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Where is Theodore Roosevelt National Park?

REVIEWS OF Theodore Roosevelt National Park IN North Dakota

Tommey Tommey

I have been an admirer of Teddy Roosevelt since I was a kid in the Boy Scouts. I always wanted to see Theodore Roosevelt National Park and finally got to go. My son is as big a history buff as me, maybe a little bit more so. Just one of many things that makes me extraordinarily proud of him. The park is as beautiful as I always thought it would be. I am more in love with the park and can't wait to return. It's about an 18-19 hour drive and is absolutely worth it! There is nothing bad or negative that I can say about this park. I highly recommend this park to everyone. That said there is something I feel that will appeal to everyone. Also visiting the town of Medora was very nice too. If you have time visit the Cowboy Museum, it is worth it. The only way this trip could have been better is if we could have done it on horseback like Teddy Roosevelt and we're able to camp on the prairie amidst the wild horses and bison!

Kimberly Cooksey

Fun exciting place! I enjoyed our visit. I was able to see many Buffalo roaming. We went in early July 2015.

Brian Sangster

My brother and I were traveling across the country and saw this park. We got up early and got into the park at 7 am knowing the wild life would very active then and saw lots of everything (prairie dogs, mule deer, ferrel horses and buffalo). Fun time and well worth the $30 entrance fee.

Denise Koziel

Love, love, loved both North and South entrance. Each had its own unique landscape

Sherry Syverson

Peaceful to drive through this beautiful park. We try to come back every year. Love the Badlands of ND!

H. Abbott

Beautiful area and driving around the loop you will see many of the park animals very easily. Great place to spend the day exploring. Medora ND is a cute little town with many things to see and do.

Travis Martin

Loved it!!! Wasn't hard to find the horses at all and the scenery is great. One thing I really appreciated about this park, after going to Yellowstone and Glacier earlier in the same trip, was the lack of a big crowd.

Gregory Poe

I was very impressed with the views and the wildlife. This would be a great place to bike, since there are a lot of overlooks in a loop. I saw wild horses, longhorns, prarie dogs, and buffalo. You can also see Theodore Roosevelt's cabin. I think it's possible to see both ends of the park and painted desert in one day because there isn't a ton of hiking. I'd recommend 2 days here - 1 for each section.

Stefanie Dowdy

Beautiful park, if you are passing through it is definitely worth 15-20 min stop. I would have loved to explore further, but didn't have time.

Dustin Ehrlin

Nice park with beautiful scenery and all sorts of wild life. You can enjoy a nice drive threw the park, stop for a picnic, and take a walk along many trails. Worth the trip over to the Medora area to catch a show and enjoy nature at its finest.

Lou McCoy

Made a quick side trip to a short trail here while on the way to Yellowstone. The badlands here are beautiful. They still show the many layers of rock, but don't appear as desolate as in Badlands National Park. Now.we need a longer time to spend here

Erik Herman

Every time I come here it always manages to be a good time. Beautiful park. Everyone should come here at least once in their lives.

Kirsten Ann

This place was beautiful. Spread out over quite a bit. Historical information is available all through the park. I would definitely recommend this spot to anyone passing through.

Penny Cloutier

OK, this is a MUST SEE! This park is wonderful. Lots of animals and scenery to look at. Absolutely stunning park! Good job preserving what there is here.

Patti Sullivan

We saw more varieties of birds than we could keep up with. We got a real feel for the way it was before civilization moved into this region. Vast expanses of wilderness and conservation successes makes this park an worthy tribute to a great man. Park was clean and well managed we felt safe but secluded in #8 cottonwood camp.

Dirty Dave

Holy buffalo! Buffalo all over the park! There a couple of large prairie dog towns too. Many hiking trails of all exertion levels, and scenery similar to the Painted Desert. A great place to spend a day or three!

Jake Seibert

The experience I had here was unreal. Amazing scenery, beautiful wildlife, and down to earth people. I was originally going to visit the park for just 2 days but decided to stay for 4 after exploring the area. Both the park and the town of Medora are amazing places to be and experience. The drive from Michigan was well worth it!

Dani Spann

This park was on my bucket list and it didnt disappoint. If you are ever in North Dakota be sure to allow enough time to visit this park. Well worth the drive. Prairie dog towns were my favorite!!

Jess P

Great place to get out and stretch your legs. Beautiful sights and plenty of parking. Hiking trails, and it looked like there was an information center.

Omer Choudry

Saw beautiful wild horses, bison, prarie dogs, and pronghorn in a rugged western landscape. The loop was closed however and we were only able to complete a portion of it. Not sure how long the road will be closed for, it seemed long term. Respect the wildlife!


Reminded me of a college professor in the best kind of way....."these rocks tell us a story kids. And each layer is a new chapter in the history of the park".

Amanda Grav

We stayed here for a few days, Sunday - Tuesday in August. I was wildly surprised that the campground was full to capacity every night. In fact one night we didn't even get to stay in the park. If they run out of spots before you get one, there's a nice campground just outside the park. If there were more campsites this would be a five star review. The park is fantastically beautiful and your surrounded by wildlife. You are always on the lookout. Bison, horses, prairie dogs, and coyotes we saw almost every day. When we went out one night we also enjoyed a badger and several porcupines! The views are spectacular and worth the hike. Every short roadside hike is manageable by moderately healthy hikers. I'm plus size and had no problem when I took the holes at my own pace, even the climb up to Buck Hill. If you're nearby, don't miss out on a great, family friendly adventure. It's so worth your time.

Tom Edwards

Lots of bison, wild horses, and prairie dogs! Good roads. Bathroom facilities enroute. Definitely worth the visit!

Leeky Sweek

Some breathtaking scenery! A must if visiting North Dakota. Not as spectacular as some vistas located elsewhere in the IS but very nice for what it is. Takes about a day to see everything. Seeing wild buffalo was a treat.

Ashley Albright

Very beautiful national park - worth the drive from Bismarck. There are badlands, great hiking paths laid out, a canyon, lots of animals along the way (bison, wild horses, prairie dogs), and amazing sights. We spent all day here and there wasn't a dull moment. Wonderful park!

Ron Withers

This is a very unique location. An unexpected beautiful vista in the middle of the plains. We're glad we had the chance to see it.

Matthew Key

Teddy roosevelt himself said it best, we need something we all can enjoy for generations to come. He was absolutely right. A better place couldn't have been named after him.

joe Martin

Love this place. Always a different experience every time I'm there. The folk's in town are always kind and helpful. Love ya medora your a diamond in the ruff.

isnot awasteland

10/10 would get shot here and finish the speech. This was way better than I thought it would be. Everyone was nice, then we left. It was sensational.

Randal Baker

Stunningly beautiful! The south unit is more crowded than the north, but nothing compared to other national parks. We have seen more wildlife here than in Yellowstone some years. Great hikes and with tremendous vistas.

P Burns

Nice park. We liked the south half better than the north. Up close encounters with bison, mule deer, wild horses and of course prairie dogs. Interesting landscape... cannot imagine facing it in a covered wagon!

Jeffory Dodson

We weren't actually in the national Park, we were boondocking just outside, but it was a really beautiful place to be. There was also very good cell phone signal where we were camped

Chris Hooper

Teddy Roosevelt is largely responsible for establishing the US National Park system. It would be logical that his namesake park would be great. Spend a day here!

Idan Sicard

Beautiful place. Tons of great trails whether you want to take a short walk or have a day long trek, all of them with beautiful scenery. Plenty of wildlife if you catch them during the right times of day. Looking forward to spending lots of time here.

Jenny Jo Morrison

Nice driving tour through the National Park. The south unit visitor center is worth a visit. The reproduction of Theodore Roosevelt's cabin was fun to walk through.

Local Help

Unique Rock Formations make TRNP captivating. Buffalo, horses, prairie dogs, coyotes, & wild turkeys running wild. Worth EXPLORING!

Jeremy Lee

Public bathrooms are kinda small if you're a big guy like myself but all in all it was a great experience to see buffalo out in the wild. One thing to always remember when going out in nature is the animals that you see there are wild and in their natural habitat. Do Not think that they are friendly. When signs are posted to view from a distance, HEED the warning!! That is what keeps you and the wildlife safe!

Ladeeblaze Travels

I am still in awe of the landscape!!!! The Bison have come right through my camp.....gentle Giants! The staff here top notch. The local towns people are so friendly. I paid for my campsite for 14 days...have not thought twice about staying the full length. Mount Rushmore a little over 4hours from here.

Scwagen G

So amazing!!! Wish we were here in early morning or evening when color was more vivid. Great stop!❤

Nathan Anthony

It is a great place for seeing the hard and tough landscape of Badlands, see the bison increasing in population. It is also a good place for anyone to recover from stress and sadness and get back to powerful life.

Travis Rivard

An amazing National Park that is filled with History and beauty. A road trip worthy stop. I know i will be back to explore all the nature hikes and history tied to the badlands.

Mari Smith

The peaceful sights and sounds of TRNP combined with the excitement of discovery of wild horses, elk, coyote, turkey and bison and yes...even the prairie dog towns makes this park a true hidden gem. One we enjoy every time we visit.

Michael Holohan

Absolutely worth the stop. Great Vista of the Badlands. A couple of trails down to the canyon are located on the west side of the rest area. Plenty of parking, seating and leg stretch room in the area. Caution: Big piles of Bison flop abound depending on the season. LOL.

Sheryl Davison

Great place to unwind, take in the beauty and take a hike or two. Driving through the park was slow but only so you can take in the sights. Be on the look out for bison, wild horses, prairie dogs, deer and different birds. Make sure to stop at the visitor center and talk to the ranger, they are the best source for information.

Mike Denton

I've visited here a couple times and always love it. It's a great break from the drive and always a sort of surprise in the middle of the plains. An added bonus is that it's easy to get on and off the highway here if you have to keep moving.

David Williamson

Absolutely beautiful and well worth the visit! We stopped here on our way to Montana and loved it so much we returned on our way back. Super close to some good hiking spots and a very affordable camp site. Definitely recommended!

MaLisa Vento

It was beautiful. We loved it! The construction made it a little tricky to navigate, but it's getting improvements, so it's for a good reason.

Aaron Reyes

At a loss for words. All I can say is, if you're looking for a breathtaking natural beauty that spans for miles this is the place to visit. Just gorgeous.

Coyote Jackson

I think this is my favorite National Park of the several I've seen so far. Absolutely stunning landscape. I camped in the South Unit, and drove up to the North Unit. The drive up to the North Unit is absolutely worth it. The scenic drive is so beautiful. The views of badlands, the river, the wildlife, just gorgeous.

Deborah Nash

Enjoyed Painted Canyon and Petrified Forest (for free). South trail was easy. North trail was steep with more petrification. Don't recommend it when it's muddy or slick. If you go into the main park, you're likely to see wildlife.

Jackson Turner

Beautiful park that has something new to offer everytime you go. It's very clean and well kept, I use my annual pass all the time.

Nicholas Wipf

Definitely worth the stop if you are driving through Medora on I-94. The history in my opinion maybe even exceeds the quality of the scenery. Loved learning about Teddy Roosevelt’s life on the ranch. Went on a couple of short hikes and enjoyed them, but not quite to the level of the Badlands in South Dakota, which I would rate five stars.

Woody Wang

Beautiful. Pictures don't do it justice. It's a"WOW" experience. Definitely visit if you can.

Erica Scodro

Honestly I think this park is a lesser know hidden gem in the world of us national parks. Great hiking, not too crowded, saw prarie dogs, bison and wild horses.


We enjoyed our early morning (7:30am) drive on the scenic loop. We saw the herd of buffalo and two groups of wild horses. It was like we had the entire park to ourselves before the crowds showed up in tour buses.

Dawn Brown

Watch for prairie dogs and smaller groups of buffalo. Nice trails. Don't forget to stop at the visitor center and museum like we did for to rain.

Paul Starkebaum

Very interesting and a good visitors center. Didn't do much exploring of the park. However, we did visit the Original Ranch location, which is out of the park. A worthy detour. Also a nice national park campground (no hook ups) in the area.

Melissa Hofmann

I wish I would have been equipped for hiking, lots of trails. But the drive is beautiful in itself. Saw wild horses, buffalo, prairie dogs, fox, and elk.

Jill Jacques

Juniper CG is peaceful and well maintained. Scenic 14 mile drive with bison, bighorn sheep, elk and wild turkey. Great hiking thru the ND Badlands.

Derek W

Gorgeous!! We were lucky to see a couple of large herds of roaming bison, a few GIGANTIC solitary bull bison scattered throughout the park, a trio of wild horses, a couple of white-tailed deer, a pronghorn, numerous eagles & hawks, and a few scattered turkey vultures, not to mention a million prairie dogs and miles and miles of beautifully breathtaking scenery as far as the eye can see. Truly God's country.

Debbie Cox

Good road although part was closed. Saw bison up close. Horses far away. Prairie dogs close

Lonna Hightower

Well, not the most exciting place I ever visited, but we were passing by and stopped to give it a look. True to Teddy’s nature, tho, there is sufficient historical information with minimal disruption to the natural landscape. A nice place to view, rest, and contemplate.

Kevin Gust

Spent the night camping in the backcountry about 1/2 mile off of a trail. The views were so amazing. The staff at the visitor center were very friendly and gave us tips on which trail to camp on. I'd highly recommend this for a long weekend trip.

Corrie Mick

We LOVED this park. We had somehow never heard of it before this past year and weren't sure what to expect, but our Springtime visit was wonderful. We even saw lots of bison and wild horses, each with their young. It was also our first time seeing wild horses! It was very exciting. Enjoy and leave no trace; I really want to share this amazing park with my children someday. ☺️

Kerry Adelmann

Spend a little time here. We loved the prairie dogs and bison, as well as the scenic little ranch. Fun to think we walked where Roosevelt did. Make sure you stop at Painted Canyon. Very scenic!

Connie Bentley

The scenic view was stunning. Two wild horses galloped by with manes and tails flying. So exhilarating. Wild buffalo at a distance. This is a great stop!

ToolMan56 Tenn

A really beautiful park. Lots to do and see. Bison, wild horses, mule deer, lots of birds and other wildlife to see and enjoy. Nice campgrounds.

Kendall Larson

This was just another national park on my road to bigger and better parks. Nothing special in my opinion (Badlands in South Dakota are a little more unique), but nonetheless this, like all other national and state parks, has a lot of things you won’t get anywhere else. The Teddy Roosevelt history was awesome to learn and see, and the large amounts of buffalo and easy access to views was nice as well. A nice place to stop and visit if you have time while on the road.

Dennis Fuerst

Unique, combining badlands, buffalo, a massive grove of golden cottonwoods along a shimmering river provided us a 28 mile ride in and out that was awesome. This was the North section of the park.

Teresa Miller

Such a beautiful National Park. Personally I think it is nicer then the South unit. So stunningly beautiful. The two times i have been there the camp sites were only a third full. This is a must see.

Vickie Steele

Visited both South and North units. Beautiful. Nice drives. Good wildlife viewing. Lots of prairie dogs! No dog trails, bummer. Painted Canyon beautiful too. Loop is not completely open in South Unit, so it's an put and back drive. We saw bison, pronghorn, mule deer too. Will go again to try to see wild horses and elk, early in the morning or late afternoon/evening.

Christopher Guelcher

Beautiful national park! Not as crowded as other national parks. Great history and learning about Teddy Roosevelt

Susan Thornton

A must stop even for a break at the rest area. Spectacular view. Clean restrooms. Awesome souvenir and information store. Great parking for semis, campers and vehicles. Paved walk ways. Very polite staff. Awesome location.


Beautiful views! Well maintained roads. The park service employees are friendly, knowledgeable & great conversationalists.

Greg Kopish

This is a fantastic Park. It consists of two sections, the Northern and Southern (separated by approximately 65 miles), each of which have amazing features. From breathtaking landscapes to amazing wildlife, this Park has it all. Camping in the park is fairly rudimentary, with water available and basic restroom facilities. That being said, the campsites fill quickly, both the reservable and first come, first served sites. Support your State and National Parks.

Margery Kendall

Nice drive. Pull off places to explore. Saw one bison, prairie dogs, horses, bunny, black tail deer and one else from a distance..... We were there in the evening so the animals were coming out to eat.

Dee Abbott

Wide and varied landscape, wild horses, buffalo, coyotes, prairie dogs and other wildlife. Great photography opportunities.

Tracy A Weiss

Theodore Roosevelt national Park is an absolutely stunning park! Originally, I had only planned to go to Badlands National Park in South Dakota but my father suggested I see Theodore Roosevelt National Park as well; I am so glad I did! It’s one of my favorite national parks I have ever been to. I’ve visited on June 28 and 29th, 2019. The wildflowers were in full bloom. I saw many bison up really close., Lots of prairie dogs, a gorgeous mountain bluebird, and two different herds of wild horses. I highly recommend it’s on your must see list.

Zach Brro

Beautiful must see, did a 16 hour drive from Chicago and was NOT disappointed!! The family and I saw wild buffalo and horses! Truly magnificent + only $30 a vehicle for a 7 day pass woot gotta love nature


Beautiful park. We did some hiking & drove what was open of the south unit loop. The views were stunning so have your camera ready. There are quite a few nice trails to hike. Most are manageable without being an avid work out enthusiast. My children had no problems & didn't complain even once so that's saying something! I was hoping to see the wild horses I'd read about in other reviews. We did finally find a few towards the end of the day. We'll be going back next year to explore the north unit. PS, watch out for rattlesnakes, they ARE here, we found one at a scenic view area!

Jennifer Lundberg

Always a great place to visit. The kids loved getting out to do the trails. Even though part of the scenic drive is closed right now, we still had great views and saw animals.

James Zaworski

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is the northern Badlands. While not quite as impressive as the national park in South Dakota, North Dakota's TR NP has it's own merits, including unique history, geology, abundant wildlife, and three separate units offering something new around every turn and twist in the road.

Christine Arason

Was a very nice drive. Saw tons of buffalo and prairie dogs. Also saw too groups of wild horses which was awesome.

Lester Hall

This was an unplanned stop on our trip to Yellowstone. What a great side trip it turned out to be! Very beautiful scenery. Sort of like the Badlands in South Dakota but with lots of trees, grass and flowers. Lots of bison wandering around and even saw some wild horses. We'll be back when we can spend more time.

Sara Vliet

Beautiful national park close to the freeway. We stopped by in early July and it wasn't crowded at all. Would recommend the coal vein hike for a quick tour of local geology. Don't forget the prairie dog towns, super cute!

Cole Warner

Beautiful and interesting. Part of the loop road was closed for repairs so we missed what I believe may have been the most interesting and colorful part (Painted Canyon). Still a good stop on our way...

Donald Scott

More beautiful every day! Outstanding work done bringing the buffalo back from near extinction. Visit often and remember to respect the area. It is far too beautiful to neglect and abuse.

Teresa Hadenfeldt

Every year my sister's and I look forward to meeting halfway between our homes. Teddy Roosevelt national park is perfect..hiking, national park yatzee, good food, historical reenactments, laughing, enjoying the beauty and peace.


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