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REVIEWS OF Gilcrease Museum IN Oklahoma

Carrie Bell

We love museums and this one did not disappoint at all. The price of admission is worth it for sure. We visited during a special exhibit that brought tears to our eyes and all I can say is THANK YOU for showing us all the full history of Pulitzer Prize winning photographs on top of your already impressive art collections!

King Wiemann

Wonderful museum - can't wait to go back

Marcus Hansen

Wow!! That about describes the place. Just left in aww and lost at word on how absolutely amazing and beautiful this place is and the items it possesses. Truly takes you back to Native American culture plus art work from every main point in history. Paintings that cover the walls from room to room. In the basement are endless shelfs that you can pull out each draw filled with real artifacts nothing fake. True blessing to be able to see these things and how life was before long ago.

Micky Gordon

Love the Native American collection. Meandered through the Museum, especially cool to see the Bob Dylan exhibit.

C Yauch

We all enjoyed it quite a bit, especially the downstairs area where they had drawers and drawers full of exhibits. The free use of the iPads to look up details on the items was awesome. The gift shop was ridiculously overpriced, as most of them are, and we couldn't even get a decent postcard as a souvenir. There were two postcards to choose from (at a dollar each) but neither of them were representative of what we saw in the museum. We took a walk down to the pond and gazebo, and really enjoyed that as well. I will say I was very pleased they did not charge for children. That made it a very affordable stop on our way through town.

Matthew Jones

This place was great. Do yourself a favor and start downstairs. They have iPads to help you look through thousands of items downstairs, which is the best part of the museum. Exhibits upstairs were great as well. I suppose I expected more Native American history. Mostly seemed very focused on art.

Amy Cypert-Nix

Family Funday Sunday was an incredible experience.

Jose Alfonso

If you want a relaxing and quite time. This is the place. Be sure don't fall asleep. He! He!... Now serious.The Pulitzer prize photo collection exhibit on May 2019 was astonished.

Destinie Wiltshire

Wonderful museum and kid friendly.

Shellie Gatzman

Gilcrease is a lovely museum. The Native American art is spectacular. They have an orginal copy of the Declaration of Independence that is brought out for viewing from time to time. It is a must see if you can.

Marilyn Morton

A great museum of American history and art.

Plank Kelly

I grew up going to art museums because my mother was an artist, and the Gilcrease staff is one of the friendliest I've ever encountered!

Eros Shreve

Wonderful museum featuring important issues. Highly recommend to learn more about native American culture as well as the natural beauty of the midwest

Mike Dane

Wonderful place. Great art. Beautiful grounds. Tons of excellent exhibits over the years.


Excellent curation of Native American artifacts. Wonderful vistas and items representing 12,000 years of history. They now have an extensive, permanent Bob Dylan exhibit. Stunning well-preservedNative American beadwork and clothing. Well worth your time if you have any interest in native American artwork and culture.

Abidemi Adeoye

It contains Pulitzer prize winning photographs.


This was a fun and educational place to visit. I enjoyed all of the Native American art work. They also have a good selection of U.S. history. All in all I think Gilcrease is Great.

Jeremy Duncan

Saw the declaration of Independence there. (1 of 5) originals. It is a traveling piece. They actually have a living plaster of Abraham Lincoln's face and hands. Very detailed. About as close as you can possibly get to actually seeing him alive. Way cool. They had many rooms with majestic paintings and bronze sculptures and so much more.

David Snow

Wonderful!! Lots of cool paintings and native American art! Well worth a visit!

Violeta Whitaker

I love going to the Gilcrease museum. By myself for a peaceful outing or taking my children to an event there or just to walk around and see the art. My favorite Thomas Moran paintings are here and we never get tired of going to see them, but also they regularly have new and different exhibits going on so its not all the same collection all the time.

mike castleberry

Our family group of 18 met at the Restaurant and the service was excellent. Very friendly and accommodating. The lunch menu had a great variety and the food is excellent as well! I can't wait to return!

Kendall Baker

The Gilcrease is a great museum. It only cost $8 for me, my daughter and one of her friends to go so awesome price. It's always changing what it has to see and this time we got to see a hand written Declaration of Independence that was only displayed for 7 days. I would definitely go if you are in Tulsa and I would go back again and again.

Angela Jackson

Sunday fun days are really great. You should check them out with your family! Free admission and all sorts of really amazing crafts we've enjoyed it every time we've gone.

S Miller

Beautiful place, inside and out. Be sure to make time for a guided tour. Even if you've been there before. Explore the extensive grounds- just be aware there is a chance of wildlife (including snakes) about, even by the paths. Sunday brunch is a must. The staff is terrific. A short list of just some of the food on the buffet includes fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, beef, and an array of desserts. Will be sure to stop by again, as there is so much to take in, that a single visit wasn't enough.

Erhart Elliotmurray

Art without snobs...well, the staff anyway. They were very helpful and personable. The other patrons were polite and aloof, I guess typical museum-goers. I managed to visit with DH who doesn't usually get into the arty stuff, and even he enjoyed it. We walked around just visiting the special exhibits for over two hours. We'll go back sometime to see the usual stuff. I think it would be a great place to take a group of school age kids. Lots of Oklahoma history here.

Jon Galchik

Gilcrease Museum is fantastic. They have a large collection of Native American and Cowboy art. It is certainly a place worth visiting. The last two times I visited it was for private events. The venue is fantastic for this type of activity. The views of the Osage hills are second to none. Visit this place!

Weston Probst

Been a few years since I've been here. Went recently to see the copy of the Declaration of Independence on display. Visited rest of museum and really enjoyed it. Definitely won't wait as long to come back. Good place to visit during the summer to beat the Oklahoma heat.

David Walker

THE BEST. You need to go...

Tom Hammack

I thoroughly enjoyed spending an afternoon at the Gilcrease Museum with my grandson. We had just an awesome afternoon. Definitely one of the most memorable museum visits for me.


Great place to visit and see amazing pieces of art.

Cheryl Leake

I loved the exhibits. I believe the planning of the benches in the museum make it especially enjoyable for people of all capacities.

Kaiti K

My husband and I visited not too long ago. The amount of history and artifacts is unbelievable. The part that got us was the Pulitzer Prize Photographs gallery. I felt so many emotions and cried a few times. The food at The Restaurant at Gilcrease was good, but could use a little more variety. Overall 10/10 recommend visiting at least once.

Mike Hines

I'm not very interested in museums but found this one very interesting definitely worth checking out

Jon Stendebach

Great Museum. Saw one of the only (or possible only) original copies of the Declararion of Independance. It is on display until July 7th, then back to the vault for another 25 years. The Pulitzer Prize Photo display was very moving.

Jim Smith

Great landscape, and beautiful scenery.

Brad Young

Great exhibits of depression era photos and they have extended the Bob Dylan exhibit.


This place is great for the whole family there is a lot of native art and getting cheap so you should go there

Eamonn Butler- Rees

The staff in the gift shop are amazing, they alone are worth the trip out.

Bina Sengar

Great place to learn history and heritage of Oklahoma

Brian Jewell

I Enjoyed officiating a wedding at the gazebo by the small pond..we will be going back in the spring to walk the land that looks like it will be pretty...

Jennie Miklavcic

Quality museum with beautiful art and historic pieces. There was plenty to look at and enjoy throughout the different exhibits and in the discovery area.

Jessica Ahn

WONDERFUL museum. I highly recommend checking out their visiting gallery - Pulitzer Price Photographs. The photos and the stories alongside them are so impactful. I spent most of my time in that gallery and hunting down the Thomas Moran paintings. The museum is not overwhelmingly large, but filled with a variety of American West arts that are from not only the American view, but the views of societies affected by the west - Native Americans, Japanese, etc.

Audrey Roemerman

Beautiful art and large collection of Native American artifacts. The Pulitzer prize photos were breathtaking and the restaurant was good

Ash Random

Wonderful place to visit, had a great time walking around and viewing all of the spectacular pieces. One thing I truly enjoyed was how expansive each exhibit was, they kept on going. By far my favorite exhibit was the “pulitzer prize“ section. It was heart wrenching and beautiful. Only negative I would say is I wish the t-shirts were a bit less expensive in the gift shop.

Jennifer King

Beautiful collection with very historic pieces. The gardens are gorgeous as well. Robust collection of bronze sculptures by Remington. They also have lots of historical documents and of course Thomas Moran pieces and lots of background Mr. Gilcrease.

Alvaro Nova

Wonderful place for visit with the all family

joe cunningham

World class collection

Roger Burns

It's a great day out we've been 2 times it's nice how the shows change.

Rachel Sander

Fun. Lots of places to explore. Beautiful grounds. Friendly staff.

Brady Delong

Amazing exhibitions, friendly and helpful staff. Well worth the experience!!

Sandra Gutierrez

I grew up near The National Gallery of Art in D.C. And, I have to say that the Gilcrease is better! Fortunately, I was with a friend who had visited the museum several times before. The outdoors and surroundings of the museum add to the beauty of this museum. I also recommend the gift shop/bookstore which has western history books that I'd never seen before.

Irma Zandl

They have an amazing collection but they need to rethink how it is installed/exhibited. Too cluttered and too many fake digital reproductions.

PatandDale Kinser

Wonderful museum. Whether you are a resident of Tulsa or just passing through, you will enjoy this renown collection of Native American art and artifacts. It is a must see and experience.

Ted Garvin

Gillies were wonderfully informative.

Linda Andre

Exhibits were very interesting. Restaurant had great food

Kirsten Neus

The Gilcrease Museum is my favorite museum in Tulsa! It’s in a beautiful building with gardens, a pond and views of Tulsa in the distance. The museum is really well laid out and there are always new temporary exhibits to explore. The temporary exhibits tend to focus on western and indigenous culture and they’re always really interesting and informative. There’s also a restaurant with beautiful views and a Sunday buffet brunch. The museum is also sometimes free on Sunday!

Edward Douglas

Interesting Southwestern art. The restaurant is fabulous.

Bob Young

Spent the day. It was great

Durgga Muthu

Some of the gardens were fantastic. It was so Peaceful there. The museum was great it had a large variety of paintings, photographs and sculpture. It's the best place to go to learn about art. Your kids will love it there. They have some activities today we made time capsule and it was soooooo fun. I would highly recommend this place.

Eugene Marshall

An exquisite collection of masterpieces that depict America in a way I've never seen before. It is an essential experience for anyone coming to Oklahoma. Spend at least two hours there, but really you should allocate three. The building itself is laid out well and the ground are a pleasant stroll. When I went out was nice and quiet too.

David Muench

Aside from the Philbrook, the Gilcrease Museum is another epochal location in Tulsa that must be visited by art-lovers. It may not be as resplendent as the Villa Philbrook - like the cover of a book - it's what's on the inside that counts. My family and I began at the Gilcrease restaurant. It wasn't busy at all, which was fortunate. I ordered the chicken tenders, grilled vegetables, and mashed potatoes and gravy. It had a fancier name and description. The lunch was good, however the breading coating the chicken was excessively thick and crunchy. The real star of the restaurant was the triple chocolate torte. Fantastic! Afterward we finally trekked through the museum; taking in the paintings, sculptures, and other various artifacts. My favorite collection was the mask and hand molds created of Abraham Lincoln. The bronze sculptures were also fascinating.


Go now brilliant all beautiful pleasant view

Satuk Buğra AKDAŞ

Everybody was so kind to take you to each exhibition hall by themselves...

Andrea Rinkleff

Wonderful experience, friendly staff, such a wide variety of exhibits

Elizabeth Petrucelli

Beautiful, informative and great exhibits!

50 in a bottle

Very nice museum and worth a visit. Artifact room on lower level has more artifacts than you could look at in a day with a wonderful interactive e-guided tour via a tablet you can carry with you as you go through this section. Upstairs has visiting exhibits and some wonderful bronze work by artists such as Remington. There are wonderful paintings and the gardens are beautiful and peaceful. Great place to spend a morning or afternoon. The current Pulitzer prize exihbit is very intense, you might not want to take small children through it. But do see it. It will move you.

Lorna B

Great exhibits, current one I saw was the changing landscape of America. It is a beautiful museum with amazing Tulsa skyline.

Deborah Eastman

Went today to the fun day at the museum. The admission was free. The activities were free. There were large crowds of adults and children all having a wonderful time. It was great to see the excitement on the faces of the children as they waited in line to take a picture with Santa Claus.

Hades Fang

It's an amazing place of learning

Rick Bell

OH MY this place was incredible. from the archeticture to the beautiful grounds there are wonderful exhibits all over this awesome mansion setting

Christine E

Go when things are blooming and take the garden tour. So gorgeous!

Jerri Scherff

Pulitzer Prize exhibit was awesome!

Nate Black

There is a ton of great art here. I’m particularly fond of the collections depicting the American west. There is an excellent exhibit downstairs for children and teens that integrates digital technology with ancient artifacts to teach about the ancient inhabitants of the Americas, about their ways of life, material culture, myths and legends, and more.

valoree cannon

Beautiful pieces of art and very informative tour guides.

Hailey Gardner

Awesome place to see things bring your kids!!

Mythical Unicorn

Something you dnt do everyday and its frew to walk the gardens outside.. Take the kiddos and pets and plan a 1hr walk in the historic gardens of Gilcrease Museum.


Nice museum. Worth visiting

Joe Bedale

Impressive collection of Western and Humdson River School art! A good number of masterpieces!

Cheryl Tollette

Haven't been here for a long time. Still as good as I remembered.


My family, friends, and I love this museum. We have a great time there. There’s a lot of things you can do at Gilcrease, both inside and outdoors. They add new exhibits often and it’s nice to come back after awhile to see them.

Tarrah Ross

I took my preschool here for a self guided tour. The museum gave us our own section of the museum to walk through then provided us craft supplies for the kids to make their own creations. We finished with lunch on the beautiful grounds then a walk around the pond.

Susan Cozier

Beautiful day. Dylan exhibition was wonderful.

Ross Rogers

Wonderful exhibition. I will be back. Restaurant was good also.

richard white

The collection of art he is tremendous! Very beautiful paintings, sculptures, and castings! The museum permanent displays have a rich history of the western United States from many perspectives. The temporary exhibition including Pulitzer prize winning photos over the years was moving and brought back many memories!

Joe Boydston

A nice little gem of Tulsa.

Charles Russell

Fabulous travelling Bierstadt exhibit. Some good Remington, Russell and Catlin paintings. Very nice grounds and facility. Helpful staff. Definitely worth the visit.

Mikala Smikal

Very lovely museum. A lot of historic paintings and artifacts inside the museum as well as a gorgeous garden on the property. Highly recommend

Sabrina Laizure

I always enjoy going there

Matl Lop

You need the whole day to read and see all the exhibits. Beautiful and interesting.

Ethan Sam

I was *shocked* at some of the pieces they have here, particularly the colonial American pieces (certified copy of the declaration, bust of George Washington and Lafayette found elsewhere only in the Palace of Versailles, letters from Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin). Really pleasantly surprised by our visit, as we’d been told it was mainly a “cowboy” art museum. To be fair, there’s a ton of Native American and Cowboy-themed art (a really extensive collection) but they had quite a bit else there. Took us perhaps 2 to 2.5 hours to take our time and see it all and the restaurant was a great break while we visited.

Elizabeth Campbell

The artwork is well lit. The museum is well kept. They are routinely switching out displays to keep everything fresh and exciting. Incredibly beautiful and well kept grounds. They have other events from time to time. For example outdoor movie night. It is a family movie for all to enjoy.

Lisa Revis

Wonderful exhibits! I really enjoyed my visit.

Mark Tate

Great museum: I enjoy their well done displays every time I come.

dustin chandler

Very interesting collection of native American artifacts

Falen LeBlanc

Love all the educational and fun events they put on!

Cheryl Knowlton

Wonderful art displays. Worth the trip.

Judith Little

Always interesting exhibits.

John Leeds

This is close to home and always makes a great backdrop for photos.

Mark Craig-Davenport

Seriously, don't miss it. It's a gem

Kathleen Butler

A very extensive price range so you can spend as much or as little as desired. Staff very helpful. Restaurant was very nice, as were staff. Museum was very informative and beautiful. Gift shop was very inviting and offered

Arthur Curtis

One of my favorite spots in Tulsa

Timothy Frazier

A Tulsa landmark. It is a great museum for people. Visit it and you will not be disappointed.

Bill Hodgson

The Gilcrease has a jewel of a collection I try to bring to the attention of non-Oklahomans. The Remington and Russell sculptures are a great set. There's a lot more range to the art, as a whole, than one expects. Many of the American West paintings are great postcards of the period, forerunners of the action art/illustration of modern times. Visit the awesome landscapes. Stand in front of Moran's massive Shoshone Falls, just close enough for it to fill your sight, and feel the vertigo and splendour. There's a good interactive exhibit downstairs, a great glass-walled hall, and lots of things going on.

Ann Trout

Excellent regional museum with emphasis on Western art and the native tribes of the Americas. The core of the collection originated from the estate of the Gilcrease family, so there is also a quirky scattering of other historical and ethnological holdings. The temporary exhibits are topical and add breadth to the visit. Highly recommended.

Carolee Duffey

Beautiful Indian Headdresses and historical art. Most beautiful!

Juanita Merchan

Very nice museum.

Larry Knott

Its not the bigest museum, but ranks near the top with the best.

Brad Gibson

What a treasure! The wife and I spent a few hours there recently and barely scratched the surface of what Gilcrease has to offer.

Annette Jones

Gorgeous set up, clean, full of information & learning tools. It held a diverse arsenal of art, & lots of things for children to see & do. I loved that part because it allowed the children to experience Art & history. There wasn't an "African American(AA)" presence at all. Just an exhibit to an AA comic book character but 99% of the characters in the comic were not. As an AA woman & mother knowing the rich & also tragic history of AA in Tulsa, when I took my children there I expected to see & be able to show them something regarding people who look like us. That's the only thing lacking in this museum. Which is why I give it 4 stars instead of 5.

Bruce Burcham

An outstanding collection of bronzes, art and documents in their display. With frequent rotations of other works. Currently Bob Dylan and Pulitzer Winning Photos.

Amelia Roberts

We only did pictures there in the gardens flowers were blooming. Very well kept.

Jessica Elmore

The Gilcrease Museum is a must-see attraction in Tulsa. Check their website as they regularly have days that are free to the public. The temporary exhibits are fascinating. Once they had art exhibits surrounding "chocolate" which included the smell of chocolate being wafted through the exhibit! Another favorite was Norman Rockwell. There is always something new to do and see at this museum. They have days full of children's activities including hands-on arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, etc. Once there was a screen printing activity that was super fun. There is a restaurant on site as well as a beautiful park and pond behind the museum.

Mauiboy Sunny

Lots of fun, educational and good food tasting. They should have let people in the first corridor to get out of the cold and rain. Otherwise very pleasant evening

Hajime Hinata

Great place to step into nature without getting lost.

Jessie Wissman

Historical art museum with changing exhibits. Downstairs has interactive area where you can use tablets to look up more information about the hundreds of very old artifacts that are located on shelves and in drawers that range from pottery to stone arrow points. On site restaurant has an upscale feel for a quick lunch overlooking some great views of the area. Trails around the property feature statues set in the scenic outdoors. Stone steps lead down to a path around the pond and out to the verandah. Worth a visit every now and then as the exhibits change.

Michael Barron

Great place. Permanent exhibits of both Native American and world famous Anglo-American artists. Native American art from all over US and a time periods. Recent art work gives good overview of western American art (as opposed to European/contempory). Restaurant has well deserved reputation and good place to eat. There are five historic renditions of American gardens well worth a stroll. Several delightful walking trails well worth the trip to Gilcrease alone. Special exhibits (Pulitzer Prize photographs from 1942 to president, current until July 11, one of the most powerful I've ever experienced. The tissues, ever present, will be necessary)

Ruth Radermacher-Yurick

Very interesting & nice place to visit. View from place is amazing!

Austin Ferguson

A must see for any Oklahoman! Great parking, well lit at night.

Abby Herring

Amazing museum. I loved the art based on the eyes of immigrants :)

Amber Ackerman

Such a fun place to take the family!

Susan Berbee

Beautiful place and artwork, very peaceful. We went to see the handwritten copy of the Declaration of Independence. Very cool!

Paul G.

Went to see the Purlizter prize winning photos and the other exhibits. Nice staff, very helpful. Huge gift shop.

Ken Dillman

So many beautiful paintings and sculptures. We spent 4 hours and saw less than half of the exhibits.

Ian Chenevert

Fantastic collection ranging from Native American to Western to Americana and Bob Dylan. A must visit while in Green Country.

Jennifer Thomas

Always variety of shows thru the year. Just saw great Bob Dyan exhibit and Pulitzer Prize photos exhibit! Along with extraordinary, permanent collection of western art.

Mary Keidle

Absolutely loved it. The artwork and relics were beautiful and informative. The interactive part in the lower level was great - I especially liked the prairie dog story. It was a good lesson that I will use when talking to groups in the future. My coffee mug and coaster set with Bill Rabbit art was frosting on the cake.

Arianna Benassi

The museum has a great location, with an amazing view of the downtown, beautiful gardens and great collections!!! Lots of event for kids and family during the third Sunday of the week when the entrance is free! Great museum, I had fun and I will certainly go back!

Kimberly Osment

My first time. After 50 years of going to Gilcrease 3~4× a year. Seeing the front gardens and Thomas Gilcrease home. BUT I HAVE NEVER walked the grounds, trails, and behind the museum. It's awesome AS ALWAYS. Classic Thomas Moran art. Charles Russell bronzes. Western frontier. As Lewis and Clark once saw it. But loved the Bob Dylan curator and insights. TRULY FIRST RATE. Thanks, GKF.

Cheri Donaldson

I love this museum! We took children to the learn and play meeting. It was very entertaining and kept the children's attention. Well done!

Lisa Wickersham

Really enjoyed seeing the Remington sculptures and the special exhibits. Additionally, the views from the museum are incredible.

Tom Yeley

Absolutely wonderful, already looking forward to another trip.

Bobby Ricketts

Outstanding museum! The docents are very helpful. The exhibits are thought out nicely

David Miller

Garden is in full bloom and worth checking out

Van Hodges

Haven't been to the museum in a year or more. Came to see the Pulitzer prize photographs. Very moving and great exhibit.

Nancy Vang

It was so beautiful and I had a great time seeing all of the history

Marc O'Hara

Very interesting and interactive museum with an amazing collection for it's size

Jessica D

Love the trail, ponds & wildlife.

Brandy Smith

Such an amazing collection of Native American artwork and other super cool exhibits.

Terry Wilson

I have been to the Gilcrease Museum twice and it is just incredible. The amount of American Indian artifacts is impressive. They also have many other paintings and statues. Well worth a visit.


Very well maintained. Great collection of arts. I couldn't stop admiring the scenic views on the top of the hill. You could take a stroll outside the collections too.

Roberta likes

Quite interesting and informative, we had fun with the kids the daddy we went

Cindy Shry

Wonderful field trip for 5th, 6th grade students.

Christina Hardway

Gorgeous views of downtown Tulsa-Serene gardens and so much artwork. Family oriented events and super helpful staff make this a repeat destination for us.

Linzi A'Fortieri

Went for the viewing of the Declaration of Independence and was not disappointed. Good presentation and helpful staff showed me the ramp to make it easier for me to get downstairs, without having to even ask. Nice! Kids and I enjoyed the artwork and the grounds too. Great place to visit, I always enjoy it.

Richard Koenig

Our favorite museum. Great exhibits and amazing permanent collection. Beautiful views.

John Coulson

I love gilcrease museum I will be going back

Tom Anderson

Great for continuing your learning of American Indians not only the Okkahoma tribes. Insight into T C Cannon is worth your time. What a story have they presented!

Sarah Stanley

They have a lot of really cool things to look at and the staff is really helpful and excited to show you artifacts. A great representation of Native American history and the history of the region.

Melissa Forman

Very nice time. It was Sunday Funday so all the kids got in FREE!! They always have some activity going on too!!

Lissa Thornburgh

Wonderful museum...MUST return soon

Clayton Graham

Thank you so much for bringing the Bierstadt pieces. I am very glad I had the opportunity to see something that has inspired so many others.

Colin Shawhan

Gilcrease has opened my eyes to the world of Native American art. Yes, of course there are thousands of fascinating artifacts, baskets and pottery, but the genre has so much more to offer. Contemporary native art is edgy, introspective yet has universal appeal. This is one of my favorite genres now, largely thanks to Gilcrease.

Becky Shearer

Love love love this place on Earth!!!

Miranda Moore

Love this place! Many George Catlin works!

Jason Brown

The largest high quality compilation of native American artifacts that I've ever seen in one place. Delicious food in the classy cafe. Amazing views from every step you take on the grounds. My family will definitely be back time and time again. #NARM

Andy Mejia

The museum had several very well done exhibits. One included the ability to look at artifacts and look up information about them on a tablet.

Laroy Leaders

Building and gardens are great. Beautiful art and wonderful exhibits. I would highly recommend. I would love to go back when they have a new exhibit. The gardens were huge and lovely.

Sealiena Cox

Great cultural history museum.small food menu for restaurant. But really reasonably priced.quiet peaceful atmospheres. Gift shop is real spendy

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