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1000 Chisholm Trail Pkwy, Duncan, OK 73533, United States

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Where is Chisholm Trail Heritage Center & Garis Gallery of the American West?

REVIEWS OF Chisholm Trail Heritage Center & Garis Gallery of the American West IN Oklahoma

Paula Irwin

The shows in the little theaters are very entertaining and educational. I highly recommend going to the center.

Patricia Dickson

zoe norton


Angela Stanley-Coolahan

A small but very interesting museum. They have two theaters set up, one animatronic and the other a film but with some great effects. It was myself, my dad, my husband and my girls aged 17 and 13. We all found something that interested us so I would say it is good for all ages. My only disappointment was that even though it says on the website that it is a Blue Star participate the admission person said they were not this year so we had to pay to get in. Other than that it was great!

ronnie kessler

The 4D theater was amazing! It's not a big place but it is very interesting.

Mike Jackson

Nice place to take the kids on a rainy day or just to get outta the house.

Stephanie Adams

We went to the museum with our Homeschool group from Burkburnett, TX. The ages of our group are 2 yrs to about 15 years. We had 15 kids attend with 5 parents. First up on the tour was about 30 minutes of sitting and listening to a lady dressed in period clothing talk about Lizzie Johnson and her life. She was not interactive with the kids except to tell them not to lay down or to sit still. Then afterwards was the art museum for more listening and sitting followed by a scavenger hunt in the art museum where there is no running or touching. Afterwards was an art project that we were enjoying up until the guide said we had about 2 minutes to finish and half the kids were not close to done. Off to the chuck wagon room for another 10 minutes of some lady talking about life on the trail and getting impatient with our kids not wanting to sit still. The animatronic cowboys were fun to watch. We then got to spend about 10 minutes in what was called the interactive area. It consisted of lasso practice, a stamp branding iron and a general store with a few interactive pieces that made noise. they expected our lunch time to be only 20 minutes. At that point myself and a few other moms were ready to just leave. One of the guides asked us to please stay and give the movie a chance. She thought the kids might like it cause it was motioned and had smells and wind. We gave it a try. The movie I will say was great, the chairs vibrated and there was a mock storm complete with rain and the kids did enjoy it. Afterwards we figured since the kids were doing ok that we would try the game so we did. the lady read the cards way to fast and most of the kids could not keep up with counting the beans out. We left at that point. All in all there were a few things I liked but it mostly felt rushed and too restrictive and not at all fun. I would not go again even for free. And the staff, Specifically Mary needs to not be so impatient when it comes to kids. This place might be great for 5th grade and up and certainly not for kids with ADHD who cannot sit still for hours.

Wesley Davidson

Kids love this place

Flaviu Deleanu

Very nice place!

Constance Surovy

Great experience in learning history. Good job!!!

Ron Smith

Wonderful the theater experience. The boys loved it. Wanted to go in a trail drive. They are ages 7 and 11.

Mishaela Peters

Kristin Halford

Friendly Staff

Kyle Kaufman

I was VERY impressed. I'm from California, and have no real drive to learn about the Midwest, but this museum was very interesting. And the fun effects during the show was a nice touch.

Matthew Stevens


Jacqueline Register

Been there 3 times w my kids each on field trips. Great learning experience and fun.

Sharon Huffstutler

Great place with lots of hands-on activities for kids.

Chelsea Marie

Stephanie Solomon

Amazing place to go with Family!

Shay Hayes

Love the events held here!

Jason Rowley

Excellent history of the Chisholm Trail presented in a fun and engaging setting. The staff is superb. Definitely a stop that is not too be missed if you're in the area.

yvonne roberts


Kaden Hergenreter

The museum was amazing, loved the 4D movie.

Rube Dually

Great history and fun for kids to learn about cattle drives

Sue Fenstermacher

Awesome place for history

Logan mason channel Williams

Bob Stivers

Great visit with interesting active rooms and films. Big smiles all around.

Cyndi Miller

Only complaint is other kids were there and were allowed to have food and drink.

barry corcorran

Very informative and educational


I've been here twice, the staff has been very friendly and helpful. The theatre is great, great place for kids. Also has nice gift shop.

Blake Bumpas


your mom is very gay

Susanna Manor

The interactive experience makes for an astounding adventure for youngsters I highly recommend it for your whole family to enjoy.

Julie Saucerman

Jennie made the visit all worth the stop. I will stop again to visit when I am in the area. I wish there were more people like Jennie.

Larry Williams

My long time friend that I served with in th US Navy and I went to the museum and he really enjoyed the experience as did I.

Kevin Barron

Interesting and informative displays, plus a very friendly staff made it an enjoyable visit

Cindy Lane-Davidson

Good for kids birthday parties. NO BATHROOM THOUGH!

Chris Moore

This place is a gem. The 4D theatre never gets old, the animatronics are cool, and the gallery has some really beautiful artwork.

Jeannie Freeman

Another great treasure waiting to be discovered! My family really enjoyed all aspects of this museum: the art gallery, the multidimensional theaters, and the hands on trail activities all enriched our understand of Western American history. In just a few hours, we were greatly enriched.

Heather Neason

Absolutely fabulous! We plan to go back and spend more time. Definitely allow several hours, it's a small museum packed with lots of great exhibits!

Diptarka Saha

Beautiful place.. This is actually a hidden gem... The trail history and the cowboy history.. How they represented you can not understand until you see it.. They have superb shows and interactive items.. I'll request all the traveller's pls do visit this place... You won't regret it.. They also have a great gift shop!!!

Tam's Place


The HOLOS Project

Good local history and exhibits. Two Interactive theatres. The art collection of local artists on the great planes and west expansion is also attractive. There are good exhibits and interactive activities for children. The place is more suited for family entertainment than to historical information and study. This is a local attraction with friendly staff primarily and not an educational (academic) facility.

Barbara Adams

Great place to see.

Loren Dunham

Phenomenal! Loved the theater and the docents were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable.

Forrest Pierce

The National Day of the Cowboy was awesome. The Bison display was outstanding as well as the paintings by Lemon was super! I look forward to next years Chisholm Trail's Day of the Cowboy.

Savannah Barakat

I have visited this museum since I was a child, and it never fails to be an amazing time. Check out the interactive movie if you haven't yet!

Kenny Vaughan

Very nice to visit. The staff aren't very nice they could work on there customer service

Bill Clark

Very nice combination of a museum and learning center for the kids. The museum is clean and well maintained, and the staff was all very helpful and friendly. Although there were not a lot of historical artifacts other than a personal are collection, it still exceeded my expectations for an attraction of this type in a small town.

Jon Loptien

The 4D theater is amazing

susie k

I have been here twice in a two week period! Great museum! The employee that gave us our tour was a teacher, and she gave us lots of great information!

Martin Dawes

Interesting and fun

Chickasaw Country

Peyton Funk

The place was set up nice.. but far as staff goes there very impatient with children. And some of the lady's attitudes could change.. to have visitors some were not very friendly.. I must say the lady with long blonde hair that runs the art area she was very nice and patient with the children being we were on a class field trip.. and some were just pushy.. and in a hurry to get you in and out.

Jose Nieves

Great place!!! The family loved it

Debra Levine

Felt like I was on the trail. Guides show two movies and then you are free to wander.

Steven Denton

Pretty cool

david dupree

Great museum

celeste beavers

Loved it! Spouse and I drove here as part of Adventure Road contest But We Both will be back to visit and go all through on Labor Day Weekend. We enjoyed the park area and enjoyed the Big Map of trail Outside on this visit. Go.

Susie Mize

Great History, bronze statues, and replica of the Chisholm Trail.

Bill Taylor

Excellent - loads of information - many small details - very helpful - enjoyable.

lil bit

Disc golf

celeste hodges

Very informational. Loved the theater

Carol Cox

I love this place. Lots of beautiful western art work. Two really cool movies. Fun for all ages. The gift shop is very nice.

Daniel Schuldt

Great museum

Rosemary Owens

Love love love it great field trip

Nick Vance

It's a great place to learn about the history of the Chisholm Trail

Eli Rivers

First time going I loved it

Bill Shipley

Great place to discover life as it was on the Trails. Well done. Great videos.

Patti Anderson

This is a fantastic, kid friendly, very informative place! Well organized to fit the needs of children of various ages. Fantastic exhibits, lits of hands-on learning!!

camp 969

if you lower your expectations a bit, this is a cool place to take the kids. i think it is a little overpriced, but still worth it. there is one cranky older Lady that meets you at the gate that i suggest you get rid of.

Katy Cope

This is a wonderful museum for all ages. They have interactive features that draw you back to the days of living on the prairie and fantastic staff who make sure your experience there is educational and fun. Our school takes our students here every year and every year it is a favorite.

Rob Winder

One of the best specialty museums I have been in. If you are nearby this area be sure to stop in. The displays, movies, animatronics, and art are excellently displayed. You can spend an hour or two here easily.

Craig Burmann

Tiffany Gray

It was fun learning about Oklahoma. They had a lot of fun things for the kids to do. I would definitely take my boys back.

BreAnna Burger

Judson Ahern

Excellent historical museum, and nice western art exhibit.

Shari McFadden

We visited during an event that was free to the public. It is a great place to learn about our area. The rich history is brought to life with hands on exhibits. Go play at the General Store, make your own brand, listen to the music, see old movie clips. Make sure to visit the theater for the interactive show. Very happy we went.

Christine Weaver

Sam Fenstermacher

Actually, I had a wonderful time. Google got a little ahead of me and posted the incomplete review. Highly recommended!

jamie rodgers

Day of the cowboy event was so fun and interesting

Andrew Funkhouser

Great Cowboy museum!

Chimpychimpy 1980

Awesome place to go

Kenny Holmes

The museum in itself is a great place to take the kids. The biggest downfall about this place was that one of the tour guides didn’t have the patience needed for 1st graders, very irritable and not good at keeping the children engaged.

Michael Wesley

Waayy more than I anticipated. The history is thoroughly covered. The western art gallery is magnificent. I was stunned by the quality of the exhibit.

Mel Martinez

Wonderful for an outing!

Sandra Clark

Very nice!


Great place... employees are wonderful.

Rusty Morrow

Excellent venue to learn about the history og the Chisolm Trail

Sandra Sharp

Very informative. Loved it

Maggie Sewell

Great place to visit, had a great time

Brooklyn Lassley

Fun interactive experience

Gilbert Felan

Very detailed information & excellent animation.

David Shirley

Very interesting, informative, and educational. I'm going back today.

Pilot Im

A Nice place to study part of american history

Dawnmichele Wolff

Tony M

A nice little museum. Worth a visit.

M Prindle

Great place to learn about the history of cowboys. It also has a fun theater.

Bourbon Man

Great place to take the kids. The whole family can learn something they might not have known!

Jamie Pruitt

It was very interesting.

Kimberly Favre

Nice history lesson

Louie Benjamin

I liked it. If you like old paintings of the old west. All western things also Indian things

amber truax

Robert Ronquillo

Only two shows but still a good place for the kids

Melissa Creek

Very interesting entertaining place will visit again

Madonna Kenny

Great experience! Very interesting and interactive.

Cody Morrell

Richard Beck

This is must see museum! Love to tell you more, but promised not to be a spoiler! Thanks again!

Rodney Ackerman

This was a very fun place! I enjoyed it with one of my daughters! Take your childern fornsure! Clean, and educational!

Kenneth Parish

Second visit here nice museum

Jennifer Brandt

Nicole Shaw

All the kids should visit here it was amazing taking them on a field trip, there was so much to learn and do without being like a museum boring feel.

Neil Waddell

Great place for history

Louise Griffin

Very good displays, videos with real life effects

Lowell Reimer

Very intersting

Michelle Thompson

Very informative. Interesting

Dottie Snelson

Love it the children had alot of fun

mike shea

Wonderful place , grandkids loved it !

Matt Milam

Fantastic experience! Hosts are the best!!

Mikel Davison

Allecia Stephenson

My Great, Great, Great Grandfather was Jesse Chisholm and he was a very influential part of the Chisholm Trail. I found the museum a great place to learn about my ancestry.

Jamie Overton

This place is so boring. Would be nice if they would change it up some. It's the same thing it always has been

Terri C

My grandson and I really enjoyed it... especially the interactive film!

Linda Hutson

My grandchildren loved it. Very hands on. Lots of activities, movies, and exhibits. Great western art!

Marilynn Freeman

Wonderful place

misty woodart

So much fun with Sebastian today.

Bob Alexander

Very nice theater and museum.

Leassa Heidler

Wonderful Art, history, and 4D trail ride

Dan Holbrook

Stephanie King

Neat museum to learn some local history! Also has a cute giftshop.

Carmen Ramirez

Great learning experience for the whole family.

Bryan Trigg

I learned quite a bit!

Sadye Lee

One of my favourite places to go

Jennifer Dearman

We went to a free art event. The kids got really cool craftsto do.

Carolyn Funk

The person taking care is we get helpful,kind and explained to us.

beckah knight

Jamie Stokes

Nice place to visit

Robert Philpott

Jennifer Westphal

Great museum and friendly staff!

Carrie Spencer

Wonderful for family outing!

stephanie brines

Very fun and very interactive!! Great place to visit!!

Kerri Floyd

Great look into cowboy way of life.

Wayne Smiddy

Not fancy but fun

Joshua Martin

My son attends their cowpokes and brushstrokes art sessions for ages 2-4 and has a blast. They have different crafts planned followrd by a story. Its a great thing for the young kiddos to experience

Katelynn Edmonds

Great experience for adults and kids. We had a blast learning about cattle drives and life on the range. Our tour guide Suzanne was a great part of the tour as well.

patricia paul

I want to tell you that I did this with my sister-in-law and her grandkids and my granddaughter and me with all went there were six of us there was something there for all six of us I really enjoyed it because I like history it sure made a beautiful day thank you

Dustin Otten

Nice little museum with a piece of artwork outside by internationally recognized artist Paul Moore.

DM Challenges

Berry informative and hands on

Christopher Bost

Melissa Denham

Amazing people. Can learn tons of new things. Great place to go with the family and have like a blast from the past kind of feel.

Jessica Milhouse

Jeremy Troutman

Daughter went on a field trip. She loved it

Galela Estelle Dalby

We had an amazing time!! The staff is friendly and informative!

Kirk Gentry

Great deal of historical information about the trail and a cowboy art gallery with several well known artist's work on display.

V Shelton

Cool movie that has surprises at the beginning of tour. Also has a small souvenir store. Very nice employees!

barbara wambold

Awesome little museum,, interaction for kids,, experience theater, art gallery,, learning center,, worth a visit

Shy-Anne Skeen

Sara Jean

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