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404 Louis Lamour Ln, Jamestown, ND 58401, United States

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Where is World's Largest Buffalo Monument?

REVIEWS OF World's Largest Buffalo Monument IN North Dakota

Sherri Dolly

Visit the World's Largest Buffalo and the little Frontier town for free (donations accepted). There are also pony and stage coach rides and little gift shops. Do not miss the Buffalo Museum...there is a fee but totally worth it.

Joe Whistler

Impressive sculpture of the iconic American bison. The old Town mainstreet will take you back to the early 1900's.

April Berry

Great history

Marypatricia Barrett

The buffalo was not that great but there is a very cute little "town" were you can see inside all different old time shops. They have a dentist, church, insurance office to name a few. There is also three gift shops intertwined with them, such as a general store where you can by food. There was a leather goods store with all kinds of hand made leather items and antiques.

Chris Mitchell

Even it's balls were big

Matt Elliott

This was a great little surprise in the long road of I94 across North Dakota. It's free (but you should give a donation) and they have plenty of stuff. We planned on just stopping and seeing the World's Largest Buffalo but we ended up spending over 2 hours here shopping, playing, and eating ice cream! I would definitely stop again if I were ever in the area.

Bernie Lies

Many out of state license plates in parking areas, folks taking tour of North Dakota's

Bob Weeks

Had fun at frontier village. Plan on stopping again this fall.

brenda johnson

Neat place to visit..

Jacqueline Telljohann

This is a fun side of the highway pitstop. We were actually staying in town for the night and saw a brochure which is how we found out about it. There's a whole little village setup with stores and museums. It seemed like it would have been cool, but we were there early in the morning and nothing was open yet. We just drove down to the end, parked, and checked out the statue. It's a huge statue so we obviously got some pictures standing under it. There are a couple parts that are kind of falling off, but it's pretty well maintained. I wouldn't go out of the way to come see this, but if you're driving by, it's worth stopping at.

Thomas Chamberlin

Brought me back to childhood. I had cousins who lived at the base of the hill across the street. I remembered looking up to the giant buffalo.

jonathan silvers

Largest Buffalo in the world

Leah Watson

Aren't you glad this buffalo isn't alive? Messy. Lol.

Lori Keller

Got there at closing, so buildings were closed! We did get to be close to where the buffalo roam

Matilda Cares

Awesome native and Buffalo history. Very beautiful scenery and the people were awesome

Diana D

Step back in time and enjoy history in a great setting, shop and see buffalo.

Troy Elhard

During the summer months the world's largest buffalo is the place to be. Love it. The Buffalo museum is well worth the few bucks you pay. Highly recommended.

tommy philbrick

Picture perfectly preserved of the old days. A real treasure.

Chelsea E. Adams

North Dakota is hands down my favorite state to drive through, partially because of this fun monument. I saw a roadside sign for this and decided to stop and stretch my legs. I was the only person there and it was fun to meander through the faux-western town and take pictures next to a giant stone buffalo. 10/10 would visit again.

Jill Einolf

Fun little stop!

Elisa Eiger

Located in a free kid-oriented “frontier town;” at the end of the town is a parking area and a path to the enormous concrete buffalo statue, which is also visible from I-94. What makes this a must-see is the free-ranging bison herd belonging to the National Buffalo Museum, which includes one or two white buffalos. Today, the bison were best seen from the museum’s parking lot. (But they were still far away—it’s a big, hilly pasture, not a zoo enclosure.) And did I mention it’s free?

Sam Baker

Confused about parking, but awesome attraction to break up a long drive!

Donna Teske

My granddaughter just loves. I like the shops.

Husky Murse

Jamestown is an awesome historical town with a huge buffalo monument at the end of the road. A must see if you're driving through North Dakota!

caine wallace

awesome place to go visit, friendly people in the gift shops! doesn't cost anything to see it all.

Don Schrooten

Pretty cool place, most of it is free except for the museum.

Jack Mason

Yes it's BIG.

Abbey Bosar

Cool buffalo, and it’s neat that they have live buffalo too!! Cool phone facts about the town!


This is a nice place to visit specially if you are looking for a place with history you can't only see the world's largest Buffalo but a small old West Town.

Mark Halvorson

Not super exciting

James Bong#420

This place is simply incredible

Jessica Corkins

Every nice we enjoyed our visit.

Ann Marie Diver

Great shopping for new and vintage finds.

Scott Schwind

If you want to go back in time to the mid eighteen Hundreds, this is where to go. Live reenactments every weekend of an old shootout in the middle of the street ! A whole lot of fun for the whole family. Every shop you have access to see what it was like back in those times

C Young

That's one big buffalo

Jen Ulasiewicz

Visiting ND to check off our 48th state. What better way to break up the monotony from all of the endless fields of hay, and I'm talking billions of tons of friggin' hay, than to check out some awesome cheesy roadside attractions! We didn't see any of the live buffalo though.

goodlookin koenig

Neat pit stop


I absolutely love this place. It's full of history, live buffalo, very well kept up, and it's free!! Amazing!!!

Jackie Johnson

Interesting great place to take a break!

Mike Kirwin

The buffalo is cool, but in need of some repairs. The finish is weathered and you can see cracks in the concrete.

Jason LaRose

Always a pleasure visiting Dakota Thunder.

Bobbie Janavice

Amazingly huge Buffalo. Definately get a picture before you go to the Buffalo museum. Worth a stop and picture

Brian Dall

It's worth seeing, but it is badly in need of some repairs. The buildings around the area have some cool historic items and information, so you should take a little time to spend in those. There are a couple of shops that mostly have some cool art, craft, or vintage items. The museum nearby seemed rather expensive and small, so we didn't tour that. We didn't see any of the live herd during our stop, but that was probably just timing. We did give some feed from the vending machine to the goats you can watch from a balcony.

she redden

An absolute must stop when driving through. Dont for forget to look for the Buffalo on the interstate on your way. We always catch a glimpse of them. They still have a white Buffalo. The museum and gift shop are also a must.

chuck solley

It's a awesome place for your family

Nicole Espey

Free and fun.

Jerry Parriott

Stop here if you get the chance. It is also near the living place if Louis Lamour.


Best tourist place in town!

Travis Brown

Nice visit but the path was very icy. No buffalos though.

Kevin Zebro

Great leather shop on site

Jessica Broadway

I loved seeing the live buffalo and this huge statue

Christopher Botha

Nancy Larson

Loved it

Nicolae Melnic

Interesting place to visit!

Vylett Cross

Neat place to stop but no buffalos the day we visited.

Julianne Spendlove

Nice little quick stop to see some history.

Wyatt Hanson

Saw the albino buff. There's a bunch of old buildings setup as old West town.

Deanne Wells


Rafal Bilyk

Lots of things to see including an old village and largest buffalo.

Damian Reyes

Nice little old western town replica. Has little park for kids.


Coolest place to see, like to see historical reproduction. Great little store, got cute dream catcher and frog statue for cheep. Love this place:) :)

Alan Murray

Free and informative about the past

Amanda Smith

Nice lttle place. The white buffalo was something to see.


Nancy Bruce

Fun photo-op

Cory Carter

It was fun

Diana Rush

A great look back at life on the prairie 100 years ago. The white buffalo is huge!

John Haaland

nice little park . fun stage coach ride.

Tom Hetletvedt



Always a fun place to stop in and see what is going on. My son especially likes feeding the goats and seeing the buffalo roam.

Chad Merkley

Cool place, right off the highway. Has a small herd of bison there, inside a fence. .... It's a giant bison.

Casey Potts

Some interesting buildings and historical items. You just free range the village and go through it at your own pace. As for the Buffalo...he is big boy! Cost: Free/donations.

Matt Nistler

A nice place to stop to stretch the legs and have the kids run around.

michael lopez

Just another tourist stop, see some real buffalo next door and eat some ice cream.

Linda Eisterhold

Nice muesum. Ate at the " General Store" and had a really good hamburger.

Jesse Davis

Awesome place to bring family for great taste of the old days... Very well preserved monument and history of town..

Lyndall Canter

Shops were nice and unique. The museum was interesting.. didnt see the buffalo herd.

Manuela Van der Steen

(Translated by Google) Is a large image of a bison plus a few old buildings. Does not represent much (Original) Is een groot beeld van een bizon plus een paar oude gebouwtjes. Stelt niet veel voor

Katie Neumiller

We had no idea what we were driving into until we were there. Fun place.

Sara Neave

Enormous statue of a buffalo. Exactly as advertised! Worth the stop, for sure.

Levi Schmieg


Kelly Quinn

I love this and Jamestown will miss it will I'm back in the east coast.

Sarah Paddison


Mike Hager

Nice stop

Doug Evans

Awesome piece of history and art. Loved the village main Street. Enjoyed the visit.

Rho M.

So cool! I cracked up that he's anatomically correct! The rare 12-yr-old male albino buffalo (called White Miracle) grazes in the field next to this landmark.

Robert Willis

It's a massive buffalo. What's not to love

Jeff Pulliam

Place was interesting.

Sarah McRoberts

The Buffalo statue is indeed very large. If you're in the area or love old timey neighborhoods, you just gotta go.

Kyra Warner

decor. Dosent love going to a big statue and this one is huge.

Emma Passaglia

A fun little 1800s town with one very large buffalo and extremely clean restrooms. Definitely worth a stop and a donation!

Lisa Wessel

If you like roadside attractions, you need to add the World's Largest Buffalo to your list!

Gerald Meidl

Very interesting attraction

Hope Geist

We enjoyed the visit. A lot to see in a small area.

Carole Wheeler

Love taking our Grandkids here.

Kari X

Very cool place to take pictures

shawn jilek

Google User

anatomically close

Cameron Holl

Fun roadside attraction, it helps break up a long drive across North Dakota.

Christopher Rodriguez

Worth the drive! Excellent attraction.

Mischa Kriens

Cute roadside attraction and definitely worth a quick stop. Views are good and there’s some cute little shops and other stuff around

Randy Johnson

A nice place to see for all ages.

Glenn Yri

Neat little stop in Jamestown. Can't beat free!

Laura Moore

The bison was great. The frontier town was very typical. But definitely a stop for all you Roadside America people!

David England

Stopped in here back in 2011 , picked up an odd sculpture from the artist that was in one of western village shops and it has always been a topic of conversation around our house. Is it a giraffe or an ugly dog.. Try to find out who the guy was , want to buy another odd piece.

Mitzi Hager

Pioneer atmosphere

Carlo Franco

I didn't go into the museum, but I did check out the World's Largest Buffalo Monument because it's FREE! What more can I say about it - it's a giant buffalo. Take a selfie with can find it at the end of Frontier Village (it's literally hard to miss). There's not much along the way driving through the highway, so might as well make a quick pit stop.

Brianna Wolff

Nice family place

Joseph Harrington

It's a big bison, not a Buffalo.

Derick Hildebrandt

It's a giant statue of a buffalo, it's exactly what you're expecting. There's a nice tourist trap "old west town" area around it that you can buy knick-knacks, refreshments and stretch your legs. It's a nice stop if you're driving from Fargo to Bismarck (or vice versa), but probably not worth heading out of your way for.

Steve Wasser

Nice place to stop and visit.

Gordon Kensgaard

Super place to visit. Great people and great sites.

Mike Krasnesky

one of those great roadside places to stop and get a interesting photo on a road trip

Daniel Sheehan

Didn’t this statue use to be off the interstate on a big hill like sue the cow back in the 1980’s?

Carlo Emanuele Barbi

Good stop for taking some pictures and learn something about the monument.

bryan Dedmon


Jordy B

What a cute little place! Great for kids and adults alike. You can walk through the little historical town and see the bison statue for free. Great pit stop on a long road trip.

Dee Biznatch

Very cool experience! Lots to learn! Didnt see any buffalo but it was awesome!

Kristal Hauge

Stopped here with the family on the way to a family reunion, just to see the buffalo up close. We were pleasantly surprised to find the Frontier Village with it's cute shops and stayed a few hours to explore. Best part of all - everything but the buffalo museum is FREE!!

ToolMan56 Tenn

Very cool, huge bison

Jane Doe

A nice buffalo

Roxy Durkee

Great place to take kids! They will love the stage coach ride!

Erin Twigg

Love it

Justin Heubrock

Nothing exciting.

Rich Balfanz

Buffalo not visible. Must have been

Charles Bennett

A big buffalo. Best to not ask.

Gordie Hanna

Super cool sight. It's bigger than you think!

Elvin Chavez

Good place to go !

Charlie Polenz

Really cool artifacts from the pioneer days and the world's largest buffalo is amazing

Amy Smith

Cool place to visit!

Bill Eichinger

Beautiful Museum!

Margery Kendall

Fun couple of hours. Neat, clean buildings.

Jeremy Dillon

Loved it

Ken and Alicia Lund

One of the great roadside attractions in the United States, you will be pulling off of Interstate 94 for reasons you don't fully understand, driving through Jamestown, North Dakota, a town you had no intention of visiting, and finding loads of serendipitous curiosities, all because you saw this giant buffalo from the highway. The statute is impressive in its own right, but it also offers phenomenal views, and the town seems to work hard maintaining the surrounding area.

Doug Heizer

It's huge.

Dave Miller

It's a giant bison!!! We came for Dakota Thunder, stayed to tour the old town they have setup. Really nice for a quick tour. Saw the Buffalo herd (and the white Buffalo) from afar. Didn't do the museum due to the cost, and we were pressed for time.

Kevin Mills

Awesomeness pure fun.

Jay Michael's

We spent 2 hours walking around. It was like stepping into the past

Nik Ki

It was good, massive buffalo, good views and nice little shops.

Madeline Hayes

Well worth a stop. Interesting village, buffalo museum & giant beffalo. Free admission other than museum, although they request donations. FUN place !

Angela Wolf


Kelly Wolfe


Marcocola Awesomness

We loved it

dustin Sinclair

A cool place to see some buffalo

Teresa Miller Fillbrandt

Nice place to visit for people of all ages.




The giant buffalo is very cool and very big! It was a perfect place to stop for a picnic lunch and explore the little frontier town. The coolest thing though had to be the herd of buffalo. There was even a white buffalo among them and they were so fun to watch. I would definitely recommend this stop to anyone traveling through the area!

Brent Benike

History and authentic


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