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2145 NE 36th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, United States

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Where is 45th Infantry Division Museum?

REVIEWS OF 45th Infantry Division Museum IN Oklahoma

Josue Rivera Soto

Awesome staff, great things to see

g fletcher

took 2 Great grandsons and found UPDATED displays galore! Better than Ever! A MUST VIST! former inf. ofc. & V.N. helicopter pilot. Kids had a ball and were respectful and well behaved as I had briefed them b4 entry lol

Tiffani Goulet

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Great experience.

Thomas Wilson

Awesome....very informative and picturesque...

Anna Ratliff

This place is amazing! I can't believe I've lived in Oklahoma my whole life and have never been here. I wanted to spend all day here but had a sleepy baby so we had to cut it short. I'll definitely be back. It's free but does take donations. It has so so much too see. Plus the building alone is awesome. If you're into history, military, weapons, etc it's worth the visit.


Fantastic, I always take visitors to see it!

Nicole Smock

I researched fun hidden gems in Oklahoma to take my best friend (who was visiting from out of state) & this place was recommended. It was amazing! We spent hours there! It was amazing & also heartbreaking at times. My only recommendation would be to leave the little ones at home. Just so you can really soak in the whole experience. I can't wait to take my husband.

Ryan Massey

Being a former army service member I always enjoy seeing military museums. They had an awesome display of equipment and artifacts! My boys absolutely loved going there and seeing everything.

Patience Hamilton

The gentlemen that welcomed us in was very knowledgeable and kind. Talked in detail about the items they had, where everything was located, and very friendly.


I loved learning some of what Oklahomans did during the world wars.

Jake Woolever

Fantastic environment for all ages and tons of history to be seen!!! If you haven't been here, I most certainly recommend it.

Scott Daneman

A fantastic place to hold our 10th Mountain Division reunion. Special thanks to Mike Gonzales, Curator.

H.R. Hutton

My wife and I attended the memorial day ceremony at the 45th. It is always wonderful to pay tribute to all of our veterans, since I am a veteran and my father was a wwii combat medic. A great day.

Justin Parmley

Traveled from the St Louis area. Easy to find from the highway/street. Outdoor portion - easy to transverse even with all the storms recently. Excellent display of vehicles, aircraft, etc. Indoor portion - we were greeted by a knowledgeable guide who explained the layout of the Museum which is quite larger than it appears. Filled with ALL sorts of military history and artifacts. Enjoyed the experience!

Ginny Check

Very interesting things to see. Great learning experience for kids about history. Many wars, Hitler & Concentration Camps, weapons, & so much more. Seeing these things make history more interesting to me & probably others too.

samuel moss

Got to show a picture of my father to his great grandchildren. Was an honor to visit here.

Somsri Frey

Excellent. Well worth the price.


Truly impressive miilitary collection with weaponry that spans centuries, and a really knowledgeable, interesting, and friendly host/curator who showed me around - despite his views on climate change. Just because climate change has happened without human activity, doesn't mean human activity can't cause it! Highly suggested museum.

Scott Roberts

Excellent museum with lots of great stuff and it is free.

Justin Edwards

Love this place. It's chalked full of so much history and you dont even have to pay for admission!

charlotte pruitt

Very interesting history.

John Kelly

Excelent selection of memorabilia from all of the 45th's history

Steffi Cahill

A totally amazing place to visit. The historical pieces on display are a true testament to the 45th! I learned so much during my visit. I took my time at each display inside that I didn't get a chance to actually see everything in one visit. I am looking forward to going back to see the rest of the inside displays. Will make sure to go on a nice day so I can take my time touring the outside portion of the museum as well.

Joe Orr

Amazing array of artifacts! A lot bigger than it looks and worth a visit.

Patricia Kane

Awesome place my children love visiting this place

Lavonte Jackson

It was extremely fun and very interesting learning things I knew very little about. And the guy inside have plenty information to share.

Kathi Jensen

Very interesting visit. Wonderful displays of time pieces during the many wars. A knowledge staff is there to answer any questions you may have and also a small gift shop. The displays are so well done, showing the different rifles, pistols, swords and bayonets from each era. Also a display of items taken from Hitler.

Mark Guerrero

Great displays & explanations, no entry charge but donations accepted.

Sonny Ojeda

A wonderful respectful place.

Susan Evans

Wonderful place to learn about world and state history.

Tanya Leddy

Great display of military vehicles, helicopters, airplanes outside. A lot of memorabilia inside especially from WW II.

Jim Smith

Awesome place to visit. Great displays and history.

George Acosta

It was all history relived. I recommend this to everyone

Brian H

This museum is a hidden gem in OKC. Everyone should see this place. I have been around 10 times. It is free but they take donations.

Robbie Sanders

This is a wonderful military museum. Both inside and outside exhibits are great!


Lots of military equipment everywhere. It is a nice place to go to with lots of different vehicles outside and lots of details and weapons onside. The museum was really fun to look over and the place is very well kept.

Wolfman Proboi

This place was a really good feild trip!

Horatio Hewat

On our way back from the Softball complex we stopped in to view the display of tanks, guns, and military vehicles. I am a Vietnam Veteran, and I got to see first had a lot of the equipment that was in use during my tour overseas. I enjoyed being able to go unclose to look at the various pieces of equipment. I really enjoyed being able to explain a lot of the equipment to my grandson. He's seen picture and film of the gear, but had not seem it up close. It is an impressive display. The grounds are well cared for, and the equipment is clean, presentable, with great explanation of what they items are. Good job.

Brent Mcdonald

It was good. People are friendly. Grounds are well kept.

teena nola

Great place to take kids and to learn on history. Its inside and outside so there is plenty to see and the vets there are very friendly. I had an amazing time and will definitely go back there.

Nancy Toy

A wonderful Museum right here in our city.

walter Yelvington

Donated western union telegrams of my father missing in action and another of him as a POW of the government of Germany they meant a lot to me was very nervous about letting them go the museum was very helpful and professional and I left knowing I did the right thing so they will be preserved into the next century. Thank you 45th division museum

Susan C

Very informative guide that knew a lot about the different weapons!

Eric Poe

An extremely thorough collection! I've never seen so many guns and equipment, much less organized in such a complete history of type, development, and implementation. The facility is just packed with an immense degree of history and glory. Even the equipment outside is well cared for and is a great collection of tracked vehicles, artillery, and aircraft. Well done.

Daniel Logan

Absolutely loved our time here. My son, an avid military fanatic, enjoyed just seeing everything while I absolutely loved reading all the history and stories. The one drawback for this time of year is the unchecked Yellow Jacket community on the ground. They own the tanks and make sure it's known. We had to mind our distance a number of times.

David Marks

i was in the 45th out of okemah love going to this place

Mike Woodard

Amazing amount of old weapons spanning from the Spanish War all the way up to Vietnam War. Lots of vehichles, tanks, planes, helicopters and artillery to check out also.

Dave Young

Great place! We really enjoyed the up close experience. We even got a model for the kiddos to build.

Icy Matrix

Very cool place to visit. They have tons of tanks to look at. The museum offers tours. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Museum is clean and well maintained. I've been there a couple of times with people who've come to visit and are into tanks. Enjoy the pix!

Sharon Sanderson

great place for all ages. Indoor and outdoor exhibits. Great way to learn Oklahoma and US military history.

Terri Sullivan

Impressive collection and friendly volunteers who are more than willing to share the history of the building and artifacts.

Sue Dildine

Very large, lots of detailed exhibits. Most of this is awesome, some quite disturbing. History is history. The 45th Infantry Division was usually on the right side of history, even being instrumental in the liberation of Dacchu during WWII. Oh, and it's free, although there are multiple ways to donate or support through gift shop purchases. Very knowledgeable docents.

Chris Boutin

Great museum. They have various tanks and aircraft from world war II, the Korean War, and Vietnam era outside the museum (probably 30-40 vehicles). Inside they have artifacts from basically the start USA to could military. Mostly weapons (pistols, rifles, knives, machine guns, etc) but they also have helmets and uniforms going back to world war I from various nations. Plus history about the 45th involvement in various conflicts.

Michael Settle

Great exhibits for any who value war history.


Really awesome place to take the family. Lots of really neat milliary vehicles and weapons. They also have one of Hitler's cloaks which is a pretty cool piece of history. Oh, and it's free, so give them a donation!

Michelle-s Mapping4MS

Excellent museum showcasing artifacts from centuries of Oklahoma's military history. It houses a wonderful research library and has knowledgeable volunteers.

Robby Cranfield

Awesome place and it's totally free to the public!! Awesome displays inside and outside! The planes and the tanks are perfectly on display!!

M Tang

Came across this museum by accident during my trip through Oklahoma and I'm not going to lie, this place is amazing. A good selection of tanks, artillery, and other vehicles on the exterior. Inside, a plethora of military small arms and other equipment spanning multiple eras. My only complaint was that I was on a time crunch and did not have adequate time to properly view the entire exhibit. Free admission and parking, do not miss out on this gem!

Chad Kennedy

Very cool collections. Particularly enjoyed seeing the displays that showed the evolution of firearms and ammunition. Lots of information. DEFINITELY worth a visit if you're in the area. Only complaint was the museum attendant. He was very knowledgeable but also rather intrusive, interrupting conversations to give more information on everything.

Joe Pounds

Very informational. Was great seeing the vehicles used during the wars. And seeing all the history of the wars inside as well.

Brenda Foshee

Was really surprised at all the things they had! Very interesting and informative. . . All for a simple donation.

Virginia McClatchey

This place is awesome !! This is just a few pictures.

Ryan Webb

Really cool museum and free to the public. The volunteers that run it are all really friendly and most, if not all, are veterans!

Gabrielle Morris

Very good place to go and get information


This is a great place for young boys to see military relics and history. Life size articles of the tanks and planes and cannons they might play with. Also girls if so interested. Good historical preservation though they probably need more donations to spruce them up from weather wear and tear. Some nice memorials also to those who served us in the military over time. Worth the visit especially if you are seeing other attractions in this area of town.

heath tejeda

Awesome place to see some military history.

Anthony Mellendorf

One of the hidden gems of Oklahoma City. So much knowledge to be gained going here. The artifacts and items they have are numerous and one of a kind. Anyone in the city should think about visiting the museum. The 45th is the division who liberated Hitler's Berlin apartment as well as the Dachau concentration camp, so there are a lot of those items here. 10/10.

Starr Hess

Was so cool

Bob Campbell

Very well done and so much to see. Impressed with the volunteers and the curator.

Rick Wright

This museum in Oklahoma City is great! Lots of memorabilia along with the story of the 45th. Huge collection of firearms, dating from matchlocks to modern weapons.

Marcus Forelius

This place is awesome. Tons of stuff to see, lots of history to learn, great for father and son days or family field trips. I am not sure how big it is but it feels huge with all of the displays which are informative and well maintained. The military vehicles outside are also really cool, they give you a sense of size of just how big the tanks and armored vehicles are. Can't wait to bring my dad!

Nancy Gore

So much here, to look at and read about! Couldn't believe the wide collection of items. All the vehicles displayed outdoors is impressive, too.

J Foley

Nice museum and it's free! Interesting items on display and volunteers tell some of the history. There's even some of Hitler's items there. Teenage daughter enjoyed the visit too.

Dr.Debasree Biswas

I dont know his name and i didnot take his picture unfortunately, but there is one particular volunteer,an elderly man, who made our day at this museum wonderful! He was sweet and made fun jokes and pointed out fun places to take our pictures! Thanks a lot and a big ShoutOut to this wonderful free access museum. Also the person who helped us at the gift shop!!

Rosemarie Brown

This is one of the better military museums. There is info to appeal to anyone interested in histories about Oklahoma, minorities in the military, army, air force, civil war, WWWI, WWII, the holocaust, the dignities of public service, or the horrors of war. The content can be upsetting, especially when reviewing the displays on the holocaust and confederate history. The benefit of knowledge gained from visiting outweighs the sadness one might experience. There are so many static displays outside and these are more appropriate for children. This museum is rare for the details provided. It is worth a visit.

Benji Unchained

Great place to spend an afternoon. There's enough to see and learn about that you will want to spend 2 to 3 hours here if not more.

Amit KC

Good place to know about the military history and about world war

Jack McChesney

Very fascinating. As a history buff myself, the experience shed a lot of light in places where I didn't know about.

Corey Sandifer

If you are a military or history buff this museum is a must see. Admission is free and you can easily spend all day browsing. The museum is relatively large with both indoor and outdoor exhibits. I will deffinately come back with more time on my next visit.


Incredible museum with one of the finest small arms collections I've seen

Rachel Hughey

Very interesting history. Love the outside walking trail with the military vehicles.


I am really impressed.

Thomas Bowling

Great museum. If you want to check out some military history you should definitely stop by if you are in the Oklahoma City area

Aramis Casper

Very good place. There are many items there that will surprise you.

Jenifer McClure

Wonderful museum. So much to take in, it will definitely take more than one trip to look at everything.

Michele M

Loved it and the prior military fellas who run it. There's plenty of spirit activity happening in the museum--not a joke! Check it out.

Scott Marcum

Great museum! Lots of stuff inside and it to look at. Militaria ranging from the American war of Independence to today's current involvements. The gift shop has a little bit of everything and it's reasonably priced.

Cisco Cividanes

This is an excellent free museum. I love going here and seeing the equipment in the exhibits both indoors and out.

nick robbins

It was well put together with pleanty information and a large surpluse of tanka dn pre war machines

Bonnie Hall

Awesome place to visit, learned a lot that I didn't know

Bill Fulgenzi

Had a wonderful day, weather was perfect for examining outdoor displays. More people should take time and visit this world class museum.

Larry Ferguson

This is an amazing place. There is so much to see in this place that I have to go back again sometime soon. It's free although donations are accepted. There are actual tanks Jets and helicopters on posts outside for you to see as well. Family friendly place.

Marcus Pinnock

Absolutley love the place. So much to learn and explore!

V Treloar

I loved the history and the guns

Deja'lena Milton

Great place to take children for a good learning experience

Tom Rueb

As a local I passed by many times as I worked for local government agencies near for years, I never stopped in to look around. One day decided to just go in. They had a very extensive collection of infantry items that I had never seen before and displayed very well. It was clean and neat. There were one of a kind special use verticals outside to look at.

Gershelda Page

Wonderful military museum.

Ashlee Osterberg

Amazing public (free) museum! Fantastic wealth of knowledge and information from the museum and the volunteers alike!!!!! Does a great job saving history and sharing what it knows!!

lawrence walts

For Veterans, this stop brings back memories. My friend as well as myself both served. Loved it.

clifford randell

Fantastic FREE (donations accepted ) place to bring the kids to see the helicopters, ranks, and planes. Huge collection of military small arms and equipment indoors too. WWII artifacts are amazing. The staff are fantastic and work hard keeping the museum up to world class level. I love it. I have been to many other military museums but love ours the best :) God bless Oklahoma and the 45th ID !

Anthony Gray

Clean Courteous and knowledgeable staff Outstanding artifacts (inside and outside)

Bruno Espinosa

One of the best museums I've ever had the pleasure to visit, I'm glad to live near this museum. I recommend this museum for people who are very interested in military history and uniforms. I might be biased since I am a huge "fan" of history, but definitely recommend it.

Sheila Carsins

A must for any veteran. The historic exhibits are fabulous. We spent hours there. Stuff for every age to appreciate. After seeing all the history inside, the kids can actually touch and experience historical weapons of the past. And it's free, please add a few dollars as a donation, so our future generations can experience history. A true hidden gem in OKC, just off MLK BLVD.

Helfried Copper

Great staff!!

Richard Riley

It's been awhile since I have been but it's a very interesting exibit to see

Steven Madewell

Cool museum honoring those who served. I’ve visited several times from since I was a kid. Plan to visit again with my dad in a few days.

Ben Shain

A very well done and informative museum. Plenty to see. Well worth the time.

James Bradford

A very nice place, had only a couple hours to spend, ended up canceling the rest of our day to see the whole thing

Tracy Polcaro

This was an amazing tour! My husband and I were really surprised how expansive the inside was, they had an AMAZING collection of war memorabilia! This is DEFINITELY worth an afternoon trip!

Andrea Ward

We enjoy visiting the museum every year for the Memorial Day service. It's worth the trip any time of year, however, for the exhibits and historical value.

Kent Morstain

If your a real war history buff this is the place. From the original settlers all the way to the gulf war. Amazing

Ra O

ABSOLUTE MUST! Enjoyed the many vehicles and collections the museum offered! I’d definitely pay to visit again. Definitely would visit again and spend more time reading about the vehicles. The place looks small on the outside but it’s huge!

Morgan Munro

Great selection of items to view. Best thing is, it's free!!

Kayla Hewitt

So many artifacts. I highly enjoyed it. The workers were very sweet and helpful. It take about 2 hours to go through the whole thing thoroughly.

Zepherine Bailey

Great place to go back in time. Educational and fascinating to see all the artificats. Although the building looks small from the outside, it was spacious inside. Employees were very knowledgeable and willing to share the history of the building and artifacts.

Jason Ratliff

Fantastic. Wonderfully organized museum.

Michael Pruitt

Absolutely love this place, take kids here every year to understand oklahoma rich military history.

Jason Dean

It awesome place every one should go see got every war every

Lyndell Patrick

If you are interested in military itrms this museum had some unique

Roger Borges

Absolutely the BEST!! Loved our visit!! A Must See! If in OKC!!! The staff is the Best! I will go back every opportunity I get!

Michael Antkowiak

Not my first time here but it has some new things. I was a member of the 45th and recently my daughter joined so I brought my girls here so they could see some amazing history and understand the importance of the unit my oldest daughter just became a part of. The museum is outstanding in content. They cover every conflict the united states has been involved in with emphasis on the contributions of Oklahomans and specifically the 45th infantry. They have a huge section of maudlin cartoons from WW II. The weapons and uniforms are impressive from the revolutionary War all they way through the war in Afghanistan. The more interesting items to me were the many mundane and personal items belonging to Hitler. Like a tea set or a mirror they seemed so haunting to me. There is one room dedicated to the liberation of Dachau. Very moving. I really like this museum. It's free but asks for donations and the staff is knowledgeable about the subject matter and friendly. Outside the walking paths have vehicle and aircraft from the conflicts. Excellent.

Collin Cerne

If you want a great study in American History through the portal of military conflict this museum is excellent. You can see impressive artifacts displayed throughout the museum. The period of WWII is super impressive. Take your time you won't regret it. Also the Bill Mauldin collection is amazing.

David Stock

Very well laid out museum with lots of artifacts. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommended!

Edgar Van Lieshout

Not just 45th memorabilia, but a plethora of guns from every conflict imaginable. The Eagles Nest artifacts were cool.

Leslie Woosley II

My grandfather was General Patton sergeant major I also served in the 5th Army as well as my uncle's before me. The museum has a lot of history and if you have kids at play Battlefield they can educate you on the guns

Kevin Bundy

A lot of history here. The kids loved seeing the tanks, airplanes and helicopters outside.

David B. Hooten

A treasure of unbelievable proportions!!! The best “COLT” firearm display I have ever seen in one place. Hundreds of millions of dollars in historic items surpassed only by its worldwide display of 45th Infantry memorabilia!!!

Vince Riggie

Awesome place to take the family !

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