :;

It was a very good place for both my children and my parents

Ashley Allen

Tons of trails. An awesome playground. Pretty views! Love animals in the visitors center and story time on wednesdays at 1030.

Dawn Galaviz

Great place to explore the outdoors with kids. The center is informative. There is a playground for kids. The trails are easy and not too long if you have young kids.

Harley Cox

Great park, with some low impact trails!

Nancy Adams

I took my grandbabies and loved it .well be going back

Nathaniel Dickens

This was an amazing park. The hiking trails alone will bring me and my wife back. On the down side we cant bring our dog I hope they change that ! But other then that there is nothing to be not happy with. Some of there trails got wash away from previous rains but they have made it super safe. We seen a couple of deer. Huge tortus on rocks. And the views were great to watch all the park had to offer. I'm sure even under better weather conditions we would of seen alot more . Thank intergris for sprucing up this park a bit since I was here as a kid .

Frances Bousks

Great family fun. We enjoyed our picnics very much. Will come again. And we will tell everyone we know about Martin Park

Jerry Hensley

This is the best park in Edmond. Lots of room to enjoy even when it is busy. There is a nice pond and walking trails. Several pavilions are available to rent and can fit larger occasions. Lots of shade trees as well and multiple play areas for children.

Ulrich Prenzlow

Beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. Nature, quiet, relaxed. Open your eyes and ears to become aware of the miracles around you...


I have been going here for more than 20 years. I love this place. I loved coming with my parents, I now love bringing my daughter a nephew. Honestly, you should be going here and Will Rogers Park every month! Don't miss out on quality family time.

Fred Parker

A great place to learn for everyone about nature.

Janet D.

Great place to adventure any time of year. We really enjoy going in winter to avoid ticks. Many paths to explore. Very relaxing and peaceful.

S Miller

Lovely maintained area. Multiple walking paths. Kid friendly paths and a play area. Lots of wildlife- from various birds and turtles, to fish, squirrels, and whitetail deer. Well established trees provide shade in some areas, while native grasses, milkweed and Indian paintbrush provide the local wildlife refuge. Pokemon go players have a chance to find a new Pokemon- there was even a raid when I visited earlier this evening. Well worth a repeat visit.

Greg America

Wonderful. Very clean and well maintained. Friendly and efficient staff, everyone was pleasant and smiling.

laura bach

Lots of trails & quite peaceful - some times deer shoot across. The kids loved wading in the water stream, seeing turtles & fish, & a playground. The main building with fossels is closed on Monday.

Maureen Moore

Always enjoy the park! I do warn that is warmer months you should wear tick repellent!

Jaquelyn Klein

It' an escape to nature, right in the middle of the city. The staff put in hard work to care for this park, restoring a natural ecosystem native to Oklahoma. Rich with wildlife, you can enjoy a few different hiking trails throughout the park, surrounding a small lake and beautiful creek.

Cynthia Ray

Beautiful and usually peaceful. No dogs because they would frighten the deer that use the park as a sanctuary. Also no dogs because the urine and feces they leave also frighten deer because of the scent. Take your dogs to any other park in the city--this is a sanctuary for animals that have been surrounded by the city. I love dogs too but this is not the place for them.

Matthew Wood

Its awesome to have such a place to show and teach the kids about nature in the city.

Ty Gay

This place is a hidden gem, and I would recommend going to anyone around the area.

Chris Schmitt

Great place to take kids and see some of God's work!

mauro df

Really beautiful nature, plenty of trees and deeres, small so it makes it very easy for everybody

Amanda Robinson

Great place for a nature walk and plenty to do with the kiddos. Have some big turtles and fish to look at as well. There is no fishing at this park.

Liz Cromwell

A hidden gem In the northern part of OKC! It was an incredible afternoon!

Alonzo Healy

This park has wonderful trails year round. Each season has different charms. We enjoy going down to the big red rocks area where the river comes down and playing by the water. We also like to bring bread and feed the fish over the bridge. They put on quite a show for ya. Not too far from the Quail Springs Mall. It's amazing that such a fun nature place is right in the middle of town. Some of the trails are a bit rough for strollers but not impossible.

Queen Zuriel Jackson

Beautiful trails. A nice contrast from the city life.

Btani Rose

The park center gave us wonderful information about the wildlife there.

James Winters

I've been bringing my kids here since the my Grandkids. Just keeps upgradeing and making it an interesting visit

Jenny Lewis

Great place to take the kids. Lots of trails for walking, beautiful creek, nature center with live animals and educational info, park for playing. Fun for the whole family!

Darrell Stetler II

I have seven children, and this is one of our favorite places to walk in Oklahoma City. The last time we walked here, we saw three deer, several fascinating Birds, including white egrets, great blue heron, and Kingfishers. The paths are shady and peaceful, and well-maintained. The playground is fun and creative, and the Nature Center is interesting.

Taylor Ferguson

Wonderful place to visit Tues-Sat I believe. There are some lovely and easy trails as well as a Creek and an education center. Completely free to get in but donations are welcome. Bring a picnic, that's what I always do.

colt wolf

My children had so much fun. They were able to see so many different animals.

Sky Pie

Besides all the rules. It's still a nature park. Lots of fun things to identify. Lots of birds. It's beautiful. Highly recommended. Plus a little park for the kiddos.

Tennley Hickman

Beautiful park. Have seen deer each time I have been there. Watch for ticks. A couple of pokestops and gyms. Good nest.

Kathleen Carlson

Love the theme setup of the park. I saw a family using the kids play area as an obstacle course. They were having a great time and my kids did so as well. They had great fun climbing up the outside of the slide that was covered to look like a tree.

Matthew Arroyo

Loved walking through the trails and the park with the kids. Nice nature center with some cool things to check out as well! Very impressive a d best of all.... free!

Robert Boston

Absolutely beautiful and a great place to bring your family!

Lucas Chase

Such a beautiful walk. Even though the city is right beside you, you'd hardly notice.

Leighanna Steele

Absolute great place.... needs better directions/signs on how to get back out. Lol. Chasing kids and having fun can get you lost when your only halfway paying attention. Lol

principalled thief40

A nice escape from the hustle and bustle. Fresh air and a little sweat never hurts

J Sexton

Great city park with lots of wooded trails. The trails need to be marked better but overall a very nice place to take the family and picnic together. The play park and nature center were also very nice and the restrooms in the nature center were very clean.

5 Solas

This is a great place to enjoy a peaceful walk and experience the local Flora and Fauna.

Sabine Cooper

Love the park me and my husband walk the trails almost every day

lynneva A

The ADA nature trail is the best. And the snapping turtles are awesome.

Chesser Patricia

Gorgeous, interesting place - so much to explore. I will return soon

Sarah Grover

I was visiting OKC for a week and wanted a nice free place to walk after a long day of class. This place was perfect! I was surprised there weren't more people there. There were nice short trails with beautiful things to see. Lovely places to sit and birdwatch. There also was a fun kids area. I went by myself and was uncertain about safety, but there were lots of single people walking around. I was too late to see the nature center, but the lovely little stream and trails were the main event anyways. I would go back again.

Hardeep Singh

Well, this park is huge. Lots of trees and beautiful but because it is right next to the highway its not peaceful at all. You can hear the cars zipping past all thru the trail. I like to enjoy peace and quiet when I am in a park like that.

Trish Scott

Great place. Just wish I could bring my dog

ashley kelley

Great place to get out of the city without actually getting out of it. Very nice trails to walk. However, they have signs about every two feet about do this, don't do that (can't you read the sign) ha! But really I felt a bit put off by the 100 signs even though I know they are there for a reason. Also, don't go in the creek they will scream at you. Really interrupts my peaceful hike when I hear people get yelled at for not following the signs.

Rebecca Dark

A beautiful park with multiple trails

Seana O.

Very beautiful park. We even saw some deer running and jumping over a fence.

RA Harper

Really nice park. Nice trails and playground. Lots of turtles....sadly, none of them are mutants or ninjas.

Boyce Basimanebotlhe

A good place to relax in nature.


Great getaway for a couple hours in middle of city. Lots of wildlife. Improved trails. Good for all ages. Bring bottled water!!

James Clampet

While this park is a nice place to get away from the busy life in the city, I was disappointed to see the amount of trash lying around the park.

Rachel Wolf

Beautiful trails with varying levels of difficulty. A wonderful place for the whole family.

Adreana Grigsby-White

We love this place!! Shows just how beautiful nature is!

Charles Henthorne

Great trails. Well maintained. Child friendly with fun playground area. Fantastic nature center with friendly knowledgeable staff.

Nathan Porter

This is an absolute hidden gem. There are great walking paths, a forest themed playground and a nature center featuring live displays of turtles, prairie dogs, snakes and other small animals. There is an elevated platform that allows you to experience the canopy of trees. There is a bird watching area that allows you to see birds close up and there are boardwalks above the creek and a pond.

Blake Baldwin

Such a pretty walking trail, couple nice lookoffs around a stream which moves through the park ! A great place to unwind and take a breath. Check it outt take some time for a lil visit of our Mother nature, always remember to respect her!

Brian Duncan

Always a fun place to hike and sight see.

Renae Spears

The playground is a blast and the trails are spread out and great for families. Would bring my son back.

Jena Hamilton

Beautiful place, it's a lovely walking trail. I love taking pictures there. Grandkids love it.

Rosemarie Brown

we live in the Oklahoma city area, and martin park nature center has been a favorite with my family (parents, and brothers- now my husband, kids, and I) for many many years. we love the far away feel of the hike, and that its right in the city. the buildings are fun and informative, my kids love watching the bees. we have seen lots of different bugs, snakes, birds and other wildlife out here while hiking. there is also a pavilion for having a sack lunch, and a cool playground, for getting those little extra bits of energy out before the drive home so the kids will sleep like angels in the car. I wholeheartedly recommend this place to everyone who loves being out doors.

Tiffany G

Warning!! DON'T GO!! Tick infested!! Nice park but my friends and I had ticks all over us after 30 minutes. We first began finding them on our shoes and then they started crawling up our legs even though we were wearing bug spray. There were almost 10 ticks on us. We checked ourselves thoroughly multiple times, washed our clothes in hot water, kept our shoes outside, and took showers. In spite of this, I just found a tick biting me along my underwear line the next day. I pulled it off but now I have to spend the next 3 weeks worried about contracting Lyme disease now that it has been found in OK. I strongly recommend staying away from this park. This area is TICK INFESTED and the city really needs to do something about it.


Why not add bike trails? No swimming or fishing (even catch and release). You may see a deer or a few birds if lucky. Could be better. There is handicap parking but the trails have a no wheelchair sign?

locke lamora

Nice place with well laid trails, a river to splash in and a park. Well maintained so do your part and don't be trashy!

Stephen Draper

Love this place! Beautiful park, great walking trails with scenic views, chances to spot wildlife, cute playground, and a really educational visitor center.

Bill Hodgson

This is a really nice park, made fancier in recent years. It hides in a growing area. There are several connected trails/loops, allowing walks of varying lengths. I miss the old prairie-dog town that used to be in the middle. You can bring cat food to toss off the big bridge, and get lots of fish and turtle action. Progressively smaller fish can be found approaching/into the shallows, which vary in appearance, depending on tecent rains. Crayfish, water skimmers, tiny fish, and dragonflies populate the area. I've photographed deer from the lookout tower. Coming early increases the chance of spotting a harmless snake or bunny. Watch out for ticks, especially in the western field. Nice picnic pavilion, playground, and our kids loved the interactive exhibits in the building. Nice new lookout areas.

LukE Hadsall

Great place in the city to get outdoors and introduce the kids to hiking.

Shylynn Riley

My family and I enjoy the outdoors. The nature park is like a short hike in the mountains. Martin Park also has an exhibit museum plus a large playground area. All for FREE . This is a must do in Oklahoma. Make sure you check for hours of operation. Have fun!

John Gilley

Wonderful wooded trails several approaches to a charming creek fun to climb around and explore, many benches and just the right amount of traffic.

laura Meissner

Is a great park with nice trails. Only downside was no dogs allowed

Olga Caulfield

Beautiful well maintained park with some nice walking trails

William Rayburn

Lots of fun for little peoples, my 6 y/o loves it here. The grounds and nature center are pretty fun, interesting and educational (if your child has the attention span for it!). Will the Mgr/Director here is a swell dude and very informative, all the folks here are good with kids. They manage and keep a relatively clean and well tended facilities. Very serene and cool place to spot the occasional turtle

Brian W

Great place to go walk and its open fron 5am till 9pm. Can see wildlife go sit by creek. This is walking trail and they do have ac office area with restroom or if closed the have portable bathroom out doors. Kids play ground also is on site.

Vickie Ellis

This is a great place to go. It has the feel of being in the country while still being in the city.

Mandy Gray

Good trail upkeep, nice playground for small children, and great place to take pictures. Especially during the fall. Lots of park benches to hang out and rest.

Daegon Coale

the same as when I would visit as a little kid with my dad! despite the busy streets and the hospital literally next door, this park is still quiet and peaceful and definitely worth a visit, especially if you're wanting somewhere close to just get away. you probably won't run into a lot of people and this is a serene place to take a jog or just get your daily steps in.

Shaphan Pena

Peaceful natural park. Great for a short nature walk

Rebekah Bane

Awesome place to get out in nature in the middle of OKC and the best part is it's absolutely free! The kids loved it! Great picture opportunities. Saw turtles, squirrels, deer, and fish on the trail as well as the animals inside the nature center. We will be returning. The playground is great too separated for young children and older children.

April Tamashiro

This place was really cool to walk around! However, the warning posted about ticks are no joke. My son must have brushed his leg up against a plant that was covered in newborn ticks because they were crawling all over him with the largest portion down at one of his ankles. He was even wearing long pants. The baby ticks are so tiny it was difficult for us to understand what the tiny moving dots were at first. Definitely wear a ton of repellant when you go.

Queena Jordan/Barner

Long, long trails and lots of bugs but a great walk if not too hot outside

Stewart Lambert

Quite and the trails are very nice. Got to see lot's of wildlife and it's all easy access.

Gina W

Always love walking on the trails. Have seen lots of wildlife around in cooler weather

Chad Osburn

This place was awesome. Trails to walk on. A nature center, bird veiwing spots. Very peaceful and fun with the family

Kelsey JoAnn

It was pretty and had some cool stuff but the mosquitos, ticks and poison ivy is outrageous.

Melissa Koertje

Such a gem in the middle of the city! I have been coming here since I was a little girl and now I get to bring my boys! Hope one day they can bring back some prairie dogs, but other than that it is absolutely wonderful! Great little hikes through the trees and by the creek! Excellent way to enjoy nature without having to trek out of the city... the trails go so far back you can’t hear the highway! Absolutely recommend.

Peachez Johnson

A hidden gem right in the middle of the city. The walking trails are nice and littered with charm and sometimes a little wildlife. A great family friendly place to enjoy nature. I love walking here in the early morning hours before the city wakes up. Such a peaceful atmosphere

Yuki Legako

I've never known this place existed till my friend told me about it! It's in the middle of the city but I appreciate what's been preserved. There were a small playground where my kids played and several trails on which my 7 year old could easily walk. It was a bit too long for my 2 year old. We did do walk a couple trails though. There was a creek you can go down to from the trails even though you can't swim. My son slipped and got all wet so I recommend change of clothes if you have small kids.

Sumo Bear

Great walk, saw 2 deer

Cee Pee

Good place to get away and walk the trails. Clean place and educational.

Chelle Obert

You'd never know you're in the middle of a city! Very relaxing and beautiful.

Cutey San

Good for peaceful walks amidst the chaos of city.

Michael Pedder

This is definitely one of the better parks in Oklahoma City. It's well with your time to come here and see the wild life while hiking trails that are accessible to anyone.

Bethany Arrowood

Beautiful place to take a small nature hike in the city, a great free indoor nature center for kids to see reptiles and animals up close and a great playground for little ones. Also a beautiful place to take family photos!

Mary Habermehl

Fun escape from the city lots of animal's..and people

Mandy Musshafen

Great trails, and nature center! Beautiful scenery, lots of wildlife and birds, and several cute features along the trails. Has a little creek you can play in also. I've been visiting this place since I was a kid! Great family destination! It's a perfect little retreat, nestled right there in OKC surrounded by city life!

Chris Cordes

Nature area in the city. Good getaway and kid friendly.

Stephanie C

Great scenery. Easy paths and lots of wildlife!


This place is beyond amazing for children & adults. So much wildlife! A museum, park, & hiking, with sightseeing!

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