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REVIEWS OF Hochatown Petting Zoo IN Oklahoma

joe salois

We had a great time at the petting zoo!Our tour guide Christina was the best,she went out of her way to make sure we saw all the animals,and held most of them...I was surprised by the variety of animals and how we were able to interact with them all.It was a highlight of our stay in Broken Bow and would highly recommend a visit!

Tara Hastings

This is the coolest thing!! We took my nephew who's only 2 and every single one of the staff took the time to let him hold the animals and tell us all about them! Y'all are doing a wonderful job!! Thanks so much for the awesome visit!

Jessica Shoemaker

Interaction with the animals and friendly staff

Chandra Cotton

Not many animals, just your typical barn yard. Feed buckets are 5$ admission under 2 is free but you pay for everyone else. I think 1 adult per child should at least be free since there's not really much to it.

Matthew Hobbs

This place was so much fun, it was amazing to actually be told a story about the rescue animals here and to be able to feed and pet all of the animals without worrying about the kids doing something wrong. Great staff and the animals will warm your heart and make your day. I might of had more fun then the kids did!

Brett Chambers

This place was awesome! It's really a rehabilitation place for all sorts of animals found or collected around the area. From fawns, racoons, turkey, to cows & horses the kids and adults can have a great experience. Highly recommend visiting and talking with all the helpers there!

kirby atkins

Nice place for the kids.

Gabe Moncada

We dropped in during our family visit to Broken Bow. Wow! What an amazing experience. My kids loved being able to hold and touch all the animals. We also purchased a bucket of feed and hand fed all the animals. This is a animal rescue as well as a petting zoo. The staff were so nice and friendly. I was able to hold a baby skunk! What an experience. I highly recommend this place to anyone if your in the area. If we go back for a visit we will definitely drop by again.

Dwayne Poff

Good for kids/ adults who aren't or haven't been around "barn yard animals" often. Plus an added bonus inside. Kinda small and can get crowded when parents don't pay attention to their kids.. which seems to be more the norm these days!

Leslie Remy

What an amazing day and experience at the Hochatown Rescue Center and Petting Zoo! This is the MUST DO activity for both children and adults too. The staff is super caring, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. They make it such a great learning experience and it’s obvious they all love what they do here. We held birds on our heads, an amazingly gentle ball python, sang along with a parrot and a talkative owl, carried around chickens, a raccoon, and even an albino skunk! The goats, pigs, cows, horses, and donkeys are all very gentle and they love it when you feed them! They even do pony rides for your little ones. Definitely get a ticket for a feed bucket so you can interact with all of the wonderful creatures here. Seriously, if you don’t stop here you are MISSING OUT! Don’t make a mistake, make sure you stop by and visit. You’ll always walk away with a smile from the amazing fun you’ll have here!!

Ian Tuter

Awesome zoo. Lots of neat animals and super friendly staff.

Amanda Thomson

I'm tearing up thinking back to our visit to your petting zoo. Our 3 year old's favorite animals are raccoons and he was able to pet one first thing. All of the animals were so sweet and well-cared for. The young lady outdoor with the deer was very informative and warm with us and our kids. She's hoping to be a herpetologist and we wish her well with that. The work you're doing at your facility is amazing and all of the animals are lucky to have such a great group of volunteers loving them. We will return on our next trip through Oklahoma and tell our friends/family to stop by.

destinee smith

Cats im small dirty cages one has a bloody nose but noone around to even tell. Donkey hiding in corner refusing to eat and being told “they have been eating all day” yet all the other animals are more than happy to munch down a whole can of feed. Birds kept in small room that seems rarely visited or cleaned. Over all wish i could give no stars and report this place for the clear mistreatments of the animals and profit this is used for.


So many little critters!! I love rescue centers like this. If you love animals you'll love the Hochatown petting zoo. They have everything from domestic kittens to pythons and farm animals lol so much fun! Gotta check out Gary the giant tortoise!!

LaDonna Little

Great place to take the whole family

Sophia Casiano

So many different types of animals! Multiple posted signs for safety and fun for the entire family. You can feed and pet most animals. Shirts and concessions for sale.

Donna Miller

Such great staff. They allow you to hold animals that you otherwise would never hold.

Chelsey Young

Loved this place!! Kids and adults had fun! Staff nice and knowledgeable. Will be back again.

Brandon Young

This is not your normal petting zoo. This place is awesome and great place to take kids. I can’t say enough good things about this place. This is a must to do if you are in the area!

Tiffany Parker

Great for a family outing

Sheree Latham

Such a cool place for rescue animals. Everyone is so friendly and it's just so fun!

Neha Maheshwari

Kids loved this place

Prashant Tandon

Not clean place...animal seems to be not very clean

Nikhil Ravindran

I loved this place, especially my daughter. You could let different types of skills like cat, goat, duck, deer, raccoon, pigs, her, turkey, point, cow etc. You have peacock, Fox etc as well. A definite place to visit when you are at beavers bend park. Kids will definitely enjoy. Enter free apply, but it's worth.

caleb cannon

Great place to take the little ones for a day of fun! Kids 2 and under are free, and there's all kinds of fur babies to feed and spend your afternoon with!

Andie McCoy

It was pretty crowded but you get a hands on expiernce with lots of animals

AshLynn H

Staff is kind and helpful. The kids love being able to interact and feed the animals. Staff answers questions about the animals and it is a fun learning experience.

Billie Jean Fines

Fun, educational, friendly, helpful, patient staff. Prices are great. Clean.

Ajfreitas F

Beautifully taken care of; nice and clean, and animals all taken care of. You can deove through and get close to many animals but giraffes and rhino ect... are in fenced off area with a distance between you. So many cars that most animals aren't interested in eating your feed... Staff says it's prohibited to allow animals to eat from your hand anyway, they ask that you throw food on the ground.

Chrissy Cantrell

Great place to take the kids! A great variety of animals. Friendly staff.

Loren Waldroup

This was so much fun for my new hubby and I on our honeymoon!! We had a blast. The animals were very well taken care of and so stinking sweet. Christina was awesome at making us feel welcome and informing us on all of the animals!! We will be back.

mike oldemeyer

Lot of animals .friendly staff. It was also so a animal shelter

jimmy baker

It really surprised me with how close and how much you could pet the animals. I got to hold a chocolate skunk. If you have kids that likes animals or just like animals your slef I would say go here. These animals don't mind getting pet so don't be scared.

Mike C

This place is a must see for the kids and adults alike. These animals are rescue animals and any money generated by entrance fees goes to support the animals. If you are an animal lover PLEASE stop by and tell Stinkerbell I said Hello!

Joshua Pogue

Lots of animals around here, some for rehabilitation. The owner is awesome and friendly, and the staff's all pretty cool too, willing to share their knowledge of the animals they have and answer questions. Some animals are kept inside, while others are out in the farm and barn areas, free roaming for everyone to feed and pet them. Most of the animals were super friendly and just looking for snacks and pets, but a couple of turkeys and ducks got intimidated and wanted to show some dominance. We were all adults but that may scare a little kid or something. It was a great experience though. Lots of soft fluffy animals and some not so soft and fluffy


My kids loved it, they didn't want to leave. I also feel like the people i met there really do love the animals and are passionate about them. ***WEAR MUD OR RAIN BOOTS***

Jessica Arrigo

Lots of sweet animals including kittens/cats, chickens, cows, goats, horses, skunks, deer, many different kinds of birds, snakes, and lizards. Staff was polite and helpful. You can buy a bag of feed and feed/pet the animals. Areas are fairly well labeled with signs so that you know what areas are accessible to the public.

Dallas Campbell

We loved this place!! All the staff was truly amazing and so friendly!!

Stephen Cox

Great prices

Chris Baker

One if the best petting zoos we gave been to. The caregivers are friendly and there are hundreds of animals. Our 7 year old and 11 year old loved the zoo.

Denise Goff

Really flippin cool.

Dan Anderson

People were nice enough. Nice variety of animals, but in a relatively small space. An exposed screw tip near the bathroom punctured my daughter's hand. It was an accident and they responded quickly, but some additional care for the safety and facilities need to be taken into account.

tricia frazar

We had an amazing experience. The staff is so helpful and knowledgeable. Especially Amanda. She took our family out and let us hold the racoons at out request and pet the fox. She knew so much about them! She even offered suggestions of other family activities we could do while we were in the area.


Second year to come to this petting zoo! If you love animals this place is wonderful and not just for kids. This year we had a mishap, which was handled in the best way possible! My nephew (5 years old) was on the pony ride when the peacock squawked, which startled the pony enough to buck my nephew. He fell on his arm and hit his forehead, luckily there was nurse and a paramedic visiting at the same time and came to check on him. The entire staff was very accommodating!! Of course, ultimately animals will be animals and horses do get startled, there’s nothing that could’ve prevented what happened and they handled it extremely well!! Very pleased with our overall experience!!

Natalie Cisco

This place is so fun. We went in the rain and didn't expect much, however, we were wrong. The animals are friendly and funny and there is a lot to see. Definetly recommend this place and make time for at least half an hour of fun! Stop by!!

Kayla Stovall

My family and I had a blast petting feeding and holding the animals. It's so much different then normal petting zoos we go every year

Matt Cortinas

Awesome selection of animals, not typically seen in other " petting" zoos. Staff was friendly. We had a blast!

Erin May

We had a blast here! So much fun for the family! They were so friendly and personable. They took the time to give us a personal tour and tell us about all the animals. Super interactive. We got to hold all kinds of fun animals including baby raccoons, a skunk and a falcon. How fun! Great job Chloe and Bailey!

Billie Crane

Best petting zoo ever. The staff was terrific. Answered all the questions we could ask. An amazing number of different animals. I can’t wait to go again!

Jordan Bananas

Best petting zoo ever. Nice people, loved all the animals.

Jeremy Sexton

Large selection of farm animals, whitetail deer you can pet, 3 kinds of turkeys, baby goats, just to name a few, our 3 children loved it.

Evan archie

Great staff amazing animals.

Belinda Harden

Pleasant staff, fun for the whole family.

Connor Jones

Great knowledgeable staff!! Amanda was great! A great stop for our trip.

Kathryn Villines

Great animals!


We had an absolutely great time here! The variety of species is larger than I expected! Staff is available and friendly! One lil button buck tried eating my hair and my husband's shirt! Kids loved it!!

shawn phillips

Awesome animals, Even more Awesome people!!!

Lyle Linscomb

Such a cute place to go! Loved the hands on opportunities with animals you dont see all the time.

Madison Misko

This place is a paradise! I love the animals that all mingle and are so obviously lived by their caretakers. We stopped by on a road trip and ended up taking home a kitten that needed a home. We love her and will always return to the hochatown petting zoo to visit and give my support.

Windee Hall

This place is absolutely amazing!!! The staff is excellent as well....all the different animals and you can interact with them. Such a wonderful and great atmosphere!!!

R Lee

Friendly helpful knowledgeable staff and the variety of animals is great! Always love our trip there!

berlin heck

Tammy owns it and is the animal rehab person. She lives and breathes this and according to her even has dreams about it. Very nice facility.

Joni Flowers

Great place to take kiddos! All of the animals looked great and had clean cages or pens. Everything that can go back into the wild will be released once they reach a certain age.

David Marks

we came just for the fox but they have everything staff were amazing will be back

Noel Flowers

This place has a lot of animals, some are able to be held with staff assistance. Very friendly knowledgeable caring staff. The animals are loved and cared for. Worth the time and money to have a great day with family.

Joshua Vargas

This place is great! Our kids had a wonderful time. The staff is so kind and informative. First time I felt safe petting a skunk! They seem to take great care of their animals and the animals seem happy too!

Frank Wester

This place is the best petting zoo we have ever been to, with lots of exotic animals not just cows, goats, etc. And my daughter went crazy over the two-day-old piglets.

Just A Small Town Girl

What a fun and unique place! We were amazed at how many animals were here! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff as well!

David Alvarez

Amazing, very unique! We had a great time.

Mark Ledyard

Took the kids over spring break. They loved it. Staff is super friendly and will tell you all about the animals they have. And they have a lot, including deer, turkeys, peacocks, and all sorts of little critters. Most of them you can pet. The coolest was the arctic fox. It's fur was like petting a cloud. My two-year-old wanted to go back a second time. Cost was reasonable for the experience.


Even though we showed up 30 minutes to closing on a Sunday night they were still so friendly and helpful! The grandson loved all the animals and the adults loved to hear they did so much Rehabilitation. The whole place is very safe and clean. It is super cute.

Janel Tackett

We had an AMAZING time. This was the best petting zoo we have been to. We had a large group of adults, toddlers and teens. Everyone had a great time. We held snakes, raccoons baby skunks and fed baby deer. All the animals we well taken care of and loved.

TJ Gist

Absolutely amazing. They've rescued animals that youd never see around this area. The people were so nice and friendly.

Kimberly K.

I have never had a better time, seeing animals in comfort with lots of play areas, and time spent out of doors. They have a really good variety, and you can feed and hold them!

Michael Nacarato

Awesome experience up close to wildlife. And super friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff!!

Carrie Sorrels

We live in Georgia but enjoy coming here when we visit. The workers really care about the animals and since it's a rescue center, there's always new ones to see.

Harold Wofford

It was all fun. Until the pig bit my daughters finger. So here we are in the emergency room with what looks like a broke finger. It does say at your "own risk." Be careful. Especially with small children. But i love what they are doing. Overall it was great experience. Except of course the pig attack. Good luck.

David Perry

Awseome enjoyed ourselves there today .

Sharon Segura

Kids had a great time here. Lots of animals to feed, staff was very friendly. Great way to spend a couple of hours.

Sarah P

Can’t wait to go back!

James Shiver

Great staff, awsome animals

Karol Day

It was tough to leave Whiskey the Raccoon. I truly think he wanted to come home with me! LOL this was a great place! The staff was wonderful, helpful, and so great with my kids! This will be a definite stop every time we come!

David Key

Place was great. People there are really nice and took us on a tour of the place. The kids loved it. Make sure you visit if you are in the area.

Glenn Woolsey

This is by far the best "petting zoo" I've ever seen. The zoo doubles as a wildlife conservation and rehability. An ever changing collection from domestic wildlife to exotic. Tammy is very personable and extremely knowledgeable of all the animals at the facility. almost every animal can be touched or held. She often has animals up for adoption. I'll just give you fair warning that it's addictive and you'll end up spending a lot of time there. We found ourselves going back day after day.

Jared Alford

It's the best petting zoo around!

Steven Bradshaw

Lots of fun! Friendly and helpful staff.

Sreenivasan VK

Very nice enjoyable place n memorable experience

Matt Yellowhorse

This place is so much fun! The workers are knowledgeable, helpful, and really nice! We got to pet and play with all the tamed animals it was a great experience! We would recommenda

Esha Vennela

This is not like your typical petting zoo, but so much more. There were so many animals to interact with, from deer to snakes and many more. Our group had a lot of fun and the staff were great.

Rayna Little

Loved all the animals seen some that id never seen b4

Aaron M

Wow! What an amazing experience this was!! It was definitely MORE than a petting zoo—it’s a total animal experience! Annabelle was our tour guide and she answered all of my 1000 questions about the animals and was very sweet to my wife and 2 year old daughter! Definitely an awesome experience and the highlight of our trip to Broken Bow!

Briana H

This is an amazing place for kids AND adults, who knew! We came through here while we were on a girl's trip & I felt like a kid again!

Annalisa Sims

The kids loved coming here and everyone was so friendly.

David McGill

Great experience. We were able to hold some baby raccoons. Once in a lifetime. Great price. Wonderful time.

Elizabeth Clady

Wonderful petting zoo/wildlife sanctuary with so many animals! Highly recommend! The staff is very attentive and if you ask to pet any of the caged animals they will pull them out and let you play with them.

Theresa Stearman

Really cool great fun for kids and adults alike.

Jamie Kim

We went here today and had an amazing time! The staff was so friendly and made a lot of effort in making sure we could hold numerous animals. Amanda even let us feed bottles to the young cows! We will definitely be back soon! Loved it!

Sandy K

It was a great place to visit. I’ll go back again. We had a very good tour guide named Christina. She was so helpful telling us all about the animals. The animals back ground and their names. The animals all loved her too.

Rebecca Higginbotham

Very nice petting zoo with a variety of animals. It is obvious that the owner loves both the animals that are pets and the wildlife that she is rehabilitating. It would be nice if the space was a bit larger to allow for bigger cages and it would be nice if the walking areas were cleared more regularly of animal excrement, but I know these things require money and volunteers, and neither of these are easy to come by. We will definitely visit again when we are in town. The animals are beautiful and have very sweet/friendly dispositions - another sign that they are well loved.

Shaunda Thomas

Very nice and friendly people!Loved it kids had a good time

Steve Davis

Wasn't sure what to expect and a little apprehensive at first, but this place turned out to be so much fun. The whole family had a great time. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. We'll definitely go back. It was well forth it.

debbie laperouse

Was amazing staff is very friendly

Amy Sanders

Loved feeding all the animals especially the deer!!

Carlos Munoz

Was a great place to take my family!

Desi La Chingona

Adored this little petting zoo! The animals are ao friendly my kids had a blast, the price was not bad either well worth the money and time.

Reiana Ren

Staff is amazing!!! Really love the place it has such an amazing atmosphere! And I really appreciate their work because it takes a lot of dedication and time to care for all of the animals and that's what they do

Donna Forehand

Absolutely love this place! All the staff seem pretty great! The animals are super awesome!

Mikaela Vela

It's a great experience to take your children. People are allowed to touch/pet certain animals. It was a reasonable price for the experience you endure.

Gary Ramsey

Nice knowledgeable staff that tells all about the animals

Trent Harelson

Interesting collection of animals up close and personal

Jeremy Bass

Nice place to take a break. The snow cones were terrible, not shaved ice as advertised. The mining was fun for children. The petting zoo is just an old house filled with animals and quite expensive.

Mr. Clack

super cool town supper cool zoo

Kelly Campbell

Amazing! Such a great time. A must see.

Dana Thompson

Great for a family outing. Knowledge and friendly staff.

Robyn Martinez

Family fun trip. We just found out about this place a couple weeks ago and have already been twice. They get new animals very often. It is a great place with an amazing staff. Not only is it a petting zoo but also an animal rehab. They take in and take care of animals that will be released back into the wild once they are ready. The staff is very friendly and can give you lots of info on the animals such as their names, back story and much more. You can see that they are a very passionate group. This is definitely a place worth visiting again and again. We look forward to our next trip.

Krystal Green

This place was fun with the 14 kiddos we took on a last minute whim. Not far from our Beaver's Bend cabin (5min drive). Goats, horses, cows, skunks, raccoons, hairless guinea pig, alligators, deer -- a medley of different animals. We spent about 1 hour there with our large group. Feed buckets are huge. We got 3 ($5 each) for our group and had plenty!

Gerardo Dominguez

It was great experience for me and my family my daughters loved all animals iven thow the dear tried chewing my shirt LOL!!! People ther were really helpful and knowledgeable about animals a foreshore stop in again next time

M.T. Bussell

This place is amazing. Lots of animals you would expect to see..... And lots you wouldn't. The outside has goats, pigs, donkeys, chicken and turkey, plus a few I didn't recognize. Tip: make sure to buy the food.... It's cheap and the animals will thank you for it. My favorite was the inside though. I got hold a python, a skunk and an alligator. Plus there were all kinds of birds flying around. And all of this took place in a house. Note to the staff that works here--you guys ROCK!!!! All of the people here are so friendly. Only thing I'd suggest is a tip jar.

Adam Bass

Both kids and adults had a great time!

Milko Balakchiev

Pleasantly surprised by the size of this place a d all the animals. My kids had a great time. As strange as it sounds, it was cool to have a snake around my neck and interact with the animals.

John Litton

Too expensive for what's there,but animals seemed loved and care for well.

Matthew Burson

Greatest. Petting. Zoo. Ever. Great staff, great selection of animals, and so so many. The staff was so friendly and they even got my 5 year old to hold a snake. Price isnt cheap (not expensive either) till you get in there. So much bang for your buck. Was very fun to watch the animals interact and see their personalities. Highly recommend for the entire family!

Sherry Ramsey

It was "OK" nothing spectacular. The goat jumped on me and I was covered in mud. Could really only touch animals through the cage or the workers held animals for us to touch, total time was about 45 minutes, for the price we paid I expected more

Nicole Haworth

Very fun. And loved getting to interact with the animals.

ok usa65

Great place to take the kids!

Belynda Ashby

Amazing.. I seriously love this place. We even got to see a baby bat be brought in as a rescue. We came all the way from Tx just to go to this petting zoo. Well worth the trip. Thanks so much for this once in a lifetime experience.

Kayla Peebles

We visited the Hochatown Petting Zoo while we were vacationing in Broken Bow. This place is wonderful. It is a rescue, which is awesome. The people who work there are very kind and the animal dispositions reflect that. I have never been able to pet some of the types animals we did here. My children and I were in heaven! Ruby the Raccoon was a (very big) ball of joy. My oldest daughter fell in love with one of the chickens and carried her around, snuggling the whole time we were there. The Coati and Groundhog were two of my favorites - so sweet and wanted lots of love. I wish we lived closer because we would likely visit this place every week!

Aidan F

Lots of neat animals in such a small area and is great for kids.

Lisa Hammond

Because they rehabilatate animals and very caring, the animals r well fed & cared for.

Joe Fendley

Great place for kids.! They love these animals :)

Michelle Countryman

Best petting zoo ever! Staff very friendly and helpful. Great variety of beautiful animals, and many were rescued.


Love the way they care about the animals

Shane Thurman

The kids loved it. I didn't even want to leave


THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING! The little bird in the bird room was saying “Hello?!” To my dad when he left, the petting zoo has a sweet little kitty-cat at the entrance, and they have FERRETS! AND BALL PYTHONS! My dad was brave enough to hold the precious snake. And my mom held a skunk! It slept in her arms lol. 5/5 stars for SURE! I do definitely recommend! (Don’t forget the hedgehogs!)

Deep Dave

Awesome experience. Amanda did a great job educating us on the zoo itself, the animals, and the area. We will be back in the summer.

Jeremy Edgar

Definitely worth it. Staff is great and the animals friendly and well cared for. My daughters 18 and 16 and my wife and I loved our visit.

Robert Stegmaier

Great animals and very friendly staff

Lindsey Wilmoth

We were impressed with how many animals were there! Staff was super friendly and informative.

Dillon Hazelwood

Had a great time with the family while visiting the area. My wife can't pass up a petting zoo, no matter where we are, and she said this one is now her favorite. You can interact with so many animals and the staff was very informative.

Clif Foster

Took the family and had a great time. Great staff. Kristina was incredibly helpful inside. She helped my kids handle the animals and made sure nothing happened with them. Bailey outside was amazing helping outside. We got to hang out with deer, horses, skunks, kittens, ferrets... it was an absolute blast.

Heidi Billman

This place was SO much fun. So many cool animals you get to interact with, the people that work there are super friendly and kind. They rescue a lot of the animals. The animals are unique and have their own personalities, and it is very enjoyable to hang out and learn more about them.

Jessica Adcock

Great place to take little ones!

Ron Roquemore

If you don't have a good time here, then you are just generally no fun to be around.

Lisa Frosch

Such a great hands on experience with a wide array of animals!! My kids had a great time. Price was reasonable. I definitely recommend spending the $5 for a bucket of feed. The employees were very knowledgeable and clearly like sharing the animals with patrons.

Blake Bowles

Friendly staff, good variety of animals, and friendly atmosphere. Good place

Talia Prideaux

Love love loved it! The lady that runs it is so knowledgeable and we appreciated her taking us around. Highly recommend it!

Valerie Roquemore

This place is lovely. They have a large variety of animals - some in rehab for reintroduction to the wild, others permanent residents. The staff is great. Get there early as it gets crowded. We (two adults and four teens) loved it!

Rajika Vijayan

Variety of animals. Kids will love it.

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