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REVIEWS OF Columbus Zoo and Aquarium IN Ohio

nikki caldwell

This is a fantastic zoo, lots of places to view animals up close. They provide enrichment and educational activities throughout the year and throughout the zoo. The docents are also knowledge and well trained. I wish there were more healthy quick good options throughout the zoo. If possible arrive early and leave at 12, it is much less crowded.

Emily White

Great park. Animals seem very well cared for. Lots of benches, trash cans, bathrooms, drink stations...everything to keep a family with kids happy. They basically have a small amusement park & the $15 wristband that includes every type of ride is a good deal. Plenty of shade from trees. They allow you to bring your own drinks & food. Loved this zoo. Kids were so happy & everything was pleasant.

Julie Kelley

Love this zoo. Lots of walking, but pretty flat. The exhibit area in the Africa section is worth visiting a couple times a day...different animal each time. Beautiful enclosures, lots of bears, and Zambezi Bay make this a great attraction.

shobana kunagaran

Fantastic zoo with lots to experience. One of the best zoo I ever visited. Would definitely recommend and live to go again with my family.

Koz Kritzer

Great experience! The animals are so accessible and active. Every staff member was friendly and helpful. I was able to feed a giraffe by hand without booking a separate tour...awesome! Could be the best zoo experience I've ever had anywhere in the world. Only area I saw for improvement was slow ticket lines at the entrance. Also I think they could drop the aquarium from their title as its tiny size doesn't really merit billing as a separate attraction. It's basically just another habitat for the animals that they keep. That being said, be sure to see the Manatee Coast as they are so cute you will want to try and hug them!


Absolutely love this zoo. I didn’t realize it is ranked as one of the biggest and best in America. The staff were helpful and nice, lots of places to grab lunch or a snack. There is a lot of walking so be prepared I did over 13000 steps.

Amanda M. Harris

We visited with our girl scout troop & we had a blast! The girls loved the Mexican Wolf, the cheetahs, tigers, elephants, giraffes, reindeer, and penguins. We also went to their amusement park and stayed until it closed. The food is pricey but, you get a lot for your money. I plan on purchasing a season pass for my family next year. We will definitely go back!

Gina Ashton

Incredible experience. Thank YOU Jack Hanna for making this a magical place. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We explored the park over 2 days. We are hobby photographers and took our time at each animal area. I loved the aviaries! I love to photograph birds and the aviaries were terrific! We arrived at the opening to avoid the larger crowds and left by 3pm each day.


Everything looked nice and my family had a great time. Not sure about the left-wing indoctrination of my kids about climate change, etc. It was a part of almost every exhibit and very much in your face. Otherwise a great experience.

Jenna Mondry

The zoo was absolutely incredible. The animals habitats were large and gave them plenty of privacy, and the car given to all the animals was clear. We had a great time walking around and taking in all the beauty. The landscaping throughout the zoo provided plenty of shade and felt very natural for all the sweet animals. I also really liked the fact that they do not offer straws and plastic lids on beverages purchased in the zoo - if I ever get a chance to visit again, I will happily bring my reusable cup with me.

Steve Tishko

Outstanding zoo park featuring several areas of the world, i.e., North America, Asia, Australia, etc, and species native to their habitat in those areas. Tons of interactive displays for kids, play areas, food and drink, restrooms located all over. Miniature train takes you around and through the North America exhibit. A Bob Evans - sponsored barn and surrounding had farm animals for up close encounters. One of the best zoos we've seen around the U.S.

Lacey Fenner

An excellent place to take the kids. I recommend getting the wristband if you've got toddlers, they can do the train, carousel, pony ride, camel ride and see the short movies. To me, it's well worth the $10. The only thing I don't like is the price of food and drinks. A bottle of water from a machine is $4!!! We always bring a cooler. Our favorite part of the zoo is feeding the giraffes, it's so cool!

Anne Swanson

Wonderful zoo. Jack Hanna was very grouchy toward our children at the meet and greet that we just went to. Was not a great way to start our visit to such a nice zoo.

Cathy Chiovaro

First visit and it was very enjoyable. We must go back because we only got to see 1/2. Great Manatee habitat and the Gorillas were the other highlight for us. Reasonable food and drink prices. Nice walking paths and didn’t feel overly crowded for a July Sunday.

Luke Kenney

Was enjoying the walk, getting to see the animals, when they told us we had to leave because they were closing....on the website it said they close at 7 and they told us to leave around 5. Plus all the concession stands were closed. Not a pleasant experience. Especially paying to be there.

Mike Hans

Very nice zoo with people walking around with misters to help cool everyone. Good food In in the Africa area. Good rides and a nice water park


Great for a date or the whole family. Great educator's on site if you want to learn something about animals at the zoo. The aquarium itself is just amazing to see.

Sandra Meyer

Parking was pretty wild, but I was thoroughly impressed once I got inside. Everything is well marked wherever you go. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly, with the utmost professionalism. It was rather hot the day I went, so I certainly appreciated that they have so many shaded areas and the air conditioned exhibits are well placed.

Donald Robar Jr

Don't take this the wrong way we love the zoo my 9 year old loves going every weekend but yesterday he asked why the parking lot it's so nasty with beer bottles baby diapers and old food so I told him some people just don't care where they throw their trash and this was about 4 in the evening as we were leaving and he wanted to know how someone will get out there and pick that up with all those cars driving and if the driver was drunk from all the beer bottles laying around and I told him I don't know maybe someone else can answer that question

Kolayah Martincic

The zoo has always been quite impressive. The animals and exhibits are always well cared for. The staff are really friendly to talk to. There is a lot to to see here, I’d recommend spending a day here. There is a decent selection of food here.

Adriana Leal

Thank you for the Military appreciation day! We had so much fun. The animals and the place is awesome. The animals are in very good condition. The zoo is very big, clean and beautiful. Customer service was great in every step of the way. Congratulations!

Lupolover 04

Really cool place. The workers were incredibly helpful and friendly. The zoo is very big so I reccomend planning an entire day around it. All the animals looked happy and healthy, and the staff looked genuinely proud of what they did. It's awesome to see places like this take care of the animals, keep it up!

Gaurav Shah

Must see place in Columbus. It's a huge zoo with lots of animals from around the world. It's combo for out door activities as it has zoo, aquarium and water park. Zoo is really well maintained and will take more than a day if you want to see each exhibit.

Renita Koehn

We always enjoy going to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium! The enclosures are great and you can usually see the animals well if they're out. The grounds are pretty with plenty benches in the shade to sit and rest or watch animals. A perk it's that they have water bottle refill fountains a few places in the park. So we held on to our waters we bought with lunch and had plenty of water as we walked the grounds. Every visit seems to be special for different reasons. This time it was the manatees & rays! We got there just as they were feeding them. Great viewing area & very clean.

Lyndsey Stewart

We came to celebrate our anniversary and was NOT disappointed! We spent all day here and absolutely loved everything. Dino Island was so much fun and we also loved the Manatees!

Jeff D

Very reasonable to get in, have lots of great animals. Watching the cheetah experience & the polar bears, black bears swimming in the water playing was amazing. Must visit if you're in the area. The staff is very knowledgeable & always willing to help or talk about each area

Bradley Johnson

This is by far the nicest and largest zoo we have ever visited. At first I thought it was a little pricey but after the first day and only covering half of the zoo, we had to go back for a second day. And it was actually cheaper to buy the season pass (which gets you in free or at a discounted rate at lots of other ATA certified zoos) for the 3 of us. They have staff that are knowledgeable about the animals and are positioned all over the place. The workers are positive and you can tell they like doing their job. This was well worth the 5 hour drive for us.

Jaime Tant

Beat Zoo I’ve been to! The only 2 animals missing that I would love to see here are the hippopotamus and the giant panda. Even visiting in the beginning of April, there was a lot to do and see. Not everything was open for the summer yet, but what was open was fun. The polar bears were playful, the lions sleepy and the flamingos feisty! Never a good trip to Columbus without a stop at the zoo!

Felicia Legg

The sheer amount of animals and activities is enough to give this place five stars. The staff was very helpful as well. We sprang for the full pass, which is only 15 dollars more. We got to have a dinosaur island experience and our kids loved it! It was 10 dollars to park but there are shuttles that loop around. Really you need more than one day to see everything but we saw the things we were most excited for.

Phone Email

Large zoo with lots to do! Pretty good food for a zoo. The extras, like feeding animals and back stage tours, were pricey! But we had a good time without them. They have a massive tiger, largest I've ever seen.

Beth Skouson

Great zoo, beautiful aquarium. All of the staff and volunteers we dealt with seemed genuinely happy to be there and help out. Food and drink prices are inflated as with most zoo's. If you share a souvenir drink with the free refills all day it's not too bad.

Mik Cavanaugh

I think this is the best zoo I have been too. They have a ton of stuff to see and do. Great for all ages. They have a ton for small kids and adults. They have great seasonal things too! Every year they hang Christmas lights all over and you can walk the zoo at night and see lights and animals! Prices are pretty fair! You can get discounts at a lot of places. If you are going to go more than once a year just go ahead and get a season pass. It pays for itself quickly!

elizabeth orth

I just saw that they raised their tiger cubs in a concrete and wire box of a room with no bedding or enrichment for so long that they were afraid of grass. So sad. That is so unlike other better zoos who keep the babies with their moms in their proper enclosure. I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to grow up in a plain concrete box with no sunlight.

Nicole Boguslawski

Went with my family. Wonderful zoo and so much to experience. Cost is a little higher than any other zoo I have been too, however this zoo was easily 3x the size I have ever been apart of. My kids had so much fun with the zoo it all pass. We ate right at the zoo and was so glad to see so many restrooms since kids have to go all the time. Food was good, prices are what you expect at a specialty place. Very clean zoo. Animal exhibits were mostly full. Staff was very pleasant and helpful. So glad we were able to go. We are from out of State so if we are ever back in this area, we definitely want to go back!!!!! Thanks Columbus Zoo for giving my family and I a very positive experience!

Serena Oldfield

A must visit if you are in the Columbus area. Plan to spend the day. Our entire family went together, including a pregnant member and one in a wheel chair. We spent 4 hours there and did not quite finish, but some of us were tired, so we all left. We have visited a number of zoos around the country and this one is in the top 3. It is well kept, there is plenty of shade, and it is easy to walk (or ride in a wheel chair).

Jennifer .Williams

This is a wonderful zoo. The amusement park is fun, and the zoo itself is awesome. Spring for the Zoo it All package its so worth it. With that you get to ride all the rides, do unlimited pony rides and camel rides, visit dinosaur island which is a cool ride in itself, and visit the small aquarium they have there. Its a really cool experience. We made several awesome memories there.

Caitlin Rice Anderson

My kids and I always have a good time. There's a really nice variety of animals and the staff is very knowledgeable and great at answering any questions my kids have. I would definitely pack food/drinks if you're able to, as it can get pretty expensive. The seasonal events are always enjoyable as well. If you're considering the annual pass, I highly recommend it. It only takes a couple visits for it to pay for itself.

Alanna Bowden

This zoo is one of the best. It is clean and beautiful. The animals all seem happy and healthy. What impressed me the most was how knowledgable everyone that I talked to was. There were employees at several exhibits that could add information and answered all the questions I asked. Even the person in the gift shop had extensive knowledge when I asked where the money went when you round up your total. We went on the 21st and got to meet Jack Hanna, which was on my bucket list. As others have mentioned, wear comfortable shoes because it is a lot of walking. We bought a souvenir cup, which gets you free refills for the entire day. The cups are nice and pay for themselves if you drink a lot like we do. Overall, we were 100% happy with our trip.

Jason Tillas

Love this ZOO, AQUARIUM and WATER PARK... great place to entertain the whole family... takes more than one day to really enjoy the experience, great opportunity to have fun while learning... and “if you’re good today, we’ll goto the water park”... great tool to keep 6 kids well behaved at a zoo.

Travis Sellers

The wife and I love it! It's the perfect place for a day out, and it gives us the wildlife we love and miss ever since we left Florida. The conservation efforts and information they provide is always great and rather fascinating. Show support and get the annual passes. Trust me; they're worth it!

Ariel Roberts

I have been to Zoo's all over the US and I have to say this is by far my favorite one. They have so many extras and educational avenues for children it really makes it fun and interactive. I've spent a lot of time at the Columbus Zoo and it holds a very special place in my heart.


If you love animals this is a great place to visit. A wide place that 1 whole day would not be enough to see all the beauty that the zoo and aquarium has to offer. Words would not be enough to describe come and visit to appreciate.

Brandy Jackson

One of the best places to learn as a family!! We go a few times a year and still haven't done everything, probably haven't even seen everything! My favorites are the manatees and reptiles and we're sure to visit the aquarium every time!!

Jill Conley

This is the best zoo. Hands down so much beter than Cincinnati Zoo which we went to a couple of weeks ago & it was horrible. Not only were the exhibits small they smelled so bad. Columbus is so much nicer. Just took a great picture of one of my favorite animals the Orangutan.

Chip Beachler

The Columbus Zoo is a must see while you're visiting Central Ohio. It is always rating as one of the best zoos in the country. We always go back and watch the Giraffes when we visit. If it is feeding time, you can get up close and personal. They are amazing animals and well worth the small fee for this experience. There are many more interactive experiences at the zoo but this is our favorite.

Megan Belcher

Best zoo ever! Tons of animals, lots of programs, easy to spend the whole day there. Weekdays are of course less crowded but weekends aren’t horrible. Membership is very worth it, it pays for itself in just a couple of visits.

Olivia Cox

This is my happy place. Always clean park and very nice workers. My husband and I enjoy visiting at all times throughout the year.

Steph Del O

This zoo is better than the one in my original hometown. Amazing and worth the trip. Carve out a whole day because there is a lot of ground to cover. They have some misting stations for kids (and adults...) to cool off at during the summer.

Alexis Jones

So much fun! If you're going make sure you go early in the morning because this an all day sort of event. The zoo is huge and there's so much to see. And there are certain times where you can interact with the animals. We got to feed a giraffe and find out some cool facts about them. There was also a little petting zoo for the kids. It was amazing. If you buy a drink make sure to spring for the bigger souvenir cup. It's a little pricier but you get free refills all day which is worth it! The amazing time we spent here plus the zoo being connected to the water park next door, my family and I are definitely coming back!!

Nathan Kubistek

This is an awesome zoo! We took our 11 year old daughter to the zoo for a birthday trip and she loved it. The zoo is massive and has great enclosures. I would reccomend buying tickets in advance on their website; its the cheapest way to buy them. I believe you can take some food and drink in with you which is a good idea because the drinks are fairly expensive. You also have to pay $10 to park which I thought was dumb. Other than that this is a fantastic, well maintained zoo. Definitely worth the trip!

Amie Mallory

Drove up on a weekday in Sept. with my homeschooled kid. Surprised at how many animal exhibits and food/drink venues were closed. Military discount was appreciated. The cheetah run was our highlight.

Jeremy Dove

Incredible zoo. Well kept facilities for animals and humans alike. Animal exhibits were set up so you could view the animals up close. Volunteers and staff were knowledgeable and courteous. Would recommend visiting over two days to see it all and perhaps revisit your favorites.

Devon Scott

This is the best zoo I have been to! The exhibits were incredible and the animals looked healthy and active. We live about 3 hours away, but will definitely be making the trip again. The grounds are beautiful and everyone was helpful. If you are ever visiting Columbus, the zoo should be a must!

K Clark

Lots of different animals from several areas of the world. You can get fairly close to most to get a good view. A great place to spend the day. Lots of benches to rest on under trees if you need to rest a bit while walking.

Brian Jarrell

The Columbus is a happening place for all ages. This is one of the best zoo's in the country. The staff is friendly and helpful. They are great with children. If you go, I suggest that you go see the Polar Bear environment. It offers great views of these massive, majestic behemoths from different angles. When the bears are in the water, you have to go down to the under water observation deck. Great views.

Bret P

Great zoo with lots of areas to explore. Enjoyed the openness. The aquarium is very weak, but the zoo makes up for it. It shouldn't be advertised as both honestly. Saw plenty of animals I've never seen at other zoos before including Bald Eagles, Bison, and many more. Cincinnati is my home zoo and I've been to the Kansas City Zoo also. I would rank Cincinnati 3rd on that list but not sure which is better out of KC or Columbus. Columbus also has a cool water park, but we didn't visit it. Seems like it could be neat for kids and family to do a combination pass. We didn't see Jack Hannah since he does have other Zoos he's part of as well, but they do have his home base and everything which is neat to check out. The Columbus Zoo seems to have bigger areas for their animals to run around than the Cincinnati zoo. I highly recommend checking it out.

Jack Savedge

Excellent experience. Just wish it hadn't rained on the day we visited. Excellent accommodations for disabled individuals as well. Really great!!

melinda smith

Love this place, always has something new each time we go. Love the tigers and how there is more than one exhibit for them. My daughter loves the giraffes and feeding them. Looking forward to seeing what will be going on next year!

Peggy Rice

Absolutely. Awesome. The zoo. Is very nice . The only thing is that. I smoke . As it's a no smoking at all . I won't be going back . No where is designed to smoke . Our family smoke's so. No more Zoo Trip's . But a nice place.

Marina Watkins

Very friendly staff. Clean environment. One point off for allowing people to walk around with alcohol. Just think isn't unnecessary in a family place other than that great day.


Me and my family typically go to this zoo every year. During the summer and during the winter to see the Christmas light display. It’s always super nice during the summer. Very clean facility with almost all exhibits open. In the mornings there is a cheetah display in Africa where they race which is neat. During the winter it’s great to see the millions of lights they have out. It’s truly amazing to think just how much work goes into putting them up every year.

Terri E. Fizer

We love the Columbus Zoo. There is always something new to see! Animals seem content and have large enclosures plus enrichment activities. The volunteers always have information to share about the animals. There are also plenty of kids' activities for them to burn off energy; several playgrounds and rides. Food is somewhat pricey, but can be packed in. Restrooms are usually clean. If you can visit on a weekday it is far less crowded.

Emily Van Assche

My family loved this Zoo! Only reason I'm giving 4 stars is because the food was disguisting. I would advise packing lots of snacks and lunch. We spent 8 hours here and still did not have time to do everything, so much fun!

Matthew Moloney

My wife and I took several kids on a weekday morning and it was wonderful. Not too crowded, didn't have to park very far out and the zoo itself is more than you can see in one day. Our membership has paid for itself several times already this year!

Eric Rodriguez

The Columbus Zoo is amazing. It is very well maintained and it is aesthetically pleasing, the animals have the coziest habitats and the workers seem enthusiastic. It is a very high quality zoo but that comes with some unfortunate aspects, the big one being the prices of ANYTHING. Food & Drinks are pretty pricey, of course the gift shop will have regular 50 cent candy bars marked up 480%. It seems like the people visiting the zoo have pretty good etiquette when it comes to walking. Everyone walks on the right side. Kids get along with each other. People hold doors for each other. It's pretty hard to have a bad time at zoo. PROS: Aesthetic, conditioning, quality experience, variety of animals, good workers, baby friendly, variety of food, accessible bathrooms, emergency services, easy terrain CONS: Prices, closes earlier than expected, parking experience kinda sucks

Rhonda Trombley

My family and I had sworn off of zoos due to the confinement and the treatment of the animals. This zoo the animals are happy healthy and it is truly about educating and conservation. We encourage everyone to experience this place. All the staff were interactive, it was such a wonderful experience. Thank you for taking care of the animals and educating everyone.

Ohio's Last Rockstar

Awesome layout. BIG Zoo! Walked like 9.8 miles during our visit. I've seen better aquariums. The staff is very young but very enthusiastic. The experience was pleasant.

livvie kalinoski

It was the perfect day to go not to hot and not to cold. The animals were active and showing themselves for all that could see. Meal prices were about what you would expect but me and my wife got a lot of use out of the ten dollar refill cup. Tons of people but not so many you couldnt see the exhibits. We arrived a bit later around 3 and were able to make it around the entire park by closing time.Truly a wonderful experience. Will do it again as soon as possible.

Susan Johnston

We went on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, so we definitely had to endure crowds, but it was worth it. The zookeepers had a lot of events planned: throwing sweet potatoes to the bears so that they would come up close to the glass viewing wall; cheetah games where the cheetahs would chase a large ball of "string"; and the Heart of Africa show where we saw a radiant tortoise, a parrot, an unusual species of the cat family (I don't remember what this species was called but it looked like a cross between a lynx and a cheetah), a bush baby and a giant African Crested Porcupine. Oh and there was a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach that a brave boy from the audience held and showed the attendees. I couldn't really get close to that one I am embarrassed to write. I had never been to the zoo on such a crowded day, but all of the "extras" made it worth it.

Catherine Kirk

Best zoo around. The animals are very well cared for, get plenty of enrichment so they aren't bored. If only all zoos could be this good. Consession choices are pretty decent, there are even stops that have decent beer (domestics AND some craft offerings). Gift shops are plentiful. The whole place is pretty clean. Overall great!

Aa Aa

We love the Columbus Zoo. Today we went to North America, Africa, the Aquarium, and the petting zoo. Fun fact, we found out the aquarium is more then just the manatee room. It's not directly connected to the rest of the aquarium so we left thinking that was it. The little one had a great time. It was a fun family day.

Sherry Moore

It's a large zoo so plan your trip and grab a map so you don't miss any of the awesome animals. The docents in every region (people in the red shirts) are very helpful and knowledgeable so don't be afraid to ask them questions. Try one the specialty tours, sunrise on the savanna or after hours tour. Take your time to explore all the areas and learn about the animals. Have fun!!

susan jovino

Very clean park. Lots of employees to ask questions and interact with. Couldn't get near the giraffe exhibit which was my main reason for going. But the Congo exhibit more than made up for it. Went to buy a giraffe t shirt and they closed that stand early saying it wasn't busy. Couldn't get that shirt anywhere else in the park. We spent 8 hours there. Highly recommend.

Ed Crosby

Great Zoo buy you’re tickets on line to avoid a long wait to get in . It’s a two day excursion unless you really rush through take your time and enjoy midday lots of strollers and wagons . Week days are a little less crowded. Water park is next door separated admission it is a lot of fun

Rachel Nash

Huge and diverse. The exhibits were both animal and people friendly, and the extra attractions were great ways to see different vantage points of exhibits (and very reasonably priced). Dinosaur island was super cool and a huge hit with our kids!

Dan Crone

This zoo is wonderful and beautiful. We bought a gold membership plus because we will be back again and again. Loved it. Great place. Great associates.

Istvan Horvath

Awesome place! Friendly staff, incredible environments, beautiful scenery. For me, me the highlight was the lioness area with the airplane - just wow! Worth every penny, a must visit place!

LoriAnne Phillips

Since moving to Columbus a year ago we have visited over a dozen times - there's always something new to see and learn about. Weather isn't a big deal here either as there are tons of indoor spaces to enjoy as well to keep you comfortable. Just know you can't see everything in one trip - so if you only have one day to go plan ahead for your must see exhibits and wear comfortable shoes!

Up_Coming_ Potter

Josh and I had a great time today at the zoo!! We enjoyed seeing a variety of animals and the staff were very helpful! I had 15 minute conversation with a keeper about sulfer crested cockatoos and she seemed genuinely interested in talking. It was a great day!!

Alexandra Vanderbur

Best zoo in the Midwest!!! My family and I had the best time here and one day was not enough! This is a place that you could plan to spend 2-3 days. Wonderful experience and the animals actually look happy in their environment.

Devin Feasel

My family and I always have a blast at the Columbus zoo!!! Every time we visit there is something different we get to do. We only live about 40 minutes away and try to make it up there every couple months. We stop at Kroger and get our tickets, they are super cheap and you don’t have to wait in line if you have tickets. 5 out of 5 stars every time we visit!

Rychelle Y

It was a great trip! Definitely gets you exercising if you walk the whole time. The layout is nice, everything has its own little place, the zoo employees are very friendly and informative, the enclosures for the animals look spacious and designed with their best interest in mind, overall it was just a great experience. Plenty of food and beverage options and multiple modes of transportation to help you along if you're tired of walking. Plenty of places to take a rest and fun little photo opportunities along tour walk from one habitat to the next. Great zoo.

Mike Holley

It is huge the kids loved it. Everything is so clean and neat and organized. I have a season pass and we've already went maybe four or five times this year we plan on going to see the Wild Lights it is just an awesome experience.

No Apologies

Good fun at a zoo. They've got a couple of rides and play areas for kids. I didn't find it exceptionally different than other zoos I've been too. Our kids are too little too enjoy the water park next door.

Christine Fultz

Great place to visit! From feeding giraffes to behind the scene tours this zoo is packed full of great ways to connect with wildlife. With a focus on conservation and a healthy planet, they help teach children about the world around them and how our actions have consequences.

Kimberly Blanchard

They have a decent amount is animals however I would rather see less animals with bigger better habits. Some of them where very small. It does look like they are expanding so that's good. I'm not a big fan of animals being caged at all so my opinion may be bias.

will dil

Very well organized zoo. My kids loved it. Really enjoyed riding the live camels and ponies. The 4D movies were very entertaining. Interactions with the employees was pleasant and they were helpful. Last but not least my kids loved feeding the giraffes. Highly recommend this zoo for a family outing.

Mallikarjun Sasnur

It was great experience to see the animals in close. Zoo is divided into different continents. Australia has most of the animals. All animals looked healthy and well taken care of. Great experience seeing different types of coral reefs.

Sarah Rome

So much fun! Interesting exhibits! Dont forget the stroller there is lots of walking. We loved the amusement park rides. It is possible to do it all in one day but I suggest taking your time and making it a weekend trip especially if you drove far.

Elizabeth Noble

Super clean, nice exhibits. The habitats were perfect for the animals. It was crowded the day we went, and hot, so allow yourself plenty of time, especially if you have kids with you. There are lots of trees and shaded areas as well as covered and air-conditioned attractions, so you can stay pretty cool. It's also a huge zoo, so wear comfortable shoes!

Eric Mayer

A zoo membership is the best investment one can make! Our son loves the zoo and it’s extremely convenient that we can just come and go for a few hours here and there and not have to worry about the cost of parking and entry each time. Overall, the Columbus Zoo is a pretty amazing place. The animals look to be well taken care of and the exhibits are clean and attractive to both the animals and visitors.

Phillip Boyle

This zoo is a great place to go for the day. Lots of things for kids to see and do including a wide variety of animals. The Columbus Zoo catering service was great too. The staff was very friendly and attentive.

Jim Shreckengost

Very big zoo. The family loved the water park attached to the zoo as well. Spent 1 day going to the zoo and another at the water park. I recommend getting the fast pass at the water park. Saves sooooo much time.

Ryan Smith

It was nice because we could see animals in every exhibit (youd be surprised at how many zoo's you cant say that at). You could feed the giraffes. You could get up close to many of the animals. It was busy but not overly crowded. Wish more food places were open, but other than that it was great. The kids had a blast!

Beth Vriesman

Really nice zoo. Staff was super informative and you could always find someone to help or answer questions. I understand it's a slower season but we were there on a Sunday and many food stands were closed which was rough with kids. We'll be back as we only saw about 1/3 in the 4 hours we were there.

Chasity Williams

The zoo is a great place for families looking to explore animal life & much more. Always recommen the Columbus Zoo..There are many different things to see & do here, its got something for everyone. Can spend the whole day there .They also have different event throughout the year, I personally love all the Christmas lights they put up during the holidays.

Devon Hooper

Huge zoo with lots to do. We did not do the water park as we were just there for the zoo. Prices were decent on extras and good items. The zoo it all band is a great deal for all the extra activities. Animals have good habits and decent amount of space

Maria Young

I just love the Zoo! And of course, the kids do too! We went on a great day; the animals we so active and vocal, and for the first time EVER, I heard a tiger vocalize in real life! I wish the prices hadn't gone up so much, but the quality and experience has too so it is really well worth it! There are always new additions each year!

Nicholas Savka

This is a really nice place to spend the day. The zoo is beautiful and has an extensive variety of exhibits. Consider getting a family membership because it becomes cost effective very quickly. Its difficult to see everything in one day depending on how long you like to spend at each exhibit, and its nice to be able to go on multiple days because some animals may be more or less active on a given day. Try to make it to the talks or feeding times for certain animals throughout the day.

Ashley Gutowski

Top zoo!! This one is amazing and themed throughout. Love the variety of animals not seen at other zoos. It is large so plan on a lot of walking and spending a lot of time here. All the animals look well taken care of and this zoo promotes a lot of conservation efforts. Cheetah run was fun too see!

Brian Dible

The Columbus Zoo is probably one of the best zoos in the country. It is famous for Jungle Jack Hanna and has plenty of sponsors throughout Columbus. The manatee coast exhibit is awesome. To see these animals in their habitat eating away on the lettuce is really cool. You can definitely spend all day here, from open to close. Pay them a visit if you're from Ohio or visiting from out of state.

Brentt Moore

An absolutely amazing zoo that features one of the most diverse animal populations around and some of the most helpful and downright friendly staff members I've ever encountered at a zoo. We spent the entire day here exploring all of the different areas and walked for almost 7 miles. There really isn't one thing I'd change about our experience, as everything was above my expectations. As a note, many zoo memberships from other cities will enable a 50% price reduction in admission charges when entering. Be sure to ask about this!

Magic Turtle

I've been twice to this zoo and it is by far my favorite. It covers a huge amount of land and you dont feel as if the enclosures are not fit for the animals. Everything looks well taken care of and there's always new wonders. I definitely recommend for a family day trip.

Kelsey Purvis

I'm from Cleveland and have a zoo membership there. I was very excited to hear that Columbus Zoo and Aquarium offers a 50% discount to zoo members visiting from out of town. Prices for nonmembers are reasonable; they offer discounts for military and AAA. Also, if you have children or plan on going on rides, make sure to buy the wristband. For $14.99 it'll give you unlimited access to everything in the park. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is absolutely incredible! Make sure you give yourself enough time to see everything; this place is MASSIVE and it'll take you pretty much the entire day to see everything. We visited on a 75° day and I'm happy to say, many of the animals were alert and active. The zoo offers programs and shows all hours of the day. And there are many rides and attractions for children and adults of all ages. You can tell that the employees at this zoo are passionate about their work and genuinely care for their animals. Most keepers and employees engaged with visitors and were eager to teach and educate. I've never been to a zoo quite as great as this one. Even though it's a 3 hour drive for me, I definitely plan on bringing my son back in the future.

Jon Bond

First time visiting the Columbus zoo and it's awesome! We ended up buying a season pass for our family of 6 because it was only $17 more than daily admission. We only saw half the park after 4 hours. Can't wait to come back. The exhibits were great!

Linsi Locks

My favorite zoo. I love the gorillas and that the animals all seem to have a large area to roam. Well laid out too.

Kevin Scrudders

Oh my goodness, the Small Clawed Asian Otters are amazing. There are so many of them (8 or 10) and you get such an amazing viewing area. I recommend this zoo just based on those otters alone. The whole zoo is great and I did not dislike any of the exhibits I saw (I walked the whole zoo in 5 hours).


I loved it there. I was expecting more since theirs a lot of talk about how amazing it is. But like half of the zoo I can go to the Fort Wayne zoo to see. But I was very satisfied with the water park and the great views while walking through the zoo

christian Green

The zoo was great and my children enjoyed themselves. I appreciated the shuttle services to a few of the areas within the zoo. The food options were plentiful and the animal experiences were enjoyable. I’d take my children back!

Doc Mike

Had a great time with the family. One of the best zoo's I've been to. Only issue I had was no shuttle back to main gate from the Heart of Africa section.

Michael Barringer

Wow! An amazing zoo. Zoos do not usually do it for me. “You’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all” is what I usually say. That is not the case with The Columbus Zoo. Our family loved the aquarium and the manatee exhibit. We also really enjoyed the gorillas. One of the best parts of the zoo is the way that the animals are regarded as family. All over, they have pictures and memorials featuring the current and past animals in the zoo. It is a nice feature that makes it feel like the zoo truly believes in what they are doing. If you are in Columbus and looking for something to do, go to the zoo. It’s worth it!

Buckeye Guy

What an amazing experience. I haven't been to the zoo in like 15 years. It has grown so much, yet still keeps the small town midwest feeling. I highly recommend taking the day and visit our Columbus Zoo & Aquarium. Our tax dollars.are.pauing for it, we should enjoy it.

Donald trump

This zoo has always been a personal favorite of mine. The pros of this place is a wide variety of animals and the staff(if you can find one) are super nice and friendly and open to answer all questions you may have. Cons paying 5 dollars for a bottle of water but whatever that is why you bring your own. And the animals weren't super active. But again its the middle of July and like 95 degrees.

Nyckie Vinski

This zoo is so well done, you could probably go a hundred times and see something new. From facts, to artwork, and animals there is always something new. Take two days at this zoo is you are visiting Columbus. It took six hours to go through the entire zoo. The extra day will catch you up on what you have missed, shows, and more.

Rebekah Cotner

I had a great trip to the zoo with my young daughters! There was so much to see, we didn’t finish so we will need to return. The zoo is nicely laid out and easy enough to accommodate a wide range of ages. I was pleased the food court offered gluten free options as I typically cannot eat at food courts.

maxwell posival

I have been going to the Columbus Zoo since I was a kid. I love this Zoo, and it always is an adventure when I go. I have always been impressed with how they make the zoo interesting and entertaining every time that I go. If you are visiting from out of town and have kids, definitely check this out. PRO TIP: You can get tickets to the Zoo ahead of time, at Kroger, and this will help you skid the admission lines, as they can be long. Parking costs $10

Emily Kimball

Wonderful zoo! This is a full day experience. The only down side was the gorillas. They seemed bored and less than enriched. Otherwise it is a beautiful place and definitely worth a visit.

David Criss

Excellent zoo, very nice for the animals, but less easy to find and see them compared to other zoos. Also, as it was my first time since a very long time ago, I often felt lost, like I could not orient myself on the map. A few more signposts would be great. Plenty of bathrooms and drink stations and it's well maintained. It's a big place, lots of walking and lots of room for the animals. An update to my review. There are two memories from my youth in the '60s I'd like to share. Way back then the animals were in concrete boxes with round bars on the front with a short chain link fence keeping people back. I remember reading in the paper some lady climbed over the fence and approached a gorilla that reached out and pulled her close to the bars and proceeded to remove her clothes. I always thought the gorilla wanted to see what a person looked like without clothes and other than embarrassing, no harm done. The other memory was that big brass eagle on the pillar next to the tunnel. That eagle stood on a concrete pillar at a house we rented as kids. There was also the remains of an abandoned rock garden, pools, fountains, waterfalls, stone structures and benches, and all overgrown with a tangle of weeds and vines and trees decades old. It was both beautiful and spooky. My brother and I thought if we could just find the right valve and turn it on then water would bring the fountains and waterfalls back to life, but later we realized that in the lower level of the pump house, the pumps were gone. Just a lot of cut off pipes. But on top of the pump house was a big brass bell, maybe a complimentary casting to that eagle, and I know where it is. Maybe someday it will also find it's way to the Columbus Zoo.

Haley Miller

I adore this zoo! I love it so much that I brave the yellow jackets, wasps and other stinging insects! The dinosaur boat ride is fabulous! The light displays are really fun in winter!

Dave Page

We visited the zoo the other day and had a blast. There were so many animals to see and it was very nicely organized and laid out. The highlights were seeing a polar bear up and about and actually in the water and beavers. We live near Detroit and frequently visit the Detroit Zoo and I have never seen a polar bear in the water there and rarely do we ever see them out. We absolutely loved this zoo better than our home zoo and cannot wait to come back. My only real complaint is the lack of misting/cooling stations around the zoo, they would have been very well received the other day when it was 90+ out.

Alex Murrin

Well maintained with good facilities. To save money, bring snacks. Lots of new play areas for younger kids. If you have a toddler though expect to only see part of the zoo- it is huge and little ones will tire before seeing everything; definitely start with what the want to see most so they dont tire out. Arrive at opening for the best access, least crowds and lowest temperatures.

Beth Colvin

Love coming here. Animals are always easy to see. The food is always good. It is always a wonderful family trip. I loved the new dinosaur ride and so did my 7 year old son.

Holly Sampson

A great place to bring your family or get together with friends. Come prepared for a lot of walking. There are plenty of places to cool off, get drinks and get out of the sun. They do need some crowd control in the food court however and the service needs to speed up.

Amanda Adepalli

I love having a membership. There is no pressure to see everything or hurry or stay when it's hot. I love the zoo keeper talks and the volunteers who help educate.

Brianna R

Great experience! Cute animals, broad selection of animals to enjoy looking at, lot's to do and moderately priced food (like $10-20 for a meal? Not too bad but not cheap?) spread throughout the zoo. This has to be one of the best zoos in the US, I'm sure. Perfect place to bring kids due to lots of interactive bits scattered across the zoo including a neat petting zoo. Goats are extremely friendly. I highly recommend going on one of their canned food drives days for a nice discount, but going any other day works too! Parking is $10 unless you're a zoo member tho, so watch out for that!!! Also don't try to bring a cooler, but a small bag with snacks is fine. If you bring drinks, I recommend keeping it to a couple sealed bottles of water. Bring spending money for their amazingly cool gift shops.

John Kaminski

Excellent zoo. We traveled here from Pittsburgh and found the experience worth the trip. Services are great and staff is friendly and very helpful. The picnic pavilion at the entrance was very nice as well.


Absolutely loved it active animals that you can tell are being well taken care of. Obvious signs of enrichment in the enclosures some might say is tacky or out of place but I loved seeing the animals interact with them. Staff is super friendly and is pretty knowledgable. Plus they have cheetahs... that's enough for me.

Ashlynn Allen

Such a neat place! A lot of walking so wear your walking shoes because it’s spread out but they have mists spraying and water things to do! There was great food and dipping dots! And they ha d an awesome gift shop and things were very reasonably priced

Jeff Leonard

This is the best zoo there is! The only thing I would like to see expanded is the reptile exhibit. In fact, I think they could expand the exhibit to give the customer a tour across the world to view the various reptiles/amphibians that live in that region, which could allow them to have more reptiles on display.

Carmen Margy Spruill

This is one of my all time favorite zoos in our country. Extra activities offered are incredibly amazing for kids. Animal habitats are clean and spacious with a lot of outdoor room for them. It is a must go everytime I am in town. Relatives living here keep memberships.

Adam Randolph

Absolutely love this zoo! We go every time we visit Columbus. It is easy to get around and has an awesome array of animals. They are very well taken care of and the facility is clean. It is not a zoo that you leave feeling sorry for the animals. I definitely recommend spending the additional funds to get a wrist band. They also have scooter rentals for family members who can't walk well. Kids of all ages will love this place.

Amanda Allen

It was an awesome trip. There is always a new animal to see(next year, Sloths!!). The Dinosaur Island boat ride is a must for any kid or kid at heart with an interest in paleontology. Warning: may be too intense for younger children and no lap sitting for safety concerns. Still worth the trip every year!

Amir Mohammed

Zoo was wonderful. Lots of open space to walk, even when busy doesn't feel crowded. Has a great selection of animals. Penguin exhibit was cool. Got to see flamingos, a gorilla, camels, and a turtle. Reptile and amphibian enclosures were awesome. Don't forget to go check out the giant japanese salamanders! Highly recommended. Would visit again.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Nikita Sathiaprakash

I usually go to the zoo at least once a year as I live very close and I always have a great time. This is not a zoo that can be seen in a couple of hours- my family usually makes it a whole day plan. There are food options inside the zoo, but you are welcome to bring your own food and drink. The many employees are always happy to point you in the right direction! I highly recommend the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to everyone!

Scott Maddy

Great zoo well laid out and designed so the animals are normally visible even when they are hiding. the zoo is quite large and can be difficult for small children to do it all in one day, so we got the season pass so we could go whenever we wanted to. It's a really good deal. Paid for itself in two visits. In addition to the animals in their enclosures there are at least three play areas multiple rides both animal rides and other types. I have been going to this zoo my entire life and I love it every time I go

Allen Moneypenny

Much better then the Cleveland or Akron Zoo hands down. Not knocking the two but the Columbus zoo just has more to see with more close up animal views. And you get to see most of the animals in a way to what you would see on tv. Wide open land with so many wild animals all together. Loved it.


Lots of space for the animals inside the cages and also for us visitor types. Would like to have seen seating at some of the presentations. Had an 80+ Sr. Citizen with us and had to protect her from others not paying attention. Nevertheless an interesting day.

Jennifer Madachik

Easy parking with a regular you Zoo tram to pick you up and you can ride in or on your way out. Staff are friendly, always available for questions. Bathrooms were all tidy and well stocked. Exhibits were acceptable for animal housing. Continued funding and Conservation efforts could build the Zoo and Aquarium into something. The aquariums appear to be small for some of the animals' housed in them. It is an enjoyable day. Given the cost of food and drinks, it is nice that the allow an area for you to eat outside the park from your coolers at benches and a canopy. All-in-all a very fun and amazing day.

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