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2600 Rte 66, Catoosa, OK 74015, United States

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Where is Blue Whale of Catoosa?

REVIEWS OF Blue Whale of Catoosa IN Oklahoma

Tim Hunt

Absolutely iconic. Loved it.

Sue Bruckner

I bet this was a fun stop back in the day

J Short

Always a nice stop to see


Nice picnic spot. There are few tables and a public restroom and a sandbox area. Fishing is allowed but no swimming.

Crystal Newman

We loved it! My daughter loved walking in and out of the whales mouth. She also loved the area with the sand and wanted to slide down the slide. Lol

Adjutant Patterson

This was on my have to go list on our road trip out west. Well taken care of and the owner was very friendly and proud of the site. A great piece of Route 66 nostalgia from a by gone era. Well worth the stop.

David B

This was an interesting landmark with nice hystorical story. Fun for kids of all ages

johnny grover

Kids loved it definitely a great sight to see on the way to yiur destination

Heng Yu

The giant whale is beautiful, there is a small gift shop near the lake, the owner is very kind.

Wesley Sparkman

Is a fun place to take your kids and you can always count on catching a turtle or a fish with your kiddos when you're fishing. It is a catch-and-release pond

Michael Snider

I wish I could have gone swimming here back in the 70's. Still fun to visit tho!

I am Rennie

It's a good photo opportunity along Route 66. It's a free attraction, and it's very easy to access. There is a gift shop with various Route 66 trinkets and drinks/snacks. The story behind the site is interesting. A must-see for just a quick stop.

Steve Doll

Enjoyed this fun historical attraction. Originally came here for the on site geocache. When I arrived, I was the only one here on a Friday morning while school is in session but others were arriving by the time I left so I guess it stays pretty busy. Plenty of seating available. Took a walk out to the edge of the whale and enjoyed ther serenity of the location.

Carol Fagan

Landmark we had to see. Gift shop lady really nice.

Michele Lee

Wow.... what a sweet stop! The blue whale is truly an act of love! Make sure you meet Linda at the gift shop....she is so special and has the prettiest blue the whales blue color! Thanks Linda for your hospitality!

Nick Baughman

The Blue Whale was interesting to view. Currently their restrooms are under construction and not able to be used.

Mitchell Workman

Cute little attraction. I bet back in the day this was amazing. Don't get me wrong its amazing to stop and relish in the nostalgia.

Johnny James

They primarily work off of donations and a small gift shop. Very, very nice people who work there. It would be 5 stars but they are still trying to get funds to rebuild the Ark, as well as renovate the rest of the property. This particular time was actually the first time that I have ever gotten to actually get on the grounds. I had always seen this place as a child and wanted to go. It was a great experience for me to fulfill a childhood dream.

Kevin Fish

We enjoyed our visit. Even though it's not in the best of shape it was great still seeing one of the few original Route 66 attractions still around. All the people with negative comments need to think about how old this attraction actually is and be thankful it's still there for people to see.

Robert Booth

This is such an iconic place. Love spending time with my kids at a place i used to swim at when i was younger. Good job on the upkeep and renovations.

Michele Paguyo

Unique spot off the Route, great for pics w/family

Mike Niceley

It's a nice place to eat a quick lunch and enjoy a little route 66 history.

TJ Sager

A definite bucket list item. Great place to spend an hour or two for kids and adults


Our grandson loves this place. Interesting, with the remnants of the zoo still present. My husband did see a bobcat @ 100yards behind the park, so be cautious. My husband pointed it out to a few visitors. Tried to report it, but number went to voice activated system for city & wouldn't take message. Otherwise, has nice picnic areas & gift shop.

Suzie Mathis

Needs to be cleaned up. The boards are loose and missing. The pond should be cleaned up also. Broken seats and tables. Sad.

Jeffrey Parks

Nice place to touch history. Friendly staff with lots of stories.

Jason Schwartz

It's a roadside stop with a giant blue whale, lol. Staff is nice too.

Veronica Loftin

Great Route 66 stop! They have a loaner fishing pole too!

keith sorensen

Sorry but this was a disappoinment. Don't bring your swim suit because the pond that this whale is swimming in is disgusting. There are no restroom services and the facilities are run down. Wish they would bring this back to what it once was. It could be a great attraction.

Kristie Barr

Wish there was more info about the other structures; but, we loved it!


Very nice place. A must , when you drive the mother road 66...

Adam Hendricks

This is still a must see Route 66 attraction, but the site as a whole is not in very good condition. The Whale had cobwebs all over it, and the bathrooms were not climate controlled and were filthy. There were a couple of other things to see as well but they were horribly dilapidated and falling apart. It was sad to see. I hope they will get everything restored and what would be the best is if they cleaned up the pond and opened it up for swimming again since the Whale has slides and a diving platform on it.

Allen Roy

A cool place. It's seen better days, but nice to visit. Still needs more restoration, so donate!

Sami Walker

What a wonderful place to visit.. the volunteer there was very knowledgable. Only sorry I did not catch her name. She had the most beautiful blue eyes.

Tony Ruiz

Great Rt. 66 stop, great gift shop with local artist memorabilia.

Rita Byfield

VERY sweet. Lives up to its reputation.

james Czerniak

love going and checking out the continual progress they make in restoration. very nice and informative volunteers also!! definitely a RT66 treasure that you must see!!

Sticky Fluff

My family used to drive by the Blue Whale every weekend during the 90's on our way to the Claremore Veteran's Center. It was in bad shape back then. I have wanted to visit ever since it was restored and I finally found my chance. I have to say it's a marvel of Rt 66. When I was standing in the middle of the whale, (I know that sounds funny), and thinking about what my dad told me decades ago, about how people would gather and have picinics, swim in the pond, walk through the zoo, just enjoy the company and relaxation from being on the road for so long, it really made me wonder what it would have been like to have lived a generation or two ago. The zoo is long gone but remnants are still in place. The "ark" sits as it has since the early 70's, there are still animal enclosures. The park has plenty of picinic benches, a little beach with toys provided free so kids can build sand castles, photo ops, and the wonderful people who take care of the place. I'm not sure if they are the owners or not but they love Rt 66 and are very knowledgeable. There is what looks like a cafe but I'm not sure if it's open, (we went during the week). The Blue Whale is definitely a great place to stop, especially if you're traveling down the Mother Road.

jonathan biggs

I loved the lady in the shop. We had a very nice visit.

Perla Nieto

I gave it a 4 star because I expected more. It's famous because it sits on Route 66. Granted it was free and i enjoyed the big mushrooms next to it. There is also like a Noah's ark but sits on land and it looks pretty old. About 5 miles north west off I-44 in Catoosa, Oklahoma.

Cherokee Nash

A fun place to visit! Just wish there was more to do while there. We did pack a picnic to enjoy and the tables available

Carolina Cositore Sitrin

Small but definite iconic site on Route 66! Take a photo; take two. Very friendly people managing (dog friendly too).

Paula Robinson

Worth seeing the Blue Whale. A treasure of the historic Route 66 sights. To imagine the fun it had been during it's heyday. I brought my sister, visiting from Ohio. A couple of years ago, I had bought Christmas ornaments of Route 66. The Blue Whale, the Tulsa Driller, the Round Barn, Pops and the Oklahoma Route 66 sign. They look great on the Christmas tree, remembering the visits!

Sandra Gutierrez

We had seen this whale on an episode of American Pickers. We just happened to be driving by Tulsa on vacation and thought, why not stop? It was pretty fun to stop and see this large blue whale sitting in a small pond. You can walk right into its mouth and explore a bit. My 8 year daughter thought it was pretty cool. Spent about 5 minutes there, but it was chilly outside. Not sure if there’s more to do in warmer weather, but if you’re looking for fun little stops along Route 66, I think it’s worth a photo or two!

branden bass

I've loved seeing the blue whale my whole life growing up on my way to my grandmother's house in Claremore. It's great to see the ark and mushrooms visible and a gift shop on site. Always a fun stop.

Frederic Latreille

Fun stop on route 66. Little park by the pond is agreat spot to unwind, let the kids play and have a pic nic. Clean and well maintained.

mark kertzner

Neat attraction. Could use some refurbishing and would be nice if they turned on the filtration system, as the water is murky.

Mikey Ausmus

Gonna be lengthy lol ...but went yesturday with my best friend and I have to say people get out there see it live it bring a picnic we had so many people from all over there when we was there and we were all one people no race hate one offended left no right just people interacting shaking hands taking pix talking all brought together because a road and a whale these gems are being forgotten no one slows down anymore to enjoy this stuff ..please please get out go adventure the extra 2hr to pops soda as well but get out slow down make memories ..idk who own the whale and id love to find out cause when their gone this needs to stay it needs to be a historical marker and live on. For generations ..I'm 4hrs away but if I can help preserve catoosa blue as I call it..i will someone just lemme know

Keri Cashon

Beautiful area with an awesome history we had such a great time looking around, taking pictures and talking to the lady inside the gift shop. We will definitely be back.

Randall Bourne

Unique historic rt 66 side road attraction. There's several other things to see there besides the whale. Walk south to the other side of the parking lot and see the abandoned reptile zoo and "The Ark" which is an old rotting building in the shape of a boat that once housed other wild creatures. Also there's an old long abandoned snake pit and some weird mushroom sculptures. There's a 24hr resident security on the property so be nice and offer a donation to keep this little park operating. Theres a lot more rt 66 history in the imediate area is you do your homework like the old trading post across the street, now an car repair shop but much older than the whale.

Alex Harjo

Route 66 America at its best! Easy attraction to stop at and snap a few pictures. If you are traveling along Route 66 in Oklahoma, this is a must stop!

darling d

Very neat place to stop at.

Victoria Earle

Fun roadside attraction! Catch and release pond, outdoor bathroom facilities, small sand beach for kids to play. No swimming allowed, but water is clear enough to enjoy watching fish swim about. Small souvenir shop too!

Beverly Shaff

Great stop. Lady working was full of wonderful stories about the place. Must stop Roadside Attraction.

Deimos Apex

Fun little roadside attraction. Definitely worth visiting if you enjoy this sort of thing.

Unknown Origin fx

Neat place to see. Not really an awe factor but pretty remarkable still and worth the stop. The gift shop has great items and good prices. If you like horror check out Unknown Origin FX

Ricky Daulton, Jr.

It was great. But I DID NOT GET TO SIGN THE BOOK. Nobody was there.

Amber Hastings

Wish they had a little shop or splash pad really you know cheese it up lived near here and it still makes me smile and i take people here :) good photo op


So much fun! A must see. Be sure to talk to the volunteers and get the back ground story. The little store has some nice souvenirs.

Sarah Chamberlain

Cute and quirky place. Nice little gift shop. They let you go fishing in the pond too

David Muench

Our family's first time in Catoosa to visit the famous Blue Whale. This is primarily for the kids, but there is a gift shop with Blue Whale souvenirs and a well-informed worker that provided us a brief history of the whale. Kids can climb on a ladder inside to an upper level and stick their heads out of the whale's nostrils, or they can climb on the tail for the obligatory photo-op. There are signs indicating that there is no swimming allowed, but you can fish; although it's only catch-and-release. The only negative aspect was that the bathrooms are closed until Spring, which officially begins March 20th; so hopefully it will be open then.

George Jetson

Cool old historic whale off old route 66. A must stop for a quick picture with the whale! When I was a teenager in the 70’s, there was a jukebox and concession stand. I think you paid about a dollar and could swim all day. Back then the water was cleaner. You didn’t have to be concerned about snakes.

Sean Fagan

Fun and charming stop - obviously old and loved, just don’t take valuables out of your pocket or they could fall off or through the wooden dock!

Tami Molinaro

The Blue Whale is my favorite Route 66 roadside attraction because there’s nothing like it anywhere else. I love the history of the place and how accessible the park is. We always make sure to stop by when they’re doing events. It’s a great place to take little ones who need to run off some hyperactive steam after a long car ride.

Johnny Leech

This was a stop on route 66 that ive heard about for many years. Finally getting to see it it wasnt that spectacular. It definitely needed updating if thats possible.

Kimberly Quicksall

I bet this place was amazing back in the day. Too bad they haven't brought it back to life. Maybe they will sell it to someone who just that, like me. Still a wonderful place to visit to get an idea of what the world used to be like. Loved it. Going back to get some better photos.

Matthew Bates

Cool place to check out on Route 66. Definitely a snapshot of an earlier time.

Kelly Dinneen

Great times! Always smiles.

Anna Johnson

I wish this could be restored!! Even if there was a flat fee of $2 it would be enough to finish repairs and re-open for swimming. What a treasure! We walked our dog around to the other side of the pond and back. It was very peaceful.

Jan Garrick

Very sweet, touching back story for it's creation! Cute little attraction to see.

Steve Ellis

Great historical site! These are slowly getting lost to America. Stop and support these history sites.

Katie Moest

A fun and kitchy stop on Route 66. Lovely little park and a nice gift shop as well. The woman running the gift shop when we were there was friendly and provided lots of helpful suggestions for things to see along the way. Would definitely recommend stopping by.

Marcus Kastler

Nice little treasure on rt 66. The gift shop lady was awesome and informative. Always seen it in pictures and looks cooler now.

Aaron Brinker

If you want to experience Route 66 and it's history make this stop part of your experience. It's a brief stop but definitely worth the time. It's not everyday you get to see a whale in the middle of a landlocked state. You will get to walk inside the whale and be able to take some great photos.

Matt Reicheneker

A must stop on Route 66! Doing a wonderful job of getting it back to its beautiful self. Stop in, get a souvenir and help support restoring this classic American roadside attraction!


Fun stop along Route 66. Made me want to swim there (though I don’t think that’s allowed)

Jen Watts

The Blue Whale is an iconic route 66 landmark. It was truly awesome to see it in real life. Bring the kids and a picnic lunch.

David Lowe

Love the exhibit. Grandkids had a fun time.

Kim Poulsen

An overrated attraction on Route 66, fast in and fast out unless you have little kids who may appreciate it a bit more than the average adult.

Dallas Angel

Awesome place. Great history. Nice place to visit and browse the gift shop. Bring your Ruffs too. Great family run place.

David Willson

It's nice, especially for a picnic stop along route 66. The whale is pretty old, and kind of unnerving when walking on the old boards that stich the thing together. It's a cool place, with good history.

Angelo F.

Good site to see if you're going to do Route 66, could use a little bit of maintenance to be a great stop but still worth stopping and seeing. Fish can be caught in the pond for catch and release but you're more likely to catch a turtle. Swimming is not recommended LOL because of the turtles

Emily Sharp

Not exactly well kept but worth a 5 min stop for a couple of pics. The pond serves as a fishing spot and by the entrance is a very small gift shop. There's also a rundown Noah's Ark and mushroom forest area to the left of the whale area.


Incredible piece of Americana and a must visit.

Rachel Wolsey-Shade

My kids really loved this stop on our road trip. If you're taking a road trip we highly recommend it! There is a small gift shop, restrooms, and picnic tables.

John Utpadel

This is great Americana referenced in most Route 66 books.


Great low tech roadside attraction. Linda, who works in the gift shop, is just so friendly and nice! We sure did enjoy visiting with her today. If I get to come back this way, I'll sure come visit with her again!

Renee Hofener

Its on route 66. Its iconic. Its fun!

Stephen Kievit

Would have loved to see it in it's prime

Bubba Higgs

Nice stop on route 66 to let the kiddos play for a bit.

Vance Heffern

A fun place to visit. Photo opp only. Worth visiting if you're nearby.

Monte Neece

A truly unique piece of Route 66 history. I've been stopping here for years. In the past few months they have been undergoing a bit of a revival. New concrete sidewalks, new fencing, improved lighting, and a small snack bar and gift shop have been added. They are also reviving the petting zoo. I hope they don't overdo it and turn it into a tacky tourist stop.

Jostein Myklebust

I guess this is also a must stop for route 66. Amazing workmanship on this thing.

Chena Hill

It's nice to walk around and take pictures but as far as cooking out or anything I didnt see any grills or a whole lot of tables but it's great for pics.

you never

Very nice attraction.

tonya simpson

Would be nice if they redo things there its run down bathrooms are no useable, but lady running it was super sweet

Benjamin Cole

Big, blue and pretty happy. Worth every minute of our 30 hour drive.


Beautiful place to visit and wonderful lady in gift shop. Tons of fun with my Grandson here!

Patricia bartell

This is a true "must see" for everyone travelling route 66. Loved talking to Linda (I hope I have the name right). Although the sights are amazing on this road trip, the wonderful people we've met and the stories we've heard will be our fondest memories. Ty for making my birthday special.

LukE Hadsall

Cute little stop on the side of the road on Rte 66. You can't swim there anymore but it's a nicely preserved pierce of Americana.

Michael Short

This was a great stop on Route 66. If the weather would have cooperated we would have had lunch here. Unfortunately the site no longer allows swimming but it is amazing to see what it once was and to speak with the volunteer to understand why this was created.

jana hughey

This little stop on Route 66 will have you wishing you were transported back to the hay day of this roadside attraction. I can picture all the kids swimming and jumping off the whale, while their family spent the day lazing around watching them. It will be a quick 10 minute stop to stretch your legs and take a few photos. The main thing to do is walk out on to the whale and sit in the shade. They also have turtles swimming in the water. They were fun to watch for a minute. You can not get in the water anymore. They have a tiny little gift shop where your kids can pick up some whale souvineers. The kids loved seeing this roadside attraction ofnl the past.

Katherine Poitevent

Really great place to go on a date night, take a little kid perch fishing or spend the day. Short Walking trail is perfect.

Brandon Dunn

Definitely has seen better days still a neat roadside attraction

the dude

I love it . . . One of my favorite stops on Route 66. A true functional work of art that still looks great. The nice lady who has been voluntarily working the gift shop for 8 yrs, shared the history and made me appreciate this special place even more.

Bruce Backlund

It was actually pretty impressive lol. I nice piece of history to experience. A must stop if you are passing through

Gena Byrd

Cool, cute whale-shaped wooden dock on a pond. It didn't seem like it would be very safe for young kids, but okay for older ones. There's a ladder that goes up to a loft area with graffiti inside. There are nearby picnic tables and a small sandy area where younger kids can play.

Chad and Tisha Crazy mid life crisis

Cool place to visit. Nothing interactive but was a neat roadside attraction

Henry Horner

Older attraction just the whale and gift shop but very friendly elderly lady runs the shop

Rashele Shoun

LOL I've seen this a million times and decided to stop. Google this whale if you are interested in the history of it and this area. Overall, it's just something I wanted to review since I'm from Tulsa originally anyways. It's a silly little spot.

Christian Del Carpio

Love it. A must. I love blue whales

Barbara Seibert

Cute. Would be a great pla e for kids

Cindy Story

Anna wanted to go there for her 3rd birthday... so we went! She loves the Blue Whale!♥️

Matthew Benson Currie

Very enjoyable and cute gimmick. The lady who runs it was very knowledgeable and friendly and it’s always a good time to watch the turtles devour handfuls of crackers. Explored the area and unfortunately the are was a bit flooded.

Amy Bennett

This is a cool lil spot to stop & explore. It has trails, & my boy stopped and fished. Definitely reccomend if you're close!

Justin Siniard

Fun little detour to get out and and stretch your legs.

Elizabeth Runyon

The volunteer staff person was very knowledgeable and friendly! We are taking historic route 66, and this was a great stop.

Justin Cammer

Nice family destination picnic spot!

Gershelda Page

Nothing like it was when I was younger. Gone downhill fast.

Rhonda Mozingo

I remember going here as a child and very little has changed and my fur baby was welcome there as well

chris moss

Took a walk around on a beaten path... seen the good ole remnants of what was once an animal exhibit.. Took me back to when I was waaaay younger and visited many small roadside zoos. The Blue Whale is in great shape with the help of great donations from visitors.... Who ever..or what team is looking over this old route 66 roadside attraction is doing a great job.

me Peterson

Fun neat place!! Worth the stop.

Robin Escue

Very cute place with a super sweet story . gives you a look into the past

john pickle

nice, a person can just imagion how this was a jumping place in the 50's

Phoebe Nelson

So cute. And the sweet lady at the gift shop made my day!

Awad Alshehri

The little gift shop beside this land mark is amazing. The old lady working at this location is friendly and very polite

Charity Dent

There's something nostalgic about this old Blue Whale. When you stand in front of it you can almost see and hear children of decades ago sliding down his dual water slides. Of course, today there is no swimming allowed. But who knows, the AMAZING volunteers, like Linda, may have that turned around someday. It is still a very charming place to stop, stretch your legs, have a picnic or just relax by the water. If you're especially blessed on your visit, Linda will be there to share a few stories about the Blue Whale's creator. ❤

Samantha Scicchigno

A wonderful place to visit if you've got a half hour to kill. Super cute and unique place to visit, and the history is cool too. Only wish that the gift shop was open when we were there!

Linda Ross-Hobbs

A great place for children, catch and release fishing. A large hand sculpted whale with a huge smile. Love the Whale!

Lynn Ceraldi

Iconic place. Glad it's been saved! Super friendly staff.

Rebekah Madden

This quick roadside stop turned into one of my favorite memories of Route 66. Take a walk around the pond and see the other somehow derpier side of the whale . Cool history and loved hearing stories about the original owners!

Hayley Hutchison

MUST SEE!! After stumbling across this antique, blue, love symbol, I fell in love. This whale is an astonishing piece of art. I advise you to do research before going... but, if you do not, there is research provided for you there! I do not advise swimming, but I do advise climbing upstairs inside the "brain." If you climb on top of the tail, be prepared to have a hard time going down. This is handicap accessible if you choose not to climb any ladders.

Jorden Rivera

The lady was extremely welcoming and lovely to talk to helpful nice. Wish the place was in better condition to swim but like it there

Amy Kay Furtys

Nice roadside attraction.

Hannah Wise

Cute thing to see when in the area. I enjoyed climbing up on the whale and taking pictures. there is a restroom and a gift shop but nothing else. Some photos on Google showed a taco stand so I planned on getting lunch, but there's NO FOOD here I don't know why those photos are shown. To me it's really disappointing that this place isn't better maintained. You can tell it was once a super fun spot for everyone. Now it's very run down. Even the water looks muddy and gross. If things could be cleaned up and maintained I could see the whale being an awesome diving board and slide again. I would've loved to go for a swim! Also, the gift shop said open but NO ONE WAS AROUND so that was kind of sad too. I felt like I was looking. At a piece of history rather than a modern attraction.

Mary Jane Neighbors

Brought my granddaughters to visit the Blue Whale (again) 2 had already been there so I decided to come back and let the other have the fun of exploring it!

Scott J

Built in the 70's for his wife since she loved whales. It has been repaired in the early 2000's and is a famous route 66 destination.

Ms Travel

This whale is such a cute attraction for every age group. It's free. You can go into the whale, and climb a ladder to get to the top.

The Dude

Neat place. Very original. Cool history. It's worth the stop


Really awesome place to see

Ellie S

Cute bit of nostalgia there, with a former (now defunct) swimming hole, the attraction itself, and a handful of tables to picnic at -- the whale does request, however, that you please keep your fins off the tables. We made a quick stop to see it -- good place to stretch your legs and take a few photos. Restroom for the area is out of order, so plan accordingly. They have a little shop where you can buy souvenirs, too.

Ben Andrews

It was cool because it's historic, but I feel like the place could use a little sprucing up and restoration.

Melissa Forman

It’s such a sweet place, the whole story behind it. My parents brought me here as a kid and I’ll keep bringing my kids. One day hopefully they will ring theirs too.❤️

Edgardo Jimenez

Nice place at least for a visit and some picture memories. Good people in charge of the place. Bring some food to feed the turtles and fishes and you will have a nice time with the kids.

Bob Altman

This is one of those route 66 oddities. really just a strange item that is worth seeing to say you have seen it. Nothing incredibly special but the area is kept up very well and they have picnic tables and a small area to walk. Dog friendly with restrooms. Can't ask for more.

Jessica Mix

Very quick stop but nice to stretch your legs after driving for a while. There are some tables if you wanted to eat by the pond but is a carry in carry out policy. Also, feel free to bring stuff to go fishing but it's only catch and release. A great place to relax at though.

Buck Harris

This place has a ton of history. Nice people and interesting sights

Melissa Merritt

Kids loved it. Could use some improvements

Carson Jensen

This is a must see on Route 66. This place is relic from the past. Lots of cool history. There is an arc as well as the famous blue whale.

Jason Brown

A wonderful piece of Americana history. All 66ers MUST STOP IN & it's well worth a slight detour for I-44 travelers with children.

Andy Mejia

A quirky roadside attraction that's fun to take pictures at. You can fish there, and there is a giant mushroom sculpture garden right next to it.

Viki Billingsley

Grandson loves this place and so do we!

jacob lake

Good road side attraction and great place to let the kiddos stretch their legs. Also, there is plenty of room for picnic.

Karen Burt

Brought back good memories. Hope they start refurbishing it, it's getting pretty run down

Andrewsky M.

Free RT. 66 roadside attraction! Fun, historic place to visit. Thank you to everyone who donated to restore it for future generations. The original architecture is still intact. Interesting to both kids and adults alike. Also look around for the trail by the mushrooms, the walk is short and worth it just for the "what was here at one time" factor. Apparently there is a resident black snake that lives in the ark, didn't see it but it's a good habitat for a black snake, put some hens in there so it has plenty of eggs to eat, is seems to be their favorite meal. Stop in at the gift shop and help support an American icon.

LaurieDawn Baker

There's a beautiful story behind the making of The Blue Whale❣

Fred Bern

Nice to see the history aspect. Disappointed the shape the area was it. If it supppose to be treasured, then the City of needs to help, assist or take ownership. Tear out the old dock that helps make it look like something long forgotten. Could be very nice atmosphere park. Still recommend stopping, seeing and donating to this unique past of history.

David Berry

It's something for kids and adults to play on. Definitely worth a stop.

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