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REVIEWS OF Frontier City Theme Park IN Oklahoma

Troy Gibbs

Was not impressed at all! You can tell they are two steps from shutting down. Doesn't seem maintained at all compared to other parks. Kids even asked when we pulled up if this is a pop up carnival. But then again we are from Virginia and are used to how Busch Gardens is maintained in Williamsburg. So much nicer.

Dana Kearby

Nearly half the rides were already closed for the season including the water park area. We had fun with all we did but going to Frontier City and riding the boat is tradition, but since it was closed... My niece and nephew were extremely disappointed.

Lily Prats

This was the worst theme park I have ever been to. We paid upwards of $70 to stand in line for hours, only for almost every ride to be shut down when we got to the front of the line. When we finally did get to ride a coaster, it broke down in the middle of it. For a busy time of year when people are excited to go to places like this, management should have made sure that the rides would be working properly. The tickets are also sold in a shady way, wording them as though haunted houses were included, when they are actually a separate charge. Total let down and a waste of time and money.

Val Moose

We've had memberships for 5 years and this is the worst it has ever been. Over priced since six flags bought it, parking is a joke!! Six flags bought this place and are trying to implement big amusement park ideas into this already cramped park. The parking lot is not big enough for "reserved" parking. And the amount of handicapped parking is a joke! Nothing was running, bathroom had one sink and one hand dryer working. We won't buy memberships again.

Randi Creek

Frontier City isn't as fun as it used to be. It closed at 9, on a Friday. Not all of the rides were working. Highlight of the day was at the water park & Renegade Rapids. Some of the staff was pretty nice. We had to buy season passes so it's a good thing they work at all Six Flags theme parks. And the old time photos are still there! Not going to lie, I miss the old Frontier City. Back when it was more alive & everybody wanted to go there!!

Gamers Overboss

Rides are fun, though kind of worn down. However in my opinion it’s too expensive to bother. Bare minimum will need around $200 for parking, entering, and drinks unless a special is going on.

Michael Marris

I always enjoy frontier city, the staff is happy and energetic and always willing to assist you. My only complaint would be that the water area closed earlier then the t one they had posted so we didn't get to swim.

James Smith

Its a great place esp with season passes. I also loved going to Six Flags with the same passes. I havent taken the kids to the splash pool they just built but it seems cute. If your into mega rides like me you might get used to the smaller lineup of coasters but all in all its a fun place and the magic show was really fun and neat as well.

Rebecca Lassiter

Lots of fun rides for all ages. I liked that they had metal detectors at the front gate. Maps were readable and very easy to follow. There is a playground that is huge and the little one were all over it. Good place to take a moment or ten to rest!

Travis Remillard

It's a nice park. Never really huge lines. The staff could smile a little more but hey they are kids. Nice place for a day of fun

Hunter Ninth

Decent theme park. The rides are pretty good, but lines can be long. The food like any amusement park is ridiculously overpriced. Would definitely recommend, but bring your own water bottles and refill them at the water fountains to save some money.

JD Hilmes

Loved the Six Flags membership and meal plan. Park needs better food options like chicken wings. Rides are very plain, wished Six Flags would install a ride that further gives it an identity, a reason to want to go there for a cool ride.

Destiny Sheets

This place is a complete waste of money and price gauging is everywhere. Stuff is broken, unkempt, and not worth the money. Make the drive to six flags until they clean this hot mess up.

Kristin Hicks

Fright feast, was amazing! Yall did good, got me screaming, and the haunted houses was amazing as well, I love how the staff stayed in character!

trish Smith

It was a small, cute version of the Six Flags parks we've visited before. Not a lot of thrill rides and we got there right after it opened so no lines. Came back after 6 for Fright Fest and our kids enjoyed the haunted house. Don't expect a big park like STL or Dallas and you'll be fine.

Sherry Scott

Bad experience last time no ice at any of the concession. Warm drinks only. Long lines computers down so refused to sell food and let it set there forever then sold it to people later. The time before that we went to get burgers at the place between wild cat and rapids and they were very expensive and tasted like they were day old oveer cooked left out then microwaved then let get cold again. Horrible burgers and fries and paid 30 for two burger and fries that were not edible ordered cheese on fries barely got the cheese.

Robert Ferreiro

Not a terrible park overall but absolutely awful value wise. Regular admission is 40 if pre purchased, 50 at the gate. Parking is $20, a grand ripoff. I managed to get one ticket free from a blood drive and another discounted through a deal, and between the discounted ticket, the free ticket, and the parking I think I still paid too much for the experience. The rides are short and the roller coasters only run one car. This is not magic kingdom or kings island but they want to charge like it.

Candace Rain

While the park is small, it is not a bad one. I've read where people were mad at the long lines and lackluster personnel, but I believe those people have never been to a real amusement park like Disneyland or Universal Studios. Long lines are to be expected there, so we don't think anything of it when going to other parks. However, on this particular occasion we were able to do the park from opening at 1030am and completed all rides in about 2 hours. We do have season tickets from Six Flags Over Texas-Arlington so we didn't pay for parking or tickets. We also have the meal plan, so our meals were free. Having said that I honestly think it's a good idea to come here at least once whether from out of town or not. Expect long lines as a given and you'll be pleasantly surprised how much you get done when it's an off day. The day we went did have rain in the morning and it's quite possible everyone decided not to go or were at the water park. Or out of state whichever lol. If you're hoping to eat at the park but are vegan or even gluten free you might want to rethink it. They do have salads but its chicken bacon ranch and I have a feeling it's the chicken fingers they use for it. Other than that if you don't care about your diet, I thoroughly recommend the cheeseburgers because at the time they were very good for a Six Flags park in that they were not dried out but were pretty juicy. Unfortunately they do seem to have a fly problem that they need to address. Maybe some of those over the door fans that blow hard like Costco has. Fumigation is also advised. Some of the rides are pretty old but I don't think they'll be that way too long. They are not terribly thrilling except for the Silver Bullet as that one has one loop. The Wildcat was by far the best out of all the rides there. Not only was it longer but it also was pretty thrilling. It's more old fashioned though so it's made out of wood and you only use a lap bar and belts. But pretty cool none the less. If you're like us and have season tickets and want to experience all of the parks the Six Flags Corporation has to offer then don't pass this one up. Not only can you have fun but after you can go check out the Oklahoma National Memorial, which is a really nice dedication.

sabra's crazy family

My kids and I have a blast everytime we go to frontier city even though I do not ride all the rides. Still love seeing my kids smile

Christie Mays

We just made our last trip to Frontier City. It is super expensive, half the rides are not running, frightfest is a separate charge,the barhrooms are nasty dirty, and the food snd drinks are crazy expensive. If you can find anyone working at any of the food places. Staff is rude and unhelpful. This is where rides go to die. Park is so filthy that I didnt even want to sit down. This park is on it's way out.

Shine bright Beautiful

Ok this place has been around since I was a kid. And I know they have changed and added a few rides over the years but they need to do more ride improvement wise. And a change in concession would be nice. I’ll always have a place for this park in my heart. But wish they would improve more especially now that they are part of 6 flags.

Misty Brown

This was the first time I had ever went. It was so much fun there was plenty of options on drinks and food. There was places you could go in to cool down. The western stunt show was amazing. Loved how the places was set up and keep clean.

Justin Talley

Great family fun park. Very nostalgic, love all the rides even the crazy ones! Biggest downside I noticed today was lack of shade... For most rides. At least we could all get wet at the water park area!

Jazzy Playz

Amazing I'd give it 10 star's amazing rides. Can't wait to go again

Angela Eakes

For as expensive as it was, I would have expected a nicer park. Dirty, disrepair, $20.00 parking in a torn up parking lot. Many rides not open. HOWEVER, there was a lot of security so I felt safe. Lines were short until about 3pm (on a Sunday). The water park was fun!

John Rowe

immersive fun for the whole family. Go during the week right when they open and you feel like you have the park to yourself.

Whitney Thoma

Not the park from my childhood. From $20 parking to $50 for a pizza (that was low quality and burned) everything is overpriced. The restrooms were dirty and smelled of urine and the place was in disrepair. Someone smoked weed in one of the rides right in front of my 6 year old. I am sad to see it this way. I hope Six Flags puts some money in it to get it back.

Merlyn Rios

It is FrightFest time, is very good for families and friends, a lot of fun, times varies, Fridays they close at 11:00 pm Saturdays at 11:30 pm, if you have the meal plan you can use it until 7:30 pm, free refills until close. You have to pay to see the hounted houses, is 19.99 plus tax, depends if you have a membership, you get it free with Diamond and Diamond Elite. I recommend Loaded Nachos, very good.

Sarah Mcvay

Overall this is a decent amusement park. We found the Season Pass deal worked great for our family. We have already used them at Frontier City & Six Flags in Arlington. We also will be using them at Whitewater Bay. The rides are fun and about the norm for a park of this size. Bathrooms aren't bad, security is obviously present. Food and drinks are pricey, I suggest buying the cup (not cheap) and get free refills for the day. I wish they would clean the nasty gum on the walls by the log plume and the Rapids rides. Also, there is a nasty, moldy pond with no pump between the Sidewinder & the Gunslinger (which we've yet to see operational). The awful stinch travels with you as you pass these rides. This disgusting smell made me cough & almost made me sick. This is my biggest complaint.

Kendra Shelton

2 rides had to be maintained. Bees were crazy thick.


It's fun and the water rides are awesome. Looks like the place is run down though. Several rides are not working and had trouble in the photo room.

Amador Cardoza

Spooky atmosphere...scary areas... money friendly for working families... is all gone. Halloween was horrible (Oct. 19) I understand that they want to make money but prices are actually had to pay this time to go into the scary parts. Felt more like a ripoff...I don't drink but if you do be prepare to pay $9.50 a beer (excluding exported that will cost you $12.50 a can). I liked that they downplay the entrance fee ($49.99) by "add" additional passes....wait that does not include the hunted areas (blocking areas only made the park overcrowded)...150 dollars later (3 adults and thank God my Godson is 3 yrs old)...sorry I forgot the $20 parking space... $170 dollars later excluding taxes... we go in...hoping to see the Frontier we used to to explain this... I can do a better job on decorating in a $100 budget. This was made on purpose to create the "cool hunted areas" so you can buy the additional pass. Don't blame the employees they are just on to my story....had popcorn for $6 small bucket.... and the most expensive Gatorade I ever had $6.00... be prepared to be chased by scary monsters...oh wait my will need to chase the few people dressed that worked there...I actually saw around was going to the bathroom so that counts (forget about the show they used to do...not anymore...if they do it’s not included in you poor ticket of $49.99).... around 270 dollars later we left... Point number one: Don't waste your money. Point number two: Administration please consider what you are doing killing a park that used to be loved by the Oklahoma people. Point number three: “new” owners Frontier is NOT Six Flags...I’ll let that sink in… If I saved you from this disappointment...I have done my job ...have a great day.

xxUNICORNxx 1881

We had the best time ever! The water park was the best part! I love how the water slides are. We went on a Wednesday and the lines were not long at all, which is ideal. Parking is $20 & water bottles are $6, admission is pricey so you might as well buy season passes and visit the park more than once. It was all worth it.

Ann Thaxton

I grew up going to Six Flags in Arlington. It was always clean, every ride was in operation, the restrooms were pretty clean and the food was pretty decent - especially the Pink Things. Today we went to Frontier City for the first time. It was fun because it was our first visit. But several of the rides were not open - a bigger deal for a small park like this. Also, the restrooms were gross. We bought soft pretzels in the candy store by the entrance and there were I'd say, 25 flies in that store, all perched on the register. Every door we opened was absolutely filthy. the Floors were disgusting. My feet stuck to the floor in front of the soft drink dispensers in the main restaurant. It was all pretty gross. The water park was great though. I hope Six Flags can raise the standards SOON.

David White

Very expensive and not much to do. We had three free tickets as part of a blood donation drive event, so we only had to buy one ticket and pay for parking but it was still almost $80, even buying online at a discounted rate. Read the other reviews, as most are spot on. Walkways are very uneven, restrooms were not very clean, water fountains tasted bad, and some rides cost extra, but the park as a whole was kept clean for the most part. Probably the best part was not having to wait in lines very long. We went on a Wednesday and the park was pretty empty. After a couple hours, though, we were done and ready to leave. Definitely not up to Six Flags standards, but you're still paying the Side Flags price. Would not recommend unless you can get free tickets like we did.

Rosy Trujillo

OMG!! I love the new membership that includes six flags, meals and snacks for the whole year. Will definitely take advantage of i

M Foster

A nice park with a good variety of rides. It's not groundbreaking, as say, Cedar Point or Disney, but quite nice for a small themed park. Staff enthusiasm is probably the biggest weakness. Many ride ops are especially disinterested in participating in the illusion of having a good time. Blank stares and a snails pace are the norm. this is less than a month into the operating season and they already seen burned out. A lot of rides have single operators which makes loading and loading take a little longer than they should. I do not believe that any of The coasters operate more than one train and they typically are staffed at minimal levels.this is probably only a problem on busy weekends however as the park is not that big nor is the region that it attracts attendance from. However on many days rides are walkouts and you do not have to wait in much of a line. From what I can tell if food is typical six flags Fair. Not so great burgers decent nachos chicken strips and french fries. the real jewels of this park are the wildcat roller coaster, the Schwarzkopf designed looping star,log flume ride, and they also have a really nice river raft ride. Recently they've done large improvements to their kiddiey land with the addition of new rides. It was already a pretty good kiddie land with the small buildings and old kid coaster but they've added at least three quality rides to the existing arsenal of rides.

Shannon Sitham

It's really fun and you would have a great time. You will have to pay a minimum of $20 on top of normal admission to do any of the Halloween attractions. Other wise it's really fun. If you are planning on going more than once I highly recommend getting season passes. Season passes work at: Fronteer City, White Water Bay, as well as Six Flags Dallas. Tldr: would be 4 or 5 stars if we didnt have to pay extra for all of the Halloween attractions.

Ashlee Brown

I am extremely disappointed with frontier city these days. First of all it's $100 for two people just to get into the park and pay for parking. When I went, two of their main attractions were closed. Then my grand total for two over done and dry burgers with cold flavourless fries and two large drinks came to right at $50 which is absolutely insane! Then I paid $15 for two bottles of water and two rock candies. I only spotted two drinking fountains in the entire park. And then standing in line for 2-3 hours for a ride that last less than a minute is a huge let down. When six flags bought out frontier city their biggest mistake was charging six flags park prices for a park that doesn't come close to six flags. Yes frontier city is fun but u have to be pretty wealthy to go there, which being born and raised in Oklahoma, not many Oklahomans have $300-$400 to spend at a theme park. Six flags is causing frontier city to lose its roots with the people of Oklahoma. I will be surprised if it's still open within a decade. I really hope the corporate people in charge of prices gets their act together and Lower the prices BC at this rate they will lose business fast!

Chevelle Mccullough

Very upset because we drove 2 hours to go there and they said they were closed to the public for Saturday and Sunday. But it didnt say that on thier website. They should post that on there so people like us wont waste 4 hours. They were …

Bob Barnett

We had a wonderful time. I have one suggestion and could help with it if needed. Please update all the places online with the correct schedules. We arrived at 10:45 because Google listing said that was opening time and we were not the only ones, the official website had no times listed until we located the event calendar later, Facebook page has no hours listed and Alexa said it opens at 5pm. All of this can be updated easily. The website is in definite need of updating. I can help if you need it and would be willing to work it out for trade if that is preferable. We did have a good time though. Thank you! Let me know if I can help.

Joesph Phillips

Pricing is unreal. Water is 5.50 a bottle + tax. Vending machines are the same, exact change required. The family in front of me chose to go hungry over paying for the food, which was over 60 dollars for a snack and drinks.


Great park. Laid back, chill staff. Restrooms need work and really bad bee problem.


I don't know why people complain about this park. Its quaint, offers plenty of fun, and is less crowded than Six Flags Over Texas. One bit of advice, don't underestimate the Silver Bullet. Not only does it pack a serious punch, but as a 6ft 7in tall person, I swear I was almost decapitated when the car whizzed around a corner and past a different section of the track. It was so close I had to lean over out of the way. Tall riders beware!

jonnie doggett

Went for fright night...$20 parking and almost $600 for 7 people. No thank you, will never try to go there again. Lost the parking fee since we couldn't afford to attend..terrible experience!

Brandon Kirk

Was great and loved it just wish I didnt go when it was so hot

sheri waldron

Summer concert..King and Country.. Bought a membership to Six Flags so it wouldn't cost $60. It was awesome. I bought a bottle of water almost $6 whew expensive, but it was better than the all day drink plastic cup for $26. Then I found out I could have brought my own plastic cup in. Now I know.

mrs beverage

Lady at gift shop wouldn't sell my husband four wrist bands to get into the haunted house without us standing there with him. Wasted forty minutes walking two kids all the way over. We purchased the tickets that said frightfest included yet we had to pay twenty each for wristbands.


BEES EVERYWHERE!! Almost every ride has numerous bees flying closely to it, it’s a danger to everyone! We paid for season passes and the fright fest is a completely separate charge, might as well pay for a haunted house ! They have like 3 good rides and half of them aren’t working when I come, no new rides ever really. Probably not worth it

Danny Villa

I just went for my 1st time today. And sadly to say I was very disappointed

Wyjuana Montgomery

Good family fun for Oklahoma City. However Six Flags properties in larger cities have much more elaborate rides. Great roller coasters here, however.

kris compala

Several rides or attractions are just chained up at entrance and closed especially the go carts haven't been in years finally decided to come again and I won't be back such a disappointment.

James Dillon

We have gotten frontier city passes for years but this year is going to be the best by far! You can really tell there has been an influx of money and updates/new rides since the park was bought by six flags! It definitely good to see the investment and makes me k ow my family will be able to continue to enjoy the park for years to come!

Aaron Russell

It's sad how much disrepair Frontier City has fallen into. I remember as a kid in the 90's, the park was great. Nowadays though, half the attractions are broken or shut down, the restrooms are absolutely disgusting, half the arcade and vending machines do not work; and the same situation with the carnival games-- broken and/or no staff running them. We paid $30 per person (family of 6) and $18 per vehicle to park (we had two vehicles)-- that and paying $6 for a bottle of water and $10 for four chicken strips and some fries... For those kinds of prices, we just expect cleanliness and the attractions to actually work. We went during the second week of October so, Frightfest was going on. But when we seen how awful everything turned out to be, we weren't paying $30 extra for the haunted attractions that were plywood and folks in Walmart costumes...

mallory bertwell

Love the rides. The lines may be long but its worth the wait.. Food prices are kinda ridiculous especially for a water. But overall an amazing place

Tanner Slusher

It is great fun for a whole family to join it has rides for child, dare devils, or people who just a ride. Your bring so sort of clothes that you mind getting during the summer because of there water rides. They a little area for some fun in the water. It is a pricey though.

d'lyn k

I use to enjoy Frontier City, but it has become pathetic. Multiple rides don't work. The staff is completely oblivious to any form of manners. The food and drink has gone from high to ludicrous prices, and is usually burned. At one point it was a pleasant reminder of a happy childhood. Now it is just a giant waste of te and money. Plus, it's an embarrassment to Oklahoma.

Matt B

Great for kids 3-10, if you're looking for more thrill rides Six Flags Over Texas is a better option. Shows were fun, lines were short. Staff was in no rush at all so I would hate to be there on a busy day.

Phillip Braudrick

I love front Pierce Cityhad fun I love the hunted house parade Frank

Amberdawn Switzer

The fact that so much money is spent to come here, and they run out of the best price on drink cups is not in the best interest of the customer or the theme park it's self. The teenagers who run the shops are rude and are mostly goofing off when asked to speak to an adult we where denied. Also frontier City no longer allows straws or lids on there paper cups. So yes you can't leave the place where you bought it or it's spilled all over you as you fight off every bee and fly with in 100 miles.

Lois Hiltbrunner

My family and I have been to Frontier City many times and have enjoyed each time we visited. On Oct 5, 2019 we went again with several friends and family that had never been. To say the least .....I was very disappointed and very embarrassed as to how our experience turned out. For starters......the park was nasty and looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in a very long time. The rest rooms smelled of urine and each and every “vending” stand we went to or went into was a total wreck. The floors were sticky from spilled sodas or the soft drink machines leaking and every trash can I saw was over flowing. I was also very disappointed on how many of the rides were either out of order or just not opened. This was nothing like the other Fright Fest experiences that we have had. As anyone who has ever gone here knows.....we spent more money than I care to think about and for the services we got, I can honestly say that we will never be back. I’m not sure what has happened or what has changed, but last night’s experience was a huge let down.

Wavelon Jackson

Lines extremely long. And one game attendant just walked away from my 7 y/o son, no explanation or anything , when he wanted to play a game. A young lady a neighboring game gracious come over to offer service. Parking is not well established either.

Naomi Njuguna

10 0ut of 10 fright fest was amazing it was so spooky and awesone the rides are cool and the haunted houses are scary but fun

Zachary Berry

I enjoyed the rides that they have here. The last time I went, I found the Brain Drain ride under maintenance as soon as I got to the front of the line. There was also sticky spots all over the walkway due to soda or something. Be prepared to pay a lot for concessions and parking.

Alexander Green

I grew up in Norman. I went to frontier city every summer with my family until I was 16 or 17. That was years ago. I went back for frightfest this year, to find out that Six Flags has purchased our dear little theme park. Dont get me wrong, Frontier City wasn't a perfect park when I was a kid, but much more of it operated, and it was LITERALLY 10 TIMES CHEAPER. When my friend and I paid for tickets, and parking, and ended up shelling out 60 bucksish each, I thought "well its Six Flags, i bet they spruced the HECK out of FC, so the price is probably worth it right?" WRONG. More rides were broken, no new ones of any merit had been added, and every single concession was so expensive I thought I teleported to Las Vegas for a minute. It's an extortion now. We lost our beloved theme park. Screw you Six Flags.

Chad Collins

I’ve been to a lot of amusement parks, and this is by far the worst. General admission was $50, even for my 6 year old. They group their rides into moderate and maximum “thrills”. There are 10 rides in the moderate thrills category, but most of those are just generic carnival rides. As far as real rides, they only have 7, but 2 of those aren’t covered in the general admission price, you have to pay extra. We went in June, so it was peak season. On the day we went, there were half a dozen rides down for “maintenance”, including 3 of the maximum thrill rides. So between 3 rides down and 2 rides that cost extra, there were only 2 real rides available in the whole park. The park was also fairly dirty. Avoid this park, spend your money on something your family will actually enjoy.

Aaron Salisbury

We had a good time, but the food prices are absolutely outrageous. $45 for a “large pizza”, which was actually just 4 plates that each had one larger than normal slice of pizza, 4 breadsticks, and 4 watered down drinks. The park also seemed pretty dirty, especially on the water rides.

April Luper

We had so much fun. Its a small park but a good one. We loved the water park part as well.


This place is really fun and Six Flags recently purchased them so your Six Flags season pass and meal plan work here as well, so hopefully they will serve fountain coke soon. It's not an extremely big park but it is very family friendly and we had a really good time. The food was very good and the rides we did ride were also fun as well. They have a small water park on site but we did not do that. I think this is something you want to put on your list when visiting Oklahoma City and I'm sure you and your family will have a great time. If you dont have a season pass I would really recommend that you consider doing that as it can get was quite expensive very quickly. The parking alone was 20.00 and your season pass would cover this cost. I hope you get to stop by and have a visit because I am sure you will have as much fun as we did... Enjoy

Nate Black

We had a lot of fun here as a family. There is a lot to do and see, with rides and attractions appropriate for all ages. We were disappointed, however, that the bumper car we had was almost completely dysfunctional. We got stuck right in the way of most of the track and caused a large and protracted traffic jam and couldn’t do anything about it. Not only did we miss out on the fun, we caused a bunch of other drivers to miss out too. The worker didn’t seem all that concerned when I suggested she retire that car for the day to keep it from happening again. We didn’t return to the bumper cars so I never saw if she did anything about that malfunctioning car. Fortunately one disappointing ride didn’t ruin the whole day. We very much enjoyed ourselves.

Elizabeth Kleimola

Smaller than Six Flags but well worth going. The lines aren’t too long compared to the larger theme parks so that’s a plus. Probably spent 5 hours and went on almost all the rides. The roller coasters are smaller but they’re still great. I love that the Six Flags season passes work here too :)

David McAndrew

If there was a way to give 0 stars I would. This was the first time I had taken my kids to a park like this. It was the WORSE first time experience for them. $20 for parking, plus the cost of admission. Visited for National Beta Convention and I have to say that they were totally not prepared for it and that reservations were made 2 months ago. Only 3 snack locations were open and 2 were out of every thing. Workers in snack locations were rude and didn't want to help, dirty with grass and weeds growing inside at least one of them. Only a few rides were open, park was very dark and not lit, NO other attractions or things to do were available, unless you paid to do it, $5 for each one, they made sure that those attractions were open. Was told that they were short staffed and could not open everything. I guess since we got discounted tickets, we got discount service and well. Will NEVER return to this location. Expect to spend at least $100+ per person when going. And that's on a very low end. Will go to St Louis, or Texas locations instead. Been there and prices are a lot more reasonable.

Dublin Stroud

I remember this place being so much fun for fright fest just a few years ago. Now that they have sold out to Six Flags, the quality has sharply declined.

Dave Short

This park was recently taken over by Six Flags so I hope it gets better. Presently it feels very much in disrepair and the rides all seem to be operating at half speed. The shining star here is the Diamondback. That is truly the only ride worthy of the Six Flags name.

Zackery Lupton

I always go at least once a year for the haunted house. This year it was awesome and well worth the money to go. The only bad thing I can say is parking is $20 and I didn't see any security out in the parking lot. I drive a honda fit so $20 to park that little car is alot, but this place is so fun I plan on going for the holiday in the park event. It was awesome last year and I can't wait for this year.

Isabella Sorrels

Just a great friendly place to hang for the day!! You can go out and in but make sure you get a stamp. This place is awesome and the concerts over the summer are seriously the best thing!!!!

Tim Johnson

The water park was a blast. Changing area was gross. Was in the mood for a corn dog and I was forced to get fries cuz that’s how they’re sold. Corn dog ok, but these were easily the worst fries I’ve ever had. Limp and oily. I’m one of those people who hates waste and usually will manage to eat most of what I’ve (over)paid for. Spouse and I both had to throw in the towel after choking down only 2 or 3 of our respective orders. It’s actually kind of tragic in a first-world way. They aspire to be an Arbyesque seasoned curly fry and if fried at the correct temp for correct time among other variables, could actually be delicious.


Well....a lot of the rides were closed and no price adjustment offered. Really over priced food, vending and admission cost. Most of the games in the arcade were turned off or not working. I do not like giving bad reviews but this experience was just ok. The zip-line ($5) was nice! The wooden rollercoaster (Wildcat) was cool!

Piggy's Mukbang

Very hot,very expensive. The food wasn't all that to me considering the price. I had some nachos barely any cheese. Overall however I had fun with my daughter. Lastly they ran out of ice. We were so thirsty. It's fun for the family.

Leo Dance

I love the rides. I wished the turtle wheel and the tumbleweed was working. I enjoyed my first visit in many years.

Serena Ryan

Subpar theme park. VERY expensive and run down. I think a family with younger kids would enjoy it, though.

Olive Wilson

Had not been to park in 15 years. Spent a Saturday at the park and had a great time. Arrived when park opened no long lines. As day went on lines grew as park visitors picked up. Enjoyed all the rides and liked the new ones that were not there in the past. $20 to park was steep but was allowed to leave and return to park with a stamp so that made it ok. Plan to return to check out Fright Fest in October :) Still a great place to go my kids are all grown but still have Wildcat Roller Coaster that they rode over and over every time we went :)

Christian Moser

Go carts, Tumble weed, Silver bullet (Temporarily), Gunslinger, Tornado, The zip line The train Half the ferris wheel was broken, The men's bathroom was covered in urine, the arcade games were half broken and the floors were sticky, there was a thin layer of nasty algae over a lot of the standing water in the ponds, the old pond by the sidewinder/gunslinger I found 5 nails/screws.. I remembered this park very differently a long time ago and I hope it gets better/cleaner, I loved the Rapids and stuff and once the silver bullet was working again that was awesome plus the diamond back was great. The staff also looked and felt sad/miserable not really a place you go to spend a lot of money if everything is kinda bleak broken or boring ya know

Ashleigh Dauphinais

Worst experience of my life at an amusement park. The bathrooms were not well kept up, every ride was broken. Growing up north of Chicago, I went in with the similar expectations of Great America, however understanding the rides are significantly smaller and less. Every employee seemed miserable. I left wondering how Six Flags claims Frontier City as a park of theirs.

Crystal Thomas

Have memberships which are wonderful and come with plenty of perks. Added the dining pass recently (well worth it), but the Dining Pass hours end to early (730pm). If Frontier City would extend the hours since it takes 1.5 hours to get through a food line sometimes, that would be great. I barely got a meal before the concert yesterday.

Erma Gaston

I love Frontier City!! It is just the right pace level for every member of the family - young and old! Food is pretty good too.

Travis T.

The park was fun, well maintained, plenty of things to do. Rides were fun, free rides for the thrill seekers and a few for the laid back. This place is expensive. I don't go to amusement parks that often, so maybe I'm just a cheap person, there were no discounts, 4 adults and 4 kids ended up costing $450 just to get in. The drinks in vending machines were $5.50 for a 20 oz bottle of water or soda, a refill drink cup for one day was $20 for one cup or $16 a cup if you bought 3. 4 corn dogs, 4 bags of chips, and 4, 12oz drinks were $44.44. To get a picture from a ride was anywhere from $12 to $25 depending on size. They have water fountains that are few and far between, but at least that is free. Kids had fun and memories were made so I'll give it a 4 star review. Also be sure to check those Coca-Cola cans for discounts on admissions! Wish I would have thought about that before paying for admission!

Marcie Moore

It's time for upgrades. This place looks like it did 25 years ago....needs landscaping, new paint, new structures. Only reason I'm giving 3 stars is because the rides were operational, just don't hold onto the hand rails or you might get a splinter.

Linda Gomez

Fun family time!!! Rides were fun. Clean lunch area. You constantly see people cleaning. Food was pricey. Being a member would pay off it you and your family planned to attend more than 3 times a year.

Amber Golden

It was my first time here and they don't have much to ride. My kids and I went to six flags in Arlington tx a couple years ago and compared to this Arlington is much better. I will be taking my kids here for there first time soon but after that I like we will go to other locations

Colten Holley

Frontier City is great, but personally I don’t like Six Flags taking over. It seems that all of the prices were either doubled or tripled. The staff were great, the rides were great, and the park is trying to replace things like street lights and a bridge by the Sidewinder (you’re gonna have to take the longer way around) to improve its aesthetics. Now I’m just waiting for the parking lot to be completely gutted and replaced, reusing none of the old parking lot. Currently that is a nightmare. The pavement in the parking lot has buckled up in some places, and it seems that there are more potholes than there are parking spots, and the parking lot is fairly large.

Hector E. Hernandez Adorno

Even when price went up drastically since six flag got it, our family had fun for a day. Wish it could be more affordable. Expecting to see more new changes and attractions coming in to relate price more relate to what park have to offer.

Jenny Scott

Here for a private event with a couple thousand middle school kids. Rented for 9-midnight. Arrived at 9:00 and finally got inside at 9:45. Why would you not fully staff security? Poor lighting for a known evening event. Even saw a worker stumble in the dark. Bathroom smelled strongly of urine. Concessions super overinflated. Not all rides running. Very disappointing. Sad for the organization that arranged it as they wanted to present the best of Oklahoma. This is certainly not it.

Thomas Horne

It looks severely depressed and abandoned. Basically a grouping of carnival rides that don’t move but have rusted in place. Staff is rude the entire park is rotting and dying. It is the dirtiest I have ever seen and the shows are a shadow of what they were. Everything is far too expensive. I would not recommend it. It’d be far better to take the short drive to Arlington to visit a real theme park. I don’t see Frontier City lasting much longer.

Bryce Hays

If you live close and buy a season pass it's a good way to spend a day here and there but it is by no means a park to write home about. All of the food is sub par and there are little to no healthy options not to mention how slow/inefficient they are at taking orders and getting them to you.

Rosemarie Brown

This is one of our favorite places to go with our kids and our extended family. There is something for everyone to do even if you don't like to ride the rides. During Halloween I got to participate in the Freak Show and pull a sword out of a woman's mouth! With it now being Six Flags, we are hoping to get a new big attraction ride. Also, we love the Gun Fight show, but it's been pretty much the same thing for the last 5 years. We really like the shows and the eats and hope these get whomped up as well. If visiting Oklahoma with kids, this is a great way to spend the day! We have season passes.

Justin C

If you enjoy going through airport security, and consider it to be some sort of thrill to be treated as a criminal without having done anything wrong, this place is for you. Otherwise, Frontier City is an expensive farce. There is nothing educational or interesting. There is nothing resembling any sort of workmanship or craftsmanship whatsoever. Only the almighty Dollar is worshipped here, and they will take a lot of them, giving very little in exchange. No outside food or drink is allowed, yet NONE of their food services is allergen friendly. Not sure how those of us with allergies are supposed to eat. Wait staff is surly and apathetic, treating their customers as though they are a burden. Tables are filthy. One of the pizza joints had a full cheese pizza sitting on a soft drink apparatus, covered in green mold. No water fountains to be found, forcing patrons to purchase their special cups, severely overpriced bottles of water, or stand in line at the restaurants just for a tiny little water cup. Oh, and their special cups? Strap them down tight to your body or other patrons will steal them from you. They appear to block cell service. In spite of have excellent signal reception, data does not work at all. Don’t worry, though, they have a wonderful WiFi service after they make you sign up for all their marketing propaganda.

Chef Shamsher

Went to see Alter Bridge here in 2017 and loved it. Great to bring in your families.

Carlos Moore

I use to visit this park at least a couple of times a year as a teenager. It was fun, but not anything to write home about. We took our son there today and it was about the same. He enjoyed it, but was not fighting us to stay when it was time to go. The whole park is paved in black asphalt, so that makes the day really hot. Everything appears to be old, but in working condition. Be prepared to spend $15 for 3 bottled waters and rides are available off and on. With that said we would go there again if there was not anything else going on. It might be time for some upgrades FTC.

Steven Dawson

So today we had a family reunion at the park while walking around the park we decided to go ride go karts. We witnessed a young girl maybe 14-15 go into a seizure then go head first into the wall 3 times while the employees just sit there and watch. I ran through the gates to help the little girls mother stop the go kart while the girl was still unconscious and the employees didn’t do anything but stand there. After we got the go kart shut off we realized the young girl was bleeding on her foot well we realized that some how when she hit the wall she ripped almost a baseball size hole in the bottom of her foot. The employees had no first aide kits so I took my belt off wrapping it around her let to try and stop the bleeding. Then the girls dad took his shirt off to help control the bleeding. Meanwhile it took the medics 15 mins to get to the track. I understand a lot of the employees here are probably high school kids but they definitely need a lot more training for situations like that. Poor poor decisions made by the staff and the medical staff at the park today.

Alex Wood

So many things to do here. There are plenty of places to eat, although they are pretty costly. Several places to refill your drink. If you buy a souvenir cup, you can get 99 cent refills. Tons of rides, some of which are for little kids. There are gently rides and there are rough ones. There are bathrooms throughout the park aswell.

Steve Collins

This park has come a long way, but still as a little further to go before it finally becomes a solid theme park like Oklahoma is so desperate for. The park is clean, well themed, and managed decently. The rides are nice, but old and tired. They really need to invest in some new major rides.

Jennifer Sams

Great local theme park associated with Six Flags.... Food is pretty good. Rides are fun, and the size of the park makes it an all day adventure! Take advantage of the double park pass which gets you into White Water OKC, allows free …

Beatrice DeLaFuente

It was kind of cloudy when we went so it wasn't miserably hot! Rides were so fun though. The specials they have for members are great!

Sugar Toast

I really enjoyed it. The rides were amazing and sadly we didn't get to ride them all. It did have it's cons though. The pizza was 11 dollars for 1 slice and it flat and not worth it. Overall though I enjoyed it. Lovely place.


The machines are always out if ice, and alot of the time at least one of the more popular attractions are down

Allie Tilley

Park was fun and rides for all ages. However, it needs paint and refurb. Staff needs customer service training.

Daniel Willis

Had fun! Would have been five star but a few rides were not available to ride do to being out of order.

Adelle Cole

I went here with my mom during my college visit. It was so fun! The staff are friendly and rides are fun. I’ve seen reviews of locals complaining about the food prices and such, however, the prices are nothing out of the ordinary for most …

Chantel West

I was unaware that people will be walking around in Halloween costumes in September. A man had on a Jason costume with a bloody knife. A person in a creepy bird costume was chasing a child. My daughter was terrified to the point we had to leave.

Amber Getts

I love having things I can do with my many children and husband. We purchased season passes for all 5 of us. We were so let down with the customer service at the front. ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! First of all- how do you figure out who works their? Who thought wearing outfits that look like customers would be a good idea? Plaid? Really? There were only two workers the first visit in customer service. They expect you to use the computers available to fix any problems. Or your own phone. They can’t just jump on a computer and solve a problem? Or help us purchase items. They didn’t even know how to use the app. They then brought in a supervisor to help and she brought us to a computer and did everything we were told we had to do ourself. Mind you our children are hot and bored. That’s not when everything but the customer service is horrible

Billie Sue Morrison

It was a fun Frightful evening We enjoyed the chicken strips and curly fries

Heather Elroy

A lot of stuff wasn't open when we went. Lines were short tho. But we got sick early and left after 3 rides. It was cute, tho.

Doug Cresse

The grand kids really enjoyed their time at Frontier City. We promised to take them again.

Joseph Austin

Everything was fine except the prices for food or drinks and the disorganization in the main dining area. The rides are fun, but it was soo busy when we were there that many rides had over an hour wait time.

Kelly Pensoneau

Great little park if you have a season pass! Very affordable. If you don't have a season pass, then it will feel very expensive for what you get. Go on a weekday and get there right when the open. There will be virtually no lines. Plan ahead & bring swim suits. In 2-4 hours you can ride just about everything you want to.... twice. After you are hot and tired from riding stuff. Take the kids to the splash park! This is not a giant Six Flags or Disney park. It is kind of a miniature version, but still fun. But a season pass and go twice and it pays for itself. With the pass, you get into White Water Bay also.

Tina Dysinger

It's a fun place to take the family. I took my kids. If it wasn't for the free passes I got from work I would never had been able to afford the $44 admission per person. Or the $6 for a bottle of water. I remember going to Frontier city during high school. My friends and I went almost every day. It only cost $10 to get in. I know that was 30 years ago, but still.

Kay oof

Really fun !! I think if they added a big swing ride it would be perfect but sadly they don't its fine thought!!!!! SO FUN I RECOMMEND

Andrea koepke

Since six flags has taken the park over it has become more overpriced than ever. This place is a sham now! All the good rides were shut down and there is a up charge for all the haunted trails for fright fest. That's on top of parking and entry witch totals $80


Well where do I start? 5 members in family with membership and meal plan. Every single time we go (1-3 times weekly) multiple rides closed. Today was log ride, wild cat, and steel lasso. Half the food places are closed. The place is run down and not maintained. How many uears before the baloon ride is going to open? Gunslinger closed for last 2 years. What the hell.

Felicia Buckaloo-Cobbs

We took a group of 12 kids and 3 adults. Everyone had a blast. We really enjoyed the water park.

Sativa Lisa

It was hot, but they don't have mist stations anywhere. They don't have enough water fountains... We waited in line for 2 hours and one from our group went to look for water to refill our bottles.. He had to go to the other end of the park. This is not safe!

carly vaught

Fun & thrilling rides! The smell can sometimes get bad and lines get long other than that, good!

Gregg Garrett

Clean park filled with the usual mixed bag of people and overpriced carnival type items for purchase. Mostly older rides but appear well maintained. My kids enjoyed being able to ride most everything there.

Jacqueline Brown

We had a great time and the water park is a huge must. Don't forget to bring your swimsuits. Thanks EPIC and sponsors

Kris Holt

Despite being a holiday weekend it could have been an off day/week but several rides were not operational or had no attendants running them. Six Flags has better theme parks that are worth the entry fee.

Jonathan Lilly

Fairly pricey but decent sized park and rides. The place needs upkeep, cleaning and more staff for sure. I would have given this place 2 stars but the water park area was very impressive.

Rueban Castro

Spent two hours in the concession line. The breeze doesn't blow in the park, you will know what I mean when you get by 44 while waiting in line for the steel lasso. Gawd awful and costs out the rear end.

Amanda Wren

It has a lot of fun to offer all ages. The prices for drinks and snacks are stupid. $27 for 1 drink and 1 nacho? They really need more rental scooters too.

Ashton Kazmierczak

Dont waste your time or money on the Fright Fest this year. We went last night and were extremely disappointed. First the scare zones that used to be free are now an additional charge. They claim to have 5 free scare zones but dont let them fool you into thinking they are worth your time. They are not. If you plan on eating here plan on waiting for over an hour in food lines. No lie. They are completely understaffed. The parade was underwhelming and the zombies/scare characters that usually walk around were nowhere to be found. If you plan on just doing the rides it is ok. But if you want the halloween type experience, you will be disappointed.

Andrea Clark

This is a great place to bring novice thrill seekers. The small children area has serval small rides as well as places for kids to play. Add in the splash pad and new water slides for the older kids you have a great place to cool off during the summer.

Kyle Kutter

Love how conveniently located it is in the city, but I do wish it got some overhaul done to the facilities. The water section is definitely a life saver in the middle of the summer heat.

George Bonesteel

The park is not crowded so that was nice, short lines so we could ride the rides multiple times. Unfortunately the bathrooms were so disgusting at 12 noon only a hour and a half after the park opened my wife and daughter in law and granddaughters refused to us the facilities. The food building were very disappointing with over priced food ( 10.99 for a slice of pizza) and a definite oder of lack of cleaning. The ice cream parlor had flies on everything and were sitting in the fudge and cake that were not stored in a closed case. We also purchased the fee refill drink cups but on our first refill the concession stand near the bumper cars informed us they had no ice at 4 pm and the next place we went to ( pizza parlor) tried to charge us .99 cents for a refill? A little supervision on proper cleaning and a slight drop on the food and $5.50 bottles of water it could be a very nice place to spend the day and worth getting season passes.

Skye Scroggs

Great family time today! Member passes worked great. The fries both times on two different places were very disappointing and most of the employees didn't act like they wanted to be there, but other than that, it was great.

Lacey Bynum

I liked the rollercoasters. The lines were pretty quick. A lot of the rides were broken down though.

N00B Gamer_ KID

It's a fun place a couple hours from my house. They could use a couple new roller coasters or thrill rides but with a season pass it's a great place to get out of the house and have a day of fun.

Idania Canales

Horrible. The lines were short a people were nice but the food and drink lines were 2 hours long or more they're was only working the register and orders and the small outdoor concessions weravall closed. Also I bought a Gatorade from a vending machine for 5.50 and it was hot everything is overpriced and not worth the line or the price. First and last time I buy a season pass and not enough rides to call themselves six flags really dissatisfied and disappointed this frontier city is not what it use to be when I was young it it's really run down

Samantha Sheetz

Nice smaller amusement park, definitely a place for families and kids. There are a few pretty cool rides for adults mostly kid stuff though. My husband and I had a good time.

Triple TTT

Good place if you don't want to travel very far. Obviously it isnt very big, but you can make the most of it.

Juanita Clayton

Frontier City Fright Fest is epic! Halloween shows, rides, and more than enough haunted attractions. Don't miss this hauntingly spooky experience!

Bobby Goines

This is a great place to introduce kids to rides! The main rides aren't as thrilling as others I've rode in the past, but they are fair and since my kids like them; we can ride together. I prefer other Six Flags parks myself, but since …

Brandy Motsinger

Since Six Flags bought out our small Oklahoma amusement park and started charging mega park prices, it sucks. We have come to Fright Fest every year and look forward to the costumes and the fun. Half the rides were shut down and bees are swarming everywhere! Bathrooms aren’t clean! Save your money. Hope Six Flags doesn’t drag our small park into the mud

Brooklyn Sloan

It’s always fun for me my family and friends. we always have a blast. it’s never dirty the machines don’t leak because there are buckets under them the trash cans aren’t over filled and fright fest is always scary and fun I think it’s funny …

Aaron Lyles

I will not be getting season passes next year. I usually get my daughter and I them every year. But since Six flags owns it they nickel and dime all there customers. Nothing has changed at all there but they want to charge for everything. Do not get season passes there they don’t work for everything like they did before.

Ivette Fred-Castro

Took my 3 y/o grandson to Frontier City and he loved it!!! It's really great for young children. However, we were disappointed that many of the rides weren't functional; specifically the Centennial Train. He was really looking forward to seeing and riding the train. We spent a good part of the day at the water park area and again it was a blast. Not a whole lot of bigger kids pushing and shoving the little ones. Needless to say, he didn't want to leave. We're members of Six Flags so this little park was awesome for my youngest grandchild. My other two grandchildren love Six Flags at Arlington, TX ... GRANDMA LIKES FRONTIER CITY that's more my speed :-) If I wasn't a member, I would say the parking is way too expensive ($20.00). The corn dog and curly fries we purchased at the water park were very very greasy. Food in general was expensive. On the upside, you can pack a cooler and when you're ready for lunch you can get stamped go back to your car, eat, and go back inside. Another good thing is they'll let you bring in your water bottles. All in all it's a good time for the younger children.

Lisa Gifford

Lines were long at certain rides. Other than that, it was a blast! Most of the employees were very respectful and helpful too. My kids and me LOVED the new water park! Very fun!

Melony August

Frontier City was very disappointing. I arrived before the group to buy tickets. I was sent to one window, then inside to customer service only to be sent back to the outside window. Each cast member was rude! Finally, at the third cast member's whim, she decided to ask for help and lo and behold, the group discount I had just informed all 3 of them of was miraculously available. She printed the tickets and shoved them out the little hole; no thank you enjoy our park, no would you like a map, or anything else. Fast forward 3 hours to bring the group to the park. Security and metal detecting were very nice and polite. They were jovial and indicative of people wanting you to enjoy your day and come back to keep their salary coming. When we got into the park everything was clean and neat. The restroom was old but very well stocked. The worst part, was that so many of the rides were closed or non-operational. On one ride, 3 cast members actually stood up and looked at us wait to get on a ride and continued their conversation among themselves. A few of the more interesting rides, like the skyline, had an extra cover charge. I will NOT be visiting this park EVER again! Not only that, I will tell everyone who will listen to save their money and sit by the pool at their hotel. On top of all that, there was a $20 parking charge for a lot full of potholes. This place was not even worth the thought!


This place has always been a favorite of mine but fright fest is just awesome. I absolutely love the parade and the employees in the parade are great characters. We live almost 2 hours away and the entire ride home all my kids did was talk about the characters. My favorite story of theirs was after the parade ended when my daughters asked someone if they knew where a restroom was and he stayed in his zombie character but still talked to them and pointed out the restroom. The only downside I would say is that frontier city hasn't quite caught up to the rest of the six Flags family. We have 6 flags memberships (which are completely worth it, trust me) and a few different times during our visit I noticed the employees didn't quite have the hang of the memberships and all the different perks t hat come with it. But this park is new to six Flags and I have no doubt that by next spring they'll be on top of it.

Kayley Secor

I finally got over my fear of rollercoasters because of this theme park!! My friends and i had an absolute blast and will definitely be returning. Its worth the year round pass because unlike a water park, it will be open in the colder months and even have amazing events like fright night for Halloween. I grew up with theme park, its really cool to see how its improved over the years. The log ride is A LOT creepier than i remember it being.

Todd Crunk

This park is so poorly maintained. It's really a shame to see Six Flags company has never been able to breath live into this place. Young kids will enjoy the updated childs area. $20 for parking and lack of rides for 10 years and older has me recommending saving your money and looking elsewhere for a family fun day.

Misty Howard

We have come to Fright Fest every year for the last 10 years. The last 2 years it has really not been near as fun. After paying over $40 for our son's friend to get in, a lot of the rides were closed. We waited in line for over 40 minutes for a pretzel, nachos, and a drink. When we got to the window we were told the pretzels were still frozen, there was no gas for the soda machine, and they were out of ice. We settled for nachos and a lemonade, the cheese was ice cold. We are very disappointed in our yearly trip.

Charlotte Crum

Enjoyed the day with lots of nieces, nephews, sister & one of my sons. Beginning of 2019 season and several bus groups were there, employee appreciation group from our home town causing lines to be extremely long to wait on ride, a few favorite rides were not running, very expensive to be able to buy drinks or food for all of our kids they got thirsty & hungry. Good fun for doing something with kids they had never done however it was very expensive for tickets & parking at $20 is absolutely horrible to charge on top of ticket prices. Not affordable at all for families with 2 or more children. Wouldn't suggest for an afforable outing with family.

Audriona McElyea

This place is super fun. Just not as fun as it use to be. Doesn't seem to be as many rides as there once was and they all aren't always open. Plus the food has become pretty basic concession food in outrageous prices.

Scott Marshall

Fright feast was the most fun I've had in a long time they are still goin strong till 10pm

Emory Siegrist

Small park. Many of the rides where closed. Almost all the games where closed. Foods not bad, its all fried though. Parks clean and staff are friendly. Wish more would have been open.

Tiara Zimmerman

Great place for the kiddos but I recommend you pack your own snacks and drinks. I paid 7.00 for a large ice water served with no lid. Also, they took my mace at the entrance and informed me they would put it in a locked box but failed to tell me once it goes in the box it does not come out

Scarlet Swails

I am so disappointed in Frightfest since Six Flags took over. The parade was way shorter and not nearly as good as before. They have taken out the stage shows and the people in costume didn't interact as in the past. They did away with the no boo necklaces for the little ones. My kids said they didn't have near as much fun as in the past. If something isn't broken leave it alone. They definately messed this up.

Sirven Aluwien

The water park smells very strongly of chlorine but its fun to play on. Most of the rides are older and theres nothing special about them. Its a pretty popular place despite that. Bring your own water or empty refillable container, they charge $5.50 for 1 bottle!!!!


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