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REVIEWS OF Cedar Point IN Ohio

Mallory Faubert

Lines were ridiculous. Spent the whole day there and was only able to get on 4 coasters. Coasters were good but you won't get on half of them in a day without paying an extra $155 per person (in addition to admission) for their fast pass.

Aurora Zimmerman

I always have a blast hear I have been going here since I was 9 years old. I remember waiting that whole year to be tall enough to ride the rollercoasters. Now I'm a season pass holder and I plan to spend a lot of time having fun and enjoying the thrills<3

Graham Stiver

I love Cedar Point, it's my personal favorite amusement park out of the 16 I've been to. The rides are good, and the operations are fast. Make sure you get the french fries, they really are amazing.

Jacklyn Andersen

Clean amusement park with great food options. The workers are fun and definitely made me have a better time. The longest I ever waited was for an hour, most were 20 minutes maximum. Not sure if that is the norm or I got lucky. Definitely made the trip from Chicago worth it.

James Blankenship

No wonder why they call it the roller coaster capital of the world!!! Definitely recommend the fast pas plus, people without them said they were waiting 2 to 3 hours. This is such an amazing park to go to and I definitely recommend also going during the week day, there are less people. Again, this is such an amazing place!!!

Merillee Booren

So disappointed with their policies for our disabled daughter. When applying for their disability pass, the employee asked just two questions and with that gave her a pass that excluded every single ride she wanted and was capable of riding. Instead it authorized her to ride a few rides, few of which she was actually capable of riding safely. It made no sense and there was no allowances made for the fact that I may understand her disabilities better than a park employee could by glancing at her for 10 seconds. It has ruined our fun family day at the park.

Alan Conroe

Picked a great day to go on Thursday. Ended up picking up the fast pass and didn’t have to wait more than 30 minutes for any ride so we got to ride the best rides 4-5 times. Every ride was up and running. Only issues was bathrooms were gross even before the park opened and drink machines were almost all out of drinks.

Kendall Jarrell

Our young son made his first trip to Cedar Point over the weekend with a friend. I received text photos during his stay that told me all I needed to know about his visit. However, when he finally arrived home after his long day the excitement in his voice and the thrill of the experiences he shared with me was amazing! Cedar Point, keep up the amazing work and continue making people happy and making memories!

Adena Gwirtz

Always loved coming here. Lines are way too long, can only get maybe 5 good rides in a day. The people that work there could be a little more cheerful

Basil Zep

My favorite amusement park. This is how a park is supposed to be run. Beautiful and clean. Acceptable wait times. Some of the best roller coasters in the world. 17 in total. Recommend staying at the in park, Hotel Breakers. Just too convenient which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Jill Calkins

Can't even think about not giving this place 5 stars, it's simply amazing. There are great rides, shows, an app to help you navigate it all, and it's clean. My few pieces of advice are to buy your tickets ahead online (lots of specials) and get the meal plan because food here is crazy expensive.

Beth Parsons

Absolutely love this park! Steel Vengeance is a great ride, well worth the wait, even at an hour and a half! Gatekeeper is always my favorite though, it's smooth and fun, and makes me feel like I'm flying! Cedar Downs or Carousel on crack as we call it is always our first ride of the day to get things going. It's fun for all ages and makes the adults feel like kids again

Tom Ferguson

Went during Hallow-weekend on a Saturday. While we liked the decor and theming the simple fact is that the sheer greed of management has made this once enjoyable experience, an expensive frustration. The selling of the “gold pass” has over saturated the park. Expect longer lines everywhere. Trying to find parking or exiting after a long day is ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, If you like coasters then this is your park. Steel Vengeance is a must ride. If you go, try to avoid the busy dates or you will only be able to ride 3 or 4 rides. The good coasters average 2-3 hr waits. The “weak” rides still have 1 hr lines. I imagine people waiting for “Corn Stalkers” never made it through the 3-4hr line before the park closed. After 11 hrs, I left feeling I didn’t get my money’s worth.

Brandy Irwin

Food is outrageously priced. But the rides are AMAZING. Still love going here even as an adult. Great place to have fun and have a weekend getaway!

Casey Hoffman

After being away for 11 years because of small children, my kids are finally big enough to enjoy Cedar Point. My youngest missed everything by a few inches. Guess I'll have to tell the doctor her height measurement was off. Lol. We plan to be going back to visiting twice a year from now on.

David Cope

What can I say, it's Cedar Point. If you have been there you already know how great it is. If you have never been, then you will never know until you go. There aren't enough words to do it justice. Steal Vengeance is a much needed upgrade of the Mean Streak.

Kevin Perry

Went there many times in kids groups and as a seasonal worker. Love the fact that they have new rides often. Opened the park for employees night once. Fun for all family groups and/or friends. Good parking and gate prices generally.


Since they came out with fast pass the rich get to ride all the rides they want and not wait and middle class has to sit in line and watch them ride multiple times. Discrimation against poor. We are not all equals to.cedar point I suppose

Sleepless Drawing

The rides were amazing! I had a Fast Pass so it was quick to get on rides,but before i had it the lines were moving preety fast. 5/5 would recommend to anybody!!!

I. P. Dailey

The Devil Mouse gets all the attention, but I'd rather spend a day here than a week in Orlando. Even on the busiest day, there's no way you can walk away from the CP without a smile on your face. We come for the coasters, but if antique cars are more your speed, you'll still have plenty of options. Throw in the water park, the stellar accommodations, and the picturesque locale, and a visit here becomes with every penny spent.

Don Szilagyi II

The park is always very clean, the staff is very friendly and courteous. And, of course the rides are all great. I will buy a platinum pass for next year and plan an many more trips down from Michigan.

kyle brenton

Great location for an amusement park! I was only interested in the bigger roller coasters. 2 hour wait times for pretty much every one. Food is as expensive as any other amusement park of this scale. They have lots of washrooms and plenty of water fountains that help you save money and stay hydrated. Definitely want to go back!

Katie Xerri

So much fun. So much to do. Food is pricey but if you plan ahead of time not a problem. Stayed at the cabin at light house point and highly recommend. Within walking distance to cedar point or they have a shuttle

Karen Gillette

Do yourself a favor and get your parking pass and tickets in advance. It saves you so much time. This is the park for coaster enthusiasts! If it's a busy day, spring for the fast lane express when you order your tickets. It's so worth it. Also the app is a big help in estimating wait times and finding your way around the park.

Matt Willett

Went for the 1st time on Friday 8/16 and had a great time. Several very good rides had wait times of 5 min or less. Max wait times were an hour on the main thrill rides. Park was clean and not very crowded. There are rides for everyone.

Kevin Prickett

Best amusement park in the country for roller coasters! The new Steel Vengeance is amazing And Valravn was an awesome ride too! Perfect day - low 70's and partly sunny with a nice breeze off the lake to keep it cool. What a great day!

Michael Rosa

Super thrill for everyone in the family. Prices on everything is spiked up, from food to games. You can find sales on tickets though. Definitely the Rocking roller coast.

Joe Minauro

Got the fast pass and was worth every penny. Every ride you go to is maybe a 15 minute wait compared to 2 hours. Definitely worth the money

Jennifer Hampton

Best roller coaster park in the world. You must go here if you've never been. My happy place

Alex Lambert

Rides are top tier, but the lines are even more extreme... Pretty much a requirement to get a fast lane if you're going on the weekend. Many ride stations are operated inefficiently, making the wait longer than it should be. Perhaps as part of a gambit to encourage fast lane purchasing...

Nina Simone Gigger

I love this place from the bottom of my heart! It's a family tradition. I've been coming to this park since I was around 5 years old. I am now 46! It always brings back so many wonderful memories whenever we visit.


Best amusement park I've ever been to. Food is to expensive tho. Would make more money if they lowered the cost so people would buy food instead of bringing their own.


This used to be the most amazing amusement park but the addition of the fast pass has destroyed the experience of this park for anyone who has bought general admission. The lines on even a light day are easily tripled waits for any major ride due to an unlimited amount of fast pass riders who go on the same rides multiple times in a row and they do it right in front of you as if it's being rubbed in. I for one did not buy a ticket to watch other people ride rides while I wait in line all day.

Jess S

Came mainly to ride Top Thrill Dragster. Waited around all day for it to open and it never did. Never seen anyone working on it or any reason why it was closed. Drove multiple hours and rented a hotel room. WAISTED MY MONEY AND TIME.

Steve Shaw

Awesome rides and its good for all ages. They have some of the tallest roller coaster's as well as a stand up roller coaster. The Raptor is one where your legs dangle freely while going super fast and through some loops. They have kiddie rides and next door is a water park.

jenn chann

Amazing top rated coasters you won't find at any other theme parks! Cedar Fair has done a really great job with the park, especially deciding to build steel vengeance! What a ride! Been to many theme parks but this park is fun for all ages and has a great variety in coasters.

You High

Cedar Point is always a good time. There are plenty of things to do and the rides are great. The park is less crowded earlier in the day and through the week. Cedar Point beach was beautiful and peaceful. Overall, a great park!

Jon Plautz

The roller coasters are out of this world. Steel Vengence best 2 minutes of my life! Fast pass highly recommended. Skip the eat all day pass, not worth it. Stayed on property in cabin, very nice well worth it.

Alexis C.

Always a super fun amusement park to go to! The rides are always being tested and you feel secure while riding on them. The staff are all super helpful and they offer great deals and packages for tickets!

Nick Eggeman

Cedar Point is still my favorite amusement park in the U.S. While the pricing on many things within the park are very high, it’s still a fun time overall. The food was very good. The employees are quite friendly, even as stressful as their jobs are, they remain polite and professional. We’re season pass holders, so of course we’ll be back many more times. The Halloween decorations are fantastic, the live entertainment is great. Keep up the good work!

Quarteney Grinnell

They need to accommodate larger guests. Paid $60 a ticket and drove 3 hours to not fit on to any of the roller coaster’s other than the iron dragon( there isn’t a seat belt). The seat belts were 5-6 inches short for my body type. They could easily carry belt extensions for these type of situations. I’m not the only larger person wanting to ride the rides. Please be more inclusive!

Paul Krotine

Cedar point is one of my most favorite places ever. The rollercoasters are a blast. The scenery is beautiful. I love the nature to this park too. The train is one of the best rides. My favorite is the Top Thrill Dragster. I usually bring my own food here due to the price and quality of the food here. Kind of wish the bathrooms would get remodeled too.

Chaco #11

This place is honestly like no other. The entertainment Cedar Point offers to every age group out there is tremendously incredible. The staff members at Cedar Point truly care about the guest experience and try to assist in any possible way they can. Park facilities are often clean and accessible. Cedar Point offers two areas for the young ones to enjoy. The events that are hosted throughout the year are incredible and are very much enjoyable. Halloweekends however, makes the Cedar Point experience even more amazing and memorable.

Josh H.

Love this place ❤️ it's my favorite park to go to how ever I was extremely disappointed that Maverick was down the entire 2 days I was at the park that was the main ride that I wanted to ride. Nevertheless if you want to ride everything I encourage you to buy the express fast lane pass because most popular rides wait time was as long as 3 hours.

Komas Mismas

So much fun.s Lots to experience for rides for people of all ages! Had awesome plays and cabarets. Great choices of eateries. very helpful employees throughout the park. awesome to also have beach access

Nicole Boguslawski

Had a great time with my family. This place is very fun to ride rides, try new foods, and play carnival games. However, we did notice that the cleaning around the park and the cabin areas for those staying their was not as sanitary as you would expect. We found a lot of bugs and trash and small touch up paint jobs not being done. I guess for the price on everything we did assume that a little more up keep on the property would be done. Also, be prepared to not ride many rides if you are over a certain height or weight. I am 250lbs and could barely get onto the rides. Some part of this was a little disappointing because you would think with most people being bigger that they would have larger seats for those who want to ride. However I do know that is not their problem. It only stops more people from coming. I am sure I will be back next year, hopefully see a little more improvement from maintaining the property and the parks. And hopefully I can squeeze a little easier on the rides.

Jonathan Comeaux

I had no idea that this place was going to be as epic as it was. The day that we went the weather was exceptionally nice, 75° and no humidity. I don’t like walking around theme parks sweating and this made for an amazing experience. From the coasters, to the food, to the staff, everything was above my expectations. I would come here again in a heartbeat!

Jason Nash

A very nice park. It obviously has some of the best rides around. However alottttt of the rides were down for some reason. And most of them were just down for a few hours at a time. I've never seen anything like that at any other amusement parks I've been to. However a great park overall.

Crystal Lopez

Absolutely the best dollar coasters. Love the all day eat and drink passes. Definitely worth the money. Park was clean. Restrooms well stocked and clean. Staff was so friendly and helpful. Can't wait to go back!!

Corey Barailloux

I would normally give Cedar point 5 stars if it were any other day because I love the thrills and majority of the coasters. I suggest not going on Sunday for halloweekends if you enjoy scary things like haunted house because Fridays and Saturdays are a little more freaky compared to Sundays. Park also closes at 8pm on Sundays. Another reason I gave four stars today majority of rides were down and if they weren't down there were long waits ranging from 1hr-2hrs per ride. Generally closed Mon-Thurs, open 6pm-midnight Fridays and 11am-midnight on Saturdays.

Dan Morrow

Cedar Point has the best collection of roller coasters that I have ever experienced! We had a great day. The view of Lake Erie from the top of the rides was beautiful. I would love to go back any time!

Paul Nicholson

Cedar Point would get five stars if it were just the coasters. It's absolutely the best selection of coasters in the country, and steel vengeance is the best of the bunch. The good is pretty standard, but fine, it's cleaner than your average park, and the frontier area is nicely designed. The rest of the park is essentially a concrete jungle, and a lot of the rides are brutally exposed to the sun. Again, though, you just argue with the coasters.

Ms Weiss

I have been going to Cedar Point for over 40 years. It is always a good time. It has the best roller coasters in the world. And they really really do a great time for their halloweekend events. I only have one bit of advice. Go

Roxanne Canales

This was my first time and I honestly enjoyed it thoroughly. I was very thankful that I was able to ride everything. I'm a bit more round than others and Cedar Point rides are not very forgiving. There are test seats in front of every attraction though - if you are all at concerned, use them! The employees were very helpful in using these and made me feel more comfortable.

Allysa Jamison

Let me start off by saying the rides were fantastic. What wasn't fantastic was feeling like I was charged admission to certain rides via locker fees. I brought a small hand bag and was told that it couldn't be brought with me on account of its size (they stopped providing bins for your bags and such on the newer rides) and that I'd have to buy a locker at a rate of a dollar an hour up to 3 hours. One of the lockers didn't even lock after I'd bought it, there was no attendant in sight so I had to buy another one. The line said it would take 90 minutes so I bought a 3 hour locker knowing the ride was probably going to be delayed at some point in my waiting. The line took over 3 hours. I went back to my locker only to find that it wouldn't open unless I paid a fee for going over time, my cards were in the locker though. I had to search for an attendant and luckily he was understanding and opened the locker for me. The next thing... fast pass. DO NOT go to cedar point without buying a $110 fast pass for everyone, if you don't you will be waiting in line nearly twice as long while a few get to rush to the head of the line. If the fast pass line gets too long, only fast pass gets to go and you end up waiting upwards of 3 hours only to get your items locked away and asked to pay a fee.

Kaliska Williams

You will spend the vast majority of your day hurrying up and waiting if you don't hand up the extra $100 each person for a fast pass. However, the coasters are amazing and like no other and I would recommend the experience at least once in your life. Nevertheless. On a less busy day (than most summers) in October we still waited 3 hours for Gate Keeper and are probably still waiting in line for Millennium Force.

E Stewart

This is one of my favorite places, there are always discount passes available that cover unlimited drinks, park admissions and parking. They are well worth the money as this place can get very expensive. Rides are fun and the lines go very quickly, we went on a Sunday and didn't wait more that 10 minutes. Great place for people watching also.

Big Oof

The attractions themselves were thrilling and enjoyable, though I disagree with how the fast lane passes are distributed. It is in my opinion that visitors who have disabilities or health concerns should be able to get fast lane passes, not just anybody who happens to come upon them. The majority of the fast lane users that I noticed while waiting for rides were somewhat impatient and pushy, and it becomes irritating to wait in line for beyond an hour while others are allowed to go almost entirely up to the platform. I understand the concept and why it would make a good profit, but it can be a major inconvenience to the rest of us. Between technical difficulties and the fast lanes, wait times seem to last an eternity. My recommendation is to sell the fast lane passes to people who need them, such as those who are handicapped or at a higher risk of heat-related injury. Aside from that, the plentiful options for dining, hydration, shopping, and relaxation were pleasant. The live entertainment that I observed was well-coordinated and lively. I appreciate the mixed cultures that you can explore throughout the amusement park. Overall, the experience was pretty good. Thank you for reading my review.

Jayson Olivera

One of the Happiest places on earth. The park is ran excellently and there really is something for everybody. There are 17 coasters here and most of them are absolutely great and a fun time. If you have never been here before, you need to go if you are an enthusiast of any sort. 10/10

Cristina Whitehouse

We take a trip yearly to the park, and this year, we were a little surprised as to how little my 6 year old could do. It almost seemed like height requirements had changed? Anyway, we did what we could, and had a nice time. We really enjoyed a BBQ restaurant, the name escapes me, but it was new in 2019 I believe and was a really good experience. The kids also enjoyed the new climbing structure.

Joshua Mcdonald

This is the king of all parks If you love roller coasters or you're kids this is the place to go and a must this is the roller coaster capital of the world even if you don't like roller coasters it has something for everyone to complete immersive experience destination you will need more than a day to fully experience everything to do a place like no other * take it from me a roller coaster enthusiast and a father of two boys 14 + 17 for the overprotective or worry warts parents Guardians and scared kids of roller coasters try it you might just love it don't miss out and I promise you are more likely to get hurt sitting yes sitting at home then you are on a roller coaster.

Katrin Rosinski

I always have fun here . However the thing that they need to fix is The Steel Vengeance. This needs harnesses not just the lap bars, due to the new format of going upside down. The lap bar banged against my leg the whole time and took away the enjoyment out of the ride.

Ana W

If you love roller coasters, this place is a MUST- visit. There's literally no other amusement park in the U.S. that comes close to this place. And if it's crowded, fork over the extra cheddar for the Fast Pass. It was worth every penny on Labor Day weekend.

Erin Robinson

It was amazing! Haven't been there in 13 yrs, just as fun and exciting. The haunted houses we're fun to. The $99 gold season pass was so affordable so glad they had the deal for the 150th anniversary! Keep it going cedar point!

Richie Poirier 2

Always fun to go on the rides and great, friendly employees who greet you when you arrive. However, it took us an hour to get inside the park, but other than that, it's pretty awesome!! If you want to have fun, especially with family, come here and you'll have a blast!!

Pamela Yurgee

Awesome experience here with the family! I would recommend to ride the thrill rides first as they get busy during the evening, even with fast pass! Food was fantastic, I recommend to get all you can eat if you are a family of over 4, you’ll save a lot! The carnival games are fun and would like it if they incorporated more games. Love that they are open late on weekends! Been going here since I was a kid! Great place!

Larissa Pickering

Awesome park! Great for young kids, as there is a young kids area with small rides, and a water splash pad. But, definitely great for adults as well! Big crazy roller coasters and small more mild rides and train for the people not up for roller coasters

Kahlen Burns

Really nice amusement park. I wish they had a few more medium coasters for the not so adventurous though. Good food, even though a bit pricey. Had lots of fun!

Megan Reed

My family and I go to Cedar Point twice a year. Once in the summer and once during the Halloween festivities. We have a blast every year and highly recommend going! Cedar point offers many different types of tickets. We typically get the regular passes with the free drink option. However, we’ve also have been considering getting the fast passes as I feel as a family we may be able to do more with smaller lines. Other then the typical long lines and expensive parking cedar point is definitely the place to go! Many options for those who don’t ride rides, as well as TONS of options for the kiddos. During Halloween is my personal favorite time! Many years we’ve gotten a hotel room at the park just so we can take in everything. There’s so much going on during Halloween and it’s hard to fit it all in during one day.

Sarah W

Rides aren't as smooth as they used to be. But still a blast. Fast pass is worth the money but buy online before come. 85.00 at park 55 online for fast lane pass

Richard Musgrove

We always have a good time at cedar point. I think the key is to get there early or show up late. The crowds are unbearable during the peak times and completely ruin the experience. All that being said, when the crowds are not out of control this place is very enjoyable!

st1r fr1day

Cedar point is still amazing after all these years. I have some awesome childhood and teenage memories here, and the experience today is even better. Went during a very busy halloweekends day from about 3pm til midnight; fast lane was definitely worth the money as it allowed us to experience the coasters with plenty of time to enjoy the other festivities.

Heidi Henderson

Was extremely busy and had a few problems but overall this place was a blast for me and my boyfriend. We got fast passes and I’m really glad we did, this trip during halloweekends was the busiest I have ever seen it and I have been there countless times. Highly recommend buying the platinum pass if you frequent amusement parks.

Samson Knapp

An absolutely amazing experience, there was something for absolutely everybody. There were thrill rides, there were fun rides, there were adult rides, kid rides, and I think I'm gonna puke rides. There was nearly every kind of food you could want, they had an arcade, a ton of carnival games, and plenty of fun shows and exhibitions to see.

Anna Pfalzgraf

The staff was very helpful and kind therefore I would give five stars but, the bathrooms were unattended. Almost every bathroom toilet was clogged with toilet paper and none of the staff was on even one bathroom. There was water everywhere on the floor and only a few dryers worked. Also my friend got a bottle of water and it was $4.25. But I don’t want to be rude and cruel because there were a lot of good things. The roller coasters were fun and I would definitely recommend the power tower which according to some of my family in their day it was Called the demon drop. Anyway I would also recommend the blue roller coaster behind it. Overall it was a good trip. P.S. Don’t get lost it is a big park and there are free ice waters so don’t get dehydrated. The sky ride was enjoyable too along with Starbucks. ♥️

Ronnie Rose

Had a great experience. Do yourself a favor, stay at the hotel, buy the fast pass plus and meal plan for your day. It may cost a little extra but you have so much time to experience all that this amazing park has to offer.

Leandra Espino

Fun rides, if you can even get through the lines. We drove from VA to visit and only got to ride 3 roller coasters. Waited in line for 2+ hours each. We were very disappointed after hearing such good things. Probably wouldn't go back, just not worth it for us.


Cedar point makes over a billion dollars a year with a net income of 215 million dollars a year. With take type of income you would think they could afford to have some one clean their bathrooms properly. The doors, wall and floors were cover in filth. I thought I was going to get a disease using them. I have been in outhouses that were cleaner.

Stephen Robinson

A great place to camp while visiting the park. The only reason I didn't give it 5 was price ($118 / night.). The book said they offer lodging discount for season pass holders. When we inquired about the discount. We were told they don't do the discount. And let's face it. We brought our lodging with us. $118/ night seems to be high for a parking spot. As a comparison. Disney's Fort Wilderness campground the longer your stay. The lower the nightly rate. However Cedar Point Lighthouse point remains the same. Otherwise a clean quiet and well kept campground.

Benjamin Bialorucki

The rides were great and the staff was also good. But the fast pass experience sucks and is only for select rides unless you double down on it. It's now a self feeding system where they will likely induce a super-fast pass. I really dislike that concept and it limits how much a family can actually enjoy in the park.

Jeff Westmoreland

Really great and fun place to come with friends and loved ones. I would suggest getting the fast pass other wise you will never enjoy everything it has to offer is a weekend. Biggest downfall was parking it's a nightmare to get out of this place at night and no staff to direct people it's a free for all

Jason Nelson

My husband and I took our son. We had so much fun at cedar point and the water park. They rode the rides, the lazy river was my favorite. We got the meal deal and drink deal. I totally recommend those. Great value.

Daniel Hill

Great place to spend the day with family and friends. Bring your wallet.. some things are pricey.. I paid $18 for two beers.. drank water the rest of the day.

Sylvia Spencer

When Daughters Were In Middle School, I Bought Them Tickets To Go With Their Class Mates. And When They Returned Home, They Talked about Cedar Point For About A Week. This Park Is Really A Thril For BOTH Students AND Parents. So I Allowed Them To Go Every Year To Wind Down The Summer. I Recommend That You Rent A Hotel And STAY For St LEAST 3days In Order To Really Enjoy This Wonderful Park AND The Rides.

Law Jackson

Loved Halloweekends! Just wish they had an app showing which rides will be down for that day. Wanted to ride the Dragster but it wasn't running

Kelly Bond

We have had Platinum passes for years and love the fact that living in Columbus it is a quick jaunt to Cedar Point or Kings Island (it’s sister park). We stayed in the cabins at Cedar Point over Memorial Day weekend and lived being able to come and go during the day when the kids were worn out. As an added plus, they offered a package that included Fast Passes for much less then their normal price and military discounts as well.

Regina Kern

Overall I liked it. From Cincinnati so compared it to Kings Island. Liked your train more but employees at Kings Island are nicer and enforce rules more (smoking, running, etc.). Employees didn't even help get kids off a ride but just sat and watched other riders help.

Albert Collins

Cedar Point's Halloweekends is worth paying for an extra trip. They do a really nice job with the park transformation to appeal to kids and adults. I recommend on going during a cooler or potentially rainy day as the park will be packed if it is seasonably warm and sunny. The lines for the haunted houses and even the travel ways in the spooky areas are jam packed and that lessens the fun as the actors don't have room to move around. Well worth the visit though, even if you made a summer time trip already.

Elizabeth Vaiana

What an amazing day! This park is serious coaster business. The lines are long so invest in the fast lane pass or you will regret it. Also, I recommend the drink passes that allows for refills every 15 minutes.

Dianna Williams

Remembering when I was a small child going with my grandma and her best friend at age 10 (1980), up until the age of 28, 1998. I was excited to play the games, ride the rides, and just walking through the park and seeing so many people come together and share the same memories I did at that time was a memory I'll never forget! Now that I'm older, bringing my grandson for his first time was another exciting memory. He enjoyed the rides and the ice cream! The smile on his face was enough enjoyment for me! Thanks Cedar Point! You never disappoint!

Autumn Novak

They offer so much for the kids for Halloweekends. The park was clean, all the staff we were in contact with were extremely friendly. We are so happy we bought season passes.

Amy Jordan

Great park. Worth the trip. Clean and not overly commercialized. Some rides were down for our entire stay, but safety first, right? Very long wait times for the most popular coasters, but plenty to make up for that. Definitely need multiple days to experience it all.

J Michael

Greatest amusement park ever. I absolutely love it here. The only ride I have not rode is the Top Thrill Dragster and that is due to it always getting shut down. The Valravn is by far my favorite. Then the millennium force. I have also done the slingshot and that is a must!

Eric Korotkin

One of the penultimate Amusement Parks in the whole world. From world class roller coasters to great rides, this place has it all and continues to get better. Some of their roller coasters are epic top of the line rides and if you are an fan of roller coasters, this place is one of the must visits in the world. As famous and popular as it is, it lives up to the hype and is a great time. Gotta love The Point.

Andrew Fowler

Haunted attractions were nearly impossible to get in. 2 plus hour wait on everyone. Almost too crowded, need to figure out a better way to enjoy the Halloween part. As this was the main theme. 3 plus hour wait for steel vengeance. Most othe coasters were right around 1 to 1.5 hours.

Gloria Cervantes

Variety of rollercoasters ranging in intensity. Several spinning rides. Few concerts, awesome performances. Fun fun fun... The Halloween weekends special was awesome. Several haunted houses and fun theme in general. Several drink/food options for kids and adults.

Jl Sillman

Best coaster park on the planet bar none. This is a nice park for anybody, but coaster riders will love it the best. It literally has more coasters than anywhere else in the world.

Emily Krebs

Went on a Sunday night at 6PM - GREAT experience! Would highly recommend if possible. The lines were much shorter than usual, with our maximum wait only about 45 minutes. Such a great amusement park! Although be warned food/drink is very overpriced (we paid $7 for a small Dasani water)

Nelson Cruz

Haven't been here in 16 years. Loved it. Had a blast tho. Remind me to purchase a fast pass next time.

Sean Cole

Awesome place. Sure they have world class roller coaster. But there is something for everyone in the family as well. Especially if you stay at the Breakers Hotel.

Jim Troth

This was actually the first time I've been there and well over 20 years. We had a great time there I can see they've done lots of changes over the years. We went there for the Halloween Haunt themed evening. Looking forward to returning again.

A Jones

It was very fun and pretty clean. The rides were great and worth the wait. Due to crowds and technical difficulties, we weren't able to go on some rides we really wanted to go on. Wish there was more shade and air conditioning, too. Overall however, Cedar Point was a great experience and we can't wait to go back!!

E Bri

Something to do for everyone of all ages. Thoroughly enjoyed the day. Perhaps next time we might get a hotel or camp nearby and get a 2 day pass. There's so much to do and can't fit everything in on one day. Their motorized wheelchair with canopy is a comfortable ride. We went on a sunny day and the canopy was a life saver! Better to reserve one prior to visit as it is on a first come, first served basis if not reserved. Used it for nearly 8 hours and didn't run out of battery power. They have a locker area just beyond the entrance. Wished i had know that ahead of time...couldn't find that info on the website. No outside food allowed. Grounds are kept clean.

Josh Baughman

Some of the most popular rides were shut down. I get regular maintenance and safety, but the park should be able to coordinate maintenance to better supply the thrills they advertise to as many people as they can. Buy the fast pass. It is worth it. Hope to visit again soon. Had a blast!

Jared Coffman

This truly is the roller coaster capital of the world. And with a couple of notable exceptions, the lines have really been not too long, any of the times we have been there. The season pass and meal plans are great if you live nearby and plan on visiting often. If you like roller coasters, this is a must visit. If you don't like roller coasters, you will still find things to do here and they do have some other rides, but it's really for coaster enthusiasts.

Jessica Thompson

We love the rides!! And the water park too. This park has it all. If rides aren't your thing, enjoy the food!! From cheese on a stick to sweet water taffy! And of course you can meet people from all over the world working here. Always an awesome time with great people.

Aaa Aaa

ABSOLUTELY THE BEST AMUSEMENT PARK EVER!!!! The fast lane pass is a must or you will be waiting several extra hours for the top rides. Getting a season pass is well worth it as well as getting the all day drink and food passes.

April Tobin

Absolutely loved Cedar Point. The rides were amazing and the wait times weren't too bad. Several rides were not open during our visit but we still managed. Food is super expensive but they offer a meal pass which I recommend. The free drink refill for 16 bucks was well worth it. Will definitely return

Brennan Lee

This is an awesome amusement park. They have the most rides i have ever seen. They do have a water park and beach area you can visit from the park. They were having trouble keeping some of the big roller coasters working. We enjoyed our visit just glad we had two days to catch the rides that were down yesterday.

Udit Purohit

Hands down one of the best amusement parks in the US, with h probably the best roller coaster ride- Steel Vengeance. Extra section of Halloweekends was awesome. The only downside were the extra long lines- we were able to only do 7 rides in the entire day.

Rae Lee

We went on a Saturday. It was pretty busy but I commend the staff for efficiently dealing with lines and making it easy for us to access all of the rides. The endless drink package is a must. Although the lines for that are really busy in some parts of the park. I recommend getting there early in the morning and starting at the back of the park and working your way forward. For food, I recommend not purchasing it in the park. Bring a picnic lunch and eat it in your car. Especially to escape crowds and heat. It also rained while we were there which was also handled really well by employees. They were really quick to get the rides back up and running after the rain. Overall a really great experience

Tim Gillies

Best amusement park for many many miles. However I'm not really to fond of the fast pass. Fast pass+for a family of four bought at the park will cost your over $600 for a day. Pretty ridiculous.

Rodney Frank

Park is great! Staff is pretty good. Some are better than others. Rides are top notch! Food options are pretty poor. Need better education and training. Quality is barely edible and almost always is cold. Wish they could figure out how to fix that.

Stephanie Patton

I love coming here! My mom and I have been going for over 10 years now!!! We will keep coming! If only they could clean more places where the spiders are!

Carmen Faustino

Cedar point is awesome the always are on the top of their game with thrill rides. Drink band pass well worth it as are fast passes. Only disappointment was the purchasing of the tickets had an issue ordering online called and the price went up and cost us about 250 more. Also would be nice to have like an Uber like service of carts to get around but again fantastic.

Katia Suter

It was a slow day. Always love it there but halloweekends is too packed for me. Had to park in the grass outside of the parking area. All the rides were over 2 hour waits and there's only 6 haunted houses in the whole park which surprised me because of how big the park is. It is much better going during the week in the summer!

Becky Heifner

Overall great family fun place! If you want or need to rent a wheelchair or a stroller, however you need to do it at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that you have one upon arrival.

Kenneth Joseph

Had a great day it was a nice time!! Beautiful weather!!! But... Bathrooms really need attention, smell, rust and cleanliness!! A little additional general maintenance needs done to appearance and cleanliness overall!! If you let it slip people will stop coming!!

Marcus Blair

Roller coaster capital of the world. Steel Vengeance is spectacular and unique. Millennium Force is tall and fast. Love this place.

Pam Martin

Always a blast. Customer service is always so willing to help and they are very kind. Of course things are pricey, but what amusement park isn't? They do give you the option to bring your own food. We always take a cooler and eat at the car

Linda Hatch

The rides are super-fun and the lines weren't bad at all. We went on a weekday toward the end of August and didn't have much of a wait. Some of the rides will not let you have any loose articles so you are better going with pockets or a fanny pack if you don't want to pay for a locker. Locker rentals are only for 3 hours, or you can cross over to the water park for all-day rental.

shannon Jenkins

Fun night. Could have been better if they would have had more cars running on coasters. It wasnt crowded at all but still had to wait 45 minutes or so because they only had one train running on certain coasters.

Steve B

Best amusement park and roller coasters in Midwest. Few things could make it better. When premium rides are down fast passes should be cheaper. There price should reflect the amount of rides running. They should have a cheaper ticket for those that go and don't ride rides. My parents go with us every year, they are 70 and don't ride anymore, but enjoy watching grand kids ride. They pay send price as everyone else and never ride a single ride. Other then that they do a good job of scaring you.

Nicholas Eull

Lots of fun, world-class rides. One of their premiere rides has been down for two days without any word on when it might be back up. Would be nice if the would let you know any updates.

Liz DiMcNeal

Always an amazing time here!! get your season passes while they are on sale!! Sale ends October 27th. Season passes are good for the rest of 2019 and all of 2020 plus free parking!! You can also do a payment plan for them if need.

Nathan Harris

Awesome park! We prefer going before school is out in MI and OH so wait times are less. HalloWeekends offer lots of fun for all ages. Just be prepared for long lines.

Danny Canfield

Fun and best amusement park. Food a bit pricey. Go on an overcast day with a chance of rain and there will be very little lines. Nice kids area, but a Snoopy or Woodstock character might help to engage kids. Lots of stuff to do still of not into coasters.

Seth Neeley

I've never been anywhere with coasters as good as Cedar Point. Lines can be long, but I'm glad they released an app with wait times. Going once a year is perfect for me to get that bottom of the stomach feeling. Halloweekends is a fun time, but it's noticeably colder on the coasters! Steel Vengeance was certainly worth the wait and Millennium Force is a favorite!

Tracy Johnston Caruso

Halloween weekends are fun for all ages! From trick or treating to scary haunted houses, there is something for everyone. Options available for those who don't want scary areas.

Ryan Fee

Amazing place with amazing rides! Two notes: if you buy the fast lane pass before you get to the park, you will need to get a wrist band before trying to go into the "fast lane" you can get them in the shops near the entrance to the park. Also .. there are very limited choices for heathy food or foods that meet certain dietary restrictions, so plan accordingly.

Kevin Treanor

Having the roller coaster capital of the world in our back yard is a treat. The lines can get long when the weather is good, but on cooler overcast days you can really take full advantage of the place and get in lots of rides with little to no waiting. If you are a thrill junky you need to visit this place

allison nielsen

Amazing park for thrill seekers, probably the best I’ve been to. I’ve been twice now! There are so many roller coasters and they are all infinitely more epic than “bigger” theme parks like Universal and Disney. These rides are INTENSE. The park itself is set on Lake Erie and it is so beautiful. I loved going on the Ferris wheel and seeing the waves rolling by. Lines can be super long here and a lot of the rides tend to go down randomly which is the only downside, I think. Everyone is so pleasant and friendly here that I think it makes up for it though!

Kae Weddle

Super great fun, variety of rides, food, drinks and restrooms accessible everywhere. Shopping, carnival games and more! Water rides are a blast! Scenic view of Lake Eerie! Our family plans on renting Cedar Point cabins next year! They are$ reasonably priced

Kali Oliver

Cedar Point is one of my favorite places. The Halloween season here is incredible and they definitely going all out for the Halloween festivities. For the mass number of people who go there daily, the bathrooms arent nearly as bad as I expected. The only reason I subtracted a star was due to the long lines and lack of crowd control at times. Also because you can be waiting in line for 3 hours then have a ride break down and you're just out of luck, 3 hours wasted.

Logan Pawley

Waited 2 hours to go on a ride only to get in the car and be told that I'm too big to safely ride while the attendants are trying to crush me and my friend in. Feel like the attendants at the entrance of the queue should have suggested trying their sample seat, I'm not that big so didn't think it would be an issue. Super disappointing. Shockingly little amount of water available but there are soda fountains everywhere - not great on a hot day.

Jennifer Engelmann

Always fun! Lots of roller coasters and also rides for people who don't like the coasters- BUT mostly roller coasters! This is definitely packed with rides vs. A theme park full of shows. My kids love the sky ride and the giant swings over the lake! This park has plenty for big and little people!

Owen Karr

Hit so the big rides on a Saturday without either fast pass, longest wait was 1.75 hours. Everything was what I had hoped for or expected. Even the Perkins was good.

Indian Princess

Has lots of coasters! My issue is with the Fast Lane system. I visited for 2 days and had the fast lane both times. While most rides were a walk on, some of them you still had to wait. I think the most I waited was for dragster but that was due to the fact it kept breaking down. Fix your fast lane lines. If I’m paying upwards of 100 bucks(and also park admission) for a fast lane, I shouldn’t have to wait at all. Food was mostly cold on both days I visited. Not a bad park, just needs some improvements. Note To those who buy Fast Lane, you still have to wait for some rides. Most fast lane lines merge in to the regular line. While it still cuts out majority of the line, I still just have an issue with waiting. Especially when I paid a lot to skip lines.

Joel Brown

Amazing water park. Amazing beach (which gets even more amazing at night time). And the best roller coaster theme park in the world. Only negative is actually a positive as well. It's huge. Like ridiculously big. Definitely an all day event.

Rebecca Shipp

Great time for all ages! My girlfriends and I went for spooky Saturday's and had so much fun. With all the rides food and shows there is sure to be something for everyone to join in on. Be sure to have a fanny pack or use a locker because things slide out of pockets on rides.

William Bowen

"Ohio People" really make me not want to come back. Besides that, you can get in for relatively cheap, as long as you're okay with waiting in line for 2 - 3 HOURS for a single coaster. If you opt for a Fast Pass, make sure you buy them ahead of time, as they are DOUBLE to TRIPLE the price if you purchase it day-of. The Fast Pass will get you onto most rides immediately, however, if you're looking to get on all of them quickly, you'll need the Fast Pass PLUS, which is even more expensive. Basically, expect to pay about $200 per person. Besides all of that, the roller coasters are quite short, and the park itself is almost disgustingly dirty.

Raymond Black

Awesome roller coasters! Haven't been in 16 years, so first time I got to ride Top Thrill Dragster. 420 feet tall and 120 mph.

Grant Gegorski

I grew up in Fremont, OH & spent every Summer at Cedar Point, at least 2 or 3 trips each year. It was always a good time as a kid, but I kind of "grew out of it" as I became an adult. I hadn't been in about 6 years & went yesterday with my family & some friends, all of us which now have kids. I was so impressed by what Cedar Point has done as of that last few years. There are so many new things for kids to do, including Camp Snoopy & Adventure Island. Also, they are serving beer now! I literally walked around the park drinking a beer, sitting in Adirondack chairs (which are literally EVERYWHERE), & watching my 3 year old son & his friends have a blast. Got my cheese on a stick & Toft's ice cream & I was good to go! I honestly probably had more fun just walking around & hanging out than I ever did riding all the rides. I guess my "Dad Mode" has been engaged though! Ha ha! Great time was had by all!


The Coaster Capital of the World. This is your place for thrills no matter your age, 5 or 95 this place makes you feel like a kid again. Bring your family, walk through the midway and play some games or test your limits in one or all of their world class coaters.

Krissi Marie

So I brought 4 boys to this park today thinking this is going to be a great time for them. I was brought up coming here as a child and I know I always loved it. Yeah right it would be wonderful if every ride didn’t broke down just seconds before getting to ride on them and then there down for hours at a time!! I am completely sickened at this! I definitely will not be wasting my money on this again.

Brandon Perkins

Cedar Point is a great amusement park. Fast operations, good food options (including the normal theme park food, but also the park has sit-down options too), professional staff, and great rides. Overall, it is a great place to spend a day or even more!

Melissa Nickel

Besides being unusually busy lately, this is my favorite place to go in the summer. We got rained out after getting fast passes and didn't get to ride anything and the management let us give them back and use them another day! That is what I call excellent customer service. Keep up the good work cedar fair corporation!

Thomas Rossini

Had a great time at cedar point this past week. Was only there for 1 day but did we have fun. The lines were not bad with most rides under 15 min and only a few rides were an hour long. Food is pricey and so are the drinks. You are best off to get 1 drink band and share it among the family.


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